A New Form of Slavery

by  Steve

     It was a beautiful Monday morning and Cacey had just awoke from a good nights sleep.  After eating some breakfast, it was time for her to look through the want ads in the newspaper.  She had lost her job as a sales associate when the department store she was working at went out of business last week.

     She noticed numerous help wanted ads for fast food restaurants, and other jobs that she was not interested in.  She was going to need to make quite a bit of money on her first pay check, because her rent was due soon.  She was very frustrated until she caught a glimpse of an ad that had her interested.

     The ad stated that J & H modeling was holding auditions for three modeling positions.  The salary that was listed  for those that were chosen was more then she needed to pay her rent.  "I can do this." she said to herself.  She had often modeled when the department store needed her someone to show off there new items.  She had also taking a couple of modeling classes in college.

     Cacey was a very beautiful women.  She had often noticed men staring at her. They did not offend her because she enjoyed having men look at her.  She had long blonde hair and brown eyes.  Her skin had a lite tan to it.  She was also very proud of her breasts, they were firm and a very nice size.  She could tell that some of her female co-workers where jealous of her.  

     A phone number was giving to call for more information.  Cacey wrote down the phone number from the ad and was ready to call.  She did not even finish reading the ad.  She called the number and learned that the auditions where for 5:00 today.  She began to panic.  "I have to fix my hair, find a nice dress, how am I going to be able to make it in time."

    Cacey got dressed and decided that she better go to the mall first and find a nice dress to wear.  She went to three different stores and was not having any luck in finding something that she liked.  She looked down at her watch to see what time it was.  "Oh my gosh, it is 1:00.  I will have to buy a dress from the next store that I go in if I am going to make it in time."

     Lucky for Cacey in the next store she found the perfect dress.  It displayed just enough of her breasts to turn any man on.  She charged it on her credit card and rushed home to get ready.  She fixed her hair,  put on her makeup and dress and proceeded to the location of the auditions.

     Once she arrived,  she could see that there were numerous women there.  Looking around she thought to herself, "I am better looking the most everyone here."  She went up to the table that had the sign,  "Please sign in here.".  She was given an application to fill out.

     Most of the the question were basic, Name, Age, Experience, etc.  A few of the questions surprised her though.  Who to contact in case of emergency?,  Do you know your neighbors well?,  Do you have a boyfriend of husband?.  She could not think of anyone to put as a someone to contact in case of emergency.  Her parents had died when she was young, and since then her grandparents had passed away as well.  She filled in the blank with no-one.  She also answered "NO" to the other two questions, and handed the application back to the person who had given it to her. The only thing for her to do now was to wait.

     She was getting nervous it had been a little over an hour since she had arrived and had not been called in to audition.  There where very few people remaining.  At last she heard her named called and was directed into another room.  In this room was a single photographer and a few props.

"Hello my name is James, and you are Cacey correct?"

 "Yes I am.  It is nice to meet you James."  

"It is nice to meet you as well.  We need to go ahead and get started it has been a long day.  Could you please step onto the platform and we will start with a few simple pictures."

     For the next few minutes Cacey posed in different positions as James quickly took numerous pictures.  Cacey was really getting into the modeling,. "I really think that I will be chosen", she thought to herself.

"You are doing very well Cacey."

"Thank you James"

"Now I need for you to remove your clothes."

"What, I did not know that I was going to have to model in the nude?"

"Did you not read the whole ad?  It stated that there would be some nude photography involved.  We want to see all of your abilities.  We can stop if you want."

Cacey remembered not looking at the whole ad because she was so excited.  She decided that she better go ahead with it, considering that she had already invested money in a dress and felt confident that she would be chosen.

"There is not need to stop.  I will go ahead and due the nude photos."

     Cacey went ahead and removed her dress and underwear and went back to the platform.   She began posing and James began taking photos again, just where they left off.  After a few more photos James stopped.

"What is wrong James?  Are we done?"

"I want to take a couple more pictures but this camera appears to be jammed.  I will have to get my other one, could you just wait a minute please."


James went over to his bag and removed another camera.

"Ok, I am ready.  Now I want you to assume the pose that I am about to describe and hold it for a couple of minutes while I take a few more pictures.  Are you ready?"

"I am ready, lets go ahead and get started."

"Ok,  I want you to stand with your feet slightly apart with your left foot a few inches in front of you right.  That is perfect.  Now take your right hand and place it under your right breast and push it up slightly, just like... that.  Now finally, tilt your head back just a little and place the fingers of your left hand in your hair like your were combing it backwards."

Cacey assumed the pose just as James had directed.

"Perfect now just hold that pose."

James took a handful of pictures, then he pressed a button on the side of the camera that he had not used before.  I bright beam of light fired out of the camera and hit Cacey.  Cacey's body began to change to a white color.  She was no longer able to move.  "What is happening to me?"  she wanted to say but was unable to do so.  The last thing the she remember before blacking out was hearing James say "Your are perfect Cacey."

     Cacey had been changed in white marble from head to toe.  She was now a perfect nude statue.  She did not have a chance to even change the expression on her face.

"She is indeed the perfect one to be chosen.  There is no one who will miss her, and she is very beautiful.  Mr. Brown will me happy to and her to his collection.  Larry,  Derrick. please load this one in the truck with the other two, it is time to return to the Brown estate.

