Similar Interests 

Dan had been jogging around the indoor track for fifteen minutes. Normally, he'd cut off after ten minutes, but each time he passed the aerobics area, he had to gaze upon the tight, statuesque form of a blindingly beautiful red-head wearing form hugging purple spandex shorts and sports bra. On his current pass, he saw that the aerobic group was breaking up. He would attempt to follow her discreetly, hoping for an opportunity to casually 'run into' her. Before that, he would try to catch her gaze for a brief second to scan her thoughts to learn more about her. He slowed his pace around the track and as he came around to the aerobics area again, he slowed even more and watched as his heart's desire walked across the track to the women's locker room. Every inch of her exposed body glistened with sweat, further enhancing Dan's attraction to her. "If she were frozen in this instance in time, she'd be an exquisite work of art." He thought. At that instant, his heart skipped a beat. For an almost imperceptible amount of time, their eyes locked and Dan quickly found the information he was looking for in her mind.

 Her name was Donna. She was twenty nine years old, single and heterosexual. She lived alone in a large apartment converted from an old warehouse. She was a successful artist. Most importantly, she was attracted to physically fit men and loved to be dominated. His mind quickly turned to creating that opportune moment for them to meet. He dashed into the men's locker room, showered quickly and dressed for outdoor life. He quickly made his way to the exit. He stepped outdoors and his heart sank. She was 5 or 10 steps ahead of him. There was no way to force a seemingly casual encounter now. As quickly as his heart bit the dust, it shot up to his throat. Her keys fell from her bag to the ground. She didn't hear them hit the ground and kept walking to her car. "Miss!" Dan raised his voice and quickly scooped up Donna's keys. Donna turned, sensing that the voice a short distance away was addressing her. Dan approached and handed the keys to her. "Thank you." She said.

 Rather than continue to her car, she paused. Dan decided to use this opportunity to attempt to plant a suggestion in her mind. Before he could do so, Donna spoke. "I couldn't help but notice you jogging earlier today. You usually finish well before my aerobics group breaks up, but today I couldn't help but feel you were watching me." Dan was taken aback. She hit the nail right on the head. As embarrassment was about to set in, he suddenly realized that she must have been watching him. "You seem to know my work-out habits pretty well yourself." He said casually. She returned his gaze, saying, "There's no need to beat around the bush here, why don't you follow me over to my place and we can better acquaint ourselves. I've been looking forward to meeting you for some time." Dan was both surprised and grateful. He did not expect her to be so forward, but he did not have an opportunity to scan her mind for a psychological profile, either.

 At her apartment, they relaxed on a comfortable sofa and talked. Within an hour each knew the other's personal history and professional aspirations. Since the conversation was flowing so smoothly, Dan pushed all thoughts of mental domination from his mind. The conversation then turned to a more intimate level. She confessed to being a bit of an exhibitionist as well as being having someone excersize complete domination over her, like she controls the direction, shape and form of her art. He admitted to preferring the dominating persona, but also loved hot and passionate sex.

