Part 1: The Overlay


Part 2 the Lab


Traci RobotWannabe (


The day had not gone well for Traci William's. In fact it had been a Murphy's Law kind of day. All she really wanted to do was get out of the office as fast as possible and start to unwind. As she left the employee parking lot she decided that she deserved a special treat tonight and she knew just what to do. "I'm sure I can find what I need at Victoria's Secret."

As she walked into the store her mood lost some of its tension as the soft smells caressed her and the satiny lingerie beckoned her. Oblivious to everything else Traci wandered throughout the store reveling in the sights and smells of femininity. Although nowhere near approaching the drop-dead looks of a fashion model Traci worked hard to keep her 26 year old body taut and trim. She had a pretty face too, one that seemed to put men at ease instead of sending them drooling into lust. It had been a while since Traci had visited Victoria' Secret and there was an abundance of new treasures viewing for her attention.

"I really need something soothing and relaxing tonight." And she found it as she browsed in one of the remote corners of the store. It was a gift set titled "Fantasy in Silver" and it emitted the most intoxicating aroma. Lifting the lid on the box she saw exactly the delights she was seeking. On the left side of the box was a small vial of bubble bath that even now had little bubbles dancing within looking not unlike a glass of silver champagne.

Beside it was the source of the aroma in a small canister of bath powder labeled "apres bain". "Mmmmmm, if this feels as good as it smells I think I've found my treat." Traci noticed a bit of satin sticking up from the upper right hand corner of the box. She lifted the inner lid and discovered a silvery bra and panty set. The satin-like material was unlike any she had ever felt. It was so soft and dreamy she could hardly wait to climb into them.

"Oh great, this is the only set here," Traci noticed. "The way this day has gone it'll be the wrong size." Traci found the labels and heaved a sigh of relief; the bra was a 34C, just her size. And although the panties were a small the material had a stretchy quality to it and Traci was sure they would fit all right. "Finally a ray of light in an otherwise dark day." She rushed to the register and grew a bit impatient when the scanner wouldn't recognize the bar code on her purchase. After the clerk manually entered the code Traci scribbled her name on the credit card receipt and practically flew out the door in her rush to get home. She didn't even notice the stranger in the car that followed her almost to her door.


*click* "Home at last." Traci couldn't wait to jump into the tub. All the way home the aroma of the bath powder seemed to ease her aching muscles and she just knew that she had found something special. Her sensible office shoes were the first to go, flung off towards the direction of the closet. The blouse and tweed skirt she had so carefully chosen at 6:30 a.m. was just a pile of rumpled clothing in the next few moments. Clad in her now-boring white underwear Traci began to draw her bath. As the steaming water filled the tub she carefully laid out the satin prizes she had discovered. Her fingers traced the material and were drawn into its softness. She crumpled up the panties and rubbed them against her face. "Oh my," was all she could utter in response. These WERE exquisite. She smoothed out the material, not that there seemed to be many wrinkles, and went back into the bathroom, shedding her undies as she went.

She picked up the bubble bath and poured in three capfuls of the liquid as she read in the directions. The bath began to emit the same intoxicating aroma as the powder had earlier. Traci lit a few candles to enhance her relaxation and put on some soft music. At last it was time. Carefully Traci lowered herself into the steaming bubbles and began to soak. The experience did not disappoint her. There must have been a secret ingredient or something in the oil because her skin began to tingle all over. "This is pure heaven. I may never leave this tub." Traci leaned back and allowed the water and bubbles and oil to flow around and within every crevice and pore of her submerged body. The tingle persisted and didn't lessen with time as she had thought it would. Traci stayed in so long the water was now becoming cool. "I don't want this to end but I don't want to catch my death either....," she mumbled as she reluctantly raised herself out of the bubbles.

Everything seemed so relaxed now but there was still more fantasy to come. She dried herself off with the fluffiest and softest towel in the house, taking her own sweet time to do so, continuing to enjoy the slight tingle remaining on her skin. She opened up the canister of powder and the aroma burst upon her anew. She luxuriated in the scent and the touch as she spread the talc all over. She dabbed and patted the powder everywhere, even around her sex. The powder looked white in the canister but Traci noticed a slight silver speckle effect on her skin as the powder was applied. She filled her lungs deeply with the pleasant smell. "I may have to buy some more of this. I sure hope they get a new shipment into the store soon." For Traci, that would be no concern in a little while.

