A Slight Accident

by Stasis

It was another rainy weekend. Bill and Angela were just relaxing around the house. Bill was in the living room reading a magazine and Angela was working in her sewing room making a new outfit. The mannequin in the room was exactly what Angela needed to make the dresses. It was so easy pinning the hem of a skirt. There was no more guess work. Bill called up to Angela and said if you need anything I'll be in the display room to do a little dusting. Okay, she replied. The hum of the sewing machine continued.

The mannequin just stood there perfectly poised. It was hoping to catch a glimpse of the new dress Angela was making. "There, done "said Angela. She carried the dress to the mannequin and with no effort dropped the new garment over it. The mannequin could only see the folded fabric coming down over its head. Glimpses of light and darkness past it's eyes as the dress was tugged into place. A zip up the back and the ensemble was complete. Angela walked around and was quite pleased with the result. The mannequin glanced at a mirror on the wall. It could see that it had on a long white dress. Oh so pretty, the mannequin thought. I know Angela will love wearing it. I remember the days I would love to walk around wearing dresses like this, but now no more. I'm Angela's now, her sewing form. Angela walked around the mannequin one more time examining the dress. It was so nice have a mannequin look exactly like herself, she thought. I wonder if Bill would like to see what I have done?.

Going down the stairs of the display room she found Bill dusting off each of the mannequins. He loved let them see what was happening. They all darted their eyes towards Angela as she entered the room. There was Cheryl, Monica, Janice and the new one: Maureen. They were on the platform. They followed her motion as she walked up to Bill. She gently put her arms around him and kissed him on the check. Hey come on up stairs you should see my new dress. In minute he replied. You have anything to drink down here? Sure back in the preparation room. Bill continued to dust and adjust each of the mannequin's poses. He rotated Cheryl, who was wearing a white negligee towards Monica. Cheryl was just holding up the hem of her negligee as to give one a peak. He positioned Monica as if she was pointing to Cheryl's private area. They looked enticing.

Angela came out of the room sipping a drink. The displays look great she commented. Maybe next time, get them a little closer? Not a bad idea, replied Bill. Bill turned around and gasped. My God Angela you didn't drink that did you? Yes, why not, it's pretty good. That's the serum and it's not ready. Quick into the bathroom. Together they ran. Bill had Angela heaving into the sink.

Get it out, it's irreversible, he kept telling her. She kept drinking water and vomiting it up hoping to clean her stomach.

God, I feel so tired, she finally said. You don't think..do you?

I don't know he replied. That was undiluted, 100%. How do you feel?

Well just tired, but okay. Am I going to turn into a.... mannequin?

Well, the final serum will only do that if I aim the remote at you. That stuff wasn't finished being mixed. So you would be okay. In concentrated form, the stuff would instantly make you solid. Giving that you vomited everything and nothing has happened, you should be okay. If a little stayed in...I really do not know what will happen to you..

Angela and Bill looked at each other. Slowly they eyes drifted to the display room. "Promise me Bill if I become a mannequin, you will really take 'care' of me. Bill held her close and whispered into her ear "only the finest clothes and some pampering, Angela." Look, why don't we just wait. Okay, it's not as if you are going to die. In fact, you could end up living for a very long time. Angela looked up at Bill and smiled before they kissed. A sense of wanting went through them. Together they went upstairs to their room and went to bed.

They had a wild time and were exhausted. They fell asleep in each other's arms. Sometime in the afternoon Bill woke up with a start. "Bill, look what's happening to me." Bill pulled the covers back and saw Angela looking down at her feet. The skin around her toes began to change. It had a vinyl look to it, a sort of sheen. Bill reached out and touched her big toe. It was much more pliable than the mannequins. Slowly the effect began to creep up Angela's legs. "Bill, I am turning into a mannequin!" "Not completely" he said. He was still watching the effect and touching her leg. Can you move you toes? Angela wiggled her toes the best she could. They actually moved but had a little crinkle sound to them. She turned towards Bill looking for some answers.

"We obviously didn't get all of the serum out of you. It was apparently diluted by the water. And I think it's going to be permanent." Angela looked at Bill and then glanced down at her chest. The nice tan that was on her body was taking on a sheen. She had no difficulty in breathing, but felt her movements were becoming restricted. She crawled out of bed and stood at the foot of it. Bill sat up and watched in amazement. The effect was now at her cheeks and was rapidly enveloping her head. She felt as if she was being immersed in molten paraffin. The effect was now beyond her cheeks and approaching her nose. The nape of her neck was catching up. Then her eyelids took on a heavy feeling . She looked at Bill and suddenly knew the transformation was finished. With a abrupt pop inside her head, she knew she was cutoff from the outside world. She had some panic as she tried to move. But with some difficulty she found that she did have some mobility. Slowly she moved about the room. The motions were very mechanized. "You walk as if you were a ...robot" said Bill.

