A Long Sleep


Nova Android

System Activation....

Memory Check...OK

System Scan.......................OK

Program Loading.........OK

Begin Operation Sequence_

Her hearing became active first. She could hear the sounds of breathing in the room. Three men. One elderly, his wind coming in aging, worn, lungs. One was a smoker, drawing in gasping, raspy breaths through ragged, smoke damaged passages. The last, drawing cleaned, filtered air through young, and fairly healthy lungs. As her operating system began intializing the rest of her functions, her sense of touch became acutely aware of the cold lab table, under her bare skin. A slight breeze of air-conditioning washed over her. The tingling cool sensation made her syntheskin contract in response. Her nipples hardened. Already she was beginning to receive more input on her own systems data, than any human mind could process from so many different sources.

The powerful, coated optical sensors of her photoelectric eyes, registered a dark covering. Her own eyelids. She opened her eyes. As she did, she heard the sound of the miniature pumps, pressurize to open her eyelids. Though the team who built her had taken every pain to insure that the sounds of her body's internal operations were totally unheard by normal humans, she could hear the sounds within her own body as easily as she heard the men.

Her gaze fell upon them, and her optics focused on them. Their faces flashed through a series of memory logs until at last they came to rest on a profile and picture of each man. The elderly Japanese man, was Sanshiro Osato; the current owner and president of the Daikoku World Industries. He was descended from a great family of samurai warriors, whose lineage dated back to the Muromachi Era. Even now, he wore a formal men's kimono with the mon of the Osato family. The youngest man was Hyogen Mugoi, the Vice-president of the Daikoku Corporation. He wore a finely, tailor made business suit. Her olfactory senses could detect the smell of perfume on him. A woman's perfume, masked only slighty by the robust smell of the cologne he wore. The rasping man was Doctor Aaron Lafeyson, her inventor. She felt something akin to love when her gaze fell upon him. His lab coat was rumpled and burned or stained in various places, and she could easily detect the acrid smell of the cheap cigarettes he smoked. A twinge of worry moved through her, as she lamented his poor health and upkeep.

Her internal clock registered the time and generated an appropriate greeting for her. "Good Evening, gentlemen. How may I be of assistance?" Her voice was like the sound of glass tinkling on a marble floor, with it's light and even pitch. Her inventor smiled at her, "Unit 7, these men are here to assess my work and your capabilities. Please show them your affection". NVA-7 (for that was her full designation), smiled and rose from the table. She moved towards Mugoi, and embraced him. Her bare, pink nipples rubbed against his chest as she leaned towards him and kissed him. Her flexible tongue probed it's way into his mouth and moved eel-like against his own tongue. She noted that in response his heart rate increased, and that his penis was becoming erect.

She smiled and knelt at his feet in the manner of a servant, and then slowly let her hands caress his legs, up to the zipper on his suit. Mugoi gasped as she unzipped his pants and gently brought out his manhood. Osato-Sama, merely watched his young associate with bemused interest. Mugoi gasped and placed his hands on her head. He began to softly stroke her fine, Firey red-gold hair. She brought her perfectly formed pink mouth around his erect penis and began to slowly move, with slow and delicate strokes, using her wet tongue to stimulate certain points on his penis to bring him to orgasm. Mugoi moaned, as he released. NVA-7 was careful to delicately lick, every drop of spilled semen, away from her mouth and his crotch. She then smiled and stood up.

"That's fine unit 7, go ahead and lay back down on the table and resume sleep mode". NVA-7 did as she was told, obediently climbing back upon the table and assuming her original posture. She then closed her eyes and shut-down all of her primary systems, except the slight current she used to maintain her onboard timed functions and memory.

Mugoi let out a deep breath and sat down in one of the few chairs in the lab. Doctor LaFeyson moved over to NVA-7 and using a small tool, gently pried open an access panel in her firm belly. The hatch removed itself completely to reveal a complex system of integrated circuit boards, wire, and steel framing. Small lights blinked and a few machines within her lower abdominal cavity whirred and spun. LaFeyson attached a set of plugs to two of the circuit boards in NVA-7's torso, and then moved up to her face. He pulled away her lovely face, and the gleaming optical systems and complex wired systems that made up her major sensor arrays were exposed to the room's bright lights.

