This story was written by ilf

this story is x rated and has all kind of kinky staff in it if you are under age or get offended from staff like that don’t read it

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It was night Liz has just returned home from the night party it was late she looked at her watch and said to her self wow its already 4 am in the morning she searched for her keys in her bag and couldn't fined them where I left them she thought to her self I locked the car and then went to the elevator where the fuck they disappear then she remembered she hard something falling in the elevator that was it the keys must be in the elevator she went back and pressed on the button when the elevator opened she saw the keys on the floor of the elevator she took them and went back to the door in 4 am she had to loose her keys she opened the door and stumbled in wow she was exhausted she must gain some sleep and stop party all the time on her way to the kitchen she saw light from the answering machine there where massages all right she turned it on

hello miss Vern this is your bank manager your debt has grown please come to the bank to fix it great that's what I need I'm have been in more then 5000 $ in debt I wonder where I'm standing now she need to fined some job and fast then the second massage played hello Liz its Monica why you haven't call me waiting to hear from you bye the third one was what she has waited for hello miss Vern in return to your phone call asking for anticipating in our experiment come in Monday 3 p.m. to our office

that was great at last she will have some money to check in the bank it wasn't her first time volunteering for those labs experiments they paid very nice amount of cash she remembered one of the experiments that all she need to do was sleep with an electrodes on her had she received 1000 bucks for that lousy experiment

well tomorrow she will go to this lab and see watt's its going to be she went to make a snap shower and fell to sleep like a log

it was already 2.30 p.m. it was getting late cant you drive faster she asked the cab driver sorry miss I don’t want the police on my tail it was 2.45 when she arrived the building she run fast she didn’t want to miss the appointment as she entered the office door it was exactly 3 p.m. she rushed to the secretary and told I'm to doctor fin sit in here please answered the secretary then called doctor fin

please enter to the right door go down the corridor end enter the last door she knocked on the door and heard come in she entered inside she saw the doc he was wearing a white robe like usually doc wear she looked at him he wasn't much older then she was something like 28-30 tops he looked good too ho hello miss Vern nice to see you please come in she stepped towards him sit he told her she set down well miss Vern my name is Liz you can call me Liz its O.K. well Liz I'm doctor fin John you can call me john its ok

well lets talk on the experiment you will be connected to a new machine I have constructed its a special machine that explore the mind and cyber-space something like virtual reality staff in more simple explanation

Liz looked at him and asked what exactly I need to do well its pretty simple replayed john you will where a special suit that will cover you completely this suit will be connected into a computer and the experiment is to check all kinds of problems in the connection between you and the machine

ha said Liz what exactly I will need to pass inside this virtual world well its pretty simple replied john you will be connected into a virtual world you will need to live there for some time couple of hours each time and we will follow problems that will come while the test is in process such as Liz said we want to see if there are no glitches in the program that the world you will be in wont fall dumping you out etc.

O.K. said Liz and how much time its going to be this experiment well the first time will be tomorrow I hope and for something like 2-4 hours top its sound reasonable now for the important part how much I'm going to get in cash well for the first connection you will get 2000$ wow she said to her self 2000$ just for sitting connected a machine

you probably wonder why so much money well you are going to enter into a world for the first time no one have tested it yet its dangerous I cant promise safety its suppose to be real world inside there you can get killed raped or fined great people and great life in there so its your decision

that she didn't expected getting raped or killed in there cant get help was terrifying then she remembered her bank account well she must have money and fast O.K. doc I will do it tomorrow

it was Tuesday she sat in one of the reception chairs waiting to be called then the receptionist told her to enter the left door go down the corridor there she suppose to meet the doc she started to walk and saw John hello Liz come after me they walked throw some corridors turning right left like a maze in here she told him yes he replied its taking time to get use to it then they arrived to a door with a key code on it he swoop his card throw it and the door opened automatically they entered she saw the chair it was made from black plastic it was very similar to a dentist chair well here is the machine you are going to be connected to it soon first you have to sign this document what is it well its a document that cover us if something goes wrong

she read it and didn't fined nothing that she didn't agree with so she signed on it now time to get ready he told her my assistant will help you put on the suit the door opened and a woman steeped in she was wearing the white robe like all the doc where come with me please she asked liz

