A place in the garden.

By Stasis

Together that sat there watching television. The flashing soft glow of the screen bathed their faces. Bill, like most men, was quickly flipping the channels. He could only take a commercial for a second to two before he was annoyed. He would pause for a moment on a channel and then continue to "surf." Angela, sitting there motionless could only roll her eyes in frustration. Her face was motionless. It had a slight chiseled look and the only indication of animation was her eyes scanning the television. As if her words were being carefully chosen she finally spoke.

"Will.you.ple.ase.pic.k.a.chan.nel.That.fas.hion.show.was.ra.ther.nice.and.I. wou.ld.like.to.see.it." "Oh hush up," he replied, flipping the channel to her fashion show.

The beautiful woman on the television screen walked down the runway. Each went through the required motions of showing off the garments they wore. Gracefully and with a degree of authority they walked and spun around. A slight pose, a degree of stillness and the models would walk back towards the curtains. Angela could only watch them admiration. She wanted to be a model too, before the accident happened. However the dream of walking like the models, was slowly fading. There was something about this life she had accidentally fallen into that appealed to her. Being a living mannequin seemed to have its merits. The lack of motion and her robotic actions were erotic. It simple made her feel good when she didn't move. She felt ageless. Her new life created a problem though. Bill had to dress her and he seemed to pamper her a little more than his other collectibles

In the background of the TV show, there were two statues on pedestals. Each one was that of a naked woman, except one was solid gold and the other silver. At first, neither Bill nor Angela paid attention to the statues. The statues just blended into the motif of the fashion show. But suddenly, the statues changed their pose. "Wow, did you see that!" called out Bill. Angela instinctively tried to nod, but felt a little foolish when she couldn't. "Yes.I.did"she said with some effort. "May.be.you.shou.ld.set.up.two.man.ne.quins.like.that.too.in.your.col.lec.tion." Bill got up and went closer to the screen. After a few moments "I have a better idea. You know the fish pond out back? Well...wait you'll see

Clicking the television off Bill stood Angela up and placed her arms by her side. "Angela, come on let's go to the preparation room." Obediently, Angela proceeded to follow Bill. Her steps were slow and she gently rocked back and forth with each step. The hair of the wig, brushed against her shoulders as she walked, but she took no notice. The vinylized skin she now had, had severally limited her sense of touch. Only the private spots of her shell had any sensitivity left. Angela walked into the center room while Bill went to the cabinet.

Soon Bill was stripping Angela of her clothes. Her nightie, stockings and heels where tossed to the side. He returned her wig to the rack and looked back at his girlfriend. As if she was a store bought mannequin, she stood there bald, naked and motionless. "What.are.you.go.ing.to.do,.Bill" was her question as he lifted her. "I'm going to place you into the spraying booth. Let's try a solid effect on you. "Oh?Go.ld.or.sil.ver?Let.us.try.go.ld." Bill only smiled to himself. Placing his girlfriend in the center on a turnstile, he clicked a remote at her, blacking out her eyes for protection. He stepped back and closed the door.

He found the gold paint and poured it into the receiving tank. Added to the paint was a small can of an acrylic. Since Angela could still move on her own, the acrylic would really damper any motions she made. Bill wanted to be assured that Angela would not ruin the presentation he had in store for her. Pressing another button, Angela started to rotate around. After a few revolutions the spraying started. A fine mist emerged and soon Angela was coated from top to bottom in solid gold paint. Then adjusting the speed of the turnstile to a slower speed, he turned on the heating lamps. This insured that the paint dried to an even finish. Peaking through a side window, he knew Angela would come out well.

About an hour later, Angela heard the door open. Her eyes were still blacked out, but she could hear Bill walk into the room. She felt the distant touch on her body, knowing that Bill was checking her for any flaws. I can't wait to see how I came out, she thought. A slight sense of off balance and she knew she was being lifted. Suddenly a flash of light came upon her eyes. It took a moment for her eyes to be adjusted. She knew that Bill aimed the remote at her. Looking straight a head, was another mannequin staring at her. Who is that she thought. She's all gold too. She, she ..looks like...hey that's me. Angela realized that Bill had placed her in front of a mirror. The gold paint was thin enough on her contacts that they acted as one way mirrors, so Angela couldn't see her own eyes.

"What do you think" said Bill while coming into view. With much difficulty Angela replied "no.t.bad,.but.you.are.no.t.go.ing.to.be.lea.ving.me.bald.are. you?" Her eyes were scanning up in down at herself. She noticed that she couldn't move at all this time, just her lips and that too was becoming difficult to do. "Was it the paint?" she thought. It didn't really matter. This inanimate ability was so nice. It was like nirvana, so pleasant and so peaceful. "Oh no," replied Bill "there is more to come." Bill produced a gold tunic and gold Greek style wig. Watching herself in the mirror Angela saw Bill drape the tunic around her, leaving one of her breasts exposed. The wig was carefully placed on her bald head and adjusted. Glancing again at the mirror she saw what looked like a gold stature of a Greek woman, perhaps a goddess. It was as if Midas had touched her.

Bill wheeled a small roll-around next to Angela. She saw herself being lifted and place on it. Down the hall she went. Hmm...so Bill's putting me in his display, how sweet. Wait till the other mannequins see me. Won't they be jealous. Past the display room they went. If Angela could show a look of puzzlement, she would. But only her sweet golden smile was seen. Where is he taking me?

The light got brighter and Angela knew she was outside. How odd, I don't feel cold or any breeze. But I hear the birds and the splash of Bill's water garden and those flowers, their fragrance is so intoxicating. Glancing around the garden with her eyes, Angela soon felt like a video camera that was left on. First she was looking at the sky, then Bill's face, then the trees and finally the water pond. She began to understand. Bill was adding Angela to his garden. She was to be his golden goddess.

"Well dear," Bill finally said. "You always wanted to be a model. But I knew you had more potential. Here is a place you can meditate and be at peace with yourself. A place where you can also be admired." Angela only gazed at the pond watching the lily pads.

Time went by. Angela watched the flowers bloom till late summer. Then golden autumn colours of the leaves were falling around her. She watched the fish pond freeze over for the winter. The cold winter snow went up to her thighs but she felt no chill. Another spring came and Angela continued to stand near the pond.

"Oh, what a beautiful garden you have. That statue, it's so exquisite! Where did you get it," asked the girl. A small chickadee had alighted on the statue's shoulder and began to sing. "Oh, I've had it for a long time," replied Bill while placing down a picnic basket. "You might say it was something that took along time get. A lot of work and patience, but it was worth it, really does something for the garden." The chickadee finsihed it's lonesome song and flew away. The girl walked closer to the stature and touched it. Turning she smiled at Bill, her new boyfriend. "This is a great place for our picnic." "Sure is" replied Bill, "I like to come here often to relax." He winked at Angela and sat down next to his new girlfriend. Angela tried to giggle.


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