Sour Candy

Episode Four of 'Destined for the Junk Pile'
by Fection

As he approached his apartment door, Charlie was frowning solemnly. He hesitated and actually sighed before knocking firmly. Charlie supposed that 'She' must have been waiting right by the door, because barely a moment later he heard the internal lock shift and the door was opened. There 'She' was, smiling excitedly, barely dressed, her nearly exposed bust swelling as she gasped, eyes wide.

"Hi honey, how was your day?" she gushed, before leaning invitingly forward to kiss him. Charlie ignored the voluptuous brunette, instead mumbling something and passing through the doorway into the pristinely tidy apartment. He took off his coat and held it out beside him without looking. She took it from him and hung it on a hook by the door as he moved toward the couch. He threw his case down one end of the couch and sat heavily on the other, sighing again and frowning. The shapely brunette moved gracefully beside him - perched on the edge of the couch, legs together, facing toward him, poised elegantly. As always.

"How was your day, honey?" she trilled pleasantly again. Charlie grunted and reached for the remote, turning on the TV and flicking through channels disinterestedly.

Shortly he glanced across at the deeply tanned woman. She was staring at him, smiling serenely - though her chocolate-brown eyes looked excited somehow - expectant. He looked her up and down. She was wearing that tiny pink sweater he liked so much - a low-cut neckline revealing tanned, bulging cleavage - the scant sweater also leaving her taut, toned tummy exposed. (The sweater was made out of that sort of fluffy wool........ angina wool? - something like that) She also wore what might once have been jeans, but were torn into extremely revealing and seemingly painted-on hotpants. Her flawlessly tanned legs led down to pink high heels, with little furry pom-poms on top that matched the sweater. Looking up again, Charlie noticed how her long dark brown hair, as always, shone with health - though held up and away from her face with doubtless cans of hairspray. He glanced down at that bulging cleavage again and seemed to resign himself to something. Managing a smile, he put the remote on the armrest beside him and turned to face her, leaning toward the scantily clad exotic beauty.

"Come here, you." Charlie mumbled before kissing her neck softly. His left hand reached under her sweater and around to her back while the other caressed her bosom from outside her sweater.

For a moment she did not respond at all, until there was a very faint electronic bleep, then immediately her eyes melted from excitement to bliss and they kissed with renewed vigour, hands caressing each other. As one, they toppled gently sideways, so that she was lying on the couch on her back, Charlie on top of her, their mouths entwined. She moaned longingly in the kiss and Charlie felt her hands at his shirt.  He pressed down against her, fondling, groping at her firmly stretched sweater. As she writhed below him there was another electronic bleep that Charlie did not appear to notice. He noticed only when she froze abruptly, and withdrew from the kiss.

"Would you like some dinner?" she trilled happily, looking up at him with eager eyes. Charlie frowned, dumbfounded and lost for words. Then he seemed to slump, disheartened, sighing slightly and pulling away from the formerly aroused brunette. Looking away, he shook his head and waved a hand dismissively in her direction.

"Yeah, fine. Sure. Whatever." He grumbled and the shapely woman's long legs wriggled out from under him, swinging smoothly down to the floor. She stood gracefully and strode elegantly toward the kitchen. Frowning, Charlie watched her toned rear end swaying alluringly as she disappeared through the kitchen doorway, then, hearing pots shifting in the kitchen a few moments later, he resigned himself to watching TV sourly. Charlie began to wonder if his decision a month earlier had been worth it, as he watched TV, frowning furiously......

Thomas had smiled apologetically with his eyebrows raised.

"That's the best I can offer you on the budget you've got." He'd explained reluctantly, then he seemed to brighten, "I think it'll work out fine." He turned to Charlie's Automate and patted the inanimate woman's shoulder. The slender, though conspicuously voluptuous brunette was perched on the edge of a white work bench dressed only in a scant plain white robe. Her head was very slightly tilted downward and to one side. Her face, while attractive, was simultaneously unnervingly devoid of life - the eyebrows slightly arched, the lips slightly parted, the deep brown eyes utterly unfocused. Her rather heavy make up looked a little smeared, as if a day old. There was the unmistakable odour of burnt electronics in the air and her right breast did not appear to want to sit level with it's counterpart in her robe.

"It'll be just like before, but without the remote control to get dropped in silly ol' water." Thomas pointed out. He had explained that parts from an older 'Perfect Girl' (a now obsolete pleasure companion) could be integrated into Candy's design and assured him that the resulting control panel would be barely noticeable.

"Also the old PerfectGirls have conversation programming for all their modes, so you'll always have plenty to talk about...."

Even then, Charlie hadn't been completely convinced, but had agreed to the work.

At first Charlie had been happy with his decision - Candy's control panel didn't seem to bug him - he just had her wear clothes that covered it. But after a few days Candy seemed somehow.........less.....................real. Sure, Thomas had told him Candy would be ready to talk regardless of which 'mode' she was in, but he declined to tell him how limited her conversational skills would be! - her predictable daily greeting when he came home from work was just one example of how increasingly pre-recorded she seemed. She could hardly answer a single question without first having to shut off briefly while she searched her memory banks for a reply. And having to switch modes from a panel actually ON HER BACK simply reminded him further that she was a machine. Even having her accidentally bumped into another mode during sex had happened before today - it made Charlie feel suddenly like he'd been making love to a glorified inflatable doll. (Actually, he had occasionally even begun to think this way when it DIDN'T happen. Sometimes when her skin was moist with his own perspiration it rubber) Most telling though, was the way she NEVER disagreed with ANYTHING he said - that, and the fact that she didn't have anything to say of her own volition. They'd never argued, but only because an argument with the voluptuous plaything seemed near impossible! Now, almost a month later it was becoming increasingly difficult to see the compliant girl as anything more than a life-sized sexed-up barbie-doll. And somewhere deep down, Charlie had begun to have nagging thoughts - perhaps Camilla was ready to forgive him. Perhaps he'd been too hasty in leaving her for.......whatever her name was. He almost hated to admit it, but he'd been a lot happier back then........

