Student-Teacher Relationship

by Dr. Robo

Tim quickly closed the folder, and turned away from the screen, as if he was afraid to read any further. He started to sweat, as the thought of getting caught popped into his head. Just as he went to log off, curiosity got the better of him, and he opened the folder once again.

"Project Fembot?", he muttered to himself. "I wonder what that means..." He clicked open the folder, which revealed many more folders, with various
titles, such as:

...and many others. Tim clicked on the first folder, 'Bio/Statistics', and started reading its contents, it read:

- Name: Sara Robinson
- Age: 32
- Height: 5'4" (estimated)
- Weight: 130 lbs (est.)
- Measurements: 40-26-38 (est.)
- Occupation: Teacher

"What's this?" He asked no one in particular. "Ms. Robinson? I don't get it. I'm confused...What does this have to do with her?" He glanced over the rest of the folder before closing it and moving to another one. "Maybe Bentley has a crush on her or something." Tim couldn't blame him, she was probably the hottest teacher in the school, and such a nice lady as well as a great teacher. He started to get a bit red-faced as he remembered the time she caught him staring at her boobs. She never said anything to him, but he knew that she saw him. That was embarassing enough. He couldn't help it, though, They were just...THERE.

Tim started looking through the rest of the files, one by one. Some of them were full of computer programs and technical jargon, but he was able to get the jist of most of it. Those stupid computer camps that his parents made him go to were staring to pay off. Plus, he had just gotten a new computer for his 18th birthday, and he kept himself up-to-date on the latest advances in software and technology.

"Tiny computers, able to connect together to form a network, or able to attach to a host and augment its systems, or both. Amazing..." he read on, not yet putting two and two together. "The nanites activate when a certain level of power flow is achieved, and then they can be programmed to carry out certain tasks. They can even be controlled remotely. Wow, I knew Bentley was smart, but I didn't know he was THIS smart. This could revolutionize computer science as we know it." How true his words were.

"But, he wondered, what does this have to do with Ms. Robinson? Maybe that folder is in the wrong...."

Tim stopped in mid-thought, as he opened the last folder, marked 'Journal'. His jaw dropped wide open as he started to read, and the answer finally hit him like a sack of bricks. The folder read like this:

Friday, April 30. The time has come.
  • 2:10pm - subject agress to meet at designated time and place
  • 3:00pm to 8:00pm - preparations are made
  • 8:00pm - subject arrives
  • 8:05pm - subject given coffee/drug blend
  • 8:10pm - subject moves to lab
  • 8:13pm - subject finishes coffee
  • 8:14pm - subject complains of dizziness, falls unconscious
  • 8:17pm - subject's clothing is removed, subject secured to table
  • 8:20pm - nanite serum injection initiated, final commands input to computer
  • 8:49pm - nanited injected completed, subject awake but groggy
  • 8:52pm - subject linked to main computer and power supply by electrodes and helmet interface
  • 8:55pm - power flow initiated, subject's body tenses but no other visible signs of discomfort
  • 8:57pm - power flow reaches peak, nanites activated
  • 9:01pm - physical augmentetion begins
  • 9:02pm - brain reconfiguration begins, nanite clusters forming
  • 9:20pm - breast growth reaches desired size, small amounts of lactation noticable, body appears more toned and firm
  • 9:24pm - computerization of brain complete, subject is conscious and stable
  • 9:25pm - main computer online, reprogramming of subject commencing, some (expected) resistance by subject
  • 9:27pm - programming acceptance function activated, data flow increased
  • 9:30pm - subject slowly accepting programming more and more freely. Previous personality is being suppressed. advanced (specialty) programs downloading
  • 9:57pm - programming complete. data and power flow cease
  • 9:58pm - electrodes and helmet removed
  • 10:00pm - subject brought online. Project Fembot a success!
  • 10:02pm - remote and verbal control tested, Fembot responding perfectly
  • 10:03pm - Fembot passes initial inspection, ready for more advanced trials :)
  • The log ended there. Tim sat in his chair, completely dumbounded at what he had just read.

