BY CMQ 07-98

authors note: an apology in advance...this is a HUGE story, much longer than I thought it would end up being...I would suggest reading separate segments if you don't want to get overloaded with all the stuff which happens...There are natural breaks in the story as the characters move to different locations. I would recommend you read segments at a time...unless you are REALLY enjoying it. Remember, like attending a theme park, you can go back one is forcing you to go on everything in one trip!



"Come on, Kimberly!" Dannielle hollered. She tapped her feet on the sidewalk as she waited impatiently. Next to her, Lara looked at her holodex timepiece, hanging loosely around her wrist, anxiously.

"Aw, we're gonna get there late!" Lara fumed as she brushed her shoulder length auburn hair out of her eyes. "The line will be outrageous unless we leave now! You know how popular the 'Works is!"

"KIMBERLY!!" Danni hollered again, cupping her hands to her mouth and leaning slightly over as she amplified her voice. Her waist length, jet black hair trailed behind her.

"Okay, okay! I'm coming!" Kimberly answered as she opened the front door to her home and shut it behind her. "Geez, you two are gonna wake up the entire neighborhood," she yawned. She took a couple of steps as if she were still half-asleep.

"Let's go!" the two girls declared in unison, as each grabbed one of Kimberly's arms and rushed her down the street to the metro stop.

"I haven't even had time to eat yet!" Kimmy whined.

"We'll pick up something on the way," Danni scolded. "We shoulda been on the way already. The line's gonna be killer."

The Express-metro arrived on schedule and the three girls boarded the automated mass transit train. Danni and Lara sat on one side and Kimmy plopped down next to the automaker. "One extra tall orange juice please...and a couple hash browns..." The machine hummed in response and created a tall glass of juice and hash browns on the serving plate.

"Oooh," Lara teased playfully. "Better watch your figure, girl!"

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with my figure!" Kimmy shot back dryly, unamused at having to get up so early. She was a slim, strikingly beautiful girl with long wavy blonde hair reaching the middle of her back. Wearing a midriff-baring pink sleeveless top and white shorts, Kimmy leaned back across two of the seats and drank down her breakfast.

Danni sat back in her seat and watched the scenery go by in the large glass windows. She shook her super-long black hair and pulled it to lie on her front as she sunk deeper into the plush seating. She was wearing a cropped silver tee which bared her navel and a tight, short miniskirt which daringly showed off a lot of upper thigh. Slightly sleazy-looking as always, Kimmy noted. Next to her Lara stretched out the opposite way and tucked her yellow sleeveless tank top into her faux-80's blue jeans. She teased her hair, playing with the strands hanging from her Cutey Critter hairband. Always keeping up on the latest fads and trends, Kimmy sighed. The ride to the Amusement Center took about an hour, which allowed Kimmy to get an extra hours worth of rest. The three girls got out at the AMCenter Station and walked up the path leading to the Statueworks Amusement Center. They saw a number of families with children heading up to the Kidland Theme Park, and saw older (well, non-minor, anyways) patrons heading up to the Thrill Central Park. But the largest number of passengers were heading up the same path they were, straight to the main entrance of Statueworks, 'the museum-quality experience' as the advertisements declared.

"Oh no, look at the line!" Tara said dejectedly. It was already well over 100 deep and it was only 7:00 a.m.

"I told you we should have gotten here earlier!" Danni reiterated to Kimmy. She crossed her slender arms and pouted.

"Well, I guess we could come back..." Kimmy answered.

"NO way!" Danni countered. "You just turned 19 yesterday, so now that you're legal, you're not getting out of going in with us!"

"Yeah, don't be scared Kim," Lara soothed. "It's really fun inside! You don-"

"I'm not scared!" Kimmy said defiantly. "I just don't want to stand in line! Look how long it is!"

"Well, the park will open at 8:30, so we only have about ninety minutes. If we go back, it will take at least an hour to get home, so we might as well spend that time waiting in line," Danni logically explained.

The wait seemed surprisingly shorter than they expected. What with guy watching and good-natured ribbing at themselves, the three friends soon found themselves at the park entrance as the line behind them continued to grow. Upon flashing their holo-ids, they were admitted to the female locker rooms. Danni and Lara headed for one of the locker banks and began to get undressed, they placed their clothing and personal items into the durasteel lockers, closed the door and pressed their palms against the coding scanner. The lockers acknowledged that the storage units were now secure in pleasant synthetic-sounding feminine voices. The two nude twenty-year olds turned to look at their younger friend. "Are you ready yet, Kim?" Danni asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Um...I think so..." Kim said, in a less than sure manner. She stepped from behind her locker door, revealing the fact that she was wearing a synth-suit. It was a thin, one piece suit which hugged her curves and was cut high on the thighs. With its scooped neckline, it could pass as a swimsuit except that the fabric was so tight it looked more like a second skin rather than a bathing garment.

"A synth-suit?" Danni said incredulously. "That is sooo immature, Kimmy." She shook her head shamefully.

"Oh, don't rag on her Danni," Lara defended Kim. "If she's more comfortable wearing a synth-suit, then let her. Let's get inside!" Lara stood up from the bench she was seated upon, her twin perky breasts bobbed up and down, unrestricted.

"Ahhh, okay," Danni agreed. She shut Kim's locker and waited for her modest friend to lock the storage container. Then the three headed for the turnstile entrance to Statueworks. The complex was completely enclosed, but a clear, domelike roof let in natural light from the outside. As they waited in line to enter, the loudspeakers proclaimed the various fun and adventure the participants would experience.

"Welcome to Statueworks," the recorded greeting repeated. "Begin your adventure by becoming living art in the Trophyzone, where you will experience the majesty of Midas' Touch. Or will you dare to brave Medusa's Gaze in Sculpturezone? And when it's time to cool off from all the excitement, be sure to visit Icezone and The Chiller! Our refreshment dispensers are located in..."

"Look at all the people!" Kimmy marveled. She was staring slack-jawed at a pair of well built young men, completely naked, when a group of equally naked girls walked in front of her view. She blushed. It seemed like only about 10% of the crowd, at most, was wearing synth-suits.

"Okay, shows over, lets go on something!" Danni pulled Kim along as Lara brought up the rear. They went thru the turnstile and made a beeline down the main thoroughfare. "Come on, Kimmy! This'll be fun!" Ahead of them were four highly stylized arches reading: ICEZONE, SCULPTUREZONE, STIFFENEDUPLAND, and TROPHYZONE. Danni led her friends through an icicle covered arch reading ICEZONE.

Making a left as they entered, the three girls promptly got into a queue and entered an exhibit with a delicately carved ice arch with the words ABSOLUTE ZERO carved into the faux-ice. The line winded thru an imitation winter wonderland, with snow and icicle covered trees. As they got closer to the front of the line, a large glass wall separated them from a moving walkway on the other side. Cold air mists geysered behind the glass, and the temperature seemed to decidedly drop the closer they got to the front. The recording playing in the background was describing something or other about entering the sub-zero land of Jack Frost, how his breath would chill you to the bone and turn you into a frozen sculpture. Practically no one seemed to be paying any attention, for everyone was involved in their own private chats.

As they waited, Kimmy began to look nervously around. All the other patrons seemed to be, if not annoyed at the wait, unconcerned at what they were about to go through. Even Danni and Lara seemed blase at the whole thing. That would be expected, I suppose, Kim thought, since they've been here before. She looked through the glass and saw movement in the chilly, refrigerated atmosphere. There were...people in there! A stiff woman, totally nude with an shiny icy sheen was moving down the walkway. She was elegantly posed with one arm raised high and the other stretching backwards, counterbalancing the first. One of her legs was bent at the knee, the other long leg tucked behind. Her back was arched gracefully and her head was turned up slightly to look at her upraised hand. Long icicles hung from her lower arm and from her round breasts. She looked to be absolutely frozen solid. The other people in line began to press up against the glass and watch the displays go by. Men, women, most nude, some wearing synth-suits were being shuttled past in a state of frozen rigidity. It was like watching a motionless parade of ice-sculptures. Kimmy suddenly realized they weren't window dressing, but actual patrons who had gone through the freezing process. Before she knew it, Kimmy's little group was at the top of the line. The woman who greeted the patrons was dressed in a ice blue jumpsuit with a fur-lined hood resting against her back and leading patrons onto metal circular plates arranged in a staggered, muffin-pan like pattern. Kimmy was startled that she was suddenly at the front of the line. Fantastic machinery and tubing ran above the platform, with nozzles and cold air blasting out at random intervals.

"Room for one more!" the smiling employee grinned at Kimmy. Her cold breath was visible.

"Um, I would really like to go with my frien-" Kimmy began before Danni pushed her from behind and onto the platform with the metal plates.

"Go for it Kimmy!" Danni encouraged her. Lara gave a thumbs-up in agreement.

"This way," the jumpsuited operator motioned, leading Kimmy by the hand.

Kimmy noticed an appreciable drop in temperature the moment she stepped onto the platform. It seemed to be about 15 degrees colder from the spot she just left in line. The employee was motioning towards the last, unoccupied plate. Kimmy stood on it like all the other patrons, suddenly wishing she had paid more attention to what was going on in front of her than the ice sculptures on display. The plate felt ice cold and she couldn't help but shiver just a little. Her nipples were ice cold and pointed like buttons now, poking thru her rice-paper thick synth-suit. She held her arms together as the employee walked over to the control panel and flipped a few switches.

"Okay, everyone, prepare to get chilly!" she cheerfully chirped as she hit the activation button. The plates that the patrons were standing on slowly dropped beneath the platform's surface until their heads disappeared from view. The girl checked some readings and pressed the activate button.

Kimmy felt a sudden rush of anxiety. She was standing in this sunken hole, about a yard in diameter, and feeling a little claustrophobic. The walls were shiny and smooth, with tiny, almost invisible pin-prick sized holes dotting the virtually flawless surface. She waited. And waited. What am I supposed to do? she wondered, getting nervous. I don't think I'm ready for this, she questioned her desire to go through with this whole thing. "Wait! Let me out!" she yelled finally, pressing her hands against the smooth walls of the sunken tube. "Can you hear me? I want to le-" she was interrupted by a sudden rush of intense cold which widened her eyes to the size of saucers. The liquid nitrogen had begun spraying across her body, freezing her on contact. Before she could finish her sentence she was turned into an icey sculpture. As the metal plates began to rise in staggered fashion, the people in line could begin to get glimpses of the newly frozen patrons.

The frozen patrons were all posed differently, some imitating classic statuary poses, others in static action poses. Some were goofing off when they were frozen by the liquid nitrogen spray. Finally, Kimmy's platform began to rise.

Lara and Danni waited in eager anticipation. They each remembered the first, exhilirating, time they had experienced a 'Works attraction. Kimmy was emerging from the liquid nitrogen spray now, and they both stared in rapt awe. And broke up laughing at the top of their lungs!

Kimberly was frozen stiff with her arms held up as if pressing against an invisible wall. Her skin had a cool blue tone and she was covered in an icey, frosty glaze. Her legs were bent with knees together like an awkward calf trying to stand for the first time. And her eyes! They were huge, like a doe caught hypnotized by bright headlights, and her ice-blue lips framed a mouth wide open aghast. The expression was so goofy her friends couldn't help but giggle their heads off. Shimmering icicles hung off of her frozen hairdo, clinging to her pretty frozen breasts and off her elbows. The operator pressed another switch and the batch of instant-frozen riders began to be shuttled across the platform to the moving walkway. As the frozen figures departed from their platforms, the operator motioned for the next riders to stand in position. "I think we're gonna skip it," Danni suddenly declared.

"What?" Lara said in shock. "But we stood in li-"

"Come on! Let's go watch Kimmy!" Danni grabbed hold of Lara's wrist and slipped out of the line and into the exitway.

They walked around the ice-strewn ABSOLUTE ZERO exhibit to the observation side. A group of people were watching and admiring the ice statues going by slowly on the moving walkway. Danni and Lara edged their way to the front railing. As Kimmy's frozen body came into view, there was scattered laughter at the utterly surprised look on her ice coated face. Danni leaned up close to the glass and stared intently at her frozen friend making her way to the defrosting zone. The synth-suit covered Kimmy's torso, but given the suits tightness, and her protruding nipples, an amazingly accurate supposition to her unclothed anatomy could be imagined.

Lara and Danni watched Kimmy go by and then they headed to the main exit. Many recently defrozen patrons were walking down the ramp, laughing and talking amongst themselves. Finally, a shivering Kimmy came down the ramp. She had a confused and annoyed expression on her face when she saw her friends waiting for her. Danni and Lara broke out laughing again.

