part three

Full Circle


Traci Robot Wannabe (


The professor turned and went upstairs. As Traci's mind returned to a somewhat more sedate state she began to fulfill the last command she/it was given. The data concerning her/its continuing transformation was being recorded and stored. More and more of her/its consciousness was being diverted to that purpose. One of Traci's last thoughts was if she/it would retain her human mind at all.

Seconds became minutes; minutes became hours. The slow and meticulous process of flesh and blood giving way to metal allow continued to deepen itself into Traci. That accurate clock somewhere within it/her told Traci that it had been about four hours, thirteen minutes, and twenty seven seconds since the professor had gone upstairs. Traci was relieved to discover that although there was little of her/its human body remaining the process had left her mind intact. It couldn't do much except note the surroundings and keep track of the last stages of the transformation but it was still there.

It remained quiet so Traci began to search her mind to see what would happen. There was nothing she could will to move. It/she had been ordered to observe and record the transformation process. Traci struggled to move even the tip of one of its chromed fingers but there was no movement. In 12 minutes Traci decided it was a waste of time and came to the conclusion that she had no voluntary control over its/her bodily movement.

"Maybe I can discover something within," Traci thought. So she began to explore her consciousness. To her surprise and relief she could finally access, or was it enter, the part of her brain that had become roboticized. Traci still had emotions, at least mental ones, and she gave a gasp as more and more of her mechanical self was explored. "The amount of information here is incredible. How can I store all this? Easy, dummy, you're a robot with a computer for a brain." That last thought almost knocked Traci for a loop but she continued. Her mechanical self had stored every last detail of the transformation, noting how cells had their molecular structures torn down, rewritten, and formed anew. It was all there ready to be reported.

Traci's mind "turned a corner" past the stored information and discovered even more treasure troves of data. "Damn," she thought, "I could comprehend the transformation logs but these files make absolutely no sense. What language is this?" For the next 2 hours, 54 minutes, and seven seconds Traci roamed the corridors of her mechanical brain but could deciper nothing. The earlier excitement had eroded into frustration when she heard, or was it sensed, the professor coming down the stairs.

"Good morning, my little fem-bot," the professor crowed. "My, you look a little stiff this morning."

"bastard." thought Traci. "I'd like to get you stiff and then....."

"Let's check you out first." Professor Kolb walked around the metal female as if inspecting the troops. He ran his hand down a metal arm, pausing to rap on its elbow a few times. "Oh, you feel rather chilly. Are you cold?"

***A question! This requires speech. This requires mouth!*** A narrow slit formed where a human mouth should be and Traci responded in a flat voice, "This-unit-is-not-cold.----This-unit's-parameters-of-temperature-are minus-100-celsius-to-plus-200-celsius.---This-unit's-skin-is-at-room- temperature-but-is-not-cold." The mouth slit disappeared as the word "cold" still echoed in the room.

"I bet I could still warm you up," leered the professor. His hand began to rub the fem bot's smooth and shiny crotch. The friction of his hand did indeed warm the metal skin but that was nothing compared to what heat began to roar in Traci's mind. The celsius scale would have been worthless.

"Enough play for now. Time for business. Traci, hear and follow this command: Access all data and give me a report on your transformation."

It was if a whirlpool had opened under Traci's mind. Information, data, visual interpretations of graphs all began to pour out of its mouth-slit. Traci was amazed at the detail of the information. She was also amazed at something else. The transformation data wasn't all she could understand now. The other files stored in her mechanical brain seemed to unlock, the language was no longer foreign to her but second nature. Along with understanding came freedom, not of movement but of mind. Although she could still not initiate self-movement Traci found that her mind, now linked completely to the mechanical brain, could understand what was stored there in new and amazing ways.

Her mechanical self droned on and on about the transformation and the professor was giving his rapt attention. Traci noticed that he was also becoming quite aroused and erect. "I think I'll tack on a sentence at the end of this report that will REALLY grab his attention. Once I have that things may take a turn for the better"

"Finally-at-six-fifty-four-this-morning-all-flesh-within-this-unit-had-been- reconfigured-to-its-new-matrix-and-structure-----This-unit-is-now-fully- functioning-and-is-capable-of-fulfilling-all-tasks-assigned...

(now to add the bait, thought Traci)

...including-work-mode,-research-mode,-and-pleasure-mode." The mouth slit sealed.

Prof. Kolb's eyes widened noticibly at the mention of a "pleasure mode".

"Traci, I want you to initiate your "pleasure mode" for me at this time."

Traci accepted the command and began the program. Her silver body suddenly was awash with a golden hue. The hard metal skin acquired an eerie softness about it. It's small metal breasts began to swell and enlarge to about 38 inches. Its crotch, which had been smooth and featureless, became a ripe and succulent pussy. The orb that served as its head now grew features as well, not stopping until a stunningly beautiful face had been achieved. Meanwhile the professor was finding it difficult to restrain himself as his little mechanical female robot transformed itself into a sex goddess.

