Statue in Silicone II: Weekend Getaway

By Grey Scribbler and Zapped!

Part 7

Not for those under 18 (or whatever the legal age for this sort of stuff is in your area). If you are offended by graphic
descriptions of sexual activities, especially non-consensual ones, then don’t read this. All characters and situations are fictional.

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As Annie drifted back to consciousness, she realized that she wasn’t dead —or at least, she didn't think she was. Her vision was slowly coming into focus, and the woman could tell that she was standing upright in the darkness, her hands hanging down at her sides. She tried in vain to move, but her body wouldn’t respond to her most basic commands. A scream had started to rise in her throat, but that exertion was lost once she found that her lips no longer moved either...

...Where in the hell am I?, Annie wondered. She was facing out towards the lake, the moonlight dancing across the water outside and streaming through the large pane windows, providing what little illumination there was. In her peripheral vision, she saw the light reflecting off what appeared to be a glass cabinet. She then turned her focus to the corner of her other eye, where she could see an arm braced against an out turned hip, like that of a brave heroine posing on a comic book cover ...Or even a mannequin in Daniel’s collection.


...Wait a minute! Annie finally realized, I’m in the damned display room? —What the fuck? Memories of the evening flooded back. The scene in Heidi’s room, the lifeless figures of her friends. Her terrified flight through the mansion. There was a bitter taste in her mouth as she recalled Heidi’s betrayal. Annie would have fallen to her knees sobbing if she had any control over her body.

The humming sensation returned, refocusing her thoughts, sweeping away old beliefs and pushing her new priorities to the forefront. Annie tried to fight it, realised she had been fighting it, dim memories surfacing, a length of time she had no way of measuring. She knew it was a losing battle, pieces of her mind melting and changing. Sensations flowed up from her centre, threatening to pull her under. Annie’s lower lip started quivering as it often did whenever she anticipated pleasure. She shivered, inadvertently, as another tremor rippled through her frame. It had originated from something lodged deep within her pussy, just as they all had.

...Oh no ...Oh please no, not another one! ...Someone help me! ...Oh please god —Uuuuggh!

Another mind-crippling orgasm detonated within Annie’s lower belly; it immediately shot through her frame, obliterating her thoughts. Her pussy constricted and released, squeezing tighter each time, as wave after gratifying wave rolled over her body. As her inner self writhed within her arrested shell, her only movement was the rhythmic thrusting of her hips; a single tear had formed and started a slow descent over her blushing cheek. By the time the pleasurable sensations mellowed into mere aftershocks, and her heavy breathing slowed into soft pants, a coherent thought actually flitted across her mind ...How many times have I climaxed like this?

A higher power lurking somewhere within her psyche warned: ...Not enough.

As the last of the tremors subsided, and Annie’s hips slowly ground to a halt, a soft gasp of relief escaped from her unmoving lips. She floated adrift, basking in the soft afterglow of sex for a while, almost regretful to see it go. However, she took comfort in knowing that there would always be another waiting in the wings, taunting her, pushing her on. Even as she’d thought it, she felt the ominous rumblings of another surge on the horizon...

Suddenly, a sliver of light appeared to Annie’s left; she could barely see it within her peripheral vision, as it expanded even wider across the floor below. A pair of heeled shoes clicked to a stop in the distance.

A series of studio lights flickered on in succession throughout the length of the room. Annie’s eye immediately burned from the sudden blast of light. Despite this growing discomfort, she was now more aware of her dire situation...

Annie was standing inside a glass display booth, the reflection of her own blank face staring back as if it were mocking her. Despite her enclosed confinement, she could still hear the sound of the heeled shoes, casually clicking across the marble tiles. As the sound drew nearer, she tried to take further stock of her surroundings. Off to one side she could now see two rows of four figures, the core of Daniel’s spygirl exhibition. Briefly she wondered who the women really were, and if they knew what had happened to them. She didn’t want to contemplate the same possible fate. Standing kitty-corner to her right was Foxxy Cleopatra; the cocoa-skinned, African-American beauty still attired in her vinyl disco costume. Diffused rays of colored light shone from behind her spherical Afro, making her look like a life-size movie poster straight out of the 70’s. Foxxy stared out, sightless, seemingly content with her own situation...

Annie realised that she was in the case Victoria had occupied. Bile rose in her throat as she realised that whatever Sara had done had been here, and it hadn’t been with an artificial figure. The girl had been put in that position by Daniel, and he was now free to do with Annie whatever he wanted.

Just an erotic sculpture ...Always ready and— What the hell?

Annie heard a whirr of machinery and her view slowly changed. She realised that the pedestal in the display case must be motorised and that she was being turned. Her gaze swept over more of the figures and she wondered how many of them were real women, kidnapped and immobilised.

As she drew to a halt Daniel finally appeared in the window frame before her, looking up at her like an artist studying his muse. He reached up, turning the handle, and then slowly opened the door...

“Well hello there, Annie,” the man greeted. “And how is my feisty little one coming along? Feeling a little stiff, are we? Found yourself caught-up in the moment?”

Daniel reached out, bracing a hand beneath her wrist and forearm, and then raised it outward for examination. He studied the texture of her skin, running a finger over the pores and taking note of the tautness. After a moment, he released her arm, allowing it to fall on its own. It slowed about halfway, and then hung there in mid-air. Daniel gently pushed it back to hang at her side...

“Looks like you’re turning quite nicely,” the so-called ‘artist’ remarked, as he continued with his thorough appraisal. Undoing the buttons of her shirt, he flung the edges aside and considered her torso. Annie cringed inwardly in embarrassment, aware, as always of the extra weight she carried. Daniel pressed on the soft curve of her belly, cruelly looking up at her as he did so.

Annie’s face reddened, flush with embarrassment; she’d never possessed the flat, trim stomach or the so-called “ideal physique” that her other friends had. Yet here was this stranger, sizing her up like a judge in a beauty contest... Before she even realized it, he was cupping the swells of her breasts within his palms, gauging their heft, thumbing the nipples. The little moan she expelled mortified her, but she was powerless to keep it in... Daniel’s hands smoothed around the underside of her breasts, and then crept up the middle of her chest, where he felt for her heart...

