Two Thieves, one Mannequin

By Rotwang

"Wow, they haven't found out yet !" Mike said when he pushed the fire-exit open.

"Look, I don't know, coming back one more time, they gotta be onto us by now ?"

"Listen, Frank, I just take some jewels and stuff and we get out again, simple."

Frank followed Mike through the maintenance areas into the actual department store.

"Okay, you getta play with the dollies, I get the stuff, meet you back in half an hour." Mike teased Frank.

Frank watched his half-brother leave. He felt a moment of self doubt and looked around, but when he caught sight of one of the mannequins, he felt the yearning, but also felt Mike's teasing and uncomfortably shuffled his feet, sighing deeply. He walked up to the stopped escalator, but stopped on the first step. He waved his hands before him and wavered. He bit his knuckles and then stormed up the stairs.

First floor, Women's clothing, children's clothing and mannequins.

Red haired Sophia was standing next to the escalator, wearing a green and white summer dress. But he didn't feel like her. He blew her a kiss and caught sight of the trolley. On it was a sleek, faceless mannequin made from black velvet and adorned with golden jewellery. It was sitting on the trolley, waiting to be put on display tomorrow.

He looked at her, but shook his head. "Sorry, I don't date blacks." He said silently and stood on the tips of his toes to look for Catherine. She was nowhere to be seen and he ran the alley that circumnavigated the entire floor, looking for her. Frank stopped before a cardboard standee of Cindy Crawford. "I wish you were 3-D, honey." He said. He arrived back at his starting point, but Catherine was gone. He went over the storeroom but it was locked.

He kicked the ground and looked at his watch. He looked around himself and saw Sharon, who had been assigned to the lingerie department, but her legs were missing, and she had been put on top of a display, almost beyond reach.

Betty with her short dark hair was wearing a swimsuit. He walked up to her and held his hands to her hips and kissed her on the mouth. He lifted the bikini and put one hand on her breast, while stuffing the other hand in his pants. He rubbed his penis all the while imagining the mannequin came to life and danced for him. But he felt the nagging attitude of his brother and let go of his dick.

"Hey Frank ! Get over here." Said his distant voice.

He sighed and blowed in frustration and started walking back to the escalator.

He hobbled down the first few steps of the inactive escalator and saw the velvet mannequin, standing upright at the foot of the escalator down below him. The jewellery was the same, except it was standing.

He saw his half-brother approach the escalator.

"Wait, Mike ..." Before he could say more his bother lifted his head up and looked up at him. But the mannequin suddenly moved and kicked him in the stomach. Stunned he was felled by a series of quick martial art punches.

Frank ran down, but the mannequin reacted and crouched, lashing out with its leg and knocking him down. Mike got back up on his knees and pulled out his knife, which the mannequin kicked out of his hand and hit him in the forehead with its knee. Mike fell backwards and the mannequin was up on him and punched him in the solar plexus, knocking him out. Then the featureless head turned to Frank who had been assisting to the scene with his mouth wide open, sprawled on the floor.

The mannequin stood before him, with its beautiful velvet body and seemed to look down on him, then it reached into what looked like a pocket and pulled out a pair of plastic cuffs. She twisted it round Mike's hands and poked him. He was still out.

Frank closed his legs and put his hand on his crotch to rub it gently and put his other hand to mask it.

The mannequin turned over to him and stood before him, arms crossed. Frank looked up at it and stopped rubbing.

"So, you guys came back ?" It said in a melodious feminine voice. It lowered its arms and shook its head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to, but..."

"I saw you playing with the mannequins and eyeing me up. At first I thought you had me figured out." And with this it slipped the hood off its head and revealed the plastic mask and tightly bound blonde hair. The woman slipped the smooth, featureless mask from her face and looked down on Frank who sat against the escalator hand-guard.

"Tina Newman, shop security." She said with a cocky smile. "You like mannequins ?"

Frank shook his head at first but then stopped.

She licked the edge of her mouth and smiled. "I saw you doing the 'imaginary girlfriend' with the one in the bathing suit."

