Don't Shoplift From a Sorceress

by Pulsar

The bustle of the town awakes me…

My name is Joanna, and I live alone. I live in a flat, at the periphery of the town. I am a lesbian of 25. When I am alone, I play my little secret fantasy. I am fond of bondage, and I love to tie myself up for hours.

Today, I plan to go to a store my best friend Ashley has told about. She is the only person which I shared my sexual tastes. The store is a sex-shop specialized in latex. But as they are specialists, the items they sell are rather expensive. In fact, they are too expensive for me, but it is not the problem. You know, I am skilled in stealing what I can’t afford!

This morning, I jump out of bed. After a quick shower, I slip into my nylon pantyhose, and then put on a blouse and a skirt. I don’t put a bra on because I plan to steal one. After breakfast, I apply make-up on my face, put on my shoes, grab my purse and go out, my breasts swinging freely under the blouse.

The shop is located on the other side of the town, so I take the bus. Ten minutes later, I am in front of the store. It is called “Your latex dream”, and has no display window. My girlfriend Cindy told me that once she had gotten into that store, she had felt like she had been transported on another planet. That’s why I currently feel a tingle of excitement as I pull the door open.

The unforgettable aroma of latex comes immediately to my nostrils. As I step in, I feel like in a dream. I am in a very large room, full of racks on which are hanging hundreds of latex clothes. There are gloves, stockings, panties, corsets, cat suits, hoods… I can’t tell the variety of items they have there. I see plenty of mannequins that are modeling the newest latex wear. On several displays are disposed tons of latex toys and bondage devices. There are all the sorts of dildoes, gags, straps, harnesses you can imagine and a lot more.

“Hello! My name is Sonia. May I help you?” A musical voice makes me come back on the ground. A beautiful latex-clad woman stands before me. She wears high-heeled boots, a latex pantyhose and a dress, which clings to her like a second skin. Her arms are covered with latex opera gloves. Seeing her immediately makes me wet between my legs.

“Hello! I am Joanna. A close friend of mine told me about your shop, and I came to see if I could find some items I could wear.”

“Well, I’m sure you will! We have here the widest range of latex wear and toys in the state. Have you a precise idea of what you are looking for?”

“Oh! I would like to buy all the lovely things you have there, but I think I will only try a few clothes on if you don’t mind.”

“You can just try on anything you want, dear! I even can help you dress up, for some latex clothes are very difficult to get in.”

“This is heaven! I will start by a new bra. Can you show me some?”

“Follow me, please.”

Sonia leads me to a section of the store. I never saw so many varieties of bras. All models are there, in the most wonderful colors. I decide myself for a classic C-cup bra, in black latex. As I plan to steal it, I pick up several others, in different varieties and colors.

Once in the dressing room, I strip off the blouse I am wearing. As I check out the bra, I notice that there is no thief protection on it. Only the price is pinned on a strap. I don’t know if they are good in selling, but they seem to be beginners when it comes to protect their products from shoplifting!

I laugh silently as I put the bra on. It is made in one single piece of latex, and it moulds perfectly my breasts like a second skin. In the mirror, I see how erotic it makes me look. I can’t resist fondling my already erect nipples, struggling no to moan in pleasure, for the latex amplifies the sensations.

I am supposed to try several bras, so I have to wait a few minutes. I put my blouse on, pick up the bras and step out of the dressing room. Sonia is busy with another customer, so I can easily replace the bras on their rack. Then, as I am about to exit, Sonia comes back.

“What about your bra, dear? You did not find any that suits you?”

“Well, they all suited me, but their prices didn’t! Clothes are very expensive there!”

“Yes, we are more expensive than the other places, but as you can see, we have only the best fetish clothes, and all of them! But it doesn’t matter. Come back when you want, you will always be welcomed in our store.”

Wow! In a moment, I thought that I had been caught! What a relief! After have thanked Sonia, I go out of the store. After all, it had been a game to steal it.

A ride in a bus, and I am home again. I can’t help myself any longer. I take my vibrator and I collapse on the bed, masturbating with delight.

This afternoon, I go to work. I am a secretary in an office. During four boring hours, I work on a computer, writing official documents. For work, I have dressed formally, leaving the latex bra at home, for its pungent aroma could be revealing.

Work is over, and I am home again. I am aroused, so I play my little game again. From a drawer, I take out my bondage stuff, and get ready for a wild ride. I put on latex pantyhose with two vibrating plugs built in. The sensations of the latex encasing my legs are incomparable, and the dildoes fill me up in a heavenly way. Next comes the bra I stole. Moving with my lower orifices plugged brings me on the verge of orgasm, but I manage to keep control. Then I choose a big ball gag that I fasten around my head. The ball is very big and keeps my jaws at maximum extension. It has also for effect to reduce my moans of pleasure to faint mewing. Then I go to the kitchen. In the freezer, I take a plastic container in which is a small key frozen inside a block of ice. I put it on the floor of my bedroom.

Having dressed up, I can start the following step. I take four straps that I fasten around my thighs, above and below my knees. The fourth strap comes around my ankles. My legs are welded together. I put on two wrist cuffs with a small padlock on one. Taking a small chain with another padlock, I wrap it around the strap binding my ankles, and then I close the padlock. I switch the dildoes on, lay myself on the bed, flat on my belly. I bend my legs, ankles to buttocks, and I put my wrist behind my back. I snap shut the padlock of my wrist cuffs between the chains connected to my ankles. It is a little difficult, because I have to stretch myself, but the result is very rewarding, for I am very effectively hogtied!

At this point, I am a total prisoner in my bondage. The only way out is the key in the container, at the other side of the room. I know by experience that it will be an exhausting ordeal only to reach it, and an even more to free my hand. More, the block of ice I prepared will melt slowly, and I know that the key to freedom will not be accessible until at least two hours. All I can do is wriggle into my bonds, and orgasm helplessly again and again, screaming in my gag.

As usual, after the first hour, I can’t stand it anymore, and I start my travel to the container. At this time, I hate my bondage, willing only to free myself of the dildoes that are driving me crazy. But relief is not at hand. It takes nearly one hour to reach the container. I discover then that the ice has not melted enough to free the key, and all I can do is moan in despair. This time, it takes another half hour. At least I can reach the key. Still coming from the dildoes, I have to make nearly twelve tries before being able to unlock my hands. Unfasten my legs is quickly done, and I can slip out of my pantyhose. The feeling of the two dildoes leaving me is wonderful, and I collapse on the bed to recover.

A quarter of hour later, I have regained composure, and I have my dinner. I do the dishes, watch a little TV and go in the bedroom. I make it nice and tidy, and then I switch off the light and go to sleep.

I am brutally waked up by something being pressed on my mouth! I open my eyes, but see only a masked figure. I scream, but the towel pressed on my face muffles my cries. Then I am aware that the towel is impregnated with something smelling funny. Suddenly, I feel light-headed, and I sense that I am about to pass out. Fear grips me and I struggle, but my body is distant, distant …

Light and the pungent aroma of latex make me come back to my senses. I discover that I am lying naked on a bed covered with latex sheet. Energy strikes into me, and I jump up. The room is completely padded with latex, from floor to roof. The bed is the only furniture in that place. I am terrified. What’s happening? I have been kidnapped, but why? According to the fact that I am surrounded by latex, I suppose that there must be a relation with the store in which I stole the bra. On the wall in front of the bed, I see what must be a door, but there is no handle. I push it, but it is locked, or can’t be opened from the inside. I realize then that the rubber padding is very thick, and will have the effect of soundproofing the room very efficiently. I could scream with all my energy, I will not be heard from the outside.

As I have no way to tell time, I don’t know how long I stay there before the door opens. Instinctively, I put my hands up to protect breasts, but there is a woman standing in the doorway. She is wearing a rubber cat suit with high heel boots, and aims a gun at me.

