Space Bound by Track4

The Space Exploration Service was continuing its examination of planets in other systems for possible colonization. Astronomers had located over fifty planets and satellites as candidates for Terran compatible life forms. So far no other intelligent life forms had been discovered in the fifteen planets that had been visited. Two planets and one satellite of a gas giant had been found that could support human life.

Ensign Beth Presser was on her first planetary survey mission. After graduation from the Space Academy and earning a Master's in geology, she was assigned to the space vessel Curie. She and her shipmates had made the jump from outside Neptuneís orbit to the Mylanian system to examine the fourth planet. Presser was to examine the tectonic pressures to insure that, if chosen for terraforming, the planet would not be subject to geological instability. After scanning from space for three days, it was time a visit the surface. Lt. Commander Emily Jeffries was the team leader. Jeffries would remain at the landed shuttle and oversee three teams of two as they examined the surrounding area. Fortunately, the atmosphere contained enough oxygen and no hazardous gases. No airtight suits would be needed for the investigation.

It had been a tiring but stimulating day. Beth and her partner, Lt. Jack Beasley, had completed scans of nearly seven miles of a fault line south of the shuttle. While Lt. Beasley actually outranked Beth, he deferred to Beth on the geological analysis. Jack's specialty was archaeology. The teams were always made of different specialist in the hopes that the different perspectives would add to the value of the survey. Besides, the Service kept hoping they would find another intelligent race or at least its ruins. As they started back to the shuttle Beth saw an opening in the side of a hill. She pointed it out to Lt. Beasley and they walked to the mouth of the cave. Scans should the cave to be stable and that it ran deep into the side of the hill. However, scans seemed to stop abruptly about a half a kilometer in from the opening. Perhaps some unusual mineral was blocking the scan. Lt. Beasley reported the find to Commander Jeffries. Jeffries gave them permission to spend up to an hour to investigate the cave. Beasley and Beth were then to return the shuttle. Jeffries had reviewed the reports and determined that the area seemed stable.

Beasley and Beth entered the cave. They found it to be as straight as the scans had indicated. This was somewhat unusual as caves usually meandered. It wasn't until they had walked for fifteen minutes that they noticed that the floor and walls were smooth. Only a few small stalactites hung from the smooth ceiling. Beth was about to say that the cave just could not be natural when the two walked into a huge chamber. The smooth ceiling rose above them. The

walls were covered with pictures that may have been some form of pictograms. Beasley was excited as he told Beth to scan as many of the pictures as possible in the remaining time. This was the first sign of any alien intelligence. Beasley tried to radio back to Jeffries, but was unable to make contact. Whatever had been blocking their scans was now blocking the radio. Jack told Beth to continue scanning Jack would go back and make radio contact with Jeffries. He was sure Jeffries would want to bring more teams in to examine the chamber immediately.

Beth had worked her way down the north wall about fifteen meters when her scans indicated that the wall was warmer. She reached out and was amazed as her hand passed into the surface as if it was not there. She rechecked her scans. They still indicated that this was solid rock. Beth adjusted the scans to check for biological life. She examined the scanner at her hand and it registered as normal. As she extended her hand into the wall again her hand disappeared from the scanner. She leaned in farther and found that the cuff of her jacket stopped at the visible surface of the wall. Beth quickly removed her jacket and stood in her sleeveless tunic. She inserted her arm completely into the wall up to her shoulder. The tunic, like the jacket, seemed to stop abruptly as it touched the wall. Beth pulled her arm out of the wall and rescanned her arm and hand. The scans showed normal human readings. Beth stood directly next to the wall

and leaned her face forward.

At first Beth saw only darkness. She leaned in farther and saw a lighted room about three meters by three meters. The ceiling was about two meters tall. She could not lean in farther as her tunic and pants stopped at the surface of the chamber. Beth leaned back into the large chambers and thought. "Beasley probably won't be back immediately. I've got to see what this room has in it. I could quickly strip down and pass entirely through the wall and take a quick look. I can get out and get dressed before anyone is the wiser."