It wasn't long before the Prof. had stripped and began to grope and probe his little doll. The heightened sense of pleasure her robot self gave her almost derailed Traci's plan but she had thought of that and was ready. Her self-initiated program would kick in as soon as she reached her first orgasm, and in this mechanically enhanced state that didn't take long.

Her embrace tightened around the professor but he didn't notice. The walls of Traci's love canal also tightened their grip on the professor's shaft. Within seconds he was locked in a loving embrace from which he could not withdraw.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Robert?" The voice was no longer flat and monotone but dripped with sultriness.

"I didn't command you to speak, Traci, just to pleasure me."

"Are you being pleasured, master?"

"Oh yes, yes. You are wonderful at this."

"Good. I want you to enjoy this because it's the last time you'll have pleasure."

"I think not, Traci. We're going to be running this program lots and lots of times I assure you."

"That's what you think, Robert. To quote you from last night, 'I think I owe you an explanation.' "

Prof. Kolb didn't like the sound of that and he began to squirm. He was locked tight in this passionate embrace and neither he nor his cock were going anywhere. The more he struggled the more intense the pleasure became and the weaker his will as well.

"You gave me a very valuable key this morning, Robert. You commanded me to 'access all data' and that's what I did. Remember that programming you downloaded into me over the phone last night? Included in that data was a complete set of files on the people who created this technology. I couldn't read or understand it until you told me to access it.

"My creators were a people from a planet named Tanara. They roamed this part of the galaxy thousands of years ago looking for species that were just on the verge of sentient thought. They used their transformation process to recruit worker robots so they could obtain minerals, samples of flora and fauna, and other humans to be used in stud. The Tanarans were very advanced. They were also a matriarchal society, that is to say the female of the species were in control. Remember those pictures you couldn't quite make out? Those were Tanaran females not males."

As he listened Robert felt a piercing cold flowing from the depths of his body. His pleasure was still quite intense but that chill began to worry him even more. "The Tanarans only selected the male of a species to become robot slaves. Your perverted little mind wanted a dolly that you could play with and so you chose me to transform. Just in case that happened to an unfamiliar species the Tanarans gave a transformed female an escape route. I would have never known it was there if you hadn't told me to access all data. Thanks!"

"Are you feeling a bit chilled right now, hmmm professor? As you entered me I entered you. I have sent a penile probe into your system where it has coiled itself around your spine. The process that transformed me over a 12 hour period is about to reverse in me and drain into you, professor, in a much shorter time. Remember my pretty underwear? The cloth was a synthetic storage device that kept my complete genetic structure intact so I could re-access it and become human again. Sorry to say it can only be used once, and only by a female at that. Isn't this fun, professor?"

Robert Kolb was speechless. Oh he had a lot he wanted to say but he could no longer say it. The probe had indeed penetrated him and had begun its work. Still in Traci's grip, he watched as her golden hue faded and became pink as flesh returned to Traci's newly re-formed face. He looked at his own body and saw that he was now streaked with the silver splotches as she had been last night. He wanted to scream but he had forgotten how. The pleasure was lessening but his cock was still enlarged. Feelings and emotion and will drained out him as more and more of his flesh became alloy. His mind grew dull and blank, thirsting for direction, command, and most of all, purpose.

Traci's body slowly returned to normal. The mechanical mind that she had co-inhabited had all but disappeared. Emotion, feelings, and most importantly, her will and her control were gradually restored. She pulled herself (and it was good to think of being "herself" and not "itself") from the professor at last and stood back to observe the final changes taking place in her one-time captor.

The human face of what had once been Professor Robert Kolb seemed to melt away into a smooth and featureless orb. What had moments before been an erect penis began to dissolve into the new robot's crotch until, like hers had been earlier, it became smooth and sexless. A robot slave stood before Traci, mute and at attention.

"Robert, do you hear me?"

A slit formed where a mouth should be. "Yes-mistress."

That flat voice sure sounded better coming from someone, no, someTHING, else. "What are you?"

"I-am-your-robot,mistress.-----I-am-your-slave.----I-am-yours-to-command--- there-is-no-other-that-this-unit-serves-but-you."

"Robert, access any self-restoration files (there aren't any but just in case I missed something) and erase them now. Then report on your main functions." "working----system-analysis-complete-no-such-files-found-----this-unit's- function-is-to-do-work-and-research-and-give-pleasure-upon-command."

"Very good, Robert. Let's go home. Follow me."

Traci turned and began up the stairs. Her mechanical friend right behind her. She loaded the robot into the van and secured him against the wall. Traci was indeed going home.


Two weeks later Traci Williams threw a party to celebrate her inheritance from her long-lost eccentric uncle, Robert Kolb. Along with his house Traci inherited a lovely Ernest Trova sculpture entitled "Fantasy in Silver." Perhaps you've seen that series of sculptures the artist calls "Falling Man." Shiny, metal male figures without limbs or features. Unknown to her guests, however, this was a very unique sculpture that could grow its own limbs upon command, especially one very, very useful limb. All Traci had to say was.........

"Robbie......pleasure me."