A Private Collection.

By Stasis

"Oh my head! I feel so groggy." It was the first thing that came to Maureen's mind as she woke up. She started to move but found she was secured to the bed. "But wait," she thought, "I'm not in my room." Over head, were some high intensity lights and the bed was too firm. Stretching a bit she found that she was severely restrained. "Help" she cried. But it too was to no avail. There was only the gasping sound from her mouth. Frustrated Maureen threw her head back and tried frantically to get up. But she couldn't. "Where the heck am I." The last thing she remembered was getting in the cab and complaining to the cab driver about the strange smell in the back seat.

Suddenly, she heard a door swing open. She couldn't move to see who it was. But by darting her eyes she could make out the figure of a man in a white lab coat. He went to a table to pick up a few items and proceeded to approach her. The glare in her eyes from the lights prevented her from seeing his face. Not that it would make any difference for he was wearing a surgical mask. A slight prick on her arm was injected with something and slowly a new deep sleep fell over her. A rather warm and pleasant feeling ran throughout her body.

Time seemed to stand still for Maureen. There were fleeting moments of consciousness and strange like dreams. She thought at one time there was like a thousand ants walking and gently biting every part of her body. Another time she felt like she had gone scuba diving and was swimming in a pool of soapy water. Her dreams where like something out of "Alice and Wonderland." Things that didn't make sense. Another dream Maureen had, was watching her fingernails grow straight out from her body and then drop off. And another was like being in a tiny airship and flying through the inside of a computer. The components looked like massive buildings to her and a voice spoke in muted tones, but the voice that echoed was so familiar. It sounded like her own.

Soon, she felt like a sense of reality was returning to her. At least it seemed that way. She didn't know how long but the scene in front of her looked so static. It was a room, rather large judging from her peripheral vision. There were pictures on the wall. "Was that a Picasso next to a Monet?" she thought. The room had other works of art and walls of books. Some beautiful flowers where arranged on a table but she couldn't smell anything. A library, perhaps? The door opened suddenly and in came a man. Not too bad looking she thought. Instinctively she yelled for help but nothing moved. She could only make silent pleas inside her mind. Watching the man, he walked rather confidently up to her and smiled. He nodded his head as if in approval to something. He was carrying what looked like a large calculator. He appeared to enter something. Slowly he turned around and went towards a desk. He slid the device into a computer and turning his head towards her, he only smiled.

A tingle suddenly ran through her body and with no reason she found herself walking. Down two steps she went and proceeded to walk towards the man. The steps were so measured so stiff like. Arms slowly swinging from side to side. She stood by the side of his desk. "Yes, sir." It was the first words she said. Maureen could not remember the last time she spoke. It was so strange she had no control. It was as if she was watching herself on television. And her voice. It was so, punctuated. "Please sit down," he said. His voice was so distant sounding and yet he was only a few feet away. Was this another dream? Slowly she felt her head turn to find a chair. And with great frustration she fought the overwhelming desire to walk towards the chair, turn and sit. Maureen crossed her legs and placed her hands into her lap and cocked her head ever so slightly to the side.

He entered a few more commands into the computer and another tingle ran through her body. Suddenly her mind was sharp. Strangely she could smell the pleasant fragrance of flowers that were on the desk. "What the heck is going on here and you the heck are you?" she blurted out. She was still immobile but she suddenly had the use of her voice and could move her eyes a bit. He only smiled. Maureen proceeded to spout obscenities at him that would blush a truck driver. He sat there patiently and only smiled back. Still frozen with her hands on her lap and legs crossed, Maureen finally felt exhausted from yelling. "Feel better" he finally said. "No!, she yelled. "Well my dear Maureen, I thought it best to explain to you what has been done to you, and why.

"You see I am a collector of fine art and well you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Unlike art though, your beauty will pass and never be seen again. I find that unthinkable. So I have taken the liberty, if you will, to obtain you, to process you, and display you in my private collection. Maureen thought she was going to pass out. "You mean I'm a piece of art? A collectable?" she said. "Yes you are" he replied, "and more. You see you are also...." Maureen started shouting obscenities at him again. He got a little annoyed so he pressed a button on the keyboard and she immediately stopped speaking. Nothing else changed about her appearance "Now, please be quite and let me speak. I had given your last opportunity to speak before you became a ...what was I about to say before you interrupted me.....a living robot. You are now connected to my computer system. Are really no different than a computer printer or scanner. But then again you are much more beautiful."

