Transgendered Calendar 2002

by Paul G. Jutras


    It was January 23, 2001 and Pat Pineapple had been looking for a new job since he was revealed as a cross dresser at the new Years office party. Pat was going through the want ads in the newspaper when he came across just the job for him.

                                         MODELS WANTED
                                    TRANSGENDERED CALENDER
                                    TO COME OUT JANUARY 2002.

     "This is perfect." Pat thought as he went into the bathroom with two cans of NAIR and shaved his entire body.  He then slid a pair of new black hose up his smooth legs. He stepped into his shapely black dress and put on his raven hair wig. He made up his face to look like a business woman and stepped into a pair of two inch pumps.  Before leaving for the studio he finished with some pearl earrings and necklace.

    The studio was a bit run down and in the cheep part of the business district. He figured if the money is good, it was worth making himself beautiful for.  He walked into the waiting room where a female receptionist with waist length hair sat cross legged in a gray feminine business suit that included a skirt, smoke hose and black open toe 4" heels.  Pat figured he looked just as girl as this natural girl did. "I'm here about the job in the paper."

     "Ah, yes." The receptionist cooed. "Go inside and see Mr. Mayham."

     "Thank you." Pat said as he walked inside. "If this works out, maybe I can get my picture done for some of the other calendar months as well."

     "Oh, that look." Mr. Mayham said as he saw Pat's feminine ego, Patricia. "Just what I need for January. Please come in and let's us set up."

      "Take this." The boss said as he handed Pat a glass of wine and asked him to take a seat in a area that looked like a cardboard cut out of his old office. Not his office really. But close enough. He placed Pat in the movie set and aimed his camera at the young Patricia as she leaned drunk like against the office desk with one hand on the hip and the other holding the glass. "Now hold still."

     As the camera flashed, a tingling feeling shot through Patricia body. "What's going on?" Pat thought as he tried to wiggle a finger. Step away from the desk. Anything. Pat couldn't move at all. As Mr. Mayham walked over to him, he seemed to loom larger and larger.  The photographer picked up the photo of the lovely cross dresser in the office scene and attached it to the January page of the calendar. "One down, eleven to go."

      When February came about, a blonde post op name Jamie came into the office in a red tight fitting dress that showed a lot of cleavage and leg. She had a matching pair of pumps and purse.  She went inside the office to see Mr. Mayham cleaning his camera lens.

    "Yes, yes." He smiled at the young lady. "You will be perfect for my Valentine page." The man said as he set her up in a Greek theatre display that included pillars, cardboard cut outs of mythical beings in the back ground and Cupid aiming his bow.  Mayham had her pose with her back arched and leaning back on her left foot. As if she was scared of being shot through the heart by the arrow. "Are you ready dear?"

     "Yes, but I don't know how long I can hold this pose." Jamie felt her legs tremble beneath her.

     "Longer than you think." Was the only response she heard before the camera froze her forever in place as a picture for a wall calendar.

     When March came along, Mr. Mayham knew just what he wanted. He took the Pre-op name Lesley and put her in a pair of nude hose and a black strapless leotard with no back. Its build in support bra pushed her tits together and made them seem a even larger size than they really were. A fuzzy bunny tail was on her rear and a pair of cloth ears was place on her head.

     "What better way for a TG Calendar to celebrate March than with a Playboy Bunny." Mr. Mayham smiled as he placed her in a bar set with a tray of drinks balancing in one hand. The spike heels arched her feet into aching position. Lesley would be glad have the shot finished.

     "How long with it take to get this shot over with?" Lesley asked as the cold air made her new nipples hard and erect. She so much wanted to pleasure herself until she got off on her own hot body.

     "It won't be long now." The boss said as he focused the camera. "Ready and hold it."

    As the camera flash went off, Lesley felt the tension of holding the pose lesson. It became easier to hold still. It was only when she tried to release her own built up heat that she came to the realization that she couldn't move at all. "What's happening!" She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She only felt waves of pleasure as the photographers fingers held the page and set it into the calendar. "Simply perfect." He said.

     April came about and a shoulder length, dark hair TG name Paula showed up at a yellow and flower print sun dress, a lighter summer pair of tan hose and two inch sandals. The cut out displace was of a front yard with a swing set.

     "You will be wonderful at this." Mr. Mayham said as Paula pumped her feet and got the swing moving slowly as instructed. The photographer took careful aim as Paula moved back and fourth on the swing until the camera froze her in mid swing.

     "You will looking beautiful in the spring page, my dear lady." Mayham grinned as he walked over and ran a dry cloth over the picture to make sure it was dust free before placing it in. As the giant cloth ran over his body, Paula couldn't help but mentally orgasm. Her frozen face couldn't change from the pleasure of the touch to the horror felt when realizing what had happened to her.

