The Image

by Paul Jutras

Darien and Denise had chosen to go to Florida for St. Valentine's Day. They were always looking for new places and ways to make love to each other. That was how their problems were about to begin. They noticed a swim suit shop among the pier shops and decided to stop in.

Almost by magic, the inside of the store was like a warehouse compare to the small looking outside. They couldn't believe the huge space filled with swim suit racks and mannequins displaying the merchandise.

"I'm going to have to remember to shop here more often." Denise smiled as she started to go through the racks. An old woman grinned as she watched her trying to choose between one or two piece suits. Darien just looked about in confusion before walking up to the shop keeper.

"Excuse me." He said, running his hand through his hair. "Where is the men's swimwear?"

"Sorry, I don't sell men's swim suits." The owner said as she saw the frown on his face. "You two; however, look like the type that might like to find sex in new ways."

"How did you know?" Denise asked. "What did you have in mind?"

"There is a special magic in this suit can turn your young man here into a perfect woman." The woman said with a grin. "You ever thought of trying a 69 position?"

"Sounds kinky, if it's not forever." Darien said as the old woman pulled out a pair of metallic looking bathing suits. Denise stripped down to her pantyhose and stepped into one of the bathing suits, wanting to have some body enhancements herself. She liked how the suit made her nylon encased legs look that much better.

"How large would you like your breasts?" The old woman asked?

"D Cup!" They both said at once.

"Alright, this will be pretty simple." The shop owner said as Denise started to rub her growing tits and Darien felt his own nipples start to tingle and expand. They both began to moan in pleasure as the tingling spread in their bodies.

"The suit is massaging us." Darien said as the tingling in continued in his new breasts and crotch. Darien soon found himself feeling very wet between his legs as the suit compressed his cock and balls inside of him to form a vagina.

"One thing I don't understand is why you're doing this?" Denise felt her waist compressed tighter, making her D-Cup breasts look even larger and more erect. "It's not like we have a lot of money to pay you."

"I am selling at least one more swim suit than I would of if I hadn't transform your boyfriend here." The one woman chuckled. "In fact, you two will help me sell lots of swim suits."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Darien asked in a high pitched, feminine voice.

"You'll see soon enough." The shop owner smiled. "How do you feel?"

"The weight of them is more than I expected, but the feeling of my nipples against this material is unlike anything I've felt before." Denise said as she turned to her new girlfriend.

"You look perfect," said Darien.

It was at that moment that the tingling sensation increased  against the gusset of Denise's pantyhose. Instead of her pussy getting wetter it seemed to be getting drier. Both she and Darien orgasmed at the same time.

They turned and stared at their new images in the full length mirrors. Darien especially couldn't believe how the suit stretched to fit his new breasts, narrow waist and wider hips. The continued tightness sent a sudden shudder throughout their bodies.

Denise chuckled as the increased arousal reached the point where Darien fondled himself. "Just think of the guys you could get with that firm ass and large tits."

"Maybe I should try sex on the other side of the fence." Darien laughed as they noticed changes happening in their feet too. Now barefoot, they could only walk or stand on their toes. Only a four inch heel shoe would be suitable for them to wear from now on.  Then a stiffness settled over their perfect bodies.

"What the fuck is this?" Darien tried to shout, but found his new feminine voice was gone. Trying to move was pointless. Neither of them could budge an inch. Their images not only looked like a Barbie Dolls' with their big breasts and narrow waist, but they now had a plastic sheen to their skin and glass for eyes.

Neither of them could recognize themselves as the sight caused their arousal to build even more. They watched as they arched their backs and placed their hands on their hips. They wanted so much to move. To fondle their breasts and pussies that ached for attention. They both felt another orgasm build up and wash over them in a wave of ecstasy.

The shop keeper then stepped up before each of them and got down on her knees. They watched her slip the fabric at their crotch aside and slip something into them. A dildo that made each of them feel very full and then exploded like a firework when the next orgasm rocked them.

"Your pussies are now done." The woman said as her hand rubbed their smooth sexless crotch areas beneath the fabric. "Now I have the final two mannequins my large shop needs to display its wares. That is why I transformed your boyfriend too, cutie. I wonder how you'll look in each other's hairstyle now." She said as she removed Darien and Denise's hair like wigs and switched them on their smooth bald heads. "Not bad."

Darien and Denise soon felt totally numb. Like one feels when their foot falls asleep. They could only watch as the woman removed the magic suits off of them and placed normal ones on their rigid bodies instead.   Darien noticed that Denise and the witch shop keeper seemed taller than they were before. Denise began to cry inwardly when her boy friend was reduced to a sightless female torso mannequin and put up on top of a rack as a display. She then felt how weightless she was as she herself was placed in the store's front window. The touches of the shop keeper made her orgasm repeatedly until  she was set up and posed.

 When Denise stared outside it was not the Florida beachside, but some magic countryside. She watched as Centauress, Nymphs and other mythical creatures came into the shop over the next few months. Then something happened that made her spirit shudder inside.

"Well my dear, I'm getting into selling lingerie as well as bathing suits." The witch said as Denise watched her quickly turn Darien into a pantyhose form. The witch then  dressed him in a pair of sandal feet with a reinforced toe and control top. "You think he's enjoying himself, wait until you see what I've got in mind for you."

The witch then placed a full length mirror in front of Denise so that her image would reflect the changes being done. "As you know, we get a wide variety of beings shopping here. My mannequins have to accomodate that. Now let's see how you look with six breasts."

Denise just watched  in horror as two more pairs of plastic breasts grew out of her body beneath her original pair. Like her original, the fact there were mannequin plastic kept them erect. She also notice that her lower torso was turned around so that her butt and face was looking in the same direction. While the bikini top and bottom was left on, she was also dressed in two strapless bras.

As the months went by, both Denise and Darien went through many changes. Darien once found himself a centauress mannequin wearing a nightgown that could easily of been made from a tent to fit the horse form. Something Darien didn't find that weird after being changed into a girl.

Denise and Darien had lost all track of time. All either of them knew was that what seemed once a month, they took on a new shape and a new outfit. Once Denise found herself standing naked with three breasts, four arms and legs. Perfect for modeling evening gloves and high heels. Of course she had watched her image in the mirror as her hips widen to allow the new legs to grow up and a pair of arms growing out below the original. Her biggest problems was that the new additions gave her more arousal areas to the touch when the witch changed her clothes.

She felt especially aroused when she was transformed into a pixie mannequin and suspended on transparent wires from the ceiling of the shop. The air conditioning on her wings and tiny strapless dress that barely passed her hips, sent her pleasure waves over the top. She never felt such erotic tightness within her body as she did just then.

As time went on, Darien and Denise accepted themselves as no longer being human. Nothing but plastic dolls to be dressed and changed at the will of their mistress. The two were indeed in seventh heaven for the period when the witched merged the two lovebirds into a two headed being with four arms, legs, breasts and vaginas. Having a pair of specially made pantyhose slid up her legs and bras against their breast nipples excited them beyond words.

Both of them enjoyed most when they could just be normal full body female mannequins. Especially when they were placed in the same display with the ability to see one another out of the corner of their eyes. All they really needed for the rest of eternity was the waves of pleasure brought by a touch or the mild arousal felt when they were dressed.


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