"What? You didn't go in?" Kimmy sounded surprised. "You're the ones who wanted to ride this in the first place!" She suddenly seemed very self-conscious about her experience.

"You shoulda seen yourself, Kim!" Danni said between chuckles. "Your expression was priceless!"

"Yeah, Kim!" teased Lara. She struck an imitation of Kimmy's frozen pose, with a much more exaggerated expression on her face.

"Very funny," Kim said deadpan. "I was trying to get out and they didn't hear me!" she tried to explain to her uninterested buddies.

"Hey, lets go over to the souvenir booth!" Danni dragged Kim over and they stared at mini-holograms of each of the frozen patrons. "Look! There you are!" She pointed at the coaster-sized holographic emitter which was displaying an image of Kimberly when she was frozen stiff. "I'll take one of these!" Danni pressed her hand against the purchase-plate located on the counter.

"Danni!" Kim looked around, embarassed.

"Oh come on Kim! It was your first experience. Don't you want something to remember it by?" Danni cocked her head and stared at Kim out of the corner of her eye. She raised her eyebrow and winked.

"Hey, let's stop standing around and RIDE something this time, okay?" Lara interjected.

The three friends walked through the Icezone section and saw an incredibly huge line leading up to THE CHILLER. Stopping to look at the exhibit, the three girls watched as a couple of nude women were standing in a refrigerating shower. The ice-cold spray lowered the body temperature of the women as they clutched each others' bodies and shivered. They then were lead to giant, transparent containers in the form of geometric shapes. One, a strawberry blonde with a huge bosom, chose a triangular, pyramid-like shape. She slipped inside the open door on one side and kneeled down, waiting as her dark-tanned, black-haired friend entered and stood inside a tall, rectangular container. As the operator activated the switches, the containers the women were in started to fill with even chillier cryogenic liquid. The women gave visible gasps and squirmed as the chilled fluid came shooting up from the bottom of their respective containers and splashing across their naked bodies. As the containers filled higher and higher with the chilled solution, the women began to succumb to the ice-cold enclosure. When the containers were filled all the way to the brim, a tiny blue pellet dropped into the top of each of their receptacles, causing instant freeze upon contact with the liquid. In a fraction of a second, both women were encased in frozen blocks of ice. The walls of the containers than opened, allowing giant ice tongs to grab the frozen beauties and transport them to a refrigerated viewing area. Danni, Lara and Kimmy looked at the collection of cubes, pyramids, globes and other icey shapes, each mounted on a rotating pedestal, and each with a frozen person inside!

"Oh wow! Does that look cool or what?!" Danni exclaimed. She was itching to get flash-frozen from the excited sound of her voice.

"Very cool!" Lara agreed. "But the line is way too long right now...maybe later?"

"Won't they drown in there if the liquid fills all the way?" Kimmy asked.

"Oh, come on, Kim," Danni crossed her arms across her bare breasts. "It's completely safe and tested. The thrill is the chill! The feeling where you're trapped and nowhere to go as the cryo-fluid is filling your container is what it's all about! Don't be such a chicken!"

"We gotta go on this one later," Lara said as she watched a giant claw take a couple of frozen people off to be defrosted. "Come on, I bet the lines in Sculpturezone are a lot shorter!"

As the three made their way to the second series of exhibits, they passed the Froster range. Each participant inside was armed with a handheld froster pistol and trying to ice the others. Apparantly, the object was to avoid being frosted until you were the only one left who could move. There were some people standing like frozen statues scattered across the range. A layer of frost coating their bodies. In one section close to the edge of the range, Kimmy could see three young men had ganged up on one pretty blonde girl with really long straight hair. They had her surrounded and were using their pistols to cover her nude body in increasingly heavier coats of frost. She had a wide smile on her face, her eyes closed and head tilted back as if in pleasure. The three men looked like they were also enjoying their work as they had covered her body from the neck down with movement-restricting frost. As the three guys took turns covering her breasts, legs, and butt liberally with their pistols, her smile grew wider. She held her now useless pistol in her frosty grip, her stiff arms hanging out to her sides. Her long, frost covered legs were frozen to the ground, like she was rooted to the spot. Kimmy stared at the frosty girl as Danni and Lara led the way to Sculpturezone. She looks like she's really having fun...I wonder how THAT feels?

The three girls passed under a majestic marble columned arch which had the words SCULPTUREZONE chiseled into the smooth stone. Lots of polished stonework seemed to make up this area of the 'Works as Lara got them into the line to MEDUSA'S GAZE. "Welcome to Ancient Greece, land of antiquity and splendor..." began the dramatic recording playing in the background. "...a land of myth and magic...of gods and monsters..." as the queue moved through a mock Mediterranean garden, filled with lush greenery and stonework. Kimmy stared in fascination as the lights in the dark background dramatically shone on a beautiful stone statue of a nude woman, posed seductively with her arms behind her head, as if teasing her hair. "Do you dare face the gaze of the terrible Medusa? Who can turn you to stone with a glance?" More statues were on display, some wearing synth-suits!

Omigosh, those are real people! Kimmy realized, just like the ones she had seen in the Icezone, but these are turned to stone! She had studied Greek Mythology a lot when she was in school, and remembered a lot about the myth of the Gorgons and how they could turn onlookers to stone with their gaze.

"This'll be fun, Kim," Lara said as they reached the front of the line. A black woman dressed in a short purple toga, her black hair done up in a top-knotted ponytail threaded with strands of gold ribbon, beckoned them to enter by unhooking the chain across the doorway. The group of three entered the exhibit hall as the operator rehung the chain behind them.

It looked like the interior of a maze, a labyrinth like the one in that Minotaur story, Kim recalled. There were imitation oil lamp 'torches' lighting their way through the darkness.

"BOO!" Danni suddenly yelled, causing Kim to jump. Lara giggled at how easily Kim was startled.

"Danni!" Kim sounded both upset and chagrined that her nerves were acting up again. She rounded a corner with Danni, letting Lara bring up the rear. "Don't do that!"

"You're such a scaredy-cat!" Danni teased, shoving Kimmy's shoulder. "Ooooh, the big bad Medusa is gonna turn us all to stone! I'm so afraid!" Lara, too, began to giggle at Danni's mock fear.

"Cut it out!" Kimmy said seriously. "Did you hear something? Like hissing?" She looked around her.

"Nooo..." Lara offered. Clearly she knew more than she was letting on. Danni winked at her as they approached a gentle, curving bend in the corridor.

The walls they were approaching had painted designs of snakes and monsters. Danni fell back slightly to allow Kim to walk in front of her. As they turned the corner they found themselves in a dead end. "Wha-" Kim began. She looked up and down at the solid brick wall in front of her. "Well now what do we do?" Kim said confused.

"I guess we have to turn around and go back," smiled Lara.

"Yeah, lead the way Kim..." Danni offered. There was a slightly sly tone to her voice which Kimmy apparantly didn't catch.

Kim walked around the curving corridor and screamed in fright at the sight of a gigantic, snake haired head filling the space of the corridor. It's eyes glowed green and the hissing from the numerous snake heads were like a thousand airhoses amplified twentyfold. Kim stared in the scaly face and found she could not move from the spot.

Danni and Lara came racing around the bend and struck vogue-like model poses behind Kimmy. "Here it comes!" Danni yelled over the din. The glowing eyes of Medusa's head were emitting a wide pulse scan which was bathing the three girls so that they were awash in its energy.

"Ohhhh!" Kimmy cried out. "I-I can't move!" Her body was completely enveloped in the green beam shining from the giant Medusa's head. I-I think my body is changing! Kimmy thought as she found she could no longer speak, or even twitch a finger. She could only look at the snake-tressed demoness' face and feel her body becoming....petrified! It feels so...strange, she thought. Like my entire body is tingling...hardening...becoming solid rock! She stood there for what seemed like an eternity, getting stiffer and stiffer, harder and her skin, her hair, every inch of her body, including her skimpy synth-suit, becoming granite-hued stone with each passing second.

Danni and Lara could see the back of Kimmy's body becoming solid stone as they too were transfixed in the Medusa's petrifying sight. They, however, had previous knowledge of the attraction and had struck glamourous poses. Danni put her right hand behind her head, tucked her right leg over her left and planted her left hand firmly on her hip. She had tilted her head up before the stiffening effect rendered her body unmovable. She could feel the beginning of the petrifying effect now and relished the transformation feeling. How her extremities tingled with electric her body felt during the ever hardening exposure. It was like someone was stimulating every square inch of her body simultaneously.

Lara had chosen a spread-legged, both hands behind her head approach. She stuck her butt backwards and arched her torso to create a pleasing, curved stomach line. She could see Kimmy gradually turning to stone, how her blonde hairs were solidifying into hardened her cute rounded ass (despite its synth-skin coverage) was graying, petrifying...and could imagine how her own body looked, going through the same transformation. Lara closed her eyes and let the petrifying effect immobilize her completely in stone. She made a mental point to pick up a souvenir of the three of them, petrified like statues. We're gonna turn out great, she imagined, thoughts of the three of them as granite statuary in the faux garden filling her mind as the Medusa's petrifying stare transformed her lovely nude body from soft flesh to hard stone.

With the trio completely transformed into lovely looking statues of stone, the Medusa's image wavered and de-rezzed. Stripped of its holographic disguise, the petrifier beam retracted into the ceiling once again to await the next 'victims' of the Medusa. The floor beneath the petrified trio began to move ever so slightly, gently carrying the stone girls to the conveyers which led through the mock garden. Each was gently deposited onto the moving belt, and they proceeded past a group of patrons entering the exhibit. "Look at the latest victims of the Medusa's gaze," the announcer intoned. "Do you have the bravery to meet the Medusa face to face? Continue onward, then, brave souls..." The people in line ogled Lara's sensuous pose and pointed at the frightened expression on Kimmy's granite toned face. Danni's statue attracted more than a few amorous glances, with her long petrified hair forming a perfect stone sheath. Soon, the three petrified girls met up with other stoney victims. The conveyer stopped and deposited each petrified girl onto a round turntable, which allowed onlookers not in line to get a good view of each statue. After going through a few rotations, the solid stone girls were whisked off the turntable to the staging area where they would be returned to life. Three togaed employees aimed hand-held devices with funnel-shaped at the trio of stoney statues, bathing the sculptures in beams which restored Danni, Kimmy and Lara to full normalcy. "Welcome back," a young togaed man started to say. "You're lucky to have escaped from the Medusa! But the gods have smiled on you and decided to grant you mercy!"

Danni and Lara giggled at the corny play-acting the employees were required to go through. Kimmy turned to face the guffawing duo. "You knew! That's why you had me go first!"

"Well, of course!" Lara smiled. "Let's go see how we came out!" She rushed over to the souvenir stand and pointed at the tiny, sculpted figurines dotting the counter. "Here's me!" she giggled as she held up a twelve-inch tall mini statue which was a perfect replica, albeit smaller, of Lara when she was turned to stone. "And here's you, Danni...and Kimmy!" She thrust the two figurines in front of her friends.

"Oh yours looks cool," Danni admired Lara's miniature figure. "I should have posed like that too. We would have made a good pair of bookends."

Kim was staring at her tiny effigy. It had a surprised, fearful look and a gawky, unglamorous pose. But it wasn't just because of the was the made her look...different than her friends' figurines.

"Here, gimme yours," Lara grabbed Danni and Kimmi's replicas. "I'd like all three of these, mounted on one base," she instructed the compu-vendor and placed her palm on the purchase-plate. The computer recorded her purchase and recycled the sample figurines into its molecular storage after the trio had departed.

"Well, how did that feel?" Lara asked Kimmy.

"It felt...weird..." Kimmy tried to explain. "Like...I was trapped inside my own body and then when I was turning to stone it was..." she searched for the right word. "...weird," she finally repeated.

"Well now that you've experienced petrification, you'll find FRIEZE PLAY to be a little more tame," Lara offered. She pointed to the attraction across from MEDUSA'S GAZE. "No scary monsters there!"

Kim stuck her tongue out playfully at Lara.

There was a crowd of people looking up at a short stage. A giant, eight foot tall wall of solid marble, about twenty feet wide, with life-size figures carved in relief. Kimmy admired the well-sculpted figures. A muscled, nude man was holding a nude woman in his arms, allowing her to lean backward like a dancer. Half of their bodies were sculpted, seemingly out of the solid marble wall in a high-level of relief. Other figures were striking various poses, one female was even leaping in mid-air. After a little while, the wall, which was mounted on a huge turntable, rotated around, revealing another group of figures carved into the smooth, flawless stone. "Come on," Danni and Lara led the way up the ramp. They stood in line as the recording droned on,"...experience the craftmanship of the master sculptor's hand..." Kim found it difficult to take her eyes off the exquisitely sculpted bodies.