"As you can see sirs, the NVA units are quite convincing, and totally subservient to their masters dictates", stated LaFeyson. "So what task is it that you needed this unit to perform?" Osato-Sama looked at Mugoi. "We are having trouble with a small, but influential sect within the Triad Society. We need a disposable, loyal and totally unknown operative to remove this man". Mugoi pulled out a small photograph of a handsome Chinese man, who had the strong, almost caucasian features of a Manchurian. "This man is Lee Yuen, a minor boss in the Los Angeles district." Although he is only a small fish now, rumor has it that he has information, that may shift the balance of power in that area, further into Triad Society hands". "We cannot allow that to happen, the interests of the Daikoku group run heavily through that area, and Yuen's information could cause a bottleneck in our production." Mugoi smiled as he continued. "To that end, we'd like to have one of your dolls get close to him and kill him." "To that end, our specialists have created a small, explosive charge that you will place inside the NVA unit." When she gets close to him, you will program her to detonate, which will destroy Yuen and any of his upper-level associates." They'll think it was a rival gang and fight it out until they tire. Meanwhile we shall strengthen our foothold in that area and insure that no petty mob boss will ever be able to cause us grief."

LaFeyson swallowed hard. He was being told to use one of his creations, something he'd spent decades perfecting as a simple suicide device. "Uh, well sir, I can do that, but that's a lot of money we'd be losing if an NVA unit were destroyed". Mugoi smiled cruelly at the obvious discomfort that the Doctor was experiencing,"Believe me, Doctor, the loss is hardly worth noting compared to the loss in revenue we stand to lose if that area should experience upheaval. No doctor, our course is quite clear. Destroy the head and the body will die, and no one shall be the wiser for our part in this power shift. " Mugoi was almost salivating as the obvious taste of the power that this preemptive strike could arrange for him.

Osata-Sama, only looked at the doctor asn said,"We must all pledge our lives to our company, and all those who work for us, or are built by us. I agree to Mugoi's plan. Please see that you follow it". LaFeyson could only shudder and sigh. He nodded as though he had just been asked to amputate his own leg to stop it from gangrene. "I will do it".

The two men left the lab, leaving LaFeyson with his creation. LaFeyson began to run diagnostics and programming checks on NVA-7. A few moments later a man carrying a cigar-box sized metal case entered the room. The man explained to LaFeyson, that this was the explosive and detonator, and then left the lab.

LaFeyson's blood ran cold as he opened the box. A fist sized hunk of grey-black explosive with a simple set of wiring on another box was all it contained. He gingerly picked up the explosive and looked at it, thinking,"So much destruction in such a small form. My god, was this how the scientist who built the first atomic bomb must have thought?". LaFeyson replaced the bomb in it's case, and then tended to NVA-7.

Several hours later, he finished his programming and diagnostic checks. He replaced NVA-7's beautiful face and it snapped into place with an audible click. He then closed-up her main terminal hatch and stood back to view her. He still hadn't worked up the courage to install the explosive, and as he looked at her seemingly sleeping and motionless form, he realized that he never would.

Cupping her head in his hand he kissed her unresponsive mouth, and moved his other hand down to her untouched femaleness. The fingers of his hand slowly stroked and penetrated her warm, pink labia, and he marveled at the fact that even in sleep mode she lubricated to his ministrations. Her mouth was wet, with newly replenished saline/enzyme solution that he himself had invented, and her mouth tasted of sweet cherries. He continued to fondle her lifeless body until an idea suddenly struck him.

Cleaning his fingers of her vaginal lubricant, he noted that it left the sweet residual smell of cherries. He raced down the halls to another lab, where a colleague was testing combat robots. Machines, designed only to kill...

Two days later, NVA-7 opened her eyes again, as her systems began to activate. She puzzled for only a brief micro-second over the wealth of new data she sensed had been loaded into her memory. Part of the data instructed her to go shopping for an outfit that would be suitably enticing to her target: Lee Yuen. A simple jumpsuit and a large wad of 100 dollar bills were all that the room contained, but she knew that these would be the only tools she would need to fulfill her function

Zipping up the simple jumpsuit and stuffing the bills into her pocket, NVA-7 headed to the door, and found that she was in a motel room somewhere in the Alhambra area of Los Angeles. Her memory had no record of how she had made the trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles, but that was not important. Fulfilling her mission directives was her only goal now.

Her first goal was to observe Lee Yuen, and see what type of woman he found appealing, then she would become that woman. Her memory had a large and detailed file on what locales and establishments, Yuen frequented. At this time of day, Yuen generally partook of the meals served at the Golden Palace restaurant.

