The Spring has Sprung


Northern Chill

        “’s 6:01 in the morning and it looks to be a great day for all you early morning risers. Early Ernie Watts is here to help get ya started on your way today. Just a reminder that you have three days left to enter in our amazing contest that has a grand prize of a trip for two to sunny South America for seven fun filled days. To enter, all you have to do is submit an entry that correctly lists three films that have the name “toy” in the title. All correct entries submitted by email to this station’s email address will be entered in the drawing. Other prizes will be announced in the hours and days before that drawing. Right now, though, gonna play you a little tune that fits the time of day. Listen to Good Morning…” the radio blared from the stand next to the bed before the dark haired woman in the bed reached over and turned it off.

         “Mornings suck….uhhh...not sure why I agreed to move here with Ery. I know the deal to move here and set us up in a fairly comfortable home was great but still...there’s something, hmmm, different about this place, “Kelsea mused to herself as she sat up in bed and ruffled her hair with her right hand. Glancing at the clock on the stand next to the bed, Kelsea saw she had just enough time to shower, eat and check her cell before heading off to the job she had recently started.

         A short time later, Kelsea left the house and hopped in the golf cart she drove the short distance between her home and workplace.  As part of the agreement she and Erythia signed when they moved to the gated community, Kelsea would spend two shifts every week working as a security guard at the main entrance.

        Approaching the booth at the entrance, Kelsea saw that Eileen, a woman who lived across the street from her, was working at present. The auburn haired Eileen waved to Kelsea as the latter approached the booth that the security guards manned.

       “Hiya, Kel. Gonna be a warm one today, for sure, “Eileen said as she raised the gate for a metallic covered SUV to drive through.

       “Hi, Eileen. Yeah, it’s a hot one. Luckily for us, Sunny Times voted to have an air conditioner installed in our booth, “Kelsea said as she parked her cart and climbed out.

      “Yeah. It’s a nice little gated community. No young pups, to speak off. Mostly couples from all over. Good looking folks, too, “Eileen replied as she turned her attention to a blue SUV approaching the gate. Eileen was a year or so older than Kelsea and her well endowed physique was an eye catcher in whatever she wore, including a security uniform. Eileen lived by herself in the community but hinted that it was not always the case.

      After a brief moment to check the SUV windshield for the sticker issued by the community HOA, Eileen raised the gate and waved the car through. “You heard about the HOA special meeting for this weekend? “she asked Kelsea as she dug out the log book for her and Kelsea to use.

       “Oh? Charlene looking to add another flower bed at the south end of Sunny Times? “Kelsea asked as she took a pen and signed in.

      “I think it’s something more. Charlene said it’s a part of an event they hold annually at Sunny Times. Not sure what exactly, “Eileen replied as she finished up her paperwork and handed the keys to Kelsea.

      “Oh? Maybe I should give Charlene a call and see what’s up, “Kelsea said as she took the keys and signed in.

      “Charlene is out of town until the day of the meeting on personal business. I tried her email but no answer so far. Guess we’ll find out at the meeting. See ya at the meeting, “Eileen said as she waved goodbye and headed for her golf cart parked nearby.

      “Huh….this should be an interesting little get together...wonder what’s it all about… “Kelsea thought as she took a seat in the small booth and looked over the monitors showing scenes on the community perimeters via closed circuit cameras.

Day of the meeting…..

        “Erythia, I think your homemade mac and cheese is going to be a big hit today. Looks like everyone else brought casseroles or some sort of jelly molds, “Kelsea murmured as the two entered the double garage that had been set up for the meeting.

        “Yeah. I gotta talk to Charlene after this thing is done about getting the wifi upgraded out here. It’s taking far too long for me to do my video conferences during work, “Erythia replied as the two set down their food contribution before making their way to the nearest folding chairs.

        “All right, everyone. Let’s get settled for the meeting. It’s a light agenda but one that has to be gone over, particularly for those new to Sunny Times, “Charlene called out as she moved to the front of the room with a hand cart being pushed in front of her. On the cart, there were several large cardboard boxes that looked to be quite heavy.

