Another addition

By Stasis

The contractors had finally left. It took them a fort-night to finish the two story addition, but he knew it was worth the wait. The extra space of the first and second floors was just what he needed. The contractors had done everything from wiring, to laying floors to wall paper, except finishing the basement. He had to give it much thought, he told the general contractor. The contractors were paid and were soon off on their merry way.

The owner decided to finish the basement himself. It had some very interesting specifications. The day after the contractors left, he made a few trips to the local lumber yard. Soon there was hammering and sawing in the basement. First he installed light oak paneling on all of the walls. He then made a platform, about a foot off the floor, around the perimeter of the basement. The surface was finished with squares of Italian white marble. The contrast between the marble and oak looked pretty good. Next he installed a suspended ceiling with fluorescent lights in the center and movable halogen spotlights on tracks over the platform. Finally he laid down a gray wall to wall carpet. He finished this in about three days. Then standing on the basement stairs, he decided it was finished. Now it was time to mount some displays.

Going to the old side of the house he opened a closet. As the door opened, the summer light cast its beam on Cheryl's face. The golden radiance only made Cheryl look that much more regal. For an "older" woman she looked pretty darn good. She was the first woman he made into a mannequin. Standing there he thought about how he had a crush on her many years ago. Her promiscuous behavior made it very easier for him to acquire her. Lifting her up he placed Cheryl on a dolly and wheeled her to the basement door. Carrying her downstairs he finally placed her in the first position on the platform. He adjusted the track lights, giving her optimum lighting. Hmm, the Victorian outfit is nice on her, but I may have to change that later. Carefully he pried her vinyl fingers apart. While she was in the closet, she had her hands down by her side. Now it would be better for appearance sake to have her hands on her hips.

Returning to the closet he took out his only other mannequin, Monica She was the nurse that took care of him when he had that accident. Now he was taking care of her. She stood there dressed in a white teddy, with garters and white stockings. The black wig was layered to her shoulder in soft gentle curves. Her pouty lips, were just as provocative as ever. Her bosom lifted by lacy bra, sparkled with a sheen from the setting sun. With her four inch high heels, she was now a tall girl, measuring almost six feet. She too was place on the dolly and wheeled to the basement. He decided to place Monica next to Cheryl. Gently bending Monica like a Barbie doll, he spread her legs for balance and placed one of her hands on her hips. The other hand was bent in a "come hither way." It appeared she was beckoning the viewer to approach her for comfort.

"Good, now they are properly displayed," he said to himself. Noticing that there was a little dust on them, he took a feather duster and proceeded to clean them up. Looking around the basement there was plenty of room for some more acquisitions.

Monica and Cheryl were his first attempts to mannequinized his collectibles. They both were dipped in a type of vinyl that had microscopic pores when dried. This allowed them not to over heat. Of course they had to be depleted for the vinyl to work properly. Tiny hairs only ruined the effect of the vinyl. Eye contacts that had irises on them were inserted over their cornea. This prevented their eyes from drying out. With slight pressure he could bend the girls into almost any position. They, however, had no power to move. He had to be a little practical about their positions. They could be damaged if they were off balanced. Well enough gazing he thought, time for the next subject.

Back on the old side of the house within its basement was his "modeling shop." It was here that he would spend time on his subjects. His latest acquisition was restrained on the table. She was lucid, but lightly sedated. She tried hard to fight her bonds, but to no avail. Her spirit was willing but she just didn't have the strength. "I'll never do door to door sales again if I get out of this," she thought. Must have been something in the soda he gave me. A few minutes after she had drunk the soda she had passed out on the sofa. He carried her to the basement and proceeded to strip off her clothes. Then he bounded her to the table. Seeing him come in the room, she started to scream. Only low grunts came from her throat. He only smiled and proceeded to get to work.

Looking up, she saw what looked like an oxygen mask being place over her face. The hissing sound reminded her of a tea kettle steaming. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, unaware what kind of transformation would undergo. Satisfied that she would be no problem, he relished her binds. Working quickly, he inserted protected plugs into her nostrils, ears. Other bodily orifices were plugged too. A set of white eye contacts was place over her eyes. Then lifting her, he placed her on another table that had the back side indentation of a female figure. There was ample room around her, but the fit wasn't meant to be perfect. Over head was another table that had the frontal side of a woman indented. Pressing a switch, the upper table was lowered downwards. When it was about one foot above her, he reached in and pulled down a small hose with a mouth piece. While she was being processed, she needed to breathe. He inserted this into her mouth and proceeded to lower the table. The tables were now flush to each other with the girl inside. It looked like a large plastic injection mold, except there were some slight differences. Going to a control panel he initiated the sequence to make her a mannequin. This procedure was a lot different than what he had done to Monica and Cheryl.

