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Tina, ASFR (a sexy female robot) Part One by RoboTraci (

Tina woke up with a start. She tried to clear her mind of the sleepy cobwebs that persisted on remaining. Her mind was so foggy. Normally Tina was a great morning person and had no trouble at all waking up but today was certainly different. Maybe a cup of strong coffee would clear her head. No coffee was coming her way however as to her horror Tina found she couldn't move at all. "Must be my sleepy head," she thought and doubled her efforts to get going. More effort only equaled the same result. It was then that Tina became aware of the fact that she wasn't in bed. In fact she wasn't even laying down. As the fog slowly dissipated Tina noted that she was stiff as a board, leaning against a wall, and supported by a padded bar under each arm. Nothing would move no matter how hard she concentrated. She could see but her gaze was fixed and steady. She could hear because there was water slowly dripping somewhere in the room where she had awakened. Where the hell was she and how did she get there? She searched her mind but the fog kept her from remembering very much. She knew her name was Tina but that was about it. No past, no memories, no familiar faces. It was as if her mind had been made completely blank.

***cre-e-e-e-k*** The sound of a squeaky door opening affirmed the fact that she could hear. Before long a man appeared in front of her looking quite pleased with himself.

"Ahhhh, my little doll has awakened. How are you this morning my dear?"

Silence. Tina could only stare. She had volumes to say, most not very feminine, but couldn't recall how to speak.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? You can speak you know, I didn't take that away from you."


Suddenly the stranger whacked himself on the side of his head. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I did"

With that he vanished from her sight leaving Tina to stare at the same dirty window that had been occupying her gaze since her mental fog melted away. The footsteps didn't go very far and it sounded like he was returning.

"I forgot to wind you up."

"Wind me up??? What the hell is he talking about?"

Tina saw him hold up a golden key. She tried to measure it with her mind but couldn't remember how to count. All she could tell was that it was longer than it was wide. With strong arms Tina was lifted from her support structure and placed in the middle of the room. A full-length mirror was rolled to a position where she could see herself. To her surprise she found herself looking at a complete stranger because it then dawned on her that she couldn't remember what she looked like. The mirror revealed a young woman with shoulder-length black hair. Her eyes were steel gray and her posture was impossibly erect. She was draped with a white cloth and what skin she could see seemed to have a faint sheen to it.

"This will get you started."

Her host pulled off the sheet to reveal that Tina was completely naked underneath. He positioned another mirror behind her so that she could see the reflection of her backside. She watched as this man pinched the area of flesh between her shoulder blades to reveal a plug of some sort. When the plug was removed she saw that she had a narrow slit in her back about the length of her pinky. He reached into the slit and she felt a latch being released inside her. With that she promptly folded over at the waist with her face staring at the floor.

"Since you can no longer see what I'm doing I guess I better describe the action. This gold key is uniquely yours. It provides you and you alone with the power you need to function. You'll feel it's power momentarily. I'm now inserting the key into your anus."

Tina was immobile but her sense of touch was functioning. She felt the shaft of the key slip effortlessly into her. From deep within her she heard it click against something metallic in her body. The click produced a tingle that she had never felt before. As the key was turned her muscles began to tighten. A wonderful sense of power began to flow through her. But despite the key's winding and the power she was receiving Tina still could not move or speak.

"That should give you sufficient energy. Let's remove the key for now."

With another click the key was disengaged from within her and she felt it slide out. The latch in her back was flipped and Tina resumed her stiff and erect posture. There didn't seem to be any change in her reflection but Tina was surging with energy. If only she knew how to use it. As she watched her host lifted off her black hair. It was a wig; she was bald. He pressed against her forehead and a tray slid out. Picking through a box of shiny discs he inserted one in the tray and closed it.

"I'm sure you have questions, my dear, but before I allow you to ask them I need to do a bit of housekeeping. The disk I inserted into your access port will be finished in a few seconds."

Tina felt very strange. There was a vibrating motion behind her forehead and as it continued all her emotions seemed to fade away. Her anger, her fear, her disgust all winked out as if they had never been there. Soon all that remained was curiousity.

