The Collection Grows


Angela and Bill where in the display room, doing some household chores. Since Angela had moved in with Bill, she found it fun to share his hobby. She was busy re-arranging the closets of clothes and Bill had just finished changing Cheryl. "Hey, that looks good," said Angela while wiping her brow. Bill stepped back to admire his work and had to agree. "I thought it needed a new look. Cheryl was in the same outfit since I acquired her." Angela walked up to the display to get a better look.

Suddenly she noticed that Cheryl's eyes darted back and forth. "Oh, you let her see what's going on while you dress her?" "Yup," replied Bill. The remote lying on the table allowed him to control Cheryl's eyes. Her contacts, like Naomi's and Janice's, when deactivated looked like normal mannequin eyes, but when enabled they became transparent allowing Cheryl to see. The living mannequins were pliable enough to be bent into any position that Bill or Angela desired. So dressing them was easy. "I think" continued Bill. "That I owe it to them. Like, they are beautiful and the should know what they are wearing."

Cheryl was now dressed in a white negligee. She kept glancing over at Naomi and Janice. And they too were glancing about the room. Cheryl was holding up the hem of the negligee showing a pair of white garters, stockings and white high heels. Bill had done her nails in a very light pink with matching lipstick. "How did you make out in the closet?" inquired Bill. He turned to pick up the remote and with practiced flair aimed it at the mannequins. Instantly the contacts in their eyes went opaque and faded into perfectly formed fake eyes.

Angela took Bill into the old preparation room. In here was where he first started the tedious process of preparing his collections for exhibition. The specimen was either dipped or injected. But with the new serum, some of the equipment wasn't necessary. Once the specimen was transformed, Bill dressed it in various outfits. The closet had the clothes he would need. But like most guys he was a bit of a slob, so Angela took it upon herself to cleanup. "This is clean!" gasped Bill. "Well keep it this way mister!' nudged Angela.

The room was immaculate. Hanging on the closet rods, were all the dresses. Lingerie was neatly folded on the open shelves and the shoes stacked neatly. "You know you got me hooked on to this hobby of yours, so I want to help out too," said Angela. "I like to make clothes so anything you need I can probably sew. "Sure you can dear. I really appreciate your help. By the way, there are plenty of spots left in the display room. What do you say we go out and do some prospecting?" "Great let me get my purse."

Bill and Angela went to the mall. While walking about they went past a jewelry store. Bill quickly glanced inside the store. Standing at the register was a rather tall woman in her middle forty's. She was impeccably dressed. Shoulder length hair, not a wrinkle on her face. Just her stance and body language told one that this woman had style. "Look Angela check her out." "Look at what she is buying," said Angela. The woman was being handed a diamond on a necklace that was about 10 carets in size. "My god look at the size of that thing," she continued. Bill and Angela nodded to each other knew what they had to do.

They followed the woman for about a half hour before entering a cafe. She sat down at a table with a young woman that was about Angela's age. Bill and Angela took a table near by. The plan was that Bill would add the drops to what ever beverage the woman ordered. He would do this by intercepting the waitress and asking where the men's room was. He felt confident he could slip the drops into a glass or cup. Soon the waitress returned with woman's coffee and everything went to plan.

Upon returning from the men's room Bill found Angela trying to contain herself from laughing. "What's the joke, Angela? asked a bemused Bill. Angela started to tell Bill that while he was gone, she over heard the conversations that the woman and the young lady were having. Turns out they are mother and daughter. And then the daughter took quite a few sips of her mother's coffee. Bill glanced over at the two woman and nodded in approval that woman's daughter was pretty nice looking. Bill and Angela just looked at each other an almost broke out laughing. "This is too good to be true," Bill finally said. "You know," he added, "the daughter really resembles you. Quite remarkable."

About an hour later, the mother and daughter left the cafe. Taking her keys out of her purse the mother opened her car door. Bill followed at a discreet distance and Angela had gone for the van. When the two women got into the car, Bill instantly aimed his remote at them. The car never started. But behind the wheels, were two frozen woman in a rather animated conversation. Oh, what should be said, "were" in a conversation. Only silence was found in their car. Angela saw Bill standing by the car and pulled up next to him. They quickly removed the frozen woman and stored then inside the van. There they were laid on their sides as store bought mannequins. The young woman's skirt slid up a bit revealing shapely legs encased in black pantyhose. Angela for the sake of decency pulled the woman's skirt back down, but couldn't help from taking her time. The feel of the pantyhose against the vinyl was so enticing.