It was some minutes later when Charlie's shapely Automate appeared from the kitchen again, as always, a brown plastic tray held out in front of her. She walked gracefully up to Charlie, then leaned luxuriantly forward and presented his steaming dinner on the tray - her cleavage also proudly displayed once again. He glanced at the tray, then up past that tanned, pert cleavage and into all-too-perfect serene brown eyes, then sighed and took the tray from her. As he rested it on his knees and took the knife and fork in each hand, the picturesque woman turned smoothly and sat next to him.

"How was your day, honey?" she chimed cheerfully once again. Charlie's eyes rolled as he chewed.

"That's the third time you've-" He stopped and shook his head, "Doesn't matter - Ah, my day was fine honey, how was yours?" he added dismissively, taking another bite.

 "Great!" she gushed automatically. Charlie surveyed her suspiciously.

"Yeah? What was so great about it." He mumbled, shoveling still more food into his mouth. Candy's smiling mouth opened but then her expression seemed somehow pasted on and the mouth closed again. After a moment Charlie realised her expression was utterly frozen - a faltering smile and a vacant stare - then he rolled his eyes and continued eating.

"Searching." The voluptuous brunette droned a moment later. The focus suddenly returned to her eyes.

"My body is just SO great!" she explained excitedly, her shoulders straightening slightly.

Charlie's eyes rolled again.

"Well, THAT was a well chosen piece of dialogue." He mumbled to himself, shaking his head. A moment later he seemed suddenly to come to a decision, put down his knife and fork deliberately and wiped the corner of his mouth. "Is there anything you can say that isn't prerecorded?" he asked firmly. Candy's forehead furrowed as her enthusiastic smile faded. Her curious expression was strangely lifeless yet again.

"Searching." Came the predictable drone. Charlie sighed despondently and frowned. Shortly the robotic woman's lips moved again.

"Searching." She repeated, staring vacantly right through him, then she frowned playfully.

"Gee. I'm getting confused." Her eyes rolled and she shook her head slowly, gushing expressively, "I'm just SUCH a bimbo!"

Charlie sourly mumbled his agreement and continued eating his meal, stabbing at it grumpily and murmuring something about an expensive pile of junk. Candy's head cocked to one side and she smirked playfully.

"You look grumpy." She almost giggled.

Charlie nearly choked, then raised his eyebrows as he swallowed.

"Oh! Very well spotted!" he growled, nodding, "Yes, of course I'm grumpy!" he snapped.

"Aw....Poor little Charlie." Candy purred, switching to her pouty, playful voice. Her right hand moved smoothly to rest gently on Charlie's forearm, the fingers stroking back and forward, "What's got Charlie so grumpy?...."

Charlie sighed still yet again. He knew where this was going. Well, NOT today......

"If you must know......I'm unhappy with you." Charlie replied, his hand waving up and down her scantily clad figure, "Just"

"But I am perfect for you." Candy gasped dramatically, feigning offence, then her posture straightened still more as she smiled mischievously.

"Don't you just love my boobs?" she breathed slowly, her shoulders swaying slightly from side to side, her bust swinging in front of her.

Charlie looked her over again. Her over-sized bust was bulging from the neck line of her sweater. The hand at his forearm was stroking back and forward and she was smiling mischievously at him, her eyebrows raised enticingly. Charlie chuckled and shook his head.

"Sorry, but I don't think that would help right now......."

Candy's playful smile faltered abruptly.

"I MUST make you happy." She insisted.

"Well you don't."

"I MUST make you happy." Candy repeated still more firmly, then she thrust her shoulders firmly back, sighing, "Don't you just love...."

"Your boobs?" Charlie interrupted loudly, "Yes, yes, Candy I just LOVE your boobs. But y'know that doesn't change the fact that they're plastic, OK?" Charlie felt he was getting to the point, so he continued, "In fact your whole body is plastic. Completely fake, alright? And so are you. You aren't a real woman, Candy. THAT'S the problem. You're a robot. You don't think for yourself........You............You've got a CONTROL panel, for goodness sake!"

"My body is perfect." Candy stated clearly, smiling serenely, "I MUST make you happy."

Suddenly Charlie put down his knife and fork again and impatiently held the tray out toward the shapely woman. Candy took it automatically and he stood, then as he crossed the room toward the front door, she stood also.

"Where are you going, honey?" she chirped pleasantly.

"Out." He explained, snatching his coat from the hook by the door.

"But what about your dinner?" Candy asked, looking down at it incredulously.

"YOU eat it!" Charlie snapped. Candy gasped and smiled. One hand released its grip from the tray and moved to the side of her slender waist.

"Oh NO!" she began, clearly outraged, "I like to watch..."

"'my figure'......Yeah, yeah, right." Charlie interrupted again, nodding and opening the door.

"Where are you going, honey?" Candy repeated cheerfully, one hand holding the disused tray in front of her, the other still resting delicately at her waist.

"I'm going to talk to my ex-wife." Charlie explained sternly, "Something I should have done a while ago. Actually, you should come along - she could teach you a thing or two about being a REAL woman." He went to leave, but suddenly seemed to have more to say, "Then MAYbe you might know how to make me happy." He looked the voluptuous artificial woman up and down again, "- but even then probably not." He disappeared out into the corridor, slamming the door behind him. Candy did not flinch at all, still smiling serenely in the empty apartment.

Camilla had only just changed out of her suit when the door bell buzzed. As she approached from the bedroom in only a long T-shirt she checked the view screen beside the door and nearly yelped. It was Charlie! She hesitated, then when the buzzer sounded again she pressed the intercom button.

"Uh. Charlie! Hi. Um.....What can I do for you?" she stammered. She watched Charlie shuffle uneasily on his feet for a moment.

"I'd like to talk. Can I come in?" he mumbled.

"Uh. Talk? What about?" Camilla replied. This did NOT sound good.

"I'll only take a couple minutes of your time." Charlie offered. Camilla hesitated again. She tapped the fingers of one hand against her lips frantically before pressing the button again.

"We're talking now, aren't we?"

"Come on Cam. I just want to talk face to face. Two minutes, then I'm gone, I promise."