 Minutes later, they were naked and lying next to each other in her bed. She looked deep into his eyes and he into hers. She simply said two words: "sculpt me". Dan acted out of instinct to the invitation. He reached into her mind through her eyes and seized control. Donna's persona stood aside as Dan's thoughts directed her body over his and slowly down his erect organ. Like a puppet, she was unable to wrest control from him. The experience, however, was making her almost dripping wet and quite hot. As she grew hotter, Dan grew harder. Donna mentally took note of Dan's reaction. When it was her turn, she would know how to use this. Donna's body suddenly stiffened in place as Dan commanded mentally transformed her body into an inert, solid substance. She felt Dan's hands on her hips guiding her frozen body up and down with varying speeds. She had become a Dan's toy, but she wanted something more… to be Dan's creation. Sensing her thoughts, Dan relaxed his control over Donna's mind just enough to ask her what she wanted to be when she asked to be sculpted. She replied that she wanted to feel him move her body and fashion it to his desires, to be released only when she climaxed. To help herself to mentally severe ties to conscious thought, she drew a deep breath, lowered her arms at her sides, sat up and uttered an old chant. When she was done, Dan felt her body relax and he seized control of Donna's mind again. He froze her in place on his hardened member. He felt her body stiffen at his command and grow hotter, further increasing his pleasure. He then set out to 'sculpt' her body. He reached up to her shoulders and ran his hands down her arms. They were as rigid as the rest of her body, but there was something else. Her arms changed. They had actually hardened into a material that felt like cool plastic. He ran his hands down her arms again to see if he wasn't dreaming. Her arms had indeed become plastic appendages. They were perfectly detailed and flexible with some effort. Dan grew more excited and Donna's sex grew hotter in response. Dan then ran his hands over her thighs and legs. As with her arms, Donna's legs were also transformed. Dan realized that Donna was indeed becoming what she wanted, his work of art. Further, she was fulfilling his innermost fantasy. Next, Dan's hands moved to Donna's breasts. As if in response to his unspoken desires, her breasts did not transform, at least, not immediately. First, they grew more firm and her nipples quite erect. He cupped breast and held them up. Finally, he felt them change and grow cool to his touch. He ran his hands down the rest of her torso and finally up her back. Donna sensed what was to come next. A moment later, her body received the command to shape her lips into a sensuous smile. She felt his fingers brush her lips and she felt them harden. His hands caressed her face to complete the process. Just before he passed his hand over her eyes, Dan sensed her growing excitement and something else that he couldn't quite identify. He continued to stare deep into her eyes as they lost their glimmer of life and became dull plastic. With the exception of her sex, Dan had succeeded in turning her into a work of art. That would change soon enough, for moments later, he exploded into her. As he withdrew himself from her, he felt her most private exposed flesh change and cool to room temperature.

 For untold minutes, Dan stared into Donna's lifeless eyes, not quite believing what had happened. She was perfectly sculpted, yet flexible enough to be posed with some effort. He thought about what to do next. How could she climax in her petrified condition? An idea slowly formed. If she's an exhibitionist who wanted to become a work of art, then perhaps she needed to be put on display. He carefully lifted the solidified, inert form of Donna off of him, finding her surprisingly light. He quickly washed himself off and decided on a course of action. He would put her on display with the rest of her art in her private studio. He carefully straightened out Donna's legs and kept her arms at her sides and then carried her into her studio. He had not yet seen the studio, but when he entered he found a rather large, dimly lit room. What little light came from a skylight above the center of the room. Below the skylight was an empty pedestal. After several seconds of groping for a lightswitch in the darkness, Dan gave up and decided to place his creation on the pedestal in the center of the room. He spread her legs for proper balance and set her in place. He then tried posing her in various seductive positions and finally settled on leaving her with her legs apart, with her hands gently touching opposite nipples. A new thought formed in Don's mind. Although she had become what he desired, she was still more of a toy than an object of art. He needed to rectify this, if only because it was Donna's last request. There was no way for her plastic body to climax, and a true work of art would not be flexible. Dan stepped up to the plastic woman in the dimly lit pedestal and ran his hands over her body and through her long, fine hair. He sensed her body changing, but was unable to see what was happening to her. He stepped back from the pedestal. As he did so, he heard a 'click' and the pedestal lights came on. Dan had accidentally stepped on the switch. When his eyes adjusted to the onslaught of light in the center of the room, he gasped. Donna's color had changed. She was pure white. Her hair was likewise transformed. He noticed that the light seem to dance off of her body. He walked up to her and stared at her ivory white face. Her previously dull eyes were now featureless white orbs. Her previously ruby lips were simply smooth, hard surfaces. Her painted fingernails were similar in appearance. Her hair was now a mold, reaching down and touching her shoulders. She had indeed become Dan's work of art.

