Suspended Sentence

(Young Prison Girls Turned into Mannequins)

by True ML & Dmuk

Jody was only 18 when she got involved with something she would never have thought she would do. The friends she started to hang around were the type of people who did not care much for the limits of law but Jody had always been shy and enjoyed the camaraderie of being accepted by these folks. Deep down she knew they were bad but she felt she was loved by them. So she stayed, because Jody liked having them like her. A slim and (recently) curvy brunette, she had just emerged from being a gawky teenager and had not realized yet she could do a lot better in her life .

But in truth the gang was only using the naive young girl as a sex object and cared nothing about what might happen to her; only that she was an available and willing toy for their frequent pleasure. They told her how to dress and always liked to have her wrapped in tight jeans or spandex along with nylons and high heeled pumps or calf-length boots that showed off her long shapely legs. Eager to please, she let the gang mold her into their fantasy girl. Jody was becoming a tramp.

One day she was out riding with the boys and they pulled over at a bank. She had no idea what the gang was up to when they entered the bank. Only about ten minutes had passed when the two men rushed out of the bank and jumped into the car. With a squeal of tires, they sped away.

"Frank what's the rush?" Jody asked.

"Express withdrawal -- we just made a quick Twenty"

"What?" Jody exclaimed, not sure she had understood them.

"Chickie, we just scored with 20 thousand dollars." Frank and Sam were hopping for joy as they hung onto the bag of money in their hands.

"You robbed a bank! Oh my god you didn't, please tell me you didn't."

"Yes we did," replied Sam. "It was cool; just like Butch Cassidy."

As soon as he said that there was the sound of a siren as unmarked cop cars closed in on them. Amateurishly, they had made no attempt to switch getaway cars or hide out. It was too late now.

"Oh no!" screamed Jody as she saw them pulling out their guns. "This is too crazy - stop it."

"Not yet, babe; now is where it gets interesting." Frank and Sam had their out guns too and were getting ready to use them. The tension filled the car like an adrenaline mist.

"No," screamed Jody, "you can't do this!"

"Shut up, bitch." screamed Sam at Jody. Then all of a sudden he opened fire at the cops, missing their car with wild shots. The police returned fire, blasting out the rear window and spraying glass fragments over the horrified girl.

By reflex she dove to the floor of the car, scared for her life. Jody could not stop screaming,

"I don't want to die! Oh, Please God, don't let me die here."

Then as Frank the driver opened fire at the pursuers as they found the range. A bullet hit him in the back of the head, spattering his brains all over the window, killing him instantly. As the car veered off the road, hitting a post, Sam added his blood to the windshield of the car. Jody slammed into the back seat, which knocked the wind out of her. She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing this nightmare would end. The police pulled up with a skid, boxing the getaway car in.

Jody heard the cops order the groggy Sam out of the car but he surprised them by opening fire again. Their response was quick and brutally lethal. A deathly quiet came over the scene, broken by the moans of Jody as she hiding scared for her life on the floor of the car. With a ripping sound, the back door was wrenched open and two cops ordered her out of the car. The muzzles of their guns looked a huge as cannons to her.

Jody was screaming "Don't shoot me, please don't shoot me. I don't have a gun!"

The police ordered her to get out slowly and stay on the ground with her arms out in front of her. Jody did as they said, but was shaking uncontrollably as she left the death car and saw the lifeless body of Sam staring into the sky. She then hugged the ground as two cops rushed at her and cuffed her and dragged her up. Jody was still crying fiercely as they took her away.

As Jody sat in the cruiser she saw the officers cover up Frank and Sam's bodies. "Serves you right, assholes!" she screamed at them for getting her into this mess. She was so mad and in shock she did nothing but cry as they drove off to the station...

A month later after a quick trial, the sentence was read and it hit her like a freight train: Jody got eight years in state prison for Armed Robbery; since Frank and Sam were dead she had to take the fall for them as an accomplice. Merely being in the car had doomed her. At that moment Jody realized her life was over; she would never lead a normal existence again. She was absolutely right, but in a way she never would have suspected.

Life in prison for a young woman was not pleasant, but Jody as it turned out was fortunate. She drew an equally young cell mate named Christy, who was nineteen years old and had the statuesque body of a goddess. She was very beautiful and Jody and Christy became good friends; by sticking together they avoided being beaten by the older inmates. Jody really felt fortunate for having Christy until she found out that Christy really liked women. She was a lesbian by choice, not circumstance. As the days and weeks passed, Jody found out herself that she enjoyed making love to another woman more than with a man, not that Frank and Sammy had been very good to her.

The hard time went by and Jody and Christy were now very much in love. Jody started to get concerned that Christy might leave her because her sentence was only five years (for a major drug bust) and she had already put a year in and might be up for parole soon. Christy vowed never to leave her for another and said she would wait forever for her lover. Jody and Christy did everything together, they took showers together and ate at the same time and had fun doing each other's hair. The guards knew what was happening, but did not separate them because there was never any trouble. The pair even slept together every night in the bottom bunk, embracing each other as they slept and even having wild sex on those special nights. The other prisoners knew how the two felt for each other and most were truly happy for Christy and Jody that they had found love in such a terrible place.

Jody's bliss was broken one cold day when the inmates of her cell block were out in the exercise yard, milling about at the prodding of the bored guards. A few of the other women had started to taunt Christy, calling her a slut and a cunt. They might have been envious of Jody; the truth would never be known. Something finally got to the younger girl and she snapped -- in an instant she had attacked the accuser and they rolled in a heap in the gravel. Some of the inmates tried to break up the fight, others cheered or made bets on the outcome. After what seemed like a long time the guards appeared and the fight ended. Christy lay on the ground with a loop of chain wrapped around the other woman's neck; now gentle, young Christy was a murderess.

She spent two weeks in solitary confinement until her hearing; Jody was alone in the cell and depressed that her lover had been taken away. She was afraid she would not ever find love again. Cristy returned, pale and hollow-eyed and told Jody she was going to be executed for the killing, even though she had said it was in self-defense. They had less than a month together. Jody resolved to make it a memorable farewell, and the sex was even more passionate since they both knew it would end all too soon. The days passed in fervent despair.

Then one week a Man appeared at the cell door with the warden and the warden asked Christy to come with them. Jody was napping and thought this was finally 'goodbye', she jumped out of bed forgetting she was nude. The man stopped and stared at the young nude girl, taking in her lithe body in a glance and thinking how beautiful she was. He made a mental note to return for her later.

Jody asked the warden where Christy was going; she was very concerned that when Chisty left to be executed she would be all alone. Christy asking the exact same question as the escorted her out of the cell, locking Jody back inside. The slam of the barred door never sounded so cold.

"Never mind." the warden replied as they walked her down the long hall. Jody was trying in vain to reach through the bars to embrace Christy one last time.

"I love you," she shouted out to Christy.

Christy yelled back, "I love you too. Always!"

The man with the warden never seen such love and decided that this pair should not be broken up. They seemed made for each other. He came back, alone, several hours later. Jody was still awake - she had planned on crying herself to sleep. She perked up when she saw him.