"There that should do it. Now let me pop this one in."

She saw him press against her forehead and the tray slid out again. The first disk was removed and another one inserted. As soon as the tray closed the vibrations began again. It was as if a door in her brain was unlocked. She knew how to form sounds with her vocal cords. She knew how to combine those sounds into speech. She knew how to talk.

"What is going on? Who am I? Who are you? Where am I? Why can't I remember anything?"

"Well I can see that both disks have done their job. Who I am and where you are is unimportant. Who and what you once were doesn't matter any longer. You may refer to me as Boss. Who you are is my creation. Well, partly my creation. You are a hu-bot. You are part human and part robot. (Author's note: I didn't think ro-man would work so well. <g) For years I have been gathering cybernetic data at work and stealing time on their super-computers to develop the technology that joins a body and mind of flesh and blood to that of steel and computer chips. After a few failures I have finally succeeded with you."

"What was that key? What were those disks?"

"Ahhh, the key is the source of your power. You do have an internal atomic driven power supply that will last for decades but I thought it would be more, shall we say, fun to limit your access to that power source. Hence the key. It winds a spring that releases the atomic power into you as it slowly uncoils. When the spring is exhausted so is your access to your power cells. The disks are a method of programming you to perform various tasks. Most of your organic brain has been removed which is why your memory is no longer present. The disks enable you to perform in a variety of ways for my amusement, my work, my pleasure, whatever I need you for at any given moment. The organic-computer interface can only store so much at this stage of development so the disks are necessary to instruct you on what to do and how to do it. Some disks, like the one that has suppressed all your emotions except curiousity, have a limited operating time and slowly fade away. With other disks, like the one that is giving you speech, once that disk is removed the information on how to perform that task is removed with it. Like this........"

Boss reached out and opened Tina's access tray. As the disk was removed so was her ability to speak. Tina was silent once more. She wanted to ask more questions but she couldn't remember how. All she could do was watch as Boss rummaged around a box brimming with programming disks. Her curiousity remained and she wondered what the disk he was inserting in her forehead would allow her to do. The tray slid shut. The vibrations began. Tina...........

Tina returned to consciousness some time later. Just how much time had passed she could not tell. She opened her eyes and found herself in a darkened room. She could see nothing but absolute blackness. As she started to ascertain her condition more fully, she heard a sound in front of her. Something gently pushed against her eyes. Instinctively, she blinked. When her eyes opened again, the glare of light that hit her eyes almost blinded her. Her vision came into focus just in time to see Boss' hands back away from her face.

"How do you feel?" Discovering that it's ability for speech was restored, the hu-bot responded (in monotone) , "All of my functions are working within specified parameters. However, my ability to process visual stimuli seems altered in a manner I am unable to describe." "Very good. I will explain the discrepancy. Your optical input units have been refitted so that you may perform your next task. You will adjust to your modified vision within a few minutes." As he completed his statement, Boss reached for Tina's forehead. She heard the access tray extend from her head and saw the flash of another disk pass in front of her eyes. The tray automatically closed and Tina began processing her new set of instructions. What was left of Tina's organic identity gasped as it comprehended the scope of her new programming. She would be brought to full power, but would not be capable of movement. It was important that she maintain her ability to hear and process visual input for an extended period of time. A series of unintelligible instructions flashed through the organic recesses of her mind, and then the program became coherent again. Her appearance would be modified to allow her to blend in with the décor of an erotic dance club. She would them be delivered to a place called the "Club Vogue" to a Mr. Sears. Mr. Sears was defined in her new program as her temporary master and that he and employees of a company called the 'Conglomerate' would complete her programming." The programming sequence completed, and the disk tray opened for Boss to remove the disk. Next, her body repositioned, correction, POSED, itself. Tina felt a cooling sensation sweep across her body. Finally, she was carted off and packed in a crate to be sent to the Club Vogue.