Having pampered herself with bath and powder Traci felt more relaxed than she had ever been. Her skin was glowing and she smelled almost ethereal. Returning to her bedroom Traci stepped into the satin panty and bra. She was going to wait until tomorrow to wear them but decided it might be fun to see how they felt against her warm skin. "I think I made a wise choice," she thought as the satiny coolness was drawn onto her breasts and her sex. "I feel so much better," she called out to the half empty bottle of oil and powder. "Thank you, Fantasy in Silver." Traci went into the living room and poured herself some white wine and curled up with her latest romance novel.


Traci's eyes slowly opened. She spotted the clock on her VCR and noticed that it said 1:48 a.m. Her wine glass was half consumed and she had only read three pages of her novel. "That's odd. these books never put me to sleep before," she thought. "I must have really been relaxed after that bubble bath." As she tried to rise Traci noticed that despite the earlier soak she felt really stiff. It was a real effort just to stand. Traci turned to enter her bedroom and the stiffness grew worse. Her knees felt so rigid and tight. "I really have to stop dozing off on the sofa." She approached the bed and began to pull off the spread when she stopped dead in her tracks. "What the hell?" Her hand looked very peculiar, almost unearthly. Her skin had taken on a silver sheen in places while remaining flesh-toned in others. Her nails had vanished and the tips of her fingers were smooth, rounded, slender digits.

Her eyes cautiously moved up her arm and she saw the same silver/pink streaks continue. Slowly, which seemed to be her only speed at the moment, Traci turned to look into her dressing mirror. Before her stood some strange creature. "That can't be my reflection," Traci tried to convince herself. Her body was covered with the silver/pink flesh from her toes to her neck. As she gazed in disbelief the pink was being consumed by the gleaming silver. It wasn't a rapid change but she could see it happening for sure. The more silver appeared, the more stiff she became. She rubbed her hand against her arm and couldn't feel any sensation of touch at all. Her second impulse, after that of disbelief, was to turn away as if that might halt the transformation but it was too late...she couldn't move her legs at all. But her arms could still move.

Traci wanted to check if the effect was everywhere on her body and tried to remove her bra. With great difficulty she reached behind her to unhook the clasp. "Where is that #$%^# clasp?" What used to be her fingers searched all around but there was no clasp to be had, only the smooth coolness of metal skin. The bra was still on, wasn't it? She checked the reflection and wasn't sure what she saw. Her breasts were still there all right but they were completely covered in the lustrous silver metal that was rapidly encasing her. They were more defined, a little more erect, maybe even a little bigger, and her nipples shown though the metal. The bra had given way to a circular dividing line that surrounded each metal mound on her chest. "The panties! , Check the panties!", screamed her mind.

Hoping against hope she lowered her eyes to where the panties used to be. They too had melted away, for lack of a better word. They must have taken her sex with it because all that remained was smooth, shiny metal where her sex had been. "Great! I've got metal boobs and nothing else. What's going on?" She pulled her gaze back and watched as all the pink flesh of her body gradually became silver metal. As the overlay became complete Traci's curves became well-defined, even more enhanced. Her neck and head remained flesh however. "At least I still look like me," Traci said in a flat and humorless voice. "Here I stand, a frozen metal woman with a human head looking like something from Mars." Traci wanted to scream but couldn't remember how. Her mind felt like it was detaching from her body.


There she stood for the longest time. Unable to move nothing but her still human head, coated in strange metal, staring at herself (itself?) in the mirror. The phone rang. Something registered within Traci's mind. She felt strangely compelled to answer the phone, not just because it was ringing, but because it seemed like the right thing for her to do.

She slowly turned and trundled over to the phone. Her robotic arm lifted the receiver but Traci's mouth refused to say hello. The squeal of angry bees greeted her ear. The sound registered as the noise a computer

makes when it's on-line. Traci hated that noise as it always reminded her of nails dragged across a blackboard but now it really didn't sound so bad. In fact it was music to her ears. The noise flowed into her ear and leisurely began to make sense to her/it. An "s" here, an "o" there. Letters, then words, sentences, even entire paragraphs began to form. This wasn't noise, this was programming! "At last a purpose." "Hey! Who said that?" More and more information poured into her/it: how to move her/its arms, legs, and hands; how to speak; when to speak; what to think; what not to think. Traci hungrily devoured what the phone was spewing. The programming continued for the next 90 minutes and then stopped. Traci hung up the receiver and headed, still a bit stiffly, for the door. With no one in the hall at this late hour she/it could leave undetected.