        “OK. Welcome and thanks for coming, everyone. A reminder to folks about the watering rules. Due to the drought the county is experiencing, we’ve been asked to water lawns according to an even and odd schedule. Odd numbered homes are asked to water lawns and other outside usage on odd numbered days. Even numbers on even days and this stays until the rainy weather returns, “Charlene intoned as she gestured towards a calendar page set up on a monitor behind her.

        “Now, onto the main part of the meeting. Every year, Sunny Times holds a festival on the last weekend of next month to celebrate its founding. As part of that festival, we hold a small parade that is contained within the community itself and concludes with a fairly short ceremony. For this parade, the theme has varied in the number of participants though the leaders are always the newest members of the community. All residents who have moved to Sunny Times in the past eleven months are asked to see me after the meeting for the attire and accessories you’ll be needing. I know everyone will enjoy the festivities, as always, “Charlene said and motioned towards the boxes next to her.

         “Huh...a parade...and newcomers are to lead it. Sounds cool...a bit strange but cool… “Kelsea thought to herself as she gazed at the boxes next to Charlene.

         The rest of the HOA meeting went relatively routine with reminders about length of grass and maintaining lawn fixtures during summer. When the meeting was concluded, the people there dispersed into two groups. The majority of those gathered headed to the tables of food to load up plates and gossip about recent events. Kelsea, Erythia and a few others headed for the front where Charlene was standing with a woman on either side of her.

          “Hello, ladies. Here’s a box for each of you. It contains your individual uniforms and a sheet containing answers to any general questions you may have. If there’s something specific that you need answers about, send me a text or message through the HOA home page. I guarantee all newcomers will enjoy the celebration we undertake every year, “Charlene said as she handed Kelsea and Erythia a box each.

          “Cool. Is there a time and schedule included with everything in the box? “Erythia said as she accepted a box from a brown haired woman next to Charlene.

         “Everything pertaining to that is in the box. You can text me as well for answers. My name is Lily, by the way, “the woman replied and nodded in the direction of the box.

           “Hmmm, this sounds pretty interesting. After we have a little something to eat and chat a bit, I can’t wait to get home and see what is in the box, “Kelsea thought as she took the box given to her before joining Erythia at the buffet table.

Several hours the home shared by Kelsea and Erythia…

          “Oooohh, this, this is something I’ve dreamed about for years. It, it looks so fantastic! “Kelsea exclaimed as she peered at the contents inside her box.

         “Is it a water cooled hard drive? A device that allows you to interface and upgrade your PSU while you’re out for a jog? “ Erythia asked as she started up a blender on a nearby counter.

         “No, nothing like that. It’s an outfit that is just like those women who do the big marching lines on stages or in parades. Blue hat, red tunic and boots, white leotard and gloves. Gold buttons on the tunic. This is adorably cute and OHHH!! OH! OH! OH!!!! “Kelsea said as she pulled out the garments one by one before coming across an item that had her extremely giddy.

         “Hmmm? They put in tickets to go see the Rockettes show on Broadway as well? “Erythia asked as she sipped the drink she had just made.

         “No, no, no, no, no. They added a large wind-up key that attaches to the back of the tunic. It’s silver with two little jewels set in the handle part that have S and T initials. It feels really light so it can’t be a real key. Still, this, this is something I’ve dreamed about for, well, a while, “Kelsea said wistfully as she ran her right hand up and down the surface of the key.

         “Huh. According to this note, we’re supposed to put the uniforms on before the beginning of the event and make sure everything is done up with no imperfections. Some talk about being silent during the opening ceremony and being assigned spots in the parade upon arrival, “Erythia remarked as she scanned the note that came in her box.

        “Oh, the details don’t matter right now. All I know is we get to march around in a parade looking like real toy soldiers, “Kelsea said as she ran her right hand up and down the tunic in unabashed excitement.

         “We do have a few days until that whole thing takes place. Right now, why don’t we get some snacks, choose an anime to watch together tonight and plan for some fun afterwards? “Erythia asked as she wrapped her right hand around Kelsea’s waist and drew her closer.