Beth got naked. She placed her clothes and scanner next to the wall. She left the scanner on RECORD in hopes that it would catch anything she said. She walked though the wall into the room. As she completely entered the room the lights grew brighter. A projection appeared before her. A hologram of a man and a woman appeared immediately in front of her. Beth was momentarily startled. She covered herself with her arms and then realized that the hologram was a recording. She did not understand the words they spoke, but they sounded somewhat like Greek. This sound of their language was reinforced by the clothes the holograms wore. The man wore a simple elegant white tunic that draped over his shoulders and flowed down to mid thigh. The woman wore a gown of light blue that flowed to her ankles. Their faces were humanoid, but the eyes seemed larger than normal and showed no whites. As they smiled Beth noticed that the holograms' canine teeth were pointed and larger than normal.

The holograms pointed to a box in the back of the room. The top of the box opened on its own and the hologram figures vanished. Beth walked over to the box removed a golden girdle. This was like that wide belt like girdle that she remembers seeing in Greek and Roman stories. It was worn by women on the outside of their gowns. It was as much for decoration as for trimming their waist lines. It served that same purpose as a corset did for well dressed European women of the second millennium. Beth ran her hands over the girdle. The fabric felt like the finest silk, but had a golden metallic sheen to it. She could not resist placing it around her waist. The girdle had three belt buckets in back that she closed with only a little struggling. Beth was fortunate that she was a smaller woman. Being only five foot two with a small waist, she had always been labeled as 'cute'. If she had been much larger, she doubted that the girdle would have fit her.

Beth heard her radio from the belt of her uniform calling her. Jack must be close to be calling her. She needed to get out of here and get dressed. Without thinking she walked back through the wall and quickly donned her clothes. It was only as she finished dressing that she realized the belt had passed through the wall without snagging as the walk surface. As she was putting her jacket back on Jack reappeared with Jeffries and one of the other survey teams. Everyone was so excited that Beth did not have an opportunity to tell them about the secret room and its contents. They all spent the rest of the day scanning the walls. They returned to the shuttle exhausted but excited by their findings.

Beth woke the next morning to find two more shuttles had brought more research teams. Beth was assigned to return to the Curie and to run the scanned material through the ships computers. She was to determine if there was any similarity to any Earth cultures. She was a little miffed because she wanted to be down in the chamber, but the archaeologists were running the show now.

As Beth sat alone in the ship's library she checked and found that the scanner had picked up all the spoken language. Although she had found no match of the chamber's pictograms, she ran the spoken language passed the computer and was surprised to find a close match with an early predecessor of Greek. She set the computer to translate the spoken language and took a break.

Beth had gone directly to the library and had not showered upon her return to the Curie. She returned to her quarters that she shared with Janette, another Ensign. She removed her clothes and was about to step into the shower when she realized she still had the girdle on her waist. It was so comfortable she had forgotten about it. She reached behind to open the belt buckles. Her hands felt only the smooth tight fabric. She tried to reach under the tight fabric, but found she could not get her fingers between the material and her skin. It was just too small and slippery to slide down over her hips or up over her ribs. She found the material gave a sensuous feeling to her waist that spread over her body. She was getting very aroused. The room felt warmer. She did not have the time for this just now. She adjusted the shower to cold and stepped under the spray. She tried to ignore the girdle as the cool water chilled her.

As Beth dried herself she was amazed when she noticed the girdle seemed to instantly dry itself. She needed to get back to the computer and continue her work. She dressed in a fresh jumpsuit and returned to the library. On the screen was a translation of the holograms' words:




Beth wondered which gift she had. She did not seem smarter and her appearance had not changed. The girdle must be the gift of long life. She needed more information. As she stared at the screen she felt the girdle seem to shrink. Her waist seemed smaller and her back seemed to popped. She was having a slightly harder time breathing. She brushed aside her concern and proceeded to translate the pictographs on the assumption that they were related to Greek. Within an hour and the aid of the computer she was able to translate almost half of the pictograms. She lost track of time as she was able to derive additional pictograms based on the context of the adjacent pictograms. When she finally realized that she had worked three hours passed the end of her shift she quickly wrapped up her work.

Beth went to the mess lounge and eat lightly from a salad as she reviewed more of the pictograms on her scanner pad. She was surprised that she was able to translate many pictograms without the computer. She felt an itch on her left breast and decided she needed to return to her quarters and relax in something more comfortable.