Camilla watched his fished-eyed face staring forlornly on the screen for a moment.

"Just a second."

She scampered off to the bedroom and quickly put on some jeans then, shaking her head and not quite believing she was doing so, opened the front door a little way. She smiled and peered outside.

"Hi, Charlie." She pushed the door all the way open and gestured for him to enter.

"Thanks, Cam." he breathed, moving inside.

She shut the door and directed him to the couch.

"Take a seat." She offered, "Can I get you a drink?"

Charlie shook his head and sat down. Camilla sat opposite him in a large leather armchair. There were several uncomfortable silences.

"So.......what do you want to talk about?" she offered eventually.

"I was wondering if you're happy...." Charlie began, then he looked down at the floor. Camilla waited for more, but that seemed to be it....

"Happy?......." Camilla shrugged, "I'm doin' OK."

Charlie seemed a little agitated, wringing his hands.

"About us I mean....." he continued, still staring down uneasily.


"I've been doing a lot of thinking and I want to apologise..."

Again Charlie stopped.

"For what?" Camilla prompted curiously.

"For everything. Y'know, running off with....." He paused, rubbing his forehead, "Christ I can't even remember her NAME now....."

"Candy?" Camilla suggested. Charlie looked up.

"No, not HER. The woman I ran off with FIRST, I mean - well AND for Candy...."

"Oh, I see."

"....For the way I treated you. I've been wondering if you're happy with how things are, or if we'd be happier......." he stopped yet again.

"....together?" Camilla finished the sentence for him. He nodded. Surprisingly Camilla did not feel as nervous as she thought she should. Though he was clearly agitated, Charlie did not seem threatening.

"I want to say I'm sorry." He added. Now Camilla suddenly found the floor a good place to look, not sure exactly how to continue.

"Well, I appreciate that Charlie. Really I do. But I think I've moved on. Andrew and I have got something good here, and I guess I AM happy where I am."

When she looked back up at him, Charlie was nodding resolutely and trying to smile.

"Well, I just wanted to see if you were happy with things......." he explained, then he stood suddenly. Camilla stood too and followed him back to the door. He opened it, then turned and held out his right hand. Camilla took it gingerly and shook it.

"Well, thanks for your time." Charlie said, "I'm glad to hear you're happy." Then he shuffled out of the door. Camilla watched him walk a little way down the corridor, then she shut the door. She sighed heavily as she leaned back against the door, pinching the bridge of her nose. Shortly she was startled by the door buzzer sounding again. She whirled around and opened the door again.

"Char....." she stopped and tried not to have a heart attack.

"HI! I'm Candice, but you can call me Candy." Chimed the stunning brunette at Camilla's door.

"Ca....Candy?" Camilla gasped, "What are YOU doing here?"

"Are you Charlie's ex-wife?" the utterly flawless woman asked. Camilla frowned.

"Ah...Yes, but.."

"Charlie says you could teach me a thing or two about being a real woman. I MUST make Charlie happy." Candy explained clearly. There was a pause. Camilla waited. Candy just stared, smiling faintly. That lustrous, radiant face was perfectly framed by a wall of rigid hair. Her hairstyle was so perfectly arranged that it looked like a well conditioned shiny brown satellite dish. Eventually Camilla blinked and shook her head in disbelief.

"Charlie told you to come here?" Camilla asked breathlessly.

"Uh huh." Candy replied, nodding once, the satellite dish bouncing around her face.

"Ooh........kaaaay.......Well, would..........." Camilla hesitated, still a little exasperated, "Would you like to come in?" she asked tentatively, pointing with her thumb back into her apartment.

Candy smiled brightly.....

"Gee, thanks."......and stepped smoothly through the doorway, her heels clicking as she walked. Camilla was pinching the bridge of her nose again as she pushed the door shut. When she turned around to face the statuesque brunette, she was standing in the centre of the room with her back to her, her long dark hair swinging smoothly as she looked around. Dressed like she was, Camilla wondered if she'd been taken for a prostitute by anyone who saw her on her way over. A short tight pink angora sweater, nearly nonexistent denim hot pants that revealed most of her conspicuously celulite-free butt and lurid pink high-heels. As she approached the near-naked brunette from behind, Camilla thought she noticed something strange about the back of that tight, fuzzy sweater. A small, very slight angular shadow, or bulge. 

"Uh...Take a seat." Camilla suggested. She resisted the temptation to ask if Candy would like something to drink. A moment later the two women were seated opposite each other, Candy sitting upright on the couch with her legs crossed and her hands placed delicately one over the other on her knee, Camilla sitting on her armchair with her legs folded under her. There was silence again. Camilla noticed Candy's pink high heels had matching pompoms She wondered if Candy dressed herself, or if this scant ensemble was Charlie's work.

"So.......What would you like to know?......" Camilla proffered eventually.

"Charlie said you could teach me a thing or two about being a real woman." The flawlessly made up brunette repeated, "Charlie said then I might know how to make him happy - but even then probably not. I MUST make Charlie happy." She chimed.

"Okay so you want to know how to make Charlie happy..."

"I MUST make..."

"Yes, OK. I heard you the fifth time." Camilla replied quickly, holding up a hand. She surveyed the elegantly poised brunette for a moment, then continued.

"So, what has Charlie said to make you think he's unhappy?" she asked.

"Charlie said he is unhappy with me." Candy replied immediately. Camilla found herself waiting for more information once again, but once again that seemed to be all. Candy sat there, poised serenely, her big hair framing her perfectly pristine face. That oversized bust was bulging from her tight fuzzy pink sweater, the breasts pressed together somewhat at the sides by her straightened arms still extended forward to her knee. She looked perfectly content. Camilla wondered if the compliant pleasure companion really was concerned about Charlie being unhappy, or if she was here simply because Charlie had told her to come.

"Um....Well, did he say anything else about you?" she pried hopefully.

Smiling the whole time, Candy replied without blinking or, perhaps more tellingly, without taking a breath.....

