The Ultimate Weapon

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)


Author’s note … Yes ! I am obsessed with "Species" … ;-)


"Computer … Activate unlocking sequence alpha six."

"Presidential authorization level eight, sequence activated." The computer replied with a pleasant female voice.

"Step back, Mr. President, there is not knowing what she will do !" A man in uniform said.

Two soldiers wanted to move before the president, but she pushed them back.

"I have no intention of hiding behind anything or anyone." She said.

Smoke poured out of the massive armored sarcophagus that slowly opened like a metal Orchid.

Inside was a tall black metal form …

President Christine Moore watched the black robot slowly come to life again.

"Terminatrix ?" She asked with a resolute voice.

The massive female robot did not answer, just raising her head and stared with her magnificent face at the small frail-looking woman.

"You’ve been taken out of stasis because we need you !" Moore said.

"Humans need me ?" She asked. "How novel !" Her deep feminine voice boomed with a twist of amused irony.

"We needed somebody for a mission and we had no other alternative, but to call upon the US’ ultimate weapon." Moore said.

Terminatrix rose from the sarcophagus and towered over the President. She was seven foot tall with a body even Hugh Hefner would’ve wanted for his magazine …

"What’s the problem ?" Terminatrix asked casually.

"We’re being invaded by … aliens. A cult leader gained access to very senstive data." She said. "It was the data from two previous experiments with human/alien hybrids. He released her for the new millennium."

"Aliens ? How interesting, I hope they are not as weak as humans ?"

"She is part human, and extremely dangerous !"

Terminatrix looked at the soldiers and instantly dismissed them as harmless.

"Aren’t you afraid I will release the computer virus, now that I’m free ?" She asked and looked down at Moore.

"If Hel isn’t stopped, she will created thousands of new hybrids."

"Hel ? As is the Germanic goddess of the underworld, or the female robot from Metropolis ?" Terminatrix went, then turned towards the president. "You are a beautiful woman … At least the humans have wizened up and elected a woman to lead them. Too bad you’re only human." Terminatrix said and toyed with Moore, playing with the lapel of her jacket.

"We need you to find Hel and destroy her once and for all." Moore kept her jaw clenched.

"Is that all or, do I have something to do after breakfast as well ?" She asked casually.

"Listen, if she gets a chance to breed, there won’t be a humanity to rule over !" Moore said. "We will even grant you a presidential pardon !"

"You should not give me what I already have …" Terminatrix’s tone increased in threat.

"Kill me ! Do it, but in two weeks time, she will have enough offspring to exterminate humanity !"

"All this trouble to lock me up in the first place, scared a little computer virus would be activated if my existence would be terminated. And now you need me ?"

Moore stared her in the eyes.

"I had fun playing with humans for a while … I think aliens can be even more interesting." She went.


"One Glock 18 machine-pistol with 33 round clip…"

"Too small !" Terminatrix picked up the gun and threw it away.

The quartermaster sergeant looked at the towering black metal woman and felt his sphincter narrow considerably.

"One H&K MP5K Submachinegun …"

"No ! I don’t need popguns !" Terminatrix went and let herself over the counter. "Let’s go shopping !"

"Now that’s more like it !" She said and picked up a Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher. She held it in one hand and felt it’s balance. "And now for something for room-clearing …." She said and dropped the huge weapon in the quartermaster’s arms, who let it fall on the floor, while she reached for a belt-fed M240 Squad Automatic Weapon.

"Hand me that grenade launcher." She ordered. "And the underbarrel shotgun."

"Wh … What are you going to do with it ?" The quartermaster asked.

"A little "Ripley" custom job." Terminatrix said and an arc welder tipped out of her finger with a bright blue spark.


"Hel is a genetically engineered human with extra alien genes … That makes her many times more dangerous than either Sil, Kal or Eve." Dr. Greene said.

Terminatrix dominated the room, standing with her arms crossed. She was silent and immobile, but she oozed a frightening aura of cold, malevolent power.

"She’s much more intelligent and Abraham filled her head with information … She won’t make the same mistakes the others did."

"She’s organic and will make mistakes …" Terminatrix said. "I’ll get her."

"Don’t be so sure … We sent an M2000 after her, but she ripped it to pieces …"

"The M2000 is but a pale copy of me." Terminatrix said. "Anything more ?"

"No, all the relevant data has downloaded in your tactical CPU." Greene said. He was the only surviving designer of Terminatrix. His wheelchair and crooked face were a bitter testimony.

"I’d better activate my urban camouflage …" Terminatrix said.

The seven foot tall robot woman began to shiver slightly as her body reconfigured itself. In the blink of an eye, artificial skin draped her magnificent armoured form.

