The Tour

by P.R.

-You walk up a large old mansion and ring the old bell hanging on the side of the large mansion door….'Ding, Dong'-

“Oh hey!! How are you doing??...." Cmon in, I was just fixing up my little mansion.

"What??? You came in to see my collection?? Well, then come with me and Ill give you  a small tour,”

-You follow me to the the left hallway into what looks like a toyroom, I stand by a girl with long brunette hair wearing a small pink bow on top. Her appearance says to you that she is 16 yrs or so. She looks as if she is staring off at something only her eyes see.You get a closer look at her face and noticed her cheeks are heavily blushed and her lips held in a pucker, she is wearing a lacy pink Sunday dress, and lacy socks with shiny black shoes. She looks way too perfected.-

“Here, my friends, is Lacey. She was one of my first dolls ever made. She is a pull string doll as you can see..”

-I turn her around for you and you notice a large white plastic ring attached to her back, I pull the string and with a very slight minute jerk she says in a cheery happy voice “HI! I’M LACEY! WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY WITH ME?”-

“Very realistic indeed...”

-I unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down to her chest to show you how perfect her breasts are. Full and round, with perky nipples and no areolas-

“but not that realistic.”

-I lifted her dress up and tore an opening in her white silky pantyhose to show that she has no showing of a vagina whatsoever-

“A true work of art Indeed. Let us move on to the next room, the fashion room.”

-You walk in to a large room representing a part of downtown Chicago… with sounds of cars, people, etc. coming from large speakers on the top corners of the room. On one end of the room looks like somewhat of the far distant perspective of the City while the other side is like the front windows of a large department store. You see 2 mannequins posing next to each other one with her hands holding the other by the waist… The first one you see has blonde wavy hair, she is wearing a red dress, black pantyhose, and white shoes. The other mannequin has short black hair, wearing a sleaky black dress, with red high heels. They both appear to be staring at each other wanting make love to the other. You were dreaming about them coming to life and fulfilling their eternal fantasies and then you go in and have a fun time with the statuesque beauties-

“As you can tell, my fetish has helped me somewhat fulfilled my dream on making this mansion,  I bought it from a man who saw my dream and helped create these rooms to continue it; and speaking of continuing, let's move to my favorite part:  The Love Chamber.”

-You hurry on in a room with no floor but a misty fog of some sort; the lights are slightly dimmed but your attention is drawn to four lighted glass chambers, each containing a sleeping beauty wearing lingerie. The first lady was redhead, She was wearing a pink teddy and matching slippers, you look at her chest and can tell that she was a C cup. The second one was wearing a see thru black outfit. Shes got long black hair and seems to be latin. From the looks of how her chest is bulging, she must be a DD. The next one was a teenager wearing a very short powder blue T-Shirt and small blue panties. Her blonde hair is in pigtails and looking at rack, she was a B-cup. Her eye shadow and her pink lips made her a really sexy girl. The last one was the well-endowed one. Her breasts, which had to be FFF,  almost were about to pop out of her lacy white bodysuit with a hole where the cleavage is. Her curly blonde hair and her pouty lips made her look really sexy. You pictured yourself going in and holding each of them, caressing them, doing things to your liking to their bodies-

“After I went through this whole mansion, I found out the guy I bought it from was an inventor, artist, and a clockmaker. We made all these “dolls” for sexual purposes only. The mannequins can also be used for sexual purposes. As a matter of fact we made special lower torsos recently for those that would like to perform vaginal sex to them. But anyways, back to our “sex dolls”, The two I'm gonna take out are Sylvia, the redhead; and Trini, the busty blonde.  For your information,  two of the girls in these tubes are clockwork dolls and the other two are fembots. I’ll show you each of them...”

-I push a couple of commands and each tube is open, I drag the redhead out, and then the busty blonde…You look on as you see me undress both lovlies….the redhead had good triangular trimmed pubes. The blonde had just a little straight line of blonde pubes. Man do they look like they want you to go over to them and do whatever is your liking... You have a small grin on your face-

“Now it's time to show how well these girls can do their thing!”