"Where's Christy?" Jody feared the worst, but could not say it. "Is she..."

"I can't tell you that," he said, "but she is alive." He walked away before Jody could say anything more.

A week went by and Jody was becoming so concerned about what happened to Christy that she cried herself to sleep at night wishing she would return. The other inmates in the cell block tried to comfort Jody, but it was no good as Jody seemed as if her heart had been torn out of her. Not knowing was even worse than hearing she was dead.

Then one day while Jody was sitting reading a book, trying not to think of her lost love, the warden appeared with the same man at her cell door. His expression was unreadable; the warden looked like he had just lost an argument; he had. There was a backup guard covering the men.

"Jody, come with us," the warden commanded.

Jody leapt out of her bed a huddled in a corner. "NO!" she screamed at them, "Not until you tell me what the fuck happened to Christy."

"Watch your mouth, missy," the warden growled.

The young man held up his hand, then said to her, "don't be scared Jody; we are not here to hurt you. I only want to make you an offer." He sounded sincere.

"No way. You took Christy and she never came back. She meant everything to me, and now she's gone!" She turned and sat down on her bunk. "Tell me what happened to her, then we can talk," Jody stated. Without her friend, she had no ambition, nothing to live for. She stared at the gray wall.

Wow, the man thought to himself, I've never seen such love in two as Jody had for Christy. He knew then he had done the right thing in pressuring the warden. The result would be worth it.

"Look, Jody, do you want to see Christy? Be with her? Your choice; but if you want to, you have to sign this paper first." The man sounded like some kind of lawyer; he carried a thin briefcase.

Then Jody looked up and he saw the hope in her eyes; moving slowly back to them she said simply "Yes." She was blushing.

"OK, you must come with me. I promise I won't hurt you; don't try anything stupid." Jody left the cell and walked with them down the hall. The guard followed behind, shotgun at the ready. Jody didn't care what they were up to just as long as she could see her love.

They entered a conference room and the warden said to the man, "OK, you got your interview; I don't think you should be doing this, however. Ring for the guard when you're done." He excused himself abruptly as if he had much better things to do. "Oh, and here are her papers, you will need them to get her out the door."

Jody was not listening until he said 'out', then she tried to remember the rest of the exchange. They sat down on opposite sides of the table, eyed each other.

Jody finally asked, "what is going on? Where's Christy?" as the warden left the room.

"Oh how rude my name is John, and I want to make you an offer." He opened his briefcase. "Make the right choice and you can see her today..."

"What kind of offer?" Jody replied.

"You see, your young lady friend misses you very much. We had a hard time getting her into the right pose as she said she felt very sad for you and wanted you to join her." He was fingering a sheaf of papers, reading them quickly as he talked.

"Join her?" Jody echoed, "What has happened to her - where is she?"

"We'll get to that in a moment. Your friend Christy agreed to take part in a special experiment, but it's kind of controversial. If you want to see her, you have to sign this agreement that you will not say anything about the program to anyone here. Or outside, for that matter." He slid the papers across to her, along with a pen.

She didn't bother to read them, just flipped to the back page and scrawled a signature. Jody slid the papers back and asked, "OK, now what is going on with Christy?"

John smirked a little as he filed the display contract away. "Your friend is in my custody, and has a solid job displaying clothes for me in my department store." He smiled at his play on words.

"What do you mean?" Jody asked him. "She's a model?" Christy was stunning enough.

"In a way," he said. "You see, some time ago your friend agreed to become a display mannequin for my store. ""A mannequin?!!" Jody gasped. She had never heard anything so preposterous.

"You mean like a -- a window dummy?"

"Oh yes, that kind of mannequin." He was gazing at Jody, imagining how she might look frozen into a mannequin and knew she would make a truly beautiful figure. If he could convince her to volunteer, so much the better. He continued his explanation. "Christy decided to allow herself to be turned into a mannequin since that way her full sentence could pass much faster than here in jail." He didn't mention her other option had been the gas chamber; Christy had really no choice, but Jody did. "You see, as a mannequin you won't ever age, you're in a much nicer setting than this prison, and you always get to wear the latest fashions. It's really very easy. You should try it..."

"Never!" screamed Jody. "You are completely nuts, mister."

"Would you believe me if I told you I got exactly the same reaction from your girl friend when I made her the same offer?" He stood up and started to pace around; Jody followed him with her eyes. "Christy did, in this very room. Eventually she saw that it was really the best thing for her to do. She's very happy now. You'll see."

Jody opened her mouth, but didn't say anything.

John continued, "Jody, you see, if you are one of my mannequins you can be out of prison as long as you remain inside the store, until your full sentence has been served. You can see Christy and be with her. And, you'll be a celebrity of sorts. People will come from miles around to look at you in that display. We'll be sure that you are very beautiful and elegant." He was making the pitch now. "I'm sure you'll love being a display figure; you are a lovely lady and do not deserve to be trapped here, hidden. If things had been a bit different you might now be a supermodel -- you've got the looks. This would be a way for you to display your beauty, not hide it away in some dank prison cell. I've heard it's a real boost to have people look at you and think what a lovely lady you truly are." He made a show of looking around the bleak conference room, "It's a hell of a better situation than growing old here, alone. Christy thought so."

"What's it like?" She was curious now, not angry or scared.

"Wonderful, from what I've heard; not hard at all" He was thinking (just you'll be hard as a rock!) "Peaceful -- you'll stay alive my dear; you just can't move on your own. I can permit you move when I want you to, like when changing your garments."

Jody was starting to calm down and thought this may be better than more years in this jail. She started to think of the advantages. "John, what will happen after I do my time? Eight years."

John then said to her. "Jody you would then be free to go, or if you like being a mannequin you can stay on with me. That's really a long way off though - why not worry about it then."

"Does it hurt being a mannequin?" Jody asked. She was getting hooked.

"Oh not at all, Jody, you actually feel quite good when posed. Every now and then I let you take a break for a day or so between displays. Remember, you'll still be physically 'eighteen' after those eight years; who do you know that gets out of prison looking the same age as going in? You've seen the lifers; it takes a lot out of a person."

Jody nodded unconsciously. She had seen them too; her future. Or was it?

He sat back down; closing time. "Well Jody, you've heard my story. Do you want become a mannequin?" He knew the document she had already signed would let him utilize her, whether or not she agreed now. However, it was always so much easier to pose the figures if they were willing going in.

Jody had just about made up her mind to do it, but there was a lingering doubt. "Can I see Christy and talk it over with her first?"

John agreed, knowing full well it would be a one-sided conversation; frozen statues are not the least bit talkative. Unless he wanted them to be.

He called for the guard and they went through more red tape to allow Jody to be released into his custody. She remained in handcuffs as they left the prison; she never looked back as Jody was glad to be leaving that awful place. And going to see Christy!

An hour later they arrived at the service entrance of the department store, actually a lot larger and more upscale than Jody had imagined. Before running afoul of the law, she never could have afforded this place. Now she might be part of it.

