Disclaimer: this is work is of fiction. The events of this story are purely for fantasy.


By FreezAntix


Session I: Ming’s

The restaurant was family owned and old. Per its website it was opened in the early seventies by Francis and Darlene Ming. Ownership had since transferred to the couple’s eldest daughter Jacqueline Ming. Unlike other eateries of its specialty that were located in Rivercastle’s Little Asia, Ming’s was located in Courtyard Place. A block over from city hall and in the heart of historic downtown Rivercastle. It was the only Chinese restaurant in the district being surrounded by cafes, bakeries and delis that catered to city employees and financial office drones. The building was small as with all the buildings of historic Rivercastle. It seated a maximum of fifty patrons but that would put everyone on top of one another if the place was ever filled to capacity. Currently with the end of the lunch rush. Everyone had returned to work there were only eight guests including myself along with five staff.

I sat alone at a corner table for two and had a nice view of the old restaurant. My meal of half a Peking duck and a serving of the house fried rice was in ruins before me. I was pretty stuffed. The advertised fried rice was what had brought me all the way into Courtyard Place. It was said to be the best in Rivercastle and after having it, I had to admit it lived up to its title. I sipped my green tea as my waitress, a typical looking Chinese girl in her twenties named Mary returned with my check. Mary was short and stocky with shoulder length black hair that was worn back in a bouncy ponytail. With her round face and small eyes she was a cute girl. Her English was a little rough but passable and really only added to her cute factor. It was definitely passable in her line of work.

“Can I help you with anything else?” Mary asked placing my check down the table that came with a fortune cookie.

“No, I’m fine thank you,” I replied as I reached back for my cellphone, its case also acted as my wallet. She nodded and left to attend to a nearby table.

Along with Mary there were two other waitresses that worked the dining room and a single bartender who worked the bar at the back of the room. A hostess worked the door, greeting and seating guests as well as running the cash register. The waitresses were attired in white button up dress shirts with bow ties over black trousers. They walked on black shoes while little black aprons carrying the tools of their trade sat around their hips. All three waitresses looked to be Chinese, naturally since this was a Chinese restaurant. Mary was the shortest of the trio who were all on the short side in general. The tallest of the trio was a stick-thin girl with pixie short bright faux red hair. She had her sleeves rolled up to her elbows revealing wiry but strong forearms as well as a bit of a tattoo. The last waitress was another very traditional looking Chinese girl, long black hair tied into a ponytail with a light complexion and a slender petite build. She had a pretty but bland face, but it was nothing that would stand her out of a crowd. Both waitresses looked to be around the same age as Mary.

The hostess also looked to be Chinese. Like any hostess she was very nice on the eyes in stark contrast to the trio of waitresses who were pretty bland in looks. Faux redhead really only had her vibrant hair that set her apart. The hostess did not wear the white shirt and bow tie uniform that the waitresses were in. Instead she was dressed casual but sharp. Her sharp outfit consisted of a cropped black jacket that was held closed by single button in the front covering a white tube top while her lower half was clad in tight fitting black trousers. I remembered how perfectly the trousers hugged her backside as she led me to my table earlier. Black high heeled ankle boots completed her outfit. She looked older than the waitresses and pairing that with her dress style, I figured her to have some sort leadership role among the staff. Though she looked about the same height as faux redhead, the hostess’ frame was more filled out giving her some curves to her svelte build. She wore her shoulder length brown hair loose and styled. Her hair looked like it was dyed as the brown looked too perfect and it also carried some highlighted blonde streaks.

Aside from the pretty hostess who greeted me when I had entered the bartender who worked at the bar really caught my attention. The bartender was a curvy Asian woman, I suspected her as Chinese like the other staffers but I was not too sure. She was on the taller side when compared to her co-workers, paired with her curves she was the biggest which was not saying much as the staff were all on the small side. With that being said, her size and shape did make her stand out even from the hostess. I also liked women with a bit of a curve to them, so she had my attention. The barmaid’s hair was long and dyed blonde which worked well with her tan complexion. She wore her dyed blonde hair in messy bun that showed her pretty face with big dark eyes. Her eyes really stood out thanks to the dark eyeliner that she wore. During my meal, she had stepped out from behind the bar once to speak to the hostess and I saw that her uniform was different from the waitresses. She had on a black mini-skirt that hugged her backside while her legs were masked in fishnets and she walked on knee-high heeled boots. Her top half was clad in a white short-sleeve button up shirt and she wore a black tie loose around her neck. Like her skirt, her top hugged her torso showing off an impressive rack that her co-workers lacked. I kept on looking at her through at my meal and she looked back once and smiled before I decided I should stop staring.

As for my fellow patrons there were five women and two men. I had initially thought there were three men, but realized the third man was a woman when she turned around. There was an old Asian couple who looked like they were a hundred. Two middle-aged Caucasian women that were plump and looked like moms. The table nearest to me had young couple, a heavyset African-American man and his curvy Latina companion. The Latina was busty and had a pretty face from what I could tell from the few glances I had of her. The mistaken third man had sat with their back to me for most of my meal. It wasn’t until they turned around when I realized they were a woman. Her brown hair was cut short into a page boy do and she was dressed in a brown pants suit and dark top with matching loafers on her feet. The more I looked at her the more I noticed her womanly curves through the cut of her suit, which was a suit designed for a woman. I should have realized she was a woman from the start but I was not really paying attention. I usually paid attention to these things but the hot bartender had thrown me off.

Mary snapped me out from my thoughts as she picked up my check and asked if I needed change. I left three twenties for the almost fifty dollar meal. I waved her off and said she could keep the change and she smiled brightly at me before bidding me a good afternoon and leaving. I finished my fortune cookie, which funnily enough had no fortune in it before standing to leave myself. At the door the hostess, smiled and spoke in flawless English, she was no doubt born in the states. “Have a good afternoon and come back again, drive safe,” she added with a wave.

