By John Frost

Chapter 1

Steve had worked hard at his new job and had progressed rapidly. He was an installer of computer cash register systems for a large company that specialized in selling total systems to small and medium sized retail business in the Midwest.

He and his buddy, George, had just finished installing systems in the branch offices of a finance and loan company across the state. When he returned to the office his boss told him that he was going to send him on his first solo installation.

He was going to go to a small town to install a point of sale computer and sales terminals in a fashion boutique. His boss told him it would take him three or four days to do the job from start to finish, including all the wiring for the network.

Steve wasn't very happy with the assignment, but he didn't say anything to his boss. Jobs were too hard to find and, after all, a job is a job. His girl friend, Nicolle, had left him about six weeks ago because he was always out of town for his job and he was feeling kind of sorry for himself. He'd vowed never to get involved with a moody female again.

By early afternoon on Monday Steve arrived in the sleepy little town and easily located "Jessica's Fashions" where he was to do the installation. It was the largest teen's and women's clothing store in the town and Steve noted that it was a fairly modern and upscale store for the size of the town.

After he arrived and met briefly with the manager, a pretty woman in her mid-thirties named Rachael, he began the installation. It only took less than an hour to set up the main server in the cramped office of the store, and then Steve had to determine exactly where the three sales terminals were going to be placed and figure out how to run the lines through the store back to the server.

This is when he had to begin to study the layout of the store in detail and to make decisions about where to run the lines. Steve had never payed much attention to women's fashions or the marketing of them before, but this particular part of this assignment forced him to study every aspect of the store.

Steve thought to himself, "Geez, for a small store in a small town Rachael certainly has a lot of mannequins to display her fashions." There were more mannequins than staff for certain. There were mannequins in the windows and there were mannequins throughout the store. Some were on pedestals, some were standing on the floor and others were sitting or reclining everywhere within the store. They were all impeccably dressed in outfits representing the lines that Rachael sold.

Steve, a macho kind of guy in his twenties, had never given any thought to mannequins until after Nicolle had dumped him, and then it was quite by accident. He was all alone, surfing the net one night, when for some reason he searched for 'robots'. He found a site operated by Robotdoll and after checking it out he followed a link to "Mannequin Lover."

This site offered pictures of mannequins in stores, naked mannequins from manufacturer's brochures and pictures of mannequins that "Mannequin Lover" and his friends have in their homes. Steve was astounded. He downloaded some of the pictures and printed them off on his colour printer. He stuck the pictures in his brief case and hadn't thought about them again until today.

Steve tried to get his mind off the mannequins and back on the job. The first sales terminal was at a counter just inside the front door, and he had to run a cable from there to the office in the back. When he went out to the counter to work out the details of the installation he suddenly realized that there were three sexy mannequins set up on risers right by the counter and that he'd be working close to them for quite a while.

Steve could feel his face getting red as he cast a long look at the three frozen girls next to him. However, there was no one around to notice. Two of the mannequins were standing and the third was sitting on the floor. One of the standing girls immediately reminded him of Nicolle. She had long shoulder-length auburn hair and was dressed in a pair of tight-fitting Calvin Kline jeans and a white CK t-shirt which didn't quite meet her jeans as it flowed down from her breasts. She was standing holding her hands in front of her looking off into the distance.

Next to that cutie stood another cute girl in a sleeveless dress with a scoop neckline that revealed the tops of her breasts. She was standing with her hands at her hips, almost as if she was about to lecture the girl in the jeans. The girl sitting on the floor had on a black CK t-shirt, shorts and sneakers and she wore sun glasses. Steve thought that she looked like a spoiled little rich girl.

Then, Steve realized that she had the exact same pose as the mannequin named Sabrina that his friend from the Internet, "Mannequin Lover" had recently bought for his own enjoyment and whose pictures Steve had in his briefcase. So, Steve, in his mind, called this sitting mannequin Sabrina and the one wearing the jeans Nicolle, after his ex-girlfriend. He named the mannequin in the dress Wendy.

By now it was almost closing time and Steve started getting ready to leave and go to his motel for the night. But, Rachael said that she'd trust him to work alone in the store in the evening and gave him a key so he could come back after supper and work as long as he wanted. Steve couldn't believe what he heard. Alone? In a store full of mannequins! He nearly passed out with joy and anticipation.

