Tony's Dolls

Unknown Author

Anthony had always liked dolls. Even when he was little, he would sneak into his older sister's room when she wasn't there and play with her Barbie dolls, dressing her in all the different outfits she had. As he grew older, Anthony began to notice the differences between the Barbie dolls and the Ken dolls. He started to have fantasies about fucking a life-size Barbie, and he would masturbate frequently with his favorite Barbie.

Now Anthony was a senior in college. He lived by himself in a small apartment close to the campus. He had lots of friends, but never really had a girlfriend. Every time he tried to become intimate with someone, the fantasy of the perfect doll came back, and he alienated not a few women this way.

One night, after one of these episodes, he returned frustrated to his apartment. His walls were lined with bookcases displaying the numerous Barbie dolls he had collected. For the past three years had collected hundreds of them, each different from the other. Yet, in the middle of them all, in a specially made glass case, was his sister's Barbie, in a flowing white wedding dress he had made himself, it's blonde hair flowing like rivers of gold over its shoulders and down its back. He would say hi to it every time he came home, is if it were alive. Tonight, though, he was too frustrated. He dropped his coat on a chair near the door and headed straight for his room. Angry and horny all at the same time, he quickly stripped, leaving the clothes where they lay, and opened his closet. Long ago he had stopped jacking off to a Barbie and bought a blow-up doll with long blonde hair and named it Alexia, after his sister. Always inflated, he grabbed the sex toy and threw it on the bed as he did the young woman just a few hours before. He mounted the ever-willing doll and humped it with an unnatural fury. He climaxed quickly, and the orgasm that followed left him spent. He collapsed on top of the doll and rolled over, his dick still inside the doll's vinyl pussy. He kissed the doll's plastic lips and caressed the blonde hair. He quickly fell asleep.

* * * *

The rays of the sun shone through the shades in Anthony's room, and he slowly woke up. Still groggy, he fail to realize his dick was glued to the inside of the doll's pussy with the large amount of juice he had produced the night before. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Anthony started to answer the door, and as he got up, the doll got up with him. He jerked at it and winced. This is going to hurt, he thought. With one hard tug, he pulled himself free from the doll's embrace and tears began to form in his eyes. He stifled a cry, not wanting to alert whoever was at the door. He grabbed a robe lying on the floor and answered the door. Strangely, no one was there and he almost shut the door in disgust when he noticed a small box lying in front of the door. He picked it up and closed the door. Carrying the box the table he opened the small card taped to the top of the box. Open me, it said. Great, Anthony thought, I'm in Wonderland. He carefully peeled off the brown paper wrapper to reveal a small, black lacquered box with a hinged lid. Inside was a note and something covered with black velvet. He looked at the note:

Give this to a woman, and your dreams will be made

real. If you are unsatisfied, come to 16200 Cannock

Blvd, and we will work something out.

Anthony tossed the note aside and looked under the velvet. He almost fell over. Under the velvet was an exquisite silver necklace set with an enormous ruby. My God, he thought, it must be worth a fortune. Why would someone give it to me? He picked up the note again. Give this to a woman, and your dreams will be made real. The gears began to churn and a plan developed.

* * * *

Anthony had just finished vacuuming when the doorbell rang. Anthony put the vacuum away and opened the door. It was Cindy, right on time.

I've asked you here tonight because I want to apologize for last night. I was being an idiot. Here, I've got something for you.

He produced the black lacquered box. She opened it and gasped as she pulled away the velvet cover.'s beautiful...I don't what to say.

Say you'll wear it.

She nodded eagerly as Anthony picked up the silver chain and fastened the clasped behind her neck. The ruby seemed to set off her green eyes perfectly.

I love it! Thank you!

I knew you'd like it. Here, sit down. Let me get you something to drink.

Something with ice. I'm getting warm.

Anthony went to the kitchen to get Cindy her drink, while she stumbled to the couch. He came back and could see sweat visibly dripping off her brow.

Are you OK? Can I get you some aspirin?

I don't know...I feel...lightheaded...I...

Cindy's back arched like a cat's as the first wave of pleasure hit her.


Cindy quickly threw off her clothes and removed her lingerie. Anthony could see her pussy was visibly wet from all the way across the room, and the bulge in his pants was quickly growing.

