Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Heidi invites her friends on a weekend getaway at her new boyfriend’s mansion.
They find the surroundings so tranquil there, that they may never want to leave.

Part 1

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

Copyright 2016 and


Prologue: Heidi’s friends take her up on her offer for a weekend getaway at her boyfriend’s lakeside manor. They envision
three days of fun in the sun and possibly enjoying some of his artwork, but their wealthy host has other plans of his own... __________________________________________________________________________________

“Oh crap!” Carrie complained, frantically digging through her beach bag. “I forgot my damned tanning lotion! Can you believe it? Of all the things...” With a huff, she carelessly tossed the offending baggage onto the floor of the limousine.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sara reassured her friend, “You can borrow mine.” Annie, quietly seated beside the window, had chosen to ignore most of the discussion from the moment they’d left. She was perfectly content with sipping her wine and watching the scenic view as it passed them by. Just let it go, Sara.

“Driver!” Carrie called out, craning her neck and turning around, “...Do you think you can stop off somewhere really quick?”

“I’m sorry Miss Stewart, but there’s nothing open around here at this time,” their chauffeur, an Asian man with a marked with a West Coast inflection, replied apologetically.

“I said I got this!” Sara reiterated.

“Yeah, but I’d kinda like to have my own,” Carrie pouted as she fluffed her blonde hair.

Annie rolled her eyes and expelled an exaggerated sigh, breaking out of her self-imposed silence. The entire world would forever be trapped in a perpetual orbit around Carrie Dixon; that’s just how it is...

...The cursed first-born syndrome.

The chauffer, Maxwell, had also chosen to remain silent for most of the forty minute trip and was currently congratulating himself on the wisdom of staying out of the girls’ bickering. His boss had sent him to retrieve the three friends in preparation for their weekend getaway at his private lakeside manor. Occasionally, Maxwell’s eyes would secretly flick up to the rear-view mirror, their path concealed behind the dark lenses of his wraparound shades. ...The boss always has a good eye for women, the chauffeur silently admitted, but this trio isn’t a match. I wonder what plans he’s got in store for them?

Carrie, the Alpha female in the group, had taken over the entire seat just beyond his right shoulder. She looked overly made-up, as if she were going out clubbing with the girls. Her golden locks were styled in large barrel curls, while her face looked as if it were airbrushed to perfection. On her feet were four-inch stilettos, while a revealing mini dress left little to the imagination. Max could tell by the constant primping and preening that this one needed to be at the center of everyone’s attention. She’d even taken to ordering the other two around a few times already, only reinforcing his bitter opinion of her...

Sara, the petite athletic one with the beauty mark, was seated directly across from the pushy blonde. Maxwell found her Malaysian features rather striking, with high cheekbones and soft, milky skin. She’d gone mostly au natural in contrast to Carrie’s heavy use of makeup, using only a bare minimum of eyeliner and red lipstick. Even her silky hair had been pulled back into a ponytail for simplicity. The driver thought her jet-black tracksuit with lime green accents suited her personality quite well. An iconic “PINK” logo arched out across the curves of her tight little fanny, while matching black and lime Skechers completed her sporty look.

Annie, seated to Sara’s right, was the most smartly dressed in her tailored knit jacket and tight pencil skirt. The woman’s bobbed hair was sheared-off at razor sharp angles, which hung past her chin and then rose up towards the back, giving her a sophisticated look. Though she’d been quiet for most of the trip, she seemed to be the most critical and refined of the three.

The blonde and the Asian had proven to be more curious, taking turns at asking the usual myriad of questions as Maxwell drove along. Carrie had asked some of the more personal ones, such as his boss’ net worth; if he’d been previously married, (and if so - were there any children involved); ...if he preferred to play the field, or was he looking to settle down with someone, (the last of which provoked a swift slap on her bare leg from Sara). But the keen-witted driver didn’t answer any of them, (much to their growing displeasure). Maxwell knew that they wouldn’t be concerned with such trivial nonsense for much longer. He did, however, continue to listen; it was just another part of his responsibilities. Mr. Farnsworth would expect to hear a full assessment of each one of his guests later-on that evening. And even though he’d pretty much pegged each of their contrasting personalities, there was something about the Asian girl that sparked his interest. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear that her eyes lingered on her friends just a little bit longer than one might expect. Heidi had said none of her friends had any interests that way, and while Maxwell was sure his boss’ favorite was telling the truth, it would only be the truth as far as she knew it. Sara could always be hiding something from her friends. And she was hiding it very well. Maxwell was a trained observer, he knew very few people would notice the Asian woman’s unusual behavior. He’d be sure to note it in his report. For now he was content to wait and see if the rest of the short trip revealed anything more...

Sara, unaware of the driver’s interest in her, snapped her fingers to get Carrie’s attention. She jerked forward in her seat, causing the upholstery to let out a groan in protest. The driver might not be willing to tell them anything, but that surely couldn’t stop them from guessing...

“So what do you think it’s going to be like?” the petite woman pondered out loud, still not quite believing her surroundings. “I mean; if he’s got a luxurious car like this, can you imagine the place he lives in?”

“It’s huge,” Carrie said without any evidence of a doubt, “I know a bit about that place. He must be loaded.”

Sara was surprised by a sarcastic snort from Annie...

“What makes you think this thing isn’t hired?” her friend said, the raven-haired woman waving her hand dismissively as she joined the conversation.

“Pfft,” Carrie countered, “You told me yourself that he owned the mansion. Obviously if he has that much money, he can afford to send us a limo.”

“Wait a minute,” Sara interrupted, turning in her seat towards Annie, her eyes wide. “You actually looked this guy up?”