They entered a workroom, and Jody couldn't wait to see Christy."Where is she?" she asked John. She looked just like a little girl at Christmas anxious to start opening her presents.

"You'll have to wait till the store closes and then we will go to see her."

"Why not now?" Jody asked. She was so anxious to meet her lover again.

Then John replied, "She's in a window right now, and I thought it would look very strange for people to see you kissing a display mannequin out in the open!"

"Oh, yeah, I guess it would," Jody replied.

John removed her handcuffs. "Jody, I want you to take a shower and come right back here when you are finished. Wash very thoroughly with the gel that's in there and be sure to put the shower cap over your hair. Please, trust me, everything will be fine."

Jody was gone for over half an hour; she returned in a robe that was left out for her in the shower room. It felt soft and warm against her smooth, now hairless, skin. . Anything was better then prison clothes and this was much nicer than she had expected. She had gotten over her surprise when she realized her body hair had fallen out in the shower stall, along with her eyebrows and pubic triangle. It felt odd; she had not been completely bare down there since she was twelve.

John then told her to sit down and he took out and odd kind of gun. Instructing her to bare her shoulders and neck, he stood behind her.

"What's that?" she asked to John?

"Oh this is an insertion tool, for what's called 'Electronic Handcuffs.' They're much better than wearing manacles all the time. Once the chip is lodged in your neck you won't even know it's there."

"What does it do?" Jody questioned nervously.

"It is a specially designed device that keeps you here without having a guard. You see, the only way I could get you out of prison is to make absolutely sure you will never leave this store," John replied.

"What happens if I tried?" Jody said curiously to him.

"Well, let's just say if you tried you'd find that you wouldn't get too far past the perimeter wires. Here goes!" He injected her with the chip and Jody didn't feel a thing beyond a little twinge as it entered her body.

"That wasn't so bad," she said with relief, rubbing her neck.

"I said it would be easy. Now let me test if it's working. Walk into that closet over there." He indicated a door on the far side of the room. Jody walked over to it; nothing happened. "Grab the doorknob."

She did so and found she could not touch it -- as soon as she got close, some sort of force seemed to push her away. The harder she pushed, the harder the knob resisted. The whole door felt as if there was an invisible wall in front of it. It confused her, since it didn't look any different than any other door.

John came up quickly and threw a switch to turn on a local neutralizing field. "Now try it." Jody approached the door and it had become a normal door again; she had no trouble touching or opening it. "The chip senses when you reach the boundary of the store and won't let you go any farther. It's really quite ingenious." He handed her a short tunic to wear instead of the robe, along with some slipper-like shoes.

She sat down for a few minutes and looked at a newspaper. Most of the stories were unknown to her. Only a year in prison and already she was out of touch. While she read, John was busy again imagining poses for her once she was a mannequin.

"Jody now it's time to go and see Christy; the store has closed up." he said.

Jody bounced out of her chair -- that what she had been waiting for -- following him though the quiet aisles to the front window of the store. She saw several beautiful mannequins along the way and Jody asked John if they were real girls.

"Yes, of course." he replied to her. Jody watched them more closely after that.They finally reached the main window. John told her to stay out until he drew the curtains. After what seemed an eon, he called her to come in.

"No need to say it twice," Jody replied, racing in anticipation.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Christy standing there. The other girl was standing absolutely motionless, with a far away gaze in her eyes so somehow she looked like she had just lost her best friend. Her arms were rigidly posed in front of her body, one hand outstretched as if to say 'wait' and the other was clutching a small handbag. Christy did not seem to notice them but remained a stiff and unblinking statue. It was the first living mannequin she had seen up close; Jody got a bit nervous and wondered if she was doing the right thing. It was spooky to see her friend frozen solid.

"Can she see me?" she asked John.

"Yes she can, and I'm sure she must be trying desperately to move for you Jody."

He could almost see Christy's frozen face appear to brighten a bit as Jody stared into her glossy eyes. Jody then approached her and touch her rigid body then she couldn't help it any longer as she kissed Christy full on her rigid lips. Her skin felt like smooth plastic.

John then said, "Would you like her to move now?"

"Oh yes please, please!" Jody bubbled; she was getting aroused staring deeply at her frozen girlfriend.

John took a device out of his pocket and placed it on Christy's neck, injecting her with some sort of chemical. Jody watched what was happening and didn't know for sure she would like this to happen to her if she agreed to be a mannequin for his store.

John said, "give it about 5 minutes and you see what will happen."

Jody watched intently; within 5 minutes she noticed the complexion and look of Christy's skin changing and then she moved a little bit. She was becoming animated.

Christy had almost regained complete movement when she thought this would be a great time to do a trick on Jody. She stayed as still as she could manage on her own. About 10 minutes had passed from when John treated her - by now she should have been fully active. John became concerned why Christy wasn't moving yet and went up to her to find out why. This had never happened before. He looked into her face and Christy blinked at him, cracking a momentary smile but staying still. Then John realized what she was up too and winked in reply. Shaking his head, he stepped back from the figure.

"Jody could you stay with her while I go and get another device? This one may be damaged some way or empty." She nodded her assent.

As he was gone Jody walked directly up to her frozen lover and pleaded: "Please move! I've missed you very much Christy; I thought you were gone for good. Now you're stuck. Please move?" She reached out to touch the seemingly motionless body.

As soon as Jody touched her Christy couldn't help it any longer and planted a big, wet, kiss on her. Jody jumped back as if shocked while Christy started to chuckle.

Jody stepped away from her and yelled "That's NOT funny! You had me scared that you wouldn't ever move again..." It looked as if she was about to cry.

Christy ran over to her and kissed Jody again, apologizing. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Jo. I didn't mean to scare you; I just was waiting to get you closer so I could jump your bones good. Its been almost a month, you know, since we last made love; standing stiff as a board in that window doesn't make the time go any faster!"

Then Jody wiped her eyes, they were tears of joy now. She was full of questions; just then John returned to the window with another woman who wore a work jacket.

"Jody, I'd like you to meet Betty; she is our visual merchandiser here at the store. She does all the windows for us and she'll get you ready for display tomorrow, if you don't mind becoming a mannequin, now that you've seen your friend." Betty smiled at her, she was very pretty in an artificial sort of way. Jody didn't say anything.

Then Christy chimed in and urged, "Are you nervous Jody? Well don't be; it is the best time I've ever had not being able to move; the feeling that rushes through me as Betty dresses me is the greatest feeling ever -- except for making love to you, Jody."

"What does it feel like being turned into a mannequin? Does it hurt?"

"No, not at all. It feels relaxing; all the stress you have built up seems to go away instantly. It's like a trance. It is almost an addictive feeling to be so relaxed, standing there so still and motionless. Nothing else in the world matters -- it's cool!"

Then John stepped in and said, "Girls, you have a couple of hours of 'play' time before the animation dose wears off." He turned back to her and asked, "Jody are you OK now with the idea of being a mannequin for me?"

Jody paused and looked at Christy and saw the biggest smile as the younger girl looked back at her with confidence. They were going to be together again.

"OK, I'll do it," she replied, "But it had better be as good as Christy says it will!"

