Toys for big boys by M.P.

Tom looked around the novelty shop and was extemely depressed. Not only was the stock practically nonexistent, so were the customers. He tried his best to maintain good quality toys and magazines for his customers but lately the sourses were sending him less and less. At that moment there were only two people in the shop. One was a young man probably in his teens and the other was a woman. The woman was a regular to the shop and she was looking at the mags, when Tom spoke to her. "Hi Clarice, how goes at the toy shop?" Quiet as a tomb, like here,Tom." "But we're hoping maybe with the new factory thats opening in town business will improve." Said Clarice. "New factory, huh?" Said Tom. "What are they gonna make there?" "They make mechanical toys I hear." Answered Clarice. "Later today I have an appointment with them to see about buying some for the shop." "Well see you later." Clarice then chose two small mags and paid Tom. Then after she left the young boy followed her out. Tom thought to himself for a moment and then decided to check out the new factory himself. Who knows he thought, maybe they have an adult line of toys that he could use in the novelty shop.

The factory was situated on the hill over looking town and was formerly a brewery. A large brick structure, it had been built about seventy years earlier ,and looked like a fortress. Outside the massive oak doors at the front of the factory, a new sign had been erected. YE OLD TOYMAKERS. INC. Reading the sign Tom now had second thoughts about inquiring inside. Probably all dolls and kids toys, thought Tom. So he turned and went back to his store.

Later that afternoon Tom was dusting off the shelves when he heard the familiar tinkle of the front door bell. When he looked up he came face to face with Clarice. Tom was a little dumbstruck at first by the strange appearence of Clarice. She was dressed in a tight vynyl pantsuit of bright yellow. On her face was an excessive amount of rouge,and her lips were painted with a bright glossy red lipstick. Tom could not help noticing also that her eyes had glazed slightly and she wore a strange smile on her painted lips. "Uh Hello, Clarice." Said Tom. "How was it at the toymakers?" "Maybe you should ask me?" Said a strange voice. It was then that Tom noticed they were not alone in the shop. It was the young boy who had come in earlier, and had left with Clarice. "Do you like the improvment?" Asked the boy. "Clarice was an easy subject to work with." The boy continued. "She was a looker to begin with, and now with the process shes perfect." Tom was confused at first, and as the young boy spoke his confusion grew. The young boy came around to face Clarice and gently touched her face. "MY sexy little doll." The boy said as he stroked her cheek. "Allow me to introduce myself Thomas." The young man continued. "My name is Flarity, Jacob Flarity." "I own the toy factory." "What did you do to Clarice?" Asked Tom. " Not much really, just a little makeup and some complex electronics, and voila, the Clarice doll." As he was talking to Tom, Flarity unbuttoned the top to Clarices' suit. On her neck there appeared to be a small patch. When Tom looked closer he could see that it was a small bandage of some kind.He pulled the small patch away and underneath attached to her neck was a microchip. "With the series 1000 micro-controller chip, I can make any living person into a walking talking toy." Flarity continued. "Or in professional terms an andriod." "Since last month I've made six "Toys", and they are perfect in every way." Flarity now removed the top entirely and exposed Claice and her magnificent attributes. At 5'6" Clarice had Long blonde hair with unusually bright green eyes, which now were dulled and showed no sign of life. She sported a 38 DD chest and her breasts were perfectly round. Packed into a seamless silk brassiere each glorious jugg had a stiff pointed nipple that glowed with a healthy pink. Wide full hips and a smooth round ass tightly packed in the soft shiny vynyl rounded out the picture. And ended with the long sweeping grace of her shapely dancer legs. "Since we have a mutual trade, I felt it was time we joined forces and made a lot of money." Flarity said. "With toys like this and your shop we can awaken the dying businesses we own and make a fortune.