“Well of course I did,” Annie retorted indignantly. “I have a friend who works at the county courthouse; I cashed-in a favor and she looked up his tax records for me...”

Sara just looked at the travel agent in shock. She knew Annie had been divorced twice and was generally distrustful of people (and men in particular), but she never thought her friend would go that far...

“Besides,” Annie continued, “...after Heidi disappeared for so long, I wasn’t about to take any chances...”

“Well I, for one, think she’s very lucky,” Sara managed at last.

“Yep,” Carried agreed, “and if the place is as good as I think it’ll be we’ll just have to see how devoted he is to Heidi.”

Sara studied the smirk on Carrie’s face, unsure whether her friend was joking or not. They all knew about Carrie’s dreams of marrying someone rich; the fact that Heidi seemed to be getting there first had completely irked her. Stealing Daniel away from Heidi would surely be an all-time low...

“Oh come on,” Carried chortled, her dangling foot bouncing in time with her malicious laughter, “You don’t really think I’d do that to her, do you?”

...Sara felt herself blush as she heard Annie’s smothered mirth beside her. Well, I fell into that one. “But still,” their leggy friend mused, “a wealthy guy means rich friends, right? Maybe we can get Daniel to invite some over and we’ll all get lucky.”

Sara heard Annie mutter something beneath her breath that sounded a lot like “boy-crazy-bitch.” She had to admit that Carrie looked ready for some serious man hunting. The blonde was in her element, gracefully lounging in the opulence of the limousine with a wineglass delicately held in the fingers of one hand. Sara took in the sight of her friend in the slinky dress, the little blue number struggling to contain Annie’s best assets.

The young Asian woman couldn’t help but wince as she looked around the inside of the limousine. If she’d known that Heidi’s boyfriend was going to send something this luxurious to pick them up, then she would’ve at least dressed the part. There were a couple of nice dresses along with everything else in her luggage, but she was saving them for the evening meals. She’d thought she looked cute in her little black tracksuit, but now she felt out-of-place next to her well-dressed friends. Maybe she should’ve tried dressing more like Carrie.

...Well, not quite like Carrie.

Sara always had a little more modesty than that, but she wasn’t sure that was helping her now. Even Annie looked more comfortable than she did; the travel agent’s outfit making her look like the consummate professional she was. Sara knew the raven-haired woman constantly worried about her weight, but as far as she was concerned; Annie wasn’t fat, just really curvy.

...Maybe I should have just stayed home, Sara thought. I guess I’m just not cut out for the highlife. Annie, perhaps sensing her friend’s uncertainty, offered to refill Sara’s glass. Sara shook her head, there’d be more to drink at dinner and she didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of Heidi and her boyfriend. One glass was enough for now. Especially after Annie had told her how much a single bottle was worth. Annie shrugged before topping up her and Carrie’s glasses. Unlike Sara, her friends had shown no reluctance when the driver had pointed out the mini-bar in the back of the limo. Now it looked like they were intent on finishing the entire bottle between themselves...

Her glass full, Carrie casually leant back across the seat she’d already claimed for her own. She’d been draped over so much of it when that Sara had climbed in there was no room on the blonde’s seat for anyone else. Not that Sara felt any need to complain, the seat she and Annie shared was more than big enough for the two of them. So much that with her small frame almost felt lost in the padded upholstery. Her blonde friend crossed her long legs over at the knee, further emphasizing their already impressive length...

Sara remained seated directly across from Carrie, her dark eyes following the winding curves of her friend’s legs ...She marveled at the way they flowed into the elegant straps around her ankles, and then even further downward to her feet, which had been forced upward by the steep slant of her high heeled shoes. She swallowed hard in admiration of Carrie’s sex appeal...

The young Asian woman tore her eyes away from her friend and looked out the car window. She could see trees slipping past, dark shapes in the night. They’d left street lights behind some time ago. She’d watched the buildings drop away, gradually replaced by the trees, which grew larger and closer together, as the roads the driver took brought them further away from the city. Sara could already see the outline of the Rockies in the distance; their majestic peaks enshrouded in wispy clouds.

“Is it much further?” the young woman asked, pitching her voice so the driver could hear. Embarrassment flushed through her as she realized she sounded like an impatient child waiting for the trip to end.

If the driver had an opinion on her maturity, he kept it to himself. Sara had to admit he’d been nothing but professional, even if his shaved head and dark wrap-around shades were off-putting. She wondered how he saw at night, as she caught a slight movement of his head in the rear vision mirror. He might have been looking at her as he replied, but with those glasses, she couldn’t really tell. He looked more secret agent then chauffeur.

“Only a few more minutes, Miss Ang,” the driver promised.

“Thanks,” Sara replied. The tone of the driver’s voice reminded her of the way VIPs were spoken to. She wasn’t used to getting this kind of royal treatment. Trying to take her mind off her discomfort she forced her attention back to the countryside, glimpses of the moon reflecting off the surface of the lake showing through gaps in the treeline. Carrie was expounding on how she’d land one of Daniel’s single rich friends while Annie told her that they’d see right through her. It was an old discussion, and one Sara was happy to let roll over her, content to let Carrie be where she always wanted to be, the center of attention.

It was ten minutes later when the car finally slowed; the noise of crunching pebbles beneath tires muffled by the thick sound-proofing. A privacy wall stood by the side of the road that was nearly ten feet tall. It was constructed with large pieces of shale, and there were two ornate lamps with stained-glass panels mounted on each corner. The name ‘Maison de Beauté’ was stylishly spelt out in script-like metal letters.