Beth was shocked when she removed her jumpsuit. The girdle had grown and now covered the bottom of her breasts. It was even more tightly pulling in her waist. Her breasts actually seemed larger even though the material seemed very snug. Beth found herself having some trouble bending forward as the material restricted her movements. She wanted to report the girdle and its effects to the Captain immediately. As she redressed a calmness filled her head. She could always wait and make her report in the morning. She stripped down, climbed into bed and fell asleep immediately.

When Beth woke she yawned and went into the bathroom. She jumped as she saw her reflection in the mirror. The girdle was now a full corset that covered her from above her breasts down to below her waist. It was so tight it looked to be sprayed on her skin. Although the material was not transparent, Beth's every curve was visible. She briefly panicked and almost called for help. As had happened the night before a calm settled over her mind. She finished her normal morning routine, dressed and reported for duty. In the library she found she could read almost all the pictogram with no computer assistance. She reread some of the previous day's translation and realized a mistake had been. The gifts of the gods were protected by traps that would test any humans that discovered them. If the discoverers did not measure up to the aliens tests, the gifts would be withheld. She realized she was in one of those traps now. She wanted to tell the captain, but the trap (her expanding girdle) somehow prevented her from reporting her discovery. She found she could devise a plan and act on it. She had to return to the secret room and remove the girdle. Beth realized she probably had limited time before the girdle expanded to cover her and control her every thought.

Beth reported to the captain and convinced her that she could translate the pictograms more effectively than anyone else. She could save the examination of the chamber time if she read the pictograms directly from the walls. Beth got permission to join the away team with the next shuttle down to the surface the next morning. Beth thanked the captain and returned to the library where she translation the remaining pictograms. She hoped the next morning would be soon enough. When Beth returned to her quarters that evening she discovered that the girdle had continued to expand. It now covered her from the top of her breasts to her upper thighs. Her hands, arms, calves, feet and head were still bare. She hoped she could make it through the night.

Beth tried to sleep but found her dreams very erotic. Whatever the girdle was becoming, it was very stimulating. She woke several times with powerful orgasms. By morning she figured that she had only slept at most two hours. She got up and stood under a cold shower to compose herself. The girdle now extended down passed her knees and up to her neck. Short sleeves had grown down her arms. The material had grown even tighter. Despite its tightness she had to control her thoughts or they quickly became erotic. She slipped on a fresh jumpsuit, grabbed her scanner and pad and reported to the shuttle for transport to the planet surface.

Beth still was restrained from talking or recording her plight. She hoped she would still be allowed to act. The shuttle landed close to the cave. She jogged in and hurried to the chamber. Once there she dictated her translations into her pad and explained some of the pictograms to her crew mates. The pictograms told her where the other two secret rooms were. She directed everyone to work on the walls away from these rooms. When the crew broke for lunch she told

them she was fine and would join them in a few minutes. Once everyone was outside she quickly approached the first secret room and removed her jumpsuit and boots. Standing in only her skintight golden material she leaned against the wall and entered the secret room.

She instantly noticed the change. The thing was just a girdle again. She quickly reached behind her back and found that the buckles were presents. She released the buckets and dropped the girdle to the ground. She breathed deeply and stretched. She turned back to the entrance but the wall stopped her.

Beth had thought that the translation said that the girdle could only be removed in this secret room. She turned back to read the pictograms on the room's wall. She saw that it confirmed that the girdle could be removed in the room, but then starting crying as she read further. It said that she could not leave the room unless the wore the girdle. She collapsed to the floor and sobbed.

Sometime later Beth's crew mates returned and found Beth's jumpsuit and boots leaning against the wall. Beth could hear their conversation. She had to warn them about the other secret rooms. She did not want anyone else trapped like she was. Beth shouted back and got Lt. Commander Jeffries to come close to the wall. Beth told her story leaving nothing out.

Emily Jeffries told Beth to remain calm. They would find some way to get her out of the room safely. The captain was contacted and a conference held. Lasers were used to try to drill another exit from the room. The walls did not even get hot as the lasers struck the wall. Diamond drills were equally ineffective. Hours passed with Beth getting hungry and thirsty. Beth search the small room. There was nothing else she could wear. She read all the pictograms in the room and found nothing that would help. After two days Beth convinced the captain and Jeffries that she had to put the girdle back on. With great trepidation Beth buckled the girdle back around her waist and stepped back through the wall.

