The Spa

Amandas work began to pile up on her desk as the day dragged on. Will this ever end, she thought. The invoices, the supply requests and the progress reports slowly swamped her. Amanda worked for a large computer software company in Texas as a high-level logistics technician, and much of her divisions paperwork had to pass through her for approval. To her relief, the clock finally struck twelve, and she bolted out the door.

Down in the company cafeteria, she met her friends, Jennifer and Stephani. Both were also high level employees of the corporation. They all collapsed into the chairs around one the vacant tables.

So how have yalls day been?, Amanda asked in her sweet Texas drawl.

Horrible. Just horrible., said Stephani. I had forty requests for more supplies in my office alone, plus I've got to fill out my office evaluation before four.

Sounds like my morning., Jennifer added. The three of us are going to need a break soon, or we're going to burn out. The others nodded in agreement as they tentatively ate their lunch. Too soon for their liking, the clock struck 12:45, and they slowly returned to their offices and began the meager assault against the daunting mountain of paperwork. Time passed, and the clock chimed five. Amanda rose out of her chair and grabbed her purse, leaving the remaining paperwork to stew until the next day.

The drive was not unpleasant, as Amanda lived in the country outside the city, but her weariness did not allow her to enjoy the scenery as she would like.

God, Im tired, she thought. I'm never this tired after work.

She pulled up to her home in the countryside, a cozy, two bedroom ranch house. It was situated on the land her husband Mark had inherited from his father we he died. The stones of the exterior seemed to hold a strange unfriendliness to her, as if she did not live here. She pulled into the garage and, with an almost snail's pace, walked inside.

The house was deathly quiet. That's funny, she thought. Mark should be home by now. Her husband worked the morning shift as nurse in the county hospital, and was home without fail by two in the afternoon. Such tardiness was not like him. Amanda went over to the kitchen table and picked up the days mail. Most were bills and the rest junk. She was ready to toss the whole mess in the trash when she noticed a strange looking envelope, addressed to her, and decorated with nature scenes. She opened the envelope and began to read.

Dear Executive,

Are you feeling tired, worn-out, and slothful? Is your job causing you to lose interest in your spouse and family? Do you wish you could just get away from is all? Then perhaps we, at the Four Winds Health and Beauty Spa, can help. We are offering a weekend get away for you to help you unwind and get back into the swing of things. If you are interested, just call at 555-6297, and we be pleased to help in any way we can. Thank you.

A weekend get-away, Amanda said to herself. That doesn't sound like a bad idea. She put the mail back down on the table and went into her room to change out of her work clothes. She went into the bathroom to take off her makeup, and stared hard into the mirror. Her normally long, luscious, wavy blonde hair seemed limp and dead. Without the makeup, she appeared as pale as any ghost she had seen in a movie. And were those tiny wrinkles around her eyes? I shouldn't be getting wrinkles. I'm only 26, she thought. Maybe I do need a vacation. She heard the door slam in the living room as her husband Mark stomped in.

What happed?, Amanda asked in horror at her husband's mood.

Some fucking idiot of a doctor prescribed the wrong medication for one of his patients. The patient died, and the family is suing the hospital. The administration doesn't want to lose another doctor, so they're blaming it on me. All I did was give the poor sap the damned injection. How was I supposed to know the stuff would kill him.

What does it mean?

I means that, after a formal board of inquiry, I'll be fired. I'll probably lose my license, too.

Amanda walked over to her forlorn husband and embraced him. He returned in kind, but there was no affection in it.

You know,, he said, I just want to go to bed. I'm not really that hungry.

Mark slipped out of her arms, leaving them to slowly fall to her sides. She left the room and went to call Stephani and Jennifer. They agreed to meet at one of the restaurants in the city and have dinner. Amanda went back to her room to tell Mark where she was going, but he had already fallen fast asleep. She turned and went out to the garage, got into her car, and left.

After the three ladies met at the restaurant and were seated, Amanda proceeded to relay her story to her friends, breaking into tears while she told of her husband's predicament.

Surely the board of inquiry will find in Mark's favor., Stephani said, trying to console her friend. Her bouncy personality was always trying to lighten things up.

No,, she replied, Mark's told me about these inquiries. Most of the time, the verdict is already set before the damned thing is even held.

Jennifer sat for a moment. I have an idea,, she said. I got a letter in the mail today from a Four Winds Health and Beauty Spa. I called, and they said they were offering a special, one-time offer to harried, women execs. Full use of the spa's facilities for a weekend, all for free.

I got that same letter today,, added Stephani. Maybe we should try it.

Amanda looked up. I got that letter, too. Maybe it's a sign. Let's do it.