"I was only admiring ..." Frank stopped, knowing he sounded ridiculous.

"I heard this guy call you things like freak and pervert. Are you ?"

Frank almost blushed and shook his head.

"Look, go to the parking lot and go to the black Pontiac Transsport. Here are the keys and I'll meet you there in about an hour, stay down, while I call the cops and send your brother to prison.

Frank looked back at Tina. "Why ?"

"You've got an honest face, and frankly, you need something."

Frank got to the parking lot and unlocked the Transsport. He sat down at the back among what looked like deflated sex dummies and waited for Tina. He looked at one of them and noticed it had a zipper in the back and it didn't exactly look like a blow-up sex dummy, more like a deflated window mannequin.

About an hour later, Tina got back to the car. "Hey, where are you ?"

"I'm at the back." He whispered back.

"What's your name ?" She asked him.


"Nice name."

"My mother loves Frank Sinatra."

"Hey, guess who my parents used to dig and named me after ?"

Frank and Tina got back to her loft apartment. She opened the elevator door and showed him in.

"Wow !" Frank said looking at the three female mannequins standing naked in the room.

"Have a seat." She said. Unzipping the tight velvet bodysuit and going to the bathroom.

Frank walked into the living room and wanted to sit down on the couch when he saw another figure sitting on the opposite wall. It sat on a marble throne and looked like a female robot. Behind it was a five pointed star on the wall. On the other wall was a shelf with a collection of old wind-up tin toys.

Tina got back wearing a baggy training outfit. She had undone her hair and quickly tied it in a tail.

"So, you're wondering why you're not in jail ?"

Frank nodded.

"How did you get involved with your brother ?"

Frank hesitated to speak. "I've got this thing with ..." He was ashamed of saying the word.

"Mannequins ?"

"Yeah, sort of. When I was a kid, I saw a girl on tv who looked like a mannequin, with make-up and stuff, I mean, she really looked like a mannequin with a mask and gloves ..."

"Am I wrong, or didn't you steal anything there ?"

"No, I only helped to carry the bags and drive the car. Mike hasn't got a permit, something with his eyes, refuses to wear glasses or even contacts."

Tina kneeled besides Frank. "He's got something on you ?"

"Pictures of me and a mannequin, a child mannequin, looks like a real kid, said he was going to give it to the cops."

"Whew." She sat down besides him.

"He took the picture just as I was trying to grab the mannequin as a shield or something to hide my dick, you can almost see the woman mannequin at the back."

"Where does he have the picture ?"

"Back at his place I suppose."

Frank felt taken aback by the questions and sighed. "There was this old shop near where I used to live. It was abandoned and we and the kids used to go there to play. A few of the rooms were locked, and one day I got one open by picking the lock for a few hours. Inside were several mannequins, women mannequins and I was a ten year old kid and I spent some time with them every day. But then you get older and I sort of started enjoying them in more sexual ways. Since then I haven't been able to walk in front of a window display with mannequins without getting a hard-on."

Tina smiled. "And you thought you were a freak ?"

"Uh-huh. I tried to have a few girlfriends play mannequin for me, but it didn't work. That's how I lost them one by one."

Tina smiled and began her story.

"My parents used to be shop suppliers. They sold mannequins, displays and everything to furnish a shop with. The mannequins were stored at the back, just below my room. There was an old trap-door to it and I sometimes used to sneak down to play with life-size Barbie dolls. I wanted to be like them, like many girls dream of looking like their Barbie doll. I even expected my crotch to grow smooth when I grew up, like an unfinished hole in my body." She chuckled.

Frank smiled too, feeling increasingly at ease.

"I got the fix on that later, but I kept on coming back to the mannequins. I liked standing like them, naked in the store-room for hours sometimes. And one day, I fell asleep and my parents found me. They knew something was wrong and padlocked the trap-door. I was fourteen then. They sent me to a martial arts dojo late in the evening in the hope I would come back more focused and too tired, so I'd stay in bed.