    "No Way. Uh-uh. I don't believe it." He shook his head in disbelief. "That's a load of shit. Ms. Robinson...a robot woman. A 'Fembot', under Mr. Bentley's control. He did all this? Whatever. Nanites? Electrodes? Programming? No freaking way. This is too much Sci-Fi even for me." he said, as he pushed his chair away from the keyboard and stood up. This supposedly 'happened' Friday night, and it was now Sunday, so he hadn't seen her since Friday afternoon. So, he didn't know for sure, but... "That's impossible. Either this guy has a vivid imagination, or......."

    Or what? Could this be true? What if it was real? Think of what it would mean. "My teacher, a programmable robot woman. MY teacher, Ms. Robinson." He pictured her in his mind, standing obediently at attention, her giant, perfect breasts jutting out in front of her, ready to obey ANY command. He reflexively licked his lips and grinned, as a millon more thoughts raced through his mind, some more mischevous than others. He had to know. "There's only one way to find out." he decided, as he sat back down and started re-reading the files with a purpose, looking for some answers, looking for an clue as to what to do next.

    The next day, Tim woke for school early, anxious to get there and see if it was true. He had stayed up half the night reading and re-reading Al Bentley's notes, trying to figure out how he could use this information to his advantage. He completely forgot about his test, which was what he originally was looking for. He was tired, but it didn't matter, he could sleep anytime. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Tim pulled into the parking lot at his school, and parked so he had a good view of the side entrance, the one the teachers usually use. He had gotten there early, before most of the teachers and staff usually come in. He sat in his car, listening to the radio, waiting for Ms. Robinson to arrive. The minutes seemed like hours to him as he waited, not knowing what to expect, or for that matter even if she would show up. After what seemed like an eternity of highs with each car that pulled into the lot, then letdowns when someone else would get out, FINALLY she drove in and parked. He almost didn't see her, not knowing what kind of car she drove, but once she got out, his eyes trained right to her and never wavered. His heart started to race and a tightness formed in his throat (as well as his pants) as he watched her walk across the lot from her car to the door.

    The first thing he noticed was her posture. She walked with her back straight, her chin up, and her arms at her sides. It was as if she was balancing an invisible book on her head. She was wearing a red dress which came to just above her knees, and a belt which showed off her trim body and large bust. "Holy Jeez...." he whispered to himself, then he scrambled out of his car to get a better view. By this time she was halfway across the lot, and nearing the school building. After lookng around to see if anyone else was watching (there wasn't), he resumed following her with his eyes. He knew that she was endowed, he had checked her out enough times that's for sure, but he didn't remember her breasts being that big. Nor did he remember her being in that good of a shape. She looked like she had hit the gym for three months straight, and her dress accented every muscle and every curve as she strode toward the door.

    "Nah...I'm just seeing things." He said to himself, as he started toward the school himself. "My mind is playing tricks on me. After reading all that crap last night, there's no way I'm looking at this objectively." He started to wonder though, did he WANT it to be true? He had always thought female robots were kind of sexy, especially the android-types that were the most human in appearance. He watched the Sci-Fi channel on occasion, and had seen some movies, both American and Asian, which usually piqued his interest in a perverse way. He had always dismissd his fantasies (if you could call them that) as some sort of freaky fetish that he'd grow out of, but now...he was having second thoughts. She did fit the descriptions from Bentley's journal: bigger rack, more athletic build, like the supposed 'nanites' were programmed to accomplish. And, she walked with almost a mechanical gait, not completely stiff and awkward but definitely different than the way she usually walked.

    Tim followed Sara into the school and down the hall, watching her the entire way. He noticed how the male teachers and even some students were checking her out and she headed for her classroom. She paid no attention to any of them as she continued her purposeful pace, as if her mind was set on a task and nothing would turn her away from it. The more he watched, the more he was convinced that something definitely was different about her. It had to be something else, something that could explain all this, something that was more realistic. It had to be something else, didn't it?