“Hey, I think we’re here,” Sara cried out as Annie raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, cool,” Carrie said as a heavy wrought iron gate slowly parted in the middle, revealing the twisting driveway and lush landscaping beyond...

* * * *

Down the road and standing within one of the many bathrooms inside the mansion, Heidi stared into a vanity mirror, carefully applying the last of her makeup. She wanted to look her best when her friends arrived. ...No, she corrected herself; ...I want to look my best for my master. A pleased smile crossed her face, as she felt the egg gently buzzing away inside her pussy. She let a hand drift down for a moment, reaching underneath her short black cocktail dress to stroke her cleft through her panties.

“Are you about ready?” Daniel asked as he stepped-in behind her.

“Yes Master,” she replied, smiling back at his handsome reflection.

Daniel shook his head and let out a sigh in disappointment.

“I told you before,” he sighed, “call me Daniel until your friends are ready to join you.”

“But they’re not here yet,” Heidi replied before grinning back at him impishly.

Her master couldn’t help but smile.

“You truly are special,” he whispered into her ear as he casually rubbed her shoulders, “I think you’d do whatever I wanted even without the egg. It hasn’t fired off once; none of the others would’ve managed that.”

“But I like having something of yours inside me!” Heidi protested. The twenty-three-year-old knew all-too-well that the egg constantly monitored her thoughts, suppressing and correcting any that contradicted Daniel’s orders. Under normal circumstances, she’d completely object to this, (just as she’d detest everything he’d ever done to her and all the other women in his collection). However, she couldn’t, nor would she. Maybe it was part of the process, the one where she spent most of her time as a motionless statue, or to be even more specific; when she posed as a mere frozen representation of a real living woman. Her memory flicked back to her release, just a few hours before, when her consciousness slowly returned as it always did. Her mind sluggish and suggestible, able to do little more than act on the commands it was given...

It was only a temporary state, and one that passed much more quickly for Heidi than it did for any of her Master’s other possessions. That still left plenty of time for Daniel to insert the control egg that guaranteed the continued obedience of all of his victims. Master didn’t think she needed the egg anymore, and maybe he was right, but the young woman still preferred to have it inside her anyway. Just the simple feel of it; filling her up and buzzing away, knowing he’d put it there himself as she stared forward in silence with glassy-eyed submission ...All those messages it sent to her brain, constantly whispering and teasing like the warm breath of a lover tickling her ear ...It was a constant reminder of her sole purpose:

...Totally obedient and accessible for hours upon hours of pleasure...Just an erotic sculpture in silicone...Beautifully posed for my Master...

Maybe what he’d done to her forced Heidi to like it...Or maybe he’d simply tapped into something inside her that was just waiting to be released all along. Heidi neither knew nor cared; she was perfectly content with being her owner’s possession.

...Forever and always.

“Hmm,” Daniel pondered, “maybe we’ll test your limits some other time; perhaps try to figure out what makes you so different from all the others...”

Heidi didn’t reply, as she made a few final adjustments to her hair. She noticed Daniel’s reflection beside her, as he removed his trusty iPhone from the pocket of his tan trousers.

“Looks like your friends are almost here,” he announced, before sliding the phone back into his pocket. Daniel leant in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, before pulling back and flicking a bit of lint from his expensive sport jacket.

Heidi rose, adjusting the top of her little black dress. It was strapless, and tight across the chest. She wanted to make sure it showed off just the right amount of cleavage.

“Are we all set now?”

“Yes Master,” Heidi answered demurely, and then quickly corrected herself, “—Daniel.” The pair turned to face each other, Daniel cupping his accomplice’s pretty face within his hands. “We can do this...”

Heidi licked her lips in anticipation and assured, “I can hardly wait to get started.”

* * * *

The black limousine meandered down the concrete pathway, progressing past the privacy walls and then through a colorful arcade of lush greens, white lilies and red roses. Two identical rows of lavender stretched out along the length of the driveway, which culminated in a circular motor court down below. At the heart of it all: a cobblestone mansion that looked like a throwback to a bygone era; a time when maidens frolicked in the fields and the men went off to fight the horde. A panoramic view of the shimmering lake and the rising mountain peaks beyond provided a dramatic backdrop... Sara was the first one to cry out, “There it is!”

Carrie was already in so much shock that she simply mouthed the words: ...OH...MY...GOD!

Annie was picturing Robin Leach with his thick British accent; he’d pop-up beside her door at any minute, theatrically waving his hand to announce, “Welcome to Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous!” The limo finally rolled to a complete stop in the concrete roundabout. The uniformed driver quickly exited the vehicle and opened the door for his waiting passengers. First Sara and then Annie climbed out, taking the white-gloved hand that Maxwell offered and then stepping out into the posh new world beyond. The pair stood for a moment; the Asian gawking in total awe, while the travel agent stared in questioning wonder. Carrie finally exited behind them, putting-on quite a leg show for her male admirer, (as she often did). The real estate agent handed Max her travel bag and then slowly pulled down at the creeping hem of her short dress. She removed her sunglasses next, tucking one stem inside the deep split of her exposed cleavage. She stepped up beside her enthralled friends to join them as they took in their lavish surroundings.

The structure standing before them had a certain French countryside appeal, with its rough cobblestone walls and weathered roof tiles. Entangled vines had grown up the front fascia, further adding to the old-world, European flair. There were stone chimneys and several attic windows with peaked gables rising up from the roof. Two peaked observation towers rose even higher. The surrounding lawn looked manicured to within an inch of its life; every blade of grass appeared to be measured and cut at the exact same height...

“Wow,” Sara exclaimed, “This place is so cool!”