Chapter 2

All the time he was eating supper at the little diner her made tentative plans how he could make it appear as if he had got some work done while allowing himself lots of time to explore this place of frozen delights.

After he finished eating he went to the local pharmacy and bought several rolls of film for the 35mm camera that he always carried in his brief case. "Mannequin Lover" had introduced him to pictures of mannequins and he was about to increase his collection ten fold.

When he returned to the store he parked around back and let himself in through the back door with the key that Rachael had given him. He hadn't been in the back entry of the store before and he wasn't prepared for what greeted him.

When he found the switch and turned the light on he realized that he was in a large room where inventory was stored and where shipments were received and unpacked. But his heart nearly stopped when he noticed there were two mannequins on the other side of the room. They were standing there absolutely stark naked without a stitch of clothing on.

Steve had never seen a real naked mannequin before, and certainly never in his wildest dreams had he ever expected to be alone with one, let alone two. These two mannequins were obviously brand new and hadn't been put to work yet. Steve couldn't believe his eyes. They were so lifelike in every detail. He wanted them at once. He could feel his erection getting harder and harder and he stared at these gorgeous creatures.

The one across the room on the left stood on a glass base and wore 3" high heels. She had a support rod up her ass, and was obviously meant to sell sportswear as she stood there with her sculpted stomach muscles and muscles in the calf of her leg glistening in the light. She stood jauntily with her hands straight down to her sides and her shoulder length black hair pulled forward as she looked straight ahead. Her firm 34" breasts certainly didn't need a bra to keep them up as her aroused nipples pointed straight at Steve.

Finally, after staring at her for what seemed like minutes, Steve glanced to the right and became just as transfixed on the other beauty. This one was in her bare feet and was supported with a foot rod only. She was posed as if she was dancing, with her knees slightly bent with the beat of the music and her arms raised in the air. Her long black hair was swept behind her and Steve suddenly realized that her eyes were closed and it was if he was intruding on her dream. Like the first girl, she had beautiful firm round breasts with fully erect and aroused nipples.

By now, Steve found himself across the room beside the dancing mannequin with his hands following every curve and line of her body. Her picked her off her base and slowly danced around the room with her in his arms, her breasts by his face. If she looked like she was aroused, poor Steve's cock was stiff and straining against his jeans. He unzipped his jeans and let his erection escape the confines of his jockey shorts. As Steve continued to dance with her, he let the mannequin's leg seduce his erect penis while her breasts seduced his tongue, until he came while they were dancing. Steve was captured forever by the charm of a frozen goddess!

After he cleaned himself up and composed himself, Steve forced himself to go do some more of the computer installation that he was there to do. He went through the work room to the front to begin work. Along the way he took note of some of the other mannequins in the store that he wanted to spend some time with.

Just inside the main part of the store he met a sophisticated mannequin selling a short, sleeveless summer dress. Having quickly lost all his inhibitions, and feeling quite proud and satisfied, he went up to her and said, "Evening, Miss, you are quite a cutie. I've always wondered if gals like you wear panties when you're modelling dresses, so now you're going to tell me!" With that, Steve hiked up her short skirt to reveal that, in fact, she wasn't wearing any panties. He then put her skirt back down, reached inside the top of her dress and fondled her breasts and went on his way. Steve was enjoying himself, for the first time in months.

Halfway to the front of the store he came across a sexy looking gal sitting on a barstool with her legs crossed wearing a long silk nightgown and slippers. The gown was fitted at the bodice and showed off her ample breasts and erect nipples to perfection. Steve stopped and said to her, "Sorry Miss, it's panty inspection time." And he raised her skirt and placed his hand between her legs to find that she too wasn't wearing any panties. "Well, just waiting for old Steve are you?", he said as he picked her up off the stool and sat down on it with her on his knee. Ten minutes later Steve was sure that the mannequin's smile was as satisfied as his.

Steve finally got to the front of the store where he worked as quickly as he could to get the terminal installed and the cable run to the office. When he finished he went to the mannequin he'd named Sabrina and carefully raised her t-shirt to admire her breasts. He said, "Now I know why the guy 'Mannequin Lover' on the Internet likes you so much. You're one sexy babe." He set up his camera and sat down beside her for some really neat shots.

