Terminatrix III


By Rotwang

Sarah walked into the dark marble room dressed in her finest lycra suit. It had taken her a lot of trouble to find the right fabric, but the silvery sheen was the closest she could get to real metal. Her face hidden behind a sliver spray-painted mask, she posed herself to her best advantage. One leg forward, back gracefully arced and tush thrust back. Her gloved hands on the back of her hips, she awaited her new mistress who would initiate her into a new world of metal fantasy.

Somewhere, faintly in the background, she could hear music resembling the Tubular Bells from the Exorcist. She shifted slightly, nervously, waiting for mistress until the wall swivelled open.

Thank God she wore a mask or her wide open mouth would've ruined her first impression.

"Take of those rags !" The gun-metal war-machine commanded her.

The styling of her body, carefully designed to give off the impression of unstoppable power, made her the perfect movie vilainess.

Awed by her appearance, Sarah just stood there like a cheap mannequin.

"Take that lycra from you body. Lycra is for losers." She said, putting her fists against her hips.

Sarah regained control of herself and just reached for her mask. She felt a lot of disappointment.

Terminatrix walked up to her.

Boy she's big ! Sarah thought. Looking at seven feet of cold forged steel.

"Take off that suit, or I'll do it for you." She said, cupping Sarah's face in the hard grip of her fingers.

"But this is my best suit ..." Sarah protested.

Shnickt ! A sharp claw erupted from Terminatrix's finger, slitting the fabric from her neck down, between her breasts.

Sarah just held her breath in case she'd cut her accidentally.

Shlick ! the claw vanished back into Terminatrix's hand and she tore the lycra suit from Sarah's naked body.

Sarah flushed red and covered her breasts.

Terminatrix lowered her fearsome visage and reached for Sarah's arm and squeezed it hard.

"Soft, like all organics, dressing in soft fabrics..." She let go of Sarah's bruised arm. "Behold the pureness of metal !"

An alcove revealed itself and Sarah just shook her head in disbelief at a metal woman she saw appear and tore the rest of the once precious suit from her body.

Terminatrix turned round and looked at Sarah, and reached out with her gun-metal hand, topped with nasty spikes on the knuckles and clenched her hand like a vice, almost dragging her off her feet.

Sarah just squealed as she neared the exquisite chrome figure.

Letting go of her, Terminatrix reached for the head and picked it up, handing it over to Sarah.

"Ah, Sheryll." She said with her dark, husky voice with that hollow metallic ring to it. "Help little Sarah to become one of us ..."

Like a squire dressing his knight, Sheryll helped do the clasps, adjusting and pulling the straps and helped Sarah in her transience from flesh to metal.

She'd had a lycra fetish once, now it was long gone, replaced by something stronger.

The coolness of the mask dampened her red-hot cheeks and she just felt the rush of adrenaline through her body when Sheryll, somewhere behind her said "Done !"

The whole thing was tight, tighter than any lycra she'd ever been in. Her pussy moistened when she felt her movements guided, rather than restricted by her new hard skin.

Her head dropped half an inch before raising itself as if powered by an electric engine.

Terminatrix was sitting in a metal throne, fingers steepled before her face.

"Excellent, you are adjusting quickly, perhaps there's some hope for you yet..."

Sarah felt great pride at her new form, sleeker and well defined, without all the little blemishes she disliked so much.

"Come little one, let me show you something." Terminatrix said as a wall panel slid open.

A TV Screen filled with static blinked to life.

"Look carefully, you'll see shapes, look at them..."

Sarah stared and stared at the TV and saw the patterns forming.

And the white noise seemed to slowly change, becoming a chant which she slowly began to recite over and over, while Terminatrix looked on, going over Sarah's new body.

Sarah woke up feeling a bit odd.

"Excellent." Said a voice sending a chill down her spine and fingers grasped her chin.

She could see Terminatrix come into view and caress her.

"You have been programmed. You cannot resist me, and you will be a perfect slave." She said.

"I.will.obey." Sarah said.