“Get out of here immediately and don’t try anything!” she says harshly. Without a word, I go out of my cell, and step in a corridor. The floor is made of rubber; the walls are a magnificence of pure marble; the roof is high and is also built in marble. What is this place?

The woman makes guides me to a large wooden door, and I am ordered to knock and open it, which I do. I step into a large place. Here to, the floor is rubber. There are several columns, which give the room a somewhat Greek design. The walls are made of the same marble than the corridor, but some sections are covered with mirrors. There are a lot of photographs on the walls, showing women in erotic poses, dressed in latex or naked, the most of them in bondage.

A large desk thrones the center of the room. A rubber armchair awaits me beyond the desk. Behind, seated in another rubber armchair is a middle-aged woman. She to is clad in rubber, but she has an expression in her eyes that freezes the blood in my veins. I realize that she is far more dangerous than the gun in the hands of the woman that is still behind me.

“So, here is our little shoplifter! Come and have a seat, sweetheart.” Her voice is soft, but there is an amazing power contained in it. I have no doubt that I am in front of the big boss. As I lower myself into the armchair, I open the mouth to ask why I am there, but she cuts me dead.

“You will speak only when you are allowed to!” So I sit and wait. She stares at me and laughs ironically.

“I bet that you would never have thought about what has happened to you! Well, let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Lore, and I am the owner of the “latex dream”. I own also other places all over the world, that’s why I can afford a house of marble and latex. I am also what you can call a sorceress, that is to say that I use magic power to do what you would swear is impossible. Don’t think I’m crazy, I will show you my powers one day or another. But let’s speak of your act of shoplifting. You robbed the latex bra because there wasn’t any sign of protection in the store. How wrong you were! Every item in that store is protected by a spell, so they are traceable all the time. It makes me able to know who buy my latex items. I have made an address book of several personalities who will be glad to help me in every situation rather than to have their latex fetish revealed to the public! In your case, the spell gave us your location, and I send Vickie to catch you. Vickie is one of my personal maids, and works on the security problems. As you have already found, she is very strong. In fact, she is far stronger than a male athlete, but that’s part of my magic. So Vickie captured you and there you are. While you were out, she scanned your apartment, so I know about your little bondage games.”

As she speaks, I receive shock after shock. My private life has been discovered! She can make me lose my job, make me go to prison. I am totally in her control. She knows and enjoys that.

“As you stole something which belonged to me, I decided to steal something that belongs to you. Your body!”

I gasp in surprise. Steal my body from me? That’s insane! How could she? Lore chuckles at my surprise.

“Yes, from now I own your body. That is to say that you are my slave. I can do whatever I want with you, and I can assure you that I will! Now, there are two options: the easy way or the hard way. If you submit of your own will, you may finish by enjoy your fate. If you resist, be sure that you won’t like it at all. We will make you act as we want you to, and you will be punished. The punishments are severe, and most of them are permanent. If you want to keep your shape, you should be very obedient. As my slave, you will always be encapsulated in latex, and be kept in bondage constantly. You will be trained in various techniques. For example, your ability to please women and your sexual capabilities will be dramatically increased. But don’t think that we are interested by your pleasure. Your only duty is from now to please your masters and mistresses. Well, enough for the speech. Get your ass out of there. Vickie, introduce Joanna to her new life.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

I am pushed out in the corridor. Vickie guides me to another door. I am commanded to get in, so I open the door, and I step into a place made for some mad scientist. Three women are busy in there, controlling several screens. They are all clad in latex, molded like black ebony goddesses. A full-size mirror stands on one wall. A woman turns and tells me to step into an open tube. Reluctantly, I follow her directive, and I soon find myself standing inside a sort of transparent column of glass. Suddenly, I hear a buzzing sound, and I am frozen in position! I can’t move, no matter how I try. Then a disk of light appears at my feet, and slowly comes up to my head, like a scanner. It comes with a tingling sensation where it touches me. At the end of the operation, another beam repeats the procedure, but it comes with a sensation of tightness, and the aroma of latex fills my nostrils. It seems like a suit of rubber several sizes too small slowly climbs up on me, molding every curve I possess. When it flows on my sex, the sensation it very erotic as I feel my most intimate parts coated. I want to pull myself away from it, but I have no control of my movements.

It invades my vagina slowly, pushes itself into my womb, comes into my rectum… The coating follows up, reaches my breasts. Here to, the erotic feelings grip me. Then it comes on my neck, up my chin and then covers my entire head. I feel the coating flow into my mouth, covering my teeth, my tongue, going down my esophagus… Curiously, I don’t have the gag reflex. It invades my nostrils and comes like two breathing tubes. When the process is finished, the women come around the tube I am in, and inspect my immobile body with attention. Then they go back to their seats. A moment later, the force field imprisoning me is released and I can move again. As I lift my hands, I gasp, or rather I try to, because no sound escapes my lips! My voice is gone! In shock, I stare at my hands, my arms,. They are coated in latex like a second skin. I lower my head, and see no trace of my skin. In shock, I turn to the mirror. I am totally coated in latex, from head to toes! My hair has disappeared! My pussy is utterly bald, too! At this time, the emotions get too strong. I fall on my knees as my world darkens and I pass out.

I feel compressed all over my body. I open my eyes, and remember what has happened. I scream in terror, but I am voiceless. The strong grip of Vickie puts me on my feet. She smiles devilishly.

“You seem to have a little speech problem, don’t you? I think I should tell you why. Well, dearie, Mistress Lore had told you that she is a sorceress. You have been subject to one of her magical device, which is the latex coater. As you can see, and also feel, all your skin has been coated with rubber. The first part was the definitive removal of all your body hair, and the second was the rubber coating. As you are a slave, all your openings are available. That’s why they have been rubberized too. You should be happy; you will never get pregnant because the latex in your sex acts like a condom. It prevents you from periods too, so your pussy will always be ready for a good fuck. For your mouth, it is exactly the same. Any man who will use it will feel latex on all its way. You can’t utter a word anymore because the latex has coated your vocal cords, so they are no longer available to you. But slaves don’t need to talk, don’t they? By the way, you don’t need to eat, drink and breathe anymore. The magic you are under from now takes care of that. As a result, you will have no body waste neither. On the other side, your pussy will still secrete its juice, maybe in a rather embarrassing way for you!”

Now, I understand. Lore is really a witch, and has made me her rubber freak. Now the words she had said take their full impact. She had said that if I wanted to keep my shape, I should be obedient. At first, I had not known how to interpret that, but now I understand what she meant. She can make anything out of me! The rubber coating makes this very clear, so I realize that I have no other option to ease my fate than to be her willing slave. On the other side, in my sexual games, I always played a submissive role. I might enjoy what Lore has in store for me, after all. Surprisingly, this thought makes me very wet between my legs. Now I know what to do. My sobs calm down, and I stare calmly at Vickie. She smiles again as she understands that I will not resist.

“You made the right choice. I can tell you that the girls who have resisted did not like their fate at all. I remember one who had tried to fight me after the coating. She had been put into a tank of resin with a stasis spell. She did not needed to breathe, eat and so on anymore, fitted with two big dildoes and a huge ball-gag. She was severely hog-tied, squirmed a lot when the resin began to harden. In less than an hour, she was completely frozen, unable to even blink! But the best was to come. She soon discovered that she could not get any orgasm al all. Imagine being frozen inside a solid block of transparent resin during an entire week, aroused by two dildoes, and completely unable to relieve yourself! I can tell you that when she went out of her solid prison, she had changed her mind! She became very obedient and had eventually a good time as a slave. But one day she made an attempt to escape, and of course failed to, so Mistress Lore punished her permanently. She is now one of the beautiful pictures in our Mistress’ room.”

My eyes grew wide with fear. Turned into a picture! I have no doubt that Vickie is telling the truth, and I am scared. I must be truly submissive if I don’t want to be subjected to the same treatment.