He then took the mannequin, Nicolle, and carried her back to the storeroom where he undressed her, fondled and kissed her and dressed her up again, this time with a bra and panties under her jeans and t-shirt. "The real Nicolle would never let me do that," he said, "but you never said a word. Thank you!" Steve then lovingly carried Nicolle back to the front of the store and went to his motel. It was now 1:30 in the morning.

After his experience at Jessica's Fashions that evening Steve resolved to stay away from real live women for a long, long time and to get himself a couple of mannequins to look after. He figured that he was now a "Mannequin Lover" too.

Chapter 3

The next day at nine Steve was back at the store to continue the installation. He noticed that Rachael gave him a funny smile when she met him, but he didn't pay any attention to it.

It was an uneventful day as Steve worked at his installation and Rachael and her staff of one, Mary, worked at putting out some new outfits. All of a sudden Steve remembered what he had done with the mannequin Nicolle the night before and that he had put a bra and panties on her under her Calvin Kline jeans and t-shirt. He began to panic. What if they are going to dress Nicolle in something different? They'd easily figure out that Steve had been messing around with their mannequin!

He felt a cold chill go over his body as he watched to see what they were going to do. He felt that he was doomed when Mary came over by him and said, "Steve, I have to change this display a bit, could you give me a hand moving one of these display figures?"

"That's it", he thought, "they want me to move Nicolle so they can undress her right here in front of me. I can't even hide or be at a distance."

"Su..sure", Steve said, "How can I help, I don't know anything about women's clothing."

Mary laughed, "You don't have to. It's just that I have a bad back and I can't lift easily. I need that mannequin with the dress on moved down here on the floor from the riser. That's a Calvin Kline display that we didn't finish the other day. I have to take the dress off of it and put a pair of jeans and a CK t-shirt on it like the other one."

Steve breathed a sigh of relief. Mary wasn't going to touch Nicolle, it was Wendy that she wanted him to move. His secret would be safe for now. He was so thankful that he didn't stop to think that he didn't have a clue as to what the proper way might be to lift or move a mannequin. Steve awkwardly picked up the Wendy mannequin and lifted her, stand and all, down to the floor level.

It was only when Mary laughed and said, "You can't make it come. It's only a display fixture, so keep your hand out of there." that Steve realized that he had reached under Wendy's skirt to pick her up with one hand in her crotch and the other on her neck to steady her. He felt his face get beet red as he went back to his work at the cash terminal.

As Steve went about his work, he realized that whenever Mary spoke about the mannequin she said "it". When he thought about the mannequins he always thought of them as "she" or "her" or "Wendy" or "Nicolle". He wondered if Mary made a conscious reference to "it" as if to reinforce that a mannequin had no sexual attributes at all.

Mary had just started to unfasten Wendy's dress when she got called away for a customer, so it was about half an hour before she came back to change Wendy's outfit. In the meantime Steve continued with his work with the cash terminal on the counter. He couldn't help glancing at the cute mannequin that was now standing almost beside him. He smiled to himself as he noticed how embarrassed she now looked.

Wendy was standing with the left strap of her dress slid down her arm and her left breast was totally exposed since she wasn't wearing a bra. After Mary made her comment when Steve had his hand under the mannequin's skirt as he was moving her, he had put his hand on the outside as he stood her on the floor. Now, Wendy's skirt was caught up in her crotch. Steve yearned to help her look respectable, but knew he must not for fear of embarrassing himself.

When Mary returned she laughed, and said to Steve, "Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to leave you here alone with a half-naked girl teasing you. You weren't too embarrassed were you?"

Steve's face got red again, and he stammered something to the effect that he'd had a girlfriend named Nicolle and she'd paraded around with a lot less on than that. He hoped that Mary wouldn't pursue this topic, and he hoped that she'd dress the Wendy mannequin before he finished, so he could watch her.

As Mary removed the mannequin's wig and arms and then took the dress off of her, Steve could feel a growing bulge in his shorts as he watched this helpless frozen beauty become exposed for all to see. He also felt embarrassment for Wendy as she submitted to Mary's humiliating undressing.

"Damn," Mary said out loud, "I forgot that these were one piece mannequins. They aren't separated at the hips like most mannequins. I can't wrestle with it trying to get it into a pair of jeans. Steve, could you give me a hand again for just a minute?"