Christy replied, "Don't worry, gorgeous; it will. Trust me." She was happy too.

Betty then asked Christy to remove her display clothing and reminded her that she would be back later to dress them both. She said now she had to go and take care of the other girls in the store. "Welcome to our display team, Jody!" she said in parting.

Christy removed the dress carefully, placing it on a convenient hanger. Oddly, she was not wearing any undergarments, only a pair of pantyhose. She removed those as well. Now completely naked, she stood there nonchalantly in front of the store owner and the totally overwhelmed Jody until John gave her a robe to put on.

"Christy, you two don't forgot and to come see me in a couple of hours. Right now I have to finish mannequinizing a street girl that came to me for help yesterday. She is going to be perfect for a scene in our misses department.

"Oh wow," Jody said with wonder, "you must have someone from every walk of life on display here. This is almost like a museum, kind of." John nodded and smiled.

Then Christy tugged on Jody's arm, saying, "Enough chitchat; lets go and have some fun now -- we only have a couple of hours before I turn back into a mannequin and you to have get ready for your new life here. Come On!"

Jody followed her love Christy out of the window, knowing what 'playtime' meant. Her pussy was already getting damp in anticipation of lovemaking to come. Making small talk, she asked, "How do you become a mannequin again Christy ?"

"You'll see that we display mannequins only are able to move when the store is closed and after we've been reanimated, like you saw. The drug wears off in a few hours and we freeze up again. By then we have to be made up, dressed, posed and ready for the window or display. As a safeguard, an hour before the store opens they turn off the handcuff signal so the chip they inserted in us freezes us solid for a few moments."

"John tested my chip and it just felt like there was an invisible wall; but I could still move."

"That's because the field is all around us here; when they turn it off you feel like you are stuck in taffy for those few seconds. Once there was a power failure and we were all frozen into the oddest positions until the field came back on. It's neat."

Jody thought of the chip in her own neck and realized she was already halfway to being a mannequin already. There was no reason now not to go through with it.

Christy continued, "You should of seen what happened to me last week; it was kind of funny. It was real late and I was in the audio department dancing to a good tune and I forgot what time it was -- I froze up solid in a dancing pose. By the time Betty found me it was just before opening hour and you don't have to ask what kind of display she put me into for that day!

Then Christy escorted Jody up to the top floor where there was a little dressing room with a bed in it. Perhaps she had been planning this reunion for some time.

"It's been way too long, Tiger!" The nickname sounded sweet to Jody.

"You don't have to ask twice!" replied Jody as she embraced Christy and they both landed on the bed. Their robes evaporated as their hands and lips hungrily sought each other's. No shyness or hesitancy remained between the reunited lovers. The time flew by as the two women made wild love again, breasts and legs and bodies moving in a ballet of ecstasy. It was as if they knew this first reunion was going to be fleeting.

It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when there was a light knock on the door. John knew that Christy and Jody would be so wrapped up in each other to forget about what he said about coming to see him. But he stayed discreet.

"Alright, Christy -- I need Jody to come with me now, before morning. She has to be prepared for the display." He knew what was going on behind the door and had counted on it to sway Jody's decision. "Now, please!"

"Aww..." Christy replied as she pulled her face out of Jody's pussy, dripping with her love juices all over it. Jody she had a biggest smile on her face, lying in bed, not wanting this moment of bliss to fade. But she knew she had to go; it was her time.

The two got up, found their robes (one had somehow gotten lodged in the light overhead) and dressed themselves. Arm in arm, they emerged from the steamy bedroom. Jody started to go off with John when Christy called out to them:

"Hey can I help you while you're getting Jody ready to be a display figure?"

"Ok, Christy, you can help me. But don't get in the way," he replied. "Morning is coming all too quickly!"

As the two walked with John down the escalator and along the shadowy hallways they went through the 'Young Miss' department and they saw Betty there dressing a very beautiful young mannequin. She looked fresh and perky, standing there stiff as a statue. Her eyes were very large for her face and had frozen while she was glancing sideways; along with her arched eyebrows they made her expression very alluring. The girl's figure was sleek and lithe, which suited the clingy Lycra sheath she was now modeling.

Jody asked John, "Is that the street girl you were talking about?"

He replied, "Yes, meet Wanda. Didn't she clean up nicely? She's so much more attractive now than when she dragged in this morning in an overcoat with her hair in knots." They paused to look at the pretty display figure for a moment. John continued, "At least here in the store she will be taken care of and doesn't have to worry about where she'll sleep anymore. She's already working off her room and board..."

Jody and Christy stared at the street girl as they passed, noticing the beatific frozen smile on her rigid face. Wanda had found a home.As they entered the work studio Jody looked around; it almost looked like someone's attic. There were shelves and clutter everywhere, a corner which was used for painting, and a long worktable. Parts of traditional mannequins were everywhere, and not always complete ones. Every now and then there would be a hand or a head by itself or suspended from a wire. There were also a large number of the thick plate glass bases and support rods stacked along one wall. Several completed mannequin figures waited patiently; they all appeared to be of ordinary fiberglass construction. There was too much for her to grasp in one look and the moment he had given her to take it in.

"Jody, this first task is something you're going to have to trust me on; it's going to feel a little unpleasant at first, but it will be OK. Ready?" She nodded. "Then, hike up the robe and bend over; touch your toes." She did so, exposing her shapely derriere to him. He touched her and there was a feeling of slippery coolness, along with the quick probing of his finger poked up her ass. "Now, exhale completely. Let all the air out; think of yourself as a balloon that's deflating..." Jody followed his instruction, and just as she felt completely empty there was a sudden pressure followed by a fullness in her hindquarters that did not go away. "OK, you can stand up straight now. That was a butt plug that will take one of those support rods and keep you upright when you're frozen."

"You could have at least told me what you were going to do!" She walked around, getting used to the odd fullness. "It was almost like I was back in prison getting screwed by the guards!" Christy cracked up at that remark and stifled her laugh.

"Well, that's the hard part, and it's over," he said in response, handing her a pair of high-heeled pumps. "Take off your tunic, put these on, and stand up on that platform over there in the center of the studio." The dais was about six inches high and three feet square, made of polished hard plastic or glass. It was a smoky gray color and had a matching canopy above it suspended on chain from the high ceiling. Jody figured the shoes were to tilt her feet at the correct angle for posing later after she was frozen; becoming a mannequin was a lot more complicated than she had imagined. The heels made a clicking sound on the floor as Jody walked in them before stepping into position.

The top of the platform seemed small to her, a confining space that was about to become the boundary of her world. Jody realized that it was time to really be turned into a frozen figure and that thought was getting her nervous again. It was strange to be standing there buck naked with only the heels on. Stage fright, in a manner of speaking.

Christy noticed the look of distress and she went up with Jody to comfort her. They hugged there for several seconds and Christy whispered something to her; Jody's reaction was an astonished gasp in response, followed by a brave but salacious smile. With a knowing squeeze of her hand, Christy stepped away.

It was time; Jody was calmed now. The procedure started simply; John handed her a large glass filled with what looked like a thick blueberry shake. "Drink it down; the whole thing!" he said to her. "It won't take long afterward."