“Yeah; I can’t believe our girl fell into all of this,” Carrie replied with an envious smirk. Annie didn’t seem quite as impressed as her friends. “I’ve seen better,” she quipped with a frown.

Sara turned to Annie, “Hey, doesn’t it look like that house from that Godfather movie you got us to watch? Didn’t you say that was around here somewhere? Maybe the same architect designed this one as well?” Annie shrugged, “Maybe, but I don’t think this one’s as big.”

Carrie was less than convinced, “Well I remember those scenes; this place is definitely bigger.”

Sara turned back to look at the mansion. As long as Heidi was happy and Annie’s cynicism didn’t ruin the weekend, she didn’t really care whether the house was bigger or smaller than some other building.

Inside the entranceway, Heidi drew a deep breath as she readied herself. She knew that her friends wouldn’t think so now, but eventually they’d thank her for what Master had planned. He’d take care of everything, from now on. All she had to do was just play her part...

As Daniel opened the door, he took the opportunity to give her arse a quick smack. “Drifting off, already?” “N-no,” she replied, hurriedly straightening the hem of her dress, an unconscious imitation of her blonde friend. Heidi stepped out the door, waving in the direction of her friends with Daniel in tow...

Sara was the first to hurry over, runners crunching on the gravel between the roundabout and the house, before giving her friend a quick hug. She thought Heidi felt a bit stiff in returning the gesture, but maybe she’d just caught her friend by surprise. Annie was the next in line to greet their hosts, with Carrie following a little further behind as she carefully picked her way across the gravel in her high heels...

After a quick round of introductions from Heidi, Daniel indicated they should head inside.

“What about our bags?” Annie asked, frowning.

“Oh don’t worry about those,” their host replied, “Max and the staff will take them up to your rooms.”

...Turning around, Annie could see the driver already unloading the limousine’s boot.

Carrie leant over to her and whispered “Nice to have someone else carry them; I could really get used to this kind of pampered treatment...”

“We’ll see,” Annie remarked.

Inside, Daniel and Heidi led them to a large room, with paneled timber ceilings that angled up to meet a heavy beam. A large chandelier dangled from the center. The interior walls were rough stone, and large archways opened into other rooms beyond, where tall glass windows gave a sweeping view over the lake. Comfortable chairs, with deeply tufted cushions, dotted the living space; some arranged in groups around low-slung tables. The overall effect was one of relaxed country elegance.

Carrie whistled in appreciation. “Man, this place is awesome. I hope he has rich friends with mansions as nice as this.”

Sara tensed in front of her, but if Daniel had heard Carrie’s rude remark, he gave no sign. Still she had to agree with her friend’s assessment of Daniel’s home...

Annie, her skepticism ever-present, waited until their host was at a bar on the other side of the room. She turned to Sara and quietly hissed, “Could you imagine cleaning a house this big? —No thank you!”

; Sara couldn’t contain her shock. “What? Don’t be like that!” she whispered. The Asian woman snuck a quick glance at their host, hoping that he hadn’t overheard her friend. Seeing Daniel in better light gave her the impression that she’d met him somewhere before. Try as she might she couldn’t remember when, or where. After a moment, she shook her head, convincing herself that she was simply imagining it...

Daniel, on the other hand, remembered their first meeting at the elevator near Heidi’s apartment quite clearly. Sara finally turned back towards Annie and continued, “As rich as this guy is, I’m sure the hired help takes care of all of that for him. You should just be grateful that he invited us into his home!”

Annie rolled her eyes. “This is just another classic example of a man trying to compensate for a lack of penis size... ”

Sara didn’t know how much Heidi had heard of the exchange, but the smirk on their friend’s face made her think she’d caught at least some of Annie’s last comment...

Daniel returned with their drinks, handing a glass to each. He and Heidi spent the next few minutes explaining some of their plans for the weekend, including a boat trip on the lake after tomorrow’s lunch. Sara couldn’t help but notice how happy Heidi looked and how attentive Daniel was, gently stroking her hand, or placing his arm protectively around her waist. Sara was glad for her friend, Daniel seemed like a very pleasant host, and his care for Heidi was obvious.

“Your bags should be in your rooms by now,” Daniel announced, “So if you want to freshen up or change before dinner, Heidi can show you where they are. I’ll see how dinner’s coming along.” Daniel disappeared through one door, as Heidi led them first to the large dining room. “I thought I’d better show you this so you know where to come back,” she explained before adding, “It’s easy to get lost in here.”

Sara wasn’t sure she’d be able to bring herself to actually eat; the neatly placed cutlery gleamed, the light from the ornate candleholders flickering over their polished surfaces. She was certain that each place setting would cost more than her weekly salary. The table itself was a massive oak structure that looked so heavy it might have been constructed inside, while an elegant lace tablecloth protected most of its surface. The surrounding walls were paneled cedar; the red coloring lending a noticeable warmth to the room. Black and white photographs and colorful paintings hung from them, all featuring rustic topics, wood cutters, old mines and settler cabins. Carrie, bending over to examine the table setting, blurted out, “Hey; these aren’t glass, they’re actually real crystal!” Her mouth hanging open in surprise as she indicated the multiple wine glasses at each setting.

Heidi just shrugged, mildly fascinated by her friend’s outburst. “Maybe I better show you your rooms...”

* * * *

The bedrooms upstairs were large and luxurious, with four-poster beds, arched mirrors, and walk-in closets. There were overstuffed antique chairs, along with old-timey traveling trunks, further adding to the bed and breakfast feel. Each room featured a wide window that overlooked the massive lake outside. For convenience purposes, everyone’s room was located within the same hallway, reassuring them that if anyone got lost, they could simply follow one of the others to their destination.