" suppose," Steve stammered, "what do you want me to do?"

"Just pick it up off the stand and hold it upside down while I put this pair of jeans and a pair of shoes on it. Once that's done I can finish on my own. It's just that my back won't let me bend to do the job. You don't mind, do you?"

"Ah..n-no," Steve said, noticing that he'd have to grab poor Wendy by the crotch once again to lift her off the stand. He also wondered how he was supposed to hold her while Mary put the jeans on her.

Steve came out from behind the counter, hoping Mary wouldn't notice the hardon in his jeans, and boldly picked the naked mannequin off the stand. "Exactly what do you want me to do now." he said to Mary as he held the frozen Wendy directly in front of him to cover his erection. That wasn't a smart move because Wendy's round little ass fit right against Steve's erect cock and made it grow even harder.

"Just hold it about a two feet off the floor, and at about a 45 degree angle. That will allow me to pull the jeans on over its feet and up to its waist." Mary said.

Steve did as he was told, and in order to keep Wendy from slipping from his hands as Mary tugged on the skin-tight Calvin Kline jeans he found himself holding on to her round firm breasts as tight as he could. Steve could feel his cock throbbing for attention as his face got redder and redder.

Once Mary had the jeans and shoes on the mannequin she glanced at Steve and said, "Thanks, you can put it on it's stand now, I'll finish dressing it." Still gripping Wendy's breasts, Steve placed her back on her stand.

By now Mary had noticed his huge erection and began teasing him. "Aw, poor Stevie, did Mary's little plastic doll give him a hardon? Would you like me to help you with it?"

"No!" Steve blurted, "I"ve got to get back to work!" and he resumed his cash terminal installation.

As he calmed down and got on with his work, Steve watched Mary as much as he could. He was still curious as to why she always said "it" when speaking of the mannequin.

Mary went to the rack and picked out a soft pink Calvin Kline t-shirt, like the one the Nicolle mannequin had on, and pulled it over Wendy's head. Steve watched as she tucked the t-shirt inside her jeans, smoothed out any wrinkles there were and fastened the fly on the jeans. Then she replaced the mannequin's arms and put her wig back in place. While she was doing all this, Steve noticed that Mary seemed to be constantly fondling Wendy's breasts or feeling her crotch area far more than was necessary.

Steve now had the answer to his question! Mary was just like him! She was in love with the mannequins too! She referred to them as "it" because she would get too turned on and emotional when she was talking if she referred to them as "she" or "her". Steve decided not to mention his conclusion to Mary as it might make her turn on him.

When she had Wendy all dressed, Mary asked Steve if he'd mind putting her back up on the riser beside Nicolle. Steve eagerly complied and got another thrill as he stood this sexy Calvin Kline girl back in the spotlight. He even managed to give her a pat on the bum as he placed her beside Nicolle.

The rest of the day was uneventful as Rachael and Mary brought out the two new mannequins from the storeroom, dressed them in exercise wear and put them in the store's main window. Poor Steve, had to keep busy at his work and didn't get to see much of this activity, as much as he wanted to sit down and take it all in. At least, he'd had his way with those two last night.

When closing time came Rachael again offered Steve the key to the store and said he could work as late into the evening as he wanted. Inside, Steve shouted "Hooray!" as he thought about an evening that would be as much fun, or more, than last evening was.

Chapter 4

When he was returning to the empty store after super at the diner again, Steve was thinking about the fun he would have this evening with his new-found mannequin love slaves. He wondered what mannequins, if any, he would find in the storeroom since Rachael and Mary had put the new ones that were there last evening in the window.

Once inside the storeroom Steve was not disappointed. He found the two mannequins that had been in the window posed forlornly to one side of the room, still dressed as they had been in the window. Steve wondered what would become of them. Would Rachael be selling them? Would they be going to a company to be refurbished? Would they, perish the thought, be going to be destroyed?

The two of them were dressed in attractive, soft night attire. One girl, dressed in print pyjamas, was sitting on the floor while the other was standing behind her dressed in an open housecoat made from the same material with a bikini set on underneath the housecoat. She was standing with her right hand on her hip and her left arm raised with her hand to her forehead. Steve had brought his camera in with him and he proceeded to take some shots of these sexy night kittens, as he thought of them.