As they winded around the turntable stage, Kim could see that the attraction operators were lining up about fifteen people in front of the perfectly smooth wall. There was no trace of any of the sculpted relief figures she had seen on the other side. Danni whispered to Kim to watch carefully. As the patrons, all nude, were taking their positions, the pretty operator, a brunette in a pristine white toga which showed off her tanned legs was giving them instructions. The patrons all began striking poses. Some held the first position they had chosen, others were more picky and began shifting to different positions. Kimmy could hear a countdown in a deep, baritone voice. " for the FRIEZE!" There was a brilliant flash of light, which momentarily blinded Kim. When her vision cleared, she saw that the patrons were gone, and in their place were marble figures sculpted out of the smooth face of the wall. Kimmy was instantly fascinated at the realization that they had all been turned into a life-sized marble relief sculpture! She could see that parts of their bodies had been encased by the wall, while others emerged from the smooth glass-like surface as in true relief. As the wall rotated around, a second group of people, frozen against the wall were being restored to normal by the operator. As the restored riders began to walk to the exit, a blonde, bare-chested male operator ushered the next fifteen people to the wall. Danni, Kimmy and Lara were the last three to make it in before the cutoff. As they lined up against the wall, the handsome man was giving them instructions. There was a twelve inch blue rectangle from the face of the frieze surface and which stretched the entire length of the marble wall. The operator was explaining how everything inside that blue rectangle would become part of the wall and how people should make sure the parts they wanted exposed was outside that twelve inch warning space. Kim watched as others began taking their poses. A tall woman struck a hands on hips pose, her legs spread widely apart. A couple embraced each other, another woman turned around completely, bending over and sticking her butt out at the operating staff.

"Hey Lara!" Danni exclaimed as she placed her body halfway between the borderline of the blue warning track and the clear zone. She had chosen a wide stance, arms extended

up in the air position, like she was doing a jumping jack. "Look at me!"

Lara grinned and playfully grabbed her friend around the shoulders. Danni tried to shoo her away as Kimmy was trying to decide what kind of pose to strike.

How should I pose? Kimmy wondered. How much time do I have to decide? She quickly decided to choose a pose she had observed circus performers strike at the end of their act. She turned her body slightly, looked out at the operators and placed the hand closest to the wall on her hip and raised her other arm high in the air. She bent her forward leg slightly, smiled widely and waited. The bare-chested operator walked by and smiled at her. Kimmy blushed. He is soooo cute.

"You might want to step forward slightly," he offered helpfully.

Kim looked down and saw she was standing almost fully inside the blue portion of the floor. She realized almost all of her would have been obscured inside the materializing marble wall. Taking a step forward, she stood halfway in-between the blue borderline. She took a deep breath and waited. She could still hear Danni and Lara squabbling. Concentrate on the pose...she told herself. It wouldn't be too much longer. Then she heard the recording begin.

"Three..." the deep voice began.

Here we go, thought Kim.

"Two..." the voice continued.

Almost there, Kim glanced around for the cute blonde operator.

"One..." the countdown proceeded.

All right..."HEY!" Kim yelped in surprise as Danni and Lara suddenly rushed towards her and pulled down the front of her synth-suit.

"Prepare for the FRIEZE!" the announcer ended as the brilliant flash marbleized all the patrons.

Everything was silent as the patrons were frozen into the marble frieze. Poor Kim had a shocked expression on her lovely face. She had both of her arms clutching the thin, stretched-out fabric of her marbleized synth-suit. Her twin round breasts were exposed marble globes now, her legs smooth and flawless in their marble glory. Only her left leg was encased in the marble wall, for her unexpected surprise had caused her to shift further from the wall. Danni was frozen in profile, fully half of her left side was one with the marble barrier. She had been turned to marble clutching at Kimmy's synth-suit and pulling it out as far as the fabric would stretch before it was turned to stone. Her body leaned backward, right leg extended as if supporting herself in a tug-of-war pull. She had a delicious marble grin captured for posterity on her face. Lara, opposite Danni, had only her whitened right hand visible around Kim's right shoulder, for the rest of her arm was encased in the wall. She was leaning in close to the statued Kim, and pulling the delicate stone strap of the synth-suit off with her left hand. Her pulling arm was held close to her body and she was twisted slightly at the waist so that two thirds of her alabaster-colored round ass was outside of the marble wall's embrace. Lara's cool white left leg jutted out in front of Kim's right leg, and the rest of her body was one with the marble wall. The blonde male operator chuckled as he pointed out the marbleized duo's practical joke to the togad female employee. Spontenaity was always a common theme at this attraction. And it could be captured and frozen at its conception. The wall turned 180 degrees to give the viewers outside the attraction a good look. There were a couple of scattered rounds of applause for the marble trio and some catcalls for the marbled rear-end which was seen protruding out the wall from the waist down. After a few minutes on display, the wall rotated again, and the two operators activated the restoration effect. Instantly, the marble occupying the blue marked border disappeared and the fifteen marble sculptures became living people again.

"Stop! Don-" Kim suddenly realized it had been too late, and she had been marbleized with her boobs exposed. "That wasn't..." she began scolding her two friends when the cute blonde operator walked past and winked at her.

"Hey, I thought you looked cute up there," he flashed a brilliant smile at Kim.

Instantly Kim lost her train of thought as her brain went blank. Her mouth refused to speak as she walked dazily offstage with Danni and Lara, who were making cow-eyes at the blonde hunk. As they got out of earshot, they began squealing like 13 year olds talking about the latest teen heart-throb. "Oh, he is sooo hot for you, Kimmy!" teased Danni.

Kim blushed three shades of red as she looked back and saw the operator staring back at her. Lara ribbed her friend, "Must be cause he saw your tits!"

"That wasn't very nice!" Kimmy remembered her last thought before being distracted.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lara said apoligetically. "But it was Danni's idea!" she added.

"No hard feelings?" Danni offered sad, puppy-dog like eyes.

Kim embraced her good friend. "No, you've just been trying to get me to loosen up and enjoy myself. And it's about time I did." She pulled the straps of her synth-suit down her arms, exposing her firm breasts, and slipped the tight suit off her body, which was now beautifully naked. She dropped the outfit into one of the waste/recycling containers and pointed to the BODYSCULPTORS exhibit. "I'm going on that!" she declared and raced towards the entrance.

Danni and Lara looked at each other and smiled. Now that uptight Kim was getting ready to cut loose, we can have some real fun! They both rushed to catch up with Kimmy. She was standing in the crowd watching the 'sculptors' at work. The attraction allowed one patron, who donned thick mitten-like gloves with all sorts of micro-circuitry to 'sculpt' another patron into different poses. The sculptees were standing, kneeling, lounging on six-inch tall, fluted column-like pedestals, the tops of which were covered with a clear, transparent glass plate. Apparantly, the plate had a paralyzing effect on whoever stood on it or had skin-to-glass contact, as the sculptees looked to be completely rigid. Their 'sculptors' were using the circuited gloves to repose the 'sculpture' into whatever position they desired. It appeared to be a most sensual experience, as many couples were engaged in turning their partners into beautiful, faux-statuary. One man was applying paint to his slender girlfriend, who remained utterly motionless. He traced her nipples with a brush dipped in bright sky blue paint and drew the wet brush down her side and legs with a squiggly brushstroke. Another woman was applying green bodypaint via a sprayer to the bare chest of her date. When the artist was satisfied with his or her 'sculpture' the pedestal was tracked on recessed rails to the exhibition hall next door, where it raised to a full height of three feet and rotated 360 degrees to allow the 'patrons' a better view of the completed work of art.

Kimberly watched a few artists at work and then rushed up to the front, as there was currently few people waiting to get in. "Welcome to BODYSCULPTORS!" smiled the female host with short red hair. She wore a low cut blue toga which had a hip-high slit on her right side, revealing plenty of leg. Around her small waist was a belt holding various artists tools like chisels and mallets. "Will you be an artist or a model?" she asked.

"Make me a statue!" Kim answered bubbily. Her two friends were walking up the ramp behind her.

"And which of you two will be the sculptor?" the ivory skinned redhead asked.

"I'll do it!" Danni answered quickly. She and Kimmy entered the main stage where other 'artists' were creating their 'masterpieces'.

"Would you like to wait and see if we have any singles come up to sculpt you? Or would you rather wait for a model?" the operator asked Lara.

"Oh! Could I just go in and wait with my friends?" Lara asked as there was no one in line behind her.

"Of course!" the woman smiled as she directed Lara onstage. Lara saw Kim and Danni choosing between some empty pedestals.

"Here, try this one," Danni was saying, when Kim suddenly jumped up onto a round, sixteen-inch diameter pedestal.

Kim struck a hands-on-hips pose, thrusting her bare breasts out and turned to look at the redhead running the exhibit. "I'm ready!" she grinned. The woman flicked a switch on her control panel and instantly Kim felt her body go completely stiff. She could not move at all. As she stared, unblinkingly, Danni entered her field of vision.

"Hey Kim," Danni said, somewhat seductively. She had donned a pair of bodysculptor gloves and was running her hands around Kim's left arm. She then lifted Kim's rigid appendage so that it was horizontal to the floor, but still bent at the elbow. Kim could feel a tingling in her arm as Danni reposed it, but could not move by herself. She could only stand motionless, awaiting the touch of the artist, Dannielle, who was on her way to creating a pretty nude statue. Kim could feel her right arm being moved now, being raised up and bent so that her right fingertips rested on her shoulder. Danni then got back to Kim's left arm, turning it so that it lay between her breasts. "What do you think, Lara?"

Lara perused her living-statue-of-a-friend. "I think you have to do something with her legs," she offered. Kim would have broken out in a big grin, if she could move at all. Lara was always making complimentary comments about Kim's long legs. Admiring how long and sexy they looked. She had even remarked on the Express-metro this morning how good Kim's shorts had looked, which they both knew, was really a comment on how great Kim's legs looked. She'll naturally want to make me look great, Kim thought as she awaited the touch which would alter her rigid body's position.

Danni looked at Lara and ran her hands over Kim's left thigh, moving toward the knee. Taking hold of the left shin, Danni crossed the leg in front of the rigid right leg. "How's that?" she asked. Kim could only stand, helplessly immobile as her friends debated over how to pose her.

"No, no...that doesn't look right at all," Lara frowned. "Here, let me have one of those gloves." Danni slipped her right glove off and handed it to Lara. "Okay, hold her thigh..." she instructed as she ran her hands across the inside of Kim's leg. Kim could feel Lara's fingers coming dangerously close to her immobile crotch and suddenly wondered if any women had ever had their vaginas 'posed' wide open. Lara stroked down the inside of Kim's leg with her right hand as Danni did so similarly on the outside with her left-handed glove. As they got to the knee, Lara told Danni to help her uncross Kim's leg and they re-positioned it to be alongside the other. Lara gently bent the knee slightly and moved her hand down to adjust Kim's foot. Taking her friends bare foot, she adjusted the toes so that they were the only part of the foot touching the surface of the pedestal. She made sure the heel was up high and straightened along the same lines of Kim's shin.

"I think she needs a little sway to her hips," Danni said as she stepped back to admire their work. "It'll only be a little longer, Kim!" she waved at her paralyzed friend playfully.

Kim, who could not respond at all to her friend, saw Danni walk out of her field of sight and then felt Danni's (or was it Lara's?) hands on her hips, pushing her left hip in so that her right hip swayed out. She could feel hands straightening her waist and upper torso, adjusting the tilt to her hips. She even felt someone adjusting her nipples so that they were fully extended and prominently pointed out! She guessed it was Danni, who seemed to be giggling a lot more than usual. Finally, after what seemed to be hours (it was really more like forty-five minutes) of posing, Danni and Lara seemed to be satisfied with their Kim 'statue'. She was posed with her left foot gracefully posed so that only the toes of her foot rested on the transparent topped pedestal and her left leg tucked over her right. She had a gentle tilt in her hips to the right, and her torso was straight with her upper chest thrust forward. Her right elbow pointed forward, fingers resting slightly on her shoulder. The left hand was flat against her chest, fingers together, between her breasts. As a final touch, Danni turned Kim's head slightly to the right and tilted her chin so that her face looked up slightly.

"All done?" asked the redhead operator. A line had begun to back up as Danni and Lara were 'sculpting'.

"Almost!" Danni peeped. "I think there needs to be one finishing touch..."

What is she up to, stiffened Kim wondered as Danni picked up a paint sprayer and sprayed the dark aureoles of Kim's two breasts a shimmery metallic blue. As Lara laughed, Danni sprayed Lara's left aureole too.

