Spells R' Us 5: More Sheer Slavery

by Paul Jutras

It is September 19, 2000 and Jason had arrived at Fairy Tales Mall.  He used the video store outer entrance and picked up his copy of The Little Mermaid 2. He had always loved transformation stories, even animated ones.

As he finished paying and was about to leave; he noticed a little shop that looked like it was decorated for Halloween. "Weird?" Jason thought as he walked into and listened to the bell behind the door ring.

"Hello?" He asked, finding the inside as strange looking as the outside. Masks lined upper shelves along the wall, and costumes stretched across hangers belong them. In one corner was a love doll that looked as aroused as a dog in heat. He had no way of knowing that the love doll was once as alive as the mannequins posed in the window displays. .

As he waited, he continued look about. As he walked up to a bottle on the counter, he opened it and watched as a puff of pink smoke came pouring out. The smoke became a solid woman with a blonde pony tail and a pink harem outfit. Her nylon coated feet were in Arabian slippers that curled up at the toes.

"May I help you, master?" The genie asked. "Your slightest wish is my command."

"What I really wish is that I could actually live one of the transgender stories I love reading on the internet. " Jason blushed with embarrassment as he said that.

"Granted!" The genie said as her pony tail pointed straight up and started to spin around like an airplane propeller. Magic shot out of it and hit Jason who shielded his face with his arms. When he lowered his arms, he noticed she was gone.

"Must of been day dreaming." Jason muttered as he turned around to see an old man only three feet in height. His long white beard curled at the bottom due to the way it brushed along the floor. His wizard robes where jet black and quite unlike the Spells R Us wizard he remembered in the stories.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" Jason was now almost in panic as he backed his way toward the door. "Am I really going to be transformed?"

"That is what I do." The Wizard chucked. "But as long as you honor the contract, you have nothing to fear. "

"How are you going to change me?" Jason said as he watched the old man going through his desk draws. He wanted to move toward the door, but curious he couldn't help but peering over the counter to see him pull out a shiny pair of suntan  hose. "what's that?"

"A very special pair of pantyhose," said the wizard. "Why you like to stop in back and try it on for size?"

"I don't remember any story going like this?" Jason thought as he stepped into the back room, undid his belt and pulled off his pants and boxers. He one leg in and pulled it up to his ankle; and then put in the other foot. He pulled the hose up and watched as the hair on his legs vanished as he did. As it reached his hips, he felt his penis being clamped between the hose and his body. When he looked; however, he seemed totally sexless.

"I assure you that you'll be please with the result."  The Wizard said as Jason's hips widen and his penis withdrew into himself and formed a real vagina. As his sex finished transforming he was rocked with an orgasm that shook him with pleasure from head to toe. He reached down to his sex and his juices exploded out of him, yet his hose wasn't even wet. "You new name will be Barbara."

"What is this!?" Barbara screamed in a high pitch voice. She reached for the waistband and found there was none. She ran out to the wizard and showed him what was happening when he nipples expanded into D cup tits.  "Why can't I take them off?"

"I told you they were special." The Wizard said. "You can have sex and go to the bathroom without having to pull them down."

"I want to pull them down!" Barbara cried. "I want them off...now!"

"That isn't in the agreement." The Wizard grinned wickedly.

"What agreement?" Barbara shook in pleasure. "I didn't sign anything yet."

"Your agreement was with the genie you had freed for one wish granted." The wizard chucked again as she noticed how surreal and fake looking her legs suddenly looked through the hose.

"I'm not in need of any  new mannequins but I know the new video store would like a mannequin to display their videos." The Wizard said. "The question is how you'd best serve them since I can change you in any way."

"Get these hose off of me!" Barbara shouted as she found she could no longer wiggle her toes. Her feet arched up so she stood on her tip toes while waves of sexual pleasure rose up her legs. It got even worst as the wizard took a display rod and stuck it through the hole in front of the hose. It parted her vaginal lips and entered her plastic sex. Barbara's pussy mussels wanted to squeeze the rod inside of her, but it was hard plastic and aroused her even more.

"Just to show I can do anything to you." The wizard grinned as Barbara felt the rod inside her plumping a warm liquid into her. It wasn't long before her bladder felt very full. Just when she thought she couldn't be filled any more, her stomach started to stretch. Stretch until she appeared nine months

"How do you feel now?" The wizard asked.

"My back aches, my bladder feels like it's about to be crushed, and if not for the rod I think I'd fall over from the weight."

"This isn't how the store needs you." The wizard said as she raised her off the rod. Despite the pregnant look, she only weight a few pounds. She then felt the rod slid into the hole in the back of the pantyhose and then into her anus. She gasped in pleasure of the penetration.

As the plumping sound started again, he stomach got smaller and smaller. As her body contracted she orgasm again and again. When she was back to her pre- pregnant state, she felt a numbness pass over her body. Like when an arm or foot falls asleep. "What's going on now?"

"Just going to pose and dress you." The wizard said as he slipped her half nude body into what Barbara thought was a leotard at first. He then tip her back and place six inch pumps on her nylon encased feet and a pair of fake bunny ears on her head. Her left hand was on her hip while the right was raised in a claw form to hold a video box.

The wizard then used magic to slip a dildo into her sex with an endless power supply. "Now you know that video stores don't use full mannequins, right." The wizard said as Barbara felt like her body was being compressed. The wizard put a mirror in front of her so that she could watch herself become a lovely 2D cardboard cut out.  The sensation of the dildo in her flatten state made her more horny that ever.

Taken to the video store she was put on display to help sell and rent the latest Playboy video. She spent the next month staring and listing through her flattened distorted senses at the world around her. Once a month she was restored to full mannequin form and had her outfit changed to match the video she'd sell before being flattened again.

When the store closed down, Barbara was return to the wizard and restored to her human form. Instead of being ridgid plastic; she found herself to be flexible suntan  latex wearing latex pantyhose.   After the wizard's female employee placed on a sales shelf, was dusted her latex skin. The touch of the cloth caused Barbara to burst into orgasms that made her want to pass out. Barbara knew that the wizard was taking exceptional pleasure in polishing her breasts and sexless crotch that just aroused her even more.

One afternoon as Barbara sat feeling aroused like hell, a woman came in a bought her. She never felt as much pleasure as when the wizard deflated her, folded her in a box and was carried home. The woman then used a bike pump to fill her up with air.

"I wonder what instructions are use to handle me?" Barbara thought as the woman sealed the valve and laid her on the bed in a 69 formation. Barbara soon found her lips working on automatic as she began to suck her mistress' pussy with no control over herself. Her lips were soon coated in the woman's pussy juices.  When the mistress had enough there, she got a double ended dildo so they could screw one another.

Barbara finally got the orgasm relief she needed. Though when the mistress was ready for bed and cleaned Barbara off, she was left once again aroused with no hope of relief until her mistress was ready to make love with her again.


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