The standing girl was very alluring as she stood there with her open housecoat revealing a scanty cream-coloured bikini top that only covered half of her bare breast. Steve went over to her and, with hands trembling, undid the top and let it drop to the ground. Just as he thought, this mannequin was fully aroused waiting for his attention. As he admired her standing there with her erect nipples pointing straight at him, he caressed her and fondled her until he had a sensational climax. Steve was in heaven again this night.

He then directed his attention to the girl sitting on the floor. She had her legs straight out in front of her, with her knees raised at about 45 degrees, like she was watching tv, maybe. Her print pyjamas were loose fitting and she looked very casual. Her low cut top was only buttoned with two buttons and Steve could see that she had no bra or anything on underneath it. He quickly undid the buttons and opened her top to reveal another set of gorgeous breasts with erect nipples waiting for him. In fact, Steve imagined that the frozen expression on her face was saying, "I'm ready, Steve, take me when you are!"

After Steve had a romp with his two sexy night kittens he put them back as he found them and went into the main part of the store to work on his installation.

He remembered the bra and panties he'd put on Nicolle the night before and quickly went to the front of the store where she was and, very reluctantly, undressed Nicolle and took them off of her and dressed her again in just her jeans and t-shirt. Afterwards, Steve couldn't believe that he had done that and hadn't become totally aroused. Did this mean he could really work around mannequins like "normal" people? He didn't know.

Steve moved on to the centre of the store where he was to install the next cash terminal. Here he had his next encounter with one of the store's sexy mannequins. Steve couldn't believe his eyes. As soon as he saw her he recognized her - he'd seen her before, but where. Then he remembered, this was the mannequin he'd taken particular note of on "Mannequin Lover's" website. The one "ML" called Mindy. This must have been the store where ML took his exceptional pictures, because she had the same outfit on. Steve had an instant erection as he studied Mindy standing in front of him.

Mindy was one of the most realistic, sensual mannequins Steve had ever seen. Her pose, her figure, her outfit, everything about her drew Steve closer and closer to her. Mindy was standing with her right arm straight down with her hand on her thigh. Her left arm was bent at the elbow and her hand was on he hip as she struck a jaunty pose. She had shoulder length fiery red hair and was wearing sunglasses.

What really took Steve's attention was how Mindy filled out the light green top she was wearing over her white and blue print dress with its short skirt. Mindy also had very shapely legs and her feet were posed for flat shoes, not heels.

Steve studied Mindy for almost fifteen minutes. He approached her and viewed her from many angles. He caressed her entire body. He adjusted her outfit. He gently took her off her butt stand and fondled her awesome breasts with their very prominent aroused nipples as he carried her around the store. All the while Mindy was causing Steve to develop yet another huge erection.

As he studied her Steve decided to take a tape measure from the counter and measure her bust. This is when Steve made an interesting discovery. Mindy was extra special because she had larger breasts that the other mannequins, and her nipples were just a little more erect too. Mindy was a full 34B, actually 35", while the others in the store were all 32A's. This, combined with an outfit that was sized small, allowed Mindy to show off her outfit more erotically than some of the other mannequins.

Steve was proud of his detective work. To share his pride he allowed Mindy to take his throbbing member in her right hand and press it against her thigh until she brought him to a resounding climax as he enjoyed her 35" breasts. By now Steve was hopelessly captured by the lure of the mannequin. Now, Steve had to quickly clean up both himself and the mannequin and put her back on her degrading butt stand and get on with his work.

Steve got on with his job and finished the second terminal's installation just before midnight. At this rate he knew that, barring unforeseen complications, tomorrow he would finish the job and it would be his last chance to be with the mannequins he had so quickly come to love.

He knew one thing though, when he got back home he was going on the Internet and look up "Mannequin Lovers" website again. Maybe there would be information there that would help him find a place where he could buy a mannequin of his own. The scene that Nicolle made when she left him compared with the joy he'd experienced these past two night in this empty store convinced him that, right now at least, he'd enjoy a relationship with a cute, loyal, sexy mannequin a hell of lot more than a stormy existence with a trouble-making bitch like Nicolle.