When Beth appeared as a golden nude figure. Her crew members stepped back from her. She could see the fear in their eyes. As Beth stood just outside the room she found herself unable to move. The tight outfit was now like a skin of inflexible steel. As Jeffries approach Beth she ran her hand down Beth's arm. Beth's entire body was thrust into an erotic state and she experienced wave after wave of orgasms. She was held in firmly in place by the unyielding material. Other crew members approached and wrapped some material around Beth's golden nude body. Every contact of a hand or of material brought Beth into another series of orgasms. Beth instinctively knew if she had no relief she would eventually go insane.

Beth was able to keep some small part of her mind going. She did not feel herself breath and she could not detect her own heart beat. She was not hungry or thirsty now. Beth assumed she was in some limited type of suspended animation. She also felt that the material was somehow, impossibly squeezing her even tighter.

Captain's Log -- Curie:

"It has been fifteen days now since Ensign Presser was trapped in a golden statue. The medical section has detected extremely limited heartbeat and respiration. Presserís brain waves, however, are very active. We have determined that the surface of the statue is only two molecules thick. We have devised no way of removing the surface material that would not kill Presser. We will be bringing her back to Earth for further study in our hopes that some method of release will be developed. Based on the pictogram translations that Presser herself developed, Presser has received the 'gift of long life'. The pictograms describe this long life as one of continual stimulation. We have not determined how she can be stimulated. We will take good care of her and maintain regular physical contact with her in the hopes that we are somehow soothing her agony of entrapment."


Strict Diplomacy -- Space Bound II by Track4

Captain's Log -- SES Presser:

"The Space Exploration Service had finally found another living civilization. After the mission to the Mylanian system, SES know that alien intelligent

has life had existed. It even seems that it visited Earth almost three thousand years ago. The first archeological contact led to the apparent lost of Ensign Presser during an examination of the alien pictograms. Further examination has led SES to investigate a series of systems mentioned in those translations.

"After twenty years Ensign Presser still exists in a form of suspended animation encased as an impervious golden statue. During that time SES believes it has found the homeworld of that ancient race. If this belief is true, we will be arriving at this world in five months. We hope these aliens still exist. If they do not, we hope to learn more from their ruins. My next report will be from the Olympia system."

Captain Diane Morrison sat alone on the bridge of the SES Presser. The rest of the crew was in cryogenic sleep. Diane did a final check of the systems and climbed into her sleep tube. At the press of a button she initiated the stasis field in which she would sleep.

Five months later......

Diane woke. She stretched and breathed deeply to bring herself more fully awake. Her five feet six inch frame seemed to be full of kinks. After a few minutes she stepped from the open tube and checked the instruments. The Presser had dropped from transpace and was slowly approaching the Olympia system. Diane entered the command to wake her crew.

Twenty minutes later the bridge crew entered, yawning and stretching. After checking his terminal Commander Bill Rompart reported.

"All sleepers awake and reporting on station. Ready for your orders, Captain. Sir, we are already being hailed. Audio only. It is in our SES standard language. It seems we were expected."

"Open communications." Sitting up very straight in her chair Diane spoke. "Greetings from Earth. It is obvious you know of us. May we talk with you?"

A smooth alto voice responded. "Please enter. Assume an orbit around the fourth planet. We will arrange for transportation to the surface for you and your assistant. Please be ready in two hours."

"Thank you. Can we talk as we approach?"

"No. Be in orbit. All will be explained when you are greeted on the surface."

"Captain" spoke Rompart "The transmission has been terminated. Your orders?"

"Do as they instructed. It looks like we found who we wanted. Have Lt. Doris Chammers report to the conference room in 15 minutes. We have to prepare for the meeting."

Diane left for her quarters. She could at least get a quick shower and a fresh jumpsuit.


Lt. Chammers and Diane waited at the air lock as the alien shuttle docked. The lock cycled. In walked two tall well built men. Except for their large eyes they could probably have passed as Terrans. Their eyes showed no whites -- only a deep blue as they looked at the humans. The first spoke.

"We are to remain on board during your talks with our leaders. You may treat us in any way you feel. We need not have the freedom of your vessel. Who are your representatives?"