Since it was a place open only to reservations, she had to settle for being able to watch Yuen from a distance. Luckily her optics were designed to pinpoint focus on targets as small as a dime from a distance of up to 1 mile! She easily found a vantage point in the rocky Californian countryside and watched as Yuen's vehicle arrived at the restaurant.

Lee Yuen stepped from his vehicle. He was the picture of success. His carefully brushed, black hair was cut in an attractive, close-crop. He reached for the hand of his passenger to help her from the car. Her name was Candi, and he had only recently met her near a bar that he and his men frequented. She was an attractive blonde woman, in her early thirties. Her finely kept figure was almost poured into her black rubber halter, with a short skirt. Six-inch spiked heels completed her ensemble and as she stepped from the vehicle, Lee rubbed her curvy, round bottom. NVA-7 noted that Yuen's movement seemed to indicate that he had a preference for synthetic, shiny material, and brightly colored women. Perfect.

As Lee Yuen and his date entered the Golden Palace, NVA-7 made her way to a pay-phone where she contacted a taxi-service to take her to the Melrose Avenue shopping district. After looking in several fetish shops, she discovered one that had what she needed.

The shop was called," Future Fashions", and it's clothes ranged from shiny silver bikinis to see-through plastic panties. NVA-7 searched the racks and aisles of clothing until she located what she needed. The man inside of his little wooden booth had been a robot fetishist for many years, his fantasies involved a gorgeous chrome-plated fembot with a metal plate cover on her crotch, to come invite him to open it. He almost choked when he saw the lovely red-headed woman trying on the various outfits to find one she thought she liked. First she tried a tight-fitting shiny silver bikini top. The silvery curves of her chest and belly, moving seductively down to the mound between her legs made him erect and pulling at his jeans to adjust his swiftly growing erection. Then she tried a black leather two-piece set with shining gold chains on it. He tried hard to resist the urge to masturbate, in his booth. The clinking chains sang beautifully as she twisted her waist and hips to get the feel of the outfit. Finally she settled on an outfit and walked up to his booth to pay. The poor man reached for the money with his dry left hand and made change for her. NVA-7 smiled at him, noting that his reaction to her final choice was decidedly the response she wanted from Lee Yuen.

Several hours later, NVA-7 climbed out of the taxi, in front of the Red Dragon Club. It was a popular nightspot in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles, and she knew that Yuen had a private apartment located atop the club (he was after all, the owner). She paid the driver and smiled at the stunned doorman who could only gape as she walked past him, ignoring the line of other patrons waiting to enter the club.

Lee Yuen was sitting in his corner of the club where he liked to entertain guests, but he was not in an entertaining mood. His dissatisfaction with Candi earlier had caused him to consider what was wrong with him. For years he had entertained thoughts of a sexual encounter with an android or robot. Ever since he had seen the pictures of Hajime Soryama, he had longed and desired such beautiful and lively women as those depicted in the books. Sometimes he thought that there was something wrong with him, that he was truly alone in a world full of normal people. He did not understand how his friends could be so uncaring in their choice of women. "To them, a pussy is just a pussy, and style counts for nothing". He was about to head to his apartment, when she walked in.

She was 5'9" and had a muscular, toned body, but without the bulk of a weightlifting woman. She moved like a dancer, and had legs that seemed to end... Her beautiful red and gold hair showered around her face and shoulders like the sparks from an arc-welder, and her large blue eyes, seemed to glow slightly as the light touched her lightly tanned face. She wore a suit of shiny, silver spandex, like a body suit. It covered her entire body but every delicate fold of her skin and curve of her sensuous body was apparent beneath the silvery metal skin.