“Thanks,” I replied with a nod as I opened the door, “You too,” I added as I stepped into the small foyer. I looked down at my watch. It was a magic watch as it could control time. The thing was plain looking. It had a white face, black numbers red hands and a simple black leather band. There were two buttons on either side of the face diagonally from one another. I had bought the watch from a small shop in Little Asia, I needed a watch and this one was nice and cheap. I knew something was up with it when the thing set the time on its own. Further more for some reason the buttons seemed to not work the hands manually. I chalked it up to being a cheap watch from Little Asia. Little Asia was notorious for selling cheap electronics that never lasted long. At least the watch worked I had thought.

That night I had a vivid dream that I could stop time with the watch. When I woke the next day I had an urge to try it and to my amazement I was able to stop time just like my dream. At first I was shocked but after some testing I realized it was legit. My watch was magical, it could pause and start time. It did this by me simply pressing the buttons, one button stopped things while the other started things back up. When time was stopped I was able to move about and interact with the frozen world around me. I’ve had the watch for six months now and to say my life had changed would be an understatement.

When I pause time I call it a session. As I looked at my magic watch at that very moment, I felt like it was time for a session. I simply thumbed the left side button and in a blink, time comes to stop around me. The feeling is odd and it had taken me a little bit to get used to it in the beginning. Everything goes dead silent, the feeling is a bit horrifying as it feels like I just suddenly lost my hearing. The air gets stale, still and heavy but remains warm though. Moving about in a time-suspended world you feel some resistance just because everything around you is not moving which includes the air. It was a bit of workout at first but I had since gotten used to it in the months that I have been pausing time. I’d had sessions at least a couple times a week, sometimes more if I felt like it. I felt like it a lot.

Everything I know about the watch I either learned it from that vivid dream or through experiences from my sessions. The dream really only gave me the inkling of what the time piece could do while my actual hands on time with it was the real user manual. I had tried to return to the shop that I had bought the watch from just to learn more about it. No surprise the little hole in the wall shop was gone. It was like it was never there. I figured as much being what this watch could do, go figure it also came from a magical shop as well. So far I knew I could pretty much have time stopped for an indefinite amount of time, the longest I went was twenty-four hours so far. The watch could still function as a time piece when things were paused and would re-sync itself when things started back up. I never got tired, hungry or needed to relieve myself when in a session. It was like I did not exist when time was suspended. I was merely a being moving between the folds of reality. Once time was re-started and my watch re-synced itself any kind of body fiber or fluid I had left behind would vanish. Objects that I interacted with during my sessions did not revert back to how they were before time was stopped though. They instead were left as how I had them before I re-started time. Sometimes, rarely though if I remembered to put things back to how I had found them no one would notice time had even been stopped. I usually left a little chaos in the wake of my sessions. There was really no point in me fixing things since no one could really even know it was me since my fibers and fluid would disappear. I only fixed things when I did not want any confusion or shock from the people that I had interacted with during the session. This was rare since I usually forgot how things were. It really depended on how many people I would interact with, the more the more likely I would not fix things.

With time-suspended I turned around and headed back into the restaurant. The door felt a little more weighted but that’s just how it is when time is frozen. I surveyed the dead silent scene before me, the deafness of everything is something I thought I would never get completely use to. As expected everyone was unmoving suspended in time. It looked like I was looking at photo or a high-end wax tableau. The hostess stood unmoving behind her podium. Her eyes closed, she was probably caught in mid-blink when I stopped things. She was looking down and there was a slight smile on her lips. The old couple seated not far from the hostess station were locked in frozen conversation, with the man holding his glass of water just inches from his lips. The woman who was speaking had her mouth oddly open but with no sound coming out of it. In the middle of the room, one of the two middle-aged women was frozen while either rising or sitting down in her seat, it is a pose that no one could maintain for more than a second. The other woman was seated, chopsticks in her hand and a dumpling grasped between the two sticks poised for her open mouth. Her eyes were closed while her upright companion bears a slight smile and blank eyes looking past her friend.

The faux redhead waitress was suspended in mid-stride with a pitcher of water in her hand, her face was neutral and her blank eyes were fixed on the two Caucasian women. The other waitress stood by the old Asian couple’s table with her hands behind her back and her eyes closed. Mary was over at my table leaning over it and busing my dishes. She had my tea cup lifted inches from the table top. Like everyone that’s frozen in time, her eyes were blank while her face bore a focused look.

The couple that had been seated near me were both frozen while eating, the Latina actually had her spoon in her mouth with her eyes shut. The black man was focused on his rice bowl which was held up at chest level while his free hand prepared to scoop rice into his gaping mouth. The brown haired woman remained seated at the bar, unmoving with her back to me. Behind the bar, the pretty barmaid was caught yawning when I stopped time, she stood with eyes shut and mouth hanging open, while her left hand was frozen halfway in front of her. She stood leaning against the counter behind the bar with her right hand resting on it for support wide at her side.

I kissed my watch and proceeded towards the hostess. I Reached over and flicked her forehead, it yielded nothing as expected. I lifted her chin, bringing her face up. My fingers played with her lips and pried them opened, showing her white teeth. Her lips remained awkwardly pried as my hands drifted south. I grasped breasts through her top between the opening of her jacket, while I looked up at her closed eye face I felt some stirring in my jeans. I rummaged around the podium and found the hostess’s purse. A little bit more digging I found that her name was Tracy Lee and she was thirty-four years old.

