Food For Thought
(Talisman, part IV)

by D. Monster

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Anna could feel the threads of herself stretched tight through the landscape of Callie's handbag. She was just a guest here, woven into a foreign fabric. It didn't reject her, for it didn't think. Anna, on the other hand, had little to do but think, the collection of memories and notions that made her who she was oscillating along the sparse network of silk threads that constituted the entirety of her physical existence at the moment. While she had the capacity to sense her environment, the quiet, dark interior of the empty handbag left her with little to do but ponder. At the moment she pondered the emerald green talisman that was interwoven with her essence, which indeed was the power that allowed her to remain cognitive in this form. Were that called from her, she would become dormant and be, in its absence, truly nothing but several inches of silk thread woven into the lining of an expensive handbag.

Anna felt herself stir and grew excited. Callie was using the control talisman to transform her, to give her a new form. What would it be? Her threads began to grow and to weave together. How long had she been stitched into the lining of the handbag? It was difficult to tell – time is perceived differently by the inanimate.

She could sense that her transformation was complete. She knew she was flexible, malleable. Light streamed into the handbag and Callie's hand reached in and plucked her out. Callie was naked, standing in a changing room – the same one where Anna had been placed into the bag – but now piles of clothing were arrayed about her.

"Hello again," said Callie, "I have need of your services."

She was lifting Anna to her breasts. Anna shifted her viewpoint and saw Callie putting on a lacy brassiere, black with greenish accents.

Anna had been transformed into a bra. Anna sighed inwardly and felt excitement strum through her fabric body.

"Turns out that this outfit requires a bra and I don't have anything appropriate in the pile here. And while the green might clash a little, I think that you'll do just fine."

Anna felt herself envelope Callie's breasts. It was like taking them into her hands, her mouth, and her vagina all at once. They were at the same time both soft and firm. She felt Callie's chest heaving beneath her, pressing against her whole self. When you are a bra, breasts are your world. A feeling of completeness washed through her as her clasp was closed and Callie surveyed them in the mirror.

Callie's nipples began to harden. To Anna, it was like grasping an erection. She tried to keep her mind clear, to avoid losing herself in the waves of pleasure that accompanied it.

The world grew suddenly darker. Anna knew that Callie had donned a blouse – she could feel it rasping on her back, but it was hardly noticeable next to the mountainous breasts that she gripped, those magnificent objects that gave her form meaning.

And for a while, Anna lost herself in that.

But soon - too soon it seemed - she was wrested from that small nirvana to once again rejoin the weave of the handbag lining, a silk thread with a soul.

* * *

When the hand withdrew her again, she saw that she had become a leather miniskirt. Callie slid her on quite slowly – Callie was readjusting her size continually to get the best fit – so Anna had time to enjoy the feeling of Callie's smooth legs as they glided through her. When she was in place, she felt herself tighten – Callie, like she, preferred her skirts very tight. There was a brief flash of sensation from Callie and Anna knew that she, as a skirt, felt less like leather and more like warm human flesh.

"Oooooooh," breathed Callie.

Anna was having trouble keeping herself from drifting into orgasm. But she had to. She knew that once she started, she would be unable to stop until Callie made her human again.

Shifting her point of view, she saw that Callie was wearing her with the same blouse that she had worn over her when she was a bra. As she watched, her color and length shifted. When Callie finally took off the blouse, she got a good look and saw that the brassiere Callie wore was a close match to what Anna had been before.

She's matching me to the clothes she picks out to decide what might go best with them. Not a bad idea, I suppose.

Callie ran her hands along Anna's smooth surfaces where she covered her hips. Anna was black, soft leather and barely long enough to maintain Callie's modesty. Anna felt Callie tremble and felt a small bloom of heat along her own inner surface. She turned her attention inward and became aware of Callie's pussy, tantalizingly close to Anna. But she couldn't manage to touch….

Then she was being slid back down Callie's legs and caught one more glance of Callie, again wonderfully nude, surrounded by piles of clothing, before she was stuffed back into the handbag.

This time when the bag was closed, however, she did not rejoin the liner of the bag, but again became flesh. She was not whole, though, but rather as she had when Callie had transformed her into a single breast, she knew that she was only part of herself.

Which part?

She felt the bag open and Callie's hand reach in to caress her.

Ah, she thought, once again on the edge of unstoppable orgasm, my pussy.

And nothing more than a pussy, it seemed, for Callie's tiny hand drifted from one side of the bag to the other, stroking Anna's labia all the way along their length.