“You’re getting there,” he commended. “Your heart already beats lighter, freer...”

“Thank you,” Annie tried to murmur through her numb lips. Even as she said it, she wondered why...

Daniel shook his head. “Don’t thank me; none of this would’ve even been possible if it wasn’t for Heidi. She told me she had several attractive friends that I’d be very interested in, and she was obviously right...”

...So that sneaky little cow was in on this the whole time! I knew something was sketchy about this guy from the start and now we’re all screwed! Bitch!

Daniel spoke, “The pain you may have felt earlier was your hair follicles dying all over your body, the exceptions being your eyebrows, the eyelashes, and your lovely hair, of course. We certainly wouldn’t want to lose any of those. But otherwise; no more body hair for you...”

Annie vaguely recalled the painful feeling of thousands of hot needles piercing her skin. However, that discomfort washed away with another pleasurable orgasm, and just like with everything else; the pain was easily forgotten...

Daniel had dipped down in front so she could only make out the top of his head in the bottom of her vision. Annie felt some sort of twisting movement in between her legs as he readjusted something. She could sense how damp she was, could actually hear it just by the wet sounds emanating from her flexing pussy. When the man stood back up, he appeared to be fooling around with his phone, as usual...

“That should move things right along,” Daniel instructed as his fingers continued to dance across the screen. “Try to relax and let things take their course...”

...Easy for you to say, you’re not the one with— OOOOH! ...A pleasurable gasp escaped, as Annie’s back immediately straightened. Daniel was stroking both her mind and pussy with his fingers through the instrument. She could feel the heat rising up from her belly again, another climax working its way up from the bottom, threatening to push her over the edge, everything else falling away as desire built within. A fleeting thought flashed within her susceptible mind:

...Just an erotic sculpture ...Always ready and available ...Waiting for —Uh, Uh no! NOT HERE! ...NOT LIKE THIS! ...I have to — OOH-YEEESSSSSS! -OH!-OH!-OH!

Another climax wracked Annie’s vulnerable frame, and she surely would have buckled if it weren’t for her rather ‘stiff’ predicament. She tried to hold on to anything, her hate, her fear, her growing despair. Little by little, she could feel what was left of her determination slipping away...

“Now,” Daniel grinned evilly up at her, “I want you to think about where you are. If you can think about anything at all. I own you. I didn’t appreciate your behaviour last night at all. Think about what I can do to you. I’ll probably let you stay in Heidi’s display, as a favour to her. On the other hand, I could pose you naked in the foyer of my company HQ as a sample. It’s quite large you know; lots of people pass through there every day...”

Black despair roiled within Annie as she heard the machinery start up again, the other models in the room drifting across her vision. For a moment, she gave in to the pleasure spilling from the vibrator buried deep within her pussy, anything to distract her from thinking about her helpless predicament. She felt her chest expand outward to its fullest, just as the next wave arrived and swept her mind free. The lights went out in the display room, and she returned to the shadows like all those mannequins around her. She could still see their outlines, knew what they really were, wondered what they’d thought as the sensations ripped through them. After a time her vision faded, the sensations too much to comprehend.

* * * *

When Annie awoke again it was to the bright light of day, the brilliance burning into her retinas. She realised that she was no longer turning and was now facing towards the door of the room. There was someone standing in front of her, but it took a while for her eyes to focus.

Oh, no, please, no, help me, someone, oh God, no, noooo, uuuuh...

Her thoughts shattered, glassy shards only capable of holding physical sensation, as another orgasm grew, heat rising in her belly, she could still feel how sopping wet she was, a coherent thought flitting across her mind, How many has this damned thing made me have? I hate you Heidi, you and your fucking pervert of a boyfriend!

Uh, uh, uh, no, no, oh yeeeessssss.

Despite the fact that another climax had raked her entire body, Annie’s hips only barely flexed in place. Every now and then, her index finger twitched as the last few electric jolts of her orgasm melted away. Once her head cleared, Annie recognised the figure standing in front of her, the shaved head unmistakeable.

...Maxwell, the guy that drove us here in the first place!

Annie could see her own reflection within the lenses of his black shades, as he looked up at her with a smug smile. Maxwell reached out and slowly opened the door of her case. The man then stood there in silence for a long moment, calmly considering her body.

Annie realised that her shirt was still undone. She thought it wasn’t hanging wide enough to reveal her nipples, but she could feel Max’s eyes as they swept over her 36D’s. She shivered in embarrassment, then wondered why, realising that far worse probably lay in store.

I swear someday I’ll kill you all; you, your pervert boss, and even Heidi!

“It is time,” the man advised, “your master awaits.”

Annie’s world immediately shifted as she lurched forward, stepping off the pedestal to the ground. She second-guessed her actions, despair knotting her stomach, as both of her feet hit the floor. She stood up at attention, back straight, arms by her sides, none of this her own doing. Her voice wanted to announce something, but Annie fought against the impulse. Something still compelled her to do so, the words slipping right out of her stuttering mouth. “I ...I ...I am f-figure number four.”

“Follow me to your display, number four,” Max instructed before turning away from her without waiting for a reply.

Annie questioned her actions once again, yet she dropped in behind Maxwell. Hating her body, screaming silently at its betrayal, Annie followed. She hoped the movement might dislodge the vibrator, but it seemed stuck in place. The intruder made walking difficult, the handle jutting down between her thighs, stretching the yoga pants tight, and every few steps she stumbled as another orgasm rode over her. The thing in her crotch sent more delicious waves up and down her body, whispering that everything would be just fine. She felt her skin pimple with arousal as her eyes slowly lidded in exquisite pleasure...