"Charlie said yes, he just LOVES my boobs. Charlie said my boobs are plastic. Charlie said my whole body is plastic. Charlie said my body is fake. Charlie said I am completely fake. Charlie said I am not a real woman. Charlie said I am a robot. Charlie said I don't think for myself. Charlie said I have a control panel for goodness sake."

When it was clear that that little diatribe was over, Camilla nodded slowly.

"Rrrrrriiiiight......Um.......Are you SURE he sent you over here to talk to me?......." she pressed, squinting suspiciously.

Candy nodded vigorously this time, her shining, hairsprayed hair bouncing around her, the front of her bulging sweater bobbing it's own agreement.

"Uh huh. Charlie said I should come along. Charlie said you could teach me a thing or two about being a real woman. Charlie said then maybe I might know how to make him happy - but even then probably not. I MUST make Charlie...."

"OK! OK!" Camilla held up both hands to silence the increasingly repetitive girl and took a few moments to collect her thoughts, frowning at the vacuous brunette while biting her thumbnail.

"It sounds to me like he's finally grown another organ to think with." She said under her breath, adding after another moment's thought, "Well, he's probably just a bit unhappy about how you always try to make him happy, actually....."

Camilla hoped that that somewhat paradoxical logic wouldn't scramble the perplexed plaything's circuits. She was relieved that Candy replied with little hesitation, though frustrated by her reply's inflexible familiarity.

"I MUST make Charlie happy."

Camilla sighed and rubbed her forehead. It had already been a long day. Maybe a different tack was required.

"OK, Candy. You tell ME what you think Charlie might be unhappy about."

Candy's head cocked to one side and her deep brown eyes looked to the ceiling as if thinking. Camilla waited, then realised Candy seemed suddenly strangely inanimate.

"Searching." The immobile imitation woman recited flatly, eyes still looking upward in feigned consternation. A moment later she looked back at Camilla, smiling contentedly.

"I am perfect for Charlie." She breathed. Candy's hands moved delicately, one sliding back off her knee down to her thigh, the other pausing at her waist, "My body is perfect. My legs are perfect." As she continued, Candy's hands smoothly indicated her various 'perfect parts', "My boobs are perfect. My face is perfect. My butt is perfect. My hair is perfect....."

While feeling a little like she was watching a scantily clad air attendant demonstrating safety features, Camilla felt compelled to interrupt, before the voluptuous girl risked sounding just a LITTLE vain.

"Yeah, well, there's more to a relationship than just how you look." She suggested, wincing cautiously, "I really think you just need to relax." Camilla added, "Just let things take their own course......."

"I MUST make Charlie happy." Candy insisted, her chocolate-brown eyes widening dramatically, as if slightly offended. Clearly she missed the point. Camilla shook her head and gave up.

"From the sound of it, you can't." She sighed.

"But I am perfect for Charlie." Candy's hands swung back into motion, "My body is perfect. My legs are...."

"Look, we've been over this. The problem're......." Camilla hesitated, reluctant to break the bad news, "You're a robot, Candy. You're programmed to act a certain way and if you're always just trying to make him happy, you won't. That's actually why he came to see me today.......It really sounds to me like he wants more than just someone with........." Camilla hesitated and gestured mutely at Candy's overly lustrous tanned body a few times, reluctant to say the words. "........the perfect body........." she eventually managed.

Camilla stopped and realised Candy was completely inanimate again, staring across at her with glazed eyes. Camilla went to speak, but the lifeless woman interrupted her.

"Processing...." Candy said clearly - only her lips moved. Camilla waited. Candy stared at her vacantly. Camilla could not get over how suddenly plastic the artificial woman seemed. Her skin was just too lustrous, her complexion somehow too perfect. The problem was, Camilla realised, that everything about her was just a little too exaggerated - some things more obviously exaggerated than others of course........But the lips were slightly too full; the nose a little too button-perfect; the cheekbones a fraction too prominent; the eyes too..........doll-like. And of course, that bulging figure.....all too generously endowed. No wonder Charlie was struggling to see her as real. Her designers had obviously spent too much time concentrating on making her body 'perfect' without considering how unnervingly unnatural the resulting 'dreamgirl' would appear.

"Processing...." the vacuous, animatronic doll repeated, then the focus returned to those glistening dark brown eyes, a contented smile regarding Camilla aloofly.

"Charlie wants you." Candy pointed out. Camilla nodded reluctantly.

"Yeah, maybe at the moment...." she conceded, rubbing her forehead again, ".....but that's just because he thinks there might be a chance we might get back together." She offered consolingly.

"Charlie would be happy with my perfect body if he didn't want to get back together with you." Candy suggested softly, still smiling serenely. Camilla shrugged and squinted skeptically.

"Yeah, he might be happy for a LITTLE while, but there are plenty of other....." Camilla was reluctant to press the point again, "Uh....REAL women who he might take an interest in..." and here she stifled a laugh, raising her eyebrows and shaking her head disbelievingly, ".....who for some perverse reason MIGHT be interested in getting to know..."

"You make Charlie unhappy." Candy interjected pleasantly, seeming to have ignored Camilla's joke. Camilla frowned.

"Well, I don't know about that...."

"I MUST make Charlie happy."

The elegantly posed brunette uncrossed her long tanned legs and stood smoothly, stepping gracefully toward Camilla.

"What are you doing?" Camilla asked uneasily as Candy approached.

"I MUST make Charlie happy." The Automate chimed yet again as her hands reached out toward Camilla. Reflexively Camilla grabbed the Automate's slender wrists as the voluptuous girl leaned down over her. Camilla found herself straining to keep the hands away from her neck. They pushed firmly down at her - more strongly than she would have expected. Shortly, over her own grunted exertions, Camilla heard motors winding furiously in Candy's arms. She felt her own arms weakening under the strain as she stared desperately up into Candy's disturbingly serene face, that ridiculous bulbous cleavage wobbling right in front of her as she struggled with the suddenly homicidal sex droid. She began to panic as she felt Candy's perfectly manicured finger nails brushing at her throat, the skin of the supple wrists squeaking through her increasingly sweaty grasp. Then suddenly she realised what an idiot she was being.....

