Tales of Terror (2)

by Paul G. Jutras

[Continuing the previous anthology of short but sweet ASFR stories. They posess nothing in common except the author and the genre.  Ed.]

Stringing Jonni Along

     It was late Saturday afternoon and Jonni was in her room with her CD Player going. Dressed in a black turtle neck and tights, she pulled out a matching skirt from the closet and spun around to the mirror to see how  it went together. Once satisfied, she plunked herself down on the side of the bed and slipped it on.

     "Phone Jonni!" Her mother called out as she stepped out to the hall phone to answer. "Don't be on too long, dinner will be soon."

     "Hello, Ted." Jonni said with a smile.

     "Jonni darling." Ted sat in his boxers on his couch with a red head curled up next to him. "Mom called and asked me to come home and watch my little brother while they're away this weekend. As much as I'd like to invite you over, I don't think he's ready for the adult channel."

      "I understand." Jonni sighed as she hung up.

     "Told you she'd fall for it." Ted smiled as he slipped off his boxers and reached around to undue the redhead's bra. "My parents think I'm with my so-called girlfriend and she thinks I'm with my parents."

     "Like a college man like you could ever really care for someone in high school." The busty redhead giggled as they finished striping and began kissing.

     "I don't know why you're making such a big deal about it." Her mother said as Jonni sat in the middle of her canopied bed with her legs folded under her and her elbows resting on her knees. "You know your dad thinks he's too old for you anyway."

    "That's not the point." Jonni sighed. "I'm fine anyway."

    "If you want to get your mind off things, I believe Mrs. Moonstone is trying to find a babysitter for tonight. Want me to call them and tell them you'll do it?"

     "Why not." Jonni sighed again. "A miserable end to a miserable evening."

      In the Moonstone house, Serena was roller skating through the kitchen while Planter grabbed a handful of chips before heading down to his basement lab. Serena circled her older brother twice with a giggling smile and knowing look.

     "What is it?" Planter asked as he grabbed her by the shoulders and stopped her movement. "I know when you're hiding something. Now give."

     "Mom got Jonni to baby sit for us tonight." Serena giggled as she slipped out of his grip. "Jonni and Planter sitting in a tree. K- i - s -s - i - n -g."

     "Stop it!" Planter shouted as he chased over her. "If mom hears you, I'll use my new doll maker on you."

      "What will Mom say when I'm missing?" Serena asked in a teasing voice.

     "That's the best part." Planter finished. "The machine alters reality so only the operator remembers how the world was before. Mom and Dad will forget that you even existed."

     "Alright already.  You win," Serena said as she took off. "Mum's the word."

     Planter then headed upstairs, got into his best clothes and started to clean up his hair and breath. At the same time Mrs. Moonstone stood in her golden evening dress and pumps, opening the door. "Oh Jonni." She smiled. "So glad you can make it at short notice."

     "Anything to put some excitement into my dull life." Jonni grinned as she was let inside.

     "As you know, Serena's bedtime is 8pm and Planter normally spends time in his basement bedroom. He shouldn't be a bother to you at all."

     "Not a problem."

     "Good night." Mr. and Mrs. Moonstone kissed the kids and said goodbye before taking off for the evening. Jonni and the kids all stood in the front doorway and waved goodbye as the parents disappeared down the street.

      "So, what do you want to do first, Serena?" Jonni asked as she took her by the hand and led her back into the house. "Perhaps your coloring books or how about we prepare a snack before bed."

     "What about me?" Planter asked, feeling ignored. Besides, this Jonni was a hottie.

     "What about you, dead head?" Serena stuck her tongue out at her brother. "She's my babysitter not yours. Go to your lab and play with your dolls. Leave us alone."

     "It's not that kind of doll maker!" Planter shouted as he suddenly got a brainstorm from what his little sister said. "You know, I think you got an idea. I'll be down in my lab if you need me or I need you."

      "Whatever." Serena sighed as Jonni and her went into the kitchen while Planter headed down into his bedroom. Soon the sound of the lab's machines got Jonni's attention. Out of curiosity, she headed down into the basement and was forced to cover her eyes from the electrical sparks.

     "What in the world is this?" Jonni declared as the shock shot through her body, freezing her solid. She fell backwards, unable to do anything to brace herself and she slammed on the floor. As Planter stepped up and stood over her, she soon blacked out.