Before long, Annie realized where Max was leading her; right back to Heidi’s room. Annie fought with everything she had, but it made no difference. Her body wouldn’t obey her. No, no, no, she cried silently as Max indicated the door to Heidi’s room. Stumbling inside Annie could see the three figures of her friends posed around the room, just as they were the night before. Her stomach had churned then, shocked almost as much from the bondage as with their immobile predicament. However, as the morning sun spilt in through the window, it cast them in a different light, (if not figuratively than literally). Annie was able to pick out details she’d missed in the darkness, like the passion on Heidi’s face as she lay stretched across the bed, her friend’s mouth forming an erotic ‘O’ ...And she could see Carrie’s eyes, opened wide in surprise as the silk gag forced her lips apart. The sunlight glinted off the lavish jewellery adorning both women. In addition, there was Sara, still kneeling at the foot of the bed. Her silky black hair was swept back into a long ponytail, while a studded leather collar was wrapped around her exposed neck. A chain leash hung from the O-ring on her neck and travelled up to the corner bedpost. Despite their different poses, all three shared a common thread; not one of them moved.

Annie kept lying to herself: ...It’s not really them, it just can’t be.

Her body forced her to look over at Daniel, sitting on the end of the bed, idly caressing Heidi’s upturned leg... “I-I am figure number four,” Annie stated with more than a hint of uneasiness.

“Of course you are,” Daniel replied, mischievously chuckling as the poor woman stood rigidly in place. “I’m glad to see that you could finally make it.”

Damn you, I’ll kill you, so help me, just let me out of this, please, someone, help me.

He gave Heidi a final pat before turning his full attention to the subject at hand. “So should I call you Annie ...or Mistress?”

It was a trick question; Daniel could call her mud and she’d surely answer to it, if that were what he desired. “Now, why don’t you take off those clothes, they’re not at all suitable.”

Humiliation swamped Annie’s thoughts as her hands obeyed Daniel’s instructions. Her disrobing was routine, mechanical. She tried to grit her teeth, to stop herself from moving, but to no avail. First came her shirt; already unbuttoned, it slipped easily off her shoulders and dropped to the floor, her breasts now fully exposed. She took off her shoes and carelessly dropped them on the floor. Then she pulled her yoga pants down her legs and stepped out of them. She cursed herself for not taking the time to put on any underwear last night. However, Annie knew that wouldn’t have spared her any of this humiliation.

“You led us on quite a chase, you know. Fitting, I suppose that Heidi found you,” Daniel mused, patting the naked figure’s shin before withdrawing his mobile phone from the pocket of his tailored jacket. He considered the incoming information on the screen for a moment and then continued, “I see you’re still trying to fight it ...I have to admit that I’m impressed with your resolve, so I’ll tell you what; about I let you in on a few secrets? You just stand there, hmm, feet shoulder width apart, fingers laced behind the neck... Can you do that for me? ...Well of course you can.”

Annie wanted to scream as her body obeyed Daniel’s directions. She couldn’t believe how exposed she was, stark naked in front of him, she could feel the end of the vibrator poking out of her, still buzzing away, knew that he must be able to see it clearly.

“You’re probably still trying to convince yourself that these are just clever fakes,” Daniel scoffed, “still hoping that your friends are locked away somewhere on the grounds...” The man’s eyes flicked back to his phone for a moment. “Hmm, you really are strong willed ...Perhaps I should help things along a little more.”

Daniel rose from the bed and strolled over to where the frozen woman stood. He studied her form, admiring her womanly curves.

Annie wanted nothing better than to spit in his eye but she knew it was hopeless, her body unresponsive to her wishes. Daniel reached out with his hand and she felt pressure on her clit, a finger gently rolling it this way and that, sparks of pleasure causing her breath to catch. Annie wanted to pull away, but she felt her body wanting to push into his touch. It did neither, simply staying frozen in place. Just the mere thought of her helplessness was enough to turn her on, but her captor kept working his magic. Another climax flashed out from her pussy, sending waves of pleasure crashing through her. Annie knew that she would have fallen to her knees if her body wasn’t locked in place.

Daniel smiled as he looked back at his phone, “Good, that should keep things moving right along. Now, where was I...?” ...The man paused in thought for a moment, as if he were dragging out the suspense. “Oh, yes; remember that new process we talked about? ...Well, I’m afraid I lied just a little. The process doesn’t rely on body scans, but it does produce a unique product. I’m very sorry to disappoint, but these are, in fact, your lovely friends. And don’t feel too badly towards Heidi, the process affects far more than just the body’s physical appearance.”

Annie remembered the sheen on Heidi’s skin, it was waxen and shiny —just like the other mannequins, and she’d fearfully wondered just what Daniel had done to them. Surprise and despair swept through her mind, pushing at whatever kept her body from her control. Her emotions crashed on that blank wall, thundering and scattering, looking for any crack. Something gave, just a little and she heard her sharp intake of breath. She desperately sought for whatever flaw there might be in her prison. She tried to make sense of the lunatic’s words. This man had done something to her friends —to all of the women in his so-called “collection” ...He’d not only altered them physically, but now he was somehow implying that he controlled them as well. The hate for Heidi that once fuelled Annie had transformed into pity, and fear for them all...

Daniel was examining his phone again, his index finger sliding this way and that, intermittently tapping the touch screen. “So Annie, would you like to take up a position with me? ...You can say yes or no.” “Yes.” —I mean NO!

“Hmm, how about we try; Yes, Master.”

“Yes, Master.” ...Fuck you, you bastard!

“Oh, somehow I think I’m glad I can’t hear your thoughts.” Daniel shook his head as he glanced at the phone.

“Now you may be wondering why I brought you here,” Daniel surmised. “You see, I’ve always been a collector. When I was younger, it was much simpler things: baseball cards; comic books; little toy cars and such ...I even had a remarkable collection of pinned butterflies at one point. As I matured, my interest turned to women. You might say I grew infatuated with your kind: blondes; brunettes; redheads; even the occasional pink or blue. However, the one thing that I always found depressing about them was the transience of their beauty. It eventually became my goal in life to capture that beauty, or perhaps find a way to maintain it. Sure, it took a lot of time and patience, and I had many a doubt along the way. But eventually, I found a technique, and I honed it down into what you see here...” Daniel swept his hand across the room, indicating the three motionless figures of her friends.

Annie tasted that bile, pre-puke taste in her mouth and would have surely thrown up, if she were able.