After I graduated, I got this place and pursued my hobby, where I left it. I got a job in a store posing as a mannequin. I was so good at it, one day, I noticed a guy who was robbing a woman's purse and I pounced on him, paralysing him with a quick aikido move. And days later I noticed a shoplifter. They offered me a job as a detective, but I liked playing a mannequin too much and I got to combine security with my own perversion."

Frank felt intense relief when he heard her story.

"And now I play mannequin all of the time, she said pulling the sweater over her head. Frank hadn't noticed it, but her body was slightly shiny and smooth. When she dropped her pants he saw her crotch was smooth. Her entire body, except for her face was plastic. She got to a series of old school lockers spray-painted silver and took out a mask. She slipped it over her head and closed it with some Velcro, pulling it tight round her face. She focused on him with unblinking glass eyes and said from her frozen lips.

"You get to pick a wig and some clothes from the closet behind you." And she took a step forward and froze in a mannequin pose.

Frank felt hot and tugged at his collar. He removed his shirt and walked up to her.

"Tina ?" He asked her. But she didn't budge.

He hesitantly poked at her and felt the smoothness of her skin. He ran his hand over her breast and let go of her again.

He looked back at the white wall closets and opened a few. He pulled out a medium length red wig and pulled it over Tina's naked skull. He adjusted it and combed the hair with his hand. He browsed through the clothes, but didn't find anything he really liked at first and then paused. He turned round to Tina, who stood immobile in the middle of the floor. He looked to his right and saw the female robot. He walked up to it and examined it, removing the head and making sure it was a costume. It took him some time to take it apart, but he grabbed all the pieces and began reassembling it round Tina. It took him some time to get the suit together, but he managed, although he had to steady her against a wall sometimes to prevent her falling. She played her role magnificently, not even stirring a single muscle.

Looking through the glass eyes in the mask, Tina saw Frank got to the closets at first and then pick the red wig for her. She felt the tightness of it, add to the tightness of the mask and enjoyed the moment. She hoped he'd get the smashing little black sequin dress she liked so much, but veered off towards the Maria robot. She wanted to drop her jaw at never having had the idea of combining the two suits before and wanted to see him take the suit apart, since it was just out of her field of vision. She saw him come to her some time later and begin to dress her. She clenched and relaxed her vaginal muscles as he put the suit over her. She played along, keeping her body rigid as he posed her to get the suit on.

Frank finished pulling the mask over the mannequin's head and closed it. Then he dragged the robot over to the throne and sat her down on it. After some posing the arms and legs it was once again in position.

"Get up." He said.

The robot lifted her hands from her lap and put them besides her body. Then she slowly got up.

"Come towards me."

Maria took a slow step forward and walked up to Frank who dropped his pants and rubbed his penis. The robot stopped about a foot from him and waited immobile. Frank sat on the edge of the couch rubbing harder and harder. Just before he reached his climax, he got up and removed the mask. Inside the robot was a red-haired mannequin which held it in position. And finished his masturbation.

Tina sat down on the throne and peeked through two tiny holes for Frank, but she couldn't see him. She heard his voice order her to get up and she did so, like she had rehearsed several times before. Then he ordered her to come up to him and so she did too. The rubber suit she was wearing, was pushed by the robot's metal crotch rubbing against her clitoris and she had to force herself to walk straight.

She watched Frank enjoying himself and shifted slightly so she could rub her vagina into the crotch by

pumping it. It took all her concentration to remain motionless at a time she wanted to move in tune with the delight she was rubbing herself into.

Frank ejaculated and grabbed the hooks which kept the suit together. He removed the robot suit for her body. Once again a mannequin, he picked Tina up and put her down on the couch. He posed her body and looked down on her and she was staring back at him with unblinking eyes.

He removed all his clothes and climbed onto her, but he quickly found out her crotch was smooth. Just as he was about to masturbate, he crouched and got a good look. He hadn't noticed the faint seam before and poked it. He rubbed her body and kissed her to get his penis up and put it against her slit. He poked it open and felt resistance like she was a ... virgin ?