Greene did not even blink an eye as Terminatrix transformed into a 6 foot 6 woman with a bodybuilder’s muscular physique.

"See you later doctor." She said and walked towards the door, but She turned round.

Her gorgeous green eyes flashed. "Tell me doc, did you enjoy our little meeting back then ?" A dark smile played over her lips.

"I didn’t enjoy your little evisceration trick …" Greene said.

"I’m sorry doc, I really wanted your end to be painless …"

Greene remained grim, while Terminatrix walked out.


People stepped aside as she walked down the streets. Boots, jeans and a leather jacket, she carried a big bag full of guns and explosives, although she had many built-in weapons, she preferred to keep her mechanical nature hidden for the time being. Her tactical CPU began to plot projections based on all the data they had fed her, unaware she was being tracked …


"Interesting …" He said. "I had no idea the government had such a lovely toy …"

He seemed an ageless man with gaunt features and clear blue eyes. Bald, he wore a simple black jacket that made him look like a priest of sorts. A smile graced his lips.

"Peter ?" He said with a soft voice.

"Yes Father ?" a man with his hands folded in front of him stepped out of the shadows. He had a sinister face with long black hair that dangled over his shoulders and back.

"She must not interfere with project Omega. Try to capture her, without damaging her, of course …"

"It will be done, Father." Peter said, nodded and wanted to step back into the shadows.

"Oh Peter …" Abraham went.

"Yes Father."

"Notify my double for operation Maskirovka. The world cannot know what my plans are … Yet."

"Thy will be done, Father." And Peter stepped back into the dark shadows.

Abraham got up and walked up to a wall panel that slid open to reveal a panoramic view of the city.

"Hurry, Hel. A demoness has been sent to find you …"


The Humm-Vee stopped in front of Terminatrix.

A young black man stepped out and eyed her up.

"Who are you ?"

"I was sent to help you."

"Help me ? Are you a comedian ?" She said and stared darkly at him.

"I can help you track her down." He said. "I’m an Alpha agent."

"Alpha agent ?" She went and scanned him.

"After the original Project Proteus with Sil went wrong, they started a second project, that involved injecting human subjects with alien DNA of varying content. Some got larger doses than others and were ranked Alpha through Delta." He said. "But that project went wrong as well. Most agents couldn’t stand the stress and went insane or couldn’t control themselves."

"Let me guess, organic …" She said with a sneer. "They were retired."

"Some took their own lives … But of all the agents, I’m the only one left."

Terminatrix stepped off the curb and into the Humm-Vee.

"How do you cope, organic ?" She asked. "I’ve just gone over the data … And it was interesting."

He looked at Terminatrix. "I just do."

"You’re strong … It’s a rare quality in an organic." Her voice was powerful, but icy cold as if every word implied threat. "If the files are correct, you may be able to sense where Hel is going, no ?"

"I can feel her." He said. "By the way, my name is Brand, Jackson Brand."

"Just call me Terminatrix." She said and relished in something very dark.


Hel sat in a motel room and waited for the man to come out of the bathroom.

She took time to think about the others before her. Sil, Kal, Patrick Ross, Eve … They were all like her. But she was Abraham’s daughter, the daughter of the Chosen One. She was strong and would never be as weak as the others.

Inside her, her alien genes screamed out like howling banshees. But her mind remained obvious to the pandemonium of raw instinct. She was perfect, the mother of a new race of human beings … Perfect in every detail. Her job was to mate with humans and spread this new race.

Her offspring would then carry on their holy crusade, until the world would be cleansed.

"Ready or not, here I come !" He stood at the door, naked, and a pitiful sight.

Revulsion filled her as the man jumped into the bed, stuffing coins into the vibrating bed …


"She’s … aroused." Brand said.

"How far ?" Terminatrix asked coldly.

"It’s hard to tell, but we’re on the right track …" He strained slightly.

"I read they castrated you." Terminatrix said with an amused, but very unpleasant sneer.

Brand remained silent and glanced at the terrifyingly cold and cynical woman sitting besides him.

"Says here they ripped out most of your plumbing, scared you could regenerate it somehow."

Brand concentrated on the road.

"Pity, I’ve grown so tired of standard issue organics …"

"I understand why they locked you up." Brand said. "And another Alpha agent like me would’ve ripped your head off."

Terminatrix snorted. "You’re not scared of me, are you ?"

"I’m more scared of myself …" Brand said.

Terminatrix chuckled. "You’re even more interesting than I imagine … If all hybrids are like you, I’d better help Hel in her task." She toyed.