The dim lights from the room reflected in her silvery curves as she sat at the bar and ordered a ginger beer. "My, my a woman with such unusual tastes," commented Lee as he strode up to the silvery dream girl. "How do you mean "she said with a slight smile playing about her pouty pink lips. "Ginger beer is not a drink someone would normally order. Tell me....Do you like it spicy?", he said, moving closer to her. He waved at the bartender that he would pay for the drink, and the bartender reached behind the bar and filled a glass with ice and a sparkling yellow beverage. He then placed the glass in front of the gorgeous woman and retreated to the other side of the bar (so as not to cramp his bosses style). She picked up the glass and sipped some of the fizzing yellow beverage. She smiled as the bubbles tickled her sensitive nose, and the clean, and slightly spicy taste filled her sensations. "Actually, I've never tasted it until now", she said, "But I like it. It makes me feel cool and clean". Lee felt a stirring in his loins as he watched her delicate pink tongue lick the rim of the glass. He noted a slight English accent to her beautiful speech. Not like the cockney or some Australian dialect, but rather a very pure and well enunciated English, as though the language could not sound more correctly than if she pronounced it. "My name is Lee Yuen, I'm the owner here. And you are?" NVA-7's central computer pondered the question in a few milliseconds and then returned an appropriate answer,"Nova. My name is Nova". "Nova? That's an interesting name. What are it's origins?" Nova smiled and said,"I was named for my hair-color. Like a sun, flaring brightly before it dies". Lee shuddered as she described her name. Her perfect chest had heaved with the words "flaring" and "brightly". He thought he might grab her and immediately take her to his apartment, except that, his earlier disappointment had stalled him". Thinking quickly he said,"Tell me Nova, have you ever seen the art of Hajime Soryama?" "Of course. Anyone who's studied any kind of machines would notice Soryama's pictures." Yuen's heart leaped. "I have quite a collection of them you know. I'm a very big fan. Would you accompany me to my apartment and have a look?" Nova set her glass down and said,"Of course Lee. I'll do anything for you".

Lee could barely contain his excitement as he showed her the pictures. "Do they make you feel hot or sexy?" he inquired. Nova smiled at him as she began to unbutton his silk shirt, "Well, actually Lee, I've always had this fantasy where I play an android and my new owner decides to test my functions". Lee could stand it no longer. He quickly finished undressing and then walked around Nova. She stood as still as a statue, arms not moving, expression unchanging. Waiting for him to give her his commands.

Nova, respond to my touch", said Lee. "As you command, Master", she said. He began to caress and squeeze her breasts under the silvery material. Nova stood in perfect stillness, moaning and sighing to the feel of the spandex being caressed and moved against her skin. Lee knelt in front of her mound and put his mouth on the outside of it, moving his tongue around the surface of the spandex. Nova moaned as she felt the tongue touch the spandex and push it against her skin. After a few moments of this foreplay. Lee sat on the bed. "Strip", he commanded. Nova began to seductively strip the spandex from her body to reveal a beautiful, silvery bikini bra and panties. These too she stripped in slow deliberate fashion, as Lee lay on the bed, masturbating furiously".

Nova began to move towards him and the bed, when he said, "Stop. Move like a robot. and come to me". Nova slowed down the servos in her body and her movement became slow, smooth, but robot-like. She slowly moved towards Lee, with somewhat halting and jerky steps, her hair bounced and fluttered as she moved. Lee groaned as he came. Nova moved to lick it off, and then began to pleasure his member. Lee laid back in ecstasy as the naked red-head slid smoothly, but mechanically up and down his shaft. Her tongue created a ridge of pleasure on the sensitive underside of his shaft, and he felt his stamina rebuilding itself.

Nova stopped, looked up at him and said," What else do you desire master?" "Keep doing that, but bring you bottom over this way". Nova complied, but was careful to make sure and distribute her weight evenly. She weighed almost 100 pounds heavier than a normal woman, and she had to be careful not to reveal that fact. Lee put his nose and mouth into her wet sex, and marveled at how wonderful the taste was. Like cherry syrup. They continued to pleasure each other in this way until they reached orgasm. Then after a few minutes of breathing, Nova moved her face close to his, and said," Make love to me. Please?" Lee was amazed at his stamina. Ordinarily he couldn't do it with a woman more than once or twice a night, but something about this dream girl had him so excited and aroused that he found himself almost addicted to her body. He gently caressed her breasts and kissed her, maneuvering her under him.

Nova continued to use her neural stimulation unit on Lee. It's soothing waves, sent messages of pleasure directly to his cerebrum. Nova emitted a sharp gasp as he entered her. He had broken the delicate seal inside her vagina, and there was a sudden sharp stinging sensation, which quickly gave way to ecstasy, as she moved her pelvis against him, to swallow him. Lee was shocked when he penetrated her. Never in his life would he imagine a woman this beautiful to be a virgin. He smiled as he saw her face turn from a look of surprise to one of contentment. He thrust, deep inside her with long sure strokes, all the while marveling at her incredible responsiveness and sensitivity.