      When Jonni woke up she found herself starring at the ceiling. She tried to ask what happened, but found she had no voice. She also had a very stuff feeling the likes she had never known. She could only watch as Planter lifted her upright.

    "You're probably wondering what happened, aren't you?" Planter said with a sinister smile. "Since you never paid any attention to me, I've used my machine to alter reality so you'll have to from now on. In this reality, only you and I ever knew you were once a flesh and blood being with a family and friends. Everyone else knows you only as one of my dolls and you always have been one. You're now my little dolly toy, programmed to say - and do - exactly what I want you to."

     With that, he reached behind her and pulled a string that came out of her plastic back. As the string wound up and re-entered her, she found words coming out of her mouth that she wasn't saying. HI... I AM JONNI.... WANT TO PLAY....  She wound down and became silent.

     "Maybe later." Planter said as he lifted her up and planted a metal display rod up her ass. "I've got to get to bed, but I have something that will help you pass the time tonight."

     Taking a dildo  out of a drawer, he slid it up into her sex. He really had to force it, making her feel even fuller. Something she thought impossible. "You'll bring me many evenings of joy in the years to come. You should be pleased that you'll never grow old.

     Jonni was pleased, because he had told her she was.  The smile painted on her plastic face was one of absolute bliss.  It had always been that way.

Mannequin Mix-Up

     Jane Willows was enjoying her shopping trip at Apollo's Department Store when a voice over the store's P.A. system announced a sale over in ladies lingerie. A crowd of women shoved Jane forward, knocking her into a wedding mannequin display. She and the mannequins toppled over into a piece of prop furniture.

    "Now look at what you've done!" One of the dressers said as she helped Jane out of the pile. "I hope you're planning on helping me fix this."

     "Sure thing, Miss ---," Jane said as she held out her hand.

    "Call me Cleo." Cleo smiled as she shook her hand and they started standing the groom and bride back up when she noticed one of the bridesmaids. "Just great. This one has a fractured arm now. I'd better take it to the back."

    "Look, I'm really sorry." Jane confessed. "I'll do anything I can do to make things up to you."

     "Well..." Cleo confessed. "There is something. If you'll please follow me to the back."

     As Jane followed Cleo to the back, she watched as Cleo pulled down the mannequin's panties. Jane couldn't believe how realistic the woman looked when she saw Cleo probe the pussy and remove a silver disk. She also removed another from the mannequin's buttocks.

     "Jane, I'd like you to meet Sarah." Cleo said as Jane stood in shock as one of the mannequin's arms started to move in a stretch and yawn.

     "Yow!" Sarah said as she grabbed hold of her other arm. "What happened?"

     "Jane here was knocked into you and the others by a bunch of wild shoppers." Cleo said, pointing at her new friend. "I figure you just have a fracture, but I suggest you see a doctor to find out if it's broken or not."

     "What about the display?" Sarah asked.

     Cleo turned toward Jane and smiled. "This is why I asked you back here and let you in on the store's little secret." Cleo said, showing Jane the tiny disks. "These disks freeze one's motor functions and allow them to hold a pose as easy and as long as a real mannequin. Only the manager, the dressers, and of course the frozen models know of them."

     "You want me to take Sarah's place?" Jane asked, grasping why she had been told.

     "Hopefully it will only be for a couple of days." Cleo said, nodding. "Unless her arm is broken and we'd need you for a little while longer."

     "I guess you can have the manager find me a temp replacement in the wrapping department." Jane smiled. "After all, I've always wanted to be a model."

     "That's the spirit." Cleo smiled. "If you don't mind taking your clothes off, I believe you and Sarah are about the same size."

     "No problem." Jane giggled as she kicked off her pumps and removed her turtleneck and skirt. She slipped off her nylons and undid her bra. As Sarah started to dress in Jane's outfit, Cleo slipped the devices into Jane's pussy and ass so she could start getting dressed for display.

     "I feel like a real bridesmaid." Jane said as she stood in a blue backless, strapless dress with a push up bra, matching heels and lacy white gloves.

     "Are you ready to become plastic?" Cleo asked. "I set the timer when I placed them inside of you."