-I pull out a control panel out of my pocket and press two buttons. The two girls raise their heads and open their eyes; they both say in sync “Awaiting instructions!”. I tell the two sexbots to show the audience how you can please your masters by making love to each other. They looked at each other with hunger and walked over to a love couch and were licking, fingering, and sucking on each other. They then went in a 69 position and made each other cum. You were thinking if only you can talk to me into selling one.-

-I then tell the girls that was enough and return by my side. They did as commanded and returned to their original spots. I tell them both to go into sleep mode and I drag them both back to their chambers. I then carry out the teen and the latin girl. I pull out two medium size keys and open  the latin girl’s lingerie body suit from a hidden opening on the suit and you see vaguely a slotted hole; I place the key in the hole and turn the key numerous times and I pressed the back of her neck, her eyes clicked open and said in an accented voice “I'm Lucia, how may I please you?” I told her to go over to the bed on the corner and please yourself. You look on over as you see Lucia walk over and strips her body suit showing her perfected breasts and trimmed pubes.-

She crawls on the bed and kneels facing towards you and me.

You are thinking how lucky to be living in a place like this as you are mesmerized by how Lucia first massages her breasts and pinch her nipples to enlarge them. She then lays down and spreads her legs to show her pink lips. She plays around her clit, teasing it while she is moaning with pleasure, continuing on, moving faster and faster. You then notice that she’s moving in a slower and slower pace. She then stops in the middle of pleasing herself.

-I tell you to go and wind her up again so she can finish her pleasure. You walk on over and decide to wait a little longer and look at the frozen beauty that lies before you. You notice the expression on her face shows that she really enjoys pleasing herself and others. You feel her body and notice how cold it is. You walk around and look at how real her snatch is. You look to see if Im watching and stick your finger in her snatch and lightly sniff your finger. You smell a scent of berries and lick your finger and noticed it to be very sweet. You grin like the Cheshire Cat and decide to let her finish her pleasure as you wind her key very tight. After, I tell her to come back up and return to me. She obeys and returns to me undressed. I press the back of her neck and she returns in her sleep mode,  I then remove the key from her back-

-I then got a similar key and placed it in the teen’s back. I tell you to go sit over at the couch. I turn her key as much as I can. I pressed the back of her neck She rose her head snapped open her eyes and said in a bubbly voice “Hi! I’m Autumn, you wanna play with me?”. She looks at me and then leaps at me and hugs me while giving me a kiss on the cheek-

“Oh great..I really gotta do some diagnostics on her”

-I press a button on her back and she stands to attention. I tell her run a small diagnostic check. She says in a monotonic voice “Running Autumn diagnostic Check...” she then says “diagnostic completely, all systems checked and internal damage repaired.” I rewound her and tell her that you wanna be her friend. I tell her to show you her perfect body by doing a little dance for you. She walks over to you starts dancing very seductively. She takes her shirt off and shows her clear puffy nipples. She starts teasing them by rubbing around them, she tilts her head back and sighs a little from the pleasure it is giving her. She slips off her panties and notice she has no pubes on her. She slips one hand in between her legs and lets one finger go inside her snatch, moving in a fluid motion. She is sighing louder and moving faster and faster. She then starts slowing down and is going slower and slower. You are looking on as Autumn is moving like a video moving in slow motion. She then stops and locked in an eternal ecstasy.  

-I tell you wind her back up while I go get some stuff from the shed outside. You smiled and waited till I left. You look at the frozen doll and decide to wind her up like I said. After you wind the doll up you tell her to stand at attention. She does as she is told and you decide to play around with her. You tell her to lay to pose sexually in as many as you tell her. You pull out a disposeable camera you had in your pocket and decide to take a few pics for your private collection. I come back in and I seen that she is already back in her chamber clothed. I think nothing of it –

“Well, that is all I can show you right now, I need to go and make dinner for me and my girls. I can show you out.”

-You follow me to the entrance and shake my hand and say your good bye-

-“ I hope you can come back again, so I can show you the rest of this place. Oh, and by the way if you wanna “try out” any of these ladies, don’t bother hesitating. You seem like the type of person who can please my girls very well. Well, see you later!”

-You see me close the large door behind you, as you think 'maybe I might come back here to see what other “dolls” he has...'-


The End of pt.1

Foot Note: I might add on to this, I might not... Since this is my first story I would like you all to give me your honest opinion on this, plus give me ideas on what rooms I should put in next, or what other “dolly” I should put in.

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