Something within her/it (programming perhaps?) directed her to the service entrance of her apartment. The strange man who followed her/it home earlier that night was waiting for her, not that she remembered. Seeing his face triggered her mouth to start working again. "Master--I--see--that--you--have--come--for--me. Do--I--pass--inspection?" Traci's humanity, suppressed deep within her, was horrified at the flat and emotionless speech that came out of her/it. And what was this 'Master' crap all about? She began to search the part of her/it filled with programming.

"Yes, you certainly pass inspection, Traci. In fact you might say that you are a 'Fantasy in Silver.' But there is still much to do. Come." The human part of Traci strained to turn this thing she had become in the other direction but it was no use. She/it had been given a direct command and had to obey. Slowly the metal Traci entered the van and stood there impassively as the stranger strapped her tightly against the inside of the van. "There's still much work to be done," he told her/it as the van drove away into the night, "and I think I owe you an explanation.



Part 2: The Lab

Traci, the metal woman with a human head, found herself strapped securely to the inside of a moving van. The stranger she/it had referred to as "Master" a few moments ago was driving her away. "There's still much work to be done," he said to his impassive passenger, "and I think I owe you an explanation." Somewhere within the robot a tiny voice thought "Damn right, you asshole." Traci wasn't able to determine where the van was heading but she/it had the uncanny feeling that she could accurately determine how long they had been driving. 27 minutes and 12 seconds to be exact. The van stopped and the stranger went to the rear and opened the doors. He removed the safety straps that had held Traci tightly against the van wall. "Follow me." Traci had no choice but to obey.

They entered a rather ordinary house in a part of town that she/it didn't recognize at all. Once inside the stranger led Traci to a basement that looked like the inside of a TV set. "Traci, I want you to stand over there in front of that mirror." The deliberate pace of newly forged metal limbs assumed the position that was ordered and then became still once more. There was that damned reflection again. She/it had hoped it was only a nightmare but once again a metal body with a human head was looking right back at her/it.

The stranger walked around to her field of vision. "My name is Professor Robert Kolb. Until a few years ago I was a tenured chemistry professor at a Midwestern university. Although chemistry is my field of expertise I dabble a bit in archeology as a hobby. A few summers ago while on a dig in India I found a unique group of artifacts. There was a flask of shimmering oil, a tin of aromatic powder, a few bolts of what appeared to be silver hued satin cloth, a sheaf of papers and drawings, and the remains of what was once a transport vessel of some type. I returned back to the States and began to research what I had found. The papers contained a language that I had never encountered but the pictures were quite clear. They showed an ancestor of modern Indians called a Dravidian being dipped into the oil, coated with the powder and draped in several places with pieces of the satin.

"The last picture showed the Dravidian as a metal man performing various tasks for a type of being I have yet to determine. Eventually some pieces of the language fell into place and what I had found was a manual for transforming human beings into mechanical slaves. I still don't know what those beings were but I suspect they weren't from Earth. The idea of creating a mechanical humanoid appealed to me so I began to experiment.

"It occured to me that if I was going to do this I might as well have some fun as well so I decided to experiment with women. I concocted these gift sets of bath oil, talc, and satin underwear and spirited them into Victoria's Secret. In order for the mixture to work the human host has to have some special type of resonance or harmonic structure. I haven't really deciphered all the alien words but evidently not everyone resonates at the appropriate frequency. There were seven women who bought a package before you. I followed each of them and waited to see what would happen. After a few hours I would call them on the phone. If they answered the phone with a human voice I knew their harmonics were incorrect and I would have to try again. If the receiver was picked up but there would be no response I was prepared to download a sequence of binary code that I found in the parchments. Tonight I found a woman with the right!

"From what I've been able to tell the solution of the oil and powder overlays and interacts with the molecular structure of the epidermis. What was once flesh becomes a light, flexible and very strong metal alloy. Quite fetching too, I might add." The professor reached over and rapped her now chromed left breast. Traci heard an odd series of 'clinks' and somewhere off in the far, far distance she felt a twinge of arousal. "From what I can decipher from the parchments the entire outer layer of skin becomes metal in about three to four hours. The mixture continues into the sub-dermal layers as well and within 24 to 48 hours a complete transformation to metal has taken place. I assume that the person becomes a complete robot. I'm not really sure of the purpose of the satin material, if that's what it is, but it made a nice set of underwear don't you think? As an added bonus the subject is made extremely obedient to the first voice it hears. For you, my dear, that voice was mine."