Leaving Tracy for now, I moved to the third waitress ignoring her patrons, the old couple. I grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her, she wobbled stiffly bringing a smile to my lips, as she reminded me of a life-size doll. I run my hands through her hair and poked her on the cheek, getting no response. Her bow tie was a simple hook-on and I easily unhooked it and tossed it aside. I started to unbutton her shirt and soon I had it open revealing a simple tan cotton bra that held her bust. Her apron was removed next and dropped to the floor before I started work on her trousers. She wobbled a bit as I jerked her pants south, revealing plain blue cotton panties. I left her pants sitting around her knees as I stepped back to admire my work. She had a slender body but there were just enough curves on her to give her an average straight shape.

I left the waitress disheveled for now and continued with my exploration. I stepped behind the bar and stood and faced the barmaid. My eyes took in and admired her frozen pose from her yawning mouth, tight fitting uniform that showed off her curvy frame and then to her knee-high boots. I traced her lips with my finger before I reached down and ran my hand up her fishnet clad thigh. Moving back up I removed the loose tie from her neck and started to unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the white lace bra. I ran my hand over the top of her breasts while looking at her yawning face and felt my member stir again. I backed off deciding to save her for last. Taking a deep breath, I looked around the bar and came face to face with the brown haired woman who sat on the business side. She held a tumbler filled half filled with brown liquid in her right hand that was suspended just inches from the bar top while her cheek rested in left hand. Her face bore a slight grin while her eyes were at half mast, my watch catching her either about blink or she was just tipsy. Her eyes were a nice blue color that stood out from her aged face. I suspected the woman to be at least fifty.

There were four purses under the bar and after some nosing around I learned that Mary’s full name was Mary Liu and she had just turned twenty-one a few days prior. The faux redhead was Anne Chang, twenty-three years old and finally the last waitress was Ling Xu also twenty-one years old. The barmaid was not Chinese but Vietnamese her name, Heather Tran and she was twenty-six years old. Turning my attention back to Heather I moved her from the back counter and stood her upright. I moved her arms so that she stood at attention. Her face was left yawning and her top partially open before I stepped from behind the bar. I would definitely be coming back to her. She was the hottest one the room, worthy of being saved for last.

I removed the pitcher from Anne’s hand and ruffled her styled red hair before pinching her backside, there wasn’t much of it the girl was stick-thin. I then reposed her so she would be out of her stride and standing straight. Anne’s apron was removed next and I noticed a flashy chrome studded belt that held up her trousers. I pulled at the belt slightly enjoying how Anne wobbled a bit with every tug. Unbuckling the belt and then opening the trousers, I pulled them south down to Anne’s knees. I rubbedher bare skinny thighs while eyeing her black cotton panties. Curious and because I could I tugged the panties south. Anne’s womanhood was covered by a dark mass of hair. I picked at the hairy mass with my fingers and even plucked some pubes free all the while looking up the waitress’ frozen expression. I didn’t like how clearly I could see her hip bones but I enjoyed eyeing her naked lower half. Moving behind the faux redhead I spread her ass cheeks getting a good look at her rectum just because I could before standing back up. Thankfully when time was stopped I couldn’t smell anything.

Anne was left with her womanhood and skinny bare ass exposed as I moved over to Mary. I removed the items from Mary’s hands and stood her upright. I then turned her so that she faced me. My fingers worked her face and molded it to have a blank look with lips slightly parted. Pretty much the neutral blank look was the only expression I could mold perfectly as of this moment. It was the only expression I did that kept the person’s face looking natural. Any other expression I did they would always look off but it made them look my doll-like and artificial. I then pulled Mary’s hair from its ponytail before I unhooked her bow tie and tossed it aside. Her shirt was unbuttoned next and opened revealing a simple white cotton bra underneath. The shirt was then slipped off her shoulders and tossed aside before I focused on the little apron. With the apron on the floor I moved on to her trousers. They were soon opened and jerked south, Mary only wobbled in protest as her red silk panties were revealed.

Mary was lowered to the ground, her time-suspended body holding its pose. I untied her black sneakers and slipped them off her black sock covered feet. Her trousers were then pulled off the rest of way before I peeled her socks off, rendering her feet bare. While I had her on her back I took time to remove her panties before standing her back up. Mary’s sex was covered in a jungle of black hair while her legs were thick and short with strong looking calves. Her bra was unclasped and slipped off her shoulders next rendering my waitress in her birthday suit.

I gathered Mary’s clothing into a pile before I set my eyes on her naked frame. In the buff the Chinese girl looked a bit more on the chubby side, her belly clearly noticeable giving her body a spoon shape. Her breasts though on the small side were round and capped with brown nipples. Circling her I eyed her well-endowed backside and slapped it, Mary for her part kept the neutral blank look I had given her in response. I dragged my naked waitress over to stand in front of the bar, leaving her standing at naked attention. To make some space for Mary, I lifted the brown haired woman from her bar stool and placed her on her back on the floor between a couple of tables. Moving people about while time was suspended was little easier than if time was moving. I figured it was the whole gravity being manipulated that made people lighter. The brown haired woman held her pose as if still seated, the tumbler still in her hand, its contents not spilling thanks to time being on break.

Tracy’s doll-stiff body was then dragged over to stand next to Mary. Mary looked even more naked standing next the fully clothed hostess, so I decided to change that. I removed Tracy’s jacket and then raised her arms up and pulled her tube off revealing a strapless purple lace bra underneath. Leaving her hands above her head, I moved south and unbelted her trousers before I opened them. They were pulled south unmasking a purple lace thong and knee high nude stockings. Her heeled ankle boots were removed next; her nylon clad feet were shaped as if she were still wearing her boots. In my six months with the watch I have stripped nearly a hundred women. I always enjoyed how the feet of women wearing heels looked when they were frozen and had their heels removed, it reminded me of the feet of Barbie dolls.

