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I still don't know what made me go into the shop that day. I think I was more than just a little curious. Did I really want to apply for a job in a shop like this? I had walked past everyday since it opened and the window displays always intrigued me, as they seemed so lifelike. These mannequins all dressed in rubber and leather that was so tight and in heels so high that no one could ever manage to wear.

As I walked in the shop the strong smell of leather and rubber hit me and I was greeted by a smart dressed lady of about 35 years old. She had neat shoulder length black hair and a presence that scared me a little. She was very stern how you would expect a schoolmistress to be. I felt nervous just looking at her; it made me very 'on edge'. I had noticed when I walked in that there was only one mannequin in the window today. She must have been dressing the other one.

"Good morning."

"Yes, can I help you?" she replied in a rather flustered voice.

"Well, I was interested in the job that you have in your window."

I stared at her as she started to laugh. It was a sort of evil snarling laugh, which you would expect from Cruella DeVille.

"It is a part time job." she sniggered. "One day on and one day off so that the four of you can work a rota system. The pay will be 5 per hour and you will start at 8:00am."

I looked around and didn't see any sign of the other women that already worked here. The shop was quiet except for a slight constant buzzing from by the window, which I imagined to be the radio or something.

"Well do you want the job or not?" she raved.

Well it was coming up to Christmas and I really could use some extra cash. "Yes please." I answered, realising then that I hadn't actually asked what the job was.

"Excellent. Let me take some measurements of you, for your uniform, and you can start tomorrow. Is that ok? By the way my name is Theresa, but you may call me Miss Stevens."

"Thank you Miss Stevens. What does the job entail?" I answered, still wondering if I had done the right thing. The shop still gave me an eerie feeling that I couldn't explain.

As she started measuring my body she replied, "Oh, just a sales assistant my dear." Sniggering again. "Have you ever worn leather or rubber garments?" she quizzed, "As the - uniform - will be made of them."

"No, I haven't, but I have always wondered what it would be like." They are so expensive, I thought to myself, that I could never afford to buy anything like that.

"Well just make sure you're here at 8am tomorrow and you will find out." Another sinister chuckle.

"See you tomorrow Miss Stevens." As I walked out of the shop, I am sure I saw the mannequin move. It was probably just the draught from when I opened the door.

I didn't sleep much that night. My mind was wondering about this job and I still couldn't get over the smell. It was so strong and pungent but strangely arousing. How would the uniform feel? What exactly would I have to wear? Had I known then what I know now I would have probably turned the job down.



6:30am The alarm didn't have to wake me.

6:35am I crawled down stairs and climbed into the shower.

6:50am I dried off and made myself a strong coffee. I was going to need it if I was going to stay awake for the day.

7:00am I threw on some fairly basic clothes. No point in looking too fancy when I had the uniform to get changed into.

7:10am Lock up the house and set out for work.

It was about 30 minutes drive from where I lived to the shop, which had its own little car park that was secluded away from the road. I pulled into the car park and found a spot easily. I noticed that there was already another car here so I locked mine up and walked around to the shop entrance.

There was still only one mannequin in the window and the shop was still locked, so whose was the other car? After a short wait Miss Stevens arrives.

"Good morning, are you ready to start your new job?" she says as she unlocks the door.

"I think so. Lets see how I do after the first day." I replied as we walked in the shop.

"First Day? Oh did I forget to tell you that some nights are also involved but these will be paid at 10 an hour. Will this be a problem?" She asked.

"No." I replied. Well I didn't have a social life; I didn't have a boyfriend so I had nothing better to do. "Nights are fine." Wondering why she would need a sales assistant when the shop is closed. Maybe she wanted me to go out with her to customers?

"Have you ever worn a corset?" she asked.

"No I haven't. Aren't they uncomfortable?"

"Not after you have gotten used to them." She replied, still with that evil snigger she had. "Now, please lay on the black bed in the back room so we can get your uniform on you before opening time. Oh and here have a drink."

"Thank you." I replied taking the cup of herb tea she had made. I drank the tea and lay on the bed as she had asked. As she started to remove my clothes I started to feel really tired and a little dizzy.



It must have been a while till I woke up, as I heard voices in the shop. 'I bet Miss Stevens will fire me for falling asleep on the first day,' I thought to myself.

As I tried to get up off the bed, I felt restrained. In fact I couldn't move at all. I was dressed from head to toe in leather and rubber and my feet were hurting because of the high arch they had assumed. I was having trouble breathing and couldn't move my head. There was also something completely covering my face with just a small hole for my nose to breathe out of and two small holes for my eyes.

I tried to yell for help but I couldn't open my mouth either. It was filled with that dental mould stuff and had set hard and with the mask in place I couldn't even whimper.

Shortly after that, I started to panic, as I had never felt this helpless before. In fact I felt so scared at what was going to happen that I must have passed out. When I awoke again, I was standing upright looking out of the shop window. I caught a slight reflection of what I looked like in the car windows as they drove past the shop.

