Another collectable

by Stasis

Bill was in his basement dusting off his three mannequins. "I should really get central air with some decent air filters. It would keep the dust down" he thought. Naomi, Cheryl and Monica only stared back in silence. Cheryl was there the longest, followed by Monica and then Naomi. He heard the door upstairs open and the taping of heels against the floor. It must be his girl friend Angela. She was due to drop by. She came down the stairs and stood there watching him finishing dusting.

"Hey, you got a third one? I know her!" she finally said. "That's the girl that was going door to door selling cosmetics. Wow, you did a really great job on her!" "I know" Bill replied. "I couldn't resist. Well I have plenty of room for more. Care to join them?" "I'll pass, mister." she replied. "You and your hobbies!"

Angela walked up the mannequins and just stared at them for a minute. She caught her self wanting to lift the skirt of Monica. Why am I so fascinated? she thought. Together they went upstairs and had their lunch.

"So, what's this neat thing you have to show me?" she said, while wiping her face with a napkin. "Well, you know, that I don't use the vinyl dip method anymore in my collections." "Right, you use that new injection process. Takes a few hours?" she asked while sipping her soda. "Correct, well I found this real amazing stuff, that of all places is used by the veterinarians and zoos." "What is it?" "Well, it's a serum that allows a humane way of slowing down the metabolism of an animal. Zoos love it for capturing an animal for study or if dealing with a dangerous animal. It can be injected or even taken oral. The animal reacts to it almost instantly. It can be put into a tranquilizer dart or a watering hole." "Does the animal just fall down sedated?" she inquired. "Not at all. But rather, depending on the dosage, slowly starts to stop moving like a wind up doll that that has it's spring run down. Watch." Bill whistled for his dog and it walked into the room wagging it's tail. Picking up what looked like a remote control he aimed it at the dog and clicked a button. Slowly the dog came to a stop. It's tail wagged a couple of times and then stopped. Angela got up from the table and walked around the dog. She petted it and there was no response. "He's not hurt is he?" she asked. "Absolutely not," he replied. Again he clicked a button and the dog. continued to walk as if nothing happened.

"Wow that was neat!. I can see that you will be busy with that basement of yours!"

"Well, I am particular. Besides there is more to tell."

"Go on"

"Well the effect of the veterinarian's serum is not indefinite. But with an adaptation from my injection process, the one I used on Naoimi, an indefinite poise now possible. Consequently, once the serum is taken, the subject not only becomes rigid but the skin becomes like vinyl."

"Great! Who's the next collectable going to be? she asked

"I haven't made up my mind. But there is one last thing: the process can be controlled via an induction of a small electromagnetic pulse. That's why I had the remote control. Once the subject is administrated with the serum, it is relatively harmless, until their body is saturated with a pulse. A weak pulse allows them to be frozen very slowly. In fact they still have some remnants of motion, until the process takes full effect. A maximum pulse, instantly stops them in their tracks. Kind of neat"

She looked down at her soda and looked at him with a strange look in her face.

"You didn't!, she yelled.

"No", he said, "I wouldn't do that you. Your drink is fine."

"So," Bill continued, " any suggestions on who should be next." They sat their naming people they knew and drew a blank. Finally, she said "My boss Janice!!! She's been talking about leaving the firm. It would be perfect! You would like her, real cute and a petite body. Wait, here in my purse is some photos form the last office party." He looked at the picture for a few moments and closed his eyes. Thinking for a few minutes he finally agreed that Janice would be a good candidate. "Okay, sounds good. But I need you to get her here for me, okay?" "Sure, no problem, dear." He gave her the serum with instructions to put the exact amount in her boss's drink.

The next day getting her boss a cup of coffee Angela slipped the serum into the drink. "Well Janice, have you decided to go shopping with me tonight? " Sure, I need some new clothes" replied her boss. She sipped the coffee slowly. Angela waited to see if Janice would taste anything. Janice looked at the coffee and looked up at Angela with a smile. "God, I love hazelnut coffee. Angela sighed to herself. "Well, I have to drop by my boy friend's house on the way. Why don't you come in and meet him. It will only take a minute." " Sure" Janice replied. Angela stayed in her boss's office talking about their clients, assuring herself that Janice had fully drunk the coffee. Work went on as normal.

On the drive to her boy friend's house, Angela couldn't help from thinking what Janice would be like frozen. Wow I have worked with her for years, but this idea of her just being immobile, is like wow...kinky. I'm beginning to understand by Bill's hobby." Together Angela and Janice chatted about nothing in particular. Finally they arrived art Bill's house. "Looks like Bill has done a recent addition" noted Janice as she stepped out of the car. "Yes he has," confirmed Angela. "You might say he need the room for his acquisitions."

