Game, Set, Match
by MP
Darcies Department Store was ready for the Christmas rush and had a large display of Tennis gear on display for the shoppers to admire. The display was of two mannequins a man and a woman in familiar poses of exciting tennis action.

The pretty girl mannequin was a striking blonde and dressed in a short skirt and striped top that made her body stand out. The male mannequin was strong and

handsome. Soon the lights dimmed and the last of the night crew finished up with their cleaning and packed up to go home for the evening. Then as the moon rose over the window a strange thing began to happen. The male mannequin began to move. He went behind the pretty female figure and bent her knees and sat her on the floor.
She stared ahead with a glassy stare unknowing of the things that were being done to her lovely body. She was a posable toy in his hands. He spread her legs and looked at her little plastic pussy and then began to gently remove her outfit. He had trouble with the skirt so he had to pose her on her knees to get a better position.

He then removed her top and being very noble he placed her free hand inside of her lacy panty and over her delicate sex. He leaned down and kissed her left tit and began to fondle the smooth curves of her body when suddenly she became aware of his presence. The girl mannequin turned and kissed her lover firmly on the mouth and stood up to embrace him. He turned her toward the large window and removed his outfit and began to gently rub against her.

She reached behind herself and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him closer as she reveled in his warmth. The two mannequin lovers began to make love in the store

display. The male mannequin ran his hands over the delicate curve of his lover's back and the girl mannequin stretched languidly and cooed in the pleasure of his touch.

Soon the sun began to peek from behind the mist of night and the two mannequins were so enraptured that they did not notice that they were beginning to harden again into their original plastic forms.

The MD the next day was very confused as he came into work and found his newest display in such an erotic way. But he had been at Darcies for several years and this was not the first time that strange things had occurred in this store.

The End 12/3/99 M.P.