     "I... I guess so." Jane said, just before the transformation happened. Jane felt like her whole body had fallen asleep, yet her legs didn't collapse under her. To the visual designer she had become very rigid as her skin took on an even, artificial tone. In the blink of an eye she had become a mannequin that never blinked or moved. Cleo then picked Jane up easily since she now weighed only a few pounds and walked out to the display with Sarah. Once they were both sure that Jane wouldn't fall off the display rod, Sarah went to catch the next bus across town to her doctor's office.

    As Jane stared with a blank glaze at the three angled mirrors with a preacher painted on them. In the three way mirror she could see her fellow bridesmaid display figure in a red sleeveless dress, shoulder length red gloves, and red satin heels. The charming groom stood in a white bow tie and purple tux.

     As the day wore on, Jane found she wasn't bored at all. The disks inside of her had vibrators that kept her erotically entertained, totally unbeknownst to those passing by. An hour after the store closed, the devices shut themselves off on a timer and Jane found she could move once again.

     "Have fun?" Cleo asked with a smile as Jane noticed several other mannequins starting to stretch and work the kinks out from holding their poses all day.

     "A lot more fun than that I ever had in the wrapping department!" Jane admitted as she sat down, removed her shoes and rubbed her feet. "Even if the shoes were a bit small for me, those disks are better than any dildo I've ever used."

     "I've talked to Mr. Jordan Dixon, our branch manager, and you can be transferred to our living mannequin department if you wish. We've had several comments on your excellent job today."

     "That would be terrific," Jane said with a smile. "Perhaps next time you can freeze me first and dress me yourself. When I saw my first mannequin standing so beautiful and so still I wondered what it'd be like to be dressed like them."

     "If you'd like," Cleo giggled, seeing Jane lifting up the front of her dress and trying to finger her pussy for the device. "Most of our mannequins have the dresser completely dress them at least once. If you're trying to get the device out, forget it. The way they're lodged in, it can't be reached by the model...only the dresser."

    "Are all the mannequins living models?" Jane asked as she notice leotard-clad blonde on a tumbling mat still not moving.

   "No, some of them are real mannequins, like that one; she's a Rootstein." Cleo said as waved a group of the girls over. "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Jane, one of our new models.  The bride you were displayed with is Mary and your fellow bridesmaid was Susie. You know Sarah already."

    "And that handsome groom?" Jane asked.

     "He's a real mannequin, like the one on the mat there." Cleo said as they walked over to the life-like groom. "The man who invented the freeze devices you wear also gave us some chemicals that makes the mannequins look very lifelike. They can be taken apart like normal mannequins, but the divisions between sections aren't seen anywhere."

      "Amazing!" Jane said as she was led to the employee cafeteria in the back, still dressed in her bridesmaid's outfit.  She didn't seem out of place among other models dressed in everything from see-through lingerie to expedition parkas. Jane and Cleo joined some of the other girls in dinner. Being in too much pleasure all day to be hungry, she hadn't even thought of food. With some girls naked and others in lingerie and bathing suits, Jane felt more like she was in a YWCA locker room rather than a cafeteria. "Guess Sarah will be replacing me as the bridesmaid again?"

      "The X-rays showed that nothing was really wrong with her arm." Cleo said with a mysterious smile. "I guess you'll get your chance to have someone dress you if you wish."

     "Sounds fun." Jane giggled back.

     The evening went by as usual. After the girls ate, Cleo went around with Darleen, Martha and Alice. She helped them change their outfits and figured out how to pose them in the new displays she was putting together. She gave Jane a bathrobe to wear while Sarah got back into the bridesmaid's outfit.

      "When are you going to dress me?" Jane asked, suddenly realizing she was completely naked under the robe.

      "I haven't decided where to put you yet." Cleo confessed. "I had expected you to replace Sarah for a few days. I'll have to turn on your device before morning so that the other employees won't know our models' little secret."

      "Does that mean what I think it means?" Jane asked as Cleo activated Sarah's devices and made sure that they worked alright.  Sarah once again became a perfectly posed mannequin figure, ready to be moved into the display once more.

     "That seems to be functioning correctly," Cleo said, turning her attention to Jane. Cleo then helped Jane off with her robe; leaving her self-consciously  nude with nothing at all to be worried about. She had an excellently toned figure and would display nicely in the buff. "I'm afraid so, but once activated the devices will keep you from feeling cold. Our swimwear and lingerie models have never complained."