Daniel continued to explain, “Yes, these are your friends, already processed and accessorized. Don’t they make a lovely set? I think you can imagine what film inspired Heidi’s pose ...And Carrie’s figure just begged for something to display its taught lines. You probably haven’t had a chance to properly appreciate Sara yet, why don’t you come over here and have a look?”

Daniel casually walked over to where Sara knelt at the foot of the bed. He beckoned Annie to join them as he took up a position directly in front of the young Asian woman. Annie had no other choice but to respond to the gesture. As she passed the mirror on the vanity table, her eyes caught her own reflection. She was sure that she could just make out that now-familiar sheen on her own skin...

Coming to a halt next to Daniel, Annie waited, unable to move. All she could see at that moment was Heidi, lying on the bed with one leg bent up at the knee. The poor girl was positioned in a way so that her flaccid pussy lips were partially exposing a little of her pink interior lining. She stared up, her open mouth frozen at the point of orgasm.

“Look down,” Daniel advised, and Annie’s head obeyed. She could see that Sara’s arms were bound behind her at wrist and elbow, the position forcing her shoulders back, her small, but perky tits forced up and outward. The collar and the strap from the gag wrapped around her neck and head respectively...

The man cupped one hand below Sara’s chin and placed the other upon her crown. He manually tilted her head upward to give Annie a better view...

“I present to you a naked servant,” Daniel extolled, “plain and unadorned, and yet beautiful in her own way. As you can see, she has no makeup, which is quite a contrast to the other two. You could almost make a little story of it; two sophisticated young women,” her tormentor paused, his hand indicating Carrie and Heidi with a suitably dramatic gesture, “jaded and bored with all their high-class parties ...Suddenly tempted by something a little dark, a little outré, sensuous, even forbidden...” He was whispering in Annie’s ear, making her hot.

“They come back to some rich man’s mansion, they know it might be a threesome, but they don’t mind, they’re curious, tempted, flicking embarrassed glances at each other, wondering what it will be like. When he starts to take control, perhaps take it further than they’d anticipated, they don’t mind; they want it, they actually need it. Being bound, being controlled, it touches something inside them, something wanton but hidden. He has them now, and they can’t escape. However, he wants more; he actually wants to see them broken. They’re not quite there yet, not accepting. He needs them off balance; he wants to destroy all their certainties, all their expectations. He’ll be back, later, to finish moulding them into what he wants. He finds the initial part of breaking them somewhat tedious, so he leaves that to one of his faithful servants...”

Annie could sense Daniel standing behind her; feel his breath on her neck, as his fingers daintily tiptoed across her shoulders. She felt her body reacting to this touch, hating herself as it did so. His voice had lowered to a sensuous whisper that made her tingle all over.

Daniel continued, “...And so, she brings along one of her favourite pets, just to show these haughty young things what’s in store for them.”

He stepped back abruptly, his voice resuming a more conversational tone. “As you can see, I already have my two inexperienced victims and my submissive little pet. Now I just need my dominant figure ...Perhaps someone that’s forceful enough to break their wills and turn these privileged young tarts into obedient little dolls for me.”

Annie’s eyes were trying to blink, the eyelids slowly closing and opening. Her mind felt sluggish, battered by the never-ending sensations flowing from the device in her traitorous pussy, her body reacting, drowning her in blissful sensations. Daniel’s words were beginning to make perfectly good sense.

“...And that’s where you come in, my dear. You have the look: hard; stern; intimidating, yet attractive ...The silky black hair, the voluptuous figure....” (his hand was casually stroking her ample backside now, her skin flaming from his touch) “...I think you’ll make the perfect image of a dominatrix.”

The man circled around in front of Annie, his gaze running over her naked body, shame and humiliation flooding through her. “You will be figure four in this display, your purpose to represent domination, a frozen mannequin completing the scene.”

...Wait, what? No, I won’t! ...This can’t be happening! Annie had no interest in bondage, no desire for domination games. Just the idea of ruling over someone revolted her, and worse than that, she’d be nothing more than a frozen figure ...Motionless ...Displayed ...A mere object to represent the very activities she detested. However, another, more dominant part of her, a part that hadn’t been there before, reasoned ...That wouldn’t be so bad, now would it?

Daniel touched his phone again and the door to the room opened, Victoria and Madison entering.

“Please help figure four into her outfit,” he instructed. “Figure four, you will fully co-operate while they do so.”

Renewed despair flowed through Annie as the servants dressed her, their touch sending electric sparks to join those emanating from her aching pussy. Her arms and legs moved at the servants’ commands. She wasn’t sure what they were putting on her, but the clothes were black and tight and seemed to involve a lot of straps and buckles.

Victoria and Madison stood side-by-side directly behind her. Annie could tell that her outfit included some sort of corset. A series of chrome eyelets ran up the back in two parallel lines. It took both girls, yanking the lacing back and forth equally, to cinch it all in. Annie expelled a little grunt after each forceful tug, her waist slowly constricting. Her breaths shortened to just sucking in little wisps of air, her bountiful breasts compressed more and more by the restrictive garment ...So maybe that’s why I’m supposed to control my breathing. Annie had just learned one of Daniel’s important little lessons.

As the girls worked, Daniel resumed his commentary, “Just think of all the benefits: no more illness or disease; no more annoying periods or unwanted pregnancies; and you won’t age a single minute —not even when you’re mobile. The process leaves you not quite human. Oh you’re not a robot —quite the contrary. You’ll still be “of the flesh” and blood will still run through your veins, just like any ordinary woman. Only detailed scientific analysis could tell all the subtle differences between the two. When all is said and done, you girls will be my gifts to the world, your beauty preserved forever...”

...What? ...Why you devious bastard! I want kids someday; I want to start a family ...Annie wanted a lot of things, including wanting to cry. Daniel was taking everything she’d ever cherished away from her, including her future.