Tracy wobbled slightly as I flattened her feet after taking her trousers off the rest of the way. Standing back up I unclasped her bra and slipped it off, tossing it aside. Stepping back, I took some time to admire the Hostess’ naked breasts. They were proportional to her frame not large or small but nicely round and perky. I groped them and twisted the pink nipples that capped them. Her mid-section was nicely toned while her belly button sported a nice diamond stud. I lowered her arms to her sides before tugging her thong south. The hostess was soon in the buff once I peeled off her nude stockings. I piled her clothes together, I’m a little OCD when it comes to leaving clothing around. Tracy’s face was remolded to have the same neutral parted lips look as Mary. Stepping back, I took in Tracy in her birthday suit, in contrast to Mary next to her, Tracy’s sex was covered in a landing strip of black hair. She was also thinner and taller than the waitress having nearly an hour glass shaped body. Tracy looked even more naked as I decided to leave her belly button stud in. She did look a lot hotter in the buff and could have been a model I thought.

I tipped over Anne on to her back and untied her black combat boots before removing them followed by her pink socks. Her trousers and panties were worked off the rest of the way before I stood her back upright. I then dragged her over to stand next to Mary. Anne’s bow tie was unhooked and tossed aside. Her shirt was unbuttoned and removed next revealing a simple silk white bra that covered her mostly flat chest. Anne had elegant tattoos on both arms from her shoulders to elbows. Her left arm sported a dragon while her left an antlered deer. The small of her back also had a bar code tattoo. Once her bra was removed the faux pixie redhead was rendered naked. She seemed more naked than the other two women due to her vibrant hair and pricey colorful tats. She was a little too skinny for my tastes as her hip bones were clearly visible and her breasts were flat capped with large brown nipples. Her body having a nearly line straight shape. I molded her face to have close eyed look with her mouth open, her lips forming an ‘o’, my sex doll look.

Ling was dragged over next. I removed her shirt the rest of the way followed by her bra. She was then lowered to theground and I plucked off her black flats uncovering nude nylon covered feet. Her trousers were pulled off the rest the way followed by her panties leaving her only in knee-high stockings before they too were finally peeled off. I piled Ling’s clothing together and set it next to the other three piles on the floor next to bar. Ling was then stood back up in the buff next to Anne. Her face bore a sleepy look with a drunken smile on her lips that did not look natural on her face. She had perky breasts capped with pink nipples while her sex was shaven clean. She was less plain looking in the buff too I thought. She had a more traditional straight body shape, her shoulders being even with her hips. She had more shape than Anne but was thinner than Mary. If her breasts were bigger and she had a more curves she would have looked similar to Tracy’s build. The hostess still looked prettier in general though. Ling’s face though not unattractive was nothing special, typical looking for an Asian girl. I looked down the row the four naked women and felt my manhood stir within my jeans. The contrast of the fair skinned women was striking against the restaurant’s elaborate oriental décor. Looking over the four nude restaurant employees I wondered if I could add anyone else to group aside from Heather. The barmaid I was saving for something little more than just getting her naked.

I ventured past the bar and down a narrow hallway that ran to the back of Ming’s. All the way at the end of the hall was a single heavy metal door that was probably the exit which opened out into the back alley behind the eatery. The first door on the right side of the hall was a swinging door that led into the kitchen. Next to the kitchen were two other doors that belonged to the men and women’s rooms. There were two doors on the left side of the hallway, one ran down to the basement while the other belonged to an office. In the kitchen I only found frozen steam that would be annoying to walk through and a six person kitchen staff that were all men whom I did not really want to explore anymore than eyeing them from the doorway. Both restrooms were empty. When time was frozen I could not use electricity unless it was already in use before I stopped time. I could remove a fixture and use it like a flashlight but that was a hassle. With that being said the basement was pitch black and creepy as hell. I assumed there was nothing down there but storage and pipes. In the office I found the one and only Jacqueline Ming.

The office was a small room that was cluttered with a desk and three chairs. It had a pair of cabinets against the wall and was uncarpeted revealing an old chipped tiled floor. On the back wall there were several framed photos masking it. A quick glance of the photos I figured they were mostly family related. Sitting behind the messy desk was Ming’s current owner, Jacqueline. She was forty-three years old per her driver’s license. Jacqueline had a light complexion and long black hair tied back in a tight clean bun. Aside from her age she did not stand out much from her four naked employees standing out in the dinning room. Her attractiveness was between Tracy and Ling. Jacqueline was dressed in a gray short-sleeve blouse tucked into a black knee-length pencil skirt. Her legs were sheathed in black pantyhose while she walked on black high heels. The owner sat with legs crossed at the knees with her elbows resting on her desk. Her left hand held a tea cup at chest level while her right held a pen poised over a document on her desk. Her face bore a blank look though therewas a small grin on her lips.

I stood to the side of Jacqueline’s desk and looked her over taking her in her frozen form and her outfit. I was thinking she needed to join her staff at the front of the house. I removed the tea cup and pen from her hand and fingers before lifting her from her chair. Ming’s owner kept her seated pose as I carried out of her office. She looked like she enjoyed the ride in my arms with a frozen grin on her lips. In the dining room I stood Jacqueline upright next to Ling after uncrossing her legs and then fixed her arms so they would be down at her sides putting her at attention. In her heels she stood taller than the other four women but not by much. After another look over at the naked women my gaze focused on the owner. “Time for you to get into the trenches.” Jacqueline whose blank stare was cast downward slightly since she had been looking down while seated at her desk only vacantly grinned in reply.

