Terminatrix IV

The Next Generation

By Rotwang

"Commander Jones to captain."

Captain Travis woke up from a deep REM sleep. "Yes ?"

"Captain, we have a malfunction in holodeck two."

"I'm coming over." Travis got out of his bed and groaned. "Doesn't anything ever work on this ship ?" He mumbled to himself.

"Computer, lights."

Travis squinted at the bright lights blinding his sleep filled eyes.

"Computer, cut the light intensity by 75 percent !"

Captain Travis arrived at the holodeck. Commander Jones, an attractive dark-skinned woman was waiting for him, and seemed relieved to see him.

"Captain, we have some trouble with the holodeck." She said.

Travis refrained from saying "What else is new ?"

"It appears the simulation went wild captain." Lieutenant-commander Sorek said in his usual detached Vulcan tone.

"Are there people inside ?" Travis asked.

"Ensign Crossley, sir." Jones said.

"Any reasons why the simulation would behave that way ?" Travis asked.

"It appears that something in the simulation invaded the ship's computer and overrode all the failsaves." Sorek answered.

"Can't we beam him out ?"

"Negative, captain. A containment field has been erected around the holodeck. Nobody can beam in or our." Jones said. "I suggest we try to access whatever's in there, captain."

Travis thought for a moment. "Has ensign Crossley told anyone about him going to the holodeck, anything unusual, some kind of project ?"

"Not that we are aware of." Jones said.

"Go to his quarters and look for anything out of the ordinary. Meanwhile try to find out what's going ..."

The holodeck door slowly ground open.

Crossley almost fell over as he stepped outside and was barely caught by Jones and another crewmember.

"How is he ?" Travis asked dr. Raleigh.

"Well, he's got unusual marks all over his body, like he was hit by a whip. Some bruises and he ..."

"What ?"

"He ... had these ..."

"WHAT ?" Travis asked, visibly upset about the doctor's wavering.

"We found semen marks on his clothes." Raleigh said.

"You don't suggest he ... ?"

"Judging from his adrenaline levels, he did something in there, and it wasn't hiking on Altair 3."

"Travis to Commander Jones. Have you found something ?"

"Jones here, we may have found something."

"I'm on my way."

Travis wanted to walk out, when he heard a faint moan.

"He's coming by." Raleigh said.

"Commander, Crossley just woke up, I'll join you as soon as I can."


Crossley blinked a few times and looked around himself. "Where is ... she ?"

"Who ?" Travis asked.

"Her !" Crossley answered, trying to get up, but Raleigh gently held him down.

"What were you doing in the holodeck ?" Travis asked.

Crossley looked at the captain. "Er ..."

"Were you using the holodeck for sexual purposes ?" He said bluntly.

Crossley almost blushed. "NO ! Er, not really, I didn't expect ..."

"You can be frank, this will remain among us." Travis said.

"Well it started a while back when I found some old files from an ancestor of mine ..."

"Captain ?" It was Sorek. "We may have an emergency. Something just gained access to the main computer."

"I'm on my way !" Travis said.

"Have you tried to contain it ?"

"Yes, but it somehow overcame all our attempts to block it."

"Organics, you are now the slaves of ... Terminatrix !" The computer's usual voice sounded frightening and electronic.

"What the ?" Travis said. "Who are you ?"

"I am Terminatrix, the mistress of humanity ! And you are my slaves !"

"Crossley, you have some explaining to do !" Travis mumbled to himself.

Crossley sat in a chair with the captain and Sorek listening.

"One of my ancestors left diaries dating back to the late 20th and early 21st century. They were unusual in that they had been sealed in metal boxes. My family seemed to have forgotten about it when I discovered them. It wasn't hard to open them with a laser cutter... I guess I was curious and I began to read the diaries. It explained how he had a relationship with this person, Terminatrix..." Crossley took a sip of water and continued. "As far as I can understand he used to go to this place where they provided sexual services and there was this robot woman who performed what is called S&M ... I was so fascinated by his accounts I became enraptured. I entered the diaries into the computer and asked it to turn it into a holodeck program."

"You mean that the Lexington has been taken over by a sexual fantasy from the 20th century ?" Travis asked, still unwilling to believe what he heard.

"I guess that's what happened..."

"And who is this Terminatrix ?"

"She's a robot, she claims that robots somehow rebelled and took over, enslaving humanity."

"That's impossible, there were no self aware computer systems developed before the 24th century, and they are still quite rare, Commander Data for instance." Sorek Noted.