    He stopped at his locker, and continued to watch her walk the rest of the way down the hall. Her red dress swayed as she walked, and the fabric only served to accentuate her shapely hips and nice, round ass. Her legs seemed to 'shimmer' from the lights in the hallway as they moved back and forth with each passing step. She turned the corner to another hallway, making what appeared to be a perfect 90 degree left turn, then disappeared from his sight. He leaned up against his locker, took a deep breath, and scratched his head in confusion. It seemed that what should have been an answer, just turned into more questions. This wasn't as cut-and-dried as he had hoped it would be. "Well, I guess it's time for Plan B" he declared to no one in particular, as he opened his locker and gathered his books for the first class of the day, Mr. Bentley's class, naturally. Tim sighed. "I guess a bad grade on one science test is worth it if there's a real science experiment out there waiting to be tested." He chuckled to himself as the bell rang for first period. The day was just beginning, and he would see Sara again before it was through.

    Tim walked into Mr. Bentley's classroom, and took his usual seat. Al began passing out the tests. He seemed to be in unusually high spirits, and he smiled and hummed to himself as he handed out the papers. This was strange coming from a man who was normally quite serious, and seemed to be in a perpetually bad mood. Al took the test and started right into it, occasionally glancing up at Mr. Bentley, who was leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on his desk, reading the latest issue of 'Wired'. Something was up, and Tim knew it. Unfortunately for Al, he had no idea that Tim was slowly catching on to him and his little 'project'.

    The rest of the day passed by, as normal as could be under the circumstances. Tim passed Sara in the hall a couple of times, and on each occasion he would start to get nervous and his heart would race. He managed a weak "Hello" once, and she responded with a smile and a "Hello" in turn, but she would then continue on her way, staring straight ahead as she walked. Tim wondered what she was like in class, if she exhibited any changes in personality similar to those in her appearance. He didn't wonder for long, though, because soon he would have the opportunity to find out firsthand. She was his teacher for the last class of the day: math.

    Tim was already in his seat, his eyes focused intently on the classroom door, when Sara entered the room. She walked directly over to her desk, her bountiful bosom bouncing gently with each powerful step. She leaned over behind her desk and in a very odd manner bent at the waist to pick up her planbook, which had fallen on the floor. Unfortunately, the desk obscured the view of her nicely rounded ass, or the class would have gotten a bit of a show. Everything she did seemed, well, efficient, for lack of a better word, with very little wasted movement or effort. She opened her planbook, read for a moment, and then looked up at the class, which had been quiet since she walked in. Tim's eyes trained on her moist, red lips as they parted, and he heard her speak.

    "Read chapter 10 and perform the exercises at the end of the lesson. Turn in your work tomorrow." That was all Sara said, nothing else. Now it wasn't what she said, but how she said it that caught Tim's ear. She spoke in a low, flat tone of voice, hardly accenting or emphasizing any words. This was unusual for someone who was generally considered a talkative and outgoing person. With those instructions, she turned and sat at her desk, again with perfect posture. She began correcting some papers, not saying a word for the rest of the period. Tim cocked his head and pondered what he had just seen, filing it away with the rest of the facts he had witnessed throughout the day. The news of the assignment made him smile again, as the rest of the class groaned and opened their textbooks to begin their work.

    After a few minutes went by, he was starting to get fidgety. Again the minutes seemed like hours as he waited for the bell to ring. Normally he was anxious to finish class anyway, but today was an extra special day. He doodled a bit in his notebook, writing down the math problems but not trying too hard to find the correct answer. He had been looking for a reason to stay after class with Mrs. Robinson, and one had fallen in his lap. Now all he had to do was wait for that damn bell to ring.