Tiny hand? Anna thought in surprise. Callie could not shrink herself. No indeed, all that she was able to manipulate with the control talisman was Anna. So it must only mean one thing. Anna chuckled inwardly even as the ripples and eddies of pleasure passed through her abbreviated form.

I'm a GIANT pussy.

Indeed, her genitals, if they did fill the handbag, were at least five times their normal size. She could not image how long her clitoris must be as Callie fingered it. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, Callie thrust her arm into Anna, all the way up to her shoulder.

Anna gasped inwardly and struggled for control. She could feel Callie's arm moving around inside her.

How…, Anna thought, astonished that her vagina might be larger inside than the external manifestation of her genitals was. Callie pulled her arm out. It was clean and dry, even though Anna must have been, by this time, very, very wet…

But why? What's going on?

Callie's hand returned and Anna felt something being stuffed deep inside her.

It was the bra.

It was followed very closely by the blouse.

And then by a miniskirt that Anna would have guessed, had she not been distracted by her onrushing orgasm, was black, soft leather and very, very short.

And as she was once again transformed into threads stitched into the lining of the handbag and an endless orgasm took her, Anna figured out what Callie was doing.

Callie was shoplifting.

* * *

Callie repeated the cycle several times. She would try on clothing, using Anna whenever necessary. Anna became bras, jewelry, skirts, whatever was needed. Callie wondered what it felt like, but when she tried to tap into Anna's mind, all she caught was a hurricane of the unending orgasm… something that she herself was very familiar with by now.

And when she decided on something she liked, she would hide it away in Anna's capacious vagina. That part was the most fun. Strange that she could feel Anna's pulse when she pushed her arm into her, considering that the parts of Anna that would have contained a heart didn't exist right now.

The only item she purchased was the handbag. She moved from store to store on her magical crime spree. Whenever a suspicious clerk stopped her as she left, she could show them that her handbag was indeed empty. Anna blended into the lining quite nicely. Of course, Callie would sometimes leave wearing her twin as a pair of thong underwear. She liked the feeling of Anna strung between her buttocks and pressed against her pussy. It was nice. And it made her very, very horny.

And she was also growing very, very hungry. It was a long walk back to Walt's house and she was going to have to find a snack before she headed back. But first things first.

She sat down at a table in the food court. It was a little late for lunch, so there weren't too many people dining. Casting her eyes about to make sure no one was watching, she surreptitiously slid her thong panties down her long legs and removed them. She looked at them – white with green trim – and tossed them into her handbag. She concentrated.

Very soon she could hear muffled, high-pitched screams from inside the bag. When the noisiest parts of Anna's orgasm had abated, Callie peeked inside.

Anna was lying at the bottom of the handbag, all of five inches tall. She was nude and shiny with perspiration. Her dark hair was tousled and she was panting.

"What. Did. You. Do?" she gasped, her tiny voice barely to be heard over the din of the food court.

"Had some fun," replied Callie. A child at a nearby table turned to look at Callie, but turned back, assuming that Callie was using a cell phone.

"Where did you put those clothes?"

"You know very well where I put those clothes."

Anna placed her hand on her lower abdomen, which didn't seem any larger than the lower abdomen of a slim, five-inch-tall woman should be.

"You STOLE those clothes!"

Callie shrugged. "Guilty," was all she said.

Anna stopped to consider and realized that under similar circumstances, she would have likely done the same thing. The thrill of getting away with it would have been too difficult to resist. And the stores did, after all, have insurance.

"Well," said Callie, "can't talk now. It's lunchtime." She closed the handbag. She could feel Anna pounding on the sides of handbag.

Callie looked around and then realized that she didn't have Walt's credit card. After the second shop, she decided she didn't want to risk losing it. So it was now in the same place as all the clothes she had "acquired" – deep within Anna.

Drats. No snack.


She closed her eyes for a moment. The feeble poundings and protestations from within the handbag ceased. She undid the latch and reached in. She gingerly picked up Anna and examined her.

Anna dear, you look scrumptious.

Anna was now a cupcake.

She was a small cupcake, white with green icing. And she did look quite delicious. Callie held her briefly before taking a small bite.

Anna was indeed the best cupcake she had ever tasted. Furthermore, there seemed to be a slight discharge of static electricity when Callie took the bite. As she took another bite of the sweet, moist cake of Anna's tiny body, she could almost feel her twin's astonishment and ecstasy. A small groan escaped her lips after she had swallowed the second bite. She felt it disappear inside her. As she took the third bite, she felt the tiny cake humming. She herself began to shake. As Anna disappeared piece by piece into her, she found it more difficult to control herself.