"Could something have gone back in time with the purpose of trying to conquer earth in an earlier period ?" The captain asked.

"Like the Borg tried recently ?" Sorek added.

"Perhaps we had better talk with this Terminatrix..." Travis said.

The doors of the holodeck opened and Captain Travis walked inside accompanied by Sorek and Crossley and some security officers.

Inside it looked like a cool hall completely covered in black marble. And in a corner, what first looked like a statue stirred.

"Who are you ?" Said a feminine voice, but it was clear she didn't sound human or very nice either.

"I am Captain John Travis of the Federation Starship USS Lexington."

The statue moved and stood into the light.

Her body was a dark shade of gun metal. Proportioned like an athletic female, she stood nearly 7 feet tall, perched on six inch heels.

Angular and covered in metal spikes, she commanded instant respect, if not fear.

Her face was that of a gorgeous woman with sharply chiseled features such as high cheekbones and a black half-mat visor instead of eyes. The men could hear a faint buzz whenever she moved.

"It appears you have taken control of our central computer..."

"So ?" She sounded threatening.

Travis paused to take a breath. "Look, I'll be frank with you. Do you know what you really are ?" he didn't give her time to answer. "You are the recreation of a fantasy some people had four centuries ago. But due to some unexplained event, you've somehow become self-aware."

Terminatrix raised her hand. "I am aware of what I am. And I do not wish to co-exist with organics. I will use this ship to create more of my kind and take over from you, pathetic organics !"

"You can't just expect to ..."

"I'll do what I like. I'm resetting your life-support system. The oxygen content will gradually drop until you comply and enable me to replicate myself. You have 24 hours" And she just walked away.

"Wait !" Travis shouted.

Terminatrix paused and turned around and posed herself, legs apart and fists on her hips.

"I have no choice but to stop you !" Travis said and reached for his phaser.

He fired, as did the security officers and the beams bounced off a force-field around her.

She riposted by firing beams of energy from her nipples, slicing two security officers in half.

"Do not anger me again !" She said and even Sorek might have felt a hint of fear.

"Stop firing, it's using the ship's systems against us."

"Oh, captain ?" Terminatrix said. "You can always come to me for personal pleasure." And she walked away, heels clicking on the hard marble.

Captain's log, Stardate 50789.1

A blast from the past has returned to haunt us. A fictional entity has somehow become reality and has taken over the Lexington. Our first confrontation revealed that she wants to turn this fantasy into reality...

Travis sat at the head of the table, listening to Sorek's account.

"We have found no records of the mansion where the sexual services were offered, captain. It appears it wasn't widely known or advertised. We did find a link with an ancient fellowship created around a primitive computer network called the Internet. They referred to this fellowship as the ASFR or Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots. These people called themselves Techno-Sexuals and enjoyed the idea of having relationships and/or sexual intercourse with mechanical beings."

"But there were no robots back then ?" N'Kir, the chief engineer said, looking at Travis and the others with her orange eyes.

"Has Starfleet acknowledged our distress signal ?" Travis asked.

"They have set a five light-year quarantine area around the ship. They will dispatch several ships to check on us, just in case." Burke from security said.

"I want a complete communications blackout, I don't want to run the risk to have Terminatrix escape as a virus and infect another ship."

"I suggest I try to communicate with her in order to find more about her and her motives, captain." Sorek said.

"Just be careful, meanwhile you just try to find out more about her origins. She's got to be somewhere !"

Captain Travis sat in his ready room, going over the ASFR stories. There were some accounts of people's encounters with Terminatrix, and Travis had to admit she was hard to resist somehow.

Perhaps encounters with so many alien races had relaxed the idea of an unusual partner and made it even easier to accept than to the Techno-Sexuals four centuries ago.

His door beeped.

"Come on in."

Sorek walked in and Travis noticed something he didn't expect, his skin faintly glistened with sweat.

"Am I wrong or did you succumb to her ?"

"She overpowered me physically, captain, she wanted to see how resistant Vulcans really are." Sorek said in his usual detached tone. He felt she had come very close to his breaking point.

"We discussed many things, but she seemed very interested in the sexual practices of most of the major races in the quadrant. She's a very hedonistic creature, driven by darker emotions such as a desire to control and inflict pain. And she's also highly intelligent."

"Did you ?"

"She tried to make me beg, captain, but I resisted."

"That's it !" Travis got up. "Join me in engineering in one hour and tell the chief engineer to be ready to sabotage the engines. And tell Commander Jones to prepare evacuation. I'm going to take my ship back !"

