Spells ‘R US:  I Dream of Genie

by Paul G. Jutras

Jill was sitting at the breakfast table with a glass of orange juice and some eggs when she saw a commercial interrupting her morning soap. The commercial was about this little shop called Spells R Us opening in her local mall. The store seemed to sell a little of everything and anything.
After breakfast, she checked her purse for money and headed for the garage. "Hello, Johnny." She waved to her neighbor she climbed into the car and backed out of the drive way. A short time later she had arrived at the mall.

A bell tinkled as the door brushed up against it. A young woman walked through the shop and stared at the novelties. She saw deflated love dolls, gargoyle bird baths, more female mannequins and statues than she had ever seen before. She also notice the female images knitted into rugs and on wall scrolls & posters.

Making her way to the front counter, she heard the sound of someone moving about the back room. A little bell on the counter had a sign that read:

She rang it and saw a little old man step out through a beaded curtain. His pointy hat had moons and stars on it like his wizard robe.
"May I help you, Jill?" The wizard said with a weird smile. He pulled out a lamp front the case between them. "I think this will serve you nicely."
"I don't know what I want...how could you?" Jill asked as she looked at the dust covered lamp; it looked interesting. “How much?”
"$7.50. You can afford that.”
"I suppose cleaned up, it'll look good." Jill said as she took the lamp and put her money down. She then went and took it to her apartment; where she then proceeded to take a dust cloth and began cleaning it up carefully. Smoke rose from it and formed into a blonde woman wearing a bikini top, Turkish trousers, Arabian slippers and a vest.


"You have two mistress." The young woman said as she bowed, "I mean, wishes; damn your language. Let's get them over with."

"Two… wishes?" The woman smiled. "I always thought it was three?"

"Don't believe everything you read about genies and wishes." The genie grumbled as a Jill tried to think of what she really wanted. She then ran into the bedroom and took off her T-shirt, jeans and panties. She put on a silky white blouse and brown skirt.

"What is thy first wish, oh Mistress?" The genie asked.

"I always love the look and feel of nylons on my body. "I wish that my lower torso looked and felt like I had a pair on, but it can't get runs. I have to be able to go to the bathroom and have sex with no problem."

"Done!" The genie said, without any apparent outward action. Jill looked down saw the fine webbing between her toes. She pulled down her skirt and saw how the hose had no waistband. They just blended into her upper torso. Jill couldn't help but run her hands along her legs and play with her pussy till she almost cum.

"You have one wish left." The genie said. "After which, I return to the lamp and the lamp returns to the store till a new master comes."

"That's an easy one." Jill said with a smile. "I wish to be young and beautiful forever."

"Done!" The genie said; she had a mysterious, yet sinister smile spread across her face. A moment later she and the lamp both vanished from the room.

Jill found her vision a bit hazy, but she could still see as people passed by her. She tried to ask what was going on but found she couldn't speak. She found that she couldn't move at all, not even to bat an eye. She could hear voices quite near to her, however, that she didn’t recognize at all.
"Who put this mannequin out only half dressed?" a woman with the store ID CAROL clipped above her right breast asked her partner, whose ID said BRENDA.

"Strip her blouse off or find her something to wear down below."

Jill wondered what mannequin she was talking about, then found out. She would have gasped if she could as Brenda walked over and removed her arms so she could easily remove the blouse and bra. Jill wasn't sure what shocked her most. Having her arms removed, or finally realizing how hard her breasts and ass felt.

She was the mannequin. Her arms were replaced and Jill felt like any embarrassed woman would who found herself in the middle of a busy store clad in only a pair of pantyhose. To Brenda and Carol she was a totally naked mannequin. As per Jill's first wish, Jill's pantyhose was still part of her glossy lower body and gave her stiff toes a fused together look to them.

Brenda turned to see Carol bring over a couple boxes of clothes. Jill could only stand helplessly as her upper half was removed from her lower. The top of her lower torso was but a smooth platform. Brenda then put a new bra on her and pulled the straps tight against her solid breasts. Once satisfied, she turned Jill's lower half over and slid a pair of jet black hose over her mannequin form. Turning it back over, Brenda put Jill's halves back together. She lifted her up, backed Jill up a few paces, and then set a display rod up her ass. Her stiff body wobbled a little bit in place.

"There you go." Brenda said as Jill wondered if she was talking to her or Carol. The finishing touch was a pair of heels that her frozen feet were already designed to slip into. Jill was almost glad to have the rod rammed up her tush since it would of been hard to balance on the balls of her toes otherwise.