Candy reeled backwards as Camilla's legs pushed out against her abdomen. She tottered on her pink fluffy high heels, stumbling inelegantly back against the end of the couch and then into a tall, narrow ornamental table which toppled slowly over. Camilla leapt from the armchair to her feet as Candy regained her balance. Camilla was then surprised to see Candy turn away, her head looking down at the stricken table.

"Oh Gee. What a mess!" she gasped, her satellite dish of hair swinging back and forward as she shook her head, then she leaned forward suddenly from her waist. Camilla just watched dumbfounded as the crookedly posed dreamgirl righted the small table and then stood upright herself. Camilla suddenly realised the scantily clad brunette was turning to face her again, that expression of utter contentment regarding her somehow coldly. Candy's head cocked playfully to one side.

"I MUST make Charlie happy." She repeated, stepping toward Camilla purposefully once again.

Camilla darted off for the door. She heard Candy's high heels clicking heavily on the floor behind her and managed only to get the door partly open before Candy caught up with her and slammed it shut. Camilla backed up along the wall, away from the statuesque robotic woman and watched in horror as the voluptuous pleasure droid turned the deadlock and pulled out the key, placing it carefully in the scant front pocket of her denim hotpants.

"Candy....Stop!" Camilla demanded uncertainly, holding a stern finger out in front of her. Candy stepped unheedingly toward her. Camilla backed up against something that fell over behind her. Startled, she gasped and darted away again. She stopped a moment later when Candy spoke.

"Oh Gee. What a mess!" the deeply bronzed girl gasped automatically, surveying the fallen coat-stand. She moved toward it and leaned over again, her toned rear end sticking out toward Camilla. Camilla looked around desperately for something to smash over the dubiously programmed pleasure droid's head, but failed to see anything substantial. Glancing back at Candy she noticed she had set the stand upright and was calmly retrieving Camilla's coat from the ground, bent forward at the waist once more. Camilla looked around again and noticed the kitchen, running off in that direction. She rounded the counter and opened a drawer, retrieving a large knife. Looking up, Candy was approaching serenely, considering Camilla with that almost predatory self-satisfied expression, her big brown shiny hair and bust bobbing in time with her purposeful strides.

"I'm warning you!" Camilla spat, "I'll use this!" holding the knife desperately in front of her. Candy rounded the counter smoothly, failing to look the slightest bit perturbed by the weapon.

"I'm warning you!!" Camilla yelled as Candy closed in on her. Grunting, she slashed desperately at the robot woman's body, but Candy fended off the strike, grabbing Camilla's wrist with one hand. The serene sex droid reached up to the knife with her other hand, wresting the knife from Camilla's grasp a moment later. She released Camilla's wrist and Camilla backed away desperately as Candy surveyed the knife curiously, twisting it this way and that, turning it over in the air. Still backing away further into the kitchen, Camilla wondered if some new use for it was about to occur to the psychopathic plaything. Camilla glanced desperately about, bumping up against the refrigerator at the U-bend in the kitchen counter. She moved to one side of the refrigerator, then in desperation opened it, searching for anything that might serve as a weapon. She found food. Soft and not particularly heavy. There was, however, a large jug of chilled water. Camilla doubted the determinedly deadly android could be convinced to share a glass at this point in time, but perhaps Camilla could just smash it over her head. It would mean ruining the gorgeous girl's perfect hair, but it was a price Camilla was prepared to pay. She grabbed it and turned to face her shapely foe. Candy had by now clearly figured out what to do with the knife, holding it in front of her purposefully as she approached again, her oversized breasts still bobbing happily as she walked.

"Stay back." Camilla breathed, wielding the jug in her right hand, as menacingly as was possible, "Stay back!"

The still apparently homicidal dreamgirl continued to advance. Camilla backed up against the dead-end counter and held the jug up beside her, preparing to swing it at that all-too-pretty head, when something off to her right caught her attention. As Candy raised the knife to strike, Camilla instead carefully lobbed the jug at the adjacent counter, hoping it would land where she aimed. It smashed in an almighty clamour, about where Camilla had intended. Candy turned to look. Shards of the broken jug were scattered on the counter amongst the the bread bin and toaster, some of the chilled water dripping from the counter down onto the floor. The glinting knife lowered smoothly to Candy's side.

"Oh Gee. What a mess!" she gasped. Camilla was somewhat relieved to have distracted the housework obsessed Automate again, but she was then alarmed to see Candy turn back to face her.

"Where are your newspapers?" she lilted pleasantly, to Camilla's relief.

The all-too-perfect brunette was smiling expectantly, her head cocked slightly to one side again, awaiting an answer. Still aware of the knife Candy was wielding, Camilla could only squeak feebly and point to a cupboard below another counter, opposite the counter where the jug had smashed. Candy turned smoothly around and to Camilla's surprise walked elegantly past the cupboard she'd indicated. A moment later she reached the open drawer from which Camilla had retrieved the knife, placed it carefully in the drawer and delicately pushed the drawer shut. Then she faced Camilla and took a couple steps toward her, turned to face the counter and leaned forward from her waist - finally reaching forward and opening the cupboard to which Camilla had pointed. She retrieved a thin pile of newspaper from it, closed the cupboard again and stood, taking a step toward the empty counter in front of her. She placed the pile of newspapers to one side, took a few sheets from the top and unfolded them onto the counter, flattening them down with meticulous strokes of her hands. Camilla was keenly aware of how overly precise the stunning brunette's movements were. She moved smoothly and elegantly, while also giving the distinct impression that clockworks were involved somehow.

Still smiling her characteristic serene smile, the scantily clad brunette turned and faced the all-captivating, offensive mess. She strode forward and stopped in front of the opposite counter. A hand rose smoothly, the thumb and index finger extended carefully as it reached toward a large piece of broken wet glass. The fingers closed delicately on it. Immediately there was a fizzling sound and a spark flashed loudly out of the wet toaster. Candy's body flinched, her hair and breasts bouncing a little, then her hand jerked up, still gripping the wet glass. She turned smoothly around and carried the broken piece to the waiting newspaper, placing it down carefully. Then she turned again and strode elegantly back across the kitchen, her heels clicking dully on the tiled floor, hands swaying gracefully as she walked. When she reached forward delicately again, clasping another piece of wet glass, there was another frenzy of fizzling from the toaster. Candy's dark brown eyes widened, staring wildly - her generous lips parted slightly as if about to speak - then her hand jerked suddenly up again and that serene expression returned. She turned with ease on the toes of her high heels, and as she crossed back to the other side of the kitchen her head turned smoothly to face Camilla, those contented chocolate-brown eyes rolling expressively as she shook her head luxuriantly and smiled, sighing.....