Of course Annie had to ask why Heidi and Daniel didn’t share the same bedroom...

“In a house this big?” Heidi quickly countered, “...Why not have some privacy? And who’s to say I that I spend that much time sleeping in my room anyway?”

Annie’s face went flush with embarrassment, as Carrie stifled a giggle. The blonde went on to tease, “Just because you aren’t getting any, doesn’t mean she won’t be!” The raven-haired woman glared back at her friend, a retort forming on her lips.

The sound of a ringing dinner bell shattered the awkward moment. That’s when Heidi advised that her boyfriend always preferred to stick to his schedule...

“Don’t be late,” she warned, “Daniel doesn’t like to wait.”

Not wanting to be the cause of any delay, Sara was the first of the three guests to return to the dining room. She’d already changed into one of her dresses; a white one with a blue floral pattern. The hem of the skirt flared out just above her knees, while the top of the dress curved conservatively around the bottom of her neck. A fitted bodice hugged her trim figure, and she’d often been told how good she looked wearing it. It wasn’t quite as daring as Heidi’s or Carrie’s outfits, but she didn’t feel a need to reveal anything more...

As Sara took her seat, Daniel observed her attire from the head of the table. “Well don’t you look fetching in that lovely dress,” he praised.

“You’re too kind,” Sara returned, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. Daniel smiled in sympathy and added, “I’ll bet you have all those pretty boys chasing you around the lake.”

“She does,” Heidi assured, “She just needs to pay closer attention.” Sara bowed her head forward in shyness, as passive women sometimes do. It was a position that Daniel wasn’t likely to forget...

Carrie and Annie entered the room a moment later, wearing the exact same outfits as before. They glanced at Sara and Heidi, and then over at Daniel, both of them sensing they’d just walked in on something...

Daniel looked up from his high-backed chair and warned, “Please try to be on time, ladies; I realize that this is a vacation for you, but I am a businessman and used to dealing with a strict schedule.”

The two offenders gave each other a look, slightly raising their eyebrows, and then quietly took their places at the table...

“Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way; I hope you like French cooking,” Daniel announced. They all happily agreed, and their host flipped out a cloth napkin and tucked it inside his collar. His guests followed suit in varying degrees...

Then Daniel reached for a brass dinner bell beside his plate. He gave it a gentle ring, and two young women appeared in the archway. Their backs were straight, and their movements were noticeably awkward, as their high heels click-clacked across the hardwood flooring. One carried a bottle of wine in a chrome ice bucket, while the other followed with a serving cloth draped over her forearm.

The bemused guests immediately raised their eyebrows...

The two servants, one a blonde, the other a brunette, were identically dressed in French maid livery. Each uniform consisted of a cinched black bodice with white lacing zigzagging up front, and yet more frilly white lacing around the neck. Ruffled sleeves puffed out from the shoulders, extending only inches down the arms, while black satin chokers circled around their slender throats. Their chemise skirts, adorned with aprons so small that they couldn’t be functional, flared out at mid-thigh to show-off their shapely legs, while elastic garter straps held their sheer thigh-highs in place.

Sara couldn’t help but notice how much of their upper thighs were left exposed, or the way their feet were forced upward at severe angles by heels that looked much too high to be practical. Yanking her eyes away from the maids’ legs, she could also see that the tops of their uniforms were cut low and square, with a straight line running across the bosom. Sara didn’t have to look over at Annie; she could already imagine her friend’s eyes rolling in disgust. Sara wished that she had the same detachment, but the maids, (especially the blonde), were making her think of things that she’d rather keep to herself...

“This is Miss Victoria and Miss Madison,” Daniel announced. “Victoria; if you would please...” Taking her cue, the blonde curtsied in place and then informed their guests, “Tonight we will be serving you Charcuterie and Foie Gras, followed by Crème du Barry and Beef Bourguignon. Dessert will be Clafoutis served with cream...”

“Would anyone care to begin the evening with some red wine?” the server asked as she raised the wine bottle up and presented it to their guests. “I might suggest this splendid Cros Parantoux by Henri Jayer, vintage 1989...Beautifully rich, elegant and complex.”

“Over here!” Carrie barked before raising her glass.

Annie kicked Carrie’s ankle beneath the table and then murmured out of the side of her mouth, “That’s a frickin’ four-thousand-dollar bottle of wine!”

Carrie gave her a dirty side look as she continued to wave her glass up high in the air. Annie’s glass soon joined it. Well if she’s having some so am I.

Meanwhile, Sara was fighting to breathe, as the blonde maid dipped once and then twice to fill her friend’s glasses. She timidly raised her hand, hoping the alcohol might dull her senses, but instantly regretted it as Victoria’s arm brushed against hers. Sara’s heart raced; heat and shame mixing into something darker that she wasn’t quite ready to understand. She gripped the stem of the wine glass, only relaxing when she heard the door close behind the two serving girls, as they left to fetch the first course.

At least the wine seemed to help her cope, and the food was truly exquisite. Yet Sara couldn’t stop her eyes from drifting over to the blonde maid after the pair of servants returned, secretly drinking in Victoria’s form in that skimpy service outfit. It didn’t help that the target of her attention seemed to take up permanent station almost directly opposite her, only moving when someone wanted more wine, or whenever the next course was to be served or cleared away. Most of the time Victoria simply stood there in total silence. Sara’s eyes would drift up to the swell of her chest, hovering there for a moment where the dipping neck-line swept across the top of her tanned breasts. Then her gaze travelled further, caressing the inviting curve of the blonde’s throat, before coming to a rest on her delicate features.