"Hey! Cut it out, Danni!" Lara snatched the sprayer out of Danni's hand. "I demand equal time!" Danni sighed as she stood still and allowed Lara to spray the trimmed pubic bush of her body neon yellow. Lara then set the sprayer to white and colored Kim's blonde pubic hairs. Kim could feel the light, tickling feel of the paint application and began feeling erotically stimulated at the airy touch of the wet paint between her legs. Lara turned to look at the impatient crowd and handed the paint sprayer to the operator. "All done!"

The operator took a handheld device hanging on the stage railing and activated the pedestal. It hummed to life and extended to its full, three-foot, height. It began moving slowly through a curtained doorway. Danni and Lara walked to the other doorway, brushing aside the dark red drapes and stepping down a few stairs to the gallery. There were about six 'sculptures' on display. They admired some of the other 'statues', specifically a well-built man (with rather prominant genitalia) spray-painted entirely white. As they waited in line, they stared at Kim's pedestal, which was making its way over to the souvenir/check-out podium. As Kim passed through the curtained doorway, she saw that the short tunnel she was moving down was mirrored, allowing her to get a look at herself for the first time. She admired herself, truely statuesque in form, standing on a pedestal and still as a real statue. As she passed through a second curtained door, she found herself in a well-lit, fancy looking art gallery. There were a couple of other 'statues' on display here and some people milling about, admiring the 'sculpted' bodies. She could just barely see Danni and Lara out of the corner of her eye as her pedestal passed in front of a curly-haired male, whom Kim could only see the backside of, and a well-bosomed girl with painted streaks down her entire body. She could hear Danni and Lara speaking with someone she assumed to be an employee.

"Hello! Do you see anything you'd like to purchase?" said a short brunette with luscious ruby-red lips as she recited the lines from the attraction's script. All the better to give the illusion of a real art gallery. The cheery, ponytailed employee wore a glamorous long toga which bared one shoulder and pointed at the living 'statues' on display. "We have a great assortment of one-of-a-kind statues, as you can see!"

"Um, I would really like that one," Danni began pointing at the well-built male she had been ogling before she got a dirty look from the tall, talented blonde who had 'sculpted' him. She quickly amended her decision. "But I think we'll be happy with this one!" she indicated Kimmy's lusciously immobile figure.

"An excellent choice," the 'agent' agreed. "Would you like a holo-vid or a replicast made?"

"One holo-vid, please" Lara replied. She didn't know what she would do with a full-sized casting of Kimmy. Where would she keep something like that? Not that it wasn't tempting to have a life-sized replica of her friend...

The seller pressed a few buttons on her podium and indicated for Lara to touch the purchase-plate. After a few seconds, Kimmy's statue-like form began to move. As the pedestal shrank to its original six-inch height, Kim stepped down, looked at her two smiling friends and broke out into a wide smile as well. The three best friends embraced each other and walked out of the gallery shop, arms across each others' shoulders. "You were great Kim!" Lara admired. "Truly priceless!"

"Yeah, you always wanted someone to put you up on a pedestal!" Danni deadpanned.

"You two sure have roaming hands," Kim kidded. "I swear I felt one of you slip your fingers between my legs..."

"It was the paint sprayer!" Danni swore as the three friends collapsed, laughing hard.

"I'm hungry," Kim declared. "What time is it?"

Lara looked up at one of the light posts, which had a holographic display mounted on three sides. "Wow, it's almost noon," she said. "Hey, I know where we can eat! The WAX 'N WILD has a food court nearby! We can chow down and watch the people get waxed!"

"Okay, I'm famished!" Danni agreed and Kimmy nodded her head.

The trio started off in search of nourishment. They passed ROCKED SOLID on their way out of Sculpturezone, a large open area surrounded by quarry-like paraphernalia. Kimmy took a long look at the action going on inside. It had what looked like an ancient-looking...what was the term? cement mixer? That was it... It was pouring out some sort of slippery-looking light greyish liquid into one of the pits. There were assorted people frolicking in the wet, mud-like mess, their bodies coated with a slick layer of the grey slime as they played like children do in mudholes. One of the other pits looked like it was filled with white...paint? No, it looked more like liquid...marble! Yet another was composed of a thicker, gooier dark-grey liquid. Everyone in the pits looked like they were having the time of their lives. Two girls were lying in the muck and having their bodies slathered over by their boyfriends in the liqui-marble pit. In the cement-like pit, the couples was throwing globs of wet cement at each other, coating each others nude bodies with grey. I wonder what that one's all about? Kimmy pondered when suddenly all movement in the three pits stopped as if time itself had frozen. She blinked and realized the liquid the people were in had suddenly hardened to the consistency of stone. Intrigued, Kimmy drifted closer to the frozen people. She could hear some of them still talking to each other or moving the limbs uncoated by the hardened liquid. One woman was using her uncoated arm to feel the hardened consistency of the stone-like concrete covering her breasts. Three girlfriends were coated seemingly head to toe in the form-fitting light greyish stuff. Only their eyes darting back and forth gave any clue they were anything other than realistic statues now. To their right were a man and woman frozen in mid run. The man, holding a handful of formerly wet stuff was chasing, or rather frozen in the act of chasing, the woman who was similarly immobile as a statue. Her long hair was rigidly horizontal to the ground now. Kimmy wondered if she could go up and touch one of the instant statues, but before she could drift any closer to the pit Danni yanked her away.

"There will be time to go in there later! I gotta eat!" she admonished. Kimmy relented and followed Danni and Kim out of Sculptureland and into StiffenedUpland.

"Welcome to StiffenedUpland..." the concealed speakers repeated, over and over. "Visit the games of FREEZING FOR FUN...or become a waxwork figure, fit for the wax museum at WAX 'N WILD...purchase keepsakes of your visit at STILL LIFE SHOWCASE, where you can become the ultimate sales tool!"

The three girls got in line at the concession stand and ordered at the automaker. Danni got a bowl of Clam Chowder soup with French bread ham sandwich. Lara got a salad with a half turkey sandwich and mineral water. Kimmy chose a greasy cheeseburger, french fries and thick strawberry shake. The three friends sat down at an al fresco-ish table next to the WAX 'N WILD attraction. It provided a good view of the interior exhibit as they chowed down on their midday meal. "Girl, that's going to go straight to your hips," Danni scolded as she sipped her soup.

Kimmy patted her trim tummy and took a huge bite out of her burger. "Noph it vhon't..." she said between chews.

"Eww..." Lara turned away from Kimmy's poor table manners as she took a bite of lettuce from her salad. She sipped from her mineral water as she noticed a striking short-haired blonde girl in line inside WAX 'N WILD. "Hey, check her out," Lara indicated. "She looks familiar."

Danni and Kim looked at the girl. "She's pretty," Danni acknowledged. "I think she's in one of our classes at school."

"Sammi Stevens," Kim answered with one look. "She's on the dance/gymnastics team."

"Oh yeah," Danni replied with recognition. "She's pretty good. Very limber." She admired the well toned nature of Sammi's nude figure. "Hey, she's next in line! What do you think she'll choose? Shower or dip?"

"Shower or dip?" Kim asked, fascinated at the various intricacies of the 'Works.

"You get a choice of going into the wax shower or dipped into the wax vat," Lara explained.

"Which one is better?" Kim asked eagerly.

"I like the shower," Danni replied. "The way the warm wax sprays all over and coats your body, running all across every inch of your bod before you feel it harden and stiffen you up."

"I like the dip," Lara countered. "The feeling as you slowly get immersed into the warm wax....oh yeah, it's great! Then being raised up into the cool air and feeling the hardening wax immobilizing ya...very cool!"

"The shower is better cause it's, like, instant coating...Whoosh! You're coated and stiffened up!" Danni debated.

"But the dip is longer, you get more out of it...the exhilaration is greater as you anticipate feeling your body get deeper and deeper in the wax," Lara shot back.

"Oh you just don't like the way the wax feels when it sprays across your face," Danni observed.

"That's not true! I just like being immersed and feel it tickle my skin as I-" Lara was interrupted by Kimmy tapping her on the wrist.

"Hey she's going in!" Kimmy pointed to Sammi.

The three watched with rapt attention as Sammi approached the waxworks operator, a slight rather gangly man wearing a loose-fitting white jumpsuit. Sammi took a look towards the waxwork pool and then to the wax shower. "Shower!" Danni prodded.

"Naw, I bet she's into being dipped," Lara answered. She watched as Sammi took another look at the bubbling wax pool before turning left and heading for the sprayers.

"Hah! She's gonna be sprayed!" Danni gloated.

Kimmy watched intently as Sammi stepped onto a moving conveyer. It carried her along slowly, approaching the free-standing metallic spray nozzles aiming at the nude girl. As she got within about two feet the sprayers activated, showering her in liquid wax. She had closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side as the wax cascaded across her face, plastering her short blonde locks against the back of her head. She raised her hands and caressed her breasts as the waxwork shower continued its total coverage of her dancer's body. After passing through six showerheads of spray wax, Sammi emerged from the warm wax, her body glistening with shiny highlights. As the conveyer carried her further from the deactivated sprayers, the wax began to cool and harden around her lovely form. Kimmy could see Sammi's movements becoming slower and slower as the rapidly-cooling coat of wax on her body began to stiffen her up. Sammi turned her head slightly, tried to take another step and raise her hands to her head before she froze completely. Kimmy thought she had been trying to get into a pose but had underestimated the time she had before the hardening wax immobilized her completely. As the conveyer came to a stop, a metal claw with spindly arms reached out and gently picked up Sammi around the waist. She remained fixed in her position as she was carried over to the waxworks gallery, where patrons could walk amongst the waxwork figures and get an up-close look at the end results. Placed upon a square pedestal, Sammi's stiffened body became the newest subject of attention. Her waxen sheen reflected the overhead spotlights. "Wow," Kim mouthed softly as she stuck the last of her fries into her mouth. She could just begin to see a nice-looking Asian girl emerging from the wax pool when Danni and Lara poked her in the side.

"Are you done eating?" Danni asked. She had already cleared her plate and bowl. Lara had similarly finished her meal while Kimmy had remained awestruck at Sammi's waxwork body.

"Um okay, hold on a sec," Kimmy wolfed down the rest of her burger and dropped the trash into a recycler unit. Wiping her lips clean with the napkin, she followed Danni and Lara as they walked past the WAX 'N WILD gallery. Danni had stopped right in front of Sammi's motionless figure.

"Look at her body," Danni admired. "She's got it made. Pretty figure. Dancer. Gymnast."

"Aw, she's not so hot," Lara objected. "She's not going to be a model, like I am when I graduate," she fluffed her auburn hair in such an exaggerated fashion that her two friends began giggling instantly.

"Hey Ms. Lara," Danni said sarcastically. "If you really want to become a model, why don't we get over to the STILL LIFE SHOWCASE?"

"Oh yeah! Let's go!" Lara said excitedly. She pulled Kim away from gawking at a waxen man thrusting his hips and erect penis forward. Kim reluctantly gave in to her friend's efforts.

"What's the SHOWCASE all about?" Kim asked innocently.

"Oh it's so cool," Lara said. "You feel just like a model and get to wear stuff."

"You mean we put on clothes?" Kim said, somewhat taken aback because most of the exhibits featured natural, unclothed bodies.

"It's more than that," Danni tried to explain. "You'll see when we get there."

