Sasha Scandano ( comments welcomed to be forward onto the author)

Tourist season was ending in South Florida and Suzanne McAiry still had too much inventory left. The twice divorced 45 year old was wondering how she would unload the excess SCUBA supplies.

The snowbirds were leaving and very few of them were buying anything to take back home. It was a tough year and Suzanne lamented her condition.

One day she was checking inventory. To her horror she had ordered, received, and failed to stock nearly five dozen male SCUBA unitards. At $200 each (retail) this was a loss of sales in the neighborhood of $15,000.00! She was ready to break down emotionally.

She heard the shop door's bell ring and knew she had yet another customer. With some foot-dragging, she entered the front showroom to wait on the customer, closing time was only minutes away.

To her surprise a tall study man was looking at her inventory. She was very curious about this customer and slightly turned on.

She eagerly went to him, "can I help you."

"No, just browsing...thank you," he remarked.

Suzanne thought, "great another 'no sale', just what I need.....unless, hmmm...".

"Well, take you time, we are just closing...", she said as she walked over to the front door and locked it, turning over the 'CLOSED' sign.

"Boy, what a day....I'm going to have a scotch and water... would you like one, sir..", she questioned attempting to hid her baited excitement.

"Thank you, that's nice of, right ?", the stranger retorted.

"Compliments of the house...", she said in a forced friendly manner. Thinking "what a cheap-skate" she returned to the back room and to the liquor cabinet. Suzanne was no bartender, but she was an intelligent business woman. Her drink would have tasted rather well, however, she `seasoned` her new customer's drink with a chemical/herb mixture given to her by a local tour guide as a gag; seemingly some of the local native Indians gave this mixture to animals to bring about a stone hard carcass to aid in preparing animals for skinning, etc.

"Here you go, bottoms up...", Suzanne merrily said as she handed the drink to the stranger. As was typical with tourits the stranger gulped his drink in a "I am a tourist" manner.

"Ahh, good about another one...?", the stranger requested.

"Coming right up...", he said as if almost dancing back to the liquor cabinet.

"Here you go...", she said. "Back so soon, wow, that's service!", the visitor exclaimed.

"You have such a sexy body, why not try on this unitard?", she quizzed.

"Sure," he said. Handing the garment to the stranger Suzanne grew more excited, wondering if her plan would be realized. She escorted the stranger to the dressing room, "I'll get you another drink while you try this on, sexy...", she said.

To her almost disbelief the stranger drank the third cocktail with another hearty gulb.

"That looks great on you!" she exclaimed. Actually it did look great, and Suzanne good hardly stop from gazing at the buttocks of the stranger.

"It makes me feel kind of stiff...", he said.

"Nonsense", was Suzanne's reply. "Her let's check your posture."

She kneeled down and put her hands around his ankles and moved them into a better position. She was surprised how cool his skin felt. Running her hands up his legs she observed the cool effect there as well.

She pinched his calf muscle, "fell that..?".

"Feeel f whaat," he slurred.

"Oh, IT REALLY WORKS !", she shouted. Quickly moving her hands up his waist she began balancing his body. Positioning his arms and shoulders she quickly arranged his body parts as if working on a display model. She pinched his peck muscle. "You CAN'T FEEL THAT ?", she screamed.

Only a calm look from the stranger's face was returned to her shout.

She massaged the stranger's groin area and felt a bulging hard rod under her palm.

Using her fingers as an artist she moved her hands over the stranger's lips and mouth to form a perfect sly smile.

That evening Suzanne worked all night shaving the stranger's face, legs, arms, etc. Applying flesh-tone coloring and paint. Spraying a fine glossy sealer, etc. on her new 'friend'.


At the close of business the following day Suzanne was relaxed and confident talking with her old friend the "tour guide" in the shop's back room. With feet up on the table, drink in her hand she was relishing the day's business.

"Best DAHM business day of the season, total take TEN LARGE!" she proudly cited. "Not bad, that's after taking out your five grand!", she said to the old tour guide.

"Well, it worth it. Have I let you down, EVER?", he questioned.

"No, you never are a sweet-heart...",she said.

"Oh, by the way.. look at this...", the old timer handed her the daily 'festival' newsletter published that afternoon.

"Wow, look at that, my store...(she laughed) and the store window! Look , my store is on the front page. And I owe it all to that beautiful mannequin...", she sighed.

"Look at page four..", the old-timer said.

"Look at that, Sunset Beach...I can see at least two dozen unitards in this photo alone...", she exclaimed.

"You could see more if the `Gay Pride Week' banner wasn't blocking the camera's view..", he replied.

"Yeah, guess that's how a 'fad` is started," she said. She arose, walked over to a long crate on the floor and lifted the lid. There in the box was a sleek, sexy mannequin in a black unitards. The stranger, only now a frozen fixture of manhood.

"Look at what you have done for me...thank you...", she kneeled down and mockingly kissed his cheek. Then threw the newspaper on his chest and closed the lid.

"Where are you taken him?", she requested.

"Over to the Indian reservation...", he said arising out of his chair, picking up a hammer and nails. "Indian reservation..?", she questioned.

He began to hammer the lid closed on the box. "Let's put it this way, next week is the "BRAVE WEEK-END" and they have got a lot of leather leggings and feathers to sell...".

Both laughing they 'high-fived' each other.....