As the waves of intense pleasure rolled over Cindy, Anthony noticed a change. Her skin became very even in color, and took on a plastic sheen. Her breasts enlarged and turned impossibly firm, riding high on her chest. Anthony's lust kicked into high gear as he ripped off his clothes. He grabbed her as she fell to the floor. He felt the smooth plastic of her skin and became even more aroused. It was just as he had always imagined.

Take me now!

Wasting no time, he penetrated her pussy. For an instant, the smooth vinyl of her tunnel startled him, but his lust shoved it aside. Anthony felt pleasure like her never had before as he screwed the living doll that was Cindy. He felt the heat grow, and pumped her even hard, the two of them making feral animal noises. Finally, his groin could take no more, and Anthony's orgasm almost knocked him unconscious. He fell on top of Cindy's barely moving chest.

I...I've never...felt...any...anything like it. Was it good for you?

No answer.


He looked in her eyes. They seemed distant and glazed.


Anthony leapt up. Cindy's breathing was shallow, and every now and then her lip would twitch ever so slightly. He took a good look over her entire body. Her skin tone matched everywhere, and the shine seemed to become more and more glossy. He looked at her feet, and fell down in horror. Her toes had fused together into a single piece of shiny plastic. A tiny seam, like where two pieces of sheet plastic had been glued together began to form. Cindy's legs slowly began to move apart and settled into an obscene angle, as the effect slowly crept up her legs, turning them into plastic. Her upper arms were drawn in parallel to her sides, and her forearms formed a right angle to them, as if she were holding her lover. The effect had reached her hips now, and Anthony watched with tears as Cindy's fleshy, pink pussy was changed into cold, unfeeling plastic. Anthony looked at Cindy's face, hoping to find some hint of humanity left. Her face was a rigid mask of pleasure, her mouth forming a wide O ringed by red lips, but he could see clearly the fear in her eyes. Out of the corner of her eyes he noticed her hands. Her fingers had fused into a flat blade of flesh, just like her toes, and were slowly becoming shiny vinyl. The effect moved faster across her body. Her breasts were engulfed, forming two large mounds of molded plastic, and the effect quickly moved up her neck. The last of her humanity became vinyl as her face and hair became cold and synthetic, her once-warm eyes now just glass beads. He gently grabbed the plastic body and reached behind it's neck, hoping to find nothing. Nevertheless, there it was, the little plastic nozzle used the blow up the doll.

Anthony, awash with tears, cradled the doll in his arms, trying to coax some semblance of life back into his love. Nothing returned, and he bathed her face in his tears.

Dear God,, he whispered hoarsely, what have I done?

* * * *

A few days later, Anthony found himself at the doorstep of 16200 Cannock Blvd. It was a huge house in the country, the driveway lined with trees and bushes. Emotionally torn between grief and rage, he knocked on the door. The door opened, and in the doorway stood a gorgeous brunette, dressed in a barely-there French maid's outfit and a silver necklace set with a ruby. Anthony noticed a gleam going down her leg as the light caught her.

Come in, sir. The master is expecting you.

She looked him up and down and lick her lips as he stepped into the grand house. The brunette walked away, rubbing herself as another, even more beautiful blonde, wearing an identical silver necklace, led him into a large study.

Please, have a seat. The master will be here shortly.

Anthony looked back and again saw a gleam on her arms, legs , and the back of her neck. What is this place, he thought. They all look like dolls. His train of thought was broken as the Œmaster' walked in. He looked up, and saw a tall man, maybe 5 or 40, wearing a smoking jacket and walking with two nude women on each arm. Both were visibly plastic, as Anthony could almost seem his reflection in there breasts.

Ah, young Anthony. I trust your fantasy was realized. The man spoke with a regal British accent.

She's a fucking doll!

Well, isn't that what you wanted?

No, you don't get it. She's a damn blow-up toy. She's dead, get it? D-E-A-D.

Oh, dear. That wasn't supposed to happen. I'm dreadfully sorry. I'm quite sure, though, that a second try will do the trick. Sometimes it takes a second go for those things to work.

But I loved her... Anthony fought back the tears.

Ah, yes. The price we pay for love.

The man turned and walked away.