Vickie next leads me to an elevator. We go down during a moment and when the door opens, I have a step back in stupor. We are in a dungeon! There are all the torture items that a good mistress would require. Wooden horses, racks, pillories, … Chains are hanging from the roof, covering the walls, shackles are bolted in the floor, waiting to restrain some unfortunate victim, … The scent of rubber is overwhelming, as the entire place is covered with black latex. Several girls are imprisoned there. Two are in suspension bondage; one is struggling, hog-tied on the latex floor. Then I gasp silently in surprise. There is another girl, which is completely sealed inside the rubber covering the wall! I can see her shape, but that’s all. What kind of place did I step into?

I am guided to the center of the room and told to stay there. While I am looking at the bound residents of the dungeon, Vickie goes to a dresser, and comes back with her arms full of latex. She drops her load on the floor. I see a rubber corset, a lot of straps. As she picks up the corset, I see what’s under: Two dildoes, a ball gag, … I know that all these items will be fit on me. I am scared, but at the same time I feel myself becoming aroused.

The corset is very tight. Vickie closes it on me, and I soon I think that my waist is about to disappear! The corset makes me arch my back. My breasts stick out more, and I have to take small amounts of air, being no longer able to breathe normally, instead of being under a stasis spell. It hits me that I should no longer have the need to breathe, so I hold it. Effectively, I don’t suffocate, but the reflex kicks back and I start panting soon after Then Vickie takes a sort of strap with two screws on it. I understand the device as she fixes the two dildoes on it. I am then told to impale me on the dildoes. Whereas I am not accustomed to their size, the latex coating my openings is so slippery that the two dicks enter me easily. I can’t help but make a moan of pleasure, but no sounds escape my lips, reminding me of my fate. The belt is then fastened to the corset, making the dildoes go further inside me.

The straps are next. My arms are bound behind me, tied at the wrist and at the elbows. I am flexible, and soon my elbows are welded together behind me, making me arch myself a little more. Vickie tied my legs at the thighs, above and below the knees and at the ankles. I am now helpless! She then takes the ball-gag and fits it in my mouth, which is distended by the intrusion. I have already worn ball-gags, and this one is a little too big for my tastes, but I have no way to object in anything.

Vickie takes me in her arms, and I am carried under a wooden frame. Chains are fastened to several rings on the straps binding me, and to loops on the corset. As they are tightened, I am immobilized, standing on my feet. Vickie next fits me with a collar fitted with two chains at its side, and my head is then held secure too.

“Well, dearie! You are really lovely in your bondage! Have a lot of fun!”

Vickie walks out of the room, leaving me in despair and arousal. When she is gone, I test my bondage, only to find that I can’t do anything. I notice that the girls bounded in the dungeon are also wriggling, trying to find a weakness in their bonds, but there are none. I see the form of the woman sealed inside the wall struggle too. But she can’t do much, as she is pushed back in position by the resilience of the latex. All this struggling is made in silence, for all the girls must have been coated with latex in their mouths.

Suddenly, I start to wriggle madly in my bonds! The dildoes inside me have sprung to life! I feel pushed inexorably to orgasm, which doesn’t take long. I explode rapidly, squirming helplessly in my bonds. That orgasm is stronger than the ones I am accustomed to when I tie myself up, because now I am helpless, tied up against my will. But the vibrations of the dildoes don’t stop, and I am again pushed on the road to pleasure, again and again and again. After what seems an hour, I can no longer support that stimulation, and the pleasure becomes a torture. I fight my bonds with all my energy, my hands try to unfasten the belt holding the dildoes in place, but it is fruitless. I am condemned to endure the stimulation to the end.

How much time has passed? 6 hours? One day? Two? A week? I can’t tell. I have long given up struggling, squirming in my bondage only when another orgasm hits me. I am drained of all energy, held up only by the chains I am connected to. I have slept, haunted by erotic dreams, woken up by the orgasms. I think that my body has turn to jelly, the only things I feel being my sex and my ass. Worse, I can tell no more if I like my fate or not. I am sort of accustomed to the torture delivered by the dildoes devastating me. The only thing I am able to think about is my sexual release, as I am driven from one orgasm to another.

At last, the door of the dungeon opens, and a latex-clad girl comes close to me. Without showing any sign of compassion, she starts to unfasten the chains binding me to the frame. As the last chain is disconnected, the dildoes stop vibrating abruptly. Completely exhausted, I collapse on the floor, but the woman catches me. She is very strong, like Vickie, and soon she holds me in her arms. At this point, I just fall into a deep sleep.

As I regain consciousness, I feel very strange, like I am restrained everywhere. Trying to move, I discover that I am bound in a severe hog-tie. My knees are strapped together, and my wrists are connected to my ankles. Total darkness and the feeling all over my head tell me that I have been fitted with a hood. The fullness in my mouth tells me that I am also gagged. My lower openings feel full, too. One thing surprises me: I am laying flat on my belly, but my breasts are not squashed under me. In fact, I can feel them as if I was wearing a comfortable bra.

I try more to struggle, but more strap are pinning me on the surface I lay on. Suddenly, a voice erupts in my ears.

“Well, you are pretty lovely, bound up like this!” This is the voice of Mistress Lore. “I hope you enjoyed yourself during your first time here, because you will endure a lot more of  it until I eventually get bored of you! When I will be finished with you, you will be able to orgasm at all time, and you will crave for sex permanently! By the way, I should tell you that your first ride was only a little entertainment compared of what you will experience from now!”

Stupefaction and fear come over me. It was just a little entertainment? I thought I would lose my mind in those orgasms! How can I take more without becoming completely insane? I wriggle desperately in my bonds, but held as I am, there is absolutely nothing I can do but flex my hands.

“Let me give you a little idea about your next ride, dearie: You are completely helpless in your hog-tie. Your back hole is stuffed with a vibrating butt-plug. For your vagina, it’s a little more complicated device you are fitted with. It’s what you can call a screwing-machine. A vibrating dildo is mounted on a rod connected on an electric jack. It will pump in and out of you while vibrating. That sounds very exiting, no? There’s also a little more, for your clitoris is in contact with a stimulator. Your breasts are encased inside cups connected to a vacuum device, so your nipples will be sucked deliciously. The cups are covered with tiny electrodes, so you will be able to receive electric shocks in your tits. Your lovely head is covered with a latex hood. As you have already discovered, there are no openings in it. We have fitted you with earplugs containing little speakers. You will be totally deaf when they will be turned off. As the hood also blinds you, you are placed in sensory deprivation. You are fitted with a big ball-gag. If it is not necessary because you cannot already make any sound, the feeling it gives you reinforce your helplessness. A computer monitors your devices, and receptors placed strategically send your responses, that are interpreted. You will be stimulated your best, frustrated at your worst, orgasmed without end. But be sure that you will not get any release from your own. The computer will give all, and it will reinforce your submissive pattern. Don’t hope to get out of there unchanged. You will stay in that state until your responses are conforms to the standards established in the computer! Now it’s time to play, my dear. Have a lot of fun!”

There is a faint crackle as the speakers in my ears are turned off, and I am left in a sea of darkness and silence. I continue to fight my bondage with vigor. I don’t want to become a mindless bimbo! But it’s no use. I jerk suddenly in my bonds as the butt-plug comes to life. Due to the ordeal I have passed first, the vibration in my ass arouses me strongly. I clutch the dildo in my sex, but it is inert and unmoving. I won’t find any release there. I try to dislodge the dildo with my hands, as they are in touch with my buttocks. No point! I have no other solution than to endure my predicament, going into frenzy, as I am aroused without mercy. Then tiny shocks occur in my breasts, adding to my distress. My heart beats madly, as the sexual tension comes to unbearable level. As I think I am about to lose my mind, the dildo in my sex starts vibrating and moving! At the same time, I feel a strong sucking at my nipples. Oh! The sensations have never been so wonderful! I am completely possessed by the demon of sexual pleasure, and its fire consumes me. When the orgasm comes, it is so overwhelming that my consciousness is blown away like a candle in a monsoon. I come back to life with arousal, as I am stimulated again. The cycle is starting again, but it has adjusted to my reactions.