As she was lifting the glass she looked at Christy again; this was the last time she could back out and hesitated for a moment. But she said to herself, 'what the hell, at least even as a window dummy I will always be with my Christy'. With a little raise of the glass in silent toast to her lover, she drank it down in one long chug. The liquid was sweet and did have a hint of berries to the flavor.

She handed it back to him with a little proud grin and asked, "What's next?"

"Wait for a few minutes, compose yourself, and think beautiful thoughts, Jody. That should be easy for a lovely girl such as yourself. Relax and let it happen."

Jody tried to remember how the other mannequins had been posed and took a stance that was almost a clichˇ of how a display figure should appear. Just as she had wondered what the platform was for, John pushed a remote control in his hand and with a 'clack' of heavy relays a cylinder of blue-white light flashed into existence around her, shining both from above and below her naked body, immersing her in a plume of radiance. There was a faint humming from the platform. Jody felt the liquid that she drank warming up her insides as the immobilization started.

Jody started to ask John what was going to happen to her when she realized that she couldn't speak anymore. She tried to wave her hand at him to attract his attention but she found she also couldn't move or do anything else but remain very still exactly in position on the platform. It was as if she had been disconnected from her body and was watching from afar. She could see her hand, but she could not make her finger twitch at all. It seemed like it was completely rigid and out of her control, the same as her legs, torso, eyelids, mouth, and every other part of her body. Things even sounded different. This was all happening so fast - she was being mannequinized just like the others, turned into a frozen statue. Just like Christy. She was amazed at the feelings in her rigid body.

John then came around into where her fixed eyes could see him and explained, "By now you should be getting pretty stiff; that's normal, but let me adjust your pose a little." He placed his hand under her chin and tipped her head up slightly so it looked off into the distance more. When he removed his hand she stayed in that position, unable to move at all on her own. He shifted her arms also, 'sculpting' them into a graceful sweep, and modified how the fingers of her hands were posed. With every passing second, he could feel how her body was stiffening in the bright curing light bath.

"Now Jody, make a really cute face for me," he said quickly; so she brightened up her blue eyes as she looked off into space. A tiny hint of a smile was her last possible delicate gesture before she was completely frozen stiff. She could feel all her muscles getting even harder and was amazed that it did not take any effort at all now to remain standing in her pose. Christy had been right, she thought, what a cool feeling. The dazzling lights then shut off, plunging the workroom into shadows by contrast to the earlier glare. It was quiet, too. A new mannequin stood on the dais, freshly minted.

Christy couldn't help it any longer and went over to Jody and gave her a big kiss on her newly frozen face and said how incredibly beautiful she already looked in her new immobilized form. She was overjoyed to have her lover back, and here to stay.

Betty then came into the room and asked John, "Can Christy come with me now? I need to place her into the window display that I'm doing right now. And bring Jody too, when you are done with her. She can debut with her friend in the same display.

"No problem," he said, we're past the tough part; just have to do her makeup and she will be ready." As Christy exited the workroom Jody noticed out of the edge of her vision that she too was starting to stiffen up again. Betty helped her along so Christy could get into her new pose before she was too rigid once more. She liked "her" displays and mannequins to look just right and took a lot of pride in her work.

Then John continued on Jody, with the care of someone who really enjoyed his work. Which he did; this Jody was only the latest in his collection of frozen beauties.He was going to adjust her pose further, but it was too late for anything additional. Maybe the dosage was a bit on the strong side. He made a mental note to re-pose her again later, after her first 'curing' cycle. Within her motionless body, all Jody the mannequin could do now was to watch John work on her. Every time he touched her it felt as if she would come on the spot; as if the nerves all over her skin were hard wired directly to her clitoris. Jody then knew then that Christy was right about the side effects. A good warm erotic feeling of excitement rushed through her body so much so that as he adjusted her arms into position she had to orgasm -- and she did. Silently, motionlessly, she let the wave of ecstasy linger on and on. It was incredible. Nothing distracted her.

As he worked his magic, John continued to talk to Jody as if she could respond to him; when she did not reply he continued anyway. "You're probably wondering why I don't have Betty or one of the others see to your transformation; the truth is that this is where I started out in the business. Before the fancy suits, before the top floor office. Even now, I like to make sure my new mannequins look just right. You're going to sell a lot of merchandise for me. I want to be certain you'll be irresistible to my customers."

Then John lifted her off the platform and carried her over to one of the clear glass bases, placing her onto it. She couldn't believe how rigid she was now as John slid a support rod up into the butt plug he had placed in her earlier. 'It's kind of neat being turned into a statue' Jody thought as John let go of her stiff figure and she wobbled a bit on her new base. She felt a little bit like a ballerina, standing on tiptoe after he had removed her posing heels.

"Now, let's give you a little deeper suntan than you got in prison and clear up those freckles -- for now." He approached with a large spray gun attached to a compressed air line and covered her body completely with a light makeup coat while shielding her face. This tickled her but gave her pale skin a more even tone overall.

"Almost done, doll." John said, knowing she could not respond. "Let's see if there's anything we can do with that hair..." He worked styling gel into her short locks, combing it into a flip style before it set up. "No, that's too Twiggy and it doesn't work with your eyes." He stared at her, imagining different styles. Jody stared back, because she was unable to do anything else. Finally, John made a decision. "Oh, it will grow out soon enough or you'll decide to take it all off like your friend did; for now, let's wig it."

He took a long strawberry-blonde wig off one of the other mannequins; to Jody it looked like spun gold. Fitting it over her own short hair, he combed it out and sprayed the wig with a heavy coat of hairspray. "Much better, you're a cutie. Now to put on your face."

Wheeling up a tall cart and chair he concentrated on her countenance. First, he laid down a layer of lighter base makeup that covered any slight imperfection in her complexion. Next, he carefully replaced her missing eyebrows with deft strokes of a very fine brush. The new brows looked natural but were much more defined than originally and a bit darker auburn. Then he enhanced her already fine features with touches of dark mascara, long, thick false eyelashes, and some ruby-red glossy lip paint that always seemed to look wet. He applied blusher to her cheekbones and forehead; working slowly and patiently. After all, she wasn't going to be going anywhere. Jody was a canvas, and John imagined himself as a Nagel or d'Andrea making her into his masterpiece. To the frozen girl, the effect was a bit of a mystery since she could not see herself and there were no mirrors in her field of vision. Finishing up, he sprayed her face along with the rest of her body from head to toe with what smelled like a lacquer finish that left her smooth skin with a silky sheen to it. It felt cold on her naked skin, but dried almost immediately in the warmth of the overhead lights. Jody wanted to sneeze but could not lift a finger. She was just about ready.

"Wow, kid, you look smashing!" John exclaimed as he touched up her hairstyle, added some highlights, and coated it again with setting spray. He was thinking what other hairstyles would look good on her, what he would like to see her superb body costumed in. All in time, he thought to himself; all in due time. At last, John placed the completed figure on a cart and rolled her over to a mirror so she could take a good first look at herself after the transformation. The overall result was absolutely striking.