they entered into the near room inside there was a chair and a suit on it please take of your clothes the woman asked Liz said to her self well here goes she took of all her clothes sit on the chair the woman ordered she set down the woman took the suit and open it. it was a cat suit made from shinny material something like plastic PVC she put the legs in polling it up slowly and carefully please stand she asked and pulled it more the suit now covered her legs and teraso then she put the hands inside it was just like PVC cat suit it felt smooth and tight like it was a second skin then came the end of the dressing part she helped her put the connected hood on and zipped the suit she was totally encased in the PVC suit

she moved her hands over the suit wow it was so smooth and shinny she looked at the mirror there where only 5 holes in the hood small ones 2 for the eyes 2 for the nose and one for the mouth she was totally encased then she told the woman you know its look great and feels great too the woman smiled and said I think in everyone of us there is something fetish remember you are entering into a new world a world that exists only in the computer and your mind so feel free to do what you want just take care ho and by the way my name is Vicki

she stepped back to the room with the chair John looked at her and said how I see you are ready for getting plugged in yes she replied well some last precautions as you will sit and put your legs and arms in place you will get locked in the chair metal buckles will closed on your hands and legs so don’t get alarmed its suppose to happen this is a precaution you want fall from the chair and also preventing exit while you are connected inside

if we will disconnect you while you haven't come back it can cause you to remain inside in the computer and most of the chances will cause your body to turn into a vegetable or die and you will get locked in the computer that also means we cant disconnect you at all if you don’t come back the straps want open while you are inside

well he asked are you ready yes she replied she went to the chair and set down as she put her hands and legs in place the metal straps jumped and looked on her then she heard a hum she saw metal instrument rise from the floor it moved towards her descended towards her and covered her posy she felt it how it closes on her ass and posy like a metal panties what's that she asked ho I forgot to tell you that's connects you to hoses that can transfer all kinds of fluids so you can piss while inside the virtual world O.K. she replied then she saw something similar to the one that covered her approach her and getting looked on her neck she felt a little sting and the hum stooped this thing connects the suit and your body to the machine said John

there I final stage that going to start soon as he finished a metal helmet started to descend on her from the siling it went down closing on her black plastic head when it was fully covering her head she hard how the metal helmet close on her it was dark she couldn't see nothing she couldn't hear nothing she felt something penetrate her nose it sprayed something it was anesthetic because she stooped feeling the hoses penetrating into her she could bread from the nose only she felt something penetrating her mouth it caught her tong and inflated gagging her moth totally not she taught that someone can here her throw this thick closed metal helmet then she saw a flash it got brighter slowly then she was in a corridor she flow throw it the corridor turned around her like she was falling into a vortex then she found her self in a small room

she looked at herself in the mirror she was naked her body changed she had great figure and she looked like a super model wow she looked so good I'm going to like this she thought well lets see what's in this virtual city she opened the closet looked inside there where allot of clothes great and beautiful I wish I had them at home for real she decided to take a special suit that she found in the closet it was 2 parts suit long black PVC jeans and a black PVC t shirt she looked at her great figure in the mirror she looked great and with this tight shinny clothing it was even better she smiled to her self she remembered what the woman told her every one of us has a bit of fetish in him well she thought I think I'm getting into this rubber fetish more and more I like the touch of it the way it holds on me make me look shinny and smooth

lets see this world she told to her self she went to open the door the door didn't budge what the fuck she went to the window and couldn't see nothing throw it like nothing existed out there she felt a disappointment all this machines and she cant even exit the room

she looked at the room and saw a computer on the table lets see she thought she set down and pushed the on button a menu appeared after few seconds there was all kinds of options first one was exit virtual world that what she needs to use for exiting back well what's the other options lets see second option was send massage out well its nice they thought about it if she wants to communicate with them its really a great toll lets try it she thought she wrote hello I'm in this room at the start more inf. later meanwhile back in the lab they saw how the machine closes on her how the helmet locked on her black PVC head then how her hand shrugged like terrible pain passed throw her then she stopped moving and froze what her sighs asked John she had a slight upraise in the heart bit but everything else is normal and when she froze the heart bit fell back to normal said Vicki

