The Ultimate Weapon Part II

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)



A blackhawk helicopter hovered above the two figures.

The first was African-American. He seemed a fit man in his mid-thirties with short hair and a small moustache.

The impressive woman besides him was tall and built like a world class body-builder, but still very feminine.

Soldiers dropped bags to them and Terminatrix opened one of them. She pulled out a M240 Machinegun with a grenade launcher and shotgun welded onto it.

She inserted an ammo belt and nodded to Jackson Brand, who stuffed a Desert Eagle in his belt and slapped a clip in his auto-shotgun.

"Ready ?" He asked.

A frightening smile came over her lips. "Let’s go !"

The helicopter left, while the duo went towards the main departure hall.


Hel, watched Jackson Brand. She felt attracted to him. Perhaps there was still a chance for them to mate …

She suddenly felt a threat and turned around.

A man was standing directly behind her. He had a determined look in his eyes.

Hel sensed she was in danger, but the man lashed out and grabbed her by the throat.

The alien-human hybrid hissed and clawed into his arm, but it was hard as steel.

"I’m not after you, I only want Terminatrix …" He said as 200,000 volts coursed through her body.

She resisted the shock well and tried to loosen his vice-like grip.

"She’s up there !" Brand suddenly went, pointing at the expanse of glass.

Terminatrix looked up, but the girl was not there.

"She’s gone already !" He said. "We must hurry."

Terminatrix charged forward. She jumped halfway up a flight of service stairs. Brand, although faster than a normal human had trouble keeping up with her.

The door left its hinges as Terminatrix burst into the departure hall.

People stopped as she ran past them, Brand following her at a distance.

Terminatrix scanned a hundred faces a second, looking for …

She suddenly froze as she saw a face she had never expected to see again.

He clutched Hel tight and she seemed in pain.

Terminatrix ripped the bag open and pulled out the machinegun.

Hel transformed and pushed the man aside before running off.

Terminatrix didn’t care about innocent bystanders and opened up at the alien woman.

Hel dodged the rounds and slammed through a solid concrete wall just before a grenade exploded behind her.

Brand grabbed Terminatrix’s arm.

"Stop ! You’re killing innocent people !"

"If she lives there won’t be any innocent people left !" Terminatrix said and burst out of her human flesh.

"Let’s rock !" Terminatrix, in her metallic form said and charged forward.

The man got up and looked at Terminatrix as she jumped through the hole.

"Athena …" He went and walked up to the hole.


Hel burrowed through walls with her incredible strength, she hoped to put enough space behind her and that robotic nightmare. She had kickstarted her child’s birth and it would soon be born, if she only could find a safe space …


Abraham watched the screen.

"We’re too late, Father." Gabriel said. "She has found her."

"It won’t take long for the Government to find out they have only my double in custody." Abraham said. "Hel must survive at all costs."

"Thy will be done, Father." Gabriel said.


Brand had lost track of Terminatrix and concentrated on sensing Hel.

She was nearby …

A movement out of the corner of his eye and a howl later he saw her in all her alien magnificence.

She was little over six foot two tall, while not as tall or imposing as Terminatrix, she was quite aesthetic in a sense, with long, graceful limbs. Parts of her body were disturbingly translucent.

Her two eyes stared into his and she reached for him.

The alien genes screamed inside him like a symphony.

She cooed him and reached for his pants.

Brand suddenly recoiled and reached for his gun.

Hel did nothing but grab the barrel and aim it at her own chest. He could see the baby inside her transparent body.

Two massive metal claws suddenly slammed through Hel’s body and Brand could see Terminatrix lifting her up in the air.

Hel screamed in pain. Brand could see she had hit her exactly where the child had been, killing it instantly.

The last of the mental barriers broke down and he howled like a demon as he charged Terminatrix.

His claws raked over her impregnable skin, but it caused her to drop Hel, who also turned upon Terminatrix.

The two hybrids tried to make a chink in her armour, find a weak spot that they might use against her. But Terminatrix was a goddess of war and her power seemed limitless. With almost inhuman joy, she battled the two aliens, no holds barred. Her vicious claws lashed out, cutting through Hel’s and Brand’s armoured skins.

Although they healed at a frightening rate, Hel was weakening and Brand seemed in even worse shape. Rage filled her and she lunged forward and pulled Terminatrix’s arm in a lock.

Brand brought two massive armoured claws upon her head, many times over.

Blades erupted from Terminatrix’s feet and she sliced Brand open, kicking him across the room.

Hel howled and yanked Terminatrix’s arm. And then the unimaginable happened. The arm sparked and suddenly came loose !

Terminatrix hit Hel with what was left of her arm and got up.

Hel was reeled back against the wall. But Brand had recovered and tackled Terminatrix.

Using the amputated limb’s massive claws, Hel managed to slice into her amour.

With one arm left, Terminatrix reached for Brand’s reptilian head and squeezed it hard. The pressure increased just before Hel managed to damage her again.

With sheer raw hydraulic power, she slammed Brand by the head into Hel and using this momentum, got up into the air to bodyslam them both.

350 kg of metal landed on the two hybrids. She picked up Brand’s head and yanked it far back, breaking his neck.

Hel felt his death and reared her head with her hair fanned out like a peacock’s tail.

She jumped onto Terminatrix and slammed her fist into the hole in her armour.

Her claws cut through circuit boards, power couplings and hydraulic tubes.

Terminatrix seemed to loose some of her power.

Hel kicked her back and the metallic goddess teetered.

A few somersaults and Hel was ready to jump kick Terminatrix to the ground.

But halfway there, an explosion slammed her out of the air.

The mysterious man held the smoking grenade-launcher under the M240 in his hands.

He emptied the rest of the ammo belt into the dying hybrid. And finished her off with shotgun slugs at point blank range. "The rescue team won’t come to save you. I took care of them."

For the first time in years, Terminatrix had to support herself. Her power was all but gone …

She looked up and saw the man, he dropped the gun.

"Robert ?" She went and her otherwise terrible voice sounded weak and surprised.

"Hello, Athena." He said.

"How … ?" She asked.

"A friend of ours had me … "repaired"." He said and removed his trench coat. Most of his body was metal.

"Are you going to destroy me ?"

"I created you …" He said.

"I killed you." She said, with almost a hint of remorse.

"You were never meant to be like this …" He said. "Let me help you."

Gyaaaah !!!

Brand pounced on her. His claw entered her wound.

"No ! My reactor is going critical ! Get out !" She screamed.


The whole baggage sorting area was destroyed in a massive explosion.


Abraham looked at the screen.

Gabriel would not answer him. And he knew Hel was dead.

The office doors opened and Abraham saw a man standing in the doorway.

"One of your men talked …" He said coldly.

Abraham looked at Robert. "So, they have sent another unholy demon after me ?"

"I don’t know about demons, but I know you are a madman." Robert said. "And you have to be stopped."

Abraham smiled faintly as he always did, lending him an air of innocence. But the smile changed into something more wicked. His flesh rippled …

Robert pulled a large gun out of his coat. Abraham was still transforming …

The explosion gutted a luxurious corner office in the skyscraper and a flaming figure fell 68 stories, limbs flailing, to its death.

Robert dropped the grenade launcher and silently walked back to the elevator.


Men were clearing the debris of the luggage area.

"Stop ! I think I can hear something !" A man screamed at the bulldozer driver.

"There’s somebody under there !" He said. "I can hear a metallic tapping …"

The End ?