         “Sounds good to me. Just don’t pick anything from Canada. I don’t want to see another wannabe anime about robot beavers defending the world against alien sex dolls. Those Canadians are weird, “Kelsea murmured as she kissed Erythia on the cheek.

The evening of Friday on the festival weekend…..


           “Gotta say, I love the way this outfit feels on me. Snug and tight and makes me look like I could wear it every day, “Kelsea said as she got out of the car she and Erythia was in as they drove to the designated location as listed in the instructions.

          “They do look good and the pouch for the key is nice as well. I wonder if the key can be modified to be integrated to a home computer system, “Erythia mused as she tapped the pouch thoughtfully.

          “I don’t think that’s possible, Ery. I think I will ask if we get to keep the uniforms after this festival. It might be fun to have them for a little roleplaying at night when we’re home, “Kelsea replied with a mischievous look crossing her face.

         The two walked up a paved driveway to a small warehouse the HOA owned for storing materials related to events such as this one. In front of the door to the interior, Charlene and Lily stood with the latter tapping on a tablet as Kelsea and Erythia approached.

         “Hello, ladies. My goodness, you two look spectacular in your outfits. Let’s get you inside and set up for the first part of the ceremony, “Charlene said as she opened the door and ushered them inside.

          “Put your personal stuff in one of the lockers to the left and we’ll start getting you ready for things, “Lily said smoothly as she nodded towards the area she mentioned.

          As Erythia and Kelsea put their coats in the locker, Kelsea noticed there were four other women on the other side of the building. Judging by the fact they were dressed like Kelsea and Erythia, Kelsea figured they were also new to the gated community though she had never seen them before.

             “OK, Kelsea and Erythia. Take out your respective keys, hand it to me and stand as the form indicated to begin the ceremony, “Charlene said as she donned what looked to be a dark blue hooded cloak.

             “Umm, OK. Say, is the ceremony to kick things long? The form that was included didn’t say anything about when it stops beyond starting at dusk, “Kelsea said as she handed her key to Charlene before turning around and standing at attention with her back to Charlene.

            “Yeah. I meant to ask, will the HOA be streaming this to allow us to watch the replay afterwards? If you’re streaming, is it through a network ISP or are you using a local set-up? I can help after this is all done, “Erythia asked as she handed her key to Lily before taking a similar pose.

           “Oh, I think those questions will soon become very unimportant, Kelsea, “Charlene said as she pulled the hood over her head.

          “Things will become much clearer, Erythia. All set, Charlene, “Lily said as she edged closer to Erythia.

          “Very well. Place the key and say the words that will begin the rites, “Charlene intoned as she took the key handed to her and pressed it against Kelsea’s back. Lily did the same with Erythia as both women closed their eyes.

          “Oh, ancient spirits of the earth, the sky and life itself. We begin the rites to honor your benevolence over us at this time. These keys symbolize the time we spend on this earth and these soldiers are the figures that represent the security you bestow upon us. It is time to commence the ceremony, “Lily and Charlene intoned as they looked upwards for a few seconds before pressing the keys into the women in front of them.

           “What is this...UHHHH!! “Kelsea started to say before the key came in contact with her back. In that instant, Kelsea lost the ability to move or think on her own. Her body shivered slightly before becoming completely immobile.

           “This is stran...OOHHH!! “Erythia said before experiencing the same sensation as Kelsea. Her arms locked in place at her sides and her mouth was slightly open as if Erythia was about to ask a question and was unable.

           “The keys of obedience have been placed. Now, in accordance with tradition, we shall turn the keys clockwise two complete revolutions. As the keys are turned, the names of the new creations shall be spoken and etched into the minds who serve the spirits, “Lily and Charlene said solemnly as they grasped the key in front of them and started to turn it.

              As the women turned the keys, Kelsea and Erythia stiffened noticeably in response. The women’s right arms bent sharply at the elbow as their right hand slowly rose upwards. At the same time, bright smiles started to appear on Kelsea and Erythia’s faces.