I assume she arrived inside right now ops I forgot to tell her about the terminal she will had in the start room I think she is smart enough to fined out on it by herself said Vicki well turn on the video monitor lets see what she sees they looked and saw her typing on the terminal told you Vicki smiled yes answered John then they received her massage

do you want me to answer to her massage asked Vicki why not said John tell her we saw what she sees and that we have received her massage also soon we will be able to see her from above and sides not only throw her eyes so she will know and wont come with complaints that we follow her

meanwhile inside the world she saw on her terminal you have new massages option number 3 was read massages she pressed and read the massage hello Liz.... then she saw she has options answering back close it or trash it she chose to close it for now

then she looked on the 4 option create world now they are talking she pressed on it menu with all kind of options appeared she browsed throw them and saw one that caught her eye it was sex city what the fuck is this city going to be she thought well there is only one way to fined out she pressed the option then she saw a flashing light and now she could see from the window tall buildings lights cars down below she was in a room up in the clouds I must be in floor number 100 or something like that well its time

she opened her door this time the door opened there was a big apartment over her room it was something like big two stories penthouse she is going to love this place she thought to her self again she went down the stairs to the main living room then the phone rang she answered a woman voice from the other side told her miss Vern your limo is ready as you asked thank you she replied

I'm defiantly going to love this place she opened the door and entered the elevator the bell boy asked to where to miss Vern Liz said to the limo where the hell its standing she thought to her self and you can call me Liz yes miss Liz no just Liz no miss OK, OK Liz he replied and what is you're name by the way its tom miss Liz she saw that its lost cause to make him call her Liz and not miss so she didn't say nothing she saw that they started in the 150 floor it was big building she thought then the lift arrived to floor number -3 the door opened she exit the elevator have a nice day miss Liz said the bell boy you too she replied

she saw the limo stands in front of the exit from the elevator a man stood in front of the back door waiting for her to get in she walked and entered inside good evening miss Vern sorry that the limohover isn't finished so I had to use the regular one he apologized that’s OK thank you he closed the door and entered into the front seat it was a big limo with all the small gadgets like open roof ice box etc.

then it snapped her to where the hell she is going maybe she is wearing not the appropriate clothing if it was a high society party or an evening dinner and she is wearing this black PVC clothing's she pressed the button to lower the black glass that separate her from the driver then she asked excuse me I forgot to where exactly we are going

miss are you all right does everything OK we are driving to the sex city club the one you always go on Tuesday ho thanks sorry no everything is OK thank you and she closed the window back after a drive of one hour the car stooped and the door opened miss we have arrived she exit the limo and said thank you she stepped towards the club entrance it was shinny neon lights big and great entrance it looked pretty expansive well what she care it was a program and she was a filthy reach in here

she entered the door hello miss Vern your usual place yes thank you she said a man escorted her to a both he opened the door and let her enter there was a table and a chair inside he moved the chair so she cold sit then helped her move it back in place and said hope you will enjoy your evening thank you she replied. he closed the door after he got out. she looked and saw a terminal similar to the one in her room

she turned it on there was a menu in it too first was ordering food second ordering drinks third was entertainment what’s entertainment she thought and pressed on it she received on the screen menu of two options men and women well she is going to choose men she pressed and received a menu of pictures with men's standing naked what the fuck she said lets choose one she decided and pressed on one of them

the black side of the both turned on she saw the man stands there naked in some kind of a square a round him she looked on the terminal and saw she had all kind of options she cold dress him with all kind of clothing's with all kind of shape color and material she looked on the material section and silver metal caught her eye I wonder what will happened if I'm going to use this material on him she pressed on silver metal then she searched throw the clothing parts she as she saw them she got hot it wasn't clothing parts now it was human parts it was more like a shield parts well lets start she looked at the parts well his Dick and crouch will be first she mumbled to her self

as she pressed the button mechanical arms appeared and closed on his crouch when they depart he had metal crouch silvery and shinny well I gees I will cover him all and then will see what to do next she pressed the buttons and the mechanical arms closed on the man when they finished he looked like a man robot she looked at him feeling hot its getting hot in here she thought I'm getting horny she wanted to tell him to come in but then she thought why I'm so exited from this maybe this suit I'm wearing on the out side and the machine parts turned me into loving those fetish things

well I'm still a human and I have to fight it I must control it she pressed on the buttons that took everything back from his body new he was naked again she felt empty why she must fight it the hell with it but something told her that's its good to fight it so lets put back the crouch only

