by anonyma

Sharon watched the night manager shutting off all the lights and locking up for the evening. Each section of the building grew gradually darker. In a few minutes she was left in darkness along with all the other mannequins in the formal wear store. It had been years since she was trapped in the spell of the evil owner of this place and forced to be a mannequin in his establishment. All the other mannequins here were formerly people too. At first she was angry and upset that she would forever be unable to move, but as the years progressed she gradually grew used to the situation. After all, she had hardly aged since being imprisoned in her body and put on display. She started to like being gawked at and admired. Sharon was still the tall blonde bombshell she had been so long ago. All those complements about being statuesque seemed kind of ironic now.

Sharon knew she was still beautiful because the managers kept dressing her in the sexiest outfits. That week she had been modelling a stunning gold sequined minidress with matching shoes. She was posed in very alluring fashion, an almost athletic stance, legs spread and arms swinging away from her body. It was an attempt to convince young women that buying that dress would assure them of having a good time. It often worked.

Tonight was a very special night. Since the owner felt a little sorry for his prisoners, each night he allowed one of them to live as a human again. There were about thirty mannequins in the store, counting the floor displays and the window, so each one of them had to wait a month for another turn. Sharon had lost count of the days but she felt sure that tonight was her night. Night after night she watched the other mannequins, one at a time, walk the floor, look out the windows and talk to the displays. Sometimes they would come right up to her and talk into her face. Once in awhile the men would plant long sumptuous kisses on her lips and reach under her dress to touch her sex. She couldn't feel anything of course, but just the thought of it touched off wild, passionate orgasms within her motionless body. That was extremely pleasurable and hard to take at the same time.

But tonight would be different. Sharon had been planning this for a long time. One of the stipulations of the temporary lifting of the spell was that the mannequin chosen could designate someone to spend the night with them, one of the other mannequins. But because the evil owner was worried about two free mannequins starting a rebellion, the second one could only respond to the words or instructions of the first, never initiate conversation or action. It wasn't quite like having a friend to talk to, but it was better than being alone. Sometimes Sharon was chosen as a night mate and in past free nights, she chose a girl friend in her display to keep her company. Tonight, she had a different plan.

Right on the stroke of ten, Sharon was released from bondage. Her plastic body filled with life and she felt her heart beating once again, the blood coursing through her veins. After taking some deep breaths, she looked around at the floor display she was in. Her friend Grace was next to her in a bronze colored dress similar to hers, very short with spaghetti straps, posed in a very active stance. On the other side was a new dark-haired girl who she had never spoken to her before. She also had the identical minidress but in silver. Sharon couldn't help think that she looked alot like Connie Sellecca. It seemed like the colors of the dresses and the positions of the mannequins were a kind of homage to the Olympics. Sharon then stepped out of the display and started walking around the fairly dark floor area. Sharon decided to spend some time exploring the store again to see if anything had changed. It was a fairly large store dealing in all kinds of products for formal occasions. In fact, all the displays had been changed since her last free night. She started in the evening wear department, where she had been posed, and went past several displays checking out the fashions. Sharon really liked the new high wasted, slender dresses that were popular now. They looked great on her even though they could sometimes constrict movement. Of course, she never had to worry about that, since she never moved!

The bridal department looked fairly traditional. Her friend Anne was modelling a beautiful white gown with a floor length veil. She held a bouquet of fake flowers in her hands gently clasped at her waist while her eyes gazed modestly at the floor. Next to her was a new girl wearing a pink taffeta bridesmaids dress and staring admiringly at Anne. "Ugh, taffeta," she thought. "How do women stand that in the summer?" The dress was ugly but the mannquin looked perfectly happy to wear it. Why not? She never had to sweat.

Next came the perfume and makeup counter where she tried a few fragrances on for what she had planned. Sharon wanted to smell good, really good, tonight. It didn't take long for her to choose "Morning Mist" which she dabbed onto discreet places on her body. Finally, she stopped in front of a full length mirror, checked her hair and her dress, and applied some makeup she took from the counter. She slowly ran her hands over the feminine form lurking under the dress, her breasts and hips and down under the hem she gently manipulated her sex in preparation. When everything was set, Sharon headed off for her adventure.

For the last month, Sharon had been posed facing the menswear display where a group of three male mannequins stood in tuxedos. Sharon had always been turned on by a man in a tux. She was particularly interested in one of them who, on his night, had come over to her display and introduced himself. His name was James and he had spent some time that night fixing Sharon so she looked even prettier than she was. He carefully arranged her hair so it looked perfect, and removed dust and lint from her dress. She was so turned on by him that every time he touched her she shivered and felt flush within her immovable body. He even changed her dress, which gave her uncontrollable orgasms as the material slithered over her form and her body was revealed to him. Of course he had to change it back before the night was over, that was a rule. But that drove her crazy as well.

It was to James that Sharon now headed. She was shivering just thinking about him. As she parked herself in front of his display, Sharon pointed directly at him and said in a loud voice "I choose him!" That was the command which broke the spell, just enough for him to be her companion for the evening. Sharon stepped into his display and began running her fingers over his body. It was filling with breath and blood. James was obviously well built, all over. Just to make sure she was going to have a good night, she reached down to check his male parts. They were all there, and definitely in working order!