"Don't you just LOVE my boobs?"

Camilla wasn't sure if the voluptuous brunette expected a reply, but she felt flattery might help to keep the android distracted from it's former murderous intent.

"Yes, Candy..........Ah. You have a tremendous figure." Camilla replied nervously, forcing a smile while trying to sound calm. 

Seemingly satisfied with Camilla's reply, Candy stopped at the other counter again and placed the glass shard on the paper, then turned back once again, pacing elegantly - bust bobbing, hair bouncing, serenely smiling. She stopped at the shard-scattered counter, reached smoothly out and delicately clasped another wet piece of glass. There was more frantic crackling, though Camilla couldn't be sure if it was coming solely from the toaster this time. Candy's head turned smoothly a little toward Camilla, her outstretched hand still grasping the wet glass lying on the counter, and though the strikingly radiant brunette had by no means made eye-contact with Camilla, she spoke again....

"I MUST make Charlie happy." She breathed dreamily as the fizzling continued.

"Yes.......And that's very nice of you." Camilla agreed more confidently this time. Candy's head swung quickly back to it's forward facing position. There was a sudden flash from the toaster that made Camilla yelp involuntarily, her hands covering her mouth. Candy's extended hand jerked stiffly upwards and she turned again on the toes of her shoes. She started across the small kitchen while shaking her head sincerely, purring...

"Charlie just LOVES my boobs." Her eyes closing blissfully for a moment to emphasise just how much. Camilla swallowed and glanced nervously at the remaining pieces of the shattered jug.

"Yes. I can see why.....They're very..............." Camilla faltered, searching desperately for an adjective, "Uh.......big."

She winced, hoping that Candy would see that as a compliment. The slender yet undeniably voluptuous brunette smiled contentedly as she continued across the room, though she seemed to try to take one too many steps across the kitchen, bumping awkwardly against the newspaper-covered counter. The deeply tanned robotic woman stood utterly motionless for a moment, staring straight ahead with her hand extended out infront of her, and in the near silence, Camilla briefly thought she could hear a fading, frying sound. Camilla also suddenly noticed the faint, telling odour of melting plastic in the air. While Candy continued staring, her extended hand lowered stiffly and the fingers released their delicate grip on the glass. Then the hand rose stiffly up to it's former position. The pleasure droid spun around once again, however she stopped abruptly only part way through the turn, facing right at Camilla. Candy's hands moved smoothly to her bulging sweater and her head cocked to one side as she frowned quizzically.

"Charlie just LOVES my boobs." The smouldering pleasure droid explained yet again as her hands firmly pushed up and down twice on her bust, sending it bobbing heavily. Candy's left hand lowered daintily at her side - the other remained bent at the elbow, extended in front of her. She stared expectantly across at Camilla. Camilla suspected her former reply had in fact NOT been satisfactory.

"Ah.....Yes." Camilla began, wary of Candy's prolonged attention, "I'm sure he does. You must make him very happy." She agreed. Candy's eyes widened and she gasped...

"I MUST make Charlie happy."

Camilla actually breathed a sigh of relief when Candy smiled contentedly and turned toward the offensively messy counter on the opposite side of the kitchen. Before crossing the room she spoke again.

"I am perfect for Charlie." She breathed confidently, smiling out across the kitchen.

"Yes." Camilla was desperately running out of compliments, "Yes, you are. Charlie must be very pleased......" she stammered uneasily.

Candy finally sprung into forward motion, one empty hand still extended daintily out in front of her, the other swaying back and forth gracefully as she walked. Her semi-elegant motion came to another clumsy halt against the opposite counter. Then that toned, near-bare rear end stuck out backwards, counterbalancing her top-heavy torso as it leaned forward jerkily. The index finger and thumb of her outstretched hand made contact with an empty, wet section of the counter and there was instantly another frenzy of crackling - from the toaster and also, Camilla was sure this time, from within the shapely overheating android. Over the crackling, Camilla could clearly hear that ominous muffled frying sound, accompanied by occasional pops and whistles. The noxious odour of burning rubber strengthened suddenly in the air, forcing Camilla to cough, and she noticed faint wispy smoke appearing above Candy's head - the source unclear. There was another startling flash and Candy's crookedly posed body lurched upright suddenly, her outstretched hand, her bulbous bust and her shiny hair all bouncing unnaturally. A puff of smoke appeared through the long brown hair hanging over Candy's shoulders and a moment later Camilla heard a faint tinkling sound from the ground. Looking at the floor just behind Candy's lurid pink high-heels, she noticed that something small and silvery had fallen onto the kitchen tiles.

"I am perfect for Charlie...." Candy was lilting blissfully again, staring enthusiastically at the wall above the electrified counter directly in front of her.

"Yes, you ARE perfect for Charlie." Camilla affirmed strongly, glancing at the tiny piece of metal on the kitchen floor. Camilla heard a motorised whirring sound and Candy turned around away from Camilla, stopping abruptly again after a quarter turn. While her back was turned, Camilla risked darting forward to retrieve the small square object she'd seen. As she ducked down close behind Candy, Camilla heard clicking, cooling rattling sounds from inside that all-too-lustrous body, and the odour of hot rubber was undeniable so close up. Having collected the mysterious object, she retreated back against the counter as Candy's shapely rear end poked backwards toward her, the Automate's torso tilting forward with a faint motorised hum.

"My boobs are plastic." Candy admitted happily, posed leaning away from Camilla, presumably addressing the floor a short distance in front of her. Camilla examined the piece of brushed aluminium she'd procured. It was basically flat and about an inch square, but had slightly beveled corners and a grey plastic backing with a tiny protruding cross-shaped clip in the middle. On it's front surface there was engraved...