This time, I don’t pass out.

Again and again, the dreadful computer torments me. I am stimulated, kept on the verge of orgasm, allowed no release. When the computer senses that I can no longer take it, I am rocked by wonderful orgasms. As I am deprived of my senses, my reality is reduced exclusively to my sexual situation. I can think of nothing else. One second, I feel like I am in the most horrible nightmare, but the next moment I would never want it to stop.

Time doesn’t count in my predicament. Each cycle seems new to me, and the frustration brings its own sort of pleasure. Longing for an orgasm becomes like a continuous orgasm by itself, and the final release is unexplainable. I am lost in orgasm. I don’t know if there is a world around me, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Something disturbs me. The sensations I feel are fading away. This is very unpleasant, and I squirm in my bonds to recover them. Then I feel something new. My nostrils are assaulted by the perfume of something sweet. That is important, I think, but I soon pass out.

When I come back to my senses, I feel like awaking from a dream. Of course, I am all tied up and gagged. I lay spread-eagled on a latex bed. The hood that had kept me in sensory deprivation has been removed, so I can see and hear. I am still myself mentally, ready to take the slightest occasion to break free, but something is very wrong with me. My sex and ass have been left unplugged, and it is very disturbing. Then I realize that the woman has been right saying that I would change. Now, I need to be penetrated! The emptiness between my legs is something nearly unbearable. I notice also that my whole body seems more sensitive, but the major concern is the arousal that comes over me.

I lay there a long time, wriggling in my bonds, before Vicky steps into the room. She stares at me a moment, smiling.

“Well, my dear slave girl! Already wanting a good fuck, don’t you?” She caresses my pussy with her hand, making me want more, a lot more. I arch my body at the maximum to benefit of her ministrations. Her other hand starts to fondle my breasts, making me semi-delirious with pleasure.

“You are very responsive, now! I am always amazed about the sexual capacities of the slaves who had been subjected to the computer. Let me tell you what has happened: You are still yourself in mind, but your body’s sexual urges are now dominating your will. From now, you are slave to your own body's needs, which have been made constant. In other words, on one hand the slightest arousal makes you beg for sexual release, even if you don’t want it. On the other hand, your body has been trained to be always aroused, so you are trapped. By the way, you are no longer coated with latex. Your own skin has turned to latex, and is more sensitive to stimulation, which only adds to your constant arousal.”

In my state of arousal/orgasm, I don’t hear her anymore, for I am lost in pleasure. Then Vickie stops her caresses, which make me scream silently in my gag.

“It is time to go, my little slut slave. I could caress and fuck your body for hours, it would never be enough to you. I have to make my report to Mistress Lore, telling her that you are now nothing more than a living love machine. But I will make you busy, because I don’t want you to lose your mind.”

With that, Vickie goes to a cupboard and takes a latex panty with a built in dildo. She unties my legs and puts the panty on me. I am so excited that I cooperate, because the dildo is what I desperately NEED! As it comes inside my well-lubricated vagina, I close my eyes with pleasure. While tying my legs again to the corners of the bed, Vickie tells me that the dildo is powered magically, so it will vibrate randomly for as long as I will wear it. I am delighted, but a small part of me revolts itself against my situation. Then Vickie leaves me alone. As I squirm in my bonds, in the pleasures of stimulation and orgasms, I realize that I am really trapped. I don’t want to be a bimbo, but my body commands me to act like the most depraved nymphomaniac. Several hours later, I am still orgasming helplessly on the bed. Then Mistress Lore steps in the room.

“What a lovely show you make, my dear Joanna! You should be enlisted in an X-rated film, because you would become a super-star, for sure. But this future will not be yours. You are now a love-machine. As I told you when we first met, your only goal from now is to please your user, and pleasure will be only a reward for your services”

As she speaks, she unfastens the gag and takes it out of my mouth. Then she climbs on the bed and moves into a 69 position. Under the latex skirt, her rubber pantyhose are opened at the crotch, giving access to her openings. She puts her pussy above my lips.

“Time to please your mistress, sugar! I want you to be very effective, so I will give you a good reason to make your job well.”

With that, she pulls the panty down my thighs, removing the dildo from my sex. Immediately, I need it back! I start to lick her pussy with fever, pushed by the emptiness between my legs. As I slurp desperately her sex, her moans of pleasure indicate that she is on her way to orgasm. Her juices flow liberally and I have to drink them at the same time. I feel devastated, but I would do just anything to have the vibrating dildo back in my pussy.

Mistress Lore climaxes at last. She is fast to recover, and goes out of the bed. “You did your job quite well, dearie. Continue and improve your performance, and you will have a lot of fun!” She puts the dildo-panty back in place, making me shudder with pleasure, and leaves the room.

It has been at least six months since my transformation. As a love-slave, I have to take good care of the pussies of all the staff in the area, and I do a good job. I am always tied up and gagged. The only moment when I am not gagged is when I have to service one of the staff’s people. Most of the time, I am forced to eat the cunts of women, but there are also a few men, who make the deliveries. I have to milk their dicks out. Some times, they use my other orifices, which brings me great pleasure. I am no longer lesbian anymore. Every person who can give pleasure to me is more than welcomed. When I am not used, I wriggle in my bonds, lost in the pleasure of the frustration and the release from the different devices locked on me.

One day, Vickie comes and tells me that a surprise awaits me. I am bound in a classic position, lying on a latex bed, hands locked behind me, legs bound together at ankles and knees. I eat her pussy with my now expert skilled mouth. After having made her climax, I am gagged again; then she lifts me in her arms and I am taken in Mistress Lore’s room. Vickie leaves me on my feet, standing attention before the Mistress’ desk.

Mistress Lore looks at me, smiling at the little wriggles I make, still squirming to feel the dildoes I am fitted with. Then she gets up and comes behind me. She unties my gag and takes it out, then I feel her hands on my bonds, and I feel suddenly very unprotected when the straps holding me are unfastened, and the dildoes pulled out. For the first time in ages, I am free of any restraint! My mind shouts me to run at the door to escape, but my sexuality kicks in. I can’t help but start masturbating madly on the floor, a hand rubbing my pussy, the other fondling my breasts. The laughing of Mistress Lore doesn’t disturb me, as I am all in the duty of relieving myself.

“Well, my little pet! I bet you would never have thought about this behavior if you ever were free from your bondage! You would have rather thought about attempting to escape, no? I know that you are still strong-spirited, and that you have not yet given up all hope of recovering your freedom. But it no use, as you can see. You can’t stop yourself from masturbating, no matter how hard you try. But I did not made you come here to see a slut fondling herself. I have some news for you. A few weeks ago, a customer bought me a lot of equipment. As we were talking, he told me that he was a master, and had several slave girls. He quickly became a regular customer, and he has become a friend. That is why I introduced him into my secret. I told him that I was a powerful sorceress, which I proved by turning one of my employees into a latex cat suit. He was amazed, but quickly thought about the possibilities. So he asked me about something special, and I decided that it would be you. In other words, I sold you to him.”

She waves her hands at me. Suddenly, as I still fondling myself, long moan of pleasure escape my lips! My voice has come back! The Mistress confirms this when she says:

“Yes, I have restored your voice, sweet cake! I want to hear you a bit before you are sent to your new master.”

“Ooooh! Mistress, let this arousal stop! I can’t help but orgasm endlessly! God! This is soooo Goooood!“

I put all my energy in attempting to convince her to make me “normal” again, but my aroused begging falls on deaf ears. I try to get up, but it is better to masturbate on the floor. Then Mistress Lore cuts my supplications.