* * * * *

The rest of the week flew by as the three women waited in anticipation for the weekend to arrive. Finally, 5 o'clock on Friday came, and the three women piled into Stephani's car and drove out to the spa, which was located quite a distance west of the city. They drove up to the front of the main building. It was a great columned building of white marble with a covered porch you could drive under. Stephani stopped the car and the porter took their bags while the valet drove the car off to some unseen location. A trim looking woman approached them from inside the building.

Welcome to the Four Winds Health and Beauty Spa. You must be Amanda, Jennifer, and Stephani. My name is Susan, and I am your orientation leader. Come inside and I will show you to your rooms.

As they entered the foyer, they were astonished by the luxury around them. Everywhere there was white marble. The quickly passed into the main gallery. Around the edges of the gallery were white statues of beautiful women, sculpted in the finest detail. Every strand of hair and every eyelash was well defined. In the middle was a sitting area with overstuffed chairs and couches of white fabric. Susan ushered them through the gallery and into the wing containing the guest rooms.

We will start in about an hour. I invite you to take a shower. There are plush bath robes for you to wear to orientation. You will not need to redress.

The three women were shown their room. A central living space separated into three bedrooms, each with its own bath. The rooms were richly decorated, and the baths were done completely in marble, right down to the plumbing fixtures. The three women immediately undress and began to shower. The water began to cool and relax their tired bodies, and caused a pleasing tingle all over. Amanda noticed the shampoo which was provided, and proceeded to wash her hair. The shampoo smelled of herbs and the outdoors, with just a hint of sweetness. The rich lather poured off her blonde locks, over her ample breasts and past her sex to run smoothly down her inner leg. The suds created the same cool tingle she had felt when she began her shower. Her nipples suddenly became very erect, and sensations in her sex sent little waves of pleasure throughout her body. Amanda felt her knees getting weak, and she had to brace herself against the wall.

I'm definitely going to like it here, she thought.

Eventually, the three women finished their showers and dressed in the pure white bath robes provided for them. Jennifer came out first, her red hair forming a mass of curls reaching to the middle of her back. Her whole head seemed to be as bouncy as her personality. Amanda appeared next. Her blonde waves were seeming rivers of gold flowing around her neck. Stephani took the longest in the shower, and appeared several minutes later. Her straight, dark brown hair framed her face perfectly, with its classic, angular lines and huge brown eyes.

Can yall believe those showers?, Stephani exclaimed. That was amazing.

Jennifer chimed in, Definitely the best shower I've ever had. I not sure I want to leave. The three women nodded in agreement. Amanda looked up at the clock on the wall. It had been nearly an hour.

We'd better get to the orientation meeting. Come on.

They got up and started down the hall back toward the main gallery. Their bare feet made soft slapping sounds as they walked along the marble floor. In the main gallery, the furniture had been moved and a few rows of chairs had been placed in the middle, facing a small platform. Most of the chairs had already been taken, and Amanda, Jennifer, and Stephani took their seats in the back. Susan got up from the front row and began to speak.

As your orientation leader, I would like to welcome you to the Four Winds Spa. Subdued applause followed her first statement. Susan began to describe the history of the spa and its mission to help overworked female executives look and feel their best. Amanda looked around the room and noticed that their were only about thirty to forty women here, and all of them looked to be in their late twenties to early thirties. She began to be bored by Susan's speech when she noticed something emerging from the far end of the gallery, from the wing opposite the guest wing. It looked like a large marble box on wheels covered by a white sheet, with several tubes and cables attached to it. Two large, well-defined men pushed the box out into the middle of the gallery., let us begin. First we must show that we are willing to give up our inhibitions for our stay here. Please remove your bath robes and lay them on the floor. Do not worry about the the men. They are merely robots which assist the staff. Susan untied her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor, exposing her naked body to the women there. Her skin was milky white and hairless. She looked like one of the statues standing around the perimeter of the gallery. One by one, the women peeled off their robes and sat completely naked. Eager to try something new, Stephani was one of the first women to disrobe. She sat there smiling from ear to ear, waiting for us to join her.

The first lesson to inner peace and wellbeing is you must learn to love you're body. Take a moment to explore your body. Learn each curve and become its master.

Amanda began to run her hands up and down her arms. The shower she had just taken left her skin soft and silky. Enjoying what she felt, she moved her hands slowly across her breasts and down her trim stomach. Narrowly avoiding her sex, she caressed her legs and finally her feet.