Tom and young Flarity left the shop and went down to the factory. In the main lobby were several pedestals made of fine wood and plastic. Posed seductivly on each pedestal Flarity had put one of his latestest toys. The first "Toy" was a striking redhead dressed in another jumpsuit like Clarices. It was a bright pink suit with small green buttons. Her small breasts and narrow hips were accented by the shiny vynyl,and Tom could not help but be entranced by her sexxy body. The red ringlets of her hair circled a perfect oval face. She had large blue eyes with long red lashes,a small pointy nose and a large full mouth that shined with a bright pink glossy lipstick. The pose was like something from a catalogue, her arms were slightly bent at the elbows, and her hands were curved in a small fan like way. Her left leg was straight and partly behind her with the right leg bent at the knee supporting her weight. Printed on the pedestal was the name Betty in large wooden letters. The next figure was a tall brunette dressed in blue vynyl with black patch pockets. This beauty was named Hazel, or at least thats what it said on her platform. Hazel was more endowed than Betty, she sported a 36 DD cup with large tight ass cheeks. Coal black eyes with long black eyelashes, were her best attribute, and she had a smallish nose and two cute little dimples with a small cleft in her chin, the only markings on a perfect round face. Her hair was shoulder lengh and curved slightly at the base. her pose was more rigid than Bettys standing with both legs tight together and her arms bent at the elbows with the palms flat and upward as if she were carring a tray. The stiff pose made her back curve delightfully and push both breasts out and straight pressing against the smooth blue cloth. The next two girls were posed as bookends, or at least thats how it seemed to Tom. Both were blonds with matching hair styles. Thier tresses long and flowing almost to thier hips. The two girls were unclothed, and placed on seperate platforms of clear plastic back to back. The twins were small breasted with high round asses. Thier poses slightly contradicted the other, one with her left leg slightly bent and the right arm bent at the shoulder with her right hand placed seductivly on her hip. Then her "sister" mirrored this effect by bending the right leg and posing her left arm in the same way as the other. Tom approched the twins and was surprised to note that the girls were true blonds, as evidenced by thier golden triangles of pubic hair. Pure white and graceful the twins skin shone under a bright light and thier name plates were reflected by an inside light source telling the world they were Helga and Wendy. The final treasure was Alesha, an intoxicaticatingly beautiful african girl. Her skin was lovely, pale brown which made her look like a sculture made of fine milk choclate. Her breasts were pear shaped globes with small pointed nipples that had dark aroelae. Dressed in a pure black jumpsuit of vynyl from the waist down Tom could see that this was one of Jacobs finest works. Her flat belly was flawless and her little belly button was small and perfectly round. Jacob walked up to Alesha and gently smoothed her long curly hair and rubbed his hand on her long smooth cheek. Tom couldn't tell if the girls knew what was going on but somehow by the liquid look in Aleshas brown eyes he could sense that she had some sensation. Jacob then pulled the cloth up over the black girls torso and zippered it shut. "This is only the beginning Thomas." Said Jacob."What do you think of my little creations?" "Thier magnificent."Said Tom. "But don't they have relatives or boyfriends?" "Someone who might ask questions?" "I've taken that into account." Jacob continued."The girls come to me and I question them throuoghly.""Then if I know that its safe then I make the adjustments." "Also, Jacob said, The process is not permanate, here I'll show you." The two men walked back into the outer office where they had left Clarice. She had not budged an inch in the time that they had been in the shop, and in the yellow suit she looked like a big chested Barbie doll. Jacob removed the small flesh colored bandage and with a pair of fine tweezers gently plucked the chip from her smooth neck. With a small yelp of pain and then a blink Clarice came to once again. Rubbing her neck where the chip had once been Clarice started looking around. It was then that she saw Tom and the young boy. "Where the hell am I?" Asked Clarice. Then she looked at the boy. "You were the boy who followed me here." Said Clarice. "Hello Clarice, I'm Jacob and until a moment ago you were one of my finest dollies." Jacob continued. "Don't worry I was going to release you and the others eventually anyway." "I want to test the durability of the micro chip and then I'll build plastic dollies and power them with the micro chips." Jacob went on. "Or if by chance they want to stay as dolls then we can always