To be continued

By Rotwang (

Note : My inspiration on this story is completely missing, and I was wondering what other people would make of it ...

Ellen was surprised to be invited to a training centre. She’d contacted the Dream Agency about a fantasy she’d always had, but they had sent her to this ordinary training centre. She pulled out her electronic organiser and re-checked the address. It was the right address.

"Hi I’m Ellen Smith. I’m here for an appointment ?" She asked not quite sure of herself. The girl behind the desk smiled as a greeting and looked her appointment up in the computer. She nodded and told her to proceed to cabin fourteen and wait for someone to pick her up. Clothes, or rather a bathing suit had been provided.

Ellen floated in the blissful isolation of the tank she was in and closed her eyes. She felt completely relaxed for the first time in years. She’d heard about the isolation tanks but had never given thought about it. Listening to the sound of her slow breathing, she drifted off.

She sort of half woke up still in the tank. Perhaps only a few seconds had passed, but she was too numb to think. She vaguely noticed something was not quite right, but she didn’t pay any real attention to it. She felt really tired and confused. Light and images danced in front of her eyes and a distant voice was humming her words she couldn’t discern. She drifted in and out of consciousness for an indeterminate amount of time. Slowly she became aware of something. There was a slow transformation occurring and deep down she welcomed it.

Suddenly she felt like a switch being turned in her head and woke up, her mind as clear as ever. She watched light pour in through the ever widening slit before her and reveal a hallway. On the other side of it was a young man watching her. "Come here." He said. She walked out of the closet and went up to him. Ellen felt her body move in a completely different way than she used to and glanced down at herself. She watched her shiny golden skin and ample bosom. The first moment of surprise having passed, she reached the man and waited for further instructions. She wanted to ask him something, but couldn’t. "Turn 90 degrees to your left." Ellen saw something quite amazing and felt a rush. Her reflection was a long-legged shiny robot-woman with gracious curves. She watched her new face, stern, faintly smiling giving her an almost regal look. The man got behind her. "Turn right and go to the kitchen area." There was something quite uncanny about the way she moved, Ellen thought, combining mechanical precision with feminine grace. Although her conscious mind was allowed to see and feel, it could not take control and this extended her pleasure. She stopped in the middle of the kitchen area and waited for the man’s orders. The whole apartment was decorated with metal and chrome. Every surface was shining chrome or at least spray-painted silver. From the corner of her eyes, she could see herself in the huge chrome refrigerator and examined herself in 3/4 profile. Ellen watched herself in her inhuman sleekness. She examined the way the articulations were made and realised they looked as if her arms really wouldn’t fit in them. The man had caught up with her. "Go stand in front of the mirrors." He ordered her. She felt her body shift and move. She went for the mirrors and felt amazed at how easily she walked in those high stiletto heels. She stopped to examine herself again. Every time she moved, she could hear an electric buzz and even her breathing was slow and regular and on top of all, she had no control over it. A thought entered her mind. She monitored her slow, pumping breathing and they way she looked. Perhaps she really was a robot ? She reassured herself that technology wasn’t that advanced. Until the man pulled her chest open. watching deep inside herself, she would have opened her mouth in stupor, if she could have. He adjusted something inside her and closed the panel again. The man sat down and called her. "Face me." She made a 180 turn. "And every time I give you an order, you will say ‘yes master’." "Yes. master." Ellen’s voice sounded totally robotic. He reached out for a remote control and activated the expensive B&O stereo. Electronic dance music filled the room. "Dance." "Yes .master." Ellen knew she was a lousy dancer, but the sensuous way her body started to move and bend made her want she could gasp in surprise again. She did a robotic dance as if she’d done it all her life. Popping and shifting her body in almost impossible ways. "Enough." The man cut the music. "Yes. master." And she stopped dead. "Grab your left hand and unscrew it." Ellen inside the robot wanted to shake her head, but said. "Yes. master." and grabbed her wrist. It screwed right off. "Give it to me, and don’t say ‘yes master’ anymore." She gave him her hand. "There are still sensors in there and you can feel whatever I do with your hand." He began to lick it and Ellen was staggered by the fact she felt it. By now she was going over some sci-fi scenarios. Perhaps she had been travelling forward in time ? She felt him rub her hand and really felt it. He tossed it once into the air and reached for her arm and screwed it back on. "Test it." He said. She nodded, twisted her hand and flexed her fingers. "Fully.operational." she said.

"What next ?" He thought ...


<From here on, you’re on your own>