"Good." Terminatrix waited for a chair to rise out of the ground and sat down on it, spreading her legs open.

"You may pleasure us." Terminatrix answered. "Come here Futura !"

Futura's limbs came to life and jerked about for a second, before she shifted her pose and walked up to Terminatrix, whose genitals opened like a guillotine. "Use the add-ons." Terminatrix said.

Futura picked up a silver dildo and slotted it onto her crotch, and activated her internal power-supply to bring it to life.

Terminatrix rolled her head back and just waited for Futura to enter her. Inside, Futura felt that Terminatrix was fairly hard by the feel of the pressure of the dildo.

Futura leaned over Terminatrix and pushed, her hips, pumping mechanically while she grasped her ample breasts. Metal scraped over metal and Futura felt that deep satisfaction she always wanted.

Sheryll sat behind a monitor looking at the action, rubbing herself in delight.

"She sure seems like an eager beaver, no ?" She said into the microphone in her headset.

Sarah woke up from her trance, but remembered everything. Besides her, Terminatrix finished rubbing some of the oil she'd spilt from her body.

"Allow.me, mistress." Sarah, said and rubbed between her legs.

"My, you are an eager beaver."

"I.exist.to.please." She said smiling behind her mask.

Sarah just jumped in the air when she heard she could keep the suit. Sheryll warned it would be billed to her, but she made no objections whatsoever.

Over the next few weeks she would come as much as three times a week. Although Sheryll had to help her dress at first, Sarah quickly insisted on wearing the costume home, flaunting her new appearance to the outside world. Sometimes she'd come in already dressed in broad daylight in a convertible ...

Sheryll went over the agenda and saw the next name on the list.

"Her again ?" She said to herself. "This is becoming a private affair for her alone." She flipped through the pages and noticed that Sarah had been there every day for the last few days.

The bell rang and surely enough a chrome woman waiting to be let in.

"Hey, you know the way." She said to Sarah, who seemed in her part most of the time. And looked at her walk off in a robotic fashion.

Futura waited for quite a while for her mistress to come, but when she did, Futura just stood there, instead of bowing.

Terminatrix noticed and paused. "Welcome, Futura." She said, distinctly showing her disapproval.

Futura just nodded and added. "Welcome to the superfluous."

"What did you say ?" Terminatrix sounded irritated.

Futura just stepped up to her without asking permission.

A long metallic whip slid out of Terminatrix's forearm. "Who do you think you are ?" She barked.

"The future." And she jumped at Terminatrix.

Having not anticipated the attack, Terminatrix slipped and fell. The crash of metal echoed through the marble-covered room. Futura was upon her and held onto her arms.

"You will tell me how to become you !" Futura said, with a cold electronic tone to her voice.

Terminatrix struggled and using her superior size, rolled over Futura, but she knew something about martial arts and shifted herself in such a way that she could apply pressure to Terminatrix's arm.

"Let's get physical." Terminatrix said, foregoing all subtlety, just punched Futura, who recoiled under the blow.

Futura let go of Terminatrix's arm and felt her slip from under her.

A quick push and Futura rolled down the three steps Terminatrix usually stood upon. Clanging all the way down.

But Futura got up to her feet and tried a footsweep, which sent the charging Terminatrix to the ground.

Just as Futura landed on her, Terminatrix slammed her elbow into Futura's stomach, denting the metal.

Ignoring the blow, Futura bunched her fists and slammed into Terminatrix's head. The metal of her elbow offered little grip and Terminatrix slipped, hitting her head against the floor.

Futura got up and assumed a martial arts pose.

"Come on." She said, her voice a close approximation of Terminatrix's usual tone.

Terminatrix slowly got up, visibly damaged.

Futura opened up with a roundhouse kick, catching Terminatrix by the shoulder, rather than the head. Boy, she was big.

The blow rocked her to one side and she lashed out with her fist hitting Futura in the face again.

Futura recoiled, but Terminatrix followed up with a kick to her stomach.

Futura fell to the ground limbs flailing.