accommadate them." Jacob now went over to the main panel and under a cloth stood a row of switches. Five of the switches had been marked with the names of the dolls. Jacob flipped the first switch. The lights in the shop dimmed slightly and then from the corner of the shop the figure named Betty sprung to life. It was strange seeing the inanimate form of Betty suddenly moving. Her curly red hair bounced and sprayed outward from her sweet face, and then she skipped over to the rest of the party. Dressed in her bright pink suit Betty looked like a clown but no circus ever had a clown that looked that sexy. She made a big pouty smile and ran up to Tom. "Hello, I'm you're walking talking Betty doll." "Wanna Play?" Betty started to make a slow dance and as she danced she started to remove the jumpsuit. She peeled off the top of the jumpsuit and started to rub her breasts against Tom. Using both hands Betty squoze both her tits and held them tightly together. Then when Tom felt she couldn't hold them any further she let them go and they both sprang free and quivered in the cool air. Next she started to pull down the pants of the suit and under neath the suit she wore shiny pink silk thong panties. Using one hand she started to pinch her nipples and with the free hand she inserted her thumb under the elastic of her panty. Betty pulled the skimpy cloth away and Then inserted first one then two fingers into her little pussy. The three others could tell that Betty was in heaven now and the small squishing sounds of her wet little hole got louder by the second. Suddenly Betty started to make jerky motions and then froze. Stuck in limbo with one hand buried deeply in her wet sex the other tightly clentching her breast, Betty looked like a cheap porno film on still frame. "Damn!" Yelled Jacob. Jacob ran over to the control panel and checked the dails. "It must have been some kind of power surge." "Here I'll fix it now." After hitting some more buttons Betty then straightened up."Thank you Thomas."Said Betty. "That was wonderful." Betty pulled her still wet hand out of her pussy, and pulled the thong panties over her hip. Slipping the pink suit back over herself she gently kissed Tom on the mouth. Betty then stuck her hand into Toms mouth and let him taste her sweet juices. Then with a swish and a small wink she stepped back on to her pedestal and resumed her pose. Tom licked his lips and then walked up to Betty. He looked deeply into those hazy blue eyes and could only see nothing. He touched her still body and it was cool to the touch. The only sign that she had moved was the rumpeled hair and a small damp spot on her pants at her crotch. Then he turned back to Jacob. "What was that?" Asked Tom. "Some kind of glitch?" "Yes Tom, At orgasm the subjects develop a quirk and then the microchip shuts down." Jacob said. "Sometimes it has the sexiest results." "One day after I got the twins I experimented on them." Jacob continued. "I let them do a mirror routine, you know each touches themself." "Then as the routine changed they started to explore each other." Jacob continued. "The next thing I knew they were all over each other." Then at the hieght of orgasm they locked up and it was hilarious.""It took over ten minutes to pry them apart." Tom and Clarice went back to the show room and stepped up to the inert form of Hazel. "Jacob, please activate Hazel, I want to try something."Tom said. Jacob went to the panel and then flipped the switch marked Hazel. With a humming the sexy brunette came to life. Hazel lowered her hands and with slightly jerky movements stepped down from her platform. "Hello, I'm your Hazel doll." Lets have some fun." Hazel said in a mechanical way. "Hazel, I want you to go to Helga and Wendy and disrobe then freeze, I'll tell you what to do next."Said Tom. Hazel then walked over to the twins and when she was between thier pedestals she stripped off her blue suit and assumed her pose. Tom went to Hazel and removed the small garment she had dropped onto the floor. From this vantage point the three made an incredible tableux. The two blonds on thier plastic bases and Hazel with her legs together and flat palms in the center. Hazel had short dark pubic hairs which were neatly trimmed. These and her shoulder lengh brown hair contrasted to the perfect symetry of the twin blonds. Her legs and arms were long and graceful and being on a lower level than the twins the three still forms had the look of an Art Deco painting. Tom next turned on the two blonds. They stepped down from thier plastic pedestals and went to Tom. "Hazel is ready for your love, show her how beautiful she is."Tom said. The two blonds went on each side of Hazel and each "Girl" started to service thier friend. Wendy licked Hazels breasts as Helga started to massage her ass and hips. Tom released Hazel from her pose and the three girls dropped to the floor and started to do a three way in the center of the room. "Ok girls."Said Tom. "You