The Smiling Statue

by Romana

Ever since she had been young Fiona had imagined that she was really a statue. She would stand for hours just wishing that she could be like this forever. Her friends thought she was a little weird but she was so generous and loving to them that they sometimes joined in her little fantasy.

As she grew up Fiona become more and more desperate, why wasn't she a statue she demanded answers from everything. School was ok but a little sad as they made her play too much hockey for her liking. She hated unnecessary moving never mind running about.

She would have piled on weight but she stuck to a strict diet because statues didn't need to eat did they? When her chest filled out all she could imagine was that her boobs would look far better if they were made of white marble than pinky gray flesh.

After school she got some relief posing as a living model for art classes. She actually got paid to stand still for hours no thoughts in her head except the simple happiness it brought her. She looked forward to it, and she got a great deal of praise for her efforts.

It was in her mid twenties when her salvation finally came. Totally depressed she took an overdose of pills from the bathroom cabinet. However as she lay on the floor at the point of death an angel appeared over her and cried. The tears covered her body, soaking her. The warm tears soaked into her skin, giving her a tremendous feeling inside. The angel helped Fiona to her feet and began to undress her. Fiona stood there silently as the angel breathed a purple cloud of vapor over her moist skin. The Angel then positioned her arms and legs in a certain stance and then kissed Fiona square on the lips.

Fiona gasped as the angel smiled again and told her that it was not her destiny to die but rather her deepest wish would be granted. Fiona's skin hardened and brightened to a polished white marble finish. The angel showed Fiona her eternally beautiful body in a mirror before taking Fiona's still form away to a luxurious mansion and put her on display along with a number of very realistic looking women and men.

The owners were puzzled by their new purchase. The statue had a curiously attractive smile on her lips but they thought no more of it as it suited it. Fiona loved the way visitors to the house ran their eyes over her flawless body. She loved to see the appreciation of her figure in their eyes. This was what she had wished for all her life and she hoped it would be forever.

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