When at last Anna was gone, the last of her having been swallowed by Callie, Callie could hold on no longer and had her orgasm silently, tightly gripping the edges of the food court table. The family at the table next to hers had stopped eating to stare, but Callie did not care. When her paroxysms had subsided, she licked the last of Anna's frosting from her fingers, stood, smoothed her clothes, and left.

Callie walked home, digesting Anna.

As she walked, she decided on how she was going to recover her sister and all of the stolen booty that was hidden in – Callie smirked at the thought - Anna's booty. She concentrated…and soon she knew that the first stage was underway. She stopped and took off her high heels so that that she could walk faster. This was going to be a close one.

By the time she arrived back at Walt's place, she could hardly hold it in. She rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a drinking glass. She hoped it was big enough. She hiked her skirt up over her hips and placed the glass between her legs to catch the opaque emerald green liquid that began flowing from her. The glass was nearly full to the brim when the flow stopped.

She set the glass on the kitchen table.

"Hi Anna," she said as she examined her liquefied sister.

She picked up a spoon and stirred Anna a little. Experimenting, she concentrated and the liquid became transparent (though still green) as she stirred. Then, on a whim, she closed her eyes and concentrated on removing the talisman. There was a small plinking noise. She opened her eyes to see that the green had cleared from the liquid and the talisman, a small ear-ring now, had fallen to the bottom of the glass. Callie got another glass and carefully poured Anna into it so she could retrieve the talisman.

Anna looked like water. Actually, without the talisman she was water. No thought. No movement. Just a glass of water. Spill her now and she'd be gone, flowing down the drain in the floor to goodness knows where, out of the control of the talisman. Callie tipped the glass a little, watching what was left of Anna slosh back and forth.

Okay, enough of that. She dropped the talisman back into the glass and began stirring, feeling the talisman reconnect with Anna and watching her opaque green color return.

Callie retrieved a large pan from the cupboard and set it on the table. She picked up the glass of Anna and poured her carefully into the pan. She covered the entire bottom of the pan, her opaqueness obscuring it completely. Callie stuck her finger into Anna. The liquid puckered inward rather like a pool of mercury would. Concentrating, she pushed her finger in further – it sank into Anna to a depth much greater than the dimensions of the pan should allow. Callie pushed her arm further in and, grasping something, pulled. Out came a brassiere, dry and in perfect condition. She set it on the table and reached into the pool again, this time pulling out a blouse.

For half an hour, Callie fished items of clothing out of the puddle of Anna. When she was certain that she had everything out, she stood on the table and leaned over the pool. Concentrating, she reached in and, feeling around, grasped a hand. She pulled. Out of the pool emerged first a hand, then an arm, and finally Anna's head. Anna was conscious, and when her shoulders emerged from the pool, she pulled her other arm out of the pool and lifted herself up on her elbows. She seemed a little shaky, but with Callie's help, she emerged completely from the pool to lie, gasping and trembling – another intense orgasm – on the kitchen table. Callie noted that there was no liquid remaining in the pan.

There but there was an object in the pan.

Walt's credit card.

Callie laughed and picked it up.

Anna seemed to have recovered, but was now sticking her fingers into her own vagina with a look of intense concentration on her face.

"Haven't you had enough?" asked Callie, but Anna kept fishing.

Finally, Anna smiled and pulled her fingers out, trailing strings. She pulled a little harder, winced, and out popped a pair of thong panties.

"Missed one," she said with a lopsided grin on her face.

* * *

There was, quite frankly, no good way to tell Callie what it had felt like to be eaten, digested, liquefied (they had both been liquefied before, but this had been different), and restored. Not to mention having been stuffed full of clothing.

Very sexy clothing, she noted to herself, going through the outfits, trying them on. Different being inside them than it was having them inside me.

Of course, she didn't have to tell Callie about it at all. She fingered the control talisman on her finger. She had it in her power to do all the same things to Callie. Now where was she?

"Callie!" she yelled. She'd transformed Callie into a cat and Callie had been scampering about the mouse, chasing bugs and shadows.


Then she remembered the second talisman, a small green cat collar, which was sitting on the bed in front of her. She'd removed it after the transformation to give Callie a taste of what it was like to be a real cat.

What cat ever comes when you call it?

Dressed in her thong panties (the ones she'd plucked from inside herself whilst sitting on the kitchen table) and a bra, she began wandering the house looking for Callie.

If I were a cat, where would I be? Then she had a thought. Oh, of course.

Muttering something about mohammeds and mountains, she walked into the kitchen and turned on the can opener. There was a sound behind her. She turned.

Like a charm.

Callie was sitting on the table, chestnut fur glistening in the morning sunlight. She meowed. Anna petted her and she purred. Then she reaffixed the collar and the purring stopped. Callie sat down in a manner entirely unlike that of a true cat.

