Spells R US 3:  Time for Change

by Paul G. Jutras

Dedicated to Erika who recently had recently had a car accident and inspired this tale.

     It was a beautiful night and Erika had just finished her course line dancing with a group of other girls. She stripped off her sweaty clothes and showered with the warm water making her nipples go erect with pleasure. After changing into a lovely spaghetti strap top and a leather mini skirt with matching open toe pumps that showed off her red polished nails.

    She went to a local single bar where she pick ordered herself a beer and sat with her legs cross in a way to show off her shine off the nylon. Giving a pretty blonde girl name Pam a big smile, she paid for both their drinks and ran her hand up and down Pam's crossed  bare legs. The feeling of Erika's hand was making Pam get very wet. When she couldn't take it any more, she let loose a orgasm that made her panties very wet.

      Erika soon took Pam to her third story apartment where she went to her dresser and pulled out a double sided dildo. Erika stripped to her pantyhose and Pam stripped completely as they put the dildo inside of each other and began to buck back and fourth until they moaned with pleasure.

     "I never get enough of the fullness." Pam declared as they wrapped their arms around one another and rolled about the floor, kissing. When Erika scumed, Pam pulled the dildo out of her and began to lick it through the nylon and cause Erika to orgasm even more. The more Erika orgasm the more Pam licked. They kept it up until early morning where they both collapsed on the floor exhausted.

     After Pam showered, got dressed in a borrowed pair of dry panties, Erika decided to drive her home. On the way, a car with a little old lady driving it began to swing into the wrong lane before Erika could react any more than to shove Pam out of the car and onto the side of the road. Pam rolled across the ground and turned to see the two cars crash into one another. "Noooooooo!" Pam screamed.

      When Erika woke up, she was in a hospital bed. Unable to feel anything from the chest down, she positioned herself to see that the doctors did their best to save her life. With wires stretching everywhere she felt like C3P0 did after he was blown up in The Empire Strikes Back and Chewie tried to put him back together.

     "We are so sorry, my dear." The doctor said with a sadness. "We did the best we can."

     Erika's family came and helped her into her wheelchair. Like a mannequin, she now needed a support pole to stay in her wheel chair. "Don't worry dear." Erika's mother smiled. "We've arranged for you to move into a first floor apartment."

     "Look at Erika!" Her sister teased. "It's R2D2!"

     "HUSH, DEAR." Her mother said as she helped Erika to her new apartment.

      That afternoon Pam came over to Erika place and found the door cracked open. "Erika was sitting in her hair with her lap top computer on what remained of her hips. "I just came by to say thanks, Erika." Pam spoke softly. "If you hadn't pushed me out of the car..."

     "It's alright." Erika said as she watched her family help her park her shoes and tights she didn't need anymore to ship to a transsexual friend she met on the internet.


   Out of a puff of smoke appeared a little man whose beard reached the floor and a pointed hat. "Greetings. I'm from The Spells R Us store at the mall and think I can help you. I don't normally make house calls but know you can move to the mall too well."

      "I just wish we could make love again." Pam said as she gave Erika a kiss on the lips. "She gave me the best orgasms ever."

     "No sooner said then done." The Wizard smiled wickedly as Pam turned into a double of  Erika's purse. Erika's family seemed not to notice what was going on. "The more things you put in that purse the larger the dildo she'll feel like she has inside of her. When she orgasm, Erika, so will you."

      The wizard then filled the purse and Erika began to feel heat where her whole pussy use to be before the accident. Her outer body didn't shudder in the slightest but inwardly she felt pleasure oozing through her entire body.  "That was wonderful." Erika smiled as she paid the wizard despite how sorry she felt for Pam.

     That evening as Erika stared out the window at the stars she wished for her body to be back to normal. That was when a blue light floated into the room and formed a lovely blue hair woman with a glittering blue gown and wings.

     "As I brought Pinnokeio and his girlfriend to life from their string puppet form, so I will do to you." The woman waved her wand as Erika's cat played with her wires. A greater orgasm filled her to the point where she passed out with pleasure.

    When Erika woke up, she found herself standing up in front of a full length mirror. She realized at once she was more than human as the cat's DNA merged with her own and gave her body a silky golden coat of cat fur. She looked as beautiful as any of the female Thundercats or April did in the Ninja Turtle episode CATWOMAN OF CHANNEL 6.  She wiggled her tail and notice Pam was standing beside her as animorphic as she was.

      The two quickly went outside and found their pussy very wet as the strong wind blew through their fur covered body. They wrapped their tails around one another and they got into a 69 position and licked one another until they made increasing orgasms that were so much pleasure that they'd never want to be mere human beings again.


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