One of my maids will see you to the door.

Anthony slowly got up and started to leave the study, but was stopped by the brunette, very naked and very shiny.

I overheard what happened, and I'm really sorry. Maybe I can help you...fell better.

With him realizing it, the girl had her hand down his pants and was fondling his balls. The slickness of her fingers drove Anthony crazy, and he quickly stripped. The two ended up on the couch, fucking each other like animals driven mad with lust. At the instant he exploded into her plastic, yet very wet, pussy, she climaxed, and together their contractions nearly drove the other insane. Eventually, they calmed down, and Anthony redressed himself.

Thanks, uhh..

Just call me Cammi.

Thanks, Cammi. I'd better be going.

She showed him out the door, rubbing herself the whole way, anticipating the heat.

Anthony got into his car and waved. He drove off into the trees as Cammi climaxed in the door. Shakily, she closed it.

* * * *

Cammi fell convulsing before the feet of her master, her hand having turned into an inflated, featureless doll's appendage.


You fucked him, didn't you?


You know what will happen, don't you?

Cammi's eyes got wide with fear.! C..c..can'

I'm sorry, Cammi. You knew the rules. No heterosexual sex. Now you're paying the price.

Cammi began to cry, but no tears came.

im. sor.ry. mas.ter. i. just. want.ed. to. please. him. to. make. him. feel. bet.ter. i. dont. want. to. die. dont..... want..... to..... be..... come......

a...... dol...... ly......

That was the last thing Cammi ever said. Her body had flatten out and was completely made of plastic.

Remove the necklace and deflate her. She'll make a good sell.

Two crying maids obeyed the order, removing the plug from the back of the Cammi-doll's neck. A whoosh of air came, and her once beautiful face deformed as the rest of her deflated. The maids picked up the limp, shapeless piece of vinyl and carried it to some other portion of the house. The master only shook his head.

* * * *

A few weeks later, Anthony met Angie. She was a beautiful sophomore brunette with lovely blue eyes. They shared the same history class, and the started to study together. One night, they decided to study over at Anthony's apartment. He rushed home and started to clean up. A little after 8:00, Angie knocked on the door. Anthony rushed to answer it. Angie, no stranger to Anthony's place, stepped inside.

Wow, it's clean. That's a first.

Well, I've spent the past few hours picking up around here.

You did this for me? Aw, you such a sweetie.

Here sit down and close your eyes.

What is this, Twenty Questions?

Just do it.

She sat down on the couch and closed her eyes. Anthony produced the necklace and fastened it around her neck.

OK, open them.

Angie opened her eyes and was confused for a moment, when she noticed the weight on her breast. She looked down.

Oh..Oh my God! It's gorgeous! Is this for...wait a minute. What are you saying, Anthony?

I love you, Angie.

Angie squealed with delight. I love you, too, Anthony. I..I...I feel kinda light-headed. I need to sit down.

Are you feeling alright?

Yeah, I think so. I feel so stiff all over.

Anthony tried to hide his erection. He knew what was coming.

My head feels like it's full of cotton and...Ohhh! The wave hit her mid-sentence.

Oh God! Ohhhh! Mmmm...ahhhh!

Angie literally ripped off her t-shirt, leaving the shreds strewn across the living room. Her jeans, bra, and panties came off quickly after that.

Jesus, this is awesome! Ohhhhh!

She writhed around the floor, caught in extacy. Anthony slowly took off his pants, shirt, and briefs.

Take me! Take me now and stop this! Ahhhhh!

Anthony lay down beside her and hesitated just a moment at the sight of the gleaming plastic body before him. His lust quickly took over, and he mounted Angie in animal passion. They rolled around the floor, not sure who was doing the work. The climax they felt could have torn them apart. They ended up lying next to each other, breathing heavily. Anthony was sure it had worked this time, and he got up.

Anthony, I can't move.

The statement rocked his very being. Dear God, please not again, not to sweet Angie.

Tony, please, help me. I can't move.

Anthony crumbled where he stood. He could only turn and watch his lover turn into a doll.

Please, Tony! Something's wrong! She screamed as loud as she could, but only the barest whisper came out. Angie's arms folded into the tradition doll's L at her sides, while her legs formed a V, exposing her pussy to the world.