Now,, Susan said, I need a volunteer. You, madam, in the front. A tall brunette with short hair stood up and joined Susan on the platform. I will show you the secret of this spa., Susan stated. She motioned to the marble box. The two manbots removed the sheet to reveal a tub of steaming, green grey mud. A faint aroma of flowers began to permeate the room. The volunteer's eyes grew wide.

Come. Do not be afraid. The volunteer slowly moved towards the tub. Susan held in her hand a clear plastic tube with a curved piece of tube attached to the end, similar to a breathing tube. Susan motioned for her to sit on the edge of the tube. She reassured her that no harm would be done to her, and she fitted the breathing tube on the volunteer. The manbots gently helped her on top of the mud, and slowly began to sink. The smooth, green muck crawled up her feet, then her legs, and past her groin and stomach. Her face went under, and the last thing taken was the tips of her breasts.

This mud was specially designed for our spa. It cleanses your pores and does away with blemishes, firms your skin, and gives your hair a new, healthy radiance. She motioned again toward the tub and the manbots fished her out of the mud bath. Using an attached water nozzle, the manbots sprayed her off. Susan claims were indeed true. Her skin was completely clear, her hair gave off an almost mirror-like shine, and Amanda swore the woman's breasts were a little firmer and more pointed. The women clapped with approval. Susan smiled and returned to her place on the platform.

On each of your beds you will find a small packet of information. Included is you personal schedule of activities. I'm sure you will find them most inviting. May you all leave eternally beautiful.'

The women applauded with great enthusiasm and they returned to their rooms.

'Did you see what that stuff did to her?', Jennifer exclaimed, 'It's like a miracle cream.

No kidding., Stephani said, I can't wait to try it.

The three women returned to their room and opened their schedule. All three were scheduled for an hour of the mud treatment after dinner. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Amanda opened it and one of the manbots entered pushing a silver cart holding several covered dishes.

Dinner is served., he said with a flourish. Eat well. The manbot turned and left the room. Amanda opened one of the dishes. It held a small green salad with pasta in a light cream sauce and a grill breast of chicken. The lovely odors filled the room and the three women began to eat.

This is delicious!, said Amanda with a mouthful of pasta in her mouth. Jennifer nodded, while Stephani just ate. Soon the women were finished, and they left their dishes on the cart to be taken away. Stephani, ready for her mud treatment, grabbed the arms of her two friends and went off toward the opposite end of the spa where the mud baths were located.

The mud treatment room held ten of the marble tubs, each full of the steaming mud. Each woman received their own manbot attendant. They each were shown to a tub and were lain on top of the mud. Amanda felt the mud begin to suck her down. First her feet, then her legs and abdomen. The last thing she heard before her head went under was a soothing voice instructing her to relax and breath normally. Finally, her breasts were sucked in, and she was encased in the mud. Everywhere the mud touched her skin and warm tingle went coursing through her body, especially her sex. Her hands slowly moved through the mud to her crotch, and the instant she touched her aroused clitoris, she exploded into a fierce, overpower orgasm. Pleasure washed over her body like the waves on a shore. The orgasms became more frequent and more powerful, until her brain could take no more and it shut down, leaving her body to pleasure itself in the mud.

* * * * *

Amanda awoke in her bed, unaware of how she has got there. She sat up and noticed Jennifer across the way, sleeping soundly. She got up and went into the bathroom to see if she noticed any changes. Sure enough, all the blemishes on her skin had vanished and her blonde hair shined like the sun. Her breasts had changed as well, becoming firmer and more youthful. She looked like she was 18 again, and she drank in the image like a man dying of thirst.

She lay back down on her bed and looked back at Jennifer across the way. She noticed her like she had never before. Suddenly, Jennifer's lips seemed luscious and inviting. Her breasts, as they rose and fell, called to her. Jennifer shifted in her sleep, and her sex was exposed. Amanda began to get hot, half with excitement and half embarrassment. Why am I thinking like this, she thought to herself. I'm happily married. Yet a little voice in the back of her mind urged her to kiss Jennifer.

Amanda slowly rose and tiptoed across the living room to her friend's bedroom. Jennifer was laying on her back, fondling herself in her sleep. Amanda leaned over and gently brushed her lips against her friend's. Instantly, Jennifer's tongue shot out, and the two were locked in a sensuous embrace. Jennifer slowly woke up and saw Amanda straddled over her hips. The two giggled and Amanda bent down and mouthed Jennifer's sex. Her tongue explored the inside of Jennifer's pussy, juices running down the front of her face. Pleasure grabbed Jennifer, and she arched her back like a cat as the pressure began to build.