There's no way a person could ever impersonate a cat, Anna thought, we just don't have the moves. She picked up Callie and set her in the pantry – if she had tossed her in, she would have landed on her head and gotten hurt, whereas a regular cat would landed on its feet and been fine. She closed the door.

Three seconds later, Callie reemerged, human again and naked except for a green choker around her neck. She began to speak but ended up doubled over, coughing violently.

That is, until she finally got the hairball out.

Anna smiled to herself.

"Hey sis," said Callie, voice rasping. "Thanks for the cat time. It really was extraordinary. And the answer is no."


" No, I still have no idea where the purr comes from. What's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you can find," said Anna over her shoulder as she walked out the room. "When you've eaten, come see me in the bedroom. Yesterday's adventures gave me some interesting ideas."

She walked into the bedroom and into the closet, emerging a moment later with two large suitcases. She set them on the bed and opened them.

Hmmm. There may be some useful stuff in the basement.

She wandered off to look.

* * *

When Callie finally made it back to the bedroom, Anna was just closing the suitcases. In addition to the two suitcases, there was a large, heavy duffel. Callie looked stricken.

"Are you leaving?" she asked nervously.

"Sort of," replied Anna.

"Where are you going?"

"Depends on you."

Callie looked worried. "Can I go with you?"

"You will, after a fashion. Lie down on the bed."

Callie, looking relieved, promptly did as she was told. Anna supposed that Callie imagined that she was about to be packed into one of the suitcases.

Nope, thought Anna.

Or that Anna would be wearing her wherever she was going.

Closer to the truth.

Anna pulled a blanket over Callie's legs. Callie looked excited. Then she drew a blanket over Callie's head and upper body. This left only her crotch exposed.

Anna concentrated and the blankets covering Callie slowly collapsed to the surface of the bed. Removing the blankets, Anna found Callie's isolated hips, buttocks, and pussy. She picked this little piece of Callie up and ran her finger along her labia. Callie twitched.

"Hey there kiddo," Anna said. "Hang onto your hat."

She walked to the closet and sat Callie on the floor just inside the door, pussy pointed outward toward her. She then closed the door gently and concentrated.

There was a slight rumbling and the room creaked slightly. Then she opened the door.

Callie's pussy filled the entire doorway, from the floor to the ceiling. The labia were swollen and pushed apart. At the very top of the doorway, Anna could see the tip of Callie's clitoris – for all she could tell it was at least foot long – pierced with an emerald green ring. Callie's clit was rubbing against the top of the door frame. The room creaked again. Anna was going to have to do this quickly or Callie might bring the whole house down.

Anna picked up the first suitcase and carried it to the door. Slowly, carefully, she pushed it into Callie's vagina. There was a slight resistance, but then it slid in and disappeared with a wet noise. Callie's gargantuan pussy trembled and the room creaked a little louder. The second suitcase met no resistance at all, disappearing into Callie almost instantly. There was a growing puddle of fluid on the floor now.

The duffel was more difficult, but eventually it went in, too. Callie shook and so did the house. The creaking was punctuated by a muffled crack somewhere. Anna fumbled at the clasp of her bra as she hurried to remove her clothing.

Soon she stood in front of Callie's pussy. She was naked but for the ring on her finger. Callie's slit was much longer than Anna was tall. It was hard to tell who was shaking harder, Anna or Callie. But Anna's shaking was not about to bring down the house, so she stepped forward and inserted her right foot into Callie. This was soon followed by her right arm and left foot and soon she was climbing into Callie's vagina. It was very warm and, Anna thought, very, very comfortable.

Bit by bit, she maneuvered herself in. Callie's trembling was becoming perilous. Just as she was about to pull her head in, Anna saw dust being shaken loose from the ceiling of the room. Then her head disappeared into Callie's pussy and she was gone.

The room was empty now, save Callie's massive genitalia in the doorway. Her trembling subsided and all was quiet for a moment.

Then the trembling resumed, stronger than before, as a pale arm emerged from between the closed labia. It grabbed the doorknob and pulled the closet door shut with a bang. The shaking began to crescendo and then, abruptly, it ceased.


Then came the sound of a hand scrabbling at the inside of the door. The doorknob turned and the door sprang open. Callie, whole and normal-sized, stumbled out and fell to her knees, spasms of pleasure wracking her nude, glistening body.

After a moment, she stood and looked around. Her hands carefully probed her pussy and lower abdomen. The expression on her face made abundantly clear the thought that dominated her mind at this moment.

Where is Anna?


To be continued…

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