“Well, dearie, it is time for you to receive your surprise! Have fun, sweet cake!”

She waves again at me, and I feel something funny happening on. From head to toes, my body tingles. It adds to my desire, and I increase my fondling. I pump in and out of my vagina with the right hand while the left one squeezes alternatively my erect nipples. I beg again the Mistress, but it is fruitless. Now I feel really weird. Lighter. A lot lighter.

“Wha… What’s happening to meeeee?” another orgasm rocks me as I squirm on the floor. After a few minutes, and another orgasm, the tingling stops. I feel as before, but only a lot lighter. Mistress Lore comes close me.

“I am sure that you will love my surprise, Joanna! Hmm, let’s see what we’ve got here…”

She bends over me, and starts caressing the small of my back. Although I don’t want it, the pleasure it gives is welcomed. Her caresses climb slowly to my neck. At this time, I have stopped begging. I want more! Then she cups my left breast with a hand, while the other continues its ministrations in my back. I explode in orgasm, but I am aroused immediately again, as usual since I have fallen in her grip, so long ago. As I finger myself, with her hand still massaging my left breast, I sense the hand on my neck doing something. There is a now spot right on my neck that is very sensitive, and the Mistress is playing with it, making me moan even more in pleasure. It feels like I had been fitted with a clitoris right there! She clamps that spot delicately, then massages it, again and again, forcing voluptuous orgasms on me.

“Doesn’t that feel good, my little slave?”

“Oooh! Yes! Please make me come again, Mistress!”

“As you want, dearie!”

She pulls stronger on the spot on my neck, and the pleasure flows. I close my eyes, and then I hear the “Whoosh “ of pressurized air running through a valve! Immediately, my feet start to relax completely. I open my eyes with concern, and what I see makes me cry in terror. My feet are slowly deflating, and so are my legs!

“Heavens! What the hell have you done to me?”

“That’s a good surprise, isn’t it? You have just been turned into an inflatable latex doll!”

“Nooooo! It can’t be! Please don’t do this to meeeeee!” I wheeze, sounding like one of those squeeze-voice toys.

I come into frenzy. I am slowly deflating, aroused like hell. As I deflate, my mobility gets slowly less. Already, I can’t move my legs under the knees, but I have still all the sensations. I beg Mistress Lore, to no avail. Then I try to grab the valve on my neck to prevent the air from getting out, but I just can’t reach it! My desperate attempt makes the sorceress laugh.

“Try as you want, your spell prevents you from touching your valve when it’s opened. So you can’t stop deflating.”

My thighs are taken. My lower body is getting more and more difficult to move, but the arousal in my sex and ass is not affected. I am now lying on my back, because I have no support anymore from my legs.

“I have to tell you that as a magical sex-doll, there is no need for your master to push on you to expulse all air from your body. The valve acts like a vacuum pump, so you soon will be totally emptied and flat!”

I beg for mercy between my orgasms. My legs are now completely deflated, my lower body is well on its way and I feel my torso becoming affected. I want to do anything to stop my predicament, but it’s no use.

“There is another little surprise for you. I have given Steve, your new master, all magical rights for you. So he will have the possibility to do anything to you.”

My breasts, my lovely breasts I am so proud of, are deflating now. I grab them with my hands, but it is like grabbing a loose membrane. Then I feel my hands affected, the fingers becoming harder to flex every passing second. Soon my arms follow. As I lose the ability to use my arms, I can no longer fondle myself, so relief becomes impossible to me. As a consequence, I feel again the pleasure of frustration. Between my gasping pleas for mercy, I start to beg for an orgasm, which makes Mistress Lore laugh at me.

At last, it is my head’s turn to deflate. As it occurs, my voice fades slowly away, sucked by the valve. My eyes become unable to blink, left wide open. My imploring lips freeze in “O” position as the last remnants of air are sucked out of me.

It is done! I have been completely deflated! I am now completely unable to move a thing, locked away in sexual frustration. Then the Mistress does something unbelievable to me: she folds me up like a cat suit! Her touch makes me scream hysterically in my mind, because my skin has become somewhat like an all-over erogenous zone!

“Well, dearie! You are very pretty like that! You are lucky, I just have a nice box to put you into!”

The sorceress lifts me and I am put into a box. As it is closed, I am squashed between the bottom and the top of the parcel. I want to scream in terror, lost in darkness, distress and arousal. The sounds come a little muffled, but I still can hear around me, which is a small comfort. I feel some kind of movement. Someone has taken the parcel and is taking it to another place. Different sounds indicate the progression of my travel to a new master. The clicking of heels on a stone surface… The opening of a door… The ignition of a car… The rumbles of the traffic… The engine being turned off… The door opened again… The ringing of a doorbell… The creaking of a large wood door… Echoes of a walk in a large room… A slight knock on a door… The wrapping being torn away…

Light hits my eyes as the box is opened. A middle-aged man is standing above me. He is smiling.

“So, here is our special gift! I hope your travel was not too long. I am sure that you can’t wait to be inflated again, don’t you?”

Of course, I can’t answer. Then he unfolds me, and I find myself standing limply in his hands. I suddenly feel his lips around the valve, and immediately his breathing forces air into me. The sensation is incredible! It’s like my clitoris was sucked and squeezed! I orgasm helplessly, again and again. Slowly, the air is filling me up. I start to feel three-dimensional again, but I can’t move! My limbs come into love-doll position without my control, legs spread wide, and arms bend as if I enlaced my lover. At a moment, the man makes a pause to recover his breathing. I am not even half-inflated. My mind is racing. Between my orgasms, I start to realize how trapped I am.

His lips are back on the valve. He continues to blow me up. Again I come, due to the sensations given by the valve. As I am full inflated, he forces more air in me, increasing slightly the pressure in my body, making me climax once more. I feel the valve being closed, and then I am turned to face him.

“That sorceress was right, you have a very pretty body! You will be a lot of fun to me, dolly! I must confess that I get the best satisfaction when I use a woman in distress. So I will make sure that you are as distressed as possible. Courtesy of Mistress Lore, I can sense it in you, and this is very rewarding for me. For a start, I will allow your body to move, but only to do what you are told. Your will not control your actions, and act like the most devoted slave girl. When your job will be done, you will be deflated again. So I will make sure that you are forever locked in your body!”

I am terrified! Being unable to move by myself and devilishly aroused brings is too much for me. When I was tied up, I could still squirm in my bonds in an attempt to break free, but now, I am perfectly immobile! Even a blink is out of my reach! I want to scream, to do anything to show a sign of life, to prove myself than I can at least DO something, but I’m completely helpless!

“I sense that you are fighting in your mind, dolly! Good! You are just giving me a hard-on, so I will make you benefit of it!”

With that, he grabs my waist and lifts me. As I weigh nearly nothing, he carries me like a balloon to a bedroom with a large canopy bed. He looks at me awhile, and then throws me on the bed! A great shock hits me, because I almost bounce on the mattress! I lay there a moment, hearing the sound of my Master undressing, and then he comes on me! In my state, I am both disgusted and grateful. I feel his rock-hard sex sliding easily in my vagina, and starting its pumping motion. As I explode with passion, I want to clench my pussy on his tool, to feel him with more accuracy and to have a better orgasm, but nothing comes! I am reminded of my doll status, and the fact not to have control of my body combined with my sexual lust makes me overwhelmed with the best orgasm I ever had. My body being only a rubber membrane, I am not allowed to pass out, and I know that I am feeling something that would have shattered the mind of any living woman. The orgasm that washes over me continues, as Steve pumps me in and out! It doesn’t fade away, but stays there and consumes me in its fire! Then, at last, I am hit by a warm feeling in my vagina. Steve has shot his load, and is calming down.

But the devilish man doesn’t get out of me! On the contrary, he stays in me, and looks at my face.