     "Alright, I'm ready." Jane felt tense as Cleo fingered inside her pussy and activated the first device and then lifted her up onto a support rod. As a click was heard, the second device was activated and froze her in place.  As her skin evened out, her exposed nipples smoothed over to become sculptured bumps on her firm plastic breasts.  Her pussy also faded into the featureless plastic mound of a mannequin. Jane had no time to alter her pose so she remained standing with her arms held ridgidly at her sides, eyes gazing out into the distance.  "See you after my morning meeting with Mr. Dixon." Cleo said.

     When the employees clocked in at 8:30 am, Maggie Phillips checked the bulletin board for company news. Standing there in the workroom was an unknown, undressed, mannequin. "That's funny," Maggie told her co-worker Elisa. Nothing on the board about a new model being hired. Did you get a call last night from Cleo?"

     "Nope." Elisa said as she looked at Jane. "Cleo always leaves a message to come see her or contacts us directly if we have a new live model to dress. This one must be only a new mannequin that the boss hasn't been told about yet. Got the formula so we can take her apart?"

     "Got it." Maggie said as she opened the safe and got out a flask of yellow liquid. Elisa pried open Jane's stiff mouth as Maggie poured the liquid down her throat.  It was over in seconds.

     "Nooo!" Jane's mind screamed. "I'm a model, not a mannequin. Check my pussy for the freeze device. Check with Mr. Dixon and Cleo first!"  Of course she said nothing and remained totally rigid in her mannequinized state.

    The liquid slid easy down her throat, making her insides as plastic as her outside. Jane just stared out with her now glass eyes as Elisa grabbed her breasts and lifted her upper half off her lower torso. As her upper half was set down on a worktable, she watched as her lower half was turned upside down and had a pair of pantyhose sliding up her legs. Her legs had become so sensitive that she could not help but to have internal orgasms. It was only when the hose passed over her hips that she noticed that her pussy had sealed up with the vibrator disk was locked inside her.

     "There now." Maggie said as she slipped on a pair of black pumps and matching leather skirt on her. Once her upper torso was reattached, Elisa attached a silk white blouse and belt on her.

     "Oh, NO! You weren't supposed to dress Jane," Cleo said as she froze in her tracks. "Elisa! Maggie! What have you done?"

     "We saw the clothes next to this new mannequin and figured you wanted it dressed," Maggie said, confused at Cleo's shock and anger. "Didn't you want this outfit on it?" She had thought her boss would be pleased at her initiative, not the opposite.

     "Please tell me that you didn't use the mannequin formula on Jane." Cleo begged. Jane herself offered no response.

     "Jane?" Elisa said as she and Maggie stared at one another. "You mean this was a frozen model and not... not a real mannequin?"

     Cleo nodded, frowning, thinking aloud. "We've never put the formula into a living being before," Cleo muttered, paced back and fourth. "There's no antidote to restore her to normal -- if that's even possible now."

     "What about the scientist who invented it?" Maggie offered.

     "Died two years ago." Cleo confessed. "Gave Apollo the formula, but as I said, no antidote for a case like this. I guess all we can do is keep our mouths shut to avoid prison and make Jane here as comfortable in her new life as possible.

  Fair Trade

      Trudy lost her job four months ago and was still looking. In the meantime, her roommates Raye and Lita were getting pretty upset with the fact that she hasn't been able to pull her share of the rent. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a better cook and maid, they'd of already of kicked her out.

     "Any luck today?" Raye asked as Trudy came home in her gray business suit. Kicking her shoes off by the door, she collapsed in a chair and rubbed her nylon encased feet.

     "Sorry girlfriend." Trudy sighed. "Been to five interviews today and everyone was the same.  They'll let me know, but I'll probably never hear from them."

     "Easy Raye." Lita placed her hand on her roommate's shoulder. "Trudy is doing her best to get a job. It's not like she went to collage like we did. She's going her best."

     "Just give me a moment to relax and I'll get supper cooking." Trudy smiled as she pulled her pantyhose off and headed into the kitchen. "Is it ever hot tonight.  How about some of my world famous soup with some steak and veggies?"

     "Sounds heavenly." Lita smiled as Trudy began cooking while Raye started to balance her account books while Lita started to grade the homework papers from the university class she taught.