             Lily and Charlene moved around to a spot in front of Kelsea and Erythia respectively. Both women reached forward and proceeded to poke and prod the costumed woman facing them for several seconds.

            “The first part of the rites have been completed. Designate, state your name and function, “Lily and Charlene intoned at the same time.

            “Toy soldier Kelsea active. My function is to serve the community and carry out the commands of the Leader, “Kelsea responded in a tone dripping in servitude.

            “Toy soldier Erythia active. My function is to serve the community and carry out the commands of the Leader, “Erythia replied in a stiff, slightly mechanical sounding tone.

            “Very good. Toy soldiers, march to the left, stop at the wall, turn and return to this spot, “Lily intoned and gestured towards the wall in question.

             A moment or so later, Toy Kelsea and Toy Erythia pivoted and started to march towards the wall in question. As they marched, the two women’s arms and legs swung in a matching rhythm. Kelsea and Erythia stared straight ahead as they marched with their smiles unchanged as they moved.

             Reaching the wall in question, Toy Kelsea and Toy Erythia halted, turned and proceeded to march back to where Lily and Charlene waited expectantly. Stopping where they were told, the two living toys faced Lily and Charlene and stood in erect poses.

             “Nothing out of the ordinary for these two. Check ‘em over for any signs of visible resistance, Charlene, “Lily said as she pulled off the hood on her cloak and gestured towards Kelsea and Erythia.

             Pulling down her hood, Charlene moved over to the living toys and started to run her hands all over their bodies.  Lily privately noted that Charlene spent a considerable amount of time rubbing and caressing the breasts and butts of the two toyified women.

             “Everything seems OK. Time for phase two? “Charlene said as she touched the right cheek of Kelsea briefly.

                “Yep. Toy soldiers, march to where the other soldiers are located to the right. Stand three feet behind them and start saluting over and over until your keys wind down, “Lily commanded with a gesture for emphasis.

              Saluting stiffly without saying a word, Toy Kelsea and Toy Erythia marched over to the spot indicated and took a position behind six other women wearing costumes exactly like their own.

              “Very good. Now, to get the other ready for the next part. The ceremony begins one hour before sunset and the planet alignment is perfect for what is planned, “Lily intoned as she glanced at her cell phone while walking to the nearby door.

Short time later…..

                 “If everyone will take their place in the circle, the ceremony will begin. Carla, Charlene, make sure that the new subjects are completely bereft of their attire and the outfits are in contact with them during the proclamations, “Lily said as the women in the community gathered in a field behind the properties.

                  In the center of the circle, Kelsea, Erythia and eight other women stood naked in two rows of five. On the ground in front of each of the ten women was the outfit they were wearing before along with the wind-up key associated with the woman’s current state.

                  “Ladies, it is time for the ceremony to begin. Join hands as I open the Tome of the Equinox, turn to the passages for the Fall blessings and recite the words that will bring joy and happiness to us all, “Lily said as she swept her hands around in a sweeping gesture.

                   “Oh, gods that look over our enclave, we are gathered here today to thank you for blessing our activities on a daily basis. As we give our heartfelt appreciation, we have, in accordance with your ancient decrees, gathered a number of women to serve and protect the grounds that you have blessed. I shall now commence the reciting of the words inscribed in the tome, “Lily said solemnly as she opened the book on the dias before her.

                   As Lily started to intone the words that seemed to be written in an ancient language known by few, dark clouds started to form in the sky above the women accompanied by rumbling that grew louder by the minute. For many people who gazed upwards at that moment, they might assume that there was a thunderstorm coming into the area and headed for cover. However, for Lily and the women gathered around her, this was an expected sight as they gazed upwards in anticipation.

                      Moments later, bolts of energy descended downwards from the darkened sky and struck Kelsea and the others in the inner circle. The bolts enveloped the ten women, and the bundles next to them, one at a time and rendered them unseeable for Lily and the circle nearby.

                     Minutes after the energy dissipated around the ten women, Lily spoke three more sentences in a language that seemed to be a mix of several ancient languages before closing her tome.