“Yes, most of your time will be spent here at the compound, posed as one of my mannequins. I do occasionally let my girls out in public, to show them off at the museum, or perhaps to recruit their friends or foes —much like Heidi did with you. However, whenever I let them out, they’re bound to freeze up after a while, biochemical batteries running low and such. I won’t bore you with all the specifics, but as you’ll see, it does happen from time to time. Anyway, I would much rather have them beautifully posed within my display rooms. I do like to observe them at my own convenience, well, when my busy schedule allows me to do so, of course...”

Daniel’s phone emitted a pleasant little ring tone and he looked down, distracted. He began swiping and selecting things on his screen again. With one final tap, he looked up with anticipation.

Annie’s jaw slackened, as her pretty face took on a softer, more sensual appearance. Her eyes fought it at first, but as her body responded to the phone, her eyes went glassy and distant. She stared through him, her starry-eyed gaze locked on an unknown point beyond. With utmost sincerity in her voice, Annie announced:

“I’m just an erotic sculpture in silicone ...Beautifully posed for my master ...Totally obedient and available ...Ready for his viewing pleasure...”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Daniel mocked. “Now turn around so I can see what you make of that outfit.”

Annie stared forward, eyes locked ahead, as she did a slow pirouette in front of him. With her high stiletto-heeled boots, this almost looked comical, but Daniel didn’t mind; his eyes were too busy dancing over the black leather outfit he’d chosen for her.

Annie caught sight of her shocking image in the large mirror that rose above the vanity table. Her womanly body was now suggestively attired in tight black leather, from her chest on downward. Up top was a leather corset, featuring lacing that zigzagged up the front through eyelets, which, in turn, completely restrained her mid-section at the waist. The girls had cinched the lacing so tight, it forced her breasts upward and together, their bountiful cleavage presented in two pointed cups, which then curved back underneath her bare upper arms. A plunging v-line revealed a teasing peek of the milky skin beneath. Finely tailored black leather pants fit like a second skin to her legs, with various straps and belts lining the waist and crotch, (their purpose a total mystery to the rather demure woman). Buckle upon buckle lined the leather boots that rose almost to her knees, clinging to her calves, the stiletto heels adding at least another four inches to her height. A few accessories hung from her studded belt just off the right hip. Annie’s throat tightened, bile rising, as she finally realized that it was an array of switches and crops. Fingerless black gloves swept up her arms to just past the elbow; a small strip of leather material held them in place between her middle and index fingers.

The old Annie would’ve never worn an outfit like this; it was completely degrading and disgusting, (not to mention totally ridiculous and uncomfortable). That’s exactly why she was in it.

Daniel walked around her, making small adjustments here and there, fine-tuning the tilt of her hands and the individual positioning of her fingers. Sofía arrived on the scene a moment later to assist him...

The personal chef-turned-makeup artist stepped in front of her subject, her detailing brush in hand. Sofía’s gaze washed over the woman’s smooth appearance, her eyes widening in appreciation. She flashed a cute smile, wrinkling up her nose, and then winked at Annie as if to say ...You’re in my hands now!

The Hispanic woman turned to Daniel and asked in broken English, “Dees one a troublemaker, no?”

“Yes, she certainly was ...Put up quite a fight.”

Sofía turned back to her subject with a frown. “Tú niña mala, (you bad girl),” she teased, “but now I fix you right up, okay? ...Okay.”

Annie offered no response, of course; the best she could do was standby and wait for her slow metamorphosis to take place.

Madison stepped into view on the left, holding up an open case of makeup within her hands. Victoria appeared on the right, holding up a little tray with an eyelash curler, tweezers, and numerous makeup applicators. Sofía cleared her throat to begin the lesson:

“Ahem! —So dees model has very strong features that suit her display. We need to accent them and bring them to the fore. She must dominate her surroundings, much like she does with her playthings. Darker colours and contrasts are needed, but they must suit her natural tone. Eh, how you say; striking but not garish...”

As Sofía worked, she’d occasionally glance over at Victoria and Madison; they stood rapt and at attention, just as she knew they would. She’d provide her charges with all the little tricks of the trade so they could also prepare Master’s new arrivals one day. When the Hispanic was finally finished, she stepped back, and Daniel came forward to perform his final inspection...

Annie barely looked recognizable as her former self, (which was the whole point). Her face was done up in dark makeup, with gloomy eye shadow showing beneath her newly plucked and pointed eyebrows. Her cheekbones were more prominent, and even her pouty lips had been covered in satin black. The overall result was scary, and yet tragically beautiful ...the perfect combination for a dominatrix.

At a signal from Daniel, each of the maids took of hold of one of Annie’s arms. She found herself lifted and turned until she was facing Heidi’s bed. Unable to move her eyes she could just see Sara beside her, kneeling on the floor.

“And now for the crowning touch,” Daniel announced. He retrieved an object from the top of Heidi’s dresser drawer and returned to the subject. He careful manipulated her fingers in order to hold the riding crop that would complete her outfit. Annie wobbled woodenly in place as he did so, unable to offer any assistance...

Daniel then took a few steps back to observe the final product, Sofía joining in alongside him. “I’ve decided to call it Fifty Shades of Farnsworth,” the artist proclaimed, “Not exactly original, but it does amuse me...”

“Dees one is very erotic display,” Sofía praised, “I like! ...But I think is missing something...”

The Latina squatted down and retrieved Sara’s leash. She manipulated the fingers on Annie’s hip so that she took custody of her Asian pet. Sofía leaned in, her breath warming the other woman’s ear as she teasingly whispered, “Hold that, will you?”

“Ah yes,” Daniel mused, “the cherry on top...”

“You should be grateful you know,” Daniel chided while looking down at his phone, “I’m rather fond of Heidi, so I’ve kept a degree of elegance here. I can assure you that it could have been a lot worse...”

“One more thing,” Daniel warned, before going on to reveal, “There’s a bit of a side effect of the process; when you finally unfreeze, your mind will be a little, hmm, shall we say ...suggestible? When that stage passes, I have a few other ways of keeping my girls in line. I think you’ll find yourself quite agreeable when we talk next.”

Not my mind, you’ve got my body, leave me mind, Annie wailed silently, her thoughts dissolving into whimpers.