"I'm Captain Morrison and this is Lt. Chammers. We are the representatives."

The alien responded. "Good. The shuttle is automated. You will find your ceremonial attire within the shuttle. Please be sure to wear only the designated clothes. To appear before the council in anything else would be an affront and talks would be terminated."

Diane asked "What are these clothes?"

The alien responded "I can say no more. Those are my orders."

Diane thought a moment. "Welcome to the Presser. We will abide by your traditions."

The alien gentlemen were escorted to guest quarters. Rompart asked "Do you want us to check the shuttle?"

Diane responded "That might be taken as an affront too. You have the command until I return. I will check in every two hours."

Diane and Chammers entered the shuttle. As soon as they emerged on the alien side of the air lock they felt the shuttle detach and descend to the planet. "Chammers, when we are alone please call me Diane. I've never stood on protocol in private. Let's find those clothes and get dressed to meet the aliens."

"Okay, if you call me Doris. Captain, these lockers are marked with our names, but they are empty except for this note." She handed the note to Diane."


"Well, Doris, I guess we get naked". The two removed their jumpsuits, boots and underwear and placed them in the lockers. As they both stood naked each closed her own locker. Instantly, the lockers to the left opened. Diane found a red stretchy catsuit. It was one piece, complete with boots and gloves. The boots had three inch heels. The suits were slightly small, but the material was stretchy. Diane thought it would fit. The inside of each suit was covered with a warm rich lotion. This was probably a lubricant to allow the suit to slide on more easily. Diane shook her head as it reminded her of a vacation she had taken. A pleasure suit she wore on that trip had left her very sexually charged. Just what she had needed to forget the worries of command.

Diane immediately started to slide the suit up her long legs. "When in Rome...". She stopped as she saw Doris holding her catsuit in disbelief. "Doris, what's the matter?"

"This thing. I can't wear it. It is just too...."

"Doris. You were trained for this mission. You knew the risks and seemed to accept them. Either get that suit on now or the mission is jeopardized."

"Aye, aye, Captain."

Doris leaned against the locker and started to slide the suit up her legs. She stopped as the suit reached her crotch.

"What is it now, Doris?"

"There are things here in the crotch. I don't know what to do with them."

"Let me see." Diane saw two probes. Diane was taken back. It was obvious where these probes should be inserted. Her suit did not have these probes.

"Okay, Doris, we can trade suits."

"Oh, thank you, Captain."

They switched suits. After pulling up the legs Diane lined the probes up and pulled the suit up to her waist. The probes filled Diane. She found herself thinking erotic thoughts. Diane looked at Doris and saw she had pulled the suit on and closed the long front zipper up to her neck. Doris's dark brown skin of her neck and face seemed to glow. Doris actually smiled back at Diane. Diane, anxious to continue to set a good example, pulled the suit over her shoulders and closed the zipper.

The shuttle landed a few moments later. The gravity was only 80% of earth. That would make walking in the three inch heels easier. The hatch opened. Diane and Doris walked out into a huge room. There were no signs of the aliens.

Over a loudspeaker came "Would the captain please step forward." Diane stepped forward. She felt her suit tighten. The lube on the inside of her suit grew warm, then hot. Diane almost collapsed as her breath was squeezed from her. Diane turned and saw Doris. Doris's suit looked tighter. Openings appeared over Doris's nipples, crotch and ass. Doris's arms moved behind her back. The catsuit material wrapped her arms together from her hands to her elbows. The legs of the suit fused forming one tight leg. Doris dropped to her knees. Diane felt her probes widen. Diane thought the material now looked and

felt like a thin layer of mylex, the highly elastic material used for sterile glove and waterproof dressings. The zippers were no longer visible.

"What are you doing to us?" asked Diane.

"Preparing you for the meeting. You must pass the traditional tests before we can accept you. Proceed to the door. Your assistant will be processed separately."

Diane wanted to strike out, but she had no alternative. She must give this mission every chance to succeed. She walked through the door. The tight mylex made her moments stiff. As if to make matters even worse, she felt the boot heels lengthen. The door closed behind her.