Jacqueline’s hair was pulled from its bun, its long and silky falling to the small of her back. Her blouse was then untucked and unbuttoned revealing the top half of a black silk slip underneath. I eyed the clear shape of her breasts from under the thin silken material, though covered her nipples are clearly visible. I reached behind her and unzipped the zipper of her pencil skirt at the small of her back. The skirt was then jerked downward, Jacqueline only wobbled in protest as it fell around her ankles. Her slip’s hem sits just under crotch revealing nicely shapedlegs masked in black sheer nylon. I liftedthe hem of the slip up peeking at the dark colored panties that were just visible under the pantyhose. The slip hung off Jacqueline’s shoulders from thin straps. My fingers traced the straps as I looked in the owner’s vacant face before I lifted her arms up. The silk undergarment was then slipped off her body uncovering a pair of round breasts capped with pink nipples that stood erect. She had a bit of gut that spilt out over the top of her pantyhose but her breasts were probably the best looking in the row. Taking a closer look at Jacqueline’s rack I made out the faint surgical scars under each of the orbs. “A little too perfect to be real,” I remark looking up at Jacqueline's face as my fingers played with her nipples.

The restaurant owner was lowered to floor, her body remained rigid as a store front mannequin with her arms still over her head. My palms ran down her pantyhose masked legs before reaching her heels and plucking them off. I let my fingers trace her arched nylon encased feet, relishing how they held their shape as if still in the heels. Moving back north I wrapped my fingers around the waistband of her pantyhose and startedto work them down her hips along with her smoke colored panties. Soon both items were removed and her naked feet are flattenedas I stood her back upright. I dropped her arms back down to her sides before I stepped back to look at the real Jacqueline Ming. Her womanhood is covered in patch dark hair while her legs were nicely shaped matching those of Ling’s and Tracy’s. In the buff aside from her artificial rack, Jacqueline looked like her employees. Thanks to her augmented breasts, the boss woman had more of an hourglass body shape. Clothes do make the woman, I thought as my eyes looked down the line of uniformly naked Chinese women. If I didn’t know, I couldn’t tell which one was the boss.

I re-ordered the line moving Jacqueline to the center flanked by Ling and Tracy while Anne and Mary stood at the ends. I gave the owner a wide-legged stance putting her hands up on her bare hips. Tracy and Ling stood with their backs to their boss with their arms crossed under their breasts. Their heads were turned to face front. Mary and Anne were stood wide-legged with hands behind their back and chins raised up. Jacqueline’s face was molded to have a deer in the headlights look with a broad smile. The expression was crude looking and made the woman look more doll-like. Ling and Tracy were given closed lipped smiles and winks while Anne and Mary sported neutral vacant expressions. I stepped back and looked at the group of naked women and admired my work. The restaurant’s décor really made their nakedness stand out in a striking contrast. My gaze shifted to behind the bar at Heather, the hot barmaid. I felt the stirring in my jeans and knew it was time.

For my taste in women, Heather was the hottest one in the group. In a more traditional sense Tracy was probably the most appealing with her model-like features. Jacqueline was pretty hot too but she had a few years on Tracy. Heather’s more curvier frame and height was just right in my eyes. She carried a more true hour glass shape than Tracy and Jacqueline. I admired this as I moved behind the bar and took in her suspended body. I stepped up to her and embraced her rigid body and kissed her on the neck before moving up to her face. I bet she smelled nice, if time was in motion. As I made out with her my hands worked her shirt and opened it up the rest of the way. The top was peeled off shoulders and dropped away before I knelt down. Her mini-skirt was opened and pulled south revealing the skin-tight fitting fishnet pantyhose. I could just make out the red panties that covered her sex.

Standing back up I raised the bartender’s arms over her head. I sniffed her bare armpits, though I couldn’t smell anything I imagine there would have been at least a slight odor. I imagine that she would smell good in general but being real her pits would probably smell a little. For the hell of it and just because I could I licked both her pits and looked at her yawning face. I fiddled with her white lace bra before removing it uncovering a delicious pair of breasts capped with brown nipples, which were pierced with jade green studs. The breasts themselves were nice, probably the nicest set of the group only second to her boss who didn’t really count since she had fakes. They were nice and round, slightly large for her naturally thick frame.

I pried Heather’s eyelids open, giving her a wide-eyed look. She had nice brown eyes. Closing her open mouth, I pursed her lips giving her a kissing look. I kissed her deep on the lips tipping her back slightly. Lifting her up, I carried the suspended bartender a short distance to the bar counter. There I sather atop the counter and posed her in aseated position with her hands behind her head. I kissed and sucked her nipples a bit before I knelt and unzipped her boots. The boots were peeled off and I tickled her Barbie-toed fishnet covered sole while looking up at her frozen face wondering if she was ticklish or not.

Laying Heather on her back while atop the counter, she kept her seated pose as if a mannequin. I work the fishnet pantyhose off her hips along with the red panties. Once the items were removed, Heather the bartender bares all for me. Tossing the items into her the growing pile of her clothing, I take in her nudity. Her sex is covered by a patch of dark hair that was neatly trimmed. I pushed two fingers into her womanhood, it was tight as expected. Pulling my fingers out, I took a quick whiff pondering on how she would smell.

I dug through one of the purses, I was pretty sure it was Ling’s and found a small bottle of lotion. I dropped my jeans and boxers, my member stood at attention as I did so. Taking a moment, I lather up Junior and primed up Heather ’s snatch with the lotion. I then mounted the bar counter and settled between Heather’s thighs and pushed Junior into her.

My watch told me that time been stopped for little bit over an hour. I had taken Heather around the block a few times, taking her from the front, back and mouth. I left Heather in her naked glory atop the bar top and stepped back around the front of bar. With Ling ’s lotion bottle in my hand I looked over the other five naked women. I figured since they were naked, why not take them for a spin.