Unknown to Amanda and Jennifer, Stephani had padded into the room., fingering herself. She silently positioned herself above Jennifer's head, and slowly began to massage her breasts. The intensity of the sensation became to much for Jennifer to handle, and the orgasms began, one after another. Her head began to pound, each orgasm being more pleasurable and intense. Finally, she screamed out.

Stop! I can't take anymore!

Amanda looked up and wiped the juices from her face with the back of her hand. Stephani licked them off like it was candy.

Mmmm, Jennifer. You taste good., she said, smiling.

Jennifer sat up weakly. Well, now its your turn. She grabbed Stephani by the arms and turned her over with little resistance. She and Amanda exchanged positions, and Jennifer began to lick Stephani's entire sex. Stephani began to breath heavily, while Amanda watched and fingered her own clit. Eventually, Stephani exploded into orgasm and made several mewing noises in the process, like she was a cat in heat.

Ohhh, that was sooo good. I've never come like that before., Stephani exclaimed, breathless. Now it's your turn, Amanda.

I have an idea., Jennifer said. She went over to her dresser and produced five long silk scarves.

Lie down spread eagle on the bed, Amanda.

Amanda got on the bed and Jennifer proceeded to tie each limb to a corner bedpost, making it extremely difficult for her to move. The fifth she used to gag Amanda. Jennifer knelt down beside the bed and started to lick Amanda's left foot. Stephani took her cue, and started on her right foot. Slowly the two moved up, one on each leg. They bypassed her sex, saving it for last, and suck copiously on her breasts. From there, they moved to her face. Amanda tried to return the favors being done to her, but the gag prevented her. The two women moved down her arms and sucked on each individual finger. Finally, they moved back to Amanda's clit, and took turns with her. They would suck until Amanda was just about to come, then switch. This went on for twenty or thirty minutes, and Amanda was dying to come. Finally, Stephani ungagged her and began to kiss her deeply while Jennifer licked her sex. Amanda experienced orgasm after orgasm, but was speechless while Stephani was down her throat.

Let's try something else.', Jennifer said. She untied Amanda, and the three positioned themselves in sort of a three-way 69, with one girl mouthing the next. This went on for an hour, with the women experiencing simultaneous and multiple orgasms. Eventually, they were so exhausted that they all fell asleep in each others arms.

* * * * *

Morning came with a knock at the door. Stephani eased her eyes open and got up, feeling very stiff. She answered opened the door, and a handsome manbot entered pushing a silver cart. Still energized from the previous night, Stephani wanted to see if there was more to these robots than just looks. She grabbed its pants and pulled down hard, revealing its pelvis. It was smooth and sexless. Stephani felt let down. The manbot reached down and pulled up its pants.

Have a good morning., it said, as if nothing had happened. It turned and walked out. Stephani opened one of the dishes. In it were strawberries in champagne and a small danish, with juice to accompany the meal. While she ate, she looked over her schedule for the day. Beginning at nine, she would begin her mud treatment. At noon was lunch, and then a nature hike followed by another mub bath. She looked at the clock on the wall. It read 8:45. Not wanting to be late for her mud treatment, she finished her breakfast and walked stiff-kneed down to the mud room. I hope this mud bath relaxes me, she thought. I look really funny walking like a robot down the halls.

Amanda was the next to wake up. Somehow, she had found her way to the floor last night, and was so stiff she could barely move. She couldn't even move her jaw to awaken Jennifer. However, Jennifer soon woke, and helped her friend up. The two kissed deeply, and their hands drifted to each other's neither regions. Knowing they had things to do, they reluctantly pulled away from each other. Amanda checked her schedule, and realized she was late for her mud treatment. Skipping breakfast, she bolted out the door as fast as her joints would move, leaving Jennifer alone in the room.

Amanda made it down to the mud room with much difficulty, and hoped the warm mud would relax her body. Her attendant, noticing her struggle, gently pick her up and placed her down on top of the mud. As she sank, she eagerly awaited the sensations. As the tingling began she opened her mind rather than fight it, and she was taken to new heights of sexual extascy. Eventually, she fell asleep in a glow of sexual pleasure.

* * * * *

Amanda awoke in a strange place. She was in a large room, done in the same white marble, yet something was different. She was standing straight up, leaning against a wall. She tried to move but found her limbs would not obey her commands. She stood there, stiff as a board. She heard someone approach.

Ah, Amanda. You're awake. Come and let me show you something.

A manbot accompanied the woman grabed her by the waist and picked her up. Her limbs, instead of responding to gravity, maintained their position, and the robot carried her like one would carry a mannequin. A terrifing thought overcame Amanda. What if she never moved again? Would she be used like that, her body exposed for all to see? She tried to scream for help, but her mouth didn't move, and neither did her diaphragm. How am I breathing, she thought.