    "FINALLY. About friggin' time!" he blurted out as his classmates packed up their books and scurried out of the room. He sat there patiently, watching everyone leave until the last student was gone and the door closed behind her. Sara never looked up, her eyes glued to the papers in front of her as she examined them for mistakes. She wasn't even aware that he was still in the room. Tim stood up, grabbed his notebook, and quietly walked over to her desk. He got about five feet from her when she suddenly looked up at him, causing him to freeze in his tracks.

    "What can I do for you, Mr. Ingram?" she asked matter-of-factly. She smiled slightly as he caught himself and sputtered out an answer.

    "I...uh...I was wondering if you could...uh..." he looked around the room nervously, trying not stare at her or make eye contact, as if he was hiding something. "I was wondering if you could help me with my homework." He was becoming a bit more relaxed.

    "I'd love to, but...I must be leaving...I have a 'meeting' to attend." she stated. Yeah, right, he thought. What meeting? Probably a little rendezvous with Mr. Bentley. At least that's what HE probably wishes, according to his computer files. Normally, Mrs. Robinson ALWAYS was willing to stay late to help her students. Now, she wasn't. That seemed odd to him.

    "Are you feeling OK?" he asked, heading back to his seat to gather his bookbag. "You seem a bit...down today." He reached into his bag, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. She was picking up her papers, and filed them neatly into a folder on her desk.

    "I am fine." she said, rising to leave. "I cannot be late..." she started walking toward the door, when...

    Now, the night before, Tim had spent the majority of his time pouring over Bentley's 'Remote Control' schematics file. This listed all of the specifications of the remote he built to activate Sara's robotic programming. Using his knowledge of electronics, Tim was able to convert one of his old RC car remotes so it used the exact same frequency that Bentley's supposedly did. The only thing left to do was test it out. This, my friends, is 'Plan B'.

    As Sara rose from her desk, Tim reached into his bag and pulled out the remote. He pointed it at her, closed his eyes, and pressed the power button. He opened his eyes, and saw that nothing had happened. He pressed the button repeatedly, with still no results. Tim lowered his head in disappointment. "What was I thinking?" he thought to himself. "Why was I so dumb to think that something like this could ever happen, let alone happen here, in my school? This stuff only happens on TV or in people's twisted fantasies, not in real life." Ashamed and disappointed, he picked up his bag, remote still in hand, and headed toward the door, right behind Sara. He had given up on his little fantasy, convinced that it was all just a combination of misunderstanding and an overactive imagination on his part.

    As they reached the closed door, he decided to give the remote one last try. "What the hell," he figured, "I might as well give at a shot. This is probably my one and only chance to truly see if all this is real or not." He held up the remote, about two feet from the back of her head, and pressed the button one more time.

    She stopped dead in her tracks, so suddenly that he almost ran into her. Her body stiffened, even more than before, and she turned to face him (or rather the source of the signal that she had just received). Her face was blank and totally emotionless, and she stood at perfect attention, arms at her sides, her giant bust jutting out at him and her eyes staring straight ahead. She then opened her mouth, and said the words that every robot aficionado craves to hear:


    "What? What did you say?" He could't believe his ears. She had to be pulling his leg. Maybe this was all one big joke, and she was in on it. Yeah that had to be it. There's no way that this was real.


    "Am I on Candid Camera?!?!" he asked out loud, looking around the classroom as if searching for some hidden camera. Of course, no one else was there, just him and the robot woman. Realizing this, he turned back around and faced her. She stood perfectly motionless, staring off into space, awaiting the next command from her master. Not knowing what to do next, he waved his hand in front of her face, hoping to get some sort of reaction. Nothing. He snapped his fingers in front of her face. Nothing. He poked her in the shoulder. Nothing. This was getting nowhere, fast.

    Tim decided to try talking to her, since she wasn't responding to physical stimuli.

    "What did you say your name was?"


    "How did you become a robot?"


    "I'll say" he grinned. "Who do you serve?"