then she looked again on the material and choose rubber again I'm into this fetish thing well lets do it I'm not going to spend all my they fight my new love to this fetish material then she pressed color black she choose rubber panties that covered his silver metal Dick then she put on him long sleeve rubber gloves now turn of the long stockings and the machine hummed the mechanical arms closed on him and retrieving back leaving his legs encased in black rubber stockings they were long they reached almost his panties now a nice hood will be great she looked on the screen and choose full hood with only eyes and mouth open again the machine hummed the mechanical arms moved on him and went back living his head smooth and shinny now lets see what I will take as a suit lets change it to a second material

and the she choose black PVC this time she found a perfect suit it was full one with no leggings or gloves attached and there was a zipper in the crouch area very important she said to herself feeling how she gets horny more and more just from looking at him she looked at him again it was a shinny black figure standing there the gloves and stockings continued inside the suit so without removing the suit he cant take them off also the hood was tugged beneath the suit collar he was ready

she called him to come and stand near her he walked towards her his shinny figure crackling with the sound of rubber and PVC sit she told him he set down what his your name she asked what you want it to be he replied no I want to know your real name I'm sorry but we must not become friends or talk on our self's we are servants that's it

come on I wont tell that you spoke with me sorry I cant then I wont talk with you she replied as you wish he said she saw its not going to work in that way but then she had an idea you are my servant yes I am that means you are my slave too right yes if you wish so I command you to tell me what is your real name sorry miss that's against my orders you mean you disobey me

sorry miss if it was simple I would have told you I command you or I will turn you to one of the robots and androids I saw in the menu then you will tell me because you will be a machine OK I give up my names is bill miss

my name is Liz just Liz OK, OK said bill well bill what cause you to work in this place well its great money and its shifts work so I can learn and work for my living and you don’t care people turn you to what they like and fuck you etc. well that's my job I have to or I want have money that means no rent money no study money etc.

well what exactly you do in here I'm a slave for one night they turn me to what they want then I belong to them for the rest of the night after the night I am being teleported back in here and get my regular shape of myself and usually go home

well bill I'm terrible horny right now and I don’t think its great place to do sex in here so do you know on a nice place interesting that we can go off course he replied come with me he opened the door she followed him the limo waited outside the driver opened the door wear to miss Liz to the x place said the rubber figure that walked with her yes miss they drove for something like half an hour she couldn't resist not to put her hands on him patting him touching his smooth surface then she moved her hand over his crouch it was hard and stiff she remembered the silver metal that was his Dick now and got even more horny

when we are going to arrive there I'm going to explode soon he replied then the car stooped the door opened we are here the driver announced they entered the place it wasn't as pretty as the place they came from it was more like a disco place come he said she followed him she noticed the people that dance where wearing fetish clothing too it was a fetish place wow she was horny he walked to the bar and she followed him he already ordered two cups of drink the bartender gave them the drinks it was something black it looked like liquid rubber or something very near oil drink he told her while he swallowed it all down she looked again and said to her self here goes nothing she swallowed it with one gulp it tasted like sweet and bitter rubber what’s that staff she asked after she could breath again

soon you will now she felt something warm spreading from her stomach towards her hands legs then the sensation arrived to all the places except one place her teraso then from all the places it run towards her vagina like a speed car the sensation arrived from all the places the same time it entered her vagina and she thought she is going to explode it was the best feeling she ever felt it wasn't like making sex it only turned her so much she just wanted to fuck it was so hard feeling that she thought she is going to catch the first person and rape him in there on the spot what is this its special drink that stimulate the nerves especially the sex areas the sensation grow more want to dance he asked no she replied I want to get laid come lets fined a place I have to do it or I will really explode he took her hand and took her throw the crowd she noticed that most of the dancers where actually fucking while dancing what this drink cause them she know why they do it right there she was ready to do it too just there on the spot

they walked behind a curtain there was a corridor there with allot of doors he opened one of them and entered she looked inside it was a bedroom the bed was covered by rubber sheets and also the pillows he went to the bed she slammed the door and jumped on him feeling the sensation even growing in her more and more she throw him on the bed and climbed on him she took is smooth rubber head and kissed his rubber lips while her hand searched for his zipper down in the crouch she found it and opened it quickly then moved the rubber panties down below his standing stiff metal Dick she was sorry she put those panties there she felt how he opens her pants and taking her PVC panties off while keeping kissing her suddenly she felt it enter her his strong metal Dick entered her she was in ecstasy she wanted him fuck me she shouted and kept kissing him widely he start move inside her she felt how the strong sensation only make it better she wanted him so eagerly she felt how her vagina closed on him the mussel must have got a command from this strange drink