Sara was certain that the girl must have noticed her attentions, but she gave no sign of it. Whenever her duties weren’t required she simply stood there, back perfectly straight, arms by her sides, and staring glassily forward. A glance over her right shoulder told Sara that Madison was just as stationary behind her, but it was the blonde that held most of her attention. She remained so still, her breathing barely noticeable, Sara swallowed nervously as she realized that the maids’ appearance almost matched the description of Daniel’s mannequins that Heidi had given her. The maids almost seemed unaware of their surroundings, and Sara imagined that someone could walk right up to Victoria and she wouldn’t even react —just like a mannequin wouldn’t. That person, ...perhaps even a young Asian woman?, might peer at the motionless figure...Even reach out and touch her...Maybe run her hands over her...Caress her...Could reach right up underneath that short black skirt and just...

...Oh god! What the crap am I thinking? I’m not like that; or at least I don’t want to be! ...I mean it would be bad enough if I was gay, which I’m not! But I still can’t believe I’m getting turned on by the idea of some girl acting like she’s a living mannequin...

Sara suddenly coughed, as her cheeks flushed red with what she could only hope was total embarrassment. “What’s wrong Sara?” Annie questioned with a look of concern. “Did something go down the wrong way?”

An unwanted image of Victoria rising up from between her parted legs flashed before Sara’s eyes. She immediately cringed at Annie’s unwitting slip and then turned away. “No, no, I’m fine,” she replied hastily before blotting her teary eyes.

...Oh my god, what has gotten into me?

Sara tried to keep her eyes glued to the food after that. It helped that it was a wonderful meal, and even Annie had admitted that a French Restaurant would be hard-pressed to match it.

Daniel smiled at the many compliments. “Madison; would you be a dear and pass that along to Sofía for me?” “Of course, sir”, the girl replied rigidly.

“So you have your own cook as well?” Carrie asked, her curiosity rising.

Daniel grinned at the attractive blonde. “Well, technically a chef. You didn’t think Victoria and Madison were back there cooking as well, did you?” “No, well...Umm,” Carrie stumbled, before quickly changing the subject. “Sooo Heidi told us that you’ve done some work for Hollywood?”

...Typical, Annie thought, Leave it to Carrie to try and cover up a mistake with a question about money. “Yes,” Daniel readily admitted, “We actually do a lot of work for them.” “Isn’t business a bit erratic, though?” Carrie pressed. “I mean, Hollywood’s never been the most stable line of work...”

Sara’s toes curled at friend’s prying words. Carrie was never one to be concerned about how blunt she was ...Just look at her over there; waving her glass in Victoria’s direction for another refill. The servant obliged, of course, and Sara tried very hard not to stare as the blonde maid bent over next to her friend. She definitely wasn’t looking at how the girl’s uniform pulled taut over her curves as she leant towards the proffered glass. Moreover, there was no way she was envisioning how Victoria’s calves were excessively stretched by the ridiculous heels she wore.

...Nope; not gonna do it...

Sara’s eyes flicked up and zeroed in on Victoria’s cleavage, which looked like it was about ready to burst at the seams.


“I suppose it can be,” Daniel finally admitted. “But the technology we’ve developed covers many applications, and I’ve got quite a range of diverse interests. If you’re just worried about whether or not I can support Heidi; that won’t be a problem. I can confirm that I can keep her in the state that she’s become most accustomed to.”

Sara saw Heidi glance over in Daniel’s direction to grant him an appreciative smile.

“So Heidi mentioned that you make mannequins for the movies?” Annie asked.

Sara relaxed a little, though she could have done without the subject of mannequins for just a little longer. She found her gaze hovering over Victoria’s form once again, as the maid returned to her station and drifted back into her motionless state.

“Oh yes,” Daniel warmed to his subject, “Heidi told me you’re quite the film buff! It’s a shame that you had to miss my last exhibition. I’ve got a few pieces from it standing in my display room; perhaps you’d like to see them after dinner?”

“Why not?” Annie replied half-heartedly.

“There are a few other pieces that weren’t in the exhibit as well,” Heidi added. “Like what?” Carrie asked.

“Well, for instance; one of the mannequins is Victoria,” Heidi indicated, before nodding her head in the maid’s direction.

Sara nearly choked on her drink.

“You mean modelled from her,” Annie corrected.

“Yes, that’s it,” Heidi replied, waving her hand dismissively.

Sara scrunched her nose up in wonder. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like having a life-size replica of herself...

The curious Asian finally worked up the nerve to ask, “Sooo; you’re perfectly okay with this?”

It took a moment for the question to register, but then Victoria seemed to snap out of whatever reverie she was submerged in. “No, I don’t mind it at all,” she replied. “It’s not like I see it whenever I’m here.”

Sara looked away, the heat of embarrassment rising up in her cheeks. She hoped everyone didn’t think she was being too nosy...

Once the maids had finished serving dessert, Victoria approached Daniel’s chair. She smiled rather vaguely and requested, “May I be excused, Master?”

Sara heard a sharp intake of breath followed by the familiar ta-tink of dropped silverware. She wasn’t exactly sure if it came from Carrie, or Annie —or both. But when she glanced across the table, Annie was already glaring at their host...

Daniel had initially cringed at Victoria’s slight misstep with the “Master” routine, but he was confident in knowing that her egg had already corrected that issue...

“Madison can handle the rest,” their host stated. “You may retire to your quarters for the evening; I know you have some studying to do before you return to campus on Monday...”

“Thank you, —Sir,” Victoria said with some emphasis. She curtsied again, before turning to leave. A distinct “humph!” could be heard from Annie’s direction as she did so...