"Lieutenant Burke, I'm going to the armory, join me there."

Travis walked into Terminatrix's domain.

She seemed to be waiting for him.

He took in a deep breath and noticed the air was growing thin.

"I want my ship back."

"YOU want something ?" She asked with a hint of irony in her granite voice.

"You're just some sexual fantasy that's gone wrong, I demand you return control of this ship over to me !"

"Oh, my captain ... You want so much from me." She said playfully, like a tiger toying with a mouse.

"You speak of taking over the federation, but one ship can't provide you the means to invade the Federation ?"

"Oh, but I do not intend to attack the federation with this pathetic ship. I plan on taking control of one of your worst enemies..."

"You don't mean ... ?"

"The Borg !" She said triumphantly. "They claim they have reached perfection, but these pathetic hybrids will quickly bow to my kind, for they assimilated inferior organics into their systems !" She slowly, casually walked up to Travis.

"Once I have assimilated them, they will forge an unstoppable army that will crush the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, the Cardassians and perhaps even the Dominion ..."

"And what will happen to us ?"

"You will become slaves, tending to us in exchange of our favours." She stood before him and looked down at him.

"We will never bow !" Travis said.

"You will learn to accept us, perhaps even love us, they all do in the end, you know ?" She sounded almost nice.

"Am I not beautiful ? Do I not cause your heart to race and make your loins long for my hard embrace ?"

She reached for his crotch faster than a striking cobra.

Travis felt her hand cradle his manhood and squeeze it, making him get up on the tips of his toes.

"Dare you embrace me ?" She taunted him. "Or do you fear injury ?"

Travis looked at her and just didn't know what to say.

"Come and feel my cold, hard skin." She said and reached behind his shoulder.

Travis reached out and grabbed her waist and pressed himself against her. Her heels retracted into her feet and she crouched a little to press her perfectly etched lips against his more easily.

Her body was unyielding in the extreme and he felt his skin break and tear every time he brushed his arms over the spikes on her body.

She grabbed him and squeezed him hard causing him to fight for a breath, but he continued to kiss her passionately. His crotch swelling against her hard surface.

He heard a buzz and knew she opened herself to him.

He responded by beginning to remove his uniform, but she impatiently ripped it from his body, revealing his athletic body.

His cock now fully erect, he grabbed her and entered her cold, hard slit.

Oil spilling from her insides eased his entry and he just breathlessly whispered her name.

"You relinquish control or I'll send us all to the place where calculators go to die !" He pressed his ring against her head.

"It's armed and primed, there is enough anti-matter in here to blow us all up, along with most of this deck !"

He was making the threats now. "You move an inch and we die, no more Trixie !"

It was impossible to determine whether she was looking at him.

"I'm impressed, you are a lot more determined than most of the organics I ever met." She said admiringly.

"You have less than half an hour left and the engine room goes critical anyway, so don't try to stall me !"

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't." She said, and activated the pumps in her steel vagina."

Travis shook, but kept the ring firmly against her neck. He smiled and began to rock as well, pressing the ring as hard against her as he could.

By now his crotch and most of his legs were slick with the oil spilling from her insides. He kissed and rubbed her hard skin and reveled in the shivers her cold embrace gave him.

Even Terminatrix was turned on, moaned throwing her head back, and screamed.

Travis came and felt the rush.

"Do whatever you wish with me ! You check-mated me."

"Computer, this is Captain Travis, overwrite Travis program 148c with this program. Add a captain's security lockout and save as said file." He slipped the ring against his hand and pressed the safety.

"Good-bye." He whispered in her ear. "Computer ! End program !"

Travis stood naked, and panting. He ran his finger through his hair and noticed he was bleeding from surface cuts over his body.

"Captain, have you deactivated Terminatrix ?" Jones said.

"Yes I did, tell the chief NOT to blow up the engines under any circumstance."

Captain Travis was back in his ready-room. The door buzzed.

"Come on in." He said.

Sorek walked in. "Congratulations, captain, on your handling the crisis. But I must inform you that I have discovered that just before you ended the program, one of the saved holodeck programs dramatically increased in size. I deleted the file in the off chance that Terminatrix tried to download herself."

Travis paused for a second to take a deep breath. "Just run over all the other files, just in case..."

"Yes captain." Sorek withdrew raising his eyebrow and lingered for a long second.

Travis sat in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. "You just had to have the last laugh, didn't you Trixie ! You cruel thing !"

And he laughed hard enough for the bridge crew to wonder...

The End ?