she felt how his Dick penetrate her and move inside her she was in ecstasy she only could scream the drink the rubber the horny feeling it was to much she was like an animal cant control herself she caught his head with her hands and kissed him she warped her legs around him tightening them strongly she felt how she is going to come then she felt how his Dick swallow a bit she was locked on him

then she came in great scream she shuddered like an animal she gasped and moved then she wanted to detach from him but couldn't her vagina has shrunk on his grown Dick what the fuck she shouted its OK he answered its because of the drink don’t worry you are going to have two more of those rage feelings what she gasped I don’t think I could stand in one more she shouted while still gasping for air from the effort that she has just passed then she felt the sensation come again starts towards her arms and legs and then again rush towards her sex organ and the same thing happened again she fucked him like an animal roaring and shouting

then she came again it was even better then the first one she wanted to detach but again she was locked on him she remembered that she have to wait for the third rush and it arrived few seconds later this time she not only roared and scream she tried to scratch and bite him she was mad she was crazy she was like rage animal and then she come for the third time while having the third orgasm she caught his had and bushed her head with his they both fell on the bed tired and motionless

I cant move she said I know he answered it is usually happened after this drink he answered I don’t know why but I was like an animal I scratched bite I couldn't control it I know he replied that's usually happened in the third fuck the nerves cause the brain to go for his deep past while we where animals I still cant move wait its taking something like an hour go to sleep OK she mumbled already in her way to dream land

meanwhile outside Vicki said well she has stabilized again her body is back to normal well she is crazy answered John she could have kill herself drinking this staff without knowing what it will cause her in the virtual world how much time she is inside the world almost 3 hours OK we will continue one more and tell her to come back we don’t know what can happened if she will be inside to long

it was still night when she woke up he slept beside her she could move again she stand and went to the bathroom she was a mess this drink was poison that what it was but good one she smiled to her image in the mirror she put on her clothing's she saw he still where his PVC suit the only thing that he moved was his panties a bit down under his Dick so he can fuck her she wondered why he haven't took the clothes off

then she saw he woke up too so she asked him why he haven't took the clothes off I cant he answered only the machine can take it off what you mean she asked its special machine the material becomes part of me that why you can change me like what you did to my Dick ho she said I need to try this machine you know you don’t have one at home he asked what you mean usually the dressing machine work on the same idea why I didn't know she said I have allot of clothes in the closet well today there is no reason to have closets there is this clothing machine and its the same like the machine you dressed me

well its almost time I have less then 5 min before I will be teleport back am I going to see you again just come to the club and choose me he smiled he gave her a kiss and then she saw how he is being surround by light and disappear into thin air she stood and went to the door saying quietly see you soon bill

she entered the limo and said home please when she arrived to the garage she walked to the elevator and waited for her the limo drove off leaving her alone then the door opened she entered and pressed the top floor and she was at her penthouse she searched the house and fined it the clothing machine she looked in the menu and decided to try something on her self she had an idea she took off all her clothes and pushed material she chose silver metal yes she have to try it before she goes back she aimed the machine that she will become a silver woman shape drone she looked at the picture in the screen wow it looked so sexy she entered inside

she felt a force field catch her spread her legs and arms she now flow in the air in spread eagle position like bill was when she dressed him she saw the mechanical arms move towords her and covering her part after part became shiny silver when it finished she felt how the force filed retracts and she stood on her metal legs she walked out from the machine and looked on her self in the mirror she was sexy robot she moved in elegant moves looking on herself from all the angle she could then she saw she had a connector place in the rear of her neck I wonder what this is she opened the terminal and made a query on this connector that was part of her now then she saw the answer she can connect herself to the computer and get information also reprogram things etc.