At last he climaxed, and as he did so, her response program allowed her to release. A smooth, wet sensation, covered Lee's member as he pulled himself free. Gasping and panting, Lee moved to the open window, and lit a cigarette. He had never experienced anything like her before. Sure he'd been with lots of women, but never one who was so perfect. He watched her sleep in the moonlight. "Women are so pretty when they're asleep", he thought. "Their faces, so peaceful and serene. Like an angel". Almost ten minutes later, a knock came on his door. Looking annoyed, Lee answered," This had better be good".

He walked to the door and opened it, outside stood his two lieutenants, Cheung and Won. Nova's hearing clicked, and her eyes flicked open as she heard the sounds of the men. Her primary program had seized control and she knew what had to be done. Lee, Won and Cheung were standing in the living room, and talking about business, when Nova walked in and put her arms around Lee's chest, hugging his back to her breasts. "I'm sorry", she whispered. "I really liked you, you were my first".

Lee's eyes bulged in surprise as Nova's arms began to move inward like an unstoppable pair of steel-vicegrips. He coughed out blood, as his ribs began shattering, and the air was forced from his lungs. Won pulled his pistol , but could not get a clear shot because Nova kept maneuvering herself to keep Lee between them. Finally Lee's chest and heart collapsed in a sickening crack, and Nova released him. As he fell, Nova did a front roll, into Won and knocked him down on his back. She grabbed his leg and wrapping her own legs around it, spun Won onto his belly and then sat backward on the leg, shattering the knee and leg. Cheung pointed the pistol directly at Nova and fired. Nova's body shuddered as the bullet penetrated her upper torso.

She sprang at Cheung, grabbing his wrist in one hand and elbow in the other. She painfully forced his arm back towards his face and pulled the tendons on his wrist. Cheung looked stunned as he blew his own brains out with the gun. Nova then turned back to the screaming Won, and sat next to him, putting his neck in the crook of her arm, she wrenched up and to the side. Won's neck cracked and snapped with a wet sound.

Getting to her feet, Nova inspected the damage to her systems. The bullet had passed through her upper torso, only to become lodged near her primary power unit. The damage was not severe, so she moved to the next step of her plan. She looted the bodies of Won and Cheung, coming up with a large wad of bills, next she dressed, hurriedly in her outfit, and turned to leave by the window. A twinge of remorse struck her, and she turned back to Lee. She walked over to him and witha tear rolling down her cheek, kissed him one last time. She then moved to the window, and pulled from a compartment in her right hip, the explosive device. She tossed the device in the middle of the corpses, and after jumping to the next rooftop, signaled the explosive to detonate. The entire upper floor of the Red Dragon Club burst into a cascade of flying wood and falling debris. Nova began to make her way along the rooftops until she reached the street level, where she hailed a taxi. "Airport". She said.

Two days later LaFeyson and Mugoi were in Osato's office watching the playback of Nova's memory. Mugoi became furious at Doctor LaFeyson," You were supposed to destroy the unit and the bodies! You deliberately disobeyed me!" LaFeyson replied," Yes, but in the end, you still got what you were after! Three dead Triad members and no clues as to who did it! And you even saved money!" "That is not the issue!" snarled Mugoi," You disobeyed my order, making me look like an incompetent in front of the company!" "To Hell with your face!" LaFeyson retorted, "Not only did I get the job done, I even managed to further my own research! Now we know that the NVA units can be programmed for other purposes and have excellent ability to think and reason!" Osato-Sama broke in," He is correct Mugoi. He has indeed exceeded my expectations in what I desired. The Triads are blaming each other for the incident and we have already begun operations in that area. LaFeyson, you have done well. Be sure to erase her memory so that it can't accidentally be used against us." "Yes sir." replied LaFeyson. As LaFeyson exited the office to return to his laboratory, Mugoi cursed under his breath," I will make you pay for your humiliation of me, doll maker..."

LaFeyson arrived at his lab to see Nova sitting on the table. She wasn't smiling at him, nor did she look like her normal cheerful self. Her eyes were those of a person in pain. Nova reached down and removed her stomach panel. "Please", she whispered," Please let me forget". LaFeyson sighed. He reached for the cables and connected them to her panels. Nova seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as her memory of the past week was purged. When she opened her eyes, she Doctor LaFeyson was crying.

"What's wrong Doctor?" she said as she moved to hug him. He smiled at her and said," Nothing, NVA-7. You've just woken up from a long dream".