As they made their way to the SHOWCASE, the girls passed FREEZING FOR FUN, a multi-part exhibit where various immobilizers were installed to instantly paralyze people in the midst of different games. One of the games was STOPPER, based on a game relating to traffic lights, for as the players tried to cross a tiled floor to get to the other side during a green light, the red light activated the paralyzing tiles, which immediately froze everyone still for a couple minutes. When the glowing tiles released the players from their grasp, the huge light turned green and the players scrambled to gain more ground before the next freeze. Kimmy admired the instant-freeze effect, as a dozen female competitors were frozen in mid-stride as the red light went on. The women, like gazelle sprinting over the African plains, had graceful fluted legs, like tapered blown-glass stemware were frozen in mid-action. Their bouncing breasts froze in mid-boing, defying gravity seemingly indefinitely. Kimmy admired the unusual look of their frozen tits at all sorts of weird angles. Across from that game was another variation on an old childrens' game, STATUESQUE. Players took hold of their partners' hand and twirled them around in circles over a circular portion of the floor. When the floor glowed yellow, it immobilized the spinning player, turning her into instant sculpture. The crowd surrounding the game gave their vocal opinion on which sculpture was the best. It looked like a blond with small, firm breasts, precariously balanced on her toes when she became truly statuesque. She was part of a line of six other instant statues, all in somewhat goofy-looking poses, to Kim's eyes, due to being spun around in circles. Something in her preferred the more glamorous, model-esque type poses from other exhibits. Another part was FREEZE FRAME, which had loud music playing in the background. Kim listened to the lyrics and melody which seemed somewhat old, dated, but catchy..."Freeze Frame...Freeze Frame...Freeze Frame...Freeze Frame..." People were frolicking on a stage under an apparatus shining multicolored lights reflected off of round, mirrored spheres. As they danced, the immobilizers in the dancefloor activated at random times, turning them into still life exhibits. As if time had stopped in that instant, the dancers were rendered instantly immobile. That looks very interesting...Kim pondered as she observed what looked like a still frame image of dancers in action. As she began humming the theme to herself, Danni and Lara snatched her away and literally dragged her to the STILL LIFE SHOWCASE. They passed by a section of the floor which had secret immobilizer units installed and randomly froze people walking over. Danni stepped onto a square and instantly froze rigid for a few seconds. Her right foot was planted firmly on the immobilizer tile as she was taking a stride with her left leg. Her arms swaying to her sides betrayed no motion as she became a literal living statue. As Kim and Lara giggled at their frozen friend, they poked at her unfeeling nose and stuck out their tongues at her expressionless face. Lara even leaned up against Danni's rigid body, like she was some sort of garden sculpture, or a handy wall to lean against. Danni remained fixed to the ground, utterly still. Soon, Danni came to, completely unaware at what had transpired, and wondered what had gotten her friends so giggly.

As the girls arrived at STILL LIFE SHOWCASE, Kim noticed the exhibit looked like a replicator storefront. At least in the regards that it had fancy looking mannequins dressed up in fancy looking clothing behind the glass. The plastic 'saleswomen' were wearing slinky evening gown outfits and holding various small 'Works-related wares in their arms or hands. They were arranged in sort of a conversation type mode, looking very much life-like. Kim wondered if there was any truth to the rumors and urban legends she had heard when she was younger that some people underwent the transformation process to become the most realistic mannequins of all in exchange for being suspended in time and awakened at a future date. She recalled being both frightened and intrigued at the notion of being placed into a store display...

A line of people stretched out the 'doorway' of the 'store' and the trio got in line behind a woman with really long, knee-length, black hair. As Danni struck up a conversation with the woman regarding hair conditioners and shampoos, Kim and Lara took in the decor. The layout of the interior of the exhibit was set up to look like an old-style department store, filled with aisles of merchandise and displays. With the advent of molecular transformation capability, these stores went the way of the dinosaur. Sure, there were still stores, (as people still loved to spend time shopping) just with replicating automakers creating the product on demand instead of vast rows of merchandise. The sales floor had rows and rows of very retro, yet glamorous looking clothing alongside modern styles. At the end of many of the rows were mannequin displays, artificial women, often in modeling-type poses, in frozen positions. Kim's breath was taken away, seeing as mannequins in anything other than a store window were unknown to her. These days, sales floors were reduced to a fairly drab couple of automakers and some potted plants to liven up the setting. These old-fashioned department type stores looked so exciting, Kim thought. She could imagine hundreds of people bustling about inbetween the aisles, picking out what they thought would make a good purchase. Trying on the clothing and purchasing the goods, or putting it back on the racks! How quaint! Lara brushed against Kimmy and pointed to the jewelry cases. They both ogled the sparkling baubles as they made their way further into the exhibit. Finally, they arrived at the front of the line. A cheery 'saleswoman' greeted the three girls and invited them onto the section of the sales floor to try on outfits. The racks here were stocked with more contemporary fashions, many with the Works' logo emblazoned proudly upon them.

Kim, Danni and Lara rushed as one to the racks filled with clothing. Danni shook her mane of dark hair and held a glittery blue minidress in front of her nude body. "Hey, take a look at this! Do you like?"

Lara took one look and nodded, "I like!" She picked an aqua baby tee off a hanger, with a silver Works logo embroidered on the chest. Pulling it on over her head, she ran around the shelves and clothing racks bottomless, trying to find something which would complement her choice.

Danni slipped the garment over her head and squeezed herself into the blue cocktail dress. It was so tight that it hugged every curve of her body, making her breasts and butt look especially enticing. The hem of the dress had a tiny, almost unseen 'W' logo on one side, while the other had an inch slit which made it even more daring because the whole dress ended high on her upper thigh, just about barely covering her cunt. She pulled the fabric down a little, saw that it didn't really stretch much as she admired the fit in the full-length mirror, took it in stride and began a search for matching shoes.

Kim looked at Danni's choice and thought that mini was even more mini than the one she had worn to the Works in the first place. She pondered some of the choices before her and took a microthin halter top off a hanger and decided to but it back. Better not to compete with Danni's sexy look. She then took a look at some more outfits. Exercise wear? Swimwear? Lingerie? All with either the Works logo on them or a more subtle, reserved 'W' logo somewhere. She was interrupted to see Lara moving past her. Apparantly her friend had found a 'Works cap and slipped it onto her head, her auburn hair trailing out the adjustment opening in a ponytail. She was now wearing a hot pair of tight-fitting white pants which ended at her mid-calves and had slits on the outer sides almost to her knees. She joined Danni in finding a good pair of shoes.

"Haven't you found anything yet?" Lara queried as she passed the undressed Kim.

Kim shook her head, somewhat overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choices physically in front of her. She was so used to just going up to an automaker, zipping through the video choices and seeing herself digitally represented in her choices. From there it was only a matter of 'purchasing' the item with a palm print and it was instantly created on the spot for her. Seeing the clothing in person, was making her task more daunting. She lingered around the exercise wear some more as Danni and Lara came up behind her.

"Hey slow-poke! We can't stay here forever!" Danni chided. She was wearing dark four-inch pumps now, which had similar sparkly details as her dress.

"Having problems picking something out?" Lara offered assistance. She had found a pair of white platform shoes with thin buckled straps which increased her height by about three inches.

"Yeah," Kim admitted sheepishly.

"Okay, lemmesee..." Lara mused to herself. She picked out a daring v-cut leotard with tiny Works logos all over it. "This strike you?" she asked.

"It strikes me as tacky!" Danni gagged as she took a lacey teddy off the lingerie rack. It had a very disguised 'W' logo woven into the lace. "I think this would look great on you! Try it on!"

Kim took the sexy lingerie and slipped it on. The purple outfit was virtually transparent and her painted nipples and crotch were clearly visible through the fabric. There was some lace around the edges of the bustline and dramatically high-cut leg openings. Thin spaghetti straps showed off her shoulders and her legs were similarly enhanced with the cut of the teddy. The back was very low cut, exposing most of Kimmy's back from the shoulderblades down to her waist. Danni pulled Kim's hair back and clipped Kim's long blonde locks up with a Works hairclip so that her wavy strands cascaded down and behind. Kimmy wore matching long garterless pantyhose, accentuating the sexy nature of her legs.

"We're ready to mannequinize you if you're ready," the saleswoman/employee offered, indicating the waiting line of people who had already chosen their outfits had dwindled to nothing.

"Okay, hold on one second," Danni grabbed a couple of fancy gold clip earrings and attached them to Kim's ears. She pointed to a pair of purple high-heeled shoes and Lara snatched them up. Kim slipped into the five-inch heels and wobbled slightly, unfamiliar with walking around in heels that high.

The three girls dashed, or in Kim's case staggered, through the corridor to the moving walkway. They stopped to catch their breath as the walkway carried them past a window which gave a view into another sales floor area. But this was different than the display they had seen earlier as it was filled with 'Works merchandise. Coffee mugs, keychains, clothing, dinnerware, anything with a 'Works logo on it could be found. There were many nude and synth-suit wearing customers shopping inside. This was the one place where souveneirs were not made to order, but mass produced in the theme of the exhibit and left on shelves and racks to be browsed upon. There were mannequins here too, but very realistic ones. Kim recognized one as the woman Danni was speaking to about hair products!

"Oh, that is so cool..." Kim peered into the replica department store at the motionless woman dressed in flashy neon pants and an oversized 'Works tee. There were wares as far as the eye could see. And mannequined models displaying fashionable and trendy ensembles! Kim couldn't wait to get onto the showroom floor and be on display. The center of attention, showing off the retailers' products. Kim noticed that the moving walkway had curved downward at a slope, leading under the sales floor, she imagined. She and her two friends stepped off the walkway and found themselves in a vast room filled with guiderails which lifted circular platforms to the ceiling. There were mechanical looking gadgets with hoses attached to them next to each circular platform. As they entered, the girls were greeted by a striking blonde with a tight hairdo in an old-fashioned looking business suit and skirt combo. Standing behind her were a group of similarly clothed employees, both male and female.

"Hi, there, welcome to the 'Works' STILL LIFE SHOWCASE. We hope your experience as a sales tool on our showroom floor will be as enjoyable for you as it is for us to have you on display featuring our merchandise!" she cheerfully smiled throughout her spiel. "Let's get you three out on the floor as soon as possible." She gestured for three of the business-suit people to step forward. "This is Julie, she'll be your Visual Merchandiser," the blonde told Danni. Lara was paired off with Tim, and Kim with Diane.

"I think you're off to our evening wear section," Julie said to Danni. She was directed to stand on one circular platform and postition herself as if she were a mannequin. Danni held her left arm up and stuck her hand behind her head. She leaned slightly forward, at the V.M.'s advice, bending both her knees and placed her right hand on her hip. Julie helped arrange Danni's arms and hands so that the soon-to-be-mannequin looked more graceful. The sparkling blue cocktail dress inched its way up Danni's hips to the V.M.'s chagron. As the V.M. made unsuccessful adjustments to the hemline, Danni could see, out of the corner of her eye, Lara and Kim making their way to their own sections.

One of the platforms was being retracted from the ceiling, lowering itself to the ground. There was a completely motionless woman, the one Danni was speaking to in line, standing on that platform. As the platform reached the ground, two coveralled employees grasped the rigid figure and lifted her up and off the platform, turning her stiffened body sideways as they walked. They carried her away to another section of the room nonchalantly, as if the woman was literally nothing more than a merchandising tool. A device created to sell products, and nothing more. Danni could see Kim's eyes just about ready to bug out as she stood on the lingerie pad. Julie was activating the machinery next to Danni's figure and raised the nozzle of the hose-like apparatus. She began moving it up and down Danni's body in long, slow strokes, allowing the body-hardening rays to work their magic. Danni could feel her body begin to stiffen into place with each subsequent pass. The rays altered only Danni's body, passing harmlessly through her clothing, which remained as limp and flexible as always. It also did not affect her dark tresses, which also remained soft and satiny.

Lara took the place of the woman who had just been carried away. Tim instructed her to look casual, considering her choice of outfit. Lara swayed her hips out to the left, and placed both hands on her hips, tilting her head down slightly and looking up and out of the tops of her eyes. Tim took her left hand and raised it so that it was holding the bill of Lara's cap and arranged her feet so that they pointed at a slight angle outwards. Tim asked Lara to throw her shoulders back and have Lara thrust her hips forward a little more before finally being satisfied with the pose. Asking Lara to hold that pose, Tim activated the machine next to him and began 'spraying' Lara with the hardening ray. Lara could feel herself becoming more and more rigid until she could no longer willingly move a muscle. She could feel a stray hair lying against her forehead and wanted to reach up and scratch, but her hardened body would not budge at all. She was as stiff as a real mannequin!

Kim was having problems with Diane. The lingerie-clad girl kept choosing wide-stance poses with arms flailing about. Kim wanted a more flashy pose like Kim or Lara's but Diane kept telling her to be more subtle, that a quieter sense of sensuality was better for lingerie. Kim could see her two friends being slowly made into mannequins and decided that she better start following some of the V.M.'s advice or she would be here forever trying to select a pose. The two finally comprimised on a standing position, with Kim's head tilted down, eyes closed and one hand raised to rest between her two breasts and the other resting on her stomach. Diane moved Kim's lower hand so that it did not cover her navel and adjusted the girl's legs so that one had a slight bend at the knee and heel off the ground. Somewhat exasperated, Diane seemingly couldn't wait to firmly immobilize her subject in place. Kim could hear some buttons being pushed and, unwilling to open her eyes to peek lest she tick off the V.M. any longer, waited for something to happen. She felt something...not exactly anything touching her body, but a feeling in her skin that something was being waved up and down. She imagined it was the invisible rays emanating from the skin-hardening mannequinizers. Her exposed legs felt numb, as if she was standing on them too long. She tried to wiggle her toes and found they no longer responded to her thoughts. Her arms and hands were similarly incapable of movement. In fact, she found her entire body was now completely immobile! I wish I could see what was happening, Kim thought as she felt the floor beneath her begin to raise, guided by the rails, to the ceiling.

