"Corporate Takeover"

By Wolfrose.

She had easily picked the lock of the office and bypassed the security cameras. Linda padded softly into the room in her black body suit. the six months had been well spent, and now the newest employee at Emmalservo Technologies was able to fulfill the purpose her real company, KMUD robotics, kept her on retainer for...stealing trade secrets.

Her only regret was in having deceived Robert. The poor fool was genuinely taken with her, which was how she got a position so close to the top so fast. If you want to get ahead in espionage, sleep with the owner of the company. Robert Emmalservo was cute, she had to admit as she began powering up the computer in his private tech lab, adjunct to his office. It was his sanctum snctorum. A twenty foot hexagonal room that birthed most of the true cutting edge in industrial robotics on a regular basis. Linda was certain that it was here that he would have all the new proprietary files KMUD wanted.

Her real bosses had heard of a new cybernetic control project that would allow a single operator to reprogram robotics on the fly with unrivaled speed and adaptability of program. That kind of technology would allow for production with only a fraction of the delays from software problems that could stop an assembly line cold. But all they had was a name and a rough idea as to the concept, useless without the concrete details like what Emmalservo's exact design was and how he planned to market it.

The computer was finally ready, and so was she. An earlier attempt on company security had diverted attention long enough to check the access code without anyone paying attention to the second alarm. She was in. The file lists were immaculately organized. She was looking for a file along the lines of Slave-units or similar, her bosses had told her. she searched and found cybernetics and began gleaning down through the directories, she had plenty of time to search before the sun even would come up on the cold winter night. In Cybernetics/specials/Xperimntl/cyber/controls/ she found what looked to be the file she was after: slave maker.app.

There was also a letter in the folder with her name on it. She opened it and read .

From: Robert Emmalservo, c.e.o. To: Linda Servitor, assoc. manager of robotics marketing cc: Ira Frie sSew, personnel director Subj: promotion .

This is a memorandum informing the above that as of next Monday Ms. Servitor will be promoted to assistant director of special cybernetics projects. This decision is due to her remarkable knowledge of cybernetics systems at previous employ.

Ira, take care of the paperwork if you could. Handle it as a dx86 transfer. I'll get you the appropriate details later.

Linda, Congrats. I checked with some of your previous employers and they told me about your software knowledge. Especially Dr. Marshall at Mitsuhama. I'll get you a new office within the week. In the meantime, I'll extend access privileges to some of my pertinent files. You'll need to digest several. The list of new instructions and files is in /specials/ Xprimntl/cyber/controls/Lindaspecs. Please read them at first opportunity, they contain all the non-blueprint specs on the new cyber controller conversion system I've been working on. It's a bit of a test, I know, but I think you're up to it.

Good luck, Linda.


She almost cried. Robert was promoting her to be his personal assistant. Oh god, she thought, what if he really loves me? I've got to break his heart or KMUD will kill me, she thought. She considered trying to stay with Robert, but realized that revealing that she was a mole, even a mole who might really have feelings for him, would probably make him turn her out. And KMUD would be waiting. They don't forgive.

She gritted her teeth and tried to convince herself that she was cynical enough to finish the job She had just broken in to steal what her references (real, actually) had netted her legit access to. It's just too damn sweet, she thought as she opened the new file. "I still wish there was some other way," she sighed. She sat down and stretched in the chair, a habit whenever she finally settled in to read a monitor.

The chair's headrest clamped around her ears. It had simply folded around and grabbed her head on both sides, tight. The chair moved her to an upright posture to stare at the screen. LOADING SLAVEMAKER 1.01 was the text on the screen.

The chair began to rise and unfold. She was quickly standing, her head still in the grip of the headrest despite any of her efforts to open it. Onscreen the program had loaded.

"System ready." A voice said from the overhead speakers. The doors to the lab closed and sealed themselves.

"Presets activated. Loading Servitor Custom protocol. Scanning blank." The computer stated. A large ring descended out of the ceiling and began scanning her with a laser. As it did so, Linda saw a window open onscreen and fill with a 3-d model of her body dimensions.

"Oh, Shit" she said as she realized that that scan meant her cover was toast. In fact, the thing had used her name! He knew she was a corp. spy!

She had walked into a trap, eyes open.

"Custom conversion working." The computer chirped and Linda felt a sharp pain at the base of her skull. Her body left her control and a monitor came on next to the computer's. As the chair released her head and retracted into the floor, she saw herself on the new monitor. Her body stood, eyes half open, mouth slack, with an armature reaching down from the ceiling and a small inch diameter spike at the end of it being secured into her head by fingers at its base. She mused at the cleanliness; no blood had flowed into her blond hair.

More armatures descended from the ceiling. One of them sprayed her head with a fluid and her hair simply dissolved right off, leaving her skull bald as a cue ball. Another fed a flexible tentacle down her mouth, while another moved up each of her holes from below. A large column descended above her head and began pushing needles and probes down into her head. Other armatures began driving more probes and needles into her all over her body.