She was in an elevator. It dropped quickly for quite some time. She was deep in the ground before the motion stopped and the doors opened. The scene before was of a garden. Three aliens waved Diane from the elevator. She followed them with difficulty. The probes were quickly bringing her to a orgasm and her legs wobbled. She stood in an open area where the ground looked like pavement. She felt the suit shift around her and was forced to a kneeling position with her knees held widely apart. The mylex over each leg fused its calf and thigh together. Her arms swung in front of her and her wrists were fused together. Something invisible pulled her arms above her head. An orgasm erupted and she moaned as the entire suit massaged every inch of her body. Orgasm followed orgasm as Diane lost all track of time. She hung from her arms and collapsed into unconsciousness.

Diane awoke. She stood and found herself alone in a small room. The catsuit had reformed to tightly encased her body, but she could move with some stiffness. The suit was now an off-white color. She ran her hands over her stomach and hips and felt an almost electric charge as her nerves felt the caress. She still felt the probes, but they were not vibrating.

The only door opened and a female alien walked into the room. Her attire was similar to Diane's. "Congratulations! You have passed the first test. You may now meet the council. Follow me." The alien turned and walked away.

Diane followed. "Where is my assistant? What have you done to her?"

"Was the experience pleasurable?" asked the alien.

"Well, yes. It's just not what we expected."

"Your assistant is being processed. Come, we must hurry."

Diane had trouble keeping up in what were now six inch heels on her boots. She was led to a small chamber. Guards were stood on either side of the door. They wore tight blue suits of the elastic substance. Their effectiveness as

guards was in question as their arms were fused to their sides and their legs were tightly bound together. Diane was seated on a solitary chair facing a table. Five aliens were seated behind the table. Diane was not too surprised when her suit fused to the chair locking her arms to those of the chair. Her legs were spread apart and secured to the front legs of the chair. Diane barely keep her composure.

The center alien spoke. She appeared to be an old women in a Grecian-like gown. This matched the description given by Ensign Presser of the holographic projections she had witnessed.

"Welcome to our domain. I have many names. You can call be Atlenia. We hoped you have enjoyed your test so far. How can we help you?"

Diane wanted to cry out for release from her tight confinement, but did not know what would offend the aliens. She spoke in the way described in the mission plan.

"I am from Earth. We believe you visited there in our ancient past. We want to share knowledge and culture with you. We of Earth want to learn from you and work together to form an understanding between our peoples."

Atlenia replied. "We know much that is beyond your understanding. Are you prepared to continue with your test?"

Diane hesitated. She was fascinated by the intense experiences she had had so far, but what did they have with diplomacy. She wanted to establish relations with this civilization. She would do almost anything to achieve that goal. "Yes, I am ready to continue." The mylex-like substance acted. Diane found herself standing in seven inch heels. Her legs were bound tightly from her waist to her knees. Her wrists moved to the small of her back and instantly stuck. Her nipples were exposed. Her waist was squeezed severely leaving Diane barely able to breath.

Atlenia spoke. "You must cross to the tower on the other side of the city. You can see it through the door. You will be forced to experience many wonders on your way. If you voice any negative statements, you fail. You will be returned to your ship and must never return. Proceed if you agree."

Diane took a deep swallow and walked through the door and into the street. The sight was dazzling. She saw creatures of mythology. Male and female centaurs trotted by. Overhead flew a being with the body of a lion and the head and wings of and eagle. A baby-like winged cherub flow by. She stared for several moments before the probes started vibrating. She broke from her open-mouthed wonderment and set out for the tower.

The tower looked to be several miles away. She took a street that headed in the general direction and set as good a pace as her bound legs could manage. Her stride was only about six inches per steps.

Diane had to stop after about a quarter mile. She was being savagely stimulated. She felt her juices moving around her crotch. She felt the suit change. She looked down and saw that, her tight skirt had reformed into tall boots that were even tighter. As she started to resume walking she felt the probes pulled even more deeply into her and her now exposed nipples were

squeezed more tightly.

After another quarter an alien male approached. He stood only about four feet high and had fur covering him from the waist down. His legs ended in hooves. He spoke with a guttural accent. "My dear lady. As you appear to be going in my direction, would you be so kind as to assist me?"

Diane was about to turn from the man when she remembered that she had been told not to make any negative statements. "How can I help?"

"Just step this way. I'll just hitch you to my wagon."