In the bustling marketplace up above, two new mannequins made their appearance. Danni's mannequined body emerged in the evening wear section, her platform stopping as it became level with the store's floor. A couple of people watched as she came out of the floor and gathered around her to look at her as she stood there completely mannequinized. One nude woman touched the glittery blue bustline of Danni's micro-minidress, running her fingers over the fabric. This caused the hem of Danni's micro-mini outfit to rise ever-so-briefly, exposing the frozen girl's neon-yellow painted pubic hair left over from BODYSCULPTORS. Danni could feel the oufit slide over her frozen body and delighted in the enhanced sensation of feeling her motionless state seemed to grant her. She could see her 'customer' looking over her trying to decide whether such an outfit would work on her own body. A dilligent 'Works employee rushed over to Danni's unmoving form and adjusted the hemline once the potential customer had wandered away.

Lara had emerged in the section bordering the casual/sport area. She was just across from a twenty-something woman with a trim physique dressed in a tight black bodysuit with scooped neckline and bare arms. She wore a white bikini bottom over the clinging suit and was posed in a standing exercise position, as if she were stretching her legs by lunging forward on one bent knee. Lara could see just under the bill of her cap the lower halves of many unclothed and synth-suited shoppers looking around the aisles. A couple of times she saw some bodies stop in front of her, as if they were checking her out. One such body was a slim, but toned, legged man with his genetalia completely exposed. Was he getting turned on by me? Lara asked herself, as she stared at the nude man's package. Maybe he'll get as hard as I am...

Kim, her eyes closed, could not see herself being raised into position in the lingerie department. She couldn't see the other motionless mannequins, all formerly as lively as she was a few moments ago, in their silent, sexy glory. All she was aware of was the movement of the pedestal she was standing on had stopped and the sounds of people shopping about. Aggh, Kim thought. I'm going to kill that V.M. for putting me in this position. What fun is it if I can't see anything going on? She could, however, hear the footsteps and conversations of close passers-by. A couple of women, young apparantly by the sound of their voices, commented on Kimmy's blonde hair, thinking it was dyed or molecularly altered. You wish, Kim seethed, this is all natural-born beauty. More footsteps now, some stopping if front of her and loitering for a while before moving on. This was driving Kim crazy. I'm not having any fun at all, she despaired. Then she felt a hand touch her lower hand briefly. Who was that? She could feel someone else's hand moving across her stomach through the virtually transparent fabric and fingering the lace decorating the edges of her legline. Another touch, from behind now, she could feel someone close to her, almost pressing against her immobile body. A woman, Kimmy imagined, considering she felt what must have been an uncovered breast nudge her raised elbow. She could hear this mystery woman speak now, although not to her mannequined body, but to someone else.

"I would really like to purchase this outfit, but I can't seem to find it on the racks," the mystery voice said.

"Let me go take a look again," said the other voice, presumably one of the souvenier/'department store' employees.

A couple of minutes passed as Kim could feel some more hands inspecting the outfit she was wearing. A strap pulled slightly here, the edges of her hose pinched there. She even swore she felt those hands pulling the lace-edged trim along her derriere, exposing a good amount of cheek for a moment. Finally the second voice, the employee, returned.

"I'm sorry, miss, but I can't seem to find another outfit like this one. It might be sold out right now. I could have an automaker replicate a duplicate..." the employee began.

"No, I would like to buy," the mystery woman giggled at that quaintness of what she was saying. "I would like to buy off the...rack is it? This outfit will do fine."

"Alright, miss, I'll see what I can do," the employee replied as he stepped closer to Kimmy's mannequin-like body. He took hold of the edge of one of Kim's garterless hosed legs and began slowly rolling the transparent purple pantyhose down her long leg. As he got to Kim's foot, he tried to raise her immobile body enough to get her high heeled pump off. Kim leaned dangerously to one side as another employee came over to help out the first. Kim could feel that employee with his hand over the hand she had between her breasts and another on resting on the exposed portion of her back. While that man held her, the first slipped off Kim's shoe and hose. Then the other hose and shoe was removed similarly. Kim could feel the hands of one of the employees brushing against her hard, plastic-like breasts and raised nipples as her body was being maneuvered during this impromptu undressing. Finally, with her leg hosiery off, Kim was supported from behind, as her feet were now frozen as if they were still wearing high heels, by the second employee. She could hear the murmurs of a crowd around her as the first employee began to slide the thin straps of her teddy over her shoulders. There was a little difficulty in getting it around the elbow and hand she had placed on her chest, but with some effort, the straps were pulled past her rigid fingers. Wow, I'm topless and I can't do a thing about it, Kim thought as she felt the hands of the employees gently pulling the lingerie past the hand she had on her stomach and finally slipping down her smooth, unencumbered legs. Kim was now standing nude and motionless as an unclothed mannequin.

"Okay, miss. Here you go," the first employee said as he handed over all of the accessories and such to the customer.

"Thank you," replied the woman. "Which way to the dressing room?" The employee pointed and the woman strode away.

"Okay, let's get her back onto the stand," said the first employee.

"Wait, we can't," said the second one who was holding Kim's shoulders to support her standing postion. "She doesn't have the heels for balance any longer."

"Damn, that's right. Maybe I can find a pair to fit her," said the first.

"I can't stand here with her forever while you look around! Besides, I go off duty in a couple minutes," said the second.

"Okay, let's just bring her downstairs then," said the first. He took hold of Kim's rigid ankles while the second held her hardened shoulders.

The two of them lifted Kim up not very confidently. Kim thought they were either the scrawniest two guys or were deathly afraid of damaging the 'merchandise' so to speak. She could finally feel one grasp her around her body, turning her sideways like a plank of wood (or a mannequin!) and hold her securely under his arm while the other grasped her lower ankle for support. They carried her off, through the store, not thinking of covering her nakedness with anything, until they got out of the store and to a employees-only service elevator. Once inside, they righted Kim so that she was now vertical, propping her up against the wall. She's kinda cute you know, one of them said. The first? Quiet, she can still hear you! hushed the second. Kim wondered if they were ogling her nude body. You'd think they would be used to the countless nude persons who attended the 'Works. The elevator stopped and the two men picked up the stiffened Kim. This time she was sure one of them ran his hands over her mannequinized breasts deliberately when he lifted her up. A couple of perverts? Gee, she suddenly realized, they can do anything at all to me in this form and I would be helpless to stop them...something which made her paralyzed mode somewhat exciting and daring. Finally her journey was over as the two employees dropped off Kim's rigid and naked figure in the pre-pose area beneath the salesfloor.

Diane was aghast to see one of her mannequins coming in the service entrance, nude and uncovered. After the situation was explained to her, she took an understanding tone, but was afraid to hear what Kim would say about her experience. Diane motioned for the pair to take Kim to one of the de-mannequinizers and adjusted the machinery to remobilize the living mannequin. She took the handheld emittor and bathed Kimmy in its movement-restoring rays. As if awakening from a deep sleep, Kim stretched her limbs, seemingly in super slow motion until her body was restored to full mobility. "I'm so sorry about this little mix-up, miss," Diane apologized. "Usually we keep stock of everything available. Perhaps your outfit was discontinued and no one bothered to remove the items from the fashion choice area."

"Mmmm," Kim stretched her neck, "Its okay, Diane. I actually kinda liked the ad-lib nature." She looked around to see other mannequins being raised and lowered. "Are my friends all done yet?"

"No, they still have a few more minutes to go before we bring them back down," Diane answered. "Do you want to wait for them?"

"Could you direct me to the top?" asked Kim. "I would love to see them in action!"

"Of course, please accept my highest apologies. And take these complimentary next-day passes for all your trouble." Diane held out a messagepad for Kim to place her palm upon. After doing so, a credit for three next-day passes was sent to Kimmy's account.

Diane ushered Kim to the service elevator and rode with her to the sales floor. Amid the shoppers, Kim finally caught sight of Danni, standing as motionless as a real mannequin figure. Kim walked right up to the unchanged Danni and stared her in the face. "Oh, this outfit is simply tacky in the extreme," she said in a mock snobbish tone. "It simply makes you look like quite a tramp, what with this short thing." Hey watch it, Danni thought as Kim hiked up the hem behind Danni's hardened rump and rubbed her ass like she was polishing a lamp. "No, I don't think so...not my style." Oh I'm gonna get you when I can move again, Danni thought as she watched Kim move out of her field of vision.

Kim wandered over past a couple of swimwear clad mannequins and took a look at some curious knick-knacks displayed on the shelves behind her before she caught sight of Lara in her full immobile glory. "Hey, how's it going Lara?" Kim asked. Her motionless mannequin of a friend did not reply at all. "I think your little outfit would benefit from a little alteration," Kim said as she adjusted Lara's tight-fitting white pants so that they clung to her hips rather than her waist. What are you doing Kim? Lara wondered as she could feel Kim's hands smoothing out the rest of the pants down each of Lara's rigid legs. "There," Kim said with some satisfaction. "That looks much better," she admired how Lara's exposed middle looked with the hip-hugging pants. How firm and hard her abs were now that she was only a stiff and rigid mannequin. "Looking much better, Lara!" Kim gave her a thumbs-up and wandered away to look at some merchandise. Quite the kidder, Lara thought. But it was all in good fun, and we have been ribbing her for most of the day. Touche!

After shopping a little while, Kim saw Lara and Danni being lowered into the floor, to be replaced by a couple of new mannequins, no doubt. Kim wandered over to where she had seen newly de-mannequinized patrons emerge. She could see Danni and Lara coming out of the area. They pointed at her accusingly before grinning at her with wide smiles. The three of them shopped around a little more. Kim picked out a cute pink tanktop, Danni bought that outfit she wore while mannequined and Lara got a cap, shorts, keychain, mug and a bunch of other relatively useless items which only served to advertise the 'Works.

As they left STILL LIFE SHOWCASE, they could see that it was getting dark outside the domed roof. The interior lighting was beginning to come on, creating quite a different look to the whole park. There was still time to get to Trophyzone, so the trio dropped off their 'purchases' in a autoscanner and, unencumbered with souveniers, made a beeline to the last area.

Kim, Danni and Lara walked under the arch dividing the boundary between Stiff & Shinyland and Trophyzone. Kim was instantly struck at how everything in this area was seemingly hi-tech and metallic in looks. She wanted to go on the first attraction, BLOCKED IN, which had a small line but her two friends wanted to try out SHINY DELIGHTS first. They did allow her to watch as a stunning brunette was getting into a foundry-looking mold. She sat in the bathtub-sized hole and leaned back so that she was lying on her back. The molds were attached to a giant conveyer, like a real old-fashioned metalwork factory and her nude pale body contrasted with the hard steel-toned machinery. As other patrons were getting into their molds, the brunette was approaching the gigantic cauldron of liquid metal. Kim strained to see as the cauldron tipped, allowing its thick, syrupy metal fluid to pour into the woman's mold. The woman had closed her eyes tightly as the mercury-like metal flowed evenly over her exposed body, covering it with metallic droplets as it filled the chamber. Soon the liqui-metal was about six inches deep and the conveyer moved forward, allowing the cascading steel to cover the rest of her naked body in one pass. Kim could see her shift slightly in the thick substance, her hands raising out of the molasses-like coating. The woman looked like a bas-relief, not unlike how I must have looked while frozen inside FRIEZE PLAY, Kimmy thought as the encrusted woman was sent through the instant hardener. In a flash, the liquid metal became hardened steel, the nude woman encased permanently within. Only the profile of her face and torso emerged from the solidified metal block as it was pried loose from the mold. A collection of these 'trapped-in-amber-like' patrons were arranged for better views after the instant hardening process. Danni and Lara had decided that enough was enough and pulled Kim away towards SHINY DELIGHTS.

This exhibit consisted of a series of showers which spewed forth liquid chrome. Nude girls were frolicking under their metallic coatings. Their bodies shellacked with a shiny chrome finish. With no warning, their coats became rigid and they were frozen underneath a thin shell of chrome. Kim would have shoved her way to the front of the line if she thought she could get away with it. Instead, she and her friends waited patiently, observing the silent, chromed-over patrons being carted past the line. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Kim, they were allowed into the showers. There were about a dozen showerheads, enough to ensure a pretty complete coating on anyone. As the three girls stood naked on the tiled floor waiting, Danni pinched Kim on the butt.

"That's for making that comment about being tacky back when I was a mannequin!" Danni grinned in her imitation of Kimmy's mock snob routine.