As he was working his way to the back of the dimly lit store towards his car, Steve came across yet another display that he hadn't seen earlier. It was in the exclusive, expensive "Ladies Wear" section of the store where the young professional women of the town would shop for their working clothes and their party clothes.

Here Steve came face to face with two beautiful mannequins who appeared much different from the others that he had become so intimate with. These frozen ladies fairly oozed sophistication. Steve felt that he should say, "Excuse me, ma'm." for just stopping to admire them. These were tall, elegant, stylish and cultured ladies who, if they could only speak, would scoff at the likes of Steve even being near them, let alone touching or undressing them.

Steve wondered to himself who dressed these mannequins, Mary or Rachael. Somehow he couldn't visualize Mary being comfortable dressing ladies who were obviously representing a more refined way of life than she was, even if they were only mannequins.

One of the beauties was standing next to a black rectangular stand about 3' tall with a floral arrangement sitting on it, to her left, and the other beauty was a sitting mannequin seated to the left of the stand.

The standing mannequin was wearing a tight skirt, about 3" above her knees and a gold flecked brocade jacket with 5 buttons in the front. She was wearing a broad brimmed hat and was holding a silk scarf in her right hand, which was at her side. The seated one was wearing a striking sleeveless black dress with an off-white shawl over her head and shoulders. She was holding a large white hat in her hands. Both beauties were decked out in black pantyhose and patent leather shoes with 3" heels. The seated one was sitting with her right leg crossed over her left and her skirt had ridden up to show a tantalizing amount of leg.

Just standing there looking at these "society" types gave Steve a huge hardon. He wanted to enjoy these mannequins as much as he had enjoyed the cute girls in the other departments. However, he hesitated. He wasn't quite sure why he hesitated, but somehow it seemed more of a violation of etiquette, or something, to approach these well-dressed ladies and proceed to undress them and have his way with them than it did with the younger looking mannequins who reminded him of his ex- girlfriend Nicolle and girls her age. But, at the same time, he also felt a strong urge to do exactly what he wanted with these beauties.

After hesitating for a couple of minutes, during which time his growing erection made his decision for him, Steve walked over to the statuesque standing lady and promptly took off her hat and then unbuttoned the five buttons on her jacket and flung it open. Surprisingly, she was not wearing a slip or a bra and he immediately had her standing there bare-breasted for him to admire her erect, aroused nipples. He then picked her up and moved her to the other side of the seated lady and stood her so they were looking at each other. He said, out loud, "You society bitches may as well see each other's beautiful bodies as secretly lust after each other all the time."

Steve then went over to the sitting mannequin and took the scarf off her head and took the hat from her hands and tossed them to one side. Then he unzipped her dress in the back, slid it off her arms and let the entire top half of her expensive black dress drop in her lap exposing her firm, round breasts with their aroused erect nipples also. By now Steve's cock was throbbing for relief but he wasn't done yet!

He further humiliated the sitting mannequin by hiking her skirt clear to her waist so that you could see why she had her legs crossed so tight! She wasn't wearing any panties either. Of course, neither was the standing mannequin as he revealed when he took her skirt off altogether. Steve finished his little scene by moving the standing mannequin up close to the sitting one and moving their arms so that each of them had one hand placed on an erect nipple of the other.

This pleased Steve and he stood back and shot a full roll of film of the two lovers. "There you go, you dignified ladies. How do you like that, standing almost naked in your sexy black pantyhose here in public, stripped of your fine clothes, fondling each other for all to see? I hope you never climax but keep on trying forever." With that Steve brought himself to one of the greatest climaxes he could remember.

He wished he could leave these two beauties like this until the next morning. He'd love to see Mary's face and hear her exclamation as she came in to work and saw these two lovers. But, he knew he must not, so he spent the next hour putting everything back the way it was before he had his escapade. Then he went back to the motel for what was left of the night.

Chapter Five

Wednesday morning Steve showed up at the store to finish the installation and to test everything out. He finished the install just before noon and spent the afternoon checking everything and instructing Rachael and Mary on how to operate the system. Steve was good at his job, and everything worked great. It was a simple, almost foolproof, system to operate and Rachael and Mary learned it quickly. By five-thirty Steve was all packed up and ready to return to the city.