     That night Lita and Raye climbed into their twins beds in their room while Trudy headed to bed in her own room. As Raye put her book down, she turned to Lita thinking. "I've been thinking that we really need to do something about Trudy. We barely made the last rent payment."

    "What do you have in mind?"

     "The bio-labs that I work for have created this new formula that acts on the nervous system." Raye said as they rolled on their sides to face one another. "If I put it in the left over soup tomorrow, she'll be changed like the animals we've worked on."

     "How does that help us with the rent?"

     "We can rent her out as a promotion for the crime correctional program product."

     "Do you think we should?" Lita felt guilty. "I mean, she is a human being after all, not some kind of robot to be programmed."

     "Face it, Lita." Raye said as she turned off the light and prepared to go to sleep. "She'll never get a job at the rate she's going. This is as much for her good as it is for ours."

       "I suppose."

         The next day at work, Raye slipped some of the bio fluid into her squirt bottle and took it home with her. As usual they she and Lita got home before Trudy got home from job hunting. Being evening hotter than night, Trudy stripped herself naked and put a tank top and apron before going to the kitchen to heat up the remaining soup. She had no idea that Raye had poured the formula into the soup while she was changing.

     "This should be as good as the night before." Trudy smiled as she sipped the soup from the stirring spoon while Lita and Raye peeked around the corner into the kitchen, watching for the transformation to take place. They did not wait long. Trudy's skin turned pale before their very eyes. Her  right foot rubbing atop of the left slowed to a halt with her toes fused together. Her hair now looked more like a wig than real hair and Trudy now posessed a very artificially painted face. Like one would see on a mannequin.

     "See." Raye smiled. "It worked. Trudy, dump out that soup and fix us some of your famous eggs for your new mistress."

     "Yes ma'am." Trudy said, somewhat mechanically, as she did as she was told.

     "Her skin feels so warm and alive, but looks so fake." Lita said as she ran her hand up along Trudy's butt and noticed she was getting wet. "She's still alive in there."

     "I'm not a killer." Raye said as she rubbed the membrane like right breast. "She alive but under our complete control. Ain't that right, Tru?"

     "Yes ma'am." Trudy stared blankly as the girls smiled at one another.

     "Let's have some fun, then! Supper can wait...." Lita suggested, and got no argument from her friend.  Trudy, of course, did whatever they asked her to. They all headed to Trudy's single bedroom and removed her top and apron. Lita and Raye got on the bed on either side on her, one playing with her pussy and the other with her tits.

      As Lita rolled Trudy onto her side, she got in a 69 position and began licking one another's sex while Raye had fun with Trudy's  rear. "Besides our own robot servant, she makes a great little love doll, doesn't she?"

    "Oh, yessss." Lita moaned as she hit an orgasm. "I'm starting to think that this was a very good idea after all. A verrry gooood idea! I wouldn't mind coming home to this every night."

      "Not every night, remember." Raye reminded her roommate. "To get what Trudy owes us for back rent we need to rent out her maid or love services out a couple of nights a week."

     "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." Lita remembered. "We'd better get her ready first thing in the morning for her new line of work."

      "I already put an ad in the newspaper stating that she was interested in maid work and love making." Raye grinned. "Her new body acts like a condom that will keep her from ever having periods or getting pregnant."

       "Let me show you the French maid outfit I bought her on the way home." Raye got out of the bed and pulled it out of the box. Lita smiled and soon dressed Trudy in her garter belt, fishnet stocks and bra. She stood there like a perfect display figure, gorgeous and still, until they invited her to make love once more. After a evening of rolling on the covers, the girls got Trudy ready for her first maid job.

      In no time at all Trudy was a big hit. The women loved her cleaning services and the men loved her sex services. When she weren't working, she was either recharging the microscopic robots in her biological chemistry or was serving her true mistresses with food and sex.

      "This is the life." Lita said with eating some soup as Trudy knelt over Raye who was sucking her pussy while Trudy moaned in pleasure. "This is even better than the usual soup she makes for us."

     "I noticed that too." Raye said, wiping the juices from her mouth and feeling strange as her skin rubbed against her companion. "Huh?"

      "What's the matter?" Lita asked as she got up and went over to them, feeling more aroused than she ever had before in her life. She noticed that her roommate's toes had already fused together and her eyes appeared rather glassy in appearance.