The days turned into weeks, and Jill saw several changes into different lingerie outfits. Then one day, Jill found herself being moved from the lingerie floor display to one of the store windows. She even got used to not being able to move or speak.
As Jill was standing on her base she had a view of a sitting mannequin in a chair with her glassy eyes. She could do nothing but watch as the other mannequin stared out the window at the people passing by. She only wished that she had a better view of the outside. She did enjoy it when either Brenda or Carol would touch up her makeup on her frozen face.

Some time later, Jill was startled when Carol said oddly: "You look beautiful as you did a year ago. I hope you are enjoying your wishes." Then Carol's face morphed its features to those of the genie. She then put Jill onto a cart, base and all and transported her through one department after another. She finally stopped in the stock room. There was nobody around, besides a few other rigid mannequin figures being stored. "We can talk now."
Jill knew she could not move, so she said nothing.
"Tell me what you think of your new life?" The genie asked as Jill found she was now human again, but only from the neck up. She wanted to stretch, to strangle the genie by the throat, but the rest of her was still inert plastic. "You can speak now," the djinn added helpfully.
"What have you done?" Jill finally asked. "I didn't ask to be turned into a mannequin. I want you to make me fully human again."
"Sorry, kid." The genie said as she circled Jill's motionless form. "You only get two wishes and you used them both. I'm currently the servant of the store’s owner and thought I'd check up on you. Oh by the way...the owner was told about you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" She seemed to be trying to choose her words so not to make her situation worse. "Am I to be more than a clothing display figure now that you're keeping tabs on me with your new master. I'm not going to be some sex toy I hope."

"Nothing of the sort," a differnt, male, voice said. The genie was silent as her new master stepped from the shadows with his long hair done in a pony tail. He had a dark three piece suit and dark glasses that hid his eyes.

"I'm glad you like your new life, Jill." He chuckled. "Don't worry... I don't need a sex toy."

"All right --- What do you want of me then?" Jill asked. "You took me off display for some reason."

"First off, we're going to do something about your figure." The man said as the genie nodded. Like the wish had already been said and understood. Jill noticed that the arch of her foot suddenly altered to enhance the curve of legs. Jill then felt her breath get knocked out of her like she had on the tightest corset she had ever worn. The slimming waist seemed to make her breasts look that much larger. She was now longer limbed.

"I suppose you'd like to know what my wishes were?" The man smiled. "When the genie first appeared and introduced herself, she noticed your picture among my mannequin files. My first wish was to learn the truth behind your tranformation."

"And... and the second?" Jill asked in a quivering voice.

"A natural lifetime of service." The genie said, embarassed.

The man laughed. "I knew there had to be a loop hole in the old ‘no wishing for a million wishes’ clause."

"As you command." The genie seemed upset, but unable to do anything about it at the moment. She was very patient, however. Her opportunity would arrive.

"Okay, time to go back to work," the man said as the genie nodded again. She passed her hand in front of Jill's face who resumed the blank frozen stare of a display figure. The genie's then reversed the spell on herself, changing her face back to that of Carol. He continued, "She has to grant me any wish I like now."

He watched as his lifetime window dresser took his favorite living mannequin back to her home in the window. Jill noticed that this time she was alone in the window. With the genie’s power to change her figure, there would be no outfit that Jill wouldn't look good in. Jill soon found that she looked especially good in an oriental design dress with slits up the sides and no sleeves.

A half hour later, a beautiful blonde woman that the owner was watching on the security monitors entered the ladies room. Carol had just finished touching up Jill's make-up and straightening the wig that was once her hair, when she looked up at the security camera and saw the owner nod to her.
Without knocking, she walked into the ladies room to see the blonde holding up her skirt and with her pantyhose pulled down to her ankles.

""DO YOU MIND!" The woman barely had time to say before the woman's body instantly changed into that of a mannequin. Carol quickly stripped her and placed her clothes and purse into the waste can. She then carried the naked mannequin in back to be redressed in only a bra and pair of pantyhose. Her crouching position in the lavatory made her perfect for a seated display.

"Good work, Carol." Her master said with a smile. "Is she as aware of her surroundings as Jill is?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good." The master smiled. "If those hot legs of hers sell hosiery like I think they will, you can change her from a full mannequin into a pantyhose form by the end of the week."

"No!" Jill thought as she overheard that. She could do nothing but stare at her new window roommate, Lynne, and those passing on the street. She wondered which was the real monster. The genie or the master.

After a while, Lynne became the pantyhose form she was destined to become. Jill learned to accept her life as a display figure and the clothes and make up attention she continued to receive over the years that followed.



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