“I have decided that I will allow you to have control of your body in at least one situation. It might be fun to see you struggle while you are deflating! But I won’t allow you to speak. Endless pleas for mercy are boring after a while!”

A devilish grin on his face, I feel his hands come to my neck! I want to scream, to beg him not to deflate me, but I suddenly feel the valve being popped up, and air rushes out of me! Immediately, I regain control of my body! I want to kick that evil man, to knock him with my fists, but my struggle makes him laugh! I have the force of a balloon, and my fists bounce on his face! Worst, I have his weight on me, and that makes me deflate faster! I can’t even implore his mercy silently, for my mouth is frozen in that dreadful “O” shape!

As my deflation progresses, my struggles become weaker. I am again pushed back into immobility. As I finish to deflate, he withdraws from me. I hear him put his clothes on, and then I am grabbed by the back of my head and lifted. Hanging limply in his hands, I am taken to his dungeon.

Several girls are tied up there. One is stretched on a rack and squirms feebly, obviously exhausted by the device in her pussy. A tall girl is arched over a wooden horse, her back resting on it. Her feet are locked near her ankles, under the horse. A chain running down from the ceiling is connected to her nipples and clitoris. The girl can’t move, arched like this, but I see her muscles tremble slightly from the tension. A third girl stands in the middle of the room. She is almost suspended by her hands, and her legs are bound together. She is dressed in street clothes, and fights to keep her stability in her high heels. Tears fill her eyes, and she seems to have cried for a long time already.

Both women are gagged, and the room is full of pitiful Mmmmppphhhh sounds.

Steve takes my limp form to a corner of the dungeon, and drops me on the floor. I stumble into my latex fold, my vision occulted. I hear him taking something, and then a surge of pleasure runs through my valve! I have been connected to a pump, as I soon feel the pressurized air enter my body.

Again I am inflated, and I find myself into the same shape as before. The Master leaves me standing on the wall. In that position, I can see the three bound girls.

The Master goes working on his slaves. While tantalizing the helpless bodies, he speaks ironically to the bound victims. Through the haze of frustration I am frozen in, I learn a little about the three unfortunate girls.

Brittany is the woman stretched on the rack. She was his first slave, having been sold to him by her depraved uncle 6 years ago. She is totally submissive now and thinks of herself as a sexual toy to be played with.

Angie is arched on the horse. She is an unwilling slave. She had a relationship with a very rich man, but his wife had discovered the truth. As a vengeance, the woman had got in touch with Steve and asked to make her rival pay for the affront. Angie was abducted a week later. Since that moment, she spent all her time in the most stringent bondages, and was trained to be a pony-girl. She would then be sold to a rich farmer that would use her well.

Veronica was the last girl. She was a tourist that had addressed the wrong person in the street, the day before. Steve had quickly seduced her, and they went into his house. She never came back. Here, in the dungeon, Steve had left her hang. It was a good start to break her willpower. Later, she would be subjected to an intense training, and would become a totally submissive bimbo. Then she would be sold in a harem.

When Steve leaves the room, Angie and Veronica struggle madly, in vain attempts to free themselves. They cry mmmppphhh desperately behind their gags. I would like to help them, but I just lay there, frustrated and immobile despite all my attempts to make the slightest movement.

Several hours pass. The girls have exhausted themselves, and are now limp in their bonds. Brittany squirms form time to time as she is rocked by an orgasm. The Master comes back. He takes me again in his room, where I am just left on the bed. Then he makes love to me, like the first time. After having ejaculated in my rubber body, he just pops my valve! Again, I regain control of my movements, but it is only to lose it slowly as I deflate!

I am completely desperate. How could I be able to bear all this? Have I the smallest chance to be a real woman again? My thoughts are falling into a world of no-hope. At the same time, arousal makes me want to get fucked, but I can do nothing about that neither.

After I am flat again, Steve simply throws me on the carpet. I am left there as he switches the lights off and goes to sleep.

He wakes up on the morning after. I can see that he has a hard-on as he grips me with one hand. Then he opens the nightstand, and takes an oblong pressurized tank, with a nozzle connected to it. I know what’s next. Effectively, an orgasm smashes me as my valve is connected to the tank. Soon after, the rush of air inside of me makes my body aroused like hell! He inflates me a little too much, which has the effect to even more sensitize my body.

“Good morning, dolly! Now that you are all blown up, it’s time for a blow-job!”

Immediately, I feel my body move, whereas I have no control on it. I want to run away, but I crawl instead to my Master and I insert his prick in my love-doll rubber mouth. Disgusted, I have no way but to feel myself suck his dick dry! His low moans of pleasure are so humiliating for me!

When he shoots his load, I expertly swallow his cum, wanting mentally to gag and bite. After this ordeal, my body freezes back in love doll position. I am sure that I’m about to be deflated again, and to my horror, I’m right. Again I wriggle pitifully on the floor as I feel myself blown out. I am left there to think about my predicament, as Steve goes off to his duties.

Several hours later, a girl enters the room. It is Brittany. She wears a chastity belt cruelly screwed down tight. A large gag, padlocked behind her head, hides her lower face. Little lengths of chains padlocked at knees and ankles hobble her legs, and the freedom of her hands is limited too: The wrists are connected to her waist by short chains fastened to the chastity belt.

Brittany starts to do the chores. With care she sweeps the floor. Due to the moans I hear as she moves, I am sure that under the chastity belt, she is severely plugged. Then she comes on me. I am meticulously folded. She takes me to a cupboard full of clothes and I am stored on a shelf! Light goes out as the cupboard is closed, leaving me alone in despair.

I wait what seems an eternity before the cupboard is opened again. Steve picks me, grinning. I am unfolded on the bed.

“Tonight, you will go lower in your object state. I want you to become a latex bed sheet!”

Fear grips me, but I can only stare at him as I feel my flat body tingle. Then something horrible happens. I sense my legs fuse together! My arms merge with my torso, and then I lose the rest of my human shape to turn into a wide rectangle of latex… a bed sheet! My whole body being uniform, I have the same sensations everywhere, and they are those of an overheated cunt! I cry inwardly in distress and frustration and my Master makes his bed. I explode in orgasm as he comes under me. His form causes my body to stretch, making me delirious with orgasms.

What a long night! I could not rest, caught in an almost continuous orgasm. It is a great relief when he wakes up, the next morning. He has the usual hard-on to satisfy, so I am restored to my love-doll form, and then I please him with my rubber mouth. Being in my human shape is so wonderful that I don’t mind about having no control on my actions. Then the henceforth routine continues. I am deflated and left on the carpet…

I am stuck in a true nightmare! Steve has made sure that I would not adapt to my doll form, so I am now regularly turned into his bed sheet at night. Being denied a human form is really horrible, as I cannot feel my limbs anymore, even if I could not have moved by myself in a love doll body.

I have seen a lot of slaves. Of course, Veronica and Angie have been completely broken and trained, and I have not heard about them for an eternity. Master Steve has his work running, and has now four or five struggling inmates in permanence.

One day, he inflates me, and takes me into a small room. A woman is restrained there, wriggling in her bonds. A hood with just nose openings covers her face. She is spread-eagled, pinned on the wall. She wears a rubber cat suit with cutouts for her crotch, so her bare pussy is on display. Her moans indicate that under the hood, she is effectively gagged.

“My dear rubber doll, I want to introduce you to one of your former friends. She has searched for you during a long time, and never gave up the hope to see you again. She became a little too investigative, and found about the secret of my friend, Mistress Lore. Lore told me to take care of the little slut, for she is pleased with my work with you.”

Steve unfastens the hood from his victim, pulling it away to reveal her face. I receive the shock of my life! This is my closest friend, Ashley! Having recognized me, she squirms with renewed energy, but remains tightly pinned on the wall.