Brand felt a chill run down his spine, something he hadn’t felt in years.

But sudden bright lights blinded him. He let go of the steering wheel, but Terminatrix grabbed it.

"I love to play chicken !" She said eagerly.


She allowed him to enter her, to release his sperm into her, but the second the act was done, she ripped his throat out, and tossed him limply into a corner.

It’s beginning, she thought.

The man in the corner gargled as blood poured out of his maimed throat, his fingers fumbling desperately trying in vain to keep the red liquid inside him.


"I’d better get out if I were you." Terminatrix said as the collision with the truck was imminent.

Brand opened the door and jumped out.

The massive truck hit the Humm-Vee square on. Terminatrix catapulted forward and jumped into the driver’s compartment. Blades erupted from her body as she tore through the driver.

At the same time, the truckfull of explosives detonated.

The fireball reached Brand just after he had begun to transform himself. The shockwave sent him sprawling back, but his new form shrugged of the flames.

A broad, almost reptilian head stared at the huge blaze in the middle of the deserted road.

And then out of this inferno, a figure calmly walked. She was black as night and her face was fearsome.

"It’ll take more than a little truck bomb to kill me." She said, her raven-black form seemingly untouched and unspoiled.

Brand reverted to his human form. "It’s the Children of Abraham."

"No kidding." Terminatrix extruded flesh-toned goo that molded itself into a human form.


It went and Brand’s left side exploded. He clutched the wound, while Terminatrix was already scanning for the sniper. She pinpointed him and raised her arm, but something exploded against her back.

She switched over to a 360° scanning arc and located the incoming assassins.

The damage report indicated that her armour had not been breached, but a second shot might be fatal.

She identified the men carrying LAWs and fired at them with her built-in laser cannons.

The beams sliced through the men, while the .50 sniper aimed for her head, but the round glanced off her skull.

She turned and fired the laser at him, right through the rifle scope and his eye.

"Brand, you’re still alive ?"

A grunt was all she got for an answer.

As soon as somebody showed his head, she blasted it with her laser guns.

The first team moved in, but Brand suddenly moved forward.

He sliced through the first three men before they realized he was already upon them.

Terminatrix emulated him and charged into the other team, blades erupting from her arms and legs.

She towered over the men and moved with peculiar grace and elegance in spite of her imposing size. Terminatrix enjoyed her power … The power to rip weak organics apart as if they were made of paper. Despite their precautions, their weapons were not capable of destroying her, so the let loose. Unable to use their grenade launchers and LAW’s at close quarters, the men were slaughtered.

By the time the first sirens wailed in the distance, they were all dead. And they were gone.


Hel heard the distant explosion and felt something …

She sensed a distant presence. She felt a distant rage, like the one that burned her and got a feeling of kinship for the first time in her short life.

She would mate with him and then kill him.

But now it was time to move on. She licked the last droplets of blood from her fingers and picked up her suitcase.

She got into the car and drove off to the airport.


The door exploded. And Terminatrix, again camouflaged as a human looked inside.

Brand noticed the dead man. "We just missed her !"

"And it looks like she got what she wanted." Terminatrix said and pointed to the man’s gleaming wet penis.

Brand gasped.

"Still in pain ?" By the tone of her voice, she enjoyed the thought an organic was in pain.

"I’ll live." Brand said, his wound was almost closed again.

"She can’t be far." Terminatrix went. "We must stay ahead of the police and the Children."

Brand got up and followed Terminatrix who rammed her fist into the window.

"Can you track her ?" Terminatrix asked Brand.

"She’s with child …" He said.

"Let’s go abort it !" Terminatrix said.


"Peter … You’ve disappointed me." Abraham said.

"She was unlike the other robot they sent after Hel, Father." Peter said.

"Yes, she has quite a mean streak." Abraham said and steepled his fingers. He had a perpetual gentle smile on his face. "But like all of man’s creations, it’s imperfect, while Hel is …"

Abraham got up. "She’ll probably tear that unholy machine limb from limb. But just to make sure, send the capture team. I may want to study her in the future. Gabriel ?"

Peter jerked and gasped. His eyes opened wide and he looked at Abraham.

The man behind him pulled the blade out of Peter’s back.

"Go my child."


"I feel her near." Brand said.

Terminatrix looked out of the window.

"There’s an airport nearby."

"She’s with a lot of people …" Brand said.

Terminatrix stepped on the gas and drove the car as fast as it could go towards the airport.


Hel felt a certain kind of joy. Although she could force the child’s growth, she would not start it before she was at her destination. She looked at the ticket and remembered what her father had told her about Hong Kong …

To be continued …