Julia Cleans House

by Mark Andrew Runnells

       Julia was dusting her mansion that afternoon.  She bent at the waist and stooped to fluff up a pillow on the long, black leather couch.  The ceiling was high and seemed vast.  Over at a corner a grandfather clock chimed on the hour.  Julia turned to the glass coffee table and picked up her feather duster again.  She paced across the floor and went to a bookshelf.  She bent at her knees and dusted the shelving there.  Her well rounded backside stuck out slightly and it was then that she thought of her E-mail from Mark Runnells.  What was that again?

       Mark had sent her a E-mail and in it was a picture of Britney Spears.  Mark had taken a picture of her while she was doing her Paris Tour.  In his E-mail he pointed out that she was far better looking than Britney!  Julia had to snicker.  Her?  Better than a superstar?  Julia could only shake her head at Mark's wild imagination.  It was then the doorbell rang.

       Julia's flats pitter pattered as they slapped across the floor.  She pulled open the door and there he stood.  It was her best friend in the whole wide world!  It was Mark.

       "Why, what brings you here?  I was just thinking of you."

       "Glad to be on your mind," he replied as he stepped in.  Julia closed the door behind him.  "Great day," he continued.  "Had to come and see you." 

       Julia followed behind him and mentioned, "Me?"

       Mark was wearing his blue jeans and collared Polo tee shirt in blue.  He glanced about the room and nodded.  "Yes.  I had this idea you may be cleaning house so I stopped by to help you."  Julia came up behind him and snickered.

       "Oh.  I was just cleaning house," she mentioned as she waved her feather duster.  "It's woman's work, anyway."  That was not the cleaning Mark had in mind.

       As Mark reached into his pocket he removed the crystal.  How long had he had it now?  He faced Julia with it and she froze in place in a instant.  From the center of the stone a little heat emitted.

       There stood Julia, all five foot ten of her.  Her face was delicately crafted with that still held inquiry she had presented him with.  Mark stepped aside and checked out her long, sleek legs and nodded as his eyes glanced at her head.  Her dear, wavy, natural wisps of hair were so thick and steady.  Julia looked great, through and through.

       He had had this crystal for a few years now and he never seemed to tire of Julia.  In fact, the crystal was what had helped him get friendlier all along.  That was something, to not be able to talk to that certain pretty girl and then, you use some inanimate object to dislodge any thoughts she may have had toward you as you open up more and let her know what you really think of her.  With no fear in her heart it was so much easier for him to know she would accept him thus, giving him more confidence to try and get his way.  Sure, the same thing could have been done if he presented her with something else, like a small brown pup.  Then again, why take any chances?

       "If only you could go on tour, dear," he muttered.

       It was a half hour later and Mark Andrew Runnells was having fun, too much fun, really.  He was upstairs in Julia's bedroom and had Julia dressed like a French Maid.  Julia was standing at attention, daunted and awaiting her next command.  She wore a short, crisp black skirt, white ruffled blouse and a black ribboned hairpiece.  She was at attention, as best her mind could do in this state, and holding the feather duster.  Mark clapped his hands together.

       He ordered her to dust and re-dust dressers and window ledges in her bedroom.  Each time she bent to reach and stretch Mark would enjoy the view.  Ahh, her body was poetry in motion! After thirty more minutes he had enough and had her back in her regular clothes.  They used the large, wide staircase to return downstairs.  Julia walked along behind him with that same bedazzled appearance on her features as if though only receiving half of what surrounded her.  He had her sit at the couch.  He sat behind her.  He turned his head left and then right.  Without a moments more he snapped his fingers in her ear.

       "Hahahaha!" he barked out.  "That was a good one!  Julia," he mentioned while turning to face her, "you tell the wittiest jokes I have heard here yet."  He glanced at his watch.  "Well," he said while rubbing his chin, "this was a great visit.  I must be going but I will be back soon."  Julia blinked a few times as if she did not get the joke at all, the joke she did not even tell.  She glanced at her own watch and then looked again.

       "Wow, it is really is that late already?"  Mark heard her and cut her off for she spoke the words but her speech was hesistant, as if she did not understand why time had leap frogged as it had.

       "You better get back to your housecleaning.  You said you had better get started."  With this Julia looked left and right for she had no feather duster either.  "I'll show myself out, dear."  Mark left her mired in her confusion as he left for the day.

                                                THE END ? ?

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