Janice and Angela entered the house. Bill met them and cordially invited them to sit down. As they were talking, he fondled a rather intricate looking remote control. Unobserved while they were talking he pressed the enabled button. As Janice was telling a joke , she suddenly glanced at her fingers. "What the heck!" Angela and Bill stared at Janice's fingers. Her finger was slowly turning rigid and developing a slight sheen. The effect was working its way up Janice's arms. Her toes had down the same thing and the effect was now at her midriff. Janice was slowly becoming immobile. She turned her head from side to side glancing at Angela and Bill . "Help me," she cried. "I'm freezing up.! " She immedialty stood up and found she couldn't move. Together they only sat there and watched the effect in awe. Slowly the effect was creeping up Janice's neck . She felt like she was being sucked into cement, restrained, no movement at all. A sense of hardness enveloped her body. No matter how hard she tried to move she could not. She realized it would be a matter of time before what ever was happening to her would reach her face. Looking at him for once last chance of hope, she felt a warmth like melted paraffin on her face until suddenly it was like a soft 'pop.' She was complete immobile, conscious but rigidly held in place.

"Wow that was neat, the both exclaimed." Together they stood next to Janice, touching her arms and face. Janice, knew she was being touched but it felt so distance. She was able to cast her eyes back and forth as they stared into her face. "Wow feels like a lycra or soft plastic," said Bill. "And her hair.. no after effects. Bill got up and went to his preparation room. He returned with a small box and bottle of fluid. He sat next to Janice and laid the box upon her lap. 'What's that,' asked Angela. "Oh these are contacts, I don't want her eyes to dry out." He pressed the remote control with just enough power to make Janice slightly pliable. Janice continued to dart her eyes back and forth. On the silent screams in her heard could be made. She watched reluctantly as Bill dropped some fluid into eyes and gently inserted the contacts over her eyes. Her eyes did actually feel better. They were beginning to dry up.

"Well what's next? asked Angela. "This hobby of yours is really a turn on." Bill only smiled. "Well give me a hand getting her to the basement. Janice felt herself being picked up. Her eyes were looking at the wall originally, but now only the ceiling and lights passed by. Each light seemed to hypnotize her as she felt herself being carried. Down the stairs Janice was carried. Slowly she felt herself being righted. She felt hands bending her with no control from herself. Her shoes were taken off and she stood flat on the floor. Angela and Bill kept walking around doing something. Janice couldn't see. She shifted her eyes to the right. "What's that? Three women standing there, with overhead lights illuminating them? Oh god, what's to become of me??"

Angela and Bill were soon standing in front of Janice. She darted her eyes back and forth like being at a tennis match. "Well, Angela what do you think? Want to set up the next acquisition? You can set up it anyway you want" asked Bill. "And," he continued, " your can change it anytime you want." Janice averted her eyes towards Angela. "It, he called me an it. I'm no it, I'm Janice." Again only she could hear the silent screams inside her head. Angela just walked up to Janice and looked her up and down. Turning around Angela looked at Bill and said," I don't know what's gotten into me. But this hobby, it's just so neat and I think I am beginning understand why you do it." Turning around towards Janice she walked around her. Finally Angela said "this acquisition would really be nice if it was dressed as a maid. What do you think?"

"That would be marvelous," Bill replied. "Do you want any help?"

"No I would like to try my first one by myself."

"Well the preparation room is over there. You find just about any item of clothes or makeup you could think of." Bill walked across the room and stood at the top of the stairs for a moment. He just smiled, watching his girlfriend strip off the clothes of her boss.

Janice stood there naked as a lark. Her soft brown hair fell to her shoulders. Angela was removing all of Janice's makeup with a small cloth. On the roll-around cart that Janice wheeled in was the outfit that Janice would wear for a longtime. "My Janice, you really were a pretty woman, when you were still human. Guess you have found a new vocation." Janice could only silently protest. She felt the eyeliner being applied to her eyes and eyelashes being made thick from the mascara. Bending it in different positions, Angela soon had her old boss dressed. With some slight difficulty, Angela lifted it to the platform next to Naomi. Janice continued to look about as Angela adjusted her body. Janice felt her legs being slightly spread apart, a hand bent upon her hip and something sliding into her right hand. With a few more brushes of the hair, Angela was finished. "Bill," she called out, I'm ready!"

Bill walked down the stairs and slowly walked up next to Angela. 'That is great! You did a fantastic job."

Janice could only stand there, not completely knowing how she was dressed. Bill and Angela just stood there, Bill's arm around Angela's waist, smiling back. Janice was wearing a maid's outfit, with a hem that went to her crotch . Garters supported her dark stockings and her right hand held a feather duster. Had she really been dusting the 5 inch black heels would have made it easy for her to get to the hard to get places. Again Bill and Angela just smiled and walked up to it. Bill looked closely at his new acquisition and glanced at Angela who was giggling. "No panties!" he said said while laughing. "You dressed her with no panties! I love it!" The last thing Janice saw and felt was Bill raising the remote control at her and she went 100 percent rigid and the contacts went black.