by Johnlongarrow

How could I have been so stupid. What a dumb bet to make. Me, a grown woman! I should have known better. O well, Might at least make the best of it. It does give me a chance to think. Like how I got here in the first place! I never should have been such a tom-boy when I was growing up. Its all my mothers fault. SHE let me go out and play soldier with my brothers! SHE should have grabbed me by my hair and forced me to play with dolls! Yea, right. Candi my girl, who are you kidding? Mom gave you Candise for a first name so she was atleast thinking of you as female from the beginning. It was just in your nature. Who was it that begged you not to enlist? Not dad, HE was happy and proud. MOM was the one who cried and tried to get you to go to collage. Of course neither of them expected you to go for mechanized infantry. That's where all the trouble started.

Fresh out of advanced training and trying to make a name for your self. Can't blame the folks for me wanting to get into the thick of things. Nope, just got me to blame for that one. Candi my girl, Who was it who volunteered to go to Brazil? Who was it that took the drivers position in a recon track? Who was it who volunteered for all the interdiction missions? Yep, ME. Now look where I am.

First part was NO problem. Anti-tank missile from the left. Hit the drivers compartment and what did I feel? Just a bump. Boom then bump. Boom, bump, and wake up in the field hospital with a new leg. Of course they fitted me with that awful civilian model! Talk about off the rack! Looks like I grabbed PART of the rack! Just a basic tube with a foot on the bottom. Ugly as sin. Now don't go kidding yourself, you never were the great looker before you enlisted, and basic didn't make you into no fashion model.

There goes that jerk again. Doesn't know that I can see him. Probably Jacking off over there. I never thought I'd see so many perverts in a mall before. Just goes to show it takes all kinds. Gotta admit, I do look damn good these days. Hope he doesn't come into the store though. That could get messy. Mostly if he tried jacking off on me. Good, he's going away. Now where was I?

After the leg, left one of course, I got that call. I had heard about augmentedes being in the military, just never seen them before. Before the leg I had never known there were entire units composed of us with artificial parts. Most were like me, combat veterans who didn't know when to quit. Most had taken serious hits and had replacement limbs. Given the option of being in a 'Cyber' unit or taking an honorable, I should have taken the honorable. Silly me, I just HAD to stay in. Something about being twenty and gung ho. Also something about trying to get some payback for my leg. So of course I took the recon position.

Then goes the right arm. Fire fight in the trees. Just had to stick my fool head out of the vehicle so I could join in. Of course I did save a colonel from getting greased when I popped up in the gun turret, won me a medal for it. Funny how five mike mike isn't very impressive on its own, but kicking out ten rounds a second from a tri-barrel is DAMN impressive. Musta greased two dozen Targs before they caught me with there twenty mil. Atleast it was a clean hit. Blew my shoulder off nice and clean. Good thing my partner had the pack handy, otherwise I'd have bled to death in short order. Atleast it was quick and mostly painless. Didn't feel a thing until after they put the replacement on. Atleast that time they put on one a military replacement.

Funny, now that I'm out, I can't believe some of the stupid crap I did. Yep, only out a year and already I'm getting sane! Too bad, I had a lot of fun, crazy times not to long ago. I still remember that party, the one for my twenty first Birthday. Got hammered for three days straight. My top let me take leave so I cruised on up to Panama city. Three days pumped full of wake up tabs, drinking as much as I could stand, and men. Men, men, and more men. I know that I like sex a little more than average, but I still see that as my crowning achievement sexually. First day I had twenty guys. Almost got kicked out of the bar, that was until I grabbed the bar tender and did him! Had me a little parade of guys coming over to my table, bringing me drinks, and riding me like a vintage Harley! I had gotten a flesh cover for my replacements. Good job on that, no one noticed. Then again most folks were so drunk or high the probably wouldn't have notice if I came in wearing chrome!

Then I took the hit. Supposed to go back that day. Even got to the terminal at the air port. Stupid skins decided they would try playing long range guerilla warfare that day. Idiots! Got the whole region against them. War only lasted about six weeks after there 'Offensive'. Morons decided to drag a couple dozen automatic mortars up to Panama and start blasting any plane that looked like it had Americans near it. Got the Panamanians right pissed. That and all the other random attacks. One at the airport is the only one I remember, then again I was on the receiving side of it. Lost my remaining leg and arm. Took a lot of internal damage. Also lost my eyes to the fire in the terminal. Nasty. Hurt like hell. Stuck in ICU for a week before they could start replacing my parts. Only luck I had that day was wearing my body armor. Stupid me left the side panels open on the vest, but I was smart enough to keep my groin protector on. Can't have kids, but can still enjoy trying! Funny how I always hated how the 'Steel bras' in the vests until that day. Still hate how they chaff when its hot, but they did keep my babies intact. There glad of it, ain't you girls? Glad no one knows I talk to my tits. They'd think It's crazy or something.

I remember how it went at the hospital. They told me how the shrapnel had bounced around inside me. Told me I would need full body augmentation to survive. Told me how I'd even need skeletal replacements. I wound up spending the remainder of my enlistment in the hospital. Then came the day I got out. Funny how mom reacted when she saw me. With all the work they'd done to me they needed to do a full dermal replacement. Good job on that. Couldn't tell I wasn't flesh and blood without a microscope. Too bad they couldn't get hair though. Never did tell the docs I preferred not to have body hair. Cool of nurse betty to donate hair samples. She has such lovely red hair, and now so do I! So I get home and start trying to live a normal life. I never liked the way I looked before. To wide to be pretty. Not enough body fat to be cute. Big girl with one asset, and that weren't my ass. Got mom's big chest though. Still do. Just now I have a slender figure to carry them on! Funny how all the guys that would never consider going out with me because I was bigger than them now come around to drool! The docs I had gave me quite the body, slender and long limbed.

That was what started the bet. Tony used to be my best friend in school. I never did get along with the girls in class as much as the guys. The guys never though of me as a girl, more as a guy with a bit different equipment. Tony heard about what had happened to me, so he atl east recognized me when I got into town. Stupid bet he made was that I couldn't pick up Rick. Tony knew I had a crush on Rick when I was in school, but I never could get him in the ole sack. When I got back to town, I though I'd never get him. I think his wife had some thing to do with it. Tony bet me I'd be able to seduce him and drag him back to my hotel. Tony was right, and I had me a hell of a weekend. I don't think his wife found out, and I do feel kinda bad about it. Guess I'm getting penance now.

Since Tony won, he's got me standing in his shop window. Being not to much more than a collection of hardware these days, I've got no problem staying still. No one can see me breathing, and my high tech eyes don't need me to blink at all. So Tony has me standing in his store window. I've been here since Monday and will be here till Friday. Good thing that's only two days away. I just wish Tony didn't own a fetish shop, though I do look good in lycra.


Tony looks Candi over again, his Mannequin for the week. Six foot two with shoulder length red hair. Wonderfully shiny blue eyes. Slender shoulders going to a tiny waist. An ass that would make any model envious, and legs that seem to go on forever. Her double D chest seems to big for her frame, but Tony knows just how delightful they are to play with. They also show off the short Lycra dress she is wearing to greatest effect. The dress is just long enough to stay legal, but not by much. He chose a dark blue that compliments Candi's eyes well. Blue nylons sheath her legs in a second skin. The thigh high blue boots show off her firm, sculpted legs. The six inch heels do wonders for her, making her tower over the other mannequins on display. Tony wishes he could convince Candi to stay like this forever