“Ashley, you did discover the secret of Mistress Lore, so you can’t be left in freedom. Not that you could do much damage, but you could be a source of embarrassment for my friend. This is why you are there now. You will be trained as a sex machine, and be sold to a brothel in Tokyo. In fact, you are already sold, and my client just waits for you to be trained. But I will add a special twist to your fate. You two girls were lesbian lover, so you will be forever together. Mistress Lore did agree to my little project, and a new love doll has been given to me. Yes, Joanna, you will no longer be under my control. In fact, under my direct control anymore. You will become Ashley’s pussy, so she will be constantly dripping wet and aroused!”

In my mind, I want to react with frenzy, but any physical manifestation is out of reach. I feel myself suddenly start to shrink! I am posed legs together, arms along my body. Ashley’s wriggling form is now becoming more than gigantic to me. Her pussy is enormous, capable of swallow me like a dildo.

I am taken in Steve’s hand. I beg with all my soul as Ashley’s pussy comes closer and closer. I can smell her intimate perfume. Parting her vaginal lips, Steve opens her most secret place. A pulsing pink hole is revealed before me, and then I am slowly pushed inside! The sounds become non existent as I sink further in the darkness of my soon-to-be new prison. The pulsating walls of the vagina make me aroused like hell, as I am now completely squeezed. Gradually, something new happens to me. I start lo lose the sensations of my entire body, except the feelings in my pussy, which are increasing! After a moment, I can feel only my sex, as if I had been reduced to my over excited pussy. I have the sensation of being hollow inside. Then the feeling of compression I have changes into a sensation of sinking, as I feel like if I was swallowed by quick sands! In terror, I realize that the vagina of my best friend absorbs me! I feel weird, really weird. Then I can see and hear again! But reality dawns on me, as I understand that I no longer have any eyes or ears. My senses come from Ashley’s pussy! I can see her inner thighs first, and then her legs an feet! I am wet, coated with juice. My world is moving from side to as Ashley fights her bonds. I feel my body spasm, clenching itself on a shaft that no longer exists in it. I am operated by Ashley’s nervous system. I try vainly to communicate with my friend, but she can’t hear my pleading thoughts. I can however hear the moans of Ashley, as her new pussy is now aroused like never before!

Master Steve is not finished with us yet! He disappears a minute, then comes back with a chastity belt, fitted with a butt plug, and an inflatable dildo. Ashley’s moans take a new urge. She doesn’t want to be plugged, but at the same time her new libido craves for it.

Steve’s hand is on me, blinding my vision. I feel my lips opened, the enormous dildo impales me. Immediately I am made to tightly milk the rubber shaft! Mentally, the sensations make me orgasm thousand times, but physically, the release comes only when Ashley’s body climaxes. I understand our inescapable plight: Neither of us controls the orgasms we have! Steve has killed two birds with the same stone!

Ashley’s training goes on its way. She is kept in bondage constantly. To keep me aroused a full level, I am plugged only a few minutes a day. The rest of the time, I just drip on the floor, in a desperate need to be filled with the biggest dildo I can take. As a consequence, Ashley’s mind is more and more turned into the pattern of a craved sex bimbo.

Progressively, Master Steve remodels her will. Slowly, she is made to obey his every command, and has to submit to his every perverted desire.

At last, after more than six months, Ashley’s training is complete! She is no longer the friend I have known and loved so long ago. She can think about only one thing: serve her Master. She has only one need: SEX. Ashley is ready for delivery to the Tokyo brothel.

The night before her departure, Steve comes in when she sleeps. Careful not to wake her, he addresses me.

“Joanna, sweet pussy, I have to tell you about the next part of your punishment. You will not stay as Ashley’s pussy forever. There are a few rules in the brothel you are sent. After a few years in the brothel, every slave is sent to a special farm. They are inseminated and placed into pony girl training during the pregnancy. Rich families adopt the babies, and the pony girl returns in the brothel for four years. After her time, she is sold to another Master, and the cycle continues. In your case, when Ashley will be inseminated, she will soon be pregnant with a cute little girl. You will be sucked into the fetus, and you will start a new existence.”

As he leaves the room, I am dumbstruck! I will become Ashley’s daughter! A ray of light has come to give me hope again! I would have cried in happiness if I could.

The morning after, we are taken away. Ashley is sedated, and put in a wooden crate equipped with life support. She will sleep until delivery. During an unknown amount of time, I am left to think. This time, I have the hope to be human again! I miss being able to move by myself so much. But at the same time, being helpless inside my own body makes me aroused, as usual. So I am still wetting, and thus I must bring some erotic dreams to my owner.

The life we have in the brothel is somewhat better than in Steve’s dungeon. Ashley is a bondage slave, and kept in restraints at all time. She is very obedient to the customers, so we are not punished too much. But the Japanese bondage is perverse. When Ashley is not subjected to anal or vaginal penetration, I am tortured by an infamous crotch-rope at most time! If only I had a dildo inside! But in that case, the rope is to make Ashley excited and responsive, so I can just drip without satisfaction.

Ashley is regularly fitted with rings, for she has been pierced. The piercing of the clitoris has been a hellish moment of pure pain. I have howled desperately inward, while Ashley’s body quaked. A ring has been fit through my tender nodule, and we were left for healing. It has been a hard time. After that, she could be ringed at will. This is always a weird feeling to be ringed. The ring is now a very exciting thing as it passes through my clit. But the weights are another story! I feel distorted, caught in pleasure and pain. It makes Ashley beg in her gag, and I feel sorry for my friend, because I know that I amplify her sensations. Sometimes I can see her in a mirror, and I am nearly always stunned by her predicament. She is often suspended hog-tied, with weights dangling from her lovely breasts and clit.

Some customers are rude, and Ashley is then subjected to hard ordeals. Unfortunately for me, the pussy is a favorite target for the tormentors, so I find myself punished most of the time. I am often plugged with those infernal inflatable dildoes. They make me dilated so much! I always feel like exploding, splitting up in two. I am also often whipped, another devilishly technique. Blood flows in me, making my body engorged and terribly sensitive. I scream in pain and pleasure constantly, and so does my friend.

Years have passed, and Ashley’s time to have a baby has come! She has been taken to the pony girl farm, and inseminated immediately. She has been told about her future pregnancy, and this has made her former personality brush the surface of her mind, below her thorough conditioning. For a moment, she has struggled her bondage, but this soon has ceased as her submissive thoughts took control.

My friend’s pregnancy has a delightful effect on me. For the first time in ages, the desperate arousal I always feel has calmed down. The sensations I feel are now those of a normal woman’s pussy. Excitement comes from time to time, but it is heaven compared to the craving I have always been forced into. I feel the wonderful pressure of the fetus that develops slowly in the womb. I am taken by mother’s thoughts, as I care of the little life. Other thoughts assault me, as I wonder how it will be, to be a baby again. Will it be painful when Ashley will give birth? Will I be able to speak, as I know how to in my mind? Questions flow in my mind in turmoil, but I have certitude: I will be human again! I almost thank Steve to have made me that gift, a gift that did not fit with his perverted personality.

One day, an intense pain hurts me! I am hit by a painful contraction. The time has come! I suddenly feel myself sucked in my inside! A wonderful feeling over helms me, as I recover the sensations of humanity. I feel the complete body I am in; I sense legs, arms, and head…

It is a unique sensation to be born. I am forced trough Ashley’s sphincters. I know that my friend is in utter pain. I am somewhat thankful to the training she has endured. Forced vaginal dilatations certainly make her feel a little less pain now, and this is very comforting for me. Suddenly, the universe hits me! My heads sticks from my friend’s vagina! I hear a baby’s cry, the entrance in a new world! At the same time, horror struck me, as I realize that I did not made that cry by myself!

My hopes shatter in pieces! Steve has tricked me! I have no control over the new body I am in!