"Take a good look at my newest creation -- and you thought that street girl was beautiful. You are magnificent!"

Jody was now staring at what she thought for a moment was another fantastic display figure but realized it had her face and physique -- it was herself, turned into an incredibly lovely, motionless display mannequin. She had never thought she could ever look this beautiful; she wanted to immediately say 'thank you' to John in the most intimate way but of course she remained absolutely still, as she would for many weeks.

John left her alone for the finish coat to dry and Jody noticed she was getting drowsy, maybe from all of the nervous energy of this magical day. From the reunion with her love to the recent preparation for her new life as a mannequin, Jody was totally exhausted. When John left the workroom to check if Betty was ready for her new display figure, Jody fell fast asleep. It did not bother her at all that she could not close her eyes.

The jostle of being moved through the store on a hand-truck woke Jody up as Betty moved her off the cart and into the display window. She was turned towards another mannequin already there while Betty went off to get the clothes for her to wear. A moment passed before she realized who the other figure was; then she was overjoyed.

Jody couldn't believe her eyes to see her Christy standing motionless in the window; her window. She was half nude leaning against the wall looking off into space as she had been when Jody first glimpsed her -- an odd mirror of her own new guise as a motionless mannequin. Then Betty went back over to Christy to finish dressing that figure. She was going to be modeling a tight, short, green T-shirt and as Betty pulled the shirt over her head Jody could see Christy's frozen nipples poke through the thin cloth. This was turning Jody on as she leaned against the wall, stiff as a board, and watched her lover being dressed. The outfit was completed by a pair of blue hip-hugger shorts and a green outer jacket. She knew it would be her turn soon to be touched and fussed over by the meticulous visual merchandiser. Then Betty picked up Christy and placed her onto some display rocks; the girl had frozen while posed on the floor and could not stand very well on the uneven surface. Betty compensated by fastening some fine wires to her rigid, hardened body to prevent it from falling over. Jody was getting jealous watching this other woman handle Christy; she seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her. Betty rubbed her hand slowly across the front of Christy's shorts and over her pussy while attaching the wires to her. The merchandiser was enjoying it.

Betty than went back over to Jody and whispered in her ear, "It's your turn girlie... My, but aren't you the sexy one tonight? John sure put an extra effort into your looks!" Betty stared into Jody's unblinking eyes as if the frozen girl could answer her. It helped personalize these living mannequins for her. Then Betty carefully slid Jody into a pair of white pants and placed a pair of black sandals on her feet. They fit oddly since her feet were frozen into a high-heeled arch. Jody was then squeezed into another T-shirt, this one white, which outlined her ample but firm breasts. As an accent, Betty added a loose link chain around her slim waist. She then adjusted the outfit, picking the lint off it and placing support wires tying this mannequin figure to the floor as she had done for Christy so she wouldn't topple over. Her hands touched Jody's frozen body in those same intimate places, sending the immobilized girl into a frenzy of inert desire. While Betty was primping Jody's new hair, she kissed her spontaneously. Jody couldn't hold it back any longer as a rushing feeling come over her which crested into the most intense orgasm of her life.

Betty then stopped for a minute as she was fussing with Jody's clothes and noticed how her eyes got a bit glossier and said to Jody, "Well, I guess you don't mind me dressing you so much after all, darling." as she knew the girl had just climaxed.

Then John walked in. "Great work, Betty; they look splendid!" he said as he stroked his hand across Jody's frozen face. The mannequinized skin felt smooth and solid to the touch. She almost climaxed again. Then he walked into Jody's field of vision and said to her, "Isn't this a lot better than that cold damp cell?"

Jody wanted to reply 'yes yes so very much', but she could not say a single word. She would have to thank him again, later, in a way he would appreciate and remember. Soon after it was quiet Jody fell off to sleep again. Betty did her final touches on the diorama, arranging the leafy foliage and adding sunglasses on Christy's face. Then the two gorgeous young mannequins were left to stand on display. It was impossible to tell from outside what was in their minds, but both were profoundly happy and content.


A week had gone by when Betty entered the window again to re-dress the girls.

"Hi, Jody," she greeted the newest frozen girl, "and how was your first week?"

Jody had wanted to reply but she getting used to being a statue, unable to move or do anything else. It was nice to watch the world go by and not have to be a part of it. She remained frozen while the merchandiser removed the support wires and then most of her clothes. Then Betty activated some very bright lights in the shuttered window and explained, "This will soften you up a bit, Jody, so I can dress you more easily and change your pose. Jody felt a tingle as her rigid body began to reanimate.

She was nude again as she was left to lean against the wall. Betty then undressed the Christy-mannequin and she too was leaned up against the wall right next to Jody.

Betty had intentionally placed the girls so they could see each other as she went to get their new outfits.

Now Jody could look directly into Christy's empty eyes and she tried desperately to express to her friend how much she loved her and wanted to thank her very much for convincing her to become a mannequin. Jody just couldn't believe how relaxed she was and that every time someone touched her she became incredibly aroused. She wanted Christy to touch her, knowing that would bring an instant orgasm. As for Christy, she too was silently trying to thank her lover and say how much she loved her as well. Invisible emotional energy arced between the two motionless girls like static electricity.

Then Betty returned with their new outfits. She started on Christy first once more as Jody watched her adjust her lover into another, slightly different pose. Even though the softened mannequins were somewhat flexible, they could not move themselves. Betty did a wonderful job in dressing Christy; then she came over to Jody. Lifting Jody by her waist she carried the frozen girl over next to Christy and worked on her new pose. Jody hoped that she would be able to see her lover and was happy to be posed that way, as if Betty had sensed the electricity too. This time they were not on the rocks so they could stand upright on their glass bases. Finally Betty turned off the special lights and Jody got a rush, savoring the feeling of stiffening up as she turned rock hard again. Betty did a few final touches and the two girls were left to stand rigidly for another week.

Jody quickly drifted off to sleep again, dreaming the she could talk directly to Christy and her lover could hear her and reply. It was an unusually vivid dreamscape. Some time had passed, maybe a few days, when she woke up to glimpse a young man outside of the window staring in at her. It must have been late as there was hardly anybody else on the street. 'Christy if you are awake, I hope you can see this guy,' Jody thought in her friend's direction. The man looked around to see if anyone was watching him, then started taking pictures of the two frozen beauties in the display window. One of his hands was playing pocket pool at the same time. They seemed to be a part of some fantasy of his; some wish or dream. Jody wanted to say how sweet that man was as he had love in his eyes while looking at her and Christy. If she had been animated at that moment Jody would have shown him what making love to a living mannequin felt like. But as a statue she couldn't do anything, not even wink knowingly, and the man walked away several minutes later with a smile on his face. 'I'll bet he was probably wishing he could take us both home with him,' Jody thought; she got a warm feeling at the idea.

Then she fell fast asleep again for an unknown time before she felt that tingling feeling again. She woke up to see John looking at her after he injected her with the animating potion. Just as fast as she had been frozen she softened completely and fell into John arms. She looked around to see Christy doing some stretching exercises in the corner. This must be the rest break he had told her about. She then paused to catch her breath; looking up at John for a moment before hugging him and kissing him all over.