I hauled Mary over to an empty table and laid her on it. Being my server I figured she’d go first. Her stiff arms were moved about so that they would be over her head, her meaty legs jutted off the edge of the table rigid before I parted them wide. Junior was lathered up as well as her womanhood. Dropping the lotion bottle I took hold of her naked heels and pushed into her. After going a few rounds with Mary, I left her dripping snatch and collected Tracy. The hostess was placed on another empty table with arms up over her head and legs spread wide. A little lotion for both of us and I was off to the races. Having my fill of Tracy I turned my attention to Anne. Instead of hauling the skinny faux redhead to a table I dropped her to her knees and pried her lips open before stuffing Junior down her throat. I left Anne with shinny lips and my juices filling her mouth before I turned my attention to Ling. The waitress was leaned over the bar and I went a few rounds with her through the back.

Jacqueline was carried over to the same table that had Mary on it just to save me some walking. She was placed atop of her employee, her hands still on her hips as I parted her bare thighs wider. I added some lotion from Ling’s nearly depleted lotion bottle and stepped into the owner of Ming’s. I went a few rounds with Jacqueline, playing with her breasts as I pumped before turning her on to her face. Her enhanced breasts pressed against Mary’s natural rack as I entered Jacqueline from the rear.

It was another couple of rounds with the owner and per my watch almost an hour later before I had my fill with the rest of the restaurant’s female staff. Naked from the waist down I looked around at the six naked woman that surrounded me, Heather atop the bar, Ling leaning forward against the bar, Anne on her knees, Tracy splayed out atop a table and finally Mary and Jacqueline’s naked bodies intertwined atop another table. If time was in motion I knewI would have been exhausted but as I looked at the naked women Junior sprang back up. I debated on doing another tour before my attention turned to the fully clothed brown suited woman laying on the floor, tumbler glass still in hand. She was still in seated her pose making her look like a roasted turkey on a platter.

I stepped up to the brown suit woman and looked down at her. I Glanced around dining room at the naked staffers and the remaining women. I shrugged and smiled, “It’s only fair everyone joins this party.”

Brown suit was first since I was already standing over her. Before I get you out of your clothes it’s only fair I learn your name,” I said as I hauled up and sat her in nearby empty chair. I removed the tumbler from her stiff grasp placing it on a table before I started to search and grope the woman. In her jacket I found her wallet and was introduced to Olivia Fox, Rivercastle Police Detective Olivia Fox. This was not my first time interacting with a female cop while time was stopped, though I have not done it often, Olivia was only going to be my third. I was not surprised to find the cop at Ming’s since the courthouse and Rivercastle Police Department’s main headquarters were a few blocks away. I looked at her police ID card for a bit before digging through the wallet and finding Olivia’s driver’s license. I was taken back that she was only forty-two. Looking up her at her face, I shook my head in amazement and remarked, “Times have been tough on you detective.”

I put her wallet aside and ran my hands around her waist, Olivia sat silently and still as I did so. I found her gold shield that went along with her job title as well as a holstered compact USP.40. I was sure that she was not supposed to be drinking while armed per department policy. I was familiar with said policy as I had to abide by it too. Olivia was a detective though and judging by how she aged I guessed she was also pretty stressed most of the time. The shield and holstered compact handgun joined Olivia’s wallet before I stood her upright at attention.

Olivia’s jacket was slipped off her shoulders revealing a brown short-sleeve top. Her arms were then raised up and the top was pulled upward uncovering a beige cotton bra. Olivia had a slight gut but then again she was drinking liquor in the middle of the day so that was not a surprise. I gave her gut a pinch before I unbuckled her belt and opened her trousers. The trousers were pulled south. The detective only wobbled as the trousers fell around her ankles. Her sex was covered by a pair of pink and black cotton granny-style panties. A pair of calf-high tan colored nylons sat around her calves. Her legs were in nice shape with strong looking thighs. Tipping Olivia over, with her arms still up she looked more statue-like as I laid her across at table. Her loafers were plucked off before I removed the trousers the rest of the way. The panties and knee-highs were then peeled off and added to the pile of clothing. Standing the detective back upright I dropped her arms after I removed her bra.

I Stepped back and let my gaze wander over Olivia Fox’s naked body it had a spoon shape to it, similar to Mary but with more muscle and height. Her arms were a bit muscular and along with her round gut her breasts looked on the smaller side. Checking her bra I confirmed they were A cups. Her breasts though small were nicely shaped and capped with brown nipples. Under her protruding gut her womanhood was covered in a mass of dark hair that made it look like she was wearing another pair of underwear. Though her legs featured thick thighs her calves were skinny and her feet though small had long toes. “You might have looked better in your clothes detective,” I say taking one more look at Olivia before turning my attention to the two middle-aged women that shared a table.

After searching through their belongings I found that the ne that was up from her seat was named Tonya James, forty years even. She was on the bigger size but not obese, her body having an oval shape to it. Tonya had shoulder length blonde hair and was dressed in a blue polo over khaki trousers and black flats. The polo hugged her rounded frame just right showing off her well endowed chest. Her companion was named Ronda Parks and she was just a year younger. Ronda a brunette shared the same build as Tonya but probably a size smaller. Her brown hair was cut short and she was dressed in a maroon open neck short-sleeved top over a gray knit trousers and black heels.

I stood over their table looking at them both deciding how I was going to get them naked. I plucked the dumpling from Ronda’s chopsticks and tossed it across the room. I stepped behind Tonya and pulled the chair from under her leaving her suspended in mid-air. I raised her arms up and pulled off her polo revealing a plain looking cotton gray bra. The undergarment barely looked to be holding her massive bust. She had a pretty noticeable gut with a couple of rolls. Leaving her suspended I carefully opened her khakis and slid them down her bent legs uncovering a pair of plain-Jane white panties which followed suit. No surprise her backside was large and round and her womanhood was covered in dark blonde pubes but was more in control than what Olivia had between her legs. Moving back north, I dropped Tonya’s arms after removing her bra, freeing her big breasts capped with brown nipples. Tonya was more or less in the buff save for her trousers and panties sitting around her ankles. I removed her flats just so she was barefooted before turning my attention to Ronda.