     "The same as is wrong with you." Raye said as she turned stiffly toward Trudy. "Trudy, what's happening to us?"

     "You asked me to make the soup the best it ever was." Trudy replied right away, without a hint of sarcasm. "The best soup I ever made was the pot that transformed me into a fem-bot."

     Raye and Lita just stared at one another in horror as their faces took on a hard plastic look with painted faces.  With no-one to command them, they had no reason or desire to move. So they did not budge. The three girls were still on the floor, immobile, when the male land lord came in and saw what had happened to them.

    "This is too perfect." Michael Porter said to himself as he re-rented the girls' apartment to three new luscious tenants and took his new fem-bots back to his place downstairs. He removed their clothes had them remain naked 24 hours a day while they cooked, cleaned and make love to him. Sometimes he just sat back and watched as they made love to each other.

     Michael was like a sultan with his private harem as he got all the joys and none of the problems since his girls didn't need to eat, sleep or make waste. Just being juiced up by a wall socket once a day was enough to keep the micro robots inside them alive and their minds alive too.

     Virtual Reality   U.S.A.

      The year is 2023 and the biggest amusement going around was VIRTUAL REALITY U.S.A by Mr. Robin Fairchild. Robin was a tall strapping young man with a strong jaw and muscles. At least in his pictures on the computer disk boxes. Nobody had ever seen him in person.

    Jeannie Jackson had just bought the game and brought it home she saw herself on at the computer and loaded both the computer disk and CD-Rom provided in the kit. Pulling up her most comfortable chair, she sat down and watch as a computer map of Springfield U.S.A appeared on the computer monitor.

     The town was old fashioned like from the late 20th or early 21st century. It made Jeannie think of the old sitcoms she watched on holo-vision like Leave it to Beaver or Andy Griffin. The town had plenty of lakes for fishing and a beach and pier amusement park. In the distance was some mountains for hiking and climbing.  There was even a chain of islands off shore for one to explore if one choose to. Robin Fairchild really out did himself with this particular world.

     Jeannie wasn't sure where to begin when she saw the word character appear on the side of the screen. Double clicking on it, she brought up a screen to type info on herself.  She typed in the normal stuff such as her name, E- address, mailing address and such. Seemed like Robin wanted to know everything there was to know about her. "Damn, I'm finally done." She sighed after hours of work. She never worked so hard just to start up again. It was worth it when the screen exploded to life.


                  YOU ARE NOW READY
                  TO ENTER A WHOLE NEW

     Jeannie notice how the word "Enter" was in italic rather than bold like the other words on the screen. As her finger touched the key, it pixalized into computer data as her whole body vanished from the real world and entered the computer one.

      "Heeeeeellllppp!" Jeannie voice echoed as a electrical overload shut her computer down. When Jeannie's mother entered her room to dust, her hand brushed over the on switch. The words SYSTEM CRASH, COMPUTER ERROR lit up the black background.

     "Oh dear," She sighed. "I hope the computer isn't damaged before repair." She continued her dusting, wondering where her daughter had gone off to.

      When Jeannie woke up, everything was black, but for a spot light shinning down from above her. A man in a suit stepped before her and she recognized him at once as Robin Fairchild. Before she could speak, she noticed her own appearance in the mirror. Her hair was swept up in a big heap. She wore an apron, over a pink and white checkered dress. Her painted toes were in a pair of open toed high heels.

     "Hello, Jeannie, welcome to Springfield. I hope your trip here wasn't too uneasy." Robin said with a smile on his face.

     "I must of gotten and electrical shock that knocked me out." Jeannie said as she tried to balance in the heels. "This has to be a dream."

     "No, it's no dream," Mr. Fairfield said with a grin. "You really are in my computer generated world."

      "I think I've seen Matrix, 13th Floor. or Disney's Tron too many times." Jeannie said in a daze.

     "Why don't you go to your new home and we can meet in the morning to explain everything." Robin Fairfield suggested. Your new program memory will has the layout of the town you saw on your monitor locked in your head now."

      In less time that it took to blink, Jeannie found herself in the entry hall of a house. She somehow knew it was her house and took a few unsteady steps into the living room where she saw a young man in a 3 piece suit smoking a pipe and reading the paper.