Fluids began to flow into the molding machine. A first solution removed all her hair. A relief valve was soon flowing with hair residue down the drain. After about 5 minutes of this, he pressed the flush button and clean water began to be pumped over her body. When the drain water began to run clear, he stopped the cycle. The next solution was the main ingredient. It wasn't a vinyl but a liquid polymer that would be absorbed into her skin. Watching the gauge, he switched it off when it reached full. This process would take about two hours. Looking at his watch, he didn't realize it was so late. Might as well get a snack.

A timer went off while he was putting his dishes away. Going back to the basement, he proceeded to the next part of the transformation. Flushing pure water into the mold, he watched a blue solution pass into the drain. When it turned clear, she was ready. Pressing a few switches the upper portion of the table was raised. There she was laying on her back, painted a light colour of blue. This was an after-effect of the process, but it would soon fade away. The substance was dry by still needed further processing. He picked her up and stood her on small roll around cart. The rigidity had immediately taken effect. Gently pushing the cart across the room he pushed her into a room filled with infrared lights. Standing her there in the middle, he removed all the plugs from her body. He left the eye contacts in place, so her eyes wouldn't be damaged from the infrared. Closing the door, he set the timer for 24 hours. Though she had begun to stiffen, the full effect of the solution would take hours. It had to work its way into her epidermis. Staring through the window in the door he gazed at his new mannequin-to-be. She looked rather like an alien from another world he mused. But soon she'll look great.

A day later he awoke like a child on Christmas morning. He ran to the basement in anticipation of his new mannequin. The process was finished. He opened the heating room door and there stood his new mannequin. The blue had vanished. The skin was flawless, not a freckle on her face could be seen. Carefully he touched her. It was soft like satin, a slight glimmer to it. Gently he raised her arm. Great! A lot easier than the vinyl ones. She was perfectly movable in almost any direction. Wheeling her out he took her to the next stage of her transformation. She had to get dressed.

One side of the basement had racks of clothes that he had ordered from catalogue stories. " should she be dressed?" Suddenly it dawned on him, "I forgot to remove the contacts!" Quickly he went up to her, and removed them and substituted a new pair. This pair was crystal clear. It would allow her to see what was going on, but dust and dryness wouldn't effect her eyes.

"My God! What's happening to me?" She tried to scream. As before she couldn't talk. But she had complete control over her eyes. Darting her eyes about she saw where she was. She looked up at the dark ceiling, over at the closet and saw him standing there.. He only smiled at her and walked out of her field of view. Rolling a large mirror in front of her, and proceeded to tell her what was in store for her. "Welcome, my dear. I see from your driver's license you name is Naomi. A pretty name. Well, not a worry. From now on, no more worry about rude homeowners and living from paycheck to paycheck. I'll take care of your needs, but there is a slight payment. You just become part of a collection for my enjoyment. So, let's get started."

Naoimi could only watch herself in the mirror An immobile figure stared back at her. She did recognize herself, but being bald was weird. Soon he was snapping on her: garters, nylons, a bra. Next he lifted her up, and bent her feet to fit into a pair of 3 inch high heels. Naomi could only watch, but found herself actually admitting that she was beginning to look pretty good. He was generously touching parts of her body as he dressed. It felt so weird. The touch was so distant. Like there was some barrier between him and her. Glancing at the mirror she realized she was encased in something. Next he put a white silk blouse on her. He positioned the blouse to show off her the cleavage of her ample bosom. Then a lavender wrap-around skirt was draped on her. This too was positioned to allow her inside thigh to be seen. In fact you could see the lace on the top of her nylons. "I never show leg like that" she thought. False finger nails were snapped on and then her makeup applied. The skin was very soft and took to holding makeup quite well. Gold bracelet's around her ankle and wrist were applied with matching earrings. With the exception to her baldness she was ready. Opening another door, he stood looking at dozens of wigs. Taking out a few, he placed them one at a time on her head. "Hmm... not right" he thought. Finally he selected an auburn wig. Naomi, didn't even recognize herself in the mirror. A beautiful woman gazed back at her, standing poised as if she was about to make a comment. He walked around, picking off bits of lint and congratulated himself on the work. Naomi could once glance back him, still pleading to be let go.

Soon Naomi found herself in the new basement. As she was being wheeled, she saw the other two mannequins. "How long have they been here?" she thought. She felt her limbs being bent and her legs being pulled as he put her into her proper position. Finally the lights were aimed at her. "Well Naomi, meet Cheryl and Monica" He reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a remote control. He aimed it at Cheryl and Monica and pressed a button. Instantly, their frozen eyes disappeared. The contacts they were wearing were made up of liquid crystals. When off, they appeared to be perfectly human eyes. When turned on the crystals went clear. This allowed there own eyes to be seen . The mannequins could see their environment. Cheryl and Monica could only swept the room with their eyes. They saw him standing there, smiling as always. And collectively they thought . "And whose this? A new addition? Well she is pretty." "Hey I wore that outfit before, thought Monica." He only beamed with excitement on how marvelous they looked. Pressing the remote control and aiming at each one of them, theirs eyes went back to faraway stares and into sweet dreams of no responsibilities or cares, or wants.