I kept Ronda in her seat as I dragged her from under the table. I removed her chopsticks from her fingers before I raised her arms up and worked her top off. She had on a simple blue cotton bra that held her large bust. I removedthe bra freeing her breasts that were capped with large brown nipples. Moving south I slipped off her heels rendering her feet naked before I started to work her trousers south while keeping the time-stopped woman in her chair. I removed the trousers along with her granny-style black panties putting Ronda in her birthday suit. Her legs looked just as thick as Tonya’s while her womanhood was covered with dark hair. With naked Ronda still in her seat, I moved her so that she was under Tonya’s bare ass. Ronda’s hands were then moved so that she was holding Tonya from around the hips. Stepping back I admired my work with nod.

I made my way over to the curvy Latina next. After I dug in her purse I was introduced to Maria Ortega, thirty-seven years young. She looked about a size smaller than Tonya and Ronda but had their similar oval shaped body. She was hotter than both Tonya and Ronda though. Maria had shoulder length dark curly hair and was clad in a pink silk short-sleeved blouse that hugged her frame tight while her lower half was covered in a black slim knee-length leather skirt that also showed off her curvy frame. Her legs were sheathed in shiny tan pantyhose while strappy black high-heels completed her look. Junior started to stir as I looked her over.

Maria was pulled from under the table while still seated. I uncrossed her meaty nylon clad legs before standing her upright. I then removed the spoon from her fingers. There was some food in her mouth but I closed her lips so I did not have to look at it. Removing the food from her mouth would have not been too gross with time frozen it would be just like playing with loose clay. I just didn’t feel like doing it. Maria was stood at attention next to Olivia. The Latina was probably two sizes bigger than the detective and in her heels was almost a head taller. Standing next to the Latina, the detective’s nakedness was amplified.

I started to pluck the buttons free of Maria’s blouse letting the garment pop open revealing the Latina’s marvelous breasts held up by a black and pink lace bra. I reached behind and worked the zipper of her skirt before jerking it downward. Maria wobbled in protest as the snug fitting leather skirt came off her curvy hips and fell to her ankles. Under her protruding girth, Maria had on a black lace garter belt with lace straps holding up thigh-high stockings. Her sex was covered in a red lace micro thong that left little to the imagination. “Christ...” I muttered as I looked her over. The lady was stunning in her underwear. Junior was up and throbbing.

Taking hold of Maria I dragged her to an empty table. Before I laid her down across the table I removed her blouse and bra. Her breasts were large and perfectly round capped with dark brown nipples that were pierced with diamond studs. I gave her large mounds each a kiss as I laid her large frame across the table. Maria’s meaty legs were jutted off the edge the table giving me easy access to remove heels and skirt the rest of the way. I traced her arched feet that held their pose as if they were still in the heels before my hands worked their way up north. Maria’s stockings were detached from her garter belt and peeled down her legs. Though a tad big for my taste, Maria’s legs were a very nice shape with high sculpted calves and muscular thighs. I ran my palms up and down her legs as I looked up at her emotionless face, my member ached. Finally wrapping my fingers around her thong I began to work it off her large hips. The small garment is removed unmasking Maria’s clean shaven sex. I opted to leave her garter belt as it would make her look more naked. Junior was lathered up once again with the last bit of Ling’s lotion before I took hold of Maria’s ankles spreading her large legs wide before stepping in.

I went a few rounds with Maria, going through the front and the back. She had a colorful highly detailed angel wing tattoo at the small of her back right over her well-endowed backside. I had focused on the tattoo while I pumped her, letting my fingers trace the body art as I worked. Once I was done, I stood Maria back upright and dragged her back to stand next to Olivia. I looked over Olivia’s nude form once more and down at Junior, he was slack so it was a pass for the detective. I decided to put my pants back on since I was sure Junior was done for the day. Once fully dressed again my attention drifted over to the last woman in the room that was still dressed.

The couple looked like they were a hundred years old. They were both skin and bones with gray hair. Ideally I did not want to mess with an old woman but everyone else was naked. So fair was fair. I looked over her time-suspended form as I stepped up to her and who I presumed was her husband. Looking at her husband and getting an idea or an excuse not to get the wife naked just yet, I stood the man up, out his chair and removed the glass from his stiff fingers. I then dragged him towards the back hall.

Ming’s men’s room was a simple small room with a single stall, a stand up urinal and two sinks. The women’s room was set up similarly but with two stalls and no urinal. In the men’s room I stood the old man before the urinal before dropping his pants and boxers without really looking. Heading back in the dining room I headed over to Maria’s male companion. I removed the items from his hands before I stood him upright. He was a big man both round and muscular. Though he was easier to move while time was frozen it was still more difficult than everyone else I had dealt with that day. As I lugged him I bumped into the table that had Mary and Jacqueline on it and sent the owner stiffly tumbling to the floor. Finally back in the men’s room I sat him down in the stall after I dropped his pants to reveal embarrassing leopard print briefs.

Back in the dining room I looked over the naked women. On the far side of the small room next to the bar was big bodied Maria dressed in nothing but hergarter belt standing next to Olivia. Near them was Tracy spread eagle atop a table. At the next table was Mary’s nude form. Jacqueline was face down on the floor, her bare ass in full view. Anne was on her knees before the bar while Heather was laid out atop the bar. Finally at the end of the bar was Ling leaning face forward against the bar top’s edge. My gaze finally settled on the old woman, it was unfortunately her turn.