 Dan found himself growing aroused by this lovely, still and silent sight. For a moment, he wished he could join her in this immortal state, forever gazing into her eyes. As he was exploring the arousal growing within him, something happened. "Did Donna just move?" He thought. He stepped back and stared at the ivory white goddess in the center of the room. Just within the range of human perception, Dan noticed that the statue of his lover was vibrating. A low hum could now be heard from where her stone feet met the pedestal. The hum grew in volume and the vibrating statue began glowing. Moments later, the glow became blinding and Dan shielded his eyes. When the brilliant glare subsided, Dan's eyes beheld Donna's nude form in the flesh. From within her petrified prison, she had climaxed, releasing her from Dan's control.

 "I'll bet you didn’t know you had it in you." She greeted him. Dan was speechless. Indeed, the events that had taken place were beyond his capacity to understand. "It's my turn now. I'll explain what happened later. Did you find yourself turned on by the experience?" Dan could only nod to indicate his response. "Then take me now and I'll explain everything to you." Dan didn't say a word, he was trying to catch Donna's gaze in order to learn what had happened. This time, however, Donna caught his gaze and now held him firmly in her control. Whether or not Donna was influencing Dan's mind was irrelevant at that moment, for he did want her. He wanted to relive the experience. She stepped up to him and gently pressed her hands down on his shoulders, indicating that she wanted him on the floor. Silently, he complied. She kneeled over him and rubbed herself against his hardening member. She was already wet and growing quite hot. As Dan yearned to be in her, the last of his will was struck down by Donna's mind. Slowly, she stroked his sex and felt him grow within her, all the while strengthening her hold on his mind. Later, when she was satisfied that Dan could no longer act of his own will, she started putting him through the same transformation process she had gone through. As her hands passed over his body, his flesh hardened. What was left of Dan's consciousness reacted by throbbing within her. He saw her hands pass in front of his eyes. His vision dimmed considerably, but he could still see. Donna then stood her enslaved toy on the pedestal and then picked up a remote control device of sorts from a darkened area of the studio. She stepped back into Dan's field of vision. He felt her encircle his still human member with her hand and begin to stroke him. With her free hand she began posing him on the pedestal. She spread his legs apart, pulled his arms out in front of him at hip level and opened up his hands so that his palms faced outward.

 "You and I are a lot alike, Dan." She said. "You fantasize about frozen women, and I sculpt your fantasies. I knew about your mental abilities. When our eyes met earlier on the jogging track I gave you the thoughts you wanted to sense. Nothing you read from my mind at that time was true, except for my work. Later, in the parking lot, I continued the charade, with the goal to get you into my bed, as it were. When we were making love, you didn't really transform me into your doll and finally into frozen stone, I put myself through those processes. As you watched your wildest fantasies come true, I used my mental abilities to plant certain suggestions into your thoughts. They led you carry my body into this studio. They led you to touch me again to turn me to stone. Finally, they led you to wish for the same immortality that had been bestowed upon my sculpted figure. When I sensed your wish, I climaxed, endowing me with the energy needed to release me so that I could do the same to you. Now, your wish will come true." She thumbed the remote and a simple bar was lowered from the ceiling. When it was low enough, she leaned over onto the bar, thrusting her ass towards Dan's still stiff member. She thumbed another control and the pedestal Dan was placed on was lowered several inches. Donna tested the height by backing her moistened 'lips' onto Dan's cock. She let out a gasp as Dan grew harder and throbbed with her. "Now, Dan, before I use my remaining energy to complete your transformation, I want you to know that after you've become sculpted stone, your senses will still be intact and you will probably be quite horny for the remainder of eternity. Don't worry about that, I usually use my statues for sexual arousal whenever I need a recharge." She then began stroking him again, feeling his frozen hands on her ass, exciting her even more, quickening her pace. She felt his grow hotter, the throbbing increasing. Finally, he exploded into her and she screamed another foreign chant. Dan felt an electric surge race up his cock and then through his body. When it subsided, he found that his vision had cleared. Passing in front of his eyes was a panoramic view of Donna's studio. She had switched on the lights so that he could see everything. Arranged around him in a circle were various statues of Donna's former lovers, male and female, each immortalized as gleaming white stone. The pedestal slowed and came to a stop. Dan found himself staring into a mirror. Like those he had just seen, he had become one of Donna's works of art, forever a part of her frozen tableau of lovers.