    "Yeah, yeah, I know." he interrupted. "Who is your master?"

    " I.obey.Al.Bentley." she responded. Tim frowned. That *wasn't* the answer he was looking for, although it wasn't unexpected.

    "So, if *I* ask you to do something, will you?" he asked. It was a reasonable question.

    ", Al.Bentley."

    Well, that was a pretty definite answer. How could he get around that? If she will only obey her master, and she is programmed to think that Al is her master, then....

    It dawned on him.

    "I'll just have to change your programming!" It would take some time, but it could be done. He'd have to re-write the codes that Bentley had created, as well as find the necessary equipment to download them into her brain. Fortunately for him, he knew exactly where to find the blueprints...Bentley's computer. He'd start right away. It should be easy to do, finding the right program to change would be the hard part, but he was confident in his abilities.

    Tim picked up the remote control again. He had a plan, and it was time to set it in motion. Before pressing the button on the remote, he paused for a second. He thought about copping a cheap feel right there in the classroom, but quickly decided against it. There would be plenty of time for that later.

    He pressed the button on the remote. Sara blinked a few times, then without missing a beat said "good-bye" and resumed walking toward the door, like nothing had happened. Tim stopped her at the door, as he tucked the remote into his pocket.

    "Wait. I really need help with my homework. I don't want to get a bad grade, especially in my favorite class." He was kissing her ass big time, trying to curry a favor.

    "Well...I..." Sara looked at the clock.

    "I know you have a meeting now, but maybe later tonight? Please??? I promise it won't take long."

    "OK." she relented. I can meet you here tonight on my way home. 9:30 OK? Or is that too late?"

    "That will be fine, Mrs. Robinson. I'll be here."

    With that, she nodded and walked out the door. Tim quickly packed his bookbag and followed her out. He had a lot of work to do before 9:30, so he headed straight home.

    At approximately 9:00, Tim returned to the school. It was empty, except for the overnight custodian. He snuck into Bentley's classroom, which he had made sure was unlocked before he left. There he found a replica of the helmet and electrodes that were used on Sara in the basement laboratory. Bentley was *very* thorough in his journals and reports, writing down every step and every calculation in the robotization process. This made re-writing the programs quite simple, and it made finding the helmet interface in the classroom an easy task. Bentley had brought this helmet to school in order to be able to reprogram Sara outside of his lab. Now it was going to be put to use, just not in the way that he had intended. Tim looked the helmet over. It was made of sturdy black plastic, almost like virtual reality headgear without the visor. Along the inside were several metallic half-dollar sized discs, and a couple more hung from the outside of it, attached by wires to what seemed to be a small processor, which was adorned with multiple lights.

    He next moved to the school's computer lab, where he quickly hooked up the helmet, electrodes, and remote to a computer terminal, then began loading the rewritten programs and commands from his disks to the machine. Once everything was ready, all he had to do was wait for Sara to arrive. Then the *real* fun would begin.

    Tim was sitting at the computer, making one last check on everything, when he heard footsteps down the hall. The echos of pumps hitting tiled flooring got louder as she approached the room. Suddenly the footsteps stopped, and the jingling of a keychain could be heard as he realized that she was going into her classroom, which was right next door.

    "Mrs. Robinson!" He called out. "I'm in the computer lab." He heard the footsteps again as she walked through the doorway into the lab. "It was open, so I came in here to wait for you."

    "Oh, well, that's fine I guess." She looked unsure, but continued walking over to him. He watched her the entire way. His heart began to race as the time drew near for him to put his plan into action.

    "What do we have here?" she wondered aloud, as she spied the helmet and remote. "A little extra credit work?"

    "Well..." he stammered. "Let's just say that Mr. Bentley and I have a little 'side project' going." At the mere mention of his name, a chill went up and down Sara's spine. She had no idea why, but in some peculiar way it felt...good.