Kim was about to protest when the chrome showers came on in full force. The girls all squealed as they were sprayed with the liquid chrome. It flowed over their heads, straightening their hair into a shiny mass and ran down their bodies like paint, covering every inch on the way down. Danni laughed as the chrome sprayed into her face, making her lovely face look like a chromed trophy. Kim was shaking her hair, splattering Lara with more chrome droplets. Kimmy's body was almost completely chromed already, as she had been standing closest to one of the shower heads when they went off. Instinctively turning around, her front half was now as evenly coated as her back half originally was. She rubbed her two chromed breasts with her equally chromed hands, amazed at how shiny and reflective her body had become. Lara was standing under one of the sprayers now, allowing the liquid chrome to pour forth over her face and down her breasts. The metallic shower flowed over her nipples and ran down over Lara's abdomen before sliding past her pubic hair, over her vagina, and down each shining leg. The trio were having so much fun playing in the wet chrome that they looked like little children playing in the rain, or with a backyard garden hose. Within moments, they were all covered head to toe in wet metal, looking for all the world like statues which had come to life. But it was to be a short illusion as the liquid chrome suddenly became hard and stiff, freezing all three of them back into motionless chrome figures. Life-sized figures for some gigantic trophy sparkling under the spotlights playing across their frozen forms. The suddenly rigid girls were shocked at how utterly frozen their bodies had become when they were so active just seconds ago. They were plucked from the shower room and displayed in a gallery full of chrome sculptures for the rest of the attending crowds to see. The three of them had been grasping at each others' arms, trying to drag each other into the chrome showers more when they were frozen stiff. Now they were a set of identical chrome triplets, dancing a frozen dance like forest nymphs. Slight frozen drops of chrome hung from parts of their bodies. Their chromed hair, pubic or otherwise, was slicked back and shiny as a polished musical instrument. Their frozen tableau was interrupted finally when the threesome was loaded into the liquifier room, which bathed the living sculptures and re-liquified their chrome encasing shells. The newly liberated statues watched as the chrome ran down their bodies like mercury, not even a trace remained on their skin as it went down the drain in the middle of the room to be recycled. Kim fluffed her hair, it retained its wavy nature, despite its drenching in liquid chrome! Danni and Lara's hair emerged similarly unscathed by their chrome shower, one of the modern miracles of molecular transformation Kim thought. They stopped off to get some liquid nourishment at one of the food stations nearby. While drinking, Kim saw a holo-op display, GOING FOR THE GOLD, which consisted of a platform similar to those at athletic events when the winners' medals are awarded. She saw a guy and two girls stand upon the platforms in front of the holo-cam, striking goofy poses. In a flash, the three were frozen into statues of gold, silver and bronze upon the platform. The holo-cam recorded a three-dimensional view of the instant trophies before they were restored to normal a minute or so later. Kim insisted they get a hologram recording as Danni and Lara were polishing off their drinks. The two friends agreed, but only after experiencing MIDAS' TOUCH.

As the trio strolled over to the yellow metal sign declaring the entrance, they saw a group of friends walk by in the other direction. Danni and Lara chatted with the identical twins, Michelle and Cheryl, Kim caught up with Tim, who was pleased to see Kim had finally made it in for her first 'Works experience. Kim felt slightly bashful at seeing someone she knew see her in the buff, but since he was naked too, along with most of the attending public, it wasn't as bad as she thought it might be. After parting ways, they approached MIDAS' TOUCH. A fantastically elaborate sign, done completely in gold, seemingly, greeted the girls as they entered the spectacularly beautiful world of Midas. They strolled on golden bricks, past gilded foliage which stretched back past golden foliage. Everything in the surroundings was apparantly turned to gold. "Bathe in the glory of King Midas' touch, which can turn anything to solid gold," intoned the recorded announcement. Kim remembered how gold was a precious metal, worthy of coveting back in the days before molecular transformation was perfected. Now, there was no reason to hoard something which could be recreated at any time and in any quantity. But it was pretty, Kim agreed, and utterly dazzling to see everything in sight sparkling under a golden sheen. She listened to the recording relate how King Midas had been seemingly blessed, then cursed with the touch which could transform anything to solid gold. How he delighted in turning little things to gold, how to his dismay found he could not eat due to his gilding power and finally his horror at turning his lovely daughter into a statue of gold. Just then, simply awesome statues of gold were being paraded past the line. They look so great in their golden forms, Kim gasped. The women and men, nude and clothed were fully transformed by the touch of Midas into lifelike statues of solid gold. Beautiful in color and texture. Kim understood how the allure of gold could have driven many people of the past to treasure it beyond anything else. Danni and Lara were equally dumbstruck at the sheer beauty of golden bodies, muscles and ligaments preserved in gold. Hair and genetailia frozen gold as if from some master sculptors' hand reflected the golden light towards the patrons in line. Even though the two of them had experienced MIDAS' TOUCH numerous times before, they were silently reserved and quiet.

"They look really, really cool..." Kim drifted off into silence.

"Tell me about it," Danni whistled, admiring the muscular, carved chest of a golden man before lowering her gaze to his golden phallus.

"I wish I could be gold forever," Lara said softly. Danni and Kimmy looked at her quizically. Lara realized what she said aloud and backtracked. "You know, like it was in the old times? Desirable and priceless?"

"You already are desirable, silly!" Danni teased. "Or have you forgotten about Dave?"

Lara blushed at the mention of her persistent suitor. She had turned him down numerous times but he still pursued her with unwavering devotion. He wasn't her type, but he was intent on proving her wrong and did not stop at nothing to try and impress her in one way or another.

"Hey, we're here!" Kim said, excited at the aspect of being turned to a solid gold statue.

The walkway ended in the center of what seemed like an enormous golden palace. The walls, the furniture, the plants, everything was gold. "Welcome to the Midas' Palace," said a woman dressed in a flowing gold satin outfit which simply looked like it was poured over her curves. Her hair had golden highlights sprayed on and her fingernails and lips were golden colored as well. She wore gold colored sandals and had a golden rope tied around her waist to make a Grecian-style belt. "Please, look around and take in the splendor of our golden paradise." She gestured for the girls to enter the high-vaulted space. The girls looked around and picked up golden trinkets scattered on the golden table. A gilded apple, gold utensils, even a golden tablecloth! Danni held up a golden drumstick and giggled at the solidified poultry. Lara sat on the elaborate golden chair at the head of the table which could only belong to Midas, the cold gold cushions were chilly to her exposed butt, so she promptly stood up and joined Kim in looking at the frozen gold fountain with its arcing spray of motionless, gilded water. Kim liked to touch gold, how it felt beneath her fingers and toes. She imagined stretching out on the golden couch and being turned to the same material. A pretty monument...

Danni and Lara pulled Kim away from the gold fountain and through a gilded corridor bathed in a yellow-orange light. Kim was simply amazed at how beautiful things looked here. She was barely even paying attention to where she was going until she found herself standing in a room filled with golden statuary. Or rather patrons who were being turned into solid gold! The small line of patrons led to the gilding apparatus and conveyer, which looped back upon their transformation past the girls and onwards thru the palace to the line of people waiting outside. Kim waited behind Danni, and Lara behind her as they waited to become gilded beauties. There was a 'Works employee dressed in flowing golden robes, a gold crown perched upon his head and gold flakes in his beard. He was seated on a golden chair next to the auric transformer, standing to greet his newest visitors and transform them to solid gold. King Midas, in the flesh, Kimmy realized.

When Danni's turn finally came up, she hopped right upon the rotating auric transformer.

'King Midas' greeted her with the standard, "Greetings, citizen. I bid you welcome to my palace of gold. Are you ready to join the ranks of my luxerious acquisitions as immortal gold?"

"I'm ready!" Danni answered as she bent over and threw her arms out to the sides, as if doing calesthenics in the gym. She looked up, smiled, and faced her two friends and held that difficult position as the platform slowly began to turn. 'King Midas' stood up and reached out with his hand, resting it upon Danni's back. As Danni slowly spun around, 'King Midas' stepped back to admire his work in progress. With each revolution, Danni's skin was taking on a more pronounced golden tone. Kim only noticed it when Danni's dark hair reflected the subsequent gilding of her skin. After a few revolutions, Danni was standing stiff and colored brilliant gold head to toe. Her golden hair layered against her golden back. Her proud ass was polished and shining. The folds of her sex were preserved in gold, captured like that for as long as she remained a golden girl. 'Midas' smiled and announced "Welcome, and may your beauty shine for all time, my golden prize."

As Danni's stiffened body began the trip down the conveyer belt to join all the other gilded belongings of Midas, Kim stepped onto the platform. She shook her hair out of her face and asked if it was necessary to adopt a motionless pose for the effect to work. The red-haired girl operating the auric transformation device said no, but to move slowly or her statue might not be in a very stable standing position when she finally turned to gold. The girl advised moving very slowly, and not lifting her feet off the auric transformer too much. Kim stood straight on the platform as it began to rotate. 'King Midas' smiled as he approached her. "Are you prepared to join my golden treasures?" Kim smiled and nodded. She slowly moved her head and limbs as if in the middle of throes of ecstasy. Her hands grasped her breasts, slid down her side to her hips, and back over her tush. 'Midas' touched her shoulder, letting his hand run down her arm to her elbow. As the platform made more and more revolutions, she found it more and more difficult to move. Her body was slowing down, becoming locked into one position. Her body taking on the properties of gold began to show as her pubic hairs became a bristling mess of golden needles. She felt warm inside, not cold and hard as her body was becoming, to her amazement. Kim's arms froze reaching for her sex, which was yawning open from her stimulation and her eyes were half closed. The glimmering girl's mouth stopped moving, frozen open as if in the middle of a erotic moan. She turned to solid gold within one more spin, to the whistles and applause of people in line. 'Midas' announced yet another golden collectible had been added to his collection.

Lara felt somewhat self-confident, having to follow Kim's show, and chose an even more outrageous masturbatory pose. Her fingers probed deep into her vagina, stimulating her clitoris. She bent her knees out, crouched down and spread her legs wide as they could go, fingering her ever-hardening pussy during the gilding process. She probed her body from the front and behind with each of her hands. 'Midas' smiled as he reached out and touched Lara's butt. Her crotch was stimulated to a fully aroused state as she spun around again, slowly but surely being altered into a precious metal. She threw her head back, tossing her ever hardening hair to the side. Her nipples solidified into gold. Her lovely legs followed suit. Soon, she was a wild golden sculpture, frozen in the middle of pleasuring herself. "Surely this is the most desirable of my possessions!" Midas declared, as Lara was whisked onto the moving coveyer to join her gilded friends in the gallery. "May these three treasures forever be enshrined in my golden gallery!"

The three erotic statues were shuttled past throngs of ogling spectators trying to get a better look at these amazingly sexual statues. With their golden bodies giving off a warm glow, the three would have made a charming addition to the golden decor of the palace. Eventually, the golden triplets arrived in the golden gallery of Midas, filled with expensive-looking statues. After being looked over and touched by a few curious spectators, the gilded girls were placed onto another set of turntables which spun in the opposite direction as the auric-transformer. Their golden-hued flesh slowly underwent the restoration process, taking on normal tones and colors. As the girls regained control of their bodies, they admired some of the other golden bodies, frozen in time, before heading to the souvenier stand. Kim picked out a miniature replica bust of her pose which doubled as a paperweight. Danni chose the full length figurine with trophy base as a keepsake. Lara, embarassed at what she did, passed on picking up a souvenier, but did not see Danni surrepticiously order a replica of Lara's pose for herself. On the way out, they saw the holo-op display and dashed over to it.

A group of people were in the middle of their stint as statuary, and the trio admired the lines of their solid metal bodies while running over some poses which would seem worthy of being immortalized in metal. As the three previous statues were restored to life, Kim immediately leaped upon the gold winner platform, to the consternation of Danni, who reluctantly chose silver. Lara settled for the bronze platform. As the holo-cam in front of them activated and lit the pose light, Kim did a sideways runner pose, one foot in the air, bent behind her, balancing on her remaining limb. Danni did a pointing to the sky, one leg up like a flamingo pose and Lara did a one legged position where she held her raised ankle behind her with one hand and had the other thrust out for balance. As the three wobbled upon their single-legged stances, the holo-cam blinked on, signalling the subjects they were about to be trophied. A flash of light, and they became instant statuary! Each a testimonial to the athletic spirit. Kim in her exaggerated running pose, decked out in glittering gold, Danni reaching for the sky in shimmery silver, and Lara stretching out in beautiful bronze. As the holo-cam recorded their metallic figures for all time, the three stood in silent repose, monuments to grace, poise, or just plain silliness. When they were released from their metal forms, the three made their way to SILVER FANTASY.