I'm sure you're wondering how you came to be in your state, my dear. You see, the mud in which you soaked yourself for hours it laced with a chemical which, when absorbed through the skin, halts all nerve activity in your muscles and freezes them into place. You no longer need to breathe, as your metabolic rate has been reduced to the point where simple osmosis of oxygen will suffice.

The manbot placed Amanda down, facing the woman speaking. She turned around to face Amanda, and she realized it was Susan. Behind her she saw a whole wall lined with the mannequin-like bodies of the women at the spa, including Jennifer and Stephani.

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm doing this. Running a spa isn't cheap, and I make my money by selling figures to art collectors. I also dabble in doll- and mannequin-making. It works out nicely. She turned to the manbot. Place the Jennifer here and prepare her. Now, Amanda, each woman here has her own characteristics which are best suited to one of my three projects. She turned to face Jennifer. This one is tall and has excellent bone structure. Bring me the clay, manbot. The robot retrieved a washtub full of a thick, white clay. Susan grabbed a large amount and spread it across Jennifer's body. Soon, she was coated in a thick layer of the clay. In this clay is a special ingredient which will react with the chemical already in the figure's body. It will keep her beautiful forever.

After several minutes of silence, Susan lightly tapped the clay surrounding Jennifer. It sounded dry and hollow. She grabbed a hammer and a small chisle and, carefully placing the chisle, cracked the clay shell. The clay fell off in large pieces to reveal a perfect marble replica of Jennifer. Amanda screamed mentally at the act perpetrated against her lover. She tried to cry, but no tears fell from her frozen eyes.

Yes, I know it seems harsh from the outside, but on the inside, your friend will experience eternal pleasure. The chemical in her body will continue to stimulate her and evetually her mind will be lost in the constant orgasms. She spoke again to the manbot. Bring me the Stephani and a suit. Amanda could see the fear in Stephani's eyes. The manbot returned with Stephani and a large piece of silver cloth. Susan place a vibrator into Stephani's sex and began to fit the cloth over Stephani's tiny feet. The silver turned out to be a catsuit, and Susan made quick work of putting it on. She ran her finger up the back of the suit and, instead of hearing a zipper, Amanda heard only a soft sucking sound. Upon closer inspection, Amanda noticed there were no seams on the suit.

The suit is heat-sensitive, and as the figure's own body heat activates the fabric, you will see it shrink and adjust itself to her body.

Amanda watch in horror as the suit began to shrink and become shiny. She could make out the details of every muscle and every curve. Eventually, the suit became like a second skin, even forming an exact replica of her face. Her breasts formed soft silver peaks ending in rock-hard nipples. Even her hair had been transformed into thousands of strands of silvery wire. It was Stephani, the chrome goddess.

The suit has a special microchip in it which controls the figure's movements and layers its own personality over her's. She will be a sex toy for some rich man. Again, she will not care, for her mind will lose itself in the never-ending pleasure.

Amanda wept inwardly at the thought of her friend becoming a robot doll for someome else's enjoyment. Somehow, she had to find a way to get out of there.

And now for you, my dear. The manbot picked her up and placed in a large glass tube. Susan produced another vibrator and placed inside of Amanda. She posed Amanda's body and stepped back. The manbot closed the door and sealed it. Susan spoke to her through the glass.

Your beauty must be seen by more than just gallery-goers or some perverted old man. You must be seen by all. She moved away and pressed a button on a console near the tube. A pink colored gel began to ooze up from the floor. It was warm against her skin and, combined with the sensations coming from her sex, it became increasingly difficult to keep focused. The gel quickly covered her entire body and receded, followed by a rush of blue liquid from above. Thats when she noticed something. Her body wasn't just stiff, it was rigid. The blue liquid disappeared, and the manbot opened the door and lifted her out. Her placed in front of a full-length mirror. She screamed when she saw herself. Her skin had become a hard, shiny plastic, and her eyes were glassy. She had become prefectly proportioned, and her breasts were perfect in shape and size. Her beautiful blonde hair had disappeared, and she was completely hairless. Her sex was completely smooth, and she realized the vibrator was sealed within her body. As her mind focused on her pelvis, the sensations from her clit rushed back at her, and pleasure washed over every part of her mind. She found it difficult to keep her mind from being washed away in the sensation.

Don't fight it, my dear. Just relax and let the pleasure spread over you.

The soothing voice wore down her defenses as the pleasure from her sex continued to wash over her. Finally, one great orgasm overtook her, and she lost her self in the waves, ready to enjoy her new life as a mannequin.