Before Diane could respond the mylex flowed over her head and down over her eyes. She felt a strap wrap around her waist and cinched tightly. She heard the alien speak. "I see you already your own blinders. I've hitched you to my wagon. Let us proceed."

Diane leaned forward and started the wagon moving. The alien gave her verbal directions and she preceded down the street. While she was pulling the probes remained still. Every time she was ordered to stop at an intersection the probes resumed vibrating.

"Whoa. I want to get a bit of refreshment. Wait here."

The little alien had obviously locked a brake on. She heard footsteps and then a door slam shut. The probes were vibrating furiously. She was brought to an orgasm within minutes. As the orgasm subsided the mylex over her eyes formed eye holes. Diane saw the alien step from the door of an ancient looking tavern. "I see you have been kept busy. Whenever you orgasm the eye holes will form for a few minutes. You have done enough for me now. It release you." The tight strap around Diane's waist was removed. "You may now proceed as you wish."

"Thank you, sir" said Diane. She quickly walked away before he did something else to her. She walked for five minutes and noticed that the eye holes were shrinking. She quickly checked that she was still heading in the right direction. The eye holes sealed shut again and the probes started vibrating. Within minutes Diane was brought to another explosive orgasm. As the orgasm subsided the eye holes reappeared. If she had to stop every five minutes to have an orgasm to make the eye holes reappear, it was going to take forever to reach the tower.

Wasting no time Diane walked as fast as her wobbly legs would allow. As she advanced toward the tower she felt concern for her ship. Since she had not contacted them, they must be occupied or her crew would have sent a rescue party. She had to make it to the tower so that she could talk again with the ruling council. Once she had been accepted she could determine what had happened.

Diane was surprised that she did not feel dehydrated. As many times as she had some to orgasms she must have expended a fluids.

Finally after what seemed like hours she reached the tower. One of the more humanoid aliens waved Diane through a door and into a room. The council members sat a table identical to the one across town. Diane saw Doris laying on the floor. From her moans Doris was thoroughly enjoying her tight confinement. The only opening in Doris' suit was for her month. Diane collapsed into the chair in front of the council table. Atlenia spoke.

"Although your race seems to have lost much of the wisdom that we gave it in the past, your own determination, humiliation and sexual lust means there is still hope for your race. We agree to open relations with Earth with one stipulation. All Terrans who come must pass a test as you have before they can freely interact the members of our society."

Diane smiled. "Thank you. Your willingness to open relations will

make my superiors very happy. I do wish to warn your that many of

our leaders are older and may not ... appreciate your tests as I do."

"Understood. Those that can not pass our test will just have to remain on your ships. We will now return you to your ships so you may report and rest. We will contact you in 48 of your hours."

The catsuits resumed their original appearances. While still tight both Doris and Diane breathed more easily. When they were safely back aboard the shuttle Diane saw Doris' smile as one of sexual relief and exhaustion. They both were very tired. The zippers had reappeared. They both stripped and placed the catsuits in the lockers. Diane could not help caressing the material and smiling. She would have to find a willing male to fully satisfy the lust that remained. Doris and Diane donned their normal jumpsuits as the shuttle returned and docked with the Presser.

As the airlock opened the Rompart returned a startled look. "Captain, is something wrong?"

Diane replied "No. The initial talks have been concluded."

Rompart looked more confused. "But, Captain, you have only been in their shuttle for a few minutes. It never even detached from the ship."

"Lt. Chammers and I will prepare our reports. We will meet in 12 hours to review that situation. You have the conn until then. I need some rest."

Diane and Doris smiled at each other. They could almost read each others minds as they separated and went to their own quarters. Diane took a long hot shower and fell into bed naked.

Eight hours later the door chimed waking Diane from a highly erotic dream. She grabbed a robe and spoke "Enter".

The door opened and Rompart entered. He held a box wrapped in blue mylex.

"Captain, the aliens left a package for both you and Lt. Chammers. They said

to deliver it after you had had a chance to rest."

"Thank you. Dismissed."

Rompart was obviously curious, but exited as ordered. Diane unwrapped the package and found a red catsuit just like the one she had been given in the shuttle. There was a note.



Diane smiled. Once she had finished her report and meet with the command crew she knew what she would be doing for the next twelve hours. She thought Rompart should handle the next set of talks. He needed to get some experience with diplomacy.