The monitor showed an electric arc among the hundreds of invaders in her head, and she was suddenly uncontrollably aroused by the process. She had felt no pain after the first securing spike, but now the feeling of having hundreds of needles and spikes pushing into her flesh, wires and cables and tubes trailing up into the mechanical ceiling, was absolute heaven to her mind. She knew she was being controlled, but was being made not to care.

Another sprayer arm came down and coated the rest of her body with a fluid that dissolved off her body suit and any hair underneath. She stood there like a surreal porcupine woman being intensely masturbated by a mechanical room. As the hundreds off metal quills fully entered her body, a new sprayer arm descended and sprayed her head to toe in a thick black liquid. The stuff didn't stick to any of the lines trailing from her, but it dried to a shining second skin on her within seconds and it was getting tight. It kept tightening until she stood with her legs apart slightly and her arms out from her sides a little, totally unable to move. She couldn't see anymore, but she could feel as the tentacle in her mouth began to respite her. She felt herself picked up off the ground by the spike in her skull. She barely heard the sound of a door opening below her, And began to orgasm explosively as she was lowered into something liquid and very hot.

She regained consciousness later, but was looking onto herself from outside. Her ebony coating was so tight she could make out the edges of her own teeth. How the hell is this possible?, she thought. She was floating in a lighted, heated tank of fluid, all the lines were gone, including the invaders. She couldn't move her "eyes" any, but her focus was wide-angle.

She could just see down to her knees, past thighs more well-defined than any bodybuilder could dream of, yet still the same thickness as a normal person's limb. In fact her entire body under the glossy black coating was super defined.

She then noticed the fine traceries of gold growing on the covering over her hands,shins,knees,and forearms. She could also feel them pushing deep into her flesh past the tightness so powerful she couldn't move or even breath.

I'm not breathing, she thought calmly, unable to become emotional about it, her emotions still controlled so that all she felt was the overpowering arousal. She watched as the circuitry slowly worked its way up her thighs and arms. It reached her labia and she began racing to the edge. She was only barely able to focus as her ebony encased clit became a gold button when her mind exploded in a transcendent orgasm that seemed to last hours.

When it finally receded, her outside vantage showed she was a black and gold, bipedal female circuit board from her feet to her neck. She came down from her ecstasy watching the golden hairlines cover her head and face and begin burrowing into her covered eyes, creating two oval pools of gold

Her vision went black for an instant and then she was watching the lab. She saw a pit open in the floor and a familiar armature descend from the ceiling down into the pit. Floor lights came on and vents in the ceiling began pouring a white gas out, partially obscuring her view of her self as the armature lifted her rigid form out of the fluid filled pit. She felt the rush of the gas cooling her and then subside.

Outside, she saw the room clear of the gas and she hung there, a foot off the floor suspended by a rod attached to a port in her skull. Her body faced away from her "eyes" and she could see the over definition extended to the back as well. the armature turned her around as the pit closed below her. her body shone and her golden eyes glowed in the up lighting. The armature set her down gently on the ground and disengaged.

Her body stood there, a high-tech statue legs apart slightly over a foot and a half, her arms still out from her sides a bit.

"Final assembly commencing" chimed the computer system and a series of amateurs, each with a piece of metal at the end descended. One attached a tube of shiny blue metal around the last segment of her left pinkie. She felt it tighten even tighter than the already tight covering had. More armatures followed suit and soon her arms were tightly covered in a second skin of blue metal. She watched the process from outside a little longer when she heard the computer.

"Final software installation commencing" Her vision went black and her mind turned off.

Robert returned from the weekend to the office. As the six-foot two man with the dark hair rode his private elevator up to his office and lab, he went over how easy it had been up to that point. He got off of the elevator and saw his pretty secretary, Mary.

"Welcome, sir. Did you have a good weekend?" She inquired. She wore a pretty business ensemble and had her deep black hair tied in a tail.

"Relatively, Mary. I was waiting to see how something developed regarding my tentative counter-espionage plan. Did my lab computers activate over the weekend by chance?"

"Yes sir they did." She cheerfully said.

"Excellent. Mary, please clear the agenda for today and tell switchboard I am not to be disturbed. I will be calling for you later."

"As you wish, sir."

He entered his office and closed the door. He walked calmly across to the coat closet and began to disrobe down to a pair of tight black boxer briefs. He then opened the door to his lab and entered. He keyed in a sequence into the computer of the active lab. "All done, excellent."

Machinery grumbled as a long object descended from within the ceiling. The object was about seven feet long, white, thick. Rounded edges made it look vaguely human. Steam hissed from a tight seam on the sides of the sarcophagus and it split open. The front half retracted up into the ceiling.

Within was a human shaped white object, a woman shrink wrapped in thick plastic. Robert attached a hook into an eye at the top of the woman's form and lifted her out of the other half. It retracted away and he took a small device and ran it up the plastic from the pointed toes to the top of the head. He stepped back as a seam glowed red along where he had touched the tool.

She spilled out gasping for breath. Her body was once again encased in a skintight glossy black coating, but the circuitry was gone. She touched her face and found it not covered. She felt her head and found thick blond hair, thicker than normal. She saw herself in a mirrored surface and her body was much more voluptuous than it had ever been. Her breasts larger and ass rounder. her face was like an idealized version of her own, all blemishes replaced by perfect skin.