For the next half hour, Maureen couldn't believe her ears. She sat there perfectly poised and listened to the procedure that made he not only a work of art but a living robot. Those dreams she had, they were all allusions to what was happening to her body. When she was sedated, he proceeded to operate on her. A bionic sack was placed into her abdominal cavity. It was a very efficient system that would take care of her bodily functions for a very very long time. And the biting ant feeling? They were thousands of needle injections into her nervous system. Each injection placed a tiny bionic computer chip near the synapse of each nerve. A larger processing unit was placed at the base of her brain. Collectively the chips acted like a massive network of computer controls that were linked to his main computer. All of her motor skills, could be controlled from his computer. He had even programmed her not only to accept voice responses, but could be controlled to say anything.

Once she was linked to the computer, he made her rigid and dunked her with a mouth piece into a vat of a solvent that depilated her. Removing her and drying her off, he returned her to the operating table. There she lay perfectly hairless. The position she laid in made her look like a mannequin. Carefully he placed what looked like shoes and gloves on her. These would remove the nails and replace them with artificial ones. He then painted the surface of her head a substance that would interface her hair follicles with signals from his computer. Where eyelashes used to be, a similar solution was injected.. Finally another solution was injected just under the skin around her eyes, cheeks and lips. After several hours he was finished. He removed the boots and gloves and stood Maureen up. He placed her in a small chamber that would help cure the different liquids that were implanted in her. This would take several days.

When the processing time was finished, he removed Maureen from the chamber and carried her over to the center of the room. "Good," he said to himself. "Everything is working as planned." The next thing to do was to test some rudimentary commands to her body. As sophisticated as the in-planted system was, he knew that she couldn't be controlled with the fluidity of a normal person's actions. He had 100% control of her body but it was just the interface between the bionics and her organic make-up that would the slowest part. She would have slight robotic motions in all her ambulatory moves. Pressing a key he initiated "Test Number One." He watched her perform the pre-programmed tasks . First she opened her eyes, blinked twice and kept her eyes open. She then sat up and swiveled her body in a slightly jerky way. He walked up to her and gazed into her eyes. "Great!" he said to himself. The computer pad had quite a few joy sticks. He put his hand on one labeled "Optics". A he moved the stick around her eyes immediately followed the same motion. Deep within her consciousness she felt like she was watching television. She could see he was looking at her, then she was looking at the ceiling , the floor, crossed eyes and finally straight ahead. The next test was to completely test her motor control. Pressing another button he executed "Test Number Two." This was an exercise program. It was rather strenuous but a good test for control. She walked several feet away. Stretching out her arms, she immediately started to doing 100 jumping jacks. They were a little jerky but that was expected. She then eased into doing 100 squats. From there she did 100 push-ups. It was only natural for her body to generate some sweat. The last test was that she stood on her head and walked about the room in a circle on her hands. Her legs were close to together and she had perfect balance. Suddenly she stopped and while standing upside down she started to shake all over. He saw this as minor aberration in the programming but entered new commands to correct the problem. Maureen then proceeded to do a flip and stand in a frozen position in the center of the room. He walked around his acquisition. This better than sculpting in stone, he thought. Remembering an appointment, he left her there. Naked, hairless, motionless, standing in the room.

Two days later he arrived in his lab. Maureen was still standing there poised like a mannequin in a store window. It was now time to work on her makeup and hair. With the solutions that he had injected into her, it wasn't necessary for her to use makeup at all. Electronic signaling from the processor in her brain could control on the atomic level the color through out her face, finger nails and toes. Maureen's hair could instantly generate hair at any length , type, or color. Pressing a button on his computer, she walked mechanically towards him. Pulling up a chair he sat down and laid a large keyboard on his lap. The keyboard had groups of sliding controls: hair, eye shadow, eyeliner, iris, eyelash, mascara, lipstick, blush, fingernails, toe nails. Each of these groups had color sliders assigned to them: red, green ,blue, black.. Both hair and eyelash had additional controls labeled length. Hair also had sliding switches labeled: straight, curly, soft, thick, thin. It was quite an impressive keyboard. The first thing he did was execute a program that would generate pre-programmed looks.

He selected a file labeled Make-up One. Instantly, Maureen grew a length of raven black hair that was shoulder length and straight, her eyes changed to blue, a light blue eyeshadow appeared, thick 1 inch long eyelashes, black eyeliner, light red blush, and matching red lipstick, nails and toenails.

