Spells R US 3:  Sheer Slavery

by Paul G. Jutras

    It is August 200 and Tammy had arrived at Fairy Tales Mall. Getting out of her car in her Foxy 2" sandals, suntan pantyhose, blue denim jeans shorts and V neck shirt. Throwing her purse over her shoulder, she wiggled her way into the mall. Her first stop was the book store when she picked up the next six paper backs that came out together each month as a series.

     As she headed off to the movies to see  Godzilla 2000 at the theatre, she passed a little shop that looked like it was decorated for Halloween. "Weird?" Tammy thought as she walked into and listened to the bell behind the door ring.

     "Hello?" She asked, finding the inside as strange looking as the outside. Masks lined upper shelves along the wall, and costumes stretched across hangers belong them. In one corner was a love doll that looked as aroused as a dog in heat. Tammy walked up to the counter and rung the bell for service.

      As she waited, she continued look about. As she walked up to a realistic looking mannequin in a purple dress with slits up the side and matching shoes. She had green shoulder length gloves. As she touched the mannequin's wrist it felt warm and a pulse made her back up in shock.

      "May I help you, Tammy?" An old male midget with a long white beard and a pointed hat asked as his sudden appearance made Tammy jump. "My, you are a beautiful one."

     "Why thank you." Tammy said as the tips of her long  pink painted fingers touched her breasts. "I... I'm not sure why I stopped in to tell the truth. How did you know my name?"

      "I'm a wizard." The wizard said with a smile. "I can see anything with my crystal ball in back. I can grant any wish one wants."

     "There's no such thing as wizards or witches." Tammy said as the old man just chuckled and dusted the mannequin in the store window. "What's with the mannequin. It seems alive."

     "She was... once." The Wizard said with a grin. "But that was before she tried to get out of our agreement and I had to transform her to pay off her debt."

     "Now I know there's nothing here I want." Tammy said, bumping into the love doll. "Whoops, I'm sorry... I"

     "That was Jeff." The Wizard chuckled again. "He didn't follow the love doll instructions and slipped its body on for size. Now he is the love doll. Frozen in feminine arousal unless activated by a rental." The wizard touched the plastic cheek of the doll and then turned to Tammy.  "How can I help you?"

     "What... What are you going to do to me?" Tammy was now almost in panic as she backed her way toward the door. "What do you plan on changing me into?"

     "Why, nothing my dear." The Wizard said as he moved behind the counter. "...As long as you honor the contract of your purchase. You will find my store can be better than Fantasy Island if you want."

     "There's nothing you could possibly offer me." Tammy said as she watched the old man going through his desk drawers. She wanted to move toward the door, but for some reason was so curious she couldn't help but peering over the counter to see him pull out a shiny pair of hose. "What's that?"

     "A very special pair of pantyhose, my dear." said the wizard. "Why not if you like step in back and try them on for size?"

     "Is... Is that how you got the others?" Tammy stammered.

    "I assure you that nothing is going to happen to you, Tammy." The Wizard said as the girl took the pantyhose and stepped into the changing area. She removed her sandals, shorts and hose. She carefully examine the new pair before sliding one leg in and then the other. As the skin-tight hose hugged her hips and tickled her sex, she found her panties had disappeared.

    "What is this!?" Tammy screamed. She reached for the waistband and found there was none. She ran out to the wizard and showed him her naked sex with herself too shook up to care about modesty. "Where is my panties? Why can't I take them off?"

     "I told you they were special." The Wizard said. "You can have sex and go to the bathroom without having to pull them down. He'll massage your legs, sex, butt, anywhere you request for him to do so."

     "Him?" Tammy felt panic fill her again. "What do you mean him?"

     "Just someone else who couldn't honor an agreement, my dear." The Wizard ran his wizened hand over her crotch and caused waves of pleasure to course through her body. "Now it's time for you to honor your agreement."

     "What agreement?" Tammy moaned as she shook with pleasure. "I didn't... say... I'd... take.... them......"

    "By putting them on, you've already agreed. Sealed the deal, you might say." The wizard chuckled. "Please give me your cash or credit card. The charge is $5,000 for the living underwear."

      "I can't pay that!" Tammy gasped right away. "Your crystal ball told you that before I even came in here, didn't you?"

     "I'm the one in need of a new mannequin for my other window to complete the store's look." The Wizard said. "I had another one, but sold her to The Apollo Department store at the other end of the mall complex."  He turned towards her and snapped his fingers.

     "Get these hose off of me!" Tammy shouted as she found she could no longer wiggle her toes inside her high-heeled shoes. Waves of sexual pleasure rose up her legs. As they reached her hips, she felt like she suddenly had a vibrating dildo and butt plug turned on inside of her.

     The surreal even tan color the hose gave her skin suddenly spread its way up the rest of her body. It reached her nipples and caused them to go erect. She soon found she could neither move her arms or head. She was frozen in a blank stare toward the wizard, unable to say anything more.

    "Excellent." The wizard said as Tammy rigidly watched him unbutton her blouse and remove her bra. Her tits remained erect when put the blouse back on. Her shorts were replaced with a denim skirt to allow a support pole easier access up her ass. "You're perfect now, my little one."

      After the wizard's female employee placed her in the window opposite the other mannequin, she dusted and polished her plastic skin. The touch of the cloth caused Tammy to burst into orgasms that made her want to pass out. Tammy knew that the woman was taking exceptional pleasure in polishing her breasts and sexless crotch that just aroused her even more.

    "We are going to have many good nights together." The girl whispered into the new mannequin's ear as she  glanced about the shop. "I always have fun after store hours with you mannequins and love dolls. Of course I know how to follow the wizards instructions. To the letter; I don't want to end up like you just did, honey!""

      "I wonder what instructions are use for handling me?" Tammy thought, then understood as the girl removed Tammy's sandals and magically altered her feet so she would just love standing in a pair of 5" pumps. "You just enjoy the view of the mall until then."

      As Tammy stared out at the thinning crowd, she was soon approached by the wizard's assistant. She was taken off the stand's display rod and laid flat upon the floor. As the assistant moved into a 69 position, she fingered Tammy's magically appearing pussy with her tongue. As Tammy reached orgasms that made her want to kill herself to stop, she wished that the hose wasn't designed for her to have sex with them on.

     When the night was over and she was placed back in the window, she had fully accepted her life as The Wizard's newest piece of merchandise.


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