                     “That concludes the ceremony for our community. The blessings of the gods have been bestowed upon us and we may carry forth our plans as foreseen. Return to your homes and know that Sunny Times will be looked upon favorably for the next twelve months, “Lily extolled to those around her.

                    With that, a round of applause was heard before the women dispersed and headed for their respective homes. For Kelsea and the others in the inner circle, they remained mindless and at attention. Their future fates were determined by the ceremony that had just taken place.

Some time afterwards…..

                   “Ahhh, nothing like starting off the day with a shower and quick breakfast, “Kelsea murmured as she strode out to the living room where Erythia was waiting for her. After the ceremony (which neither woman remembered in any detail), life for Kelsea and Erythia had changed quite a bit. For one, Erythia quit her old tech job and joined Kelsea in working for security for the community. Another change was even more dramatic though neither woman seemed to be concerned about it.

                  “I didn’t think I’d get used to this line of work so fast but it’s been easy. I never thought a job where you start a day bereft of clothes would appeal to me but it does. It really does, “Erythia replied before the two heard a knock on the front door.

                   A few minutes later, Lily was standing in the living room with Kelsea and Erythia, naked and standing at attention, in front of her. Smiling, Lily opened the canvas bag she had brought with her and pulled out two large keys - one silver and the other gold in color.

                “Toy Kelsea, it is time for you to begin your day protecting the residents of this city. You work until the sun goes down, return here and go back to your daily life, “ Lily said as she pressed the silver key into Kelsea’s back.

                A glow seemed to surround Kelsea’s body from head to toe as the key started to move independently in a clockwise manner. As the glow intensified, colors started to appear on her body that made it look like Kelsea had body paint applied to her. At the same time, Kelsea’s physical appearance started to change as well. Kelsea’s breasts swelled in size to 38DD and capped by nipples that looked an inch or so in length. Kelsea’s torso and arms became bright red in color as if she was wearing a jacket of that color.

               As the seconds passed, the changes continued to sweep over Kelsea’s nubile form. A large golden belt appeared to be painted over Kelsea’s midsection and her thighs painted white as if she was wearing skin tight pants. Thigh high, dark blue high heel boots formed around Kelsea’s feet. Kelsea’s hands became glossy white in color from the wrist up to the fingertips.

               With Kelsea’s butt increasing in size, bright gold buttons appearing on her chest from under her breasts to the waist and red circles appearing on her face, her transformation into a living toy soldier was complete.

                As for Erythia, the transformation to her body was just as profound. Erythia’s chest grew in size as did her posterior. Erythia’s torso looked like it was painted blue with white buttons on her abdomen.A gold belt, like the one looping around Kelsea’s wait, appeared on Erythia’s midsection. Blue thighs, red boots covering her feet and fingers matching her torso in color completed her look.

                Moments later, the two figures slowly turned to face Lily in rigid poses. Bright smiles adorned their faces with red dots on their cheeks framing their appearance.

               “Toy soldier Kelsea active. Ready for duty, “Kelsea intoned as she saluted Lily in a stiff yet smooth manner.

               “Toy soldier Erythia active. Ready for duty, “Erythia said with a similar salute.

              “Excellent. Kelsea, you are to man the gate to the northern section of the community and monitor according to your security instructions. Erythia, you are to patrol the perimeter and if you encounter anyone that is present without permission, incapacitate and inform the nearest home owner. Acknowledge your orders in the usual manner and start your respective shifts, “Lily intoned with her faint smile growing slightly in anticipation.

                 Moments later, Toy Kelsea and Toy Erythia pivoted to face each other and moved slightly closer to each other. Bending at the waist, the two life size wind-up dolls kissed on the lips before straightening up. Turning towards the front door, Toy Kelsea and Toy Erythia marched with swinging arms and legs outside and towards the destinations they were given.

                 “Very nice. Always good to add more security in the spring. The community has a need for it and these two fit that need. Now, to see about bolstering the numbers for fall, “Lily muttered as she started compiling a real estate listing on her tablet for a nearby vacant house.

                A vacancy that she anticipated filling soon. Lily figured there was always someone who might be interested AND fit what Sunny Times had in mind.