With that the professor stood up and went over to a workbench. Traci followed his every move. When he noticed her/its head following his path he commanded her/it to look at the mirror and not move her head anymore. Traci's head immediately locked into position. All she could move now was her eyes. Traci watched the professor in the mirror before her/it. He pulled out a scissors and began to cut off her auburn hair. Next came some shaving creme and a razor and soon Traci's head was bald and smooth. Now she looked truly eerie. A metal woman with a bald head of flesh.

The professor went to the sink and the intoxicating aroma of the powder filled the lab. Traci knew what was about to happen and why she had been shaved. Sure enough the prof returned and began to sponge a warm and bubbly solution all over Traci's head. The tingle that a part of her remembered from a long ago bubble bath returned. "Close your eyes and lips please, Traci." The metal woman complied. The tingle was all over her head now and a sense of drifting relaxation surrounded her/it. After about 30 minutes the professor dried her off and began to apply the talc. "You may open your eyes now, Traci. In fact you might find this interesting to watch."

Traci opened her stiffening eyelids with some difficulty and her vision drank in her face now shining with that silver speckled sheen. Patches of silver slowly replaced her pink complexion and Traci felt her/its skin grow taut. Minutes became hours and as she watched, her ears and nose began to flatten against her head. When the ears were completely dissolved a series of five vertical slits formed in their place. Her nose simply disappeared altogether and the middle of her face was smoothing out. Her mind wanted to look away but she had been commanded to watch and watch she must do. What was once her mouth went the way of her ears. Her lips deflated like a punctured balloon and smoothed out into nothing but a barely discernible slit. Her eyes were the last to transform. The circular sockets elongated until the two became one opening and then began to shrink down just as her mouth had done. Traci could see a narrow slit about a quarter of an inch high and four inches wide where her eyes had been. There was a strange yellowish glow shining through the slit. Traci couldn't understand how she could still see but she could. What was once a fairly pretty face was now a gleaming silver orb. Traci Williams had ceased to exist. Traci the robot was born. Within the shell, Traci's still human mind began to weep.

"Well I found that very fascinating, didn't you?" The voice of the professor echoed within her transforming head. "It's been a long evening and I must get some rest before we continue tomorrow. I want you to keep watching your image and note any further external or internal changes so that you can give me a full report in the morning. Is that clear?"

The mouth/slit opened. "This---unit---to---observe---and---record---all---modification---until---such---time---instructed---to---report---same. Observation---and---recording---commencing---now."

The mouth/slit closed. It was her voice all right but rather flat and dull. She wasn't really sure how she formed the words. An input of data began to trickle into one corner of Traci's brain. She was amazed at the detail and how easily she could recall it.

She/it heard the professor's footsteps start up the stairs, stop, and re-approach. "Still time for one quick test, my dear." The prof stood in front of Traci's smooth and gleaming breast mounds. He slowly began to rub them as if they were a magic lamp. Traci's new skin sent impulses of pure pleasure into her mind. Outwardly nothing happened but inside Traci thought her still-forming circuitry was headed for overload. As quickly as it halted as the professor's hand withdrew. "Idiot turns me into a sex machine and then turns himself into a tease," thought Traci as the last electrons of delight faded.

"Do robots have any taste? Let's find out." The professor began to lick Traci's polished crotch. WHAM! Traci was mentally rocketed into ecstasy. Never had she been pleasured so completely by a mere touch. A part of her mind resisted but synapse by synapse she was falling under its spell. "What a surprise, you taste like chrome." With a wipe of his handkerchief, a gesture that just about put Traci's mind into a coma, he dried off his saliva from her crotch. "I can't wait to see the data for THAT test."

With that the professor turned and went upstairs. As Traci's mind returned to a somewhat more sedate state she began to fulfill the last command she/it was given. The data concerning her/its continuing transformation was being recorded and stored. More and more of her/its consciousness was being diverted to that purpose. One of Traci's last thoughts was if she/it would retain her human mind at all.


Coming soon....Part Three: Full Circle