I am taken in soft hand, and the umbilical cord is cut. The baby I am now soon goes to sleep, putting an end to my desperate fever.

It has been a hard time I have passed through. But now I understand that Steve has not tricked me. He has promised that I would live in a human body again, but he has not told that I would control it. As I think about this, I understand that he has acted in conformity with his personality.

On the other hand, it is not a too bad thing. Although I am only a passenger in this body, It is a human’s one!

Then life goes on… I have been adopted by a wealthy couple of Canadian. Henry is my father, and Bonnie is my mother. I have been baptized Julia, and my life is a lot greater than when I was a child. There is a point I am very proud of. I have discovered that I could influence Julia’s mind. It is very limited, but I have succeeded in making her a clever girl. Having nothing else to do, I have put all my energy in trying to make her succeed in her scholarship.

At 14, Julia had her first period. She was shocked and worried, but Bonnie was a very good mother had already taught her daughter the necessities she would be under one day.

Her femininity developing, Julia blossomed into a cute clever girl. She discovered the delights of her body as her hormones started to kick in. For me, the first arousal she felt was the sweetest thing in the world. She started to date men, and acted as the very well raised child she was. It was very refreshing to endure the seduction games she played, exploring her new powers on men. She could wrap any of them of her little finger! Her schoolmates were a little jealous, but she was so kind with them that jealousy turned to admiration. I was very proud of Julia! She was a gem on both sides, and her personality shone around her like a shield of assurance and sweetness. She new how to chose her relations, and avoided the boys only wanting to get in her pants. I helped her to do it, as I used my former experience to riddle the boys. I wanted only the best for her, and she was never deceived. She wasn’t lesbian, and my tastes were somewhat frustrated, but it did not matter. Some girls tried to date Julia, but she dismissed kindly their proposal.

The first time she had sex was a fabulous moment, and she enjoyed it fully. I have to admit that, despite my lesbianism, I truly enjoyed it too. Maybe those so many years of forced relations with men’s cocks have transformed me too!

Now, Julia is 19. She goes to university, and will graduate in science. She now goes out since two years with Joe, a tall muscular man. He studies science, too, and practices martial arts. This is him who has made Julia discover Aikido, and she is now on her way to obtain her black belt. He is second dan, and helps their Sensei. Aikido has made her personality a little more polished. She is truly a diamond, and doesn’t need my help anymore. I don’t have to influence her anymore, and I just enjoy her life from the inside. This afternoon, we are shopping in the mall, hand in hand with Joe. Suddenly, I recognize a woman smiling at us, and a torrent of fear runs through me. That woman is the evil Mistress Lore, without any doubt! I could never have forgotten that goddamned face. Despite the years, she hasn’t changed. She says “Hi” with her hand, making Julia and Joe wonder who she is. Inside, I scream Julia to run away, for I am sure that something horrible is about to happen, but I can’t influence her so directly. Then Julia continues shopping, as if nothing had happened. Inside, I do my best to make her aware that this woman is dangerous, and I don’t succeed till the evening.

The horrible thing I thought about happens a few minutes after having made love with Joe. Suddenly, as Julia regains her composure after orgasm, I feel a great force sucking me out of Julia’s body! I can’t do anything, and my disembodied soul is aspirated to an unknown destination. I pass through the wall of the apartment, and I fly through the town. I am taken to the periphery, where I receive a great shock: There is a sex-shop there, called “Your Latex Dream”! The attraction takes me in the basement, and sucks me inside a large tube of glass. Suddenly, all my body materializes around my soul, and I am human again! Despite the fear overwhelming me, I am delighted to have my body back, and to be able of controlling, it! But I have nowhere to go, trapped naked inside that cylinder. I stay there for a little time, and Mistress Lore comes in the room. Immediately, I beg her to let me go at last.

“Please let me go! I don’t deserve the fate you inflicted to me! Please, I beg you to rel… mmmmppphhh!”

As I spoke, she has waved the hands at me, and a large ball gag has formed in my mouth and fastened around my head. My attempts to get it off are vain. It is held in place by a magic force.

“Now that you are silent, let me welcome you again, my little pet! I had not forgotten you after all those years, and I did not lose your tracks. I let you have a good time with Julia before taking you again!”

As I am mad with fear, she continues, smiling:

“In fact, I just wanted to say good bye, because I will let you go and never bother you anymore, because I think that you have paid for shoplifting me!”

Hope strikes in my heart. After those years, I will be free!

The glass cylinder imprisoning me suddenly dissolves into the air, and the gag in my mouth follows immediately after.

I take no time in thanking the sorceress. I run through the door, but it’s locked! I turn toward her, waiting for what’s next.

“Please, Mistress! Open that door, so I can disappear from your life!”

“Oh! I almost forgot! I am glad to make me remember that detail!”

Immediately, my body start to tingle! I look at me, and see that my skin changing into a rubber texture!

“You said I could go now! What’s happening to me?” My voice is high with terror, making my tormentor chuckle an evil laugh.

“I forgot to tell you! I will let you go, but you will receive just a slight alteration, as my last gift for you.”

“What gift? What are you doing to me?”

“Call it a joke, sweetie! As you robbed a latex bra from my shop, you are now going to be a perfect replacement.”

With that, I feel a sudden weakness in my legs, and I fall on the floor. I stare in shock as I see my legs fusing together, and become a flat piece of latex! Too late, I understand what she has in mind.

“Please don’t turn me into a bra! Mercy! Please!”

“I did not lie to you, dearie! This is the last time I will bother you! You are changing into a latex bra, and will remain a piece of lingerie forever!”

I scream in terror, but my voice is abruptly cut off as I turn further into satin. Helplessly, I watch my hands alter into small hooks. My arms are becoming the straps of the bra!

“Don’t worry, little thing! You will find that being a bra is most exciting! When you are put on, you will feel the breasts fill you up, and this will give you numerous orgasms. When you owner won’t wear you, you will feel just aroused enough to beg for satisfaction. After two years, you will be transferred into the bra of a beautiful teenager, and the cycle will repeat for ever. If bras become obsolete, you will become another piece of lingerie, but you will always be in fashion!”

I am flat and unmoving, now. Suddenly, the world grows around me, and I understand that I am shrinking! Then my sensations change abruptly. I don’t feel my body as human anymore. Instead, It’s like I had two pussies. I realize that I am now feeling the cups of the bra I have just become! Arousal flares in my satin body, but I can’t move! My vision comes from my cleavage, and I see a giant hand grab me! I hang in the sorceress’ hand as I am taken to the shop. I watch helplessly as a hanger is taken. I feel it pass through my straps, and can’t do anything as I am put on sale!

I am sold a few hours later. A beautiful woman comes on me. After checking the tag, she takes me to the changing room. I am put on a hook in the cabin, and I can only stare at her body as she takes her short-sleeved blouse. Her breasts appear, hold into a satin bra, which she puts off . I know that I will soon be fastened to her torso, and I scream mentally with despair. I am next taken. My strap is disconnected and I am put behind her, then locked under her breasts. I am now turned and I can see the giant mammary above my body! Suddenly, her arms slip inside my straps, and the breasts fill me up completely! Immediately, an orgasm rushes through me! I fell like I am about to explode, tensed to the maximum upon two giant cones! The closest sensation I ever had was an inflatable dildo pumped to capacity inside my rubber sex, when I was a latex doll, but now, there are two monsters expanding my body!

The girl stares at her reflection in the mirror. I make her breasts jut out provocatively, her nipples poking inside of me. She is satisfied and puts her blouse back on. Every movement she does makes me explode in orgasms, and I soon beg her to release me, but my silent screams are unheard. That girl doesn’t know what kind of hell she's putting me through. The blouse is buttoned, blurring my vision into a colored haze. But the soft material of the blouse brushing my body increases the sensations. I can only hear as the girl buys me. Orgasms devastate my soul as she leaves the shop.

The End?

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