“An erotic sculpture in silicone... Beautifully posed for her master... Totally obedient and available ... Always ready for his viewing pleasure,” Sofía recited. Even as she said it, the Latina felt herself wanting to strike a pose and freeze-up, making herself “available” as well. However, that decision was always up to her master... Sofía’s words echoed through Annie’s awareness like ghostly apparitions. Her body became numb and stiff, not even feeling the infrequent intakes of air that filled her lungs. Her mind was shutting down, her vision fading into black. As she finally slipped into unconsciousness and the darkness swallowed her, the very last wisp of a thought was ...I’m forever grateful.

Daniel looked at his phone and saw that Annie had flatlined, finally reaching that peaceful state of nothingness. Sofía once likened flatlining to being teleported from some banal existence into a state of limbo, a place where warm contentment overruled all, and nothing else really mattered. As told in her very own words, “Not quite heaven, but nearly perfect...”

Satisfied that the main part of the transformation process was complete, Daniel pulled the zipper down on Annie’s leather pants. The artist marvelled at the amount of cum that covered her slick pussy and thought ...My goodness; you must be completely spent! ...He couldn’t help but chuckle as he carefully removed the vibrator, the device making a vacuous *pop* as it was withdrawn from its moist confines. Madison stepped forth, taking hold of the glistening shaft by the O-ring, and then left the room. (It was her responsibility to clean it up for use on the next unsuspecting guest). Daniel resumed his actions, zipping Annie back up. Once he was finished, he dismissed the remaining servants so that he could spend some time alone with his latest creation...

The man circled around Annie and her submissive pet, observing them like an art critic studying a pair of sculpted statuettes in a museum. His eyes scanned over Sara’s naked profile, the slight upsweep of her breasts, the downturned face, followed the dog leash from her neck up to her mistress’ hand. Annie stood resolute and in command, her womanly curves shining beneath the lights...

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Daniel stated. “I must admit that you do suit the role ...Could bear to lose a few pounds though. Maybe we’ll put you on a diet...”

Annie remained silent, appearing to regard (or perhaps, disregard) him with an air of haughtiness.

Daniel slowly paced about the room, observing the rest of the display. Sometimes he just stood there in silence; other times he’d crouch down low, rubbing his chin in thought. He’d crease his brow, wondering where he might place a reflection chair, and then smiled, thinking about the many different angles that would give him an enticing view. “Yes indeed,” he said to himself at last, “Offering up hours upon hours of viewing pleasure...”


A few months later...

“No, no, no!” a voice shouted. It sounded echoic and distant, but it was just loud enough to rouse Annie from her pleasant slumber.

The twenty-nine-year-old likened it to surfacing from a pool of water, her ears gradually draining.

“The colour is totally wrong,” the voice barked, “Try the dark green and make it sleeveless.” The one calling all the shots was undoubtedly male, and his voice sounded very familiar...

“Yes, Master,” Annie heard from somewhere behind her, something smooth and silky being dragged up over her inert body. It felt luxurious and made her shiver, the slippery fabric causing goose pimples to form across her skin. “I said the dark green in the first place,” another voice chided. Heidi, that was her friend Heidi. Was Heidi her friend? Annie wasn’t sure.

There was a familiar sound of hurried footsteps, heels clicking against a hard surface as they passed, followed by a harsh yanking of hangers across metal.

“Yes, that’s the one,” the male voice said with approval. “It matches her emerald eyes...” ...That’s definitely Master’s voice, Annie reasoned. He’s always complimenting me about my glassy green eyes.

“Yes Master.”

...And that was Victoria’s voice, I can tell just by the sweetness.

More heels clicking across the floor. A different type of cloth dragged down over her body, the garment (?) feeling much more restrictive this time around ...A spandex blend, Annie thought. She could also tell it had a fitted bodice just by the way the material hugged her shapely curves. Then there was some gentle touching across her breasts, little tugs here and there, evening things out. A moment later, there was some pulling at her lower hemline. Footsteps clicked around and behind her, a zipper slowly drew up her back. Two hands found the spread of her hips, carefully straightening and then smoothing the material over the curves of her ass... The ministrations were light and gentle, as only a female’s hands could deliver...

Annie wished her eyes would work, trying desperately to remember the reason why they didn’t. She wasn’t blind, was she? If she had gone blind, she seemed very calm about it. Light penetrated the darkness, indistinct shapes starting to form before her ...Oh, that’s good, so not blind after all.

Thoughts skittered across Annie’s mind, dragonflies hovering over a lake; she couldn’t catch them, unable to make sense of the images her eyes were providing her. Her mind wasn’t working properly, so she must have been unfrozen recently, it always required some time to recover. In the meantime, a pleasant buzzing radiated out from her pussy, where she could feel an egg buried deeply within, filling her, making her whole, massaging her mind as much as her inner walls. It would keep her thoughts inline to whatever her master wanted, and all was as it should be.

...What? No, my thoughts should be my ownnn ...The buzz immediately rose and then peaked, pleasure washing through her, scrubbing the impulsive thought away, and Annie forgot whatever it was she’d been thinking about in the first place.

“Yes, yes, so your colour sense is better than mine,” Daniel grumbled. “It only takes a moment to give an opinion, so unless you want to be frozen again, keep quiet.”

The shapes hovering in front Annie became clearer, enough for her to see Heidi’s mouth open, then close again, her friend apparently thinking better of whatever she was going to say. The brunette was nude, save for the flesh tone pantyhose she was wearing...

Annie had initially been angry with her friend, but that had been foolish of her, not realising how amazing the gift Heidi had given her was ...That gift being the wonderful opportunity to become one of Daniel’s erotic figures. Not that Heidi had any choice, being as much under master’s control as she was. Annie felt her brow slightly crease in thought on just how much their lives had changed since their fateful trip, Master controlling every aspect of their being. She thought that should seriously worry her, but then a delicious buzz rose higher and higher from the egg and that thought quickly dissolved...