    "Well then, let's get to work, shall we?" Sara turned to pull up a chair, and Tim picked up the remote control. With a deep breath, he pressed the button.

    Sara stiffened at snapped to attention, her robotic programming activated once again. She faced him and delivered her activation response.


    "Yes you are." Tim smiled. He picked up the helmet, and placed it snugly on her head, attaching the discs to her temples. A 3-D model of her brain formed on the computer monitor, showing how the nanites had completely bonded with her brain cells to form a new, integrated network. It was fascinating. Tim then attached the electrodes to her forehead, the base of her neck, and her wrists. These electrodes would provide a small power flow, which would in turn boost the nanites' acceptance to new programming. Sara Fembot remained perfectly still, unaware of what was going to happen to her...again.

    Afer a few minutes, everything was ready. Tim turned back to the computer, and with a few simple keystrokes began the reprogramming process. Sara's eyes opened a bit, and her back arched slightly as the power flowed into her. Her entire body sharted to vibrate from the current, causing her massive bosom to jiggle and sway from her body's movements.

    A short time later, the new data began entering her computerized brain. The lights on her helmet started to blink faster and faster as more data streamed into her robotic mind. The 3-D model started changing colors to denote which sections of her programming were being altered to conform to these new parameters.

    "Receiving.programming...Receiving.programming..." she started to repeat in a low, slightly quivering voice, signaling to Tim that the plan was working. Over and over she repeated the mantra, as this new data added to the old. One specific file was sent to her central processor, one that was very crucial to this entire endeavor.

    "Receiving.programming...Receiving.programming..." this went on for another few minutes. Tim started to get excited, especially at the fact that his plan had worked so perfectly. He started to feel a little tightness in his pants as he looked over the robot woman, from her long, dirty blonde hair and moist, red lips all the way down to her shapely legs, back up to her lovely hips and, oh by the way, did I mention she had GREAT tits? Her perfect figure was still shaking from the electricity flowing into her. Not too much longer now," he thought to himself. "Not much longer at all..."

    "Programming.complete." she stated. He looked up to see that the power flow had slowed to a minimum, and the lights on the helmet ceased blinking. He grinned uncontrollably as he removed the electrodes and helmet, a left her once again standing at perfect attention.

    The suspense was now killing him, and the tightness in his pants had graduated to a full-blown erection. He (somewhat painfully) walked over to the door and closed it, not wanting someone to walk in on him unexpectedly. He hurried back over to her, ready to test out what he had just done.

    "What is your name?" He asked, wanting to start with the basics.


    "Very good." He nodded in approval. "What is your primary objective?

    "" So far, so good. That was the easy part. The next answer wasn't such a sure thing.

    "Who is your master?" He crossed his fingers and said a little prayer.


    "IT WORKED!!!" His heart leapt for joy. He had done it. Mrs. Robinson, his teacher, was an obedient female robot under his control. And he had Al Bentley to thank. What a guy. He'd have to send him a thank-you note.

    Tim walked up to the Fembot, and placed his hand on her shoulder. He traced his finger down her side, along her fantastic curves and across her slim waist. What to do first wasn't really much of a question.

    He shifted his pants, trying to relieve some of the pressure, and pulled himself close to her. He groped her left breast with his right hand, and marveled at how firm and heavy it was, yet how it stood straight out from her torso as if held up by an invisible shelf. He grasped the other breast with his right hand, feeling them both through her industrial strength brassiere. His eyes were drawn to her nipples which began to stiffen in response to his touch. They grew slowly until they were easily visible, like two pencil erasers tucked underneath her blouse and bra.

    Tim looked her in the eyes, which still had that same vacant look about them as before. He placed a hand on her cheek, and ran his thumb across her luscious lips, licking his own in anticipation. He stood back, needing to know more about her.

    "Describe your sexual programming." he ordered.

    " I.will.obey.any.command."

    He couldn't contain himself much longer. "Kiss me." he commanded, his words eerily similar to those of Al Bentley when he was 'testing' Sara Fembot for the first time.