Camilla frowned, then Candy's winding internal servos distracted her from her train of thought. Camilla looked up to see Candy staring right at her once again.

"My whole body is plastic." The shapely Automate conceded. Alarmed, Camilla hesitated, wondering how a confirmation of that statement would be received. Reluctantly, she went to reply but then that curvaceous body tipped forward slightly, stopping abruptly and wobbling mechanically.

"Charlie just LOVES my boobs." Candy lilted cheerfully, staring slightly down at the floor by Camilla's feet, her bulging plastic cleavage displayed again, though Camilla suspected the increasingly automated pleasure droid was somewhat oblivious to the fact. To the strains of several whirring motors, Candy's rigid upper half wound quickly upright again.

"I am perfect for Charlie." She repeated, staring up at Camilla once again with now noticeably unfocused eyes that told Camilla a reply was probably not required. Motors hummed in her lustrous legs and Candy spun stiffly sideways, turning back toward the counter.

"My whole body is plastic." She confessed proudly once again. Camilla risked silence and a moment later internal motors wound and Candy's pert rear end jerked backwards as her scantily clad upper body leaned mechanically forward again. The slender Automate's still rigidly extended hand touched down on the counter's wet surface as her bronzed cleavage bounced to an abrupt halt. Immediately, that electrified crackling sprung back into life again and Candy's hair swung from her near shoulder as her head spun to look right at Camilla yet again.

"Don't you just LOVE my boobs?" she gasped, as faint wisps of smoke again appeared through the long dark hair hanging down her back. Camilla thought she noticed an orangey flash through the fake tanned rubber skin of Candy's bulbous chest and was about to reply, but Candy spoke again, still looking across at her, her expression confidently enthusiastic, yet somehow vacant.

"I am completely fake." She explained clearly over an increasingly audible internal hissing sound. Candy immediately went to speak again, but suddenly a series of crackles emitted from her contoured body, the all-to-perfect complexion of her exposed skin incandescent as flashes appeared from inside it. Electric motors wound furiously. Candy's face contorted unnervingly - the lips stretching sideways in two different directions, the eyes glancing up at the ceiling under frantically fluttering eyelids.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I..." The digitised syllable repeated rapidly as a pall of white smoke seemed to be appear from all around the neckline of her scant pink sweater, rising up around her distorted face and perfect hair. Candy's body began vibrating as the winding strains of internal servos rose in pitch. There was a more distinct crackling sound and a steady plume of white smoke billowed up from between Candy's twitching oversized bronze breasts. Camilla choked again on the noxious, strengthening odour. A bright flash of sparks flickered up out of the toaster and there was a still louder explosion. Camilla turned away involuntarily, shielding her eyes with one hand. The sounds of a repeating tone, like that of a truck reversing, caused her to look back around.

"Malfunction. Overload. Malfunction." Candy was standing upright, but spinning around with both her arms bent at the elbows, the hands pointing stiffly out infront of her. Smoke issued steadily from her sweater in puffs and swirled around her as she spun like a broken clockwork toy, first in one direction, then the other.

"Warning. Overload. Warning. Overload." She continued quickly, her voice and face utterly vacuous and expressionless as she spun out across the kitchen. The repeating tone began to rise in pitch.

"Circuits malfunctioning. Error. I am perfect. Error. I am perfect." The voice was a lifeless monotone, but seemed somehow insistent. The animatronic doll bounced inelegantly against the opposite counter and spun again in the opposite direction, the chocolate-brown eyes staring vacantly.

"I love my body. Love my body. I am perfect. Perfect."

At the glass-scattered counter, the overloading pleasure droid stopped spinning, the shamelessly over-endowed torso instead lurching quickly about - forward and back, side to side - still with it's slender arms rigid at their elbows, the hands bouncing mechanically in front of her. Still the bleeping repeating tone increased in pitch as circuits crackled and popped.

"I have the perfect body." The plaything insisted flatly, posing stiffly with each new phrase, "I am your perfect girl. Perfect body. Error. I am plastic. My boobs are plastic."

Camilla could see constant orange flashes through the skin of that curvaceous chest, and even from within the flat toned tummy below. As the piercing alarm increased still further in pitch and the internal crackling intensified, the shapely android seemed suddenly locked in a series of rapid repetitive mechanised movements - the torso lurched forward and then the head twitched sideways......

"My whole body is plastic."

.....then the body jerked upright and twisted stiffly to it's left, the alarm becoming unbearably piercing.

"My body is fake."

Camilla blocked her ears as the blaring alarm became an indiscernible high-pitched squeal. That smouldering torso tipped forward again, jerking to a halt so abruptly that the hair and bust bounced in momentary protest, along with both outstretched arms.

"I am completely fake." The vacuously staring plaything insisted firmly, then there was a sudden frenzy of internal sparks. Candy's face twitched and contorted again. Motors strained to be heard amongst constantly crackling circuits, sparks flashing through her exposed tanned skin. The shapely curvaceous woman seemed somehow strangely hollow - a life-sized doll.

"I-I-I-am-am-m-m-m-mmm-mm...." stammered an artificially digitised voice, through quivering, twisted lips. Thick smoke billowed up from that scant sweater and out of the faltering brunette's ears. A sudden brighter flash exploded inside the over-tanned body. Camilla turned away again - the startling explosion repeating once more - then silence.................for a moment.

"I am a robot." Candy's once again cheerful voice chimed.

Camilla opened her eyes cautiously and turned back to face the artificial dreamgirl. Candy was facing the water-drenched counter, though standing upright, her arms still bent L-shaped at her sides. A veil of smoke rose darkly over her head. There was a high, but faint, whistling sound that was rising smoothly in pitch, silenced suddenly by a crackle from somewhere inside her body and that pert rear end leaned out as her over-endowed torso tipped forward indecisively again.