I can't feel my hands! Help me, please! She looked over at her hands and saw her fingers fuse together and inflate. She looked down and saw her toes do the same thing.

I'm becoming a doll, Tony! I don't want to die! She began to cry, and the tears rolled down her face. Tony rushed to her side and tried to wipe the tears, his mixing with hers, from her face.

I'm so sorry, Angie. I'm so sorry...

i. dont. want. to be. a dol. ly. please. help. me. to. ny. i..... dont.....want.....

With that, the plastic took her humanity, leaving only an inflated sex toy. Anthony picked her up as he would his bride and carried he to his room. He placed her on his bed, and cried over her shiny plastic body. He gazed into the once shining, happy eyes, now just lifeless beads. He hugged the doll tight and cried himself to sleep.

* * * *

Morning came. It was raining. Anthony woke and knew what he had to do. He got up and took a shower. He toweled himself off, but put no clothes on. He cleaned up from the night before, and put everything back in its place. There would be no evidence of what had happened here. Going back to his room, and removed the two dolls from his closet, the doll that once was Cindy and Alexia. Good old, trusty Alexia. She had always given him a good fuck. Anthony made the bed and laid the dolls side by side. Knowing he could never screw Cindy or Angie after what he had done to them, he chose Alexia for the deed. With tears welling in his eyes, he climbed on top of Alexia and placed the silver necklace around his neck. It grabbed onto his skin like it was glued in place. He felt the familiar heat grow inside him. Suddenly, it exploded, and Anthony was awash in pleasure. He grunted and writhed, holding all three dolls tightly in his grasp, all the time tears flowing down his cheeks. The fire in his groin could no longer be abated, and he thrust his rock-hard member into Alexia's plastic pussy. He had never felt such pleasure, and something in the back of his head told him he never would again. Slowly the heat built up, raging hot within him. It seemed an eternity passed, an eternity of pleasure, before the fire would release him. The explosion of cum burst a hole in the doll's plastic pussy, and he began to coat her insides with juice. Eventually, the fire faded, and Anthony was left in the afterglow. He looked at the mirror at the head of his bed. Sure enough, his skin reflected the light from the bathroom. His head felt cottony and he felt stiff. Just like Angie, he thought. Slowly, he felt his toes and fingers go numb. Anthony looked down at his hands and watch with detached wonder as the fingers fused into a single sweep of vinyl and slowly inflated. The numbness crept up his body. He felt his dick grow and become thicker. It must be nine of ten inches long by now, he thought, laughing at himself. Soon his whole pelvis went numb, and he knew it was almost done. His legs had spread apart, and his arms were already at the familiar L at his sides. He looked up at Cindy, then Angie. It seemed they had become human again, and their warm smiles and the friendly gleam in their eyes had returned. He looked down at Alexia, and she too had changed, to become what he had always dreamed: it was Barbie's face, and she was smiling at him, as though she was thanking he for all the years of pleasure. That was the last thing he saw as his eyes became glass. It was done.

* * * *

Three weeks later, the landlord was banging on the door, demanding the overdue rent. When no one answered, he unlocked the door with the master key. Inside, it looked as if no one had been here for sometime. The furniture was dusty, but otherwise the apartment was clean. He looked in the bedroom and saw the three female dolls with the male doll screwing the middle one with blonde hair.

Oh, Jesus, what kind of sickness is this? Tony, where are you?

Unknown to the landlord, a man wearing a long black coat and hat slipped in quietly and hid until he left. He walked into the bedroom and contemplated the scene. He said to no one in particular, with a thick British accent,

So this is what it's come to, Anthony. I'm sure you'll all make good sells.

He retrieved the necklace and pulled the plugs from behind all the dolls' necks. There was the whoosh of air, and soon what was once three living people and a doll was now a few deflated sheets of plastic.

All except you, Blondie. Seems you've been used a bit to much. Sorry.

He folded all the dolls except Alexia and placed them in his coat. He grabbed a handful of Alexia's torso and threw her inside a nearby dumpster. She lay crumpled inside the dumpster, just like an old toy not wanted any longer. The clouds had cleared, and if the light fell just right, one just might just see a tear in the corner of her blue, glass-bead eyes.