"Thank you, Thank you -- it's WONderful!" Jody yelled at him. "This is the best thing in my life, becoming mannequin. I love it..."

"Hey! What about me?" Christy interjected from the corner. Without saying a word, Jody ran over to Christy and jumped on her too. Her moving body seemed very warm; comforting.

Jody was beside herself with joy and lust. "This is the best feeling I ever had; I'm so horny. I want to fuck you all night. You turn me on so much, standing stiff."

Christy's eyes lit up at hearing this and she replied, "I'm going to fuck the paint off your body! He'll have to re-spray you fresh every morning."

John came over to them just as they started taking their clothes off in the fastest way possible, without regard for seams or fasteners."Hey easy on the clothes, girls," he chided them as Jody was ripping at Christy's shape-hugging top. 'Wow this is the first time I seen this much effect from someone that was turned into a mannequin,' he thought to himself. 'Jody's so horny she could make love to anything that moves. He bent over to Jody and asked, redundantly, "So how was your first two weeks my dear?" John had a huge grin on his face since her actions had already answered him.

Jody pulled her face out of Christy's pussy, a blissful smile on her beautiful face. She looked up at him and said, "Two weeks? It felt like two days! Amazing, that's how it was." She turned to him. "When can I go back into being a mannequin? Not tonight, though. Please?"

"Oh my dear, I thought you knew." he said, "You'll automatically freeze up again by early morning. That's all the time this animator is good for. But take the time now and Betty and I will see to it that you get back into position."

He turned away and the two lovers resumed their embracing. John got a few steps away before returning. "Oh, I also want to tell you that I have a new toy gadget and I was looking for the right two ladies to try it out. You should be perfect for it."

"What is it?" the two girls replied with one voice as they fondled each other.

"Well, let's just say I came up with a device that will allow you two pretty mannequins to speak to each other while you're frozen solid."

That got their attention; they both popped up and hurried to him, eager for more details: "You mean that we really can talk to each other? Without moving or anything? That would be great!"

"Oh, yes," he replied, and I wanted to try it out on you two before I market it or give it to the others. None of them are quite so, say, intimate."

They both hugged him tightly and said "Yes, we'll do it." Jody turned to her lover and continued, Christy, that means we can giggle together watching all those cute guys undress us with their eyes! Did you see that one who was taking pictures?"

"Of course - how many times did he come?"

By mutual empathy they both kissed John together and said they had wanted to show him how much they appreciated him for making them mannequins at the same time he was enjoying having all these beautiful women posed motionless in his store.

"John we'd like to repay you just a little for taking in two lonely prison girls," Christy said. Jody just nodded and started sliding her hand down towards the fly of his trousers. It was very clear the payment method they had in mind...

John did not resist as they undressed him and began to make love right there in the workroom on a heap of dropcloths as the girls fucked him all night long.

Time must have slipped away from John; he had passed out with an expression of rapt pleasure on his face. When he woke up, he was not alone, but it was very late morning; almost opening time. He looked down to see Jody frozen solid in the bed with his cock in her mouth. Looking behind her, he saw Christy also frozen while licking Jody's pussy. John had no idea how long they had been that way; it might have been moments or hours. Sometime in the night they had moved to the bedroom suite.

"Oh, how cute you two look!" he said as he slid his cock out of Jody's mouth and pulled up his paints. She, of course, continued to suck on thin air, held rigid with her eyes frozen in position, watching nothing. Jody was an incredibly erotic sculpture and along with Christy formed a fascinating fantasy tableaux.

"Not again!" He jumped up at the sudden outburst and swung around to see Betty looking at him, hands on her hips like a grade-school teacher. "How many times must I remind you that when you're going to have sex with these girls, set an alarm clock because you, John, always fall asleep. Always..."

He chuckled a bit and said to her as he pulled on his clothes, "Don't they look cute, there? Sort of like something out of that X-rated wax museum I told you about."

Betty replied, "Maybe to you they do -- but how in hell do I display them with the expressions they have on their faces? Especially with Christy's tongue sticking out of her mouth that way."

"Hum, let me see," replied John, "I was going to try the new comm device on them but I guess that'll have to wait until tonight when I can unfreeze them with the animator again. I guess we'll just have to put them in the storeroom until tomorrow."

"By the way, Betty, I have a couple more freshly done girl mannequins ready for you to pose. They should be almost dry by now and they're identical twin sisters as well, so you can't miss them in the workshop."

"OK John, but the next time set the alarm. Please? I had a good display spot planned for these two today but I'll have to use your new ones instead. Are they blondes, at least?"

"Redheads. Oh Betty, can you help me with these two jokers here?"

As John bent down to pick up the stiffened form of Jody, he looked into her glazed eyes and saw that she had a beautiful satisfied glow to them as she stared off into space. Jody meanwhile was giggling away inwardly as she enjoyed her boss fussing over the predicament of what to do with his outrageously posed mannequin figures. Betty bent over to pick up Christy and found she too had the same frozen glow of love.

They were both placed on the cart taken off to the store room as Betty took the new twins to the window where they were going to be displayed. Like the others, these latest living mannequins were absolute knockouts. Both of the redheads must have been dancers or athletes since they had lithe, curvy bodies and long muscular legs. Statuesque they were, and statues they had become. Betty smiled to herself at her play on words.

By nightfall both Jody and Christy were sleeping as John woke them up with the animator injector once more. As soon as Jody was able to move, she fell over sideways and was laughing her head off.

"John, do you always fall asleep having sex? Most men wait until afterward."

"Ha, Ha. Very funny, you two..."

Christy couldn't help but to laugh also and said, "The next time this happens, John, could we be put into one of those Sex stores? You could open up a department for adults only. I bet'cha you'd have a winner. If you could stay awake enough to take their money!" She couldn't stop laughing at his awkward habit.

"OK enough fun, girls," John said. "I really thought you two would be the right ones to try out this communicator. But, if you'd rather not, maybe the new twins would enjoy it more..."

"Yes, we'll be good," Jody replied. She elbowed Christy who was still grinning at the thought of him dozing off. "How does it work?"

"Beats me - the guy said some mumbo about 'subvocal impulses' it sounded like. You each put on an earpiece, and then you need to 'train' the receiver by reading this text aloud." He went over to Christy, removed her wig, and fitted the device underneath the long hair. "Now this might tickle a bit Christy -- all set." She looked up at him, surprised that it was so quick. "Your turn, Jody." It took a little longer for her since she her hair was netted up under her wig too. He didn't want it causing a lump or looking too obvious. Meanwhile, Christy was reading the test page and it sounded like some foreign language.

Then it was Jody's turn. She could see why it sounded so strange; the words were all gibberish: "Fee duk po nunn besk. Glex sa se quw pos..." It went on for at least five pages! John mumbled something about "foneimes" or so it sounded. Finally they were both ready.