While returning home the sweet fragrance of ladies' perfume permeated the van. The two women could only glance about with their eyes. They could see each other. Their stares only told of the confusion and fear that they experienced. What is happening to me they each thought. I'm so rigid, yet it doesn't hurt. The lights passing by from the street lamps felt so hypnotic. If I could just move. Slowly their eyes glazed over and they entered into a dream world where images came and went.

Bill and Angela had carried their prize possessions to the preparation room. Both mother and daughter where placed on a table in the same position as they where in the car. Bill was staring at the young woman. "You know, Angela, she looks just like you. They say a person has a double somewhere." "Yes she does, kind of spooky," Angela commented. She was going through the woman's purses to get their names. "Oh here's their driver licenses. The mother is named Maureen and the daughter is Susan." "Well what do you think, Angela, any suggestions on their display?" There was a silence now within the room. Maureen and Susan had gotten out of their trance and could only glance around. The frustrated attempt of mobility was not even perceptible by Bill or Angela. The mother and daughter locked their eyes together and kept glancing in the direction of voices they heard. Comments of what position or what colour of dress could be heard. And something about the diamond? Where should it be displayed?

"Okay ," said Bill after agreeing with Angela. "Maureen is to be dressed in a black evening gown with the diamond necklace. Should be some nice sparkles with the lights on her. Let's start working on her. Any idea though on Susan?" "Well, you're going to think I'm weird, but she would make a great mannequin when I make new clothes. It's kind of hard making dresses with no model. Besides, look at her. She looks almost exactly like me. Like a twin. Same height, same size. Just the hair is bit shorter. What do you say?" Bill was adjusting Maureen at the time. She was now standing up with her hands by her side. The shoes were removed because she was about to be undressed. "Okay," he replied. "I suppose you will want her in your sewing room up stairs?" Angela was ecstatic. She ran up to her boy friend and kissed him. Oh thank-you Bill. That would be great!" "Okay, let's get started"

Together they adjusted Susan so she could stand and watch what was happening to her mother. Carefully they removed Maureen's clothes. Bill walked around Maureen with a small surgical laser He was removing tiny blemishes from her body. An object such as this had to be perfect. Like the diamond it would be soon wearing, no flaws. Angela proceeded to wipe down the body. She removed makeup and using a chemical pad removed unwanted hairs. Satisfied with their work they then adjusted Maureen to sit in a chair. Angela soon had a towel wrapped around Maureen and commenced to do her hair.

Backing up to get a better view Bill inadvertently bumped into Susan. She tumbled backwards like a log. She instinctively wanted to lunge forward to balance herself. Susan just watched the wall fall away and was now staring at the ceiling. "Whoops, sorry dear." "Be careful Bill. Don't want to damage my mannequin." Bill stood her back up. Remembering the contacts, Bill inserted them into Maureen's and Susan's eyes. Susan stood there fighting inside trying to make any movement, to no avail. She could only see Bill's face in front of her. He was careful to not damage her eyes. Susan just wanted to reach out and slap him. As he walked away she could only see the what was happening to her mother.

Angela had to coiffure Maureen's hair. Brushing it out, she carefully did a little cutting to give Maureen a more seductive look. It gracefully fell to shoulders. Bending the mannequin's head back, makeup was applied to its face. Maureen kept glancing around and would stare into Angela's eyes. "My, you do have the pretties blue eyes," said Angela. "I think you would like this shade of eyeshadow. Really brings them out. Would you like to see?" Angela held up a mirror to Maureen.

The reflection showed a beautifully flawless face. Lips perfectly outlined. Maureen couldn't remembering ever seeing herself look so good. She felt herself being stood up and the towel being taken away from her. She was naked and terribly beautiful. Bill and Angela walked around to check her out. Susan could only make silent screams as they began to dress her mother. Bill and Angela congratulated themselves on their new masterpiece.