Hi, James," she said in a slinky voice."

"Hi, Sharon," he monotoned. He wasn't allowed to move or speak unless she ordered him to so he remained in his mannequin pose.

"I've come for you tonight James. Ever since that night you undressed me I've wanted you, and tonight is the night. Do you like that idea James?"

"Yes, Sharon," came the dull response. Sharon couldn't wait to get going but she forced herself to make this last as long as she could. She slowly removed his tuxedo, one piece at a time, the jacket, the tie, the shirt, and finally unfastening the pants, letting them drop to the floor to reveal that his heavy equipment was in gear. Then she found a chair nearby and placing it behind him, ordered him to sit down. He obeyed her command.

Sharon could hear James breathing very heavily and was afraid that he might be near orgasm so she placed a finger on his lips and commanded him not to cum. This was partly for his benefit, since her command had to be unquestionably obeyed. He could relax and not worry about holding back, his body would obey the command while his mind would race with sexual excitement. Sharon then removed her panty hose and straddled James' legs, gazing down at his swollen member standing as straight as a radio antenna. She grabbed it with her left hand and directed it into her, slowly coming down on him with a groan that echoed throughout the store.

"Oh my God!" she screamed, starting to rock her pelvis up and down on him, first slowly, then with ever growing fury. She pushed up with her feet and thighs and let herself fall down on him, continuing the process over and over. Sharon's bucks and screams swelled into a frenzy while James sat stone faced, staring straight ahead into her gyrating torso, arms resting at his side. Then the orgasms came, one after the other, rumbling and exploding through her body as her head turned upward toward the ceiling and the sound of ecstasy came pouring out of her mouth, her hair flying everywhere. After the third or fourth one she cried, "Now, James, now! Cum for me!" Within seconds the expressionless mannequin was blasting his fury inside of her which sent her into even more spasms.

After a while, it was over. Sharon collapsed on top of James resting her head on his shoulder. Occasionally, she raised up to kiss him again and again on his unmoving lips, although sometimes she ordered him to kiss back. Every time Sharon moved, James' organ would begin pulsating again and his face would turn red. She had never had it like that before, even when she was a full-time human. But the night was still young. After a bit of rest, Sharon told James to unzip her dress. All the excitement was starting to wear on her clothes. From now on they would both be nude. She tried several other positions, beginning with sitting on him with her back to him. That was especially nice. Because his body had to obey all her commands, it was easy for her to tell him that he was aroused. He was up all night, she never had to worry about him getting tired. As a result, her adventure continued for hours until she finally collapsed on top of him from exhaustion

When she awoke, Sharon could see the dawn light beginning to creep through the display windows of the store onto James' blank face. "Oh no," she cried. "I have to be back in the display by six!" That was one of the rules. If anyone broke that rule, they could lose their privilege to one night as a human. She looked up and saw James still sitting there, naked, his eyes fixed staring blankly in front of him. "Stand up, James," she barked as she started to hurredly pull up his" pants. "It's a good thing I didn't take your shoes off," she said. It took awhile, but she managed to get every part of the tuxedo back on to him finishing by carefully tieing the bow tie. After she adjusted his hair, James looked just as handsome and sexy as he ever had. She put her arms around him and said, "Hug me and kiss me James, one last time." He complied, with a passion. Then she posed him, grabbed her clothes and ran across the aisle to her own display. She quickly put on her panty hose, shoes and dress and stepped into the pose she had before the night began. Sharon made sure that her eyes were pointed directly at James, so she could gaze at him and dream in her unmoving silence. Then, as the hour struck six, she stiffened, and was transformed once again into a motionless object.

At eight a.m., the morning manager arrived to ready the store for the day's transactions. One of her duties was to check or change the displays and she set about doing that right away. Sharon saw her coming closer and walking right up to her. "Mmm," she mumbled, "Morning Mist. Nice choice, Sharon." She began fixing Sharon's hair, carefully brushing, combing and arranging it up, in a formal way, instead of down the way Sharon had left it. "We do sell formal clothes here, Sharon. The mannequins need to look elegant. But I can see that you did not waste your evening off." She then removed Sharon’s dress and the dresses on the other two mannequins in the display and began replacing them with floor length evening gowns. Sharon couldn’t really see what she was being dressed in but it seemed like form-fitting green velvet with a scooped neckline and no sleeves. Her shoes were changed to match the dress, of course, and her arms were posed in a less athletic, more demure way, closer to her body. The manager finished the display by gently brushing the gown and carefully removing any foreign material, then releasing two small tufts of hair from the formal arrangement, on each side of her head to make a frame for her face. A single gold chain was placed around her neck. Once again, Sharon was a stunningly beautiful mannequin.

Soon patrons began entering the store. They would often stop to look at the green evening gown and the attractive mannequin wearing it, sometimes touching the material and rustling the skirt to see how much room there is. Through it all, Sharon smirked inwardly, still gazing at James' masculine form. What a night it had been! And now she had a whole month to think of something for next time. As she relaxed into her pose, the thought struck Sharon that James would get a night off too. All sorts of possibilities began racing through her mind. "Oh goodness!" she giggled. "I wonder how imaginative James can be!" She couldn't wait to find out.