“Perhaps I should explain,” Daniel started, attempting to play the incident down. He leaned all the way back in his chair and continued, “...Miss Victoria and Miss Madison are Majoring in Psychology at SNC. They’re working for us in their spare time, learning imperative things like social behavior, and proper etiquette. For their services, they accrue valuable credit hours towards their degree. A sort of hands-on training, if you will...”

...Good save, Heidi thought. She winked at Daniel from her position across the table ...That’s why he’s the master.

Annie wasn’t quite as convinced...

The conversation drifted onto other topics, Heidi eager for any news or juicy gossip they could share. Does she ever get bored up here with just Daniel and the servants? Sara wondered.

It wasn’t long before the group had finished with their deserts. As Madison cleared away the last of the meal Heidi noticed Daniel withdrawing his trusty iPhone. Fully aware of what that entailed, she suggested, “Would you guys like to see the lake? The view from the sun deck is quite spectacular at night...”

Though a little bloated from the meal, all three agreed out of sheer curiosity. Before long, their hosts were guiding their guests towards another part of the manor. Annie and Sara lagged a few steps behind the other three, while Carrie was already in deep conversation with Heidi and Daniel...

Sara hoped that her friend wasn’t asking pointed questions about their host’s personal wealth, or the availability of any of his closest friends. Then she felt a hand grip her arm, as Annie tried to slow her down to allow some more space between them and the trio in front...

“My god,” Annie whispered, “Did you see those little tarts all dressed-up like sex objects in their frilly little skirts and high heels? —Totally disgusting! ...And did you hear her refer to him as Master? I don’t know how Heidi puts up with it!”

Sara couldn’t deny that the girl’s outfits had a strong effect on her, but she’d obviously come away with a very different impression than Annie. She didn’t want to go into details, not even to herself, so she just mumbled something beneath her breath in vague agreement.

“And that’s some education they’re getting,” Annie continued, “Hands-on training; I can only imagine what that might entail!”

Sara wasn’t convinced; she hadn’t seen Daniel looking at the girls in any inappropriate way. But she had to admit that their outfits were quite unusual. Maybe it was all just a show they put on for their guests to make their visit all the more memorable. She couldn’t help but wonder where Victoria was now ...Probably hard at work studying in her room somewhere in here, she guessed. Then she reminded herself that the young co-ed was the last thing she should be thinking about ...Especially concerning her hands-on education...

* * * *

After being dismissed by her master, Victoria had closed the swinging doors and then pivoted on a heel towards the kitchen. Inside it held an expanse of stainless cupboards and gleaming counter tops, while an assortment of pots and pans hung in orderly fashion right above an island. The chef, an attractive Hispanic woman in her mid 30’s by the name of Sofía, was already hard at work polishing the Chrystal ware that was too delicate for the industrial strength dishwasher.

“I am finished with my duties,” Victoria announced. “Master said I am to take up my position.” The chef turned towards the blonde student, a pleased expression showing on her face. “Muy bueno,” she said in Spanish before motioning with a wave of her hand, “Madison and I, we finish...”

“I may need some help,” Victoria requested, before pivoting in place once again...

The maid entered a walk-in pantry located just off of the back of the kitchen. There were three special cabinets inside, each with a polished gold plaque mounted on its face. She reached for the one that had ‘Victoria’ engraved in script and opened it. Sofía appeared in the background, drying her hands off on her apron. The chef offered her assistance by untying the tightly cinched lacing that ran up the maid’s back. Victoria tried her best to remain steady on her feet, as the chef worked the tight uniform back and forth over her curvy frame.

“Thank you,” Victoria said in appreciation.

“Sí,” Sofía answered with a smile. She’d once been in Victoria’s situation, back when she’d first started working for Daniel. She didn’t mind helping out the new trainees...

Victoria inspected the chemise material, brushing her hands over the shiny surface to make sure there weren’t any creases or lint. As she hung it up on a satin hanger, she knew it would all be washed and pressed anyway, but all of Master’s possessions deserved respect. Next she placed the high heels on the floor of the cupboard, before stripping out of her underwear and stockings. Victoria placed those in the small basket, knowing that Madison would clean them later. Just as she closed the cabinet door, Victoria felt a familiar buzz numbing the area in between her legs. Her jaw went slack and she locked in place...

Daniel was playing with his phone again, sending Victoria her next set of commands. He would instruct her about what outfit to wear, right down to her shoes...

Sofía appeared at Victoria’s side, attempting to place an unused can of mushrooms in the pantry. She worked carefully around the motionless figure, knowing all-to-well that her co-worker couldn’t see her there. She knew the young blonde hadn’t been frozen solid; she could tell just by the shallow breaths and the faint rise and fall of the girl’s chest. She was simply waiting for her next commands, and during that time, nothing else around her would register...

Once her directions were complete, Victoria dully replied, “Yesss ...Massster.” She thawed from her frozen position and then pivoted around on the ball of her bare heel. As she walked past Sofía, neither seemed bothered by the girl’s temporary nudity; it was something they’d all grown accustomed to being in their master’s collection...

Victoria exited through yet another door; her light steps now muffled by the carpeted floor. The hallway beyond was dimly lit, with gold accent lamps that pointed upward toward the ceiling. Ornately framed portraits lined the walls on either side of her.

...I hope Master noticed how still I was during dinner, Victoria thought as she quietly moved through the passage. Despite all her practice, it had proven rather difficult to control her breathing, keeping it as light and as shallow as possible ...You must learn to condition yourself, he’d instructed, breathe through the nose. No matter how hard she tried, she still had a bad habit of blinking. This, of course, was a no-no. Someday soon, once she’d graduated from SNC, Master would allow her to join his collection full time, then she wouldn’t have to worry about doing either of those things. At least for now she got to enjoy the sensation of freezing whenever he choose to pose her.