"Had enough !" Terminatrix just stood there, her body shaking and Futura could hear her out-of-breath voice sound quite unsure of herself.

Futura just pressed a button and lunged forward.

A spark, a cry and Terminatrix crashed to the ground.

Panting, Futura got to her feet and put the safety of the taser back on.

"Now I'm the new Terminatrix !" She said in triumph. "Let's see what's inside that battered trashcan you call your head." Futura ripped the mask from Terminatrix, revealing ...

... a still unconcious Sheryll.

"So it was you all the time..." She had suspected something, but hadn't expected to find Sheryll inside


Sarah froze, her heart skipping more than a few beats. Her bowels knotted and a little voice inside her pleaded not to look around.

But she did and regretted it.

Terminatrix, just stood there, face catching the light in such a way her cold face looked even more awe-inspiring.

"Do you want to try out the real article ?" She slowly raised her right arm and bunched her fist.

"SHLANG !" Two serrated one-foot blades just erupted from her forearm.

Sarah just wet herself.

She then just fell on her knees, pleading for mercy.

Terminatrix walked up to her, and lifted her off the ground like she was a twig. The blades held back for the final strike.

"You dared to attack me ? No organic ever had the nerve !" She hissed in full fury.

"Please ! Don't kill me, I only want to be like you !" Sarah screamed in panic.

Terminatrix just dropped her, leaving Sarah to grovel at her feet.

"Take off your mask !" She ordered.

Sarah removed her mask. Her face underneath glistened with sweat.

"Please don't kill me !" She whimpered.

"Look at that mirror over there !" Terminatrix ordered.

Sarah turned towards the mirror.

"What do you see ?"

"Myself ... ?"

"Describe ... myself !"

"Sa ... Futura !"

And Terminatrix just began to laugh.

"You are the first organic to successfully transcend humanity !" Terminatrix said.

Sarah just didn't know what had happened.

"You have fire inside you." She said and Sarah stared with her mouth open.

"I want to know !"

"Know what ?"

"What are you ?"

If Terminatrix could smile, she would have.

The blades retracting into their housings, and Terminatrix reached for her head and undid some clasps. There was a hiss, some smoke and Sarah watched, forcing herself not to blink of fear she might loose a detail.

Her head was a mass of blinking lights, circuits and wires.

"You're a real robot !" Sarah said.

Terminatrix just slipped her mask back on and crossed her arms.

"I sent Sheryll, one of my most trusted organic slaves to take my place. I didn't know what you were up to. But now I know what to do with you. You do not desire to serve but to command !"

Sarah nodded hoping she did the right thing.

Sheryll began to moan and move.

In a part of the mansion, normally restricted, Terminatrix sat behind a desk, while Sheryll and Sarah sat before her.

"We have been financially very successful and have thought about opening some franchises. But here was only one problem ..."

Sarah looked up.

"There's only one Terminatrix !" Sheryll said, holding an ice pack to her forehead.

"The scientists who created me was so afraid of me they destroyed all plans and duplicates of my neural matrix. So there are no other Terminatrixes."

"Thank God !" Sheryll said.

Terminatrix just stared.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean ..." Sheryll said with a little voice.

"We'll deal with you later."

Sheryll sank back into her chair.

"But you come close to having the spark to be a fair Terminatrix..."

Sarah just pushed her legs together and her cheeks flushed red. "You mean ... ?"

Before long a contract was signed and in six months time, Sarah could open her own franchise. And in a bag, one of Terminatrix's spare masks just to get in the mood, and Sarah was off.

Sheryll, still wearing the Terminatrix outfit, slammed the door and leaned against it sighing deeply. "Thank God you came to my rescue, she was this far from discovering the truth." She held her gaunteleted fingers about an inch apart.

"I sure scared the hell out of her, out there." Terminatrix answered.

"And the way she kicked my butt ! She must've been practising fighting in that suit we made her !"

"Hey, we watch over each other don't we ... little slave ?"

Sheryll just smiled and peeled herself off the door.

But then, she jumped when the doorbell rang.

"The Puttermans !" She said, remembering the appointment.