"Hello Linda. Don't bother speaking, your vocals are disabled. I really almost wish you hadn't fallen for my little trap. For once I'd have liked to be disappointed." He stated.

She really couldn't speak, she found. She was embarrassed that he was standing there leering at her, her dressed in a pornographically tight rubbery body suit. "I guess you should get to know my plans for you. The promotion is legitimate, as are your new responsibilities. I do want you near me Linda. I love you.

"But I am a realist. I knew that you would leave me after you had stolen my secrets. but then I realized I could solve many problems at once. you have KMUD access codes in your head and I'm going to use them to find what they've already stolen, and then rape their mainframes dry.

"And I get to keep you for the rest if time, my beautiful slave. Seems like a very profitable arrangement, don't you think?"

He bent down and lifted her chin. He looked in her eyes and she was overcome by attraction to Robert. He planted a long deep kiss in her mouth. then releases her speech.

"Robert, what have you done to me?"

"When you broke in to my office you opened a self executing set of parameters for a a rather blatantly illegal item I developed for certain...agencies within the government. The most important thing that it does, and what the production version they got does, is that it renders it's subject totally at the subordination of the controller of the machine or a preset controller. In short, you are my slave now. You will serve my every spoken and, eventually, mental command. You will love me, serve me, pleasure me, and I will love you forever. Observe."

Mary entered the lab, nude save for a tight blue latex body suit from mid thigh to shoulder. She helped Linda to her feet.

"Robert? I really am sorry but I had no choice."

"Actually, I know. You work for KMUD. They have a habit of killing those that betray them. I didn't want to believe that you were one of their people. I hoped you were as legitimate as your background.

"But I'm a realist. I knew even if you loved me enough that I could turn you, they would simply arrange for one of their other moles to cause you to have an 'accident'. I couldn't let that happen."

"you've made me into something they can't hurt?"

"Yes. My slave and lover...and other things." He touched in a sequence on a keyboard. Linda found she could move. She stepped over to Robert and hugged him, crying.

"H...how did you know?"

"That you wanted a way out? The signs were there. Little things that only a lover can sense."

"Aren't you clever," she whispered.

"No, really. I even guessed you were BI. All those little sideways glances at Mary when you'd come up to my office."

Linda turned red.

"It's all right," he said. "I thought you might like to try yourself out on both of us."

"try myself out?"

"Here, I'll make it easier. Linda?" He looked her in the eyes. He said in a calm voice three words.

"I love Maria."

Both women's eyes glazed over into golden pools. Mary came over to Linda and removed her skin suit, then her own. Robert sat down in a chair to watch for a moment.

Mary stood behind the clearly aroused Linda and turned her to look towards a large mirror on the wall. Then she made Linda kneel on the floor. Mary took a long fingernail and ran it up Linda’s skin between her breasts. Mary stood above her and looked into her eyes via the reflection and spoke

"I.am.Mary.one.Sub.mistress.model. activation.program.servitor.custom"

Mary took her nail and scratched deep on her arms, over the biceps. She traced all the way around each arm. then she dug under the skin and pulled it off like a pair of opera gloves. There was no blood. only a dazzling blue metal pair of slender arms. Linda gasped in lust for the cyber-woman. Mary knelt down behind Linda and began to run her hands over Linda's naked bady. Mary's hands secreted a clear oil and buzzed in a quiet deep tone as they moved over Linda's skin. Linda craned her head back to meet Mary's eager mouth. Mary's long tongue explored deep into Linda. As they kissed, Mary moved around to Linda's front. "This.is.what. we.are.sister."

Mary took Linda's hand and ran the blond woman's fingernails hard around her own neck. Then she held them at the nape. She placed her own hands on Linda's breasts. Linda's hands stayed put even as she writhed in ecstacy."Take.off.my.skin.sister,"Mary asked. Linda moaned in pleasure as she dragged her nails down Mary's chest and thighs. Mary stood and pulled of the skin and stepped out of it.

Linda looked at Mary’s human-looking head and her beautiful, sleek blue metal body and began to quake as the waves of pleasure screamed along her nervous system. She reached out to Mary and as she knelt back down, grabbed at the skin on her neck and peeled up. Linda looked into the face of blue metal with the deep, bottomless golden pools. Mary's mask came free leaving her black hair and Linda grasped it and pulled the robot woman's mouth to hers. she saw Robert out of the corner of her eye. He had also shed his skin and stood before his throne as a gunmetal god.

Linda stood and grasped Mary-1 to her sex. Mary-1 held fast to Linda's leg, reformatting herself to her new primary mistress unit. Linda looked to Robert and managed a whispered "thank you" before she became one with her programming. She ran her nail from her temple down to her feet and peeled herself from the false skin. she approached Robert and knelt before him, Mary-1 prostrate beside her. She looked up with her golden eyes.

"I.am.Linda.1.servitor.alpha.control.mistress. Come.let.us.adore.you."