    "Paul old gal," Paula thought to herself. "You picked the wrong day to try a modeling career."

     The monthly run ad had no problem to continue getting it's 'girls' to come in to have their pictures taken. When the first one showed, she was flattened and the others applying were dismissed and told to try again the next month.

     In May, Mr. Mayham decided to try something new as he had  post op, Janet climb naked into a silk line suit with a fury exterior. The paws on the hands and feet had to be put on by the boss since once one paw was on it was almost impossible to put the other paws on herself. With make up applied to face to give feline features, and attached cat ears,  the humanoid cat woman knelt in a meadow grass scene and smiled at the camera.

     "Simply perfect." He said as he tried different poses. He had her get up on her paws with her back arched, but that seemed too Halloween like. He had her pretend to bat a flying insect with a paw. Finally he decided to have the shot be one of her cleaning her face like a cat. It turned out in the end quite well.

      In June of course Sandra found herself in white hose and a bridal gown. Because the gown covered her feet the TS girl who had just finished developing on hormones didn't need the discomfort of wearing heels for eternity. 

     "You know,  you make a beautiful bride my dear." Mr. Mayham said with a evil smile on his face. "The guys and girls who will buy my calendar will be jealous of your innocent appearance. Such sweetness has got to be captured forever on film."

      "I'm ready whenever you are." Sandra said as she stood with her hand crossed before her and her bouquet of flowers in her hands. A sweet, innocent smiled and bright, shy eyes stared into the camera for the first and last time. When the camera snapped the show, she was the perfect bride forever.

      In July, pre-op Amy Spots came out with her well done cleavage supported by a American stars tank top and American stripes shots. She stood with an almost salute like stance as she pretended to shade her eyes from a back drop of fireworks. The final 4th of July party she would ever see as she was flattened into a photo.

     In August, Marcie stood posted in six inch heels that were killing her bare feet and hot pink painted toes. She posted in a white tank top and blue shortly shorts that showed every inch of her legs. It was almost as if she was wearing a denim bikini bottom the way it was cut.

      "I hear you like to tease the boys and the girls alike." Mr. Mayham said to Marcie who just giggled back. "This shot will allow you to forever tease anyone who hangs you in there room.

     "What's happen---" Was all the words Marcie could say when her voice was lost to her forever. Her flattened form was added to the main calendar.

     "You're becoming a work of art, that's what." Mr. Mayham answered the photo of the girl. "You'll be one for now on."

     "Hello." Karen Catwood said as the photographer receptionist just looked up with a smile and buzzed Karen in. When she went inside, she found a mat that looked like grass waiting for him. Leaves were scattered across the mat and fake 2D trees on either side. 1 dimensional ones on a painted back drop with a farm behind.

     "Hi Karen." The photographer said as he took her by the hand and gave her a gentlemen kiss on the knuckles. "You'll find a rake to hold over and whenever you're ready, we'll take the care of you."

    "No problem." Karen said as she stood barefoot and dressed in the farmer clothes that the studio had provided her to change into. With the painted farm in the background, she made it like she was raking leaves. She froze in mid rake. Never to finish raking or any other chore for now on.

     Sabrina was next in October and was place in a pumpkin patch with a sexy modern witch costume that included a classic witch hat, a black leotard, fishnet stockings and four inch black pumps. She made it look like she was riding her broom pass the painted full moon back drop when the camera went off. As she found herself unable to take off the shoes, she was glad to have the broom to lean against. She'd be the most beautiful witch ad forever.

     In November Jill was put in a black and white Pilgrim outfit and stood before a Thanksgiving dinner table with mannequin guests. She stood with the weighted turkey on a tray in her arms and aching her back from the strain. When the camera went off, she would soon realize that she'd never be setting the turkey down. She would just stare at the faceless mannequins and the sauce covered turkey for the rest of eternity.

Finally December 23rd came and Mr. Mayham didn't have anyone show up to answer her ad that month. Feeling desperate, he took another setting on his camera and aimed it at Jennifer. She barely had time to glance up before she was froze solid.

     Taking her into the studio, he stripped her like one would strip a mannequin. He slipped a red with white lace trim leotard over her with shoulder length red gloves and thigh high spiked boots. With a Santa cap on her head, he kissed Jennifer's hard lips to try to insure her that no pain was to come to her.

     "Sorry, dear." He said as he placed her in front of a 2D Christmas tree. The back drop painting of a family opening their gifts. "I have to get this calendar out or I'll lose everything.  With that, he reset the camera and changed her into his final photo. 

    All the originals were then put in the studio special press to have copies made while he kept the real girls and the original photos for his own personal house. "All you girls are simply lovely." Mr. Mayham said as he put the calendar on the wall and went to the closet  to put in a nice suit for a night on the town. "See you when I get home, girls."



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