Victoria had once overheard a couple of Master’s other possessions talking during a rare moment of “free-time” ...Mallory and that addict that Master dressed-up as Dorothy. The two were describing the incredible feeling of tightness as it enveloped their naked bodies. How they’d longed for that sweet addictive buzz over and over, like a junkie in constant need of a fix. Marielena had bragged that it was even better than drugs, and that they’d all been hooked quite easily. When Master thought that she was finally ready: ...I’ll get addicted too. Victoria glanced down at the skin on her arm, watching the goose bumps as they prickled across the surface. ...Mm, I can hardly wait! she thought, not realizing her conditioning meant that the addiction already had an unbreakable grasp on her.

Victoria knew that she’d done well minding her duties; the egg had seen to it. The regulator only activated once during the meal, though she’d never remember why. Her thoughts were immediately corrected before she even realized her innocent misstep. In that particular instance, the egg asserted itself as a disciplinary tool. Now it spoke to her again, promising sweet reward with a heightened buzz ...Manipulating her thoughts and guiding them towards her main function, the one she’d been conditioned to yearn for from the very beginning:

...Just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my master ...Totally obedient and available ...Ready for his viewing pleasure.

Victoria’s eyes glazed over whenever she recited those words, the egg instantly rewarding her for it. A quick jolt of pleasure shot from her clit to her brain and then back again, ricocheting through her frame like a ball careening inside a pinball machine. It was almost enough to buckle her in two, but the controller inside her had other plans in store...

Victoria made a sharp right at the end of the hallway, and then came to an abrupt stop in front of an ornately carved door. Bracing her shoulder against the wooden surface, the young woman turned the handle and allowed herself inside. The sheer mass of the thick mahogany caused it to close behind her just a second later, making her jump at the muffled thud. The room beyond was dark and cavernous, save for the moonlight that shone through the large pane windows and the skylights above. Victoria used that light for guidance, and quickly strode over to a glass display case in the center of the room. As she opened the door, the movement activated the motion sensor that lit up the cabinet. She looked down at the base, pleased to find that Master had left the attire he had chosen for her in a neatly folded pile. Despite the lack of clocks in the reflection room, the girl sensed that time was running out, and she made short work of redressing for her display...

Moments later, Victoria pulled up the hems of both ankle socks and then straightened her back. She looked around the cavernous room, studying the many silhouettes that stood watching in the shadows. The light of the moon had teased her, allowing occasional glimpses of a splayed hand, the graceful upsweep of a neck, or the enticing roundness of a shapely thigh. However, her captivated audience remained utterly still, showing no signs of life, even as she’d stood there naked before them...

Just erotic sculptures in silicone ...Beautifully posed for our master ...Totally obedient and available ...Ready for his viewing pleasure.

Victoria swallowed hard, knowing that soon she’d be joining them.

The co-ed bent forward to retrieve a small porcelain container that was placed next to her garments. The white finish had crazed with age, but the oriental floral patterns of pink, yellow and blue still stood out against the lighter background. She tilted the receptacle back and forth in the partial light, marveling at its magnificent design. There was a little tag attached by a string and she held it up against the tips of her fingers...“Victoria’s Little Secret” it said in elegant script, and a knowing smile spread across her lips. It was the first gift that Master had given her, and she’d cherish it forever...

Victoria carefully tipped the cover back and then ran her fingers across the luxurious satin. There was an egg-shaped impression molded into the bottom, along with a soft polishing cloth. The blonde smiled again in appreciation and set the container off to the side. The co-ed braced her legs at a shoulders width apart and then pulled up her pleated skirt. Her middle finger found her clit, pressing down and then rubbing herself around a few times. She let out a soft whimper, before drifting down just a little further. She spread her pussy lips back, revealing the wet pink of her inner sex, before thrusting her hips forward. Her stomach muscles began to tighten and relax, flexing back and forth, as if she were inducing labor, (which in a way, she was). Eventually she forced the egg out, and the removal of the device itself set off another shudder that rippled through her body. However, Victoria stayed the course and remained quiet; the only other outward sign of pleasure being a soft fluttering of her eyelashes.

...Master is so kind to me.

Victoria unfolded the buffing cloth and wiped her controller off with tender loving care. “In you go,” she whispered in a child-like voice, eventually returning the device to its ovular impression. The co-ed was disappointed to have to take the egg out, but everything would be okay; she knew from experience that the controller’s effects would linger on for quite some time even after removal.

...Besides; Master wouldn’t want any impediments should he decide to make use of one of his displays.

She could only hope.

Victoria set the receptacle down in the furthest corner of the booth for safekeeping. She checked her reflection in the glass, pulling at the hem of her blue and white cardigan, ensuring that it fitted tightly across her chest. She quickly rearranged the rest of her clothing, knowing that she had to look her best before she stepped inside the glass case. She expelled a quick breath in finality —PHOO!

Victoria stepped inside, doing an about face, before reaching out and pulling the door closed in front of her. She arranged herself in a pose that was so natural that it hardly needed a thought to complete, (which probably was a good thing). After a moment, her breathing slowed, and she felt a sense of total calmness fall all around her. She let her mind drift as she waited, enjoying the peace and quiet of her total isolation. Victoria’s motionless visage and soft breathing masked the excitement she felt deeply within, knowing that soon she’d be posing for her master... After a few minutes, Victoria’s breathing slowed to a stop. She had finally entered storage mode, with nary a witness to applaud her miraculous transformation. Her audience simply stared ahead in their own frozen silence...

(To be continued)