In the six months that I had my watch the oldest woman I had interacted with while time was stopped was fifty-eight. After I dug through her handbag, I was introduced to Da-Xia Wong who at seventy-three was now the oldest. Da-Xia was dressed in a simple blue blouse over navy colored trousers with black loafers on her feet. She had gray near white hair that had matched her companion that was shoulder length and pulled back into a bun. I left her face alone with her frozen open mouth and blank dark eyes as I pulled her from her seat. Da-Xia was carried over to where Maria and Olivia stood. I stood the old woman at attention on Olivia’s opposite side. She was shorter by at least a head than the two naked women next to her, she looked downright tiny compared to Maria.

Looking at Da-Xia’s face, I sighed, “s get you to the party.” Her blouse was unbuttoned and removed revealing a cotton white bra underneath that held her small wrinkled breasts. Though she was pretty skinny she had a bit of a belly that looked odd with the rest of her thin frame. She had a straight body shape and was skinnier than Anne. Her bra was slipped off before I knelt and started to work on her trousers. The trousers were opened and pulled south uncovering tan silk granny-style panties. Her hips were clearly visible more so than Anne’s had been. I tugged her panties south before I lowered her to ground and plucked off her loafers. Her feet were covered in sheer dark nylon socks that peeled off before stripping her trousers and panties off the rest of the way.

I stood Da-Xia back upright in the buff. She looked a little bit alien with her slight protruding gut and her lanky bony limbs. Her skin was littered with dark spots and had a general stretched leather look to it. Her small breasts clung to her skinny chest and were capped with tiny nipples. A dark patch of speckled gray pubes covered her womanhood between bony hips. Her legs had alight covering of hair and her arm pits were unshaven. The old woman was how I expected her to look in her birthday suit, couldn’t call it nasty since it was just age but it wasn’t pleasant. At least now she was uniform with the other women.

Checking my watch, time had now been stopped for almost three hours. I looked around the room of naked women, “I guess it’s time to clean up,” I said aloud. I rarely reverted things back to how they were before time was stopped. Not to say I never fixed things completely, I just did not do it often. I mostly tended to set a scene of sorts before restarting time. As I looked around the dining room some ideas came across my head before I decided on one.

Jacqueline was dressed back in just her slip along with Heather’s fishnets. She was then seated on one of the bar stools facing away from the bar with her legs crossed at the knees while her body was leaned back against the bar counter with arms spread wide and hands griping the edge. Her face bore a freaky exaggerated smile with dark eyes wide. Tracy and Ling were put on either side of their boss also on bar stools leaning into her. They were dressed in nothing but bow ties. Their arms embracing Jacqueline with her their heads resting on her shoulders. Their legs spread wide revealing their privates. Both women’s faces bore closed eyed expressions with puckered lips.

At the ends of the bar stood Anne and Olivia. Both women stood nearly naked at attention with hands behind their backs. I put Anne back in her combat boots while Olivia now was in Heather’s boots. The boots made the nude detective look like a stripper. I was sure the boots were a bit small on her as they were a struggle to get on her. Being time-stopped, Olivia probably did not mind. Both short-haired women bore closed eye looks with parted lips as they stood ‘guard’ at the bar. Behind the bar stood Da-Xia. Her face was left how I had found her with dark eyes staring blankly ahead and mouth open awkwardly. I gave her the last remaining bow tie and draped a cleaning rag over her right shoulder. She stood with her hands on the bar top while facing the back of Jacqueline’s head.

Tonya and Ronda were left how they were as I thought the pose I put the two in earlier was good especially paired with their nakedness. I pushed two tables together and placed Heather atop them. She was laid out straight with her hands under her head while her face bore a neutral look with parted lips. I had plugged her feet into Maria’s heels for a second just so I could arch her feet perfectly. I did the same with Maria with another pair of tables. The curvy Latina seemed more naked since she was still in her garter belt. Both women were on either side of the dining room with their feet aimed at the main door. I let my eyes take in both women wishing I had a way to get a camera to work while time was stopped.

Per my OCD I piled everyone’s clothing together atop a couple of empty tables. Olivia’s pile sat on the bar top near her as I wanted her to be close to her gun when things started back up. I also placed Da-Xia’s pile on the bar’s back counter so she would be able to get dressed the fastest. I carried a little pocket notepad along with a mechanical pencil everywhere I went. It was a habit I picked up from work. The notepad was filled with names and information of noticeable women I have interacted with during my sessions. The little olive green pocket notepad was filled about a quarter of the way through. Flipping to the next empty pages I jotted information for Tracy, Jacqueline, Heather and Maria. I also added Olivia just because she was a cop and I had the other two cops I’ve interacted with jotted down. The information included their general description, ages, sizes and addresses. I noted that Tracy and Heather both lived in Little Asia but in different neighborhoods while Maria lived in Tomlinson in Crystal View. It looked like Jacqueline had a place in Iron Port in the river front neighborhood of Ellentown. Olivia lived out in nearby Lancey Avenue, her address was about a dozen blocks from Ming’s.

I did not re-visit the women I met during my sessions that often but I did whenever I felt like it or was nearby. I’ve done it only a couple of times so far. The information was nice to have when I was bored. It also just kept a nice log of what I have done so far. With the new women added to the notepad I had about forty logged. Finally I logged the date and my session time before putting the notepad and mechanical pencil away.

I looked at the erotic tableau once more, mainly taking in the women at the bar and then Heather’s glorious naked body. I stepped into the foyer and then out into the frozen world. I had stopped time in the foyer and was banking on everyone being in a state of shock so that they would not notice that I simply had vanished. I took a deep breath as I prepared myself for the explosion of sound that would hit me once I re-started time. That was always jarring, after spending x amount of time in silence it was always an audible shock when a session ended. What was good about re-starting time was that I was always refreshed as if waking up from a good night’s sleep. Bracing myself I pressed the right side button of the watch and time started. My senses were assaulted making me flinch. I continued to make my way to my parked car as I heard the screaming coming from within Ming’s. It only made me smile. Another good session.

End 3 hours