"Would you like to see the finished piece, Maureen?" Bill rolled out a full length mirror. Maureen was forced look at herself. She was positioned with both hands on her hips. She wore a black evening gown that was low cut and went just above her knees. It only accented her curvaceous figure. Black high heels and hosiery further enhanced her appearance. The ensemble was completed with the 10 caret diamond necklace she bought. Feeling herself being lifted, she soon found herself next to Naoimi in the display room. "A little more to the left Bill," directed Angela. Bill was adjusting the overhead halogen lamps to accent Maureen's figure. "There that's it. Perfect!" Bill step backed to give his nod of approval. Aiming the remote at Maureen, her eyes appear to change and the far away look took it's place.

They walked back to the preparation room, unaware of the protests the Susan was making. They glanced at her and only smiled. "So you want to take it up stairs?" "Yes, would you help me, it's heavy." "Sure, but let's finish preparing it here. Beside I think you might like this idea." Bill explained that since Susan looked like Angela, why not make the transformation complete. Bill instructed Angela to get the wig that was on the third shelf. She was a little puzzled at first, but began to understand when she brushed out the wig. They positioned Susan in the center of the room and began to strip her. Susan could only watch as her clothes were tossed to the side. Just like my mother, she thought. They are going to put me on display, but what's this about upstairs? What are they going to do? Helpless Susan could only watch. Susan was then hoisted up into the air and then lowered in a vat. It was cool, though it didn't make a difference to Susan. She was immersed for a minute and then slowly withdrawn.

"Get the towels, Angela. We need to dry her off." Lowering Susan back to the floor, they patted her dry. Susan was now completely hairless. The mirror they used for her mother was to the side, and Susan got a glance of herself. She was completely hairless, no eyebrows, no pubic hair, no makeup. She looked like one of those naked mannequins she would see at the mall as they were being dressed.

As her mother before her, Susan was positioned into the chair. Together Bill and Angela applied her makeup. "No, your eyebrows are a little thicker," said Bill. Angela agreed and applied a darker line to the mannequin. Bill and Angela where making up the mannequins face to look exactly like Angela's. A little more detail and they were finished. Bill then adjusted the wig and stood her up. He then positioned Susan's arms so that they were folded. It was actually a habit that Angela had when she talked. "Now Angela stand next to the mannequin. Yes, right there. Little to the left. Now fold your arms. Now look."

Bill stepped away from the mirror he was blocking. Susan and Angela stared in to the mirror and saw themselves. The exact same poise, one dressed, one naked. "Wow!" exclaimed Angela. "You weren't kidding. She looks precisely like me!" Susan too was amazed at the incredible resemblance. She could only stand there jealously watching her "twin" walk about. "So let's bring her up stairs"

Together they carried Susan out of the preparation room. They stopped momentarily in the display room to take a look at Maureen. It came out real well, Bill. Thanks! Susan said a silent good-bye to her mother. Noticing the other mannequins, she knew her mother wasn't alone. Well, at least mom got what she wanted, never to lose her looks. And that diamond, so beautiful. I would have dressed her in red. And those shoes, maybe 5 inch ones would have been better. Bill had pressed the remote and soon Susan entered the world of darkness. A soft silent sleep.

She had no idea how long she was standing there, but she found that she was standing in the middle of a sewing room. One of the walls was completely mirrored. She could see herself wearing only a skirt that had pins in it. The colour was fabulous. A royal blue. Should be a little shorter she thought. The rest of her was naked. The sewing machine was humming away. Her "twin" Angela would come up to her and pin parts of the skirt. Occasionally, Angela would bend the mannequin's hands if they were in the way. Bill had knocked on the door and entered.

"How's it going, Angela?" "Great! This works out so well. Kind of kinky though seeing "myself" as I make my clothes"

Yes, the resemblance is amazing. Hey nice colour. Oh, you deactivated its eyes?

Yes, when I make my clothes, like you when you update your mannequins, I want it to appreciate the nice clothes it has on.

Good idea.

As Angela turned towards the sewing machine Bill looked at Angela's mannequin with some wanting. He was so infatuated with the resemblance that the mannequin had with his girl friend. He placed his palm on its buttocks. Hmm, real nice and hard. "Angela when you are done with your mannequin, could I borrow it?" Angela only turned and smirked. "Aren't I enough for you?" "Well, sure, but it does look enticing." " Well, okay. Since it looks exactly like me, it's not like you are fooling around on me. Go ahead and enjoy. Just bring it back the way you found it."

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