Master had awakened them all at one point or another, insisting that they sever all ties with their past. Carrie immediately retired from the Real Estate business, claiming that she’d had a premonition and was joining-up with Greenpeace to save Mother Earth, (much to the chagrin of her partners). Poor Sara completely alienated herself from her family when a packet of racy photos of her and Victoria had appeared in her parents’ mailbox. The young nurse had even tried to explain her sexual preference, only to have the front door slammed in her face.

Annie herself resigned from the travel agency, telling her family and few remaining friends about the promising new job on a cruise ship that would be taking up so much of her time. She’d fought it then, the egg buzzing continuously, ramming her thoughts with waves of obedience and pleasure until she could hardly stand. She’d stood in her parents’ living room, juicing away right there in front of them. Her mom, (bless her little heart), had commented on how she looked flush, insisting that she have a seat on the prized ottoman. Over time, the egg had worn her down, and now she wondered why she’d ever bothered fighting it at all.

Annie was becoming more aware of her surroundings. Despite her forward-facing position, she caught sight of Sara standing motionless in the corner of her eye. The Asian’s own eyes seemed locked on a point somewhere beyond Annie’s shoulder, her expression expectant, as if she were searching the crowd at a busy gathering. A cute cocktail dress in black hung nicely on her frame, while a satin choker wrapped around her neck. Her hair had been styled with twin pigtails and long bangs in the front. One hand held a glossy black clutch, while the other rose up, her index finger delicately positioned and barely touching her parted lips.

Carrie stood to the side of their Asian friend, clad in a scandalously short blue minidress. Her blonde hair fell in graceful ringlets, covering her shoulders. Her left foot was in front of her right, the rear one turned to the side, taking her weight. Carrie’s left hand was raised, caught in the middle of a come hither gesture, matching the look on her face. The other hand was placed on her hip, the strap of a handbag held there, the purse itself falling against her thigh. High heels arched her calves, the length of her legs almost entirely revealed. The dress itself was shoulderless and so tight that Annie could tell her friend wasn’t wearing a bra. Expensive jewels winked at the blonde’s neck and wrists and hung glittering from her earlobes.

“Thank you Heidi,” Annie forced out through lips that weren’t quite responding to her yet, the sound barely above a whisper.

“What?” Heidi’s brow creased in confusion, then she nodded in understanding, “Oh right, don’t worry sweetie, my pleasure.” The two women smiled at each other in acknowledgement.

“Where...?” Annie had attempted to ask, a frown slowly creasing her forehead.

“...Where are we, or where are we going?” Heidi teased. She then shrugged her shoulders and confessed, “I don’t know the answer to either of those questions.”

“Enough chit-chat,” Daniel cut in, “I said you’d get to talk to them, I didn’t say for how long.”

“Bye now,” Heidi mouthed, before turning away until she was standing in profile in front of Annie. A contented smile graced the brunette’s face as her left hand drifted to her hip. Her other hand rose up until it was held in front of her. Annie imagined that her friend should be holding something, perhaps a glass of wine.

Daniel’s fingers swept over his mobile and Annie watched as Heidi’s breathing slowed and stopped. The change from a woman standing still to an inanimate object was clearly visible to anyone in the know. Annie’s pulse raced and she lightly bit her lower lip.

There was sudden movement on Annie’s left. It was Master, and he was holding up a garment over the front of Heidi’s immobile body. “This one,” he ordered, handing the dress over to his assistant. Minutes later, Heidi wobbled in place within a reflective Lame dress, her body sparkling enticingly beneath the overhead lights...

Master reappeared in front of Annie’s view “Hmm, now for you.” He said, his eyes flicking between the woman and his mobile phone.

The ex-travel agent felt her limbs move. The thoughts directing them whispered through her mind, but she knew they originated in the egg pulsing away inside her pussy.

Annie felt her left hand find its place on her hip, a broad smile appearing on her face. Her right rose in front of her, index finger raised as if to wave in mock admonishment.

Out of the corner of her eye, Annie could see Master moving around amongst the immobile figures of her and her friends. Sometimes he’d stop and make some slight adjustment to the pose of one or another of the women. Annie noticed a satisfied smile forming on his face as he made a few final adjustments on his phone.

“There,” he finally said. “Now just to wake them up a little so the eggs can take the readings and... Done. They’ll go back into these poses at the other end on the proper signal.”

“They are ready to ship?” a female voice asked in a Hispanic accent.

“Yes,” Master announced, “Let’s get them packed up.”

There was a sound of squeaky wheels rolling across the floor. Victoria rolled through her line of vision pushing a moving cart, with Madison and her Master in tow. In the corner of her eye, she saw Daniel playing with his phone. There was a momentary pause, and then Sara thawed from her pose, her raised arm now lowering to her side until she stood at attention. Madison removed her clutch, setting it aside. Both girls then raised the Asian girl up, her body remaining completely rigid, and her still-glassy eyes staring up, before they ritualistically loaded her onto the cart. With safety straps in place, they wheeled Sara’s inert figure across the floor...

Daniel’s shoes clicked across the tiled floor. He eyed Annie for a moment, and then continued on, stopping in front of Carrie. “This one next,” he directed. Another tap and Carrie’s pose soon mimicked that of a soldier on parade.

Victoria and Madison lifted Carrie’s motionless figure onto the cart, struggling a bit due to the blonde’s height. After settling Carrie in place, they strapped her in and moved her off.

“And now you my dear,” Daniel said as he leant in and gave Heidi a quick peck on the cheek. She then received the same treatment, her pose straightening.

A moment later, Heidi was strapped in place. Her body tilted back at an angle and then she too rolled off into the distance. Before long, the wheels rolled back in Annie’s direction...

Daniel stepped into Annie’s line of vision. “I know you all could have walked over there, but this is so much more fun.” He raised his phone out in front of him, fingers playing around on the screen. Annie felt her arms slowly lowering to her sides without even thinking of it. There was movement behind her. She slowly rose up a few inches from the floor, two sets of hands carefully setting her back. Madison appeared at her right, ratcheting a strap just below her breasts. Another strap tightened further down around her thighs. There was a sudden jolt from behind and Annie tilted back, her view of the world changing to the heavy wooden beams up above. She remained like that, as she rolled a good twenty feet across the tiled floor.