will now come and entertain me." The three girls rose from the floor and with cat like looks approached Tom. Clarice while this was going on was getting very hot. The three girls pushed Tom onto the floor and started to remove his clothing. Hazel unhooked his belt and then with a quick motion pulled away his pants. The blonds joined thier sister and the three began licking Tom from head to foot. Helga removed Toms undershorts and his member shot instantly to attention. Wendy seeing Toms dick at full mast licked her lips and knelt down at his waist and took his member into her mouth. Pumping his cock in and out in slow rytmic slides Wendy was giving Tom the best blow job he had ever recieved. Next Hazel climbed up onto Toms face and set her sopping wet pussy on his face. Tom opened his mouth gleefully and started to lap up the juice. Hazel began to buck harder now and at orgasm jumped off Tom. She and Helga now kissed Tom using thier toungues. Clarice couldn't stand it any longer. She grabbed Jacob and then kissed him hard on the mouth. Clarice tore off the yellow suit and dropped it onto the floor. Under the yellow suit Jacob had not removed Clarices undergarments from earlier. Her pure white silk panties and matching bra were soaked in perspiration but that didn't phase Jacob a bit. Taking Clarice in his arms Jacob pulled off the bra and panties and then removed his own clothing. Tom and the other girls finished in a screaming orgasm and then Tom ordered the girls to return to thier poses. As the girls dryed themselves and reposed Clarice and Jacob were deep in the throws of thier own lovemaking.Ten minutes later Clarice screamed Jacobs name and collapsed in his arms. Jacob and Clarice went into the office shower that he had in the back. Shortly Tom did the same and feeling refreshed Tom decided to continue testing the machine. Tom went to the control panel and turned on the switch for Alesha. The sexy black girl blinked twice and then stepped from her platform. "Alesha."Said Tom. "Come over and join your sisters, and disrobe." The sexy black girl gave Tom a knowing look and proceeded to remove her black jumpsuit. Her body was a true work of art. Long graceful arms and legs and she had tiny feet. The furry hair at her pussy was like tiny springs and shrouded her perfect pink pussy. She first went to Hazel. Kneeling in front of the sexy brunette Alesha gently carressed her friends ass cheeks and ran both hands down the lengh of Hazels body. Paying a great deal of attention to Hazels breasts Alesha rubbed the twin globes till they stood out firm and erect. Then she started to lap into Hazels pussy. After several seconds she backed away and Hazels juice could be plainly seen on Aleshas face. Kneeling on just her knees Alesha gently opened the pouty little pussy in front of her. She was going for another dive when Tom interrupted. "Freeze Alesha." Said Tom. Then as soon as he said the words the black girl suddenly stopped. "Hazel now you may do what you want to Alesha." Tom continued.Now for the first time since Tom had made love to Hazel the sexy brunette once again began to move. She lowered her hands and gently pushed the stiff form of Alesha away from her and on to the floor. Alesha was now hard as plastic and frozen in an awkward pose. As she fell on her side her legs were still bent at the knees and her ass stuck out. On her face she had a look like a mannequin in heat. Eyes wide open and her mouth was slightly open the tip of her tongue sticking barely out of her mouth. Her hands had been frozen opening her friends sex and the strange pose gave her the appearance that she was opening an invisible flower that only Alesha could see. Hazel now climbed on top of her friend and started to lick her body. Then she changed to kisses and concentrated on her small pussy which was sightly wet and open to view from the floor. Hazel pulled the inert form of Alesha across the floor and then pressed herself as close as possible. With some effort she succeeded in getting herself and Alesha into a crude 69 and started to savor her friend. Jacob now went to the control panel and quickly flipped the off switch. The two girls were instantly frozen in thier lovemaking. He went back to the others and the three looked at the picture before them. Here was a white girl and a brown girl wrapped body to body thier faces buried in each others sex. Behind them stood the twin blondes like sentinels guarding thier love tryst. "I think I know the answer,Jacob." Tom said and if the girls will cooperate we'll be on easy street.

Two weeks went by and the adult shop had never been so busy before in Toms life. The customers were all happy and the girls had a new career. Clarice had sold her shop and went in with Tom as a partner. Jacob was free to experiment and soon he was going to market the first android/mannequins which he agreed to sell exclusively in Toms store. Who said that life doesn't have happy endings?


M.P. 4/20/98