I had a full face mask on which had a short bob of black hair attached. This mask came down below my shoulders and was made from hard solid black plastic. It looked as though I was wearing a black rubber catsuit but the whole suit had metal rods running through it so I couldn't move. I had a pair of gloves on my hands that were made of the same material as the mask, meaning that I couldn't even twitch my fingers. And on my feet I had the most ridiculously high heels that you have ever seen. They were like ballet shoes but with a heel attached. These came up over my knee and again were made of the same black hard plastic of my mask and gloves. Finally, around my waist I had a corset that made me look so thin. This again was of the hard plastic and attached to the tops of the boots and to the collar part of the mask.

This of course meant that I couldn't move my legs at all either. I then noticed that I was attached to a pole that was fixed to the boots, corset and mask from behind and at this point had a horrifying thought:

Just how long was I going to have to stay like this and how long had the other mannequin been there?

I can't look at her, I can't talk to her. Hey I don't even know if she is still alive in there. How does Miss Stevens feed us?

Just then I felt it. If I could have screamed, I would have. I had something attached in between my legs that was pressing on my clit. I also had something touching my nipples under this cocoon of black shiny plastic.



"Are you all right my dear?" the evil woman asked.

How was I supposed to answer? I just left myself to the fate I was in and hoped it would be over soon.

Each minute that passed seemed like an hour and I was feeling like I was going to be here forever. My legs had gone completely numb due to the black cast boots that had encased them and my stomach was on fire due to the tightness of the corset. My mouth ached as I cried to myself - I had to as no one else could have seen or heard me...

The evil woman held up what looked like a screwdriver for me to see and then preceded to turn these little hidden screws that I hadn't seen. As she turned these screws I felt my arms and legs moving into different positions. She moved one on my neck and my head was turning to the left.

That was when I had a chance to look at the other girl. She had a nice, long, ankle length, black rubber hobble dress. It was fitted to her like a glove and then I understood that I was a mannequin too. I still hadn't been dressed and was already sticky with sweat as I knew from the sun high on the window it must have just past lunch time.

"Oh no, what the bloody hell is that?" I wish I could have screamed. I felt this thing between my legs start to move and the ones on my nipples were giving me tiny electric shocks. 'What the hell is she doing with us?' I thought. I couldn't stop it, I couldn't move against it. My nipples were getting hard with the feeling but they had no place to go. It was like they were burning. After what seemed like an eternity it stopped, although my head didn't. It carried on spinning like a Ferris wheel for ages.

"Now to dress you, my dear." She squawked.

I was really starting to hate being called "my dear" but there was nothing I could do against it. I was held fast in the position I was in.

She had the smallest black leather mini skirt you had ever seen and fastened it around my waist. I knew I was a size fourteen but this had to be no bigger than an eight. It fitted me easily. No wonder my stomach was on fire. Then she had this tight leather top. My breasts were already looking very pronounced, as the corset had lifted them and they were much rounder than usual. After she had managed to stretch the top to go around me it felt like I was in a furnace. There was no air conditioning in the shop and with the sun beating on the window I knew I wasn't going to make the afternoon. Just then the accessories that had been so generously fitted to me started to come alive once more and that's when I knew I was finished.

'How long have I been here?' I wondered to myself. From the feeling of hunger quite a while and I really need to pee. I opened my eyes and it was almost dark.

"Time for your night shift my dear." She said with that evil tone. "But I thought you may need some refreshment and to relieve yourself first."

She injected me with a substance which she described and all the vitamins and nourishment I needed to live on. She had inserted a tube into me to pee through and flushed out my back passage with an enema.

"There you go. That should keep you going for a while!" A While! How much more of this would I have to go through? By this time I had figured that this was not a job as much a kidnapping. I was not free to do anything, say anything, in fact I couldn't DO anything.



I must have dosed off.

By morning I had had orgasm after orgasm although to look at me you wouldn't have noticed. I had sweat pouring from me and I was gasping for air through the one little hole I had for my nose to breathe. Miss Stevens unlocked the front door and came up to me. Used her screwdriver to stand me up straight and released me from the pole that had been holding me upright for the past 24hrs. She lay me on the bed and removed the leather skirt and top.

"How did you sleep last night my dear? Not too bad I hope? Well your first day is almost over. You have a choice while I free you. You can have your days pay or you can stay on with us and come back again tomorrow."

I felt like screaming "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" But I had amazingly found it rather relaxing in the end. To be a mannequin, who'd have guessed?

Also to have loads of the people walking past the shop, not knowing that there was a real person in there. Seeing all of their admiring glances at such an impossible figure. I wanted to see that again. It had made me feel good.

As she started to free my 'Black Plastic Prison' I stayed still. I did not run and scream (not with mouth still full of dental putty). And I waited.

Miss Stevens handed me my clothes that I arrived in and gave me a cup of liquid that would dissolve the putty. As I worked this through, I felt the sudden freedom hit me and realised how much I had enjoyed being helpless.

"Miss Stevens." I said calmly. "I would love to come again tomorrow. But what of the other girl?"

"She stays for a week at a time my dear. As you can if you choose."

"Maybe, soon." I said thoughtfully.

As I turned to go home. She held out a bag for me. "Here you can keep the corset, skirt and top if you wish. You will need much more practise yet."

"Thank you Miss Stevens. I will see you in the morning." As I left for the day. As I was getting in my car I saw a lady walk into the shop with a rapt expression on her face, carrying a bag from the store. Somehow I knew she would be there a while. With a slight smile, I started the engine and drove home to get some much-needed sleep and to think about next time...



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