    Sara reached out, and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him in close, her hard nipples and heavy bust pressing into his chest. Her experenced lips met his, and they began to kiss slowly and passionately. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, exploring him like no woman had ever before. As her left arm cradled his head, her right hand slid down and began groping his rock-hard cock through his trousers. His eyes opened wide as he felt this, and he melted even further into her expert kiss.

    After a couple minutes of this, he pulled back from her. Every teenage boy has a crush on at least one teacher in his life, and she was his. Many times he had daydreamed of her pleasuring him with every inch of her body, and now it was about to come true. Ever since the day she had caught him staring at her, he had hoped that this day would come, and it had. Granted, he never imagined that it would come about in *this* fashion, but this was all the better, actually. Two fantasies for the price of one.

    "Remove your dress" he commanded with a mischevious grin.

    "Yes.Master. I.will.obey." Sara unfastened her belt, and dropped it on the ground. She then pulled her blouse over her head, exposing her huge 40EE bra to him. Finally, she slipped her skirt off, and placed it on top of her blouse. Sara.Fembot did this all quickly and mechanically, with almost no wasted movement. She then returned to her attentive position, her white bra and panties almost shining from the ceiling lights. He observed how firm and trim her semi-naked body was, as she patiently awaited his next wish.


    She slowly knelt before him, her tits jiggling as she went down. She unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down around his knees. He looked down at her, but she simply stared straight ahead, focused on the task at hand. His stiff cock sprang into the air, a mere inches from her beautiful face. She grasped it gently with one hand, and prepared herself to give pleasure to her master.


    A wave of pleasure came over him as she wrapped her ruby lips around his member. Her tongue caressed the underside of his pole as she slowly moved back and forth, her lips creating a vacuum and increasing the pleasure tenfold. A soft moan escaped his lips as she started to move faster, her head bobbing up and down on him like a piston. It didn't take long for his balls to tighten, and a pressure began building within them. She grasped underneath his balls and massaged them, coaxing his cum into the shaft. He rested his hands on her shoulders, while her head continued to mechanically move back and forth, drawing ooohs and aaahs from him as he leaned up against the desk.

    He knew that his stamina was no match for her expert skills, and figured that that this was not going to last much longer. His swollen cock began to throb, and sensing this Sara braced herself to receive his seed. Tim held her head in his hands as he pulsed into her mouth, and she accepted his flow while continuing to suck, milking every drop out of him and swallowing it all down. Once he was finished, she cleaned his rapidly deflating member with her tongue, then slowly rose back to attention.

    "Wow" was all he could muster, as he quickly dressed himself. He ordered her to do the same, and she obeyed.

    "This is wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything more. She is absolutely perfect" he thought to himself, as he gathered his things together. He gave her a few more commands, then pressed the button on the remote, deactivating her robot mode.

    She blinked a few times, then licked her lips, wondering where that funny taste in her mouth came from. She looked at her watch, and was surprised at the time.

    "Well, it's getting late, I must be going. I'll see you tomorrow, OK?" She headed for the door, wondering where the time went.

    "You sure will" he chuckled to himself. "Thanks for *everything*." He smiled at her as she walked out the door. He would certainly be seeing much more of her in the future. More than she would ever know.

    Tim sat down at the desk, and contemplated the events of the past two days. His math teacher, Mrs. Sara Robinson, was transformed into an obediant Fembot by his science teacher, Al Bentley, and he was the only person who knew about it. On top of that, he was able to reprogram her into his robot slave, and she was now his to command. Unbelievable, he thought. Unbe-lievable.

    He opened up his email on the computer, and began to compose a message. He had one loose end to tie up, which would be almost as rewarding as the rest. His message looked like this:

    Dear Mr. Bentley,

    I know about 'Project Fembot'.

    We should talk. :)

    - Tim Ingram

    THE END.

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