"I have a control panel for goodness sake." She trilled, staring vacuously down at the counter's wet surface. Camilla noticed an exaggerated angular bulge in the back of Candy's stretched sweater - more prominent then when she'd noticed it before, she was sure. That faint whistling became audible again, it's pitch rising steadily - then another internal crackle spat. Camilla saw a puff of smoke appear through the fabric of the back of Candy's sweater and whirring motors lurched Candy upright again. Something definitely bounced out squarely against the inside of that sweater. Glancing past the overloaded android, Camilla noticed the apartment was noticeably dimmer, though lit still by the windows along two of it's walls. Camilla considered running, but then suddenly realised the key to her front door was in the pocket of the faltering dreamgirl's hotpants. Still another whistle and fizzle, and the scantily clad torso twisted stiffly sideways, slightly away from Camilla while the athletically toned legs remaining fixed to the spot. Camilla moved cautiously toward Candy's right flank.

"I am a robot." The vacant Automate repeated happily, her glistening brown eyes wide and enthusiastic - though animate enough to be unnerving. Camilla reached toward the pocket of those scantily torn hotpants, but flinched away when Candy's slender arms came bouncing stiffly down as, with another internal crackle, the short-circuited sex toy leaned forward once again.

"I have a control panel for goodness sake." Candy chimed automatically, giving no indication of being anything but completely oblivious. Still, Camilla couldn't manage to collect her key from such a seemingly prone position while the formerly homicidal android was still so active. Camilla glanced nervously at the aluminium square she'd picked up, then pocketed it, moving back around behind the mechanically moving doll cautiously.

She reached out gingerly for the back of Candy's sweater. She grasped the bottom edge of it and was relieved by Candy's continuing apparent obviousness, that faint foreboding whistle rising again inside the broken-down pleasure toy. The following flash of sparks caused Camilla to flinch a little, but as Candy's body jerked upright still yet again, Camilla pulled the back of the tight sweater up with both hands. A square brushed-aluminium panel was revealed, hanging limply by a plethora of cables from a familiar four-inch-square cavity in Candy's back, itself stocked with a row of smouldering, hissing circuit boards. Camilla allowed the sweater to hook over the top of the loosely suspended exterior panel, ignoring Candy's stiff repetitive movements, short-circuiting flashes and cheerful observations for the time being, and lifted the device up slightly so that it faced her. She immediately noticed a large LED display which was flashing between....

"H WORK" and "ERROR" in crude bright green letters. Below this and slightly to the left side Camilla noticed a small square hole. A push-button mechanism, missing it's button, hung from the hole on blackened, smouldering wires. To the right of the hole were another two familiar inch-square buttons. Candy's repetitive, jerky movements made the tiny writing hard to read, but Camilla eventually found that, to her considerable outrage yet simultaneous lack of surprise, the central button read..

"SEX" and the other..


Camilla frowned.........No 'off' button. As she stood staring at the defunct control panel Candy's internal workings suddenly spat a furious series of sparks, the last and loudest of which scalded Camilla's hand. Camilla yelped and recoiled away. Candy's sweater remained stretched over the top of the limply hanging control panel. Standing upright, motors churned in those athletic plastic legs, and the near-naked nymph lifted her right high heeled shoe, inexplicably attempting a jerky step toward the counter already directly in front of her. The statuesque plaything instead toppled backwards toward Camilla. Camilla reflexively caught the falling sex droid at her shoulders halfway to the ground, the unbalanced brunette's hairsprayed trusses brushing stiffly against Camilla's face. Camilla frowned as she found herself staring right down at that oversized, overtanned cleavage, thin white smoke still appearing from the darkness between the two ridiculous bronzed orbs. The rigid doll smelled of a mixture of hair product and burnt plastic. There was another crackle of sparks inside that near-bare torso and Candy's head twitched sideways, her dark brown eyes staring out into space.

"I am a robot." The Automate chirped vacuously. Camilla heard various small and smouldering objects scattering to the floor below Candy's exposed back cavity. Camilla began to lower the life-sized brunette barbie doll to the ground, grunting....

"That's very nice." As the burnt out brunette's stiff shoulders came to rest on the floor, it's arms still locked in their bent position, poking up from her now prostrate 'perfect body'. There was another crackle and Candy's head twitched back to it's forward facing position. Her athletic right leg jerked slightly up into the air, the high heeled foot bouncing there for a moment.

"I have a control panel for goodness sake." She chimed yet again, now clearly and utterly oblivious. Camilla eyed the somewhat dilapidated dreamgirl for a moment then risked collecting the apartment key from that pocket. She knelt down beside the exposed, taut tummy, coughing and waving the air clear of the smoke still appearing from the front of that scant smouldering sweater. As she did so, there was another sputtering fizzle inside the shamelessly voluptuous torso and the elevated slender leg lowered with a mechanical hum; the head twitched sideways again. Camilla quickly reached into the pocket, fumbled about for a moment and retrieved her key, then stood hurriedly, recoiling involuntarily from the smouldering wreck of the formerly so 'perfect' woman.

"I am a robot." The still cheerful, seemingly prerecorded voice needlessly reminded her, those glistening brown eyes unfocused and, more than ever, doll-like. Still another crackle, and Camilla backed further away from the undeniably artificial woman as that too-perfect, too-shapely leg rose stiffly again and wobbled, the head swinging forward to face vacantly at the ceiling once more.

"I have a control panel for goodness sake." The broken-down pleasure doll repeated and then fizzled, the leg lowering mechanically, the head twitching sideways again. Camilla was struck suddenly by the memory of Candy's formerly self-satisfied expression. The way she'd sat perched on the couch, displaying her 'perfect body' proudly, surveying Camilla with those serene, chocolately eyes. And then the pristine, predatory look she'd had as she'd advanced toward her, perfect hair bouncing, plastic bust bobbing.............knife glinting. Camilla took one more look at that all-too-perfectly lustrous, near-naked body as it continued smouldering, repeating it's utterly mechanised movements, and then she turned and ran, hearing that serene oblivious voice lilt pleasantly from the kitchen as she unlocked her front door. Not sure exactly where she was going, she fled the smoky apartment, gasping through barely restrained, relieved tears.

The End

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