     "Steve," Jeannie thought as she seemed to recall that he was her husband and that she had two sons. One was 12 and the other was 8.  They were probably playing ball in the park and would soon be home for the dinner she was expected to cook. Her mother hadn't given her many cooking lessons, but suddenly she seemed to know everything one could know.

      Jeannie also hadn't dated much, but when dinner was over and Kurt and Eric went to bed early, she felt helpless in his big strong arms. He lifted Jeannie up and carried her into the bedroom when they soon attacked each other like wild animals. She gave him a blow job and she felt the juices squirt out of her breasts as he squeezed them and licked her pussy. They didn't stop until they collapsed exhausted in one another arms.

      Jeannie woke up earlier than she normally did. Being a teenager, she preferred to sleep in as late as possible, but something motherly about her got her up to make breakfast early. After the kids got off to school and Steve off to work, Jeannie changed into a jogging outfit and headed for a jog in the park. She wondered if those she passed were trapped like she was.  Suddenly there was another person jogging right next to her, keeping pace without even breathing heavily:  Robin Fairfield.

     "Morning, Jeannie." Robin said with a smile. "I'm so glad you're already enjoying your new life. You've been digitized into a computer world where everything is perfect and nobody hates or harms anyone else. A world without racism - or crime of any kind - since those parts of people's personalities are deleted when brought into my world."

     After Robin explained how he was creating a new world one town at a time, Jeannie sighed with defeat and jogged home where she showered and got to know her more adult and now ageless body. She never felt so physically energetic or limber.

     After she got dressed in the type of dress up outfits she saw women wear in the old sitcoms and made herself her own light breakfast before beginning on the housework. The housework was done by 11 and Jeannie decided on vegging out before the soap operas on the television. Black and white TV was way different than holo-vision, but she could get use to it.

     When Steve got home from work, Jeannie was at the door to meet him. As they kissed, she could feel the familiar bulge in his pants. "Hi, honey, been awhile."

     Jeannie never really knew if Steve and the others remembered the real world like she did, but she soon learned to love her new life and accepted her role in it. Some nights after sex, she would lay on her back and stare up at the ceiling wondering if her mother was still looking for her. She knew if her face was on a milk carton, she'd be one lost girl who'd never be found.

 Happy Birthday

     "This has to be a bad dream." Jessica moaned.

     Her mother turned around and gave her a dirty look from the front seat. "That's quite enough, young lady." She snapped. "Don't mind her, Alice." Beth Sky said to her mother-in-law. "You know how kids can be."

    "Thanks a lot, Jessica." Scott complained as he straightened his tie. "We just love going to concerts for your birthday."

     "Yea, thanks." Brian added, as he played with his Rubic Cube. "Let see, white here and blue there."

     "Soon as the concert is over it'll be cake and ice cream for everyone." Jack Sky added as they arrived at the concert hall and led the kids in groups inside. "If anyone has to go to the bathroom, now is the time to do it."

     Jessica took a seat between her parents and watched the orchestra warming up their instruments. She had only wished that Aunt Alice could of gotten the tickets for another night. Who'd think she could get enough for all her friends too.

     "Is it true that one can't be bored to death?" Diana whispered to Lauren, who giggled.

     "I certainly hope you can't." Diana chuckled as she watched the curtain go up and the music began to play.  "Shouldn't it be starting soon?"

     "I hope so." Brian said as he started to itch his tattoo on his arm. He looked down at his arm to examine what was wrong with him. Something slithered onto his lap and made him jump. He saw a snake drop to the floor and disappeared under the seat. "Yeow!"

     "What's wrong?" Mr. Sky asked.

     "I thought I saw a snake this big." Brian indicated with his arms about the length.

     "Snakes that size couldn't get inside without being seen and dealt with." Mr. Sky hushed. "Now sit back and get ready to enjoy the music."

     As the music continued to play, everything seemed okay at first. Then he felt it again. The his breath caught in his breath, he looked down to see he was covered in snakes. He let out a enough screams that their little group were asked to leave.

     "I was never so embarrassed in my life." Alice said to her daughter in law. "I'm never bringing kids to a concert again."

      "Thanks." Jessica whispered to Brian as they returned to the Sky home for the actual party. Brian was still shook up trying to figure out where the snakes had come from. Why they had look like the snake tattoo he had on his arm.