He got up and put on a robe. Slowly Angela turned around as if someone had her on strings. "At.least.I.can.still.talk.to.you." Her voice wasn't metallic but it was obvious that it had change. Words were a little difficult to announce. She felt sort of comfortable, in fact pretty good, but her motions were so limited. Bill noticed that her hair began to fall out. Soon a pile of her beautiful hair was at her feet. With some difficulty she bent over to look down and then looked up at Bill. "You.can.not.le.ave.me.li.ke.this.you.have.to.help.me." "Oh, don't worry Angela, I'll take care of you." With little effort he picked he up and carried her to the preparation room. Standing her there in the middle of the room, he slowly positioned her arms by her side. He proceeded to conduct some tests on her and after an hour, sat there shaking his head. He pulled up a chair in front of her.

"Angela, how do you feel?" With a slow monotone voice Angela responded "I.ac.tu.all.y.feel.pret.ty.good Con.sid.er.ing.I.have.been.stan.ding.here.for.I.do.not.know.how long.I.fe.el.no.tir.e.d.ness.or.pain.Can.you.chan.ge.me.back?" Bill slowly shook his head to the negative. Angela, here's the story. The serum you drank was not fully prepared. Consequently, the small amount you retained made you into a partial mannequin. Actually you are more of a living doll than mannequin. You are much more pliable. I won't have problems bending you. In fact bending you will be easier than my collectibles. But it will be a concerted effort on your part to make any movements. Your skin will be like this forever and your hair will never grow. Any position you desire or that I put you into, can be indefinite. Your locomotion will be rather mechanical like. What do you say, we at least make you appear as normal as possible. You know you have to stay with me forever. Slowly her reply was "o.kay."

Bill proceeded to clean Angela with a damp cloth. It's fabric against her vinyl made a slight squeaking sound. He went to the makeup box and started to glue on some false eyelashes. With a surgical needle he implanted tiny hairs above her eyes, bringing back her eyebrows. "Angela, do you want me to glue on a wig or not? With out moving her head she replied. "pl.ease.do.not.glue.you.may.wa.nt.to. try.diff.er ent.roles .with.me." Bill only smiled. "Angela, you are kinky to the end." Slowly she continued to speak "Do.not.for.get.my.con.tacts." Bill slapped his head. "I keep forgetting those." He rambled through his kit and took out a pair. Placing drops onto them he inserted them into his girlfriend's eyes. The contacts were opaque, so Angela couldn't see. Only a pair of faraway eyes stared back at Bill. Picking up the remote he aimed it at her and the contacts allowed her eyes to be seen.

Bill decided to be creative. Maybe his living doll would look rather nice as a blond. He placed a shoulder length wig on her. He brushed the wig a bit, making the edges look feather-like. He went to the closet's to select an outfit for her. What he brought back made Angela to smile. The smile came very very slow. But the outfit was one of her favorites. It was a black nightie that had a strap that went up her butt. Pretty much like a throng. The lace was so delicate. Her vinyl nipples were barely seen through the lace. She loved wearing it. Bill proceeded to dress her. Surprisingly when he placed the black stocking on her legs, garters were not needed. They stayed firmly in place. Next were her heels and finally her makeup. Moving the mirror towards her , she slowly gazed at her appearance. "Not.too.bad.Bill" came her response. As Bill did some detail work on her body she found herself being drawn more to the mirror.

Looking out from behind her vinyl encasement she saw what Bill had done to her. Staring back was a seductive looking mannequin. The more she looked, she reminded herself of the dolls she played with as a girl. Pouty lips, blonde hair the layered itself on her shoulders, angular looking features and skin they had no blemishes. She looked like a model out of one of the fashion magazines. Bill did a good job, she thought. She felt herself being turned on. And being inside, wow, really neat. Feels so warm and nice. And being frozen like this, I thought it would hurt. Not at all. There's just no pain, no stress. I wonder if this is how Bill's other collectibles feel?

Bill stood back to admire his work. Angela, he said. I know in the past I have teased you about joining my collection, but didn't think it would happen this way. "I.un.der.stand.Bill.it.was.an.ac.ci.dent." Bill went up to her and kissed her on the lips. At first it was strange not to have any response The lips felt warm. But they were firm. The cheeks smooth and yet, they felt like plastic or vinyl. It was at first like kissing a balloon. Slowly Angela turned her head towards him. "Wou.ld.you.like.to.fi.nish.what.we.were.do.ing.ear.li.er?" Bill only nodded in approval. Without thinking he walked to the base of the stairs. He turned and watched the living doll walk across the floor. Its step was measured. So precise, like a machine being controlled. He felt himself being aroused like nothing before. Finally she made it to the foot of the stairs. "I.will.ne.ed.your.help." Smiling he lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom.

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