It was a thin rubber membrane which popped open when he poked at it again. He felt his penis slide into her moist areas and began to kiss her even more frantically. He had to adjust the wig several times and finally threw it away in frustration.

Tina enjoyed the chance of getting off her feet and relaxed slightly. She felt apprehension when it seemed he hadn't found the way in, but she felt him try. The thin rubber poked into her vagina and popped open letting his dick in. She felt it going in and out of her plastic and rubber body and felt the orgasm come up.

Frank dropped into a chair matching the couch and yawned. It was early morning and outside, people were off to work.

Opposite him, Tina came back to life, getting into a sitting position. She sat motionless for a moment and then removed the mask. Her hair and face dripped with sweat and water poured out of the mask.

"Oh, I didn't realise."

Tina rubbed her face with her rubber hand and smiled. "I'm used to it." She said and got up, walking up to the kitchen and came back with two bottles of water. She gulped half of one down and offered some to Frank.

"How can you stand it, I mean, I was dripping wet and you must've been ..."

"I've been at it for some while, I'm used to it by now." And she took another gulp.

Suddenly, she dropped the bottle. "Your brother !" She exclaimed.

"The pictures !" Frank suddenly remembered as well.

"Get dressed !" She said. "Grab a towel and dry yourself."

"I'll help you undress." Frank said.

"No time." Tina said, grabbing some clothes from the closet.

Frank and Tina got to the apartment. Frank picked the lock and both went in.

"Where is it ?" Tina asked.

"He never told me."

They both began to search for the pictures.

But after ransacking the place, they hadn't found the pictures.

"He stashed them somewhere?" Frank said, losing all hope of finding them.

"Look, he's gonna be in prison for some while."

"He's got friends with money who'll bail him out."

"If he takes the pictures to the police, you'll be in trouble." Tina said.

"Aw, shit !"

"No wait, I've got something..."

Mike grabbed Lennie's shoulder and laughed heartily.

"Thanks for getting me out of jail, buddy, and I've got a score to settle with my pervert brother. You got the pics ?"

Lenny pulled an envelope from under his jacket.

Mike took it and put it down on the desk of the sergeant who had just let him go.

"I'm here to report a crime." He said putting up a satisfied smile.

Frank jumped as the bell rang. He gave a panicked look at Tina who nodded to him and waved him to the door.

"Police ! Open up !"

Frank undid the bolts and opened.

"Mr Castillio ?"

"Yeah ?"

"You're under arrest."

Mike played his role well.

"I'm sorry Frank, but when you had me like this, I got angry. And I had to tell them about your adventures with Mikey. I also told you how you came up with the idea. I'm out of your schemes Frank, I'm out, I'll never commit a crime again."

Frank looked at his brother and shook his head. "You're going down, Mike, half-bother or not."

"Your brother told us he had a picture of you with a minor ?" The policeman said.

"I wasn't having sex with a minor. Just with my girlfriend."

"Be careful of what you're saying." The cop warned him.

"The pictures were taken with a Polaroid set to automatic. My brother who has a key got in and caught us. I guess he got a picture and kept it and now he's using it to blackmail me."

"But were you having sex with a minor ?"

"No, besides, he's plastic."

"Huh ?"

"My girlfriend works as a mannequin in a store. And she has some mannequins at home for reference. I have the pictures here, see, this is her dressed as a mannequin. I don't like to admit it, but we put some fantasy in our sex. I hope there is no law against that ? Here ! You can clearly see it's a mannequin, look at the seams in the arms and legs. Oh, yeah, he was also careless enough to brag about his robberies to me. I didn't believe him at first, but when she told me she had arrested him, I couldn't believe my ears."

Frank breathed a sigh of relief as Mike was back behind bars.

"I've got some savings, and by the time he gets out of jail, he'll have lost all traces of us." Tina said.

"Thanks, Tina, you were so good to me."

"It's nothing, only the moment I saw you go for the mannequins, I knew you were my kind of guy."

"Ooh, I love you with the suit." He said, when she removed her clothes, with the mannequin costume still on.

"It's nothing, boy, I have some suits that'll make you lick your fingers off !"