"Now I'll turn them on 'transmit' and we test them." He moved to a each girl and tweaked the back of their ear. Jody felt a little buzz in the back of her head and then it disappeared.

"I don't notice a difference," Christy said to John.

John then instructed them to try to say something without speaking. "Just think out the words. You know that when you are frozen you will not be able to budge, but the nerves still are trying to move your vocal cords. The device picks that impulse up, figures out what you're trying to say, and sends the words over to the other earpiece." He got a blank stare in return. "At least that's how its supposed to work..."

Jody laughed and was about to say "It sounds so farfetched" when she heard a voice in her ear, wispy like an erotic ghost:

(I want to lick your pussy)

Jody turned with a start and stared over at Christy; it was obvious from the other girl's smirk that the remark had come from her. Jody was about to blurt out her reply when she remembered just to think the words out

(Me, too, honeybun - Hey - This thing really works)

Now it was Christy's turn to hear the voice. It didn't sound like Jody, she realized. Probably her voice sounded different to the other girl too. They continued their silent converation for a few seconds, punctuated by smiles and raised eyebrows. Then both turned as one and jumped at John, kissing him high and low as their hands sought out his zipper. It was clear they were about to thank him in the most intimate way they knew. This time they were determined to keep him awake until the climax.

"Uhh, ladies, not now please!" He said, twisting away from the two groping live mannequins. "I must be crazy but not this time; not right now. Betty would be really mad at me if you two froze up in the middle of lovemaking like you did this morning. She covered for you before, but tonight, no way."

(I'm disappointed in him)

(Too bad. Lover, you ready to party?)

Without saying a word, Jody went over to Christy and started making love to her. John almost had second thoughts as he watched the two entwined bodies.

(Christy, you'll will always be mine -- I love you so much I will do anything for you)

(Love you too, kitten. Let's find that storeroom again before we stiffen up and miss our chance)

They turned away. John let them go, saying "You're welcome. Have a nice time and be ready for your display in the morning." The two girls replied with smiles. That night they talked back an forth using the devices while having sex. It was great, almost like telepathy, because they could hear exactly what the other wanted. Ecstasy.

Morning came around as Betty walked in on the two spooned lovers and told them to stand up it as it was time to go back on display.

Jody woke up first and had difficulty bending to get up out of the bed; they had cut the time too close and she was already starting to stiffen into a mannequin again. She barely managed to stand upright in front of Betty but then stopped, unable to move any more on her own. Betty saw that they were both getting hard and helped Christy to her feet. The other girl was even more rigid and almost fell over until Betty corrected her balance. It was a good thing the visual merchandiser had anticipated this happening and brought their new clothes and accessories into the loft with her.

She put them both in high heel shoes and she started to pose them. Where ever Betty moved them as they were getting pretty firm now as they stayed in that position she gave them. Their skin was taking on that glossy look as it hardened once more.

Then she looked into Jody's eyes and said "Look at me dear," which Jody did; her eyes were now locked staring off into space. She continued to look very happy; this was going to be a fetching display indeed. Betty did the same with Christy and then she dressed them both in mini-skirt outfits and placed on display again for a the usual few weeks.

The two mannequins were sort of facing toward each other while looking out the window, but could not see each other directly. By now they were completely rigid and could not move a millimeter. Betty was finishing up the display details, getting the two living mannequins set just right. It was time to try the communicator for real.

(Christy can you hear me)

(Yes I can, kitten, but give me a second -- I'm getting an orgasm -- oohhhh)

Betty was picking lint off her outfit and making sure the support wires were in place before leaving the window. To the frozen girl, she was feeling her up...

(Yes yes yes yes -- ah - ah - - ahhh e) Was all Jody heard the ghost say.

Finally, the window display was ready and the merchandiser went away.

(Was it good, Christy)

(What do you think -- yes, very much so)

The day and night went on as they talked back and forth wordlessly about this and that; sometimes about the people that stared at them through the window. A few hours later Jody was quiet; sleeping probably. Christy had noticed a youngish man playing with himself while staring intently at the motionless figure of Jody. He seemed to be memorizing her body over and over again. Little did he realize these mannequins could see his every move.

(Hey, Jody you have a fan out there)

Jody woke up and started to laugh - it sort of echoed through the communicator - as she saw the dreamy look on his face as he must of come in his paints. He closed his eyes for a moment; was he imagining what it would be like to touch her stiff body?

(Why do people get turned on looking at us mannequins, Christy?)

(I don't know, maybe it's because your so gorgeous, kitten)

(I think it's kind of cute of him to adore us)

(You, kitten; you. He hardly gave me a second glance. I'm jealous)

(Maybe the next one will be yours) And so it went...

The days went on; after some time they saw John walk by the window with a pretty young girl next to him. They stopped to look into the window at the display mannequins that were Jody and Christy. Sure enough the next day Betty carried her frozen form into the window and placed the new living mannequin into the display. Her name was Heather; she also had the new communicator device and they chatted for hours about what was going on in the world outside the store. Time went much faster as now that they could talk back and forth while they remained as stiff as statues.

One day Jody noticed that Betty had moved Heather from their window but had not put a new mannequin in its place. Jody and Christy had already been posed, so they chatted idly about what was going on. Even a small change was noteworthy.

The Betty stepped into the window and closed the door behind her. She was dressed more elegantly than usual and had on display makeup. Quickly she attached a support wire to the floor and her undergarment and then stood up straight. On display.

(Hi, girls? Mind if I join you?) Her ghost-voice was different then theirs.

(Hello, Betty) Jody said (are you doing what I think you're doing?)

(Sure am. I took the potion about ten minutes ago and it's starting to work)
(What will John think?)

(Hey, I left him a note. How's my expression look? Ahh, I'm getting stiff)

Betty was every bit as painstaking with her own appearance and had posed herself very nicely. Like most first-time mannequins though, she had underestimated the time it took to harden so her hands were a bit out of position. Nothing anyone but herself would have noticed, though...

(Smile, Betty, like you tell us to,) Christy chimed in (But I can't tickle you!)

(OH, This is kind of nifty. I can feel everything. But I can't move at all)

Betty's eyes were getting that glazed look as she hardened completely.

(Is it the same way for you? The touching, I mean?)

(Yes, when you pose us, the feeling is like heaven. I usually get off on it)

(You never said anything -- but I'm sure John knows it can happen)

(He'll find out, you know. Is he going to be mad?)

(For a little while. We go back a long way. I'm getting drowsy, is this...)

Betty's voice cut off in mid-sentence. She had fallen asleep.

(Poor lady, she must be exhausted)

(Yes, kitten, but she can sure rest in here. I wonder if your friend will like her)

(She can get her own admirers; that guy's mine. I'm going to nap too, now)


Every two to three weeks, like clockwork, John unfreezes each of his lovely living mannequins so they can stretch a bit, watch some TV or have sex. All of the girls have found their own way to thank him for getting them out of prison. They are very grateful for his kindness and the chance he has given them; to a one they say they will never leave him.

So life goes on at the department store as Jody and Christy and all the others stand frozen like statues in their windows loving every minute of being mannequins.

Beats being stuck in a cell!!!