"WOW! That was neat!" he yelled. He didn't expect it to act so fast. He then entered in Make-up Two. Maureen's hair fell to the floor and a length of auburn hair that was pixie size grew , her eyes changed to green, a light smoke green eye shadow appeared, the eyelashes got thicker, dark green eyeliner, light beige blush, and matching light red lipstick, nails and toenails.

For the next hour he changed her appearance manually. It was fun. There standing in front of him was his living robot . Totally immobile. He looked at his watch and had to leave, so setting the test into automatic he left the room. The computer would monitor Maureen's progress. Walking out, he looked over his shoulder, there in the middle of room stood his latest piece of art. She stood there motionless like a mannequin in a department window, her hair and makeup changing appearance every two minutes. It would about ten hours before the test was done.

He returned to the room for the final test. Picking up the computer pad he proceeded to stand in front of Maureen. A few more commands and Maureen followed him to his library and display room. As they entered in, he programmed her to sit in a chair next to him. This last test was to verify Maureen's ability to perform commands by simply speaking to her and to test the ability of the computer to use Maureen as an output device. "Maureen, please touch your noise with either hand. Maureen obediently took her left hand did as she was commanded. "Good, now return your hand." He proceeded to have Maureen touch various parts of her anatomy for next ten minutes. Everything was perfect. No commands to be entered on the keyboard. Now for the real serious test. "Maureen, access my e-mail on my Internet account, tell me how many messages I have and then read them to me." Maureen processed the command through the link she had with the computer. After dialing the telephone number and accessing his e-mail account, the computer downloaded the information to Maureen.

"You-have-two-new-mess-ages-The-fir-st-one-is-from-the-sys-tem-pro-vi-der.-You r-cre-dit-ac-count-has-been-charg-ed-twen-ty-dol-lars.-The-sec-ond-mes-sage-is -from-your-stock-brok-er.-Your-re-quest-for-one-hun-dred-shares-has-been-proce s-sed." He was ecstatic. "Maureen, please reply to message two to request one hundred more shares of stock. Also send a birthday greetings to those friends in my database that have their birthday this week." Before he could even turn his head, Maureen replied "Fin-ished."

His was quite pleased with himself. Not only did he have a new piece of art, but rather a practical one. But he had to leave for his trip. So she needed to be placed on her pedestal. "Maureen, please get dressed. The clothes are on the table. Then execute Make-up Alpha and then Medusa Alpha" As he proceeded to leave the room he watched Maureen get up slowly and walk towards the table. He smiled and left the room. Maureen proceeded to get put on the black panties, garters and a matching bra. Slowly she stood on each leg perfectly balanced as she slid on each of the stockings. When she was dressed she stepped into a pair of black five inch patent leather heels. As she walked towards a small platform her hair changed to a summer blonde color and grew to waist length. Her eyelashes grew to be about a half inch long. Her eyes changed to a sea blue, the eye shadow a light smoke gray, and her lipstick and nails a matching light red. Maureen stepped up onto the platform and turned completely around. Putting her hands on her hips and pouting her lips, she completely went rigid. Anyone coming into the room would see beautiful works of arts and what would appear to be a mannequin or a statue standing on a small pedestal.

"So you see my dear, that is what you have become. When not needed a piece of art. Rather a dynamic one at that. And when I need a little extra help for my work a good computer device." Maureen was still sitting in that position with her head to the side and hands on her lap. While listening to the story, her silent screams meant nothing. "So, before I send you off to that dream state, do you have any last words?" He pressed a button and Maureen again felt a slight tingle.

"Please let me go. Please."

"Can't" he replied. "Irreversible"

"I suppose you use me for "pleasures" too?"

"Perhaps, but then again I never screwed a hard drive." he smiled."

"Will I know what's happening to me?"

"On occasion I suspect you'll have moments of consciousness, but it'll be impossible for you do or say anything." "Will you be adding others to the your collection?" "Yes, in fact one's being processed as we speak. She'll be doing domestic work. I'm a lousy cleaner."

Maureen wanted to cry but had no control. "Maureen, please change your looks to make-up Alpha-Two and execute Medusa Gamma. Maureen was now a living robot. Obediently she got up walked perfunctorily towards her pedestal. While walking her hair changed to a raven black color, and eyes became coal black. When she reached the pedestal she reached into a small drawer and took out a hand mirror and lipstick . Upon standing on the pedestal she raised the mirror to her face and placed the lipstick on her lips. Her lips and fingernails instantly turned a flame red. She was then frozen with the appearance of putting on her lipstick. Maureen could see herself. Well not bad, she said. He walked up and patted her on the buttocks and the last she heard was "sleep well."