     A short time later, Jessica had a blindfold tied on by Diana and spun around. With a tac between her fingers, she headed for the pin the tale on the donkey wall game poster. She wobbled toward the poster and got the donkey ankle.

 The kids giggling where heard from outside of the house and a large moving van pulled up into the driveway. Getting out of the front, Flip headed for the house while Kevin moved toward the back of the truck and opened the door. "We'll put them back here with Seth, Maxie and Kira."

     "Doesn't sound like they listened enough to get effected." Flip said as he spied into the front window and saw Liz being spun around with a blindfold on and a donkey tale in her hand.

     "No problem there." Kevin said as he held up a music CD. "I put the transformation message in the background of a children's music disk for when we had to get kids. We just wait until the CD is almost done and switch disks."

     Taking the disk, Flip snuck into the house through the kitchen door and when the song was about to stop, he removed the CD and replaced it with his own. "Since everyone is effected a little differently, this should be interesting."

     "Just to make sure there is everyone gets affected," Flip thought as he slipped a bowl of crackers on the table in case any of the kids were deaf. As Brian's tattoo began to itch again, he notice the snake head raise up off his skin.

     Brian just held his arm straight out away from his body and tried to stifle his scream. He couldn't hold it any longer when he heard  Jessica scream. He looked to see a patch of fur on Jessica's arm. As her nose felt funny, she reached up and found her nose was cold and a little wet.

     "I'm turning into an animal!" Jessica screamed.

     "At least you don't got animals coming out of your skin." Brian shouted as snakes dropped off his arms onto the floor and caused both kids and adults to scream some more. As one snake's read rose out of his arm, it turned to stone, along with the rest of his arm. The stone effect passed up and over the rest of his body until he was stiff like a statue.

     "Looks like we're starting a new collection for the amusement park." Flip said as Jessica's body froze up to look like a statue of one of the amusement park's animal characters. Let's load our new merchandise aboard the truck and get out of here."

     "Right-o." Kevin said as he grabbed Brian who had become a snake man statue, perfect for the park's haunted house.

    "Nooo!" Mr. and Mrs. Sky screamed as a horrified wail escaped their throats while they shrunk and changed shape.  They fluttered over to the stone wall and perched themselves before becoming stone love birds themselves.  Flip pried the stone off the wall to be taken back to the park.

       Once the truck was completely loaded, they headed out of town and caught up with the amusement park on the outskirts of some other town. Kevin and Flip joined the orchestra members in stepping the park up with their new statues, mechanical dolls and mannequins.

     Michael Porter helped Flip unload Raye, Trudy and Liz with a smile on his face. "I want to thank you for the fortune you'd paid for my little playthings." Michael said, watching as his former fem-bot slaves put into place for  an adult sex show called: THE SULTAN'S FAVORITE.

      "No problem, chum." Flip smiled as an injection of the formula to the base of the skull turned Mr. Porter into solid rock. Flip toppled him off the back of the truck and watched as the man smashed into thousands of pieces. "Too bad I don't need the likes of a gold digger like you in my outfit."

     "Keith, sweep the junk up while I see about putting some electronic parts in some of the mannequins for our shows and make the others into park statues." Flip turned toward his friends as he watched Jane, Cleo, Maggie and Elisa put onto pedestals. The former humans' feet melted into the top of the pedestals until they were ankle deep. The tops then became solid and made them perfect plastic mannequins.  He then put electronic parts in Serena and Planter whose parents had attended the same concert as Jessica's birthday party.

      "You're doll machine will make a good addition to my transformation devices." Flip said as he hooked up the already transformed Jonni in one of the park's amusement rides like Carly, Jan, Shanna and Jenna.

     Meanwhile back in the town, Sgt. Lisa Mimi walked over to reporter Carrie Beth. "This is like something out of the movie Phantoms or a Steven King novel. The whole town's inhabitants have disappeared, yet there are signs of some of them had just sat down for a meal. Others were in the middle of play or their daily business.  We have no idea where they are at this time..."

     "There you have it." Carrie said toward her camera woman Bonnie. "The people of an entire town has disappeared without a trace in a signal night. Could this be the work of aliens or something much worse? Stey tuned as the story unfolds. This is Carrie Beth reporting live, and back to Shawna at the news center. Updates on this unsolved mystery if or when any come forth." 

THE END.....?

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