Rachael thanked him for his professional attitude and the way that he had co- operated with them for the three days he was there and for his willingness to work on his own in the evenings. With a twinkle in her eye, Rachael said, "I have reason to believe that your evenings were not as dull as one might expect. I hope that you were able to have a little enjoyment while you were here."

Once again Steve turned beet-red as his mind raced. "What does she know? Does she know everything I did with her mannequins? Does she know anything I did with her mannequins, or is she only teasing me?" he thought.

"Oh, I managed to keep busy and get the job done." was Steve's effort at an answer.

Rachael went on, "Mary and I think you're quite a guy and we were wondering if you would accept a little gift from us as a token of our gratitude. I won't tell you how, but we do know how you "entertained" yourself these past two evenings. We don't disapprove, in fact we share your love for mannequins. We think that they can be very special friends if you want them to be, just like you obviously do. Mary, tell him what we are going to do."

Well, poor Steve had to sit down at this point. He broke out in a cold sweat and he didn't know whether he'd pass out or not. He'd been found out. He figured his gift would be a letter to his boss or a picture for the newspaper. He didn't know whether to plead with Rachael now or to threaten her or what to do. So, he just sat there, red-faced and by now trembling.

Mary put her hand on his shoulder, smiled and said, "Since you obviously saw through me when you helped me dress that mannequin in her jeans and t-shirt the other day, and since I certainly saw the condition she put you in - why you could hardly walk you had such a stiff one in your jeans, we decided that you needed a companion to travel with you back to the city."

With that, Mary pointed to something in the corner by the front counter that had been covered by a big drop-cloth that Steve hadn't even noticed. "Here, uncover your gift", she said.

Steve stood up and picked up the cloth, and couldn't believe his eyes. There, seated on a bench, was a naked mannequin with her left leg crossed over her right and her hands crossed over her knee. Steve nearly fainted for the second time in as many minutes. Were they actually giving him this beautiful naked mannequin? A gift? For him---to keep?

Mary continued, "Steve, this is Elaine. She is now yours to keep and to get pleasure from for as long as you want her. She is our gift to you. With our new mannequins Elaine became surplus to our needs. We would have been getting rid of her soon, but she should have someone to love her and to care for her and to get pleasure from her. After seeing how you loved our mannequins, we know that you are that person."

Rachael, smiling from ear to ear, piped up and said, "We picked Elaine because we thought you'd like to have her travel in the front seat with you instead of the trunk of your car."

Finally, Steve came to his senses enough to stammer a weak but sincere "thank you, thank you, thank you.......but, I can't drive back to the city with a naked mannequin in the front seat of my car. I'll probably get arrested on sex or nudity charges and end up in jail. I would love to have her, and I would love her, but can I put her in the trunk until I get home?"

Rachael, still smiling, said, "Silly boy, we're going to let you pick out one outfit for her. The only conditions are that you let us watch you dress Elaine and that you do drive home with her beside you in the front seat."

Steve was very relieved, and very grateful, and agreed at once. For travel, Steve picked out a skin-tight red long-sleeved dress, black pantyhose, black patent leather pumps and black gloves along with a pearl necklace. These items were all being worn by a standing mannequin across the store. Steve also picked out a sexy red bra and panty set that he wanted for Elaine. He wanted to have her completely dressed, including the proper underwear.

Rachael quickly agreed but added one more condition. Steve also had to undress the standing mannequin before he dressed Elaine. They wouldn't help him at all. They would just watch and enjoy. This would be their reward, seeing him fumble and get both aroused and embarrassed as he stripped the standing mannequin naked and in turn dressed Elaine for her trip home. In fact, Steve noticed that Mary had a video camera set up to record the entire event. But he didn't care, he'd do anything at this point to get Elaine.

Within an hour Steve had the standing mannequin stark naked and had Elaine completely dressed and in the passenger seat of his car, strapped in with the seat belt ready to take her to her new home. Steve could reach over and pat her knee, lift her skirt or fondle her breast whenever he felt the urge on the long drive on the Interstate.

Steve, Mary and Rachael all agreed that it would take a pretty alert motorist or passer-by to spot Elaine as a mannequin. She and Steve looked like any other young couple out for a drive. Someone would have to watch them long enough to realize that Elaine's unblinking stare was more than a preoccupation with the good times that were waiting for her in her new life with Steve.