The cart came to a sudden halt, briefly stopping in front of an ornate Cheval floor mirror like one might see in a museum. Annie could see from her reflection that she was wearing a dark green dress, short and tight, with high heels and dark black stockings. It appeared that she was ready for a night on the town. Annie frowned inwardly, wondering where her dominatrix outfit had gone. It wasn’t her, not really, she didn’t like being dressed like that, really hated the— buzz ...Her thoughts recoiled, disgust fading. If Master wanted her posed in that outfit, then she’d happily wear it. She’d even liked the tight sensation of the leather as it sealed her well-formed (and now slightly slimmer) body within. Annie let the pleasurable vibrations of her egg ride over her, correcting her thoughts...

The cart jerked again, as she was turned around 180 degrees. That’s when she saw her three friends, each specifically attired in clothes fit for clubbing, or perhaps some other social event. However, that wasn’t the oddest part. All three stood upright and side-by-side, individually placed in their own foam-lined shipping crates. A fourth crate stood on the very end unoccupied least not yet, anyway.

...Oh, I see. Well, it will probably be a lot easier that way.

Annie was put through another 180, and then backed up before her cart was set down in an upright position ...Well look at that, another room with a view!

The room didn’t look familiar, and Annie doubted they were in the mansion anymore. It was a large room, windowless, the illumination coming from banks of fluorescent lights in the ceiling. White paint, glistening and antispetic, covered the walls. There were several makeup stations, with lighted mirrors and director’s chairs in front of them. A large clothing rack holding a colourful assortment of dresses, costumes, and even lingerie stood idle against another wall. Annie recalled that the Crown Point Museum was a theatre in a former life, and correctly assumed that this was the dressing room.

Victoria and Madison reappeared at left and right. They unfastened her restraints and then picked her up like the mannequin she now was. They carefully set her inside the crate, the deep foam accepting and then forming around her inert backside. Annie stared out ahead, the insides of the crate filling-up her peripheral vision.

Daniel appeared in front of them, his three “helpers” lining up at either side.

“Good line up,” Sofía observed.

“A good line up indeed,” Daniel replied. “I think we even topped last year’s selection, wouldn’t you agree?”

Daniel looked over the four friends then snapped his fingers, “Hello? Are we in there? Anybody home?” ...His subjects answered in a drowsy chorus of “Yes Master.” “In case you’re wondering, all four of you are going to be part of my new “One-Off” exhibition at fashion week in Las Vegas,” Daniel informed. “I’ve managed to land a sponsor, a rather large fashion house in fact. You four aren’t part of the exhibition proper, but you’ll be modelling some of the sponsor’s wares, including eveningwear, prom wear, club wear, well you get the idea, (he indicated the dresses they all wore with a wave of his hand). If you behave yourselves, maybe I’ll let you loose in public before we wrap things up. There are plenty of attractive targets down on the strip, and it would be a shame to waste all that extra space in the truck on our return trip. It’s like they say: what happens in Vegas ... Anybody? ...No? ...Going once ...Twice...”

...Daniel looked over his girls who stared back glassily from their cushioned confines; they almost looked like a harem of fashionably dressed vampires sleeping within their coffins. They couldn’t speak a single word, much less complete his answer...

“...Or maybe not,” he finally concluded.

Daniel slipped an arm around each of the co-ed’s waistlines. He then turned to Victoria and asked, “How long before you and Madison graduate?”

“Four months, Master,” the girl answered calmly.

“Hmm,” Daniel scowled, “A little longer than I’d hoped. Don’t forget you’re both responsible for finding adequate replacements if you want to take up a permanent position. It’s going to take some time to properly train them for duty.”

“Yes, Master,” the pair responded in unison.

“Oh well, at least we still have a few months,” Daniel supposed. “Good thing Victoria’s family is so conservative. I believe we’ll put her in some more explicit photos with Sara over there...”

Victoria’s eyes widened at the mere thought of it ...My parents would have a shit fit if they ever saw—buzz-buzz-buzz ...I will do anything to make Master happy...

“Y-yes, Master.”

“I know you’re not into women, but that won’t be problem will it?” Daniel asked, innocently.

“No problem, Master.”

“...And I’m sure I can think of a few interesting poses for you.”

Victoria’s posture stiffened and then relaxed as another wave rolled through her, but the blonde girl said nothing...

“I’m sure Sara will appreciate it,” Daniel looked pointedly at the young Asian woman, immobile in her packing case. The blush rose higher in Victoria’s face, but she likewise stayed silent.

Daniel knew how infatuated Sara was with the blonde co-ed. Even if Victoria wanted to argue, well, the control egg would bring a quick stop to that...

The man dropped his arms from the co-eds’ waists and then clapped his hands together. “Well we better get back to the manor. You and I leave first thing in the morning, Sofía. I suggest you pack everything tonight. I’ll set your timer for, oh say...(looks at iPhone) around 9pm or so.”

“Yes, Master,” Sofía agreed. The woman knew that she’d better get to it; once that timer went off in her egg, she’d lock-up in the middle of whatever she was doing, and more than likely wouldn’t be found there until morning. She liked the fact that Master hadn’t given an exact time; the anticipation aspect always turned her on all the more. The Hispanic turned on the heel of her mule and went out to wait in the Escalade with Maxwell.

Daniel guided the two co-eds across the room, but stopped inside the doorframe as if he were forgetting something. He turned around, raised his phone, tapped in a few commands and said, “Good night ladies...”

On the other side of the dressing room: Annie; Carrie; Heidi and Sara stood erect within their padded confines. The vibrations from their eggs rang in their ears, their eyes shining, expectation clearly showing in their features. The moment Daniel’s finger pressed the button on the final app, their toes curled; muscles tightened; skin stiffened; and the blackness rolled in to overtake all four of them.

Daniel turned off the overhead lights and then pulled the door closed behind them. The lock pin engaged in the catch, echoing through the darkened room with finality...

(The End)
(Well, for now, Daniel and his collection will return!)