It was getting late, and the girls had not eaten anything solid since the middle of the day, but they decided to wait in line for SILVER FANTASY anyway. Ignoring the grumbling in their tummies, the girls passed the time in the queue admiring some cute guys and looking over the outer space themed exhibit. Upon reaching the interior here were a lot of chrome silver looking accoutrements and mirrors reflecting the neon colored lighting. The black-lights caused everything to look flourescent colored, and accompanied by loud music made the exhibit akin to some sort of modern-age dance club. It was like a bigger and better version of FREEZE FRAME, except with current tunes and more elaborate decorations. There were even some tables and automakers for people to sit and eat. Kimmy noticed that the bodypaint leftover from BODYSCULPTORS became glow-in-the-dark under the specialized lighting, calling attention to the girls' nipples and pubic bushes. There were also all sorts of silverized bodies displayed in alcoves and low platforms scattered across the dance floor. Laser beams shot from the ceiling and scattered multi-colored light across the frolicking people dressed in synth-suits (or less) who were jumping up into the alcoves or platforms and being flash-frozen into silver statuary. Some beautifully statued patrons were swinging from one end of the room to the other, suspended by wires like some frozen trapeze artists. Other guests were bouncing on a gigantic inflated cushion, trying to reach silver goodies hanging from the ceiling or being immersed in the silvery liquid chrome hot tubs. The 'Works club employees ushered the next group of visitors onto the mirrored dance floor and Danni, Kim and Lara slipped through the metal turnstile and began dancing to the loud tunes. Feeling impulsive, Lara leaped upon one of the low platforms and began gyrating like a go-go dancer.

"Wheee! Look at me!" she screamed over the din as she shook her hair wildly from side to side before a sudden flash froze her into a motionless silver monument. The lights bounced off her chromium body as she reflected the images of the naked and clothed dancers partying down.

"Hey!" Danni screamed at the top of her lungs to Kimmy. "We can't let her have all the fun!" She dashed across the crowded dance floor and elbowed a trim brunette to get to an alcove spot. "Sorry, but I-" she was flash-frozen into a silver decoration instantly.

"Bitch!" the nude brunette screamed to the inert statue of Danni, frozen in mid apology.

"She's a little impulsive," Kim offered. "Kind of pushy too, but she really doesn't mean to be rude." She looked at her frozen silver friend, awash in the glittering lights yet as unmoving and unchanging as a monument. "Hey, there's one platform open, maybe we can share?" Kimmy asked innocently.

"Okay!" the brunette agreeed. The two of them leapt up onto the platform and, holding each others hand, bounced around on the cramped platform. As the music played on, they got a little more daring and leaned out, each sticking one leg out so that they were balanced only by their planted limbs and their locked grasp. "By the way, I'm Kimmy!" Kimmy yelled over the music.

"Suzie!" the brunette girl answered. "Pleased to meet you! How should we pose?"

As they tried to come up with some sort of movement which would not topple them from the platform, they were rendered into silvery chrome figures by a flash of light.

Lara had since been released from her silver statuefication, and had been searching the dance floor for her silverized friends. The spectacular sight of twin silver statues, seemingly mirror images was unavoidable as dancers were reaching out to touch the metallic bodies of the paralyzed duo inbetween their own dance moves. "Whooo! Go Kimmy!" Lara boogied down around her silvery friend.

In another flash, the twin sculptures came to life, and the two dropped off the pedestal none the worse for wear. Suzie boogied off in search of more fun as Danni meandered over, having been recently de-silverized, and hatched the idea of trying to get all three of them onto one platform. Delicately, each gingerly placed one bare foot onto the circular stand and, holding hands, attempted to maintain their balance as they attempted a much subdued version of Ring-around-the-Rosie. At one point they all leaned back as far as they could, their toes precariously clinging to the edge of the platform with only their intertwined grasps preventing them from falling completely backwards. As if on cue, they were frozen into a triple-play display, their silvered bodies acting as the perfect decoration amongst the rowdy crowd of revelers. The trio would spend the next hour or so experimenting with various positions to be frozen into and got a cocktail at the mini-cafe inside the exhibit. Kimmy wanted to take a flight across the room and got in line to become room decoration for the silvery swing. Meanwhile, Danni and Lara took turns bouncing on the nearby inflated chrome cushion, trying to snatch the dangling silver trinkets for keepsakes. After dancing some more with some cute guys, the trio wound up in one of the liquid chrome tubs, savoring the warm silvery liquid and admiring how it looked, painted on their bodies. It would be well over ninety minutes before the trio finally staggered out of SILVER FANTASY.

"Man, I'm bushed," Danni lamented as she looked up to see the sky was now dark and starry. "We must have gotten carried away in there," she said. Time sure flew when you were nothing more than a pretty statue for most of the time. And the girls had spent a good deal of the time as beautiful decorations.

"The fireworks show is going on," Lara noticed as she pointed up to the clear dome and the exploding lights in the sky near the border between the three theme parks.

"It must be almost closing time then," Kim realized. There were so many attractions she had not experienced and now there was virtually no more time to get in line and try for one more fun-filled experience. The three friends decided that it was time to head back and walked back to the locker rooms.

Danni sat, exhausted, on the locker room bench. She had really partied in the SILVER FANTASY and was only now feeling the after effect of an empty stomach. She reached out and placed her palm onto the locker door. The palm plate scanned her hand and unlocked. She spoke into the built-in automaker, "Check out, please." The screen of the automaker flickered into life and displayed a summary of all the souveniers she had 'purchased' during her stay. The shimmery cocktail dress she picked up at STILL LIFE SHOWCASE materialized in front of her and she held it up, remembering fondly how well it clung to her curves.

Lara was inspecting the mini-statues of their MEDUSA'S GAZE experience by running her fingertips over the little nude replicas of their bodies. "This would look great on my nightstand," she pondered. "Or maybe on the coffee table, as a conversation piece!"

Kimmy had downloaded all her merchandise for inspection and was getting ready to upload it to her home's automaker when Danni noticed a few rectangular slips of holo-paper amidst the assorted belongings. "Hey, what're these?" she asked, picking up one of the cards.

Kimmy looked closely at one and realized, "Oh, those are some credits the lady at STILL LIFE SHOWCASE gave me. The mixup when I was mannequined and they had to sell the outfit off my back."

"Oh my god!" Danni gasped. "These are NEXT DAY passes!" She shook her hand in front of Lara's face. Lara did a double-take when she realized the passes were legit. "Do you know how difficult it is to get these?" Danni asked incredulously. "They are SO rare that only a handful are offered each year!"

"Oh?" Kimmy replied, somewhat nonchalantly. She didn't quite realize the magnitude of what was being discussed. "You mean we can come back tomorrow without standing in line?"

"No, silly!" Lara said, her excitement mounting. "These mean we can stay OVERNIGHT!"

"Overnight?" Kimmy asked.

"YEAH! Oh yeah!" Danni leaped to her feet. Her empty stomach was now old news. "We can pick any exhibit and be monumentalized for the whole night! Then in the morning, we get to run around the park for an hour before the rest of the public is let in the next day!" Her mind was racing now. "What should we pick? What should we pick?" she kept repeating to herself.

"MEDUSA'S GAZE!" Lara offered, holding her miniature figurine set up.

"Ooh! We can be gilded at MIDAS' TOUCH!" Danni shot, her mind flashing back to her erotic pose as she looked inside her locker at the small trophy of Lara she had secretly ordered.

"We can go on something we haven't gone on yet!" Lara countered. "Or what about FREIZE PLAY? That cute guy might still be there!"

"No, no, no!" Danni rejected. "Gold all the way!"

Lara noticed Kim had said nothing. "They're your vouchers, Kim. What do you want?"

Kim thought long and hard about all her various experiences this long day. The shocking experience of being quick-frozen, being encased into a marble frieze, turned to solid gold, immortalized in stone, transformed into living statuary. What to choose? She thought longer and kept coming back to the same choice. "STILL LIFE SHOWCASE." she decided. "I want to go back and become a mannequin," Kim flatly stated.

"Ooh, good choice," Danni agreed, realizing that they would be conscious throughout their immobile state. That and the opportunity to wear some killer clothing sealed the deal in her mind as well.

"Let's go!" Lara said as she returned all her souveniers to the automaker's memory. The items de-materialized and were stored in her personal account.

The girls fought against the flow of departing guests. Statues came to life for one last time at the various exhibits. Frozen people stretched their limbs and exited the attractions en masse. Lara, Danni and Kimmy made their way to the entrance to STILL LIFE SHOWCASE. The woman there advised them that the park was closing, but Kimmy produced the three next day passes. Upon determining the cards were authentic, the woman quickly ushered them into the empty exhibit. Advised they would have to pick their outfits as rapidly as possible, the trio settled on swimwear for its ease in donning. Danni chose a jet black one-piece with high cut legs, thong back and deep cleavage on both her front and back. Lara slipped into a pink string bikini with little jewels sewn into the strapless bra and ribbed panty. Kim, ever so slow, decided to grab the first thing off the rack. She ended up with a skimpy V-suit which was nothing more than a couple of strings of fabric that hardly covered her painted aureoles at all. The employee raced them to the Visual Merchandiser room, where to her dismay there were no more V.M.s on duty. "I wish you had gotten here sooner," she lamented. "I guess you'll have to pick your own positions," she adjusted the controls of one of the mannequinizers.

The three girls had arranged themselves on three relatively close platforms. They moved into position so that they would be able to see each other when they got to the salesfloor up above. Taking their best mannequin poses (Kimmy making sure her eyes were open this time), the three were bathed in invisible hardener rays which solidified their soft, nubile bodies into hardened sculpture. Danni had her hands on hips, legs parted slightly and looking to one side like a lifeguard scanning the beach. Lara chose a leg-tucked, arms thrown out in the air like a Las Vegas showgirl pose while Kimmy was frozen adjusting the straps of her suit with her thumbs into a pulling-out-her-suspenders look with her legs parted. The stretched-out, skimpy material now allowed a peek-a-boo look at her button-hard nipples. The three frozen girls were raised on the extendable platforms until they came to be level with the salesfloor. There was no one in the darkened interior of the store, and only a few spotlights here and there provided lighting on their rigid bodies. The other mannequin platforms were empty.

We look so spectacular, Kim thought in her immobile pose. Beautiful mannequins on display, as unchanging and fixed as the display racks themselves. Like some sort of bizarre scarecrows in an empty field, motionless protectors of the wealth around them. She had both Danni and Lara in her locked, unblinking gaze and was amazed at how the mannequinizer process had subtly altered their bodies to look much more artificial then if they were only paralyzed like living statues. They were solid completely through and through, of course, but their skin tone had shifted into something that looked just slightly off normal. It was something she couldn't exactly place her finger upon, but it was obvious to the eye. Perhaps it was the unblemished, plastic-like perfection they had now attained. Or the unnatural stillness of their realistic-looking bodies, more akin to waxwork figures than anything else, she pondered. It would be an interesting night, Kim thought. How long would she stay awake in her frozen, unmoving state? An hour or two at the most before she lapsed into sleep? Surely it wouldn't be all that exciting in an empty department store setting. Nothing was happening. There was nothing to look at, except her two best friends, preserved as live mannequins. She took in the sight, her frozen eyes able to ogle the stationary figures as long as she desired. You know, this isn't half as boring as I think it will be, Kim thought. And tomorrow they would have a whole day to explore the rest of the park! Yes, it was going to be an experience not soon forgotten.




authors notes: Was I lying? If you've made it this far in one reading, congratulations! The basic idea for this story came from an idea I had during my adolescence about a museum or hands-on display where the visitors would actually become the works on display. It was partially based on a local interactive science museum and, of course, modern theme parks designed to entertain folk in different 'lands'. I even once drew the layout of the building, with all the various freeze/statue attractions laid out in respect to the locker rooms, restrooms, etc. I set the story in the not-so near future, when discovery of molecular transformation has eliminated greed and hunger and generally made the world into a utopia. What to do for excitement now? How about getting transformed into someting else? I ran thru some unwieldly names for the park (including Statuetorium, ArtWorks and Statueland) before settling on Statueworks, which became simply, The 'Works (which coincidentally rekindled my memory of an old cartoon where the subject was run through a nasty obstacle course and coated in cement to become a statue in the end) to describe the vast range of exhibits and attractions available. The only problem after that was determining what displays the girls would be experiencing first-hand. If I had them ride everything I ran the risk of letting this story triple in length as well as bore the reader from repeated freezings, transformations into statues, etc. I thought I was pretty much pushing the tolerance level as it is in the final edit and tried to vary each exhibit so that it stood out rather than sunk into a big murky mess. I did get requests from early versions of the story from some test readers who requested the girls go on every attraction...maybe a part 2?