Mr. Sears personally supervised the arrival of the hu-bot and its placement within the club. Tina was placed near an inconspicuous area by the entry point to the lower level dining area of the club. From this vantage point the hu-bot would be able to monitor all persons entering and leaving the dining area. Mr. Sears then accessed the disk tray unit and inserted his own programming disk. When the programming was completed he asked, "Hu-bot, what is the status of your modified optical units?" "Both units are functioning within specified parameters." Came the monotone reply. "The units will be capable of discharge within 5 minutes." "Excellent." Mr. Sears commented. "We will commence our testing after that time." A club manager then approached Mr. Sears. "Sir, the applicant for the open bartender position appears to be well qualified for us. Would you care to interview her now?" Mr. Sears thought for a moment, he really wanted to complete this test first, after all, he had orders to fill, and the hu-bot promised to be an ideal monitoring and conversion unit for his needs. It then dawned on him that perhaps the applicant could assist him as part of the interview. "Give me five minutes or so and then send her over here. I'll interview her in the dining area." Five minutes later, a petite brunette with long hair approached Mr. Sears. She was dressed in a fairly conservative white skirt that stopped just above her knees, a gray and pink flower patterned top and a short sweater. Not quite what one would wear to an interview, but for the Club Vogue, one had to show some assets in order to pass an interview. Mr. Sears put on his best smile. "Ms. Sumnter, a pleasure to meet you." "Likewise, Mr. Sears. I must say that I admire your establishment and have come here quite a few times. The recent remodeling and new décor seems to bring a new life to the club." "I'm glad you noticed, Ms. Sumnter. Tell me, what do you think of my latest addition?" He motioned to the area where the hu-bot stood. "That's quite a nice sculpture you have. It look… so lifelike." "Please, take a close look." The applicant walked over to the hu-bot. Trapped inside her mechanized/organic prison, Tina strained against her programmed, rigid form, to scream out, to warn Ms. Sumnter to not approach, lest she complete her program by executing the program instructions that were now becoming clear to her. In her mind, Tina yelled, "No! Run away! Don't look at my…" Tina's mind was overwhelmed by her programming. She never got to finish her desperate plea, not that anyone would have heard it anyway. Ms. Sumnter had walked right up to the hu-bot and was studying its features. As she was studying the details on the hu-bot's face, their eyes met. At that instant the hu-bot's program took control, activating the modifications of the optical units. To Ms. Sumnter, the sculpture's eyes seemed to turn a bit brighter, capturing her full attention. Indeed, much more than her attention had been captured. Unable to look away, Ms. Sumnter continued to look down into the glowing eyes. She felt waves of warmth pass through her body. She felt completely at peace, unaware that the hu-bot was transmitting a mutating radiation. Mr. Sears watched the scene in fascination as Ms. Sumnter seemed to freeze in place. Obviously, the first phase of the test had been passed. The hu-bot was capable of trapping its victim. After a few minutes, Mr. Sears walked up behind the immobile applicant. "Ms. Sumnter?" He asked. There was no reply. He placed a hand gently on her shoulder. Not only did she not respond, but he did not feel the warmth of her body. He spun her around to see if… "Yes!" he said to himself. Before him now stood a transformed Ms. Sumnter. Her body had been turned into plastic by the radiation emitted from the hu-bot's eyes. With this technology, he would be able to increase his 'manufacturing' capacity once the remainder of the enhancements were provided by Boss.

Mr. Sears called to his men, "Gentlemen, please place the hu-bot back in its crate and return it Boss. Take our newly created mannequin and send it to our friend M.L. Attach an invitation for next week, where we will demonstrate the latest in mannequin creation technology. I'm sure he'll want to attend.

The following morning, Boss received the crate containing his hu-bot, along with another, smaller package, with a note that read:



Your invention worked perfectly. As agreed upon, the specified sum of money has been transferred into your Swiss bank account and we have included the enhanced CPU and data storage/retrieval units to allow you to upgrade this prototype and build new units. We will expect the delivery of two hu-bots equipped with the radiation emitters within the week.

Mr. Sears.


Boss spent the remainder of the day refitting Tina's inorganic processing components and performing other upgrades. The disk tray was removed to allow for additional components to be installed. In its place, in infrared transceiver was fitted to the base of her skull. Tina would now be programmed through this new transceiver, and her data storage and retrieval capacity increased to as of yet unknown limits.