The statue that was once Cacey was loaded onto a truck with two other nude statues.  The truck started up, and headed away.  Meanwhile in the lobby where everyone else was waiting to be told if they were chosen, it was announced that the three luckily women had been chosen.

Cacey was awakened, but was still a little confused due to her experience yesterday.

"Hello ladies, welcome to my Estate.  I am Mr. Brown and you have been chosen to be my slaves.  The device that was used on each of you was a creation of mine.  It enables me to change all or part of your body into any substance that I want.  As you can see each of you has a different amount of your body as marble.  Cacey you have up to your head as marble, Sally up to your breasts is marble, while you Melinda are lucky enough to only have up to your waist as marble."

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"I am doing this because I can and want to."

"Please let use go.  We will tell nobody about you."

"I am sorry, but you will never be able to leave this place again.  You are going to be my slaves.  I am not totally cruel,  I will allow each of you to spend an hour each day doing what you want to do.  There are numerous things to do around my estate.  The only rule that I have is that you shall not try to escape.  If you do so you will hate that you did.  I am now going to turn each of you back to 100% flesh, but remember my rule about attempting to escape."

Mr. Brown then used his device to return all three ladies back into flesh.  For the rest of the day he had each of them do different tasks anywhere from cleaning to posing for him in private.  Around 10:00 pm all the ladies where gather in the same room that they were first awakened in.

"It is time for me to go to sleep tonight.  But before I do that I must decided how to prevent you from escaping.  I have an idea."

He then pointed his device at Melinda,  the beam of light hit her and she became solid gold.

"What have you done to her?"

"I have prevented her from escaping by turning her to gold.  Now for you Sally."

The same beam of light hit Sally and she became gold as well.  

"Now Cacey I have something different in mind for you.  Please stand with your feet apart and you hands on the side of your legs."

Cacey did as she was told out of fear.

'What are you going to do to me?"

Before she could finish her sentence the beam of light hit her.  But to her surprise not all of her body had been changed to gold.  From her waist down was gold.  When she tried to move her arms up she noticed that her hands were gold and were attached to her legs.  She was unable to move her arms.

"As you can see Cacey I was not misleading you when I said that I change any part of you body.  Now two of my men are going to carry you to my bedroom.  You are going to be placed there so that I can look at you as I fall asleep.  If you make any noise, I will have to silence you myself."

Cacey was placed in Mr. Brown's room and spent the night there.  She could often she Mr. Brown reaching for his dick.  She could tell that he was enjoying having her standing there with her breasts exposed unable to move to cover them  She eventually feel asleep along with Mr. Brown.. What else could she do.

A month past with each on the women spending the night in different poses and with different amount of there body being flesh.  The women had been turned into stone, wood,  plastic,  glass, and many other substances.  The women had often been forced to perform sexual acts for Mr. Brown.  One day Mr. Brown had Sally on her hands and knees sucking his disk when he decided to turn body from the neck down into stone.  Mr. Brown often enjoyed turning the women into stone or other substances when they least expected it.  Once Cacey had bent over to pick up a piece of paper of the floor when Mr. Brown had change her from her stomach down to her toes into glass, leaving her in the bent over position for 3 hours.

     During the last month during her free hour each day Cacey had searched for the exit to the estate and had found it a week earlier and noticed that it was never locked.  She had debated for the last few days as to whether or not she should try to escape.  She remembered what Mr. Brown had said about attempting to escape, but had decided she was going to go ahead an attempted it today.  She was tired of being turned to stone and other things at the wish of Mr. Brown.

Finally she was released for her hour of freedom for the day.  She proceeded to the room that was the location of the exit.  She looked around and saw that no one was around.  "I guess it is now or never."  Cacey then began to run for the door that lead to her freedom.  When she was about three feet from the door she saw the bright light hit her.

"No, I was so close!"

>From her waist down, her body began the same white marble that she had been transformed into the first time.

"I told you to never attempt to escape.  Now I am going to have to punish you.  Bill and Ken,  please take her to the helicopter in the back of the estate.  After you have loaded her into the helicopter take her to location A and do as I have instructed you to do in a situation like this."

Cacey was taken to the helicopter even thought she struggled with all her strength.  The helicopter then lifted of the ground.

"Where are you taking me?"

"You will find our when we get there."  Ken answered.

"What are you going to do with me when we get there?"

"Again you will find out when we get there."

The flight seemed to take forever to Cacey.  The helicopter finally touched down in a clearing in the middle of a forest.  Cacey was taken off the helicopter and then carried a few hundred yards into the woods.  Bill and Ken then started to walk away.

"Where are you going?  You can not leave me here like this."

"I am sorry, but we have our orders and they are to leave you here as your punishment."

"No, don't leave me, Please don't"  Cacey continue to plead.  But it did not matter.  Bill and Ken returned to the helicopter and took off. Cacey was now in the woods all by herself unable to move because her lower body was stone.

"What am I going to do now?"

To be continued

Author's Note: Anyone who wants to begin writing where I stopped feel free to do so.  I would enjoy having someone continue my story.

[Ed.Note - CMQ has taken up the author's request, in A New Form of Slavery 2: On Display]

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