well am I going to try it she wondered but then she saw blinking massage from the screen Liz its time to go back she read well she said next time I hope I will have the opportunity she mumbled and pressed the button of exit program a question appeared do you want to save your current position in this world she pressed yes and then she logged out everything disappear only blackens then she felt how the gag in her mouth shrink and retract then the tubes from her nose then the helmet went up welcome back smiled Vicki Liz tried to replay but couldn't don’t try to speak its the fluids that went throw you they relaxes and immobilized you for the time you are connected we had to put them in because you where jumping and moving we don’t know if it was pain or short cuts in your nerves so we had to immobilize you with a special fluid that turned you into like a puppet it reflexes your muscle so you want be able to move wait you will get the feeling back in 10 min tops the neck connector detached leaving her heads without support Vicki caught it and put it on the back of the chair then the crouch metal detached she was free again after couple of minutes she felt her feelings come back she could move her hand and legs then she moved it is time I'm totally awake now I can exit the chair

they helped her to step down she stood there well lets get you out from the PVC suit and you can go home she went to the room with Vicki. Vicki went behind her and wanted to open the zipper but the zipper got stuck she tried to pull it but Liz shirked in pain watch it you try to rip my skin with this suit wait here said Vicki and went to the other room John came back with her and looked well that another thing we had to know now we know what you know asked Liz well you entered to the world naked yes she replied and you left wearing something that cause the suit you are wearing to merge with your body what she shrugged don’ worry he replied tomorrow when you will log in remember when you exit to be naked and then we would be able to take the suit off mean while you will have to stay in it

Liz wanted to shout but then she thought hey this is a virtual suit what will happened if she will connect with her virtual helmet using this suit it can be interesting well she said OK tomorrow when come in 10 am he answered here is your money she took the plastic he gave her and stand if you want a ride I'm driving in your direction he added ho OK she said

they entered his car and drive towards her house well I hope you enjoyed he asked yes I did she replied it was great well don’t forget to come tomorrow do you want me to pick you up ho thanks that would be great she answered he stooped see you tomorrow bye and drove away she rushed inside she didn’t want someone will see her wearing in this rubber suit although no one can identify her while she is encased in this suit she entered the apartment first she opened the little terminal and swooped the card over it she entered the password and made shore the money entered into her account then she went to the bathroom she wanted to wash herself but she was with the suit so she decided to enter with it she washed and had a strange feeling like she was naked and not suited in the PVC suit fresh she went to the kitchen and ate something now she is going to check what will happened in the regular virtual reality with this suit

she set down took the little helmet put on the electrodes in their place and connected it to the suit there was this flash she know from her thousands of jack in but this was different she felt like all her body was sucked in it was strange feeling well its time to visit her favorite place the club she walked into the door of the club and set down in one of the tables then she saw it. it was a virus one of the big ones that got loose on the net it started to rush towards her no what will happened with this suit on her usually she could punch it with her hand but now she was with the suit she don’t know what's going to happened

the virus run toward her faster and faster then smashed into her and disappear ho no it entered into me it never happened what will happened she shouldn’t have try this she is so stupid she disconnected jumping up throwing the helmet end electrode from her then she felt something inside her the virus it come to the real world what she have done suddenly she felt something trying to exit from her hand three wires jumped from her shoulder and jumped back in the same thing happened in the left shoulder suddenly all kinds of metal rubber tubes run out from her and got connected in other places she remembered what it was it was the cyborg this virus has taken her in had turned her into a half machine half organic no she cried but the parts kept on jumping connecting after few seconds she stooped crying then she stood she was half a machine half organic the virus has took over her body over her mined she was a cyborg she moved mechanically towards the jack of the network computer from her head slashed a wire with connector and jumped into place on the terminal jack she gasped as her last human feelings was subdued by the machine she was part of the terminal now she saw again the flash of cyber space but this time she saw the dark side of it

she was on a corridor filled with tubes wires hoses she was a machine she heard a command telling her to go forward she couldn't resist it she started to walk forward she arived to a door she know what she suppose to do it was compute in her already she took her metallic arm and pressed one of the needles into it the door opened she saw a large room in the middle she saw a machine something similar to the clothing machine she used she entered it the machine came to life mechanical arms moving around her wiring her implants were connected when the machine stooped she was done she has become a machine and she had a mission to do she started to walk towards the exit heavily mechanically more machine then